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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 18290

Chapter 18290 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Stevanovicj, P. (Stevanovic P); Pavlovicj, M. (Pavlovic M); Eremija, M., 1976:
Stratigraphic position of the Kosovia horizons in the Serbian Neogene fresh-water formation; Sumadja and Morava region

Eremija, M.; Pavlovicj, M. (Pavlovic M), 1976:
Locations and age of brackish fauna in the northern part of the Neogene basin of Krusevac, Serbia

Vujanovicj, V. (Vujanovic V); Teofilovicj, M. (Teofilovic M), 1976:
Pyroclastics and their prospective content of uranium and associated minor metals

Teofilovicj, M. (Teofilovic M); Vujanovicj, V. (Vujanovic V), 1976:
Some geologic mapping problems

Knezhsevicj, V. (Knezevic V), 1976:
Lamprophyres from Cer Mountain and other localities in Serbia and Bosnia and their classification

Blechicj, N. (Blecic N); Karamata, S.; Maksimovicj, Z. (Maksimovic Z), 1976:
Report on the I.A.G.O.D. congress in Varna, 1974

Santoyo, E.; Montanez, L., 1976:
General information on the subsoil of 17 Mexican cities; 14, Tijuana

Leon, J.L., 1976:
General information on the subsoil of 17 Mexican cities; 5, Chilpancingo

Janiak, H., 1976:
Purification of waters from strip mines

Llbicki, J., 1976:
Surface mining influence on ground water environment

Zajac, Z., 1976:
Openpit mining of lignite

Plass, W.T., 1976:
Changes in water chemistry resulting from surface-mining of coal on four West Virginia watersheds

Anonymous, 1976:
Surface mining declines in W. Va

Strappa, O., 1976:
Influence of mercury on the environment, especially in the Monte Amiata region

Dallatorre, R., 1976:
Raw materials for MgO-production used in the new installations of Soc. Cogema, in Syracuse

Sansone, I.U., 1976:
Conservation of mineral resources

Auvinet, G., 1976:
Investigations in soil mechanics in Mexico

Zamora Millan, F., 1976:
Education in soil mechanics

Orozco, J.M.; Sada, O.S.D.; Montero, C.A.; Querol, J.C., 1976:
Foundations in urban areas of Mexico; 22, Zacatecas

Teran, J.L.; Garcia, I.J.; Orozco, R.A., 1976:
Foundations in urban areas of Mexico; 18, Tepic, Nayarit

Teran, J.L.; Saldivar, M.F.; Ruiz, G.M., 1976:
Foundations in urban areas of Mexico; 16, Rio Bravo, Tamaulipas

Teran, J.L.; Saldivar, M.F.; Mondragon, O.; Ruiz, G.M., 1976:
Foundations in urban areas of Mexico; 15, Reynosa, Tamaulipas

Nader, F.; Montanez, C.L.; Vazquez, H.E., 1976:
Foundations in urban areas of Mexico; Guanajuato

Rodionov, V.N.; Spivak, A.A.; Tsvetkov, V.M., 1976:
Investigation of the filtration properties of a rock massif

Bergomi, C.; Damiani, A.V., 1976:
Early diagenesis in Serravallian-Tortonian deposits of Latium and considerations on the structural evolution of the Miocene sedimentary basin

Bellotti, P.; Valeri, P., 1976:
Zoophycos burrows in the upper Ammonitico Rosso Formation of Mount Pellecchia; Lucretili Mountains

Bello, N.; Metcalf, G.; Vallario, A., 1976:
The universal decimal classification for a bibliography of landslide phenomena

Nikonov, A.A.; Pakhomov, M.M., 1976:
The main features and development trends of the Pamirs Highlands for the last million years

Grichuk, V.P., 1976:
Age and historic-paleogeographical differentiation of natural landscapes in the territory of the USSR

Burger, A.J.; Walraven, F., 1976:
Summary of age determinations carried out during the period April 1975 to March 1976

Schmedes, E.; Miller, H.; Gebrande, H., 1976:
Vp/ Vs ratio and implications for hypocenter determinations of aftershocks of the Friuli earthquake, May 6, 1976

Giorgetti, E., 1976:
Report on the hydrogeological survey carried out by the Government Special Delagation for Friuli

Naidu, A.S.; Freitag, G.; Mowatt, T.C., 1976:
Clay minerals in recent sediments of the continental shelf, northern and western Gulf of Alaska

Weller, G., 1976:
The role of sea ice in the arctic coastal environment

Follmann, E.H., 1976:
A study of floodplain gravel extraction in Alaska

Baser, B.L.; Lodha, P.S., 1976:
Available micronutrients in mixed red and black soils of Rajasthan

Cocco, E., 1976:
Shoreline variations of the Ionic coast (between Capo Spulico and Punto Rondinella) for the past one hundred years

Dazzi, R.; Tomasino, M., 1976:
Mathematical model of the Po Delta; salt intrusion

Hendershott, M.C.; Rizzoli, P., 1976:
Mathematical model of the thermal circulation of the Adriatic Sea

Macchi, G., 1976:
Utilization of sea water

Testoni, A., 1976:
Cartography of the Italian coastline

Brondi, A.; Ferretti, O.; Anselmi, B.; Rabottino, L., 1976:
The Maddalena Archipelago mineralogy and sedimentology

Brigo, L.; Frizzo, P., 1976:
Scheelite in the crystalline massif of Argentera; Maritime Alps

Atzori, P.; Ioppolo, S.; Pezzino, A.; Puglisi, G.; Giudice, A.L., 1976:
Statistical study of the variations in the chemical structure of the Peloritani Mountains' paragneiss

Schroeder, B., 1976:
Volcanism, neotectonics and postvolcanic phenomena east of Corinth, Greece

Savascin, M.Y., 1976:
Some alkaline rocks and hybrid magmas of the western Anatolia

Robert, U., 1976:
New data on the volcanism of the southwestern Aegean Sea; existence of an alkalic episode

Corrado, G.; Del Pezzo, E.; L.B.scio A., 1976:
Earthquakes and volcanic tremor in the active volcanoes of southern Italy

Kovalishin, Z.I.; Gribanov, B.V.; Bratus, M.D.; Zhovtulya, B.D., 1976:
Composition and temperature of mineral-forming solvent of polymetallic ore mineralization of the Kholmogor coast

Khetagurov, G.V., 1976:
Results of the thermometric and mineral-geochemical studies of polymetallic ore deposits of the central Caucasus

Shilo, N.A.; Sidorov, A.A.; Goncharov, V.I.; Nayborodin, V.I., 1976:
Use of thermobarogeochemical data during classification of gold ore deposits of northern Vostok, USSR

Khayretdinov, I.A.; Avzyanov, V.S.; Andriyanova, N.A.; Pshenichnyy, G.N., 1976:
Thermobarogeochemical conditions for pyrite deposits of the southern Urals

Mel nikov F.P., 1976:
Hydrocarbon inclusions, petroleum and bitumens in endogenic minerals

Trufanov, V.N., 1976:
Thermodynamic barriers for the formation of deep-seated liquid minerals

Yermakov, N.P., 1976:
Temperature of diffusion annealing and inclusion breakdown in the dynamics of deep-seated mineral formation

Yarzhemskiy, Y.Ya, 1976:
Some features of pelitic-textured borates of halide origin

Miall, A.D., 1976:
The Triassic sediments of Sturgeon Lake South and surrounding areas

Phisutha Arnond, V., 1976:
Detailed lithostratigraphic section at the roadcut km 188.5 of the Friendship Highway, Northeast Thailand

Fiedler, B.G., 1976:
Studies on seismic risk in Venezuela

Tomblin, J., 1976:
Seismic and volcanological risk in Trinidad and the Antilles

Ward, P.L., 1976:
A prototype global volcano surveillance system and identification of a volcano-tectonic fault in Central America

Carr, M.H., 1976:
Change in height of Martian volcanoes with time

Coradini, M.; Federico, C.; Fulchignoni, M., 1976:
Wind flow over large escarpments on Mars

Soderblom, L.A., 1976:
Computerized image processing in terrestrial and planetary geology

Schaber, G.G., 1976:
Geologic application of radar data to planetary exploration

Anderson, D.M., 1976:
Analysis of volatile constituents of the Martian regolith by the Viking GCMS

Coradini, A.; Salomone, M., 1976:
Uses of principal components models in planetary geology

Oberbeck, V.R.; Quaide, W.L.; Arvidson, R.E., 1976:
Secondary cratering on Mercury, the Moon, and Mars

Underwood, J.R.Jr., 1976:
Impact structures of the Libyan Sahara; some comparison with Mars

Fasano, A.; Vittori, O., 1976:
Black spherules in the micron and submicron range

Cotera, A.S., 1976:
Grain size parameters of eolian deposits

E.D.maty A.A.; Elgala, A.M.; Hilal, M.H.; Abd Ellatif, I.A., 1976:
Studies on humus acids in soils; II, Effect of organic residues and soil types on the chemical characteristics of humic and fulvic acids

Lapin, A.V., 1976:
Thorium betafite from carbonate complexes in the Tur'yego Cape region, the Karelia-Kola provinces

Coutelle, A., 1976:
External flysch and Tellian units of the southern flank of the Djurdjuras; presentation of a model of tectogenic evolution of the Great Kabylia Massif

Chepin, A.I.; Dolomanova, E.I. (Dolomanova, Y.I., 1976:
Determination of the chemical composition of deposits in opened vacuoles of minerals by the electron microprobe method

Sobek, A.A.; Smith, R.M.; Schuller, W.A.; Freeman, J.R., 1976:
Overburden properties that influence minesoils

Urrutia, F.J.; Pal, S., 1976:
Further paleomagnetic evidence for a possible tectonic rotation of Mexico

Remington, C.L., 1976:
In memoriam; Theodosius Dobzhansky

Cooper, A.J., 1976:
Quaternary geology of the Goderich and Seaforth areas, Huron and Perth counties

Cowan, W.R., 1976:
Evaluation of selected aggregate deposits, north shores of lakes Huron and Superior

Vityaz, V.I.; Bogatskiy, V.V., 1976:
Connection between the young age of oil and gas deposits and their periodic discrete hypsometric localization

Larikova, O.I., 1976:
Age of gas deposits of northern Ustyurt from paleohydrogeological and hydrogeological data

Nazarov, D.A., 1976:
Evaluation of the formation time of oil deposits in traps of the crown type from complex paleogeologic indicators; the example of the local structure of Albian deposits in the eastern Caucasus

Spevak, Y.A.; Burshtar, M.S.; Malkin, S.P., 1976:
Gas-geochemical and paleo-structural criteria for the formation time of oil and gas deposits of the eastern Caucasus

Ali Zade, A.A.; Veber, V.V.; Shoykhet, P.A., 1976:
Original ages of hydrocarbon accumulations in stages of sediment diagenesis

Maksimov, S.; Stroganov, V.P.; Takayev, Y.G., 1976:
The status of investigations into the problems of the formation time of oil and gas deposits

Brown, J.L.; Farnham, R.S., 1976:
The mineral content of Peat and the degree of decomposition

Szalamacha, M., 1976:
On the origin of cassiterite mineralization in the metamorphic schists of the Karkonosze-Gory Izerskie (Mts.) Block, the Sudetes

Holub, M.; Tencik, I., 1976:
The pattern of the metallogenic development of the south-eastern part of the Bohemian Massif and its significance in ore prospecting

Kartavin, B.A.; Marinov, N.A., 1976:
Hydrogeological conditions and groundwater resources evaluation in the artesian basins of the middle Khalkhas Plateau, eastern Mongolia; the Olongin and Choiren basins

Varadan, V.K.S., 1976:
Modern trends in mineral exploration

Von Thun, J.L., 1976:
Stability analysis of cut slopes at Auburn Dam

Dhiu, K.D.; Kuo, H.J., 1976:
SRSS and its applications

Varela, R.; Cingolani, C.A., 1976:
New radiometric ages of basement outcrops in the Cerro Pan de Azucar-Cerro del Corral profile and considerations on the geochronological evolution of the igneous rocks of the Sierras Australes, Buenos Aires Province

Linares, E.; Cordani, U.G., 1976:
Potassium-argon ages of amphibolites of Cordoba Province, Argentina

Bogorodskiy, S.M.; Kiryukhin, L.G., 1976:
Possible use of radar survey results in oil and gas works

Lobunov, V.P., 1976:
Characteristics of the geological structure of the Pashiy productive horizon of the Rechitsa petroleum deposit

Bol shakov Y.Ya, 1976:
Formation and distribution of oil and gas deposits in the Lower Permian salt-underlying rocks of the Ural-Volga region

Borisenko, Z.G.; Soson, M.N.; Samoylovich, V.L., 1976:
Use of a complex of average statistical sections during reserve calculation and exploitation of oil and gas deposits

Melik Pashayev, V.S., 1976:
Increase of the gas content of oil-bearing suites in the Neocomian north of the deposits of the Central Ob petroliferous province

Voytov, G.I.; Gureyev, E.V.; Yerokhin, V.E.; Yesikov, A.D.; Chernikova, N.S., 1976:
Isotopic distribution in hydrogen of thermal water in the Yuzhno-Belozerskiy iron deposit (Ukrainian crystalline shield)

Semenov, Y.I., 1976:
Abundance of rare earth elements and their position in the periodic system

Kamshilina, Y.M., 1976:
A scientific council on ore formation

Muljiukow, E.I., 1976:
Chemical consolidation of soil

Skopek, J., 1976:
Initial bottom heave in deep excavations

Zaballos, J.; Lorente de N.C., 1976:
Analysis of piles under horizontal dynamic loads

Leach, B.A.; Medland, J.W.; Sutherland, H.B., 1976:
The ultimate bearing capacity of bored piles in weathered Keuper Marl

Bergdahl, U.; Wennerstrand, J., 1976:
Bearing capacity of driven friction piles in loose sand

Fjodorov, B.S. (Fyodorov, B.S.; Smorodinov, M.I.; Ivanov, V.D., 1976:
Investigation of side friction in foundations of reinforced concrete structures under slurry

Dalerci, G.; Torrigiani, M., 1976:
Anchored bulkheads embedded into soil with non-linear elastic response

Somin, M.L.; Mil yan G., 1976:
The amphibolite complex of central Cuba and the problem of the tectonic position of the eugeosynclinal series of the island

Norin, E., 1976:
The Black Slates formations in the Pamirs, Karakoram and western Tibet

Cortesogno, L., 1976:
Low-grade metamorphism; a brief synthesis of the present knowledge

Beccaluva, L.; Macciotta, G.; Piccardo, G.B.; Venturelli, G., 1976:
The Northern and Central Apennines gabbroic rocks; II, Chemical characteristics

Boulton, G.S., 1976:
Some proposals for standardization of particle size analysis and textural distinctions for till

Raukas, A., 1976:
Procedures of till investigations in European countries and possibilities of their unification

Dabrowski, A.; Tkacz, M., 1976:
Palaeomagnetic studies of the glacial sediments in the Lower Vistula Valley

Karczewski, A.; Wisniewski, E., 1976:
Morainic sediments of the Werenskiold Glacier (SW Spitsbergen); sedimentological characteristics

Boulton, G.S., 1976:
A genetic classification of tills and criteria for distinguishing tills of different origin

Rozycki, S.Z., 1976:
Basal moraines composed of local material (exaration moraines) in Malopolska Upland

Barbieri, M.; Cortesi, C.; Penta, A.; Tolomeo, L., 1976:
Strontium and magnesium content in Pleistocene lamellibranch shells from Latium deposits

Florica, N.; Baltes, N.; Leu, M., 1976:
Biostratigraphy of the Eocene-Oligocene and Oligocene-Miocene boundaries of the eastern Getic Depression

Oncioiu, G.; Oncioiu, P., 1976:
Subsidence-settlement of the surface influenced by mining activity

Marian, I.; Scroban, A., 1976:
Study of rock pressure distribution on a supporting beam under artificial roof in coal bed No. 3 , Jiu Valley

VandenBerg, J., 1976:
A Dutch contribution to the paleomagnetic research in Italy

Lowrie, W.; Alvarez, W., 1976:
Paleomagnetic studies of the Scaglia Rossa Limestone in Umbria

Soule de Lafont, D., 1976:
Stratiform barite and fluorspar deposits from the edge of the Morvan Plateau

Agard, J.; Emberger, A., 1976:
Metallogenic maps; nineteen years of French experience; 1956-1975

Bellon, H.; Devillers, C.; Hagemann, R.; Touray, J.C., 1976:
Dating mineralizations

Duthou, J.L.; Emberger, A.; Lasserre, M., 1976:
Graphic results and interpretation of the isotopic measurement of lead from galena and oxides of Morocco

Besnus, Y., 1976:
Geochemical method using regression curves applied to the study of metallic deposit genesis

Roger, G.; Treuil, M., 1976:
Non-isotopic geochemistry of ore bodies and their envelope

Pelissonnier, H., 1976:
Fracture tectonics and mineralizations

Charuau, D.; Derre, C., 1976:
Location of lead-zinc mineralizations associated with strata and scheelite skarns in the structural history of the Carboire and Salau regions, Ariege, Pyrenees

Bronner, G., 1976:
Tectonics and reconcentrations; example of the Precambrian ferrugineous quartzites of Mauritania; application to structural analysis

Chabod, J.C.; Darot, M.; Jacquin, J.P.; Martinez, L.; Servajean, G., 1976:
Geologic environment and copper mineralizations of Fuente Rosas, Santiago de Compostela region, Galicia, Spain

Bouladon, J.; Picot, P.; Laforet, C., 1976:
Stratiform sulfide deposits associated with volcanism; some reflection on the environment and mineralogy of the ore deposits

Soler, E., 1976:
Volcanic-sedimentary deposits of Huelva Province (Southwest Spain); lithostratigraphic position and geometry of some masses

Lecolle, M., 1976:
Massive sulfide deposits of the Huelva Province (Spain); comparing the typology with other masses associated with volcanism

Lagny, P.; Rouvier, H., 1976:
Lead-zinc deposits in carbonate rocks under unconformities; paleokarstic deposits or deposits in paleokarsts?

Duckworth, J.P., 1976:
The high-level radioactive waste management program at Nuclear Fuel Services

Slansky, C.M., 1976:
High-level radioactive waste management program at the National Reactor Testing Station

Alpert, S.P., 1976:
Trace fossils of the White-Inyo Mountains

Nelson, C.A., 1976:
Late Precambrian-Early Cambrian stratigraphic and faunal succession of eastern California and the Precambrian-Cambrian boundary

Morgan, N., 1976:
The Montenegro bioherms; their paleoecology, relation to other archeocyathid bioherms and to Early Cambrian sedimentation in the White and Inyo mountains, California

Sandulescu, M., 1976:
The structural correlation of the eastern and southern segments of the Romanian Carpathians

Russo Sandulescu, D.; Berza, T., 1976:
The Boieriste tectonic window from the Valea Muntelui-Coltesti region, Trascau Mountains

Nastaseanu, S., 1976:
The Retezat conglomerates, a stratigraphic marker in the correlation of the Paleozoic formations in the eastern part of the Southern Carpathians

Murariu, T.; Dumitrescu, M., 1976:
Geochemistry and geothermometry of the Copalnic pegmatites, Preluca-Lapus Massif

Berza, T.; Udrescu, C.; Alexandrina, M., 1976:
Geochemistry of Tismana granitoids

Papiu, C.V.; Alexandrescu, G.; Voicu, G.; Iosof, V.; Colios, E.; Popescu, F., 1976:
Chemical and mineralogical considerations on some rhodochrosite-bearing rocks from the Eastern Carpathian flysch zone

Jipa, D.C., 1976:
Remarks on the genesis of sandy interbeds from the abyssal deposits of the Black Sea

Savu, H.; Schuster, A.; Vasiliu, C.; Maruntiu, M., 1976:
Structural, geochemical and petrological study of granitoids from the central and northern region of the Paring Mountains

Diaconu, F.; Ghetaru, A.; Vulpescu, D., 1976:
Geological structure of the Getic crystalline formations and genesis of pegmatite from the northwestern region of the Lotru Mountains and the southern part of the Cibinu Mountains

Pop, G., 1976:
Tithonian-Valanginian calpionellid zones from Cuba

Ticleanu, N.; Huica, I., 1976:
Occurrence of the species Potamogeton martinianus in the Miocene deposits in the Gura Vaii region, Bacau

Nicorici, E., 1976:
Trilophodon angustidens from the lower Sarmatian in the Minis de Sus region, Zarand Basin

Chintauan, I.; Nicorici, E., 1976:
Miocene ostracods from the southern Simleu Basin

Morariu, D., 1976:
New data on the lithostratigraphy of the Zeicani epimetamorphic series and the Baicu metaconglomerates from the upper basin of the Bistra Maru River, Tarcu Massif

Chakravarty, S.C., 1976:
Mineral resources of the Himalayas

Karlsson, T., 1976:
Wave runup due to flash floods caused by subglacial volcanism

Getman, J.H.; Schultz, L.A.; Deslauriers, P.C., 1976:
Tests of oil recovery devices in ice covered waters

Mal kov B.A.; Popova, T.N.; Bushuyeva, Y.B.; Georgiyev, G.A., 1976:
Chromium spinellids of the diamond assemblage in the Takatinskoye rocks of the Kolva-Vishera Province

Mizin, V.I., 1976:
Typomorphism of pyroxenes from gabbroid rocks on the western slope of the Polar Urals

Silayev, V.I.; Petrovskiy, V.A., 1976:
Entropy of the process of recrystallization

Yanulov, K.P., 1976:
Accurate systems of figures and points on a plane; part 1

Yushkin, N.P.; Yanulov, K.P., 1976:
Development, state, and directions of mineralogical investigations in the Institute of Geology of the Komi Branch of the Soviet Academy of Sciences

Koisch, F.P., 1976:
The Lower Mississippi Valley

Golubov, B.N.; Sheremet, O.G., 1976:
Geological interpretation of gravity and magnetic fields of the northern and central Caspian Sea on the basis of quantitative evaluation of their relationship

Crusafont Pairo, M.; Golpe Posse, J.M.; Perez Ripoll, M., 1976:
New remains of the pre-neanderthalian of Cova Negra, Jativa

Arana, R.; Martin, J.M., 1976:
Geological observations on the mines of Cerrajon; Sierra Nevada, Betic Cordillera

Balmashov, V.K.; Kutsenko, E.Y.; Mirzoyan, Y.D.; Mysina, L.G., 1976:
A wave traveling in a borehole cable during seismic logging with a non-pressing piezoceramic pressure receiver

Balmashov, V.K.; Nvakin, B.N.; Mysina, L.G.; Chernyshov, V.N., 1976:
Identification of sharp lithological interfaces with the help of hydrowaves

A.P.V.; Ivakin, B.N.; Fayzullin, I.S.; Tsyplakov, V.I., 1976:
Influence of fissuring on the velocity and attenuation of elastic waves; based on model data

Bakanov, V.I.; Ivakin, B.N.; Fayzullin, I.S., 1976:
The influence of horizontal interfaces on the head wave field in a well; based on model data

A.P.V.; Fayzullin, I.S.; Tsyplakov, V.I., 1976:
Determining the sound pressure in a borehole during low-frequency wave incidence

Grigorkin, B.S.; Ivanov, I.P.; Ivanyukovich, G.A.; Meyer, V.A.; Frolova, L.K., 1976:
X-ray radiometric assay of tin placers in Yakutia

Krotkov, M.I.; Latyshev, M.Z.; Meyer, V.A.; Zhilik, B.A., 1976 :
X-ray radiometric assay during the geological prospecting and mining work conducted in the Khrustal'nenskoye Mining and Beneficiation Plant Complex

L. vov K.L.; Naumov, P.G.; Rozenberg, V.B., 1976:
X-ray radiometric assay of a tin-ore deposit in the northeastern USSR

Bignot, G., 1976:
Observation of mineralized organic tissues by scanning electron microscopy; No. 3, The living and fossil Madreporaria skeletons

Deicha, C., 1976:
Ultrastructure of halite aggregates

Ammann, K., 1976:
The variations of the Oberaar Glacier during the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries

Yurkevich, O.I., 1976:
Estimation of stress build-up in different rheological media

Markhinin, Y.K.; Monakhov, F.I.; Oskorbin, L.S.; Chervyakova, G.L.; Yakushko, G.G., 1976:
Strong-earthquake precursory phenomena in the region of Sakhalin Island and the Kuril Islands

Sobolev, G.A.; Shamina, O.G.; Myachkin, V.I.; Kostrov, B.V., 1976:
Laboratory studies of premonitory rock failure

Kumar, S., 1976:
Effect of water encroachment within the field on reserves

Eremenko, N.A. (Yeremenko, N.A.; Lebedev, L.I.; Levin, L.E.; Malovitsky, Y.P. (Malovitskiy, Y.P.; Ovanesov, G.P.; Fedinsky, V.V. (Fedinskiy, V.V., 1976:
Prospects of searching for large accumulations of hydrocarbons in marginal and inner seas

de L.Roche, H., 1976:
Chemical variations during the increasing metamorphism of sandy pelites

Klose, E., 1976:
The development of fundamental research in the field of coal product description

Debard, E., 1976:
The upper Paleolithic deposit of Cottier (Retournac, Haute-Loire); geologic study

Virmont, J., 1976:
Cottier Cave at Retournac (Haute-Loire); prehistoric study

Bellieni, G.; Comin Chiaramonti, P.; Visona, D., 1976:
The Vedrette di Ries Pluton of the Eastern Alps

Cocco, E.; D.P.ppo T.; Pennetta, M., 1976:
Using aerial photography and electronic computers in the study of coastal displacements; Upper Ionian Sea littoral evolution (Gulf of Taranto) in the last 30 years

Anselmo, V.; Godone, F., 1976:
A method for drawing slope maps from aerial photographs

Bonardi, G.; Giunta, G.; Liguori, V.; Perrone, V.; Russo, M.; Zuppetta, A., 1976:
Geologic outline of the Peloritani Mountains

Paglionico, A.; Piccarreta, G., 1976:
The Pomo River and Castagna units near northern Serre, Calabria

Pons, M.E., 1976:
Palynologic study of the Itarare Subgroup in the White Section, Lower Permian, Santa Catarina, Brazil; Part 2

Rabeder, G., 1976:
Carnivora (Mammalia) from the lower Pleistocene of Deutsch-Altenburg 2, with sections on the systematics of some Mustelidae and Canidae

Osmanagic, M.; Jasarevic, I., 1976:
Stresses and strains around underground openings in rock with viscous-elasto-plastic properties

Lovejoy, E.M.P., 1976:
Cedar Pocket Canyon (Grand Wash)-Shebit-Gunlock fault complex, northwestern Arizona and southwestern Utah; reinterpretation of the time of faulting

Maheswaran, A., 1976:
Legal and institutional systems for development of water and related land resources in Sri Lanka

Kontrimavichus, V.L., 1976:
The distribution of helminths during mammal migration via the Bering land bridge, based on data from Mustelidae

Yanoshshi, D., 1976:
Some new data on the faunal exchange via the Bering land bridge

Kozhevnikov, Y.P., 1976:
The American element in the flora of the Chukchi Peninsula

Khoreva, I.M., 1976:
Foraminifera from Pleistocene deposits of the Bering Sea coast and the problem of the Bering land bridge

Petrov, O.M., 1976:
Geologic history of the Bering Strait in the upper Cenozoic

Swain, T., 1976:
Angiosperm-reptile co-evolution

Charig, A.J., 1976:
Dinosaur monophyly and a new class of vertebrates; a critical review

Pearl, R.H.; Barrett, J.K., 1976:
Geothermal resources of the Upper San Luis and Arkansas valleys, Colorado

Weimer, R.J., 1976:
Cretaceous stratigraphy, tectonics and energy resources, western Denver Basin

Lee, K.; Epis, R.C.; Knepper, D.H.J.; Summer, R.M.; Baars, D.L., 1976:
Road log; Paleozoic tectonics and sedimentation and Tertiary volcanism of the western San Juan Mountains, Colorado

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Process dependent singular events, especially of fluvial degradation systems in different climates and the question of relief formation

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Genesis of lead from ore deposits of the Argun' region, as indicated by isotopic composition

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Origin of the red color of Cretaceous sediments in Fergana

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Possible existence of a waveguide in the transition zone from crust to mantle

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Prediction of changes in hydrogeologic and irrigation conditions in the area of Central Asia affected by the changes between basins of river runoff

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Conservation of natural water resources during open-pit mining of mineral deposits

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Engineering-geological investigations for the purposes of land reclamation

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The city and the geological environment; rules of their interaction

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Engineering-geological evaluation of current geological processes on the Caucasian Black Sea shelf aiming at rational coast development

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Morphology of rock joints and the stability of massifs

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Patterns in the development of gravitational processes

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Problems of land reclamation during the extraction of minerals

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Engineering-geological phenomena in mining operations, their study and prediction with respect to environmental problems

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The study and prevention of land subsidence during exploitation of oil and gas deposits in Siberia

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Tectonic processes caused by engineering practice

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Prediction of landslides and collapses in seismic zones

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Objective laws governing engineering-geological processes during intense territorial development; separate regions are taken as examples

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The role of engineering geology in the solution of the problem of environmental protection and the rational use of natural resources

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The evaluation of engineering-geological conditions by environmental analysis

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Regularities of sea-level variations of the Caspian, Black and Mediterranean seas in the Pleistocene

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Traces of the upper Pleistocene regressions and Flandrian transgressions in the Japan Sea; foraminiferal data

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Climatic conditions during the formation of Tertiary continental deposits in Mongolia

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Quaternary sea-level changes and the relief of the Soviet Far East

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The late Cenozoic history of Kazakhstan

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Geology, climate and the evolution of man

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Two aspects of human evolution

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Paleopotamological method of correlating Quaternary marine and continental deposits

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Analysis of indium in minerals

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Analysis of cobalt in silicate rocks using the sulf-R-aso reagent

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Magnetic-mineralogical model of orogenic volcanism, e.g. Transcarpathian Neogene trough

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Evidence of an uppermost Miocene series in the Nice Arc

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Ages of 956 and 1,174 m.y. determined by the strontium method as adjusted by whole rock isochrons in the quartz-schist-limestone system and an age of 1033 m.y. for the Ambatomarina Granite intrusion in this complex, central Malagasy Republic

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Strip coal mining in the Bowen Basin

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Characteristics of the chemical composition of the mineral waters in Serbia (Yugoslavia)

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Role of the physicochemical properties and rate of flow of water in weathering processes

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Sonobuoy measurement of seaquakes on the East Pacific Rise near San Benedicto Island

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Dispersive and non-dispersive X-ray fluorescence for manganese nodule analysis on board research vessels

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Relation of radiolarian distributions to subsurface hydrogeology in the North Pacific

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Surfusion and crystallization as a magma cools

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Miocene-Pliocene-Quaternary alternation of extensive and compressive movements in the eastern Aegean Islands; Samos Island, Greece

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Southern Euboea; a double polyphase window in the internal Hellenides, Greece

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The Barral Granite; a new indicator of the severe metamorphism conditions (high-grade granulite) which have affected the western Maures Massif region, Var, France

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The role of the tropical zone in climatic changes; the African example

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Floral study of the marl levels of the Montchenot Quarry, Marne; evidence of a new association of Thanetian Characeae

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Use of density models for the interpretation of gravity anomalies

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Genetic evolution of karst forms in the Angara River basin

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Problems in interpretation of landscape genesis

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Karst of the Altai Mountains

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Geomorphologic zonation of the northern part of Central Asia

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The heterogeneous morphostructure of the Crimea-Caucasus Highland and the role of neotectonism in its formation

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The relationships between morphostructure, geophysical fields, and the deep structure of the Earth's crust

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Petroleum geology and industry of the People's Republic of China

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Problems of water quality monitoring

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Integrated networks and the influence of error in precipitation and evaporation data on streamflow prediction

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Regional mapping and climatic influence in data transfer methods

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Decision theory and its application to network design

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Ecology of early man in the new world

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Pleistocene ecology; some current problems

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Coastal classification and changing coastlines

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The living edge

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The biota of the hot deserts of North America during the last glaciation; the packrat midden record

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A perspective on the role of atmospheric dust in climatic change theory

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Sensitivity of fluvial systems in hot deserts to climatic change

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Climate and climatic change in hot and cold deserts

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Significance of volcanism for the formation of relief of the Atlantic Ocean floor

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Geomorphology of Pinas Island

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Tentative quantitative description of paleorelief of buried reef forms

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Main stages of the Transcaspian relief formation in late Neogene-Quaternary

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Planation surface of the Ukrainian Shield basement, its origin and age

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The scope and main tasks of geomorphology

Luchnikov, V.S., 1976:
The Rhaetian in continental deposits of Central Asia

Yerofeyev, B.N.; Egel, L.Y., 1976:
Fraternal cooperation of the countries, members of Comecon, in the field of geology

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Application of geophysical data to the classification of faults

Kosterin, A.V., 1976:
Heavy mineral studies as an important source of information during the evaluation of anomalies

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New results of the analysis of the geomagnetic field of the Ukraine

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Prehistoric miners of the Flint Mammoth Cave system

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The subsurface waters of the Sierra de El Abra of Mexico

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The hydrology of Veternica Cave near Zagreb in the Medvednica Mountain

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An occurrence of Cretaceous sedimentary rocks in Paslek

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Formation of the Department of Exploration Geology at the Mining and Metallurgy Academy in Cracow

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Discharge of brine under anomalously high pressure from Rotliegendes deposits

Orlowski, S., 1976:
Some problems of stratigraphy in Poland

Siliwonczuk, Z.; Malkowska, B.; Kozlowski, S., 1976:
Evaluation of the natural aggregate resources for road construction purposes

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Geologic regionalization of the oil and gas occurrences in the Soviet Union as a predictive criterion

Kuroda, P.K., 1976:
Determination of the decay products of extinct radionuclide plutonium-244 in meteorites

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An attempt at the classification of underground forms of caves

Slacik, J., 1976:
Photoluminescent properties in karst caves of the Bohemian Massif region

Liszkowski, J., 1976:
Is mixed corrosion the only effective form in the phreatic zone of karst ground water?

Harasimiuk, M.; Henkiel, A., 1976:
The Roztocze Hills karst (East Poland)

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Corrosion-erosion caves in the Alek Range, West Caucasus

Nicod, J., 1976:
Karsts with gypsum and associated evaporites

Danielo, A., 1976:
Littoral structures and deposits of the Venezuelan northern coast

Swarbrick, C.F.J., 1976:
Halifax Basin

Paten, R.J.; McDonagh, G.P., 1976:
Bowen Basin

Bembrick, C.S., 1976:
Tamworth synclinorial zone

Swarbrick, C.F.J., 1976:
Palaeozoic basins of the Townsville hinterland

Doutch, H.F., 1976:
Carpentaria Basin

Vine, R.R., 1976:
Galilee Basin

Auchincloss, G., 1976:
Adavale Basin

Groves, R.D. , 1976:
Roma Shelf petroleum fields

Krieg, G.W.; Jackson, M.J.; van de Graaff, W.J.E., 1976:
Officer Basin

Wells, A.T., 1976:
Ngalia Basin

Pearson, T.R.; Benbow, D.D., 1976:
Amadeus Basin

Brown, B.R., 1976:
Bass Basin, some aspects of the petroleum geology

Powell, T.G.; McKirdy, D.M., 1976:
Geochemical character of crude oils from Australia and Papua New Guinea

Selby, J., 1976:
A mobile core photographing frame

Barnes, C.P., 1976:
Spalling in concrete

Rodgers, K.A., 1976:
Ultramafic and related rocks from southern New Caledonia

Lebedeva, N.A., 1976:
The characteristics of the development of ground-water flow and regional estimation of natural ground-water resources in artesian basins of open type, exemplified by the Moscow artesian basin

Urbancsek, J., 1976:
Formation water pressure in the Quaternary sediments of the Great Hungarian Plain

Soydemir, C. , 1976:
Strength anisotropy observed through simple shear tests

Dautov, R.M., 1976:
Dikes of the post-ore stage in the Zyryanovsko ore field, Altai

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Middle Devonian salt-bearing deposits of the Pripet Basin

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Distribution of lime peats and their utilization in increasing the soil fertility in the non-chernozem zone of the European USSR

Vdovin, V.I.; Gol shteyn B.L.; Rabinovich, B.I.; Sergeyev, N.S.; Khalabuda, E.P.; Shatokhin, V.N., 1976:
Investigation of the flanks of the Kama-Kinel troughs using a method of field formation in an adjacent zone

Kachanov, Y.I., 1976:
Lower Namurian corals in the Urals in relation to the problem of the Namurian Stage

Plotnikov, I.I., 1976:
Predicting the hydrogeological conditions of deposits in karst massifs during their development using probability methods

Gorshkov, S.P.; Vorob yev I.V., 1976:
The terms genetic type, formation, and denudation system and their use in geologic-geomorphologic investigations

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The boundary of the Middle and Upper Jurassic; an important element in the history of the climate and vegetation of the Northern Hemisphere

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Stages of development of some major structural elements of Eurasia in relation to the distribution of oil- and gas-bearing provinces (basins) and their resources

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Main results of the scientific investigations of bauxites

Nalivkin, V.D.; Belonin, M.D.; Lazarev, V.S.; Neruchev, S.G.; Sverchkov, G.P., 1976:
Criteria and methods of quantitative evaluation of the oil and gas potential of poorly-explored major areas

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Ordovician lithologic formations of the world

Kunstman, A.; Urbanczyk, K., 1976:
Possible applications of APIGEOKS programs to geological and mining calculations outside the system

Burchart, J., 1976:
An appeal to mineralogists and petrographers concerning a very unusual and important problem, the discovery of a new chemical element

Jaskowiak Schoeneichowa, M., 1976:
Cenozoic tectonic processes in the Szczecin Basin

Szybist, A., 1976:
A rock salt deposit in the Legnica-Glogow copper district

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Plate tectonics; discussion and implications; Part I

Roettger, R., 1976:
The reproduction of the large foraminifera Heterostegina depressa

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Palingenic norites and pyroxenites of the zone of granulite facies of metamorphism

Dobrzhinetskaya, L.F.; Baykova, V.S., 1976:
Structural-geological relationships between hypersthene diorites and aluminous gneisses of the Archean Kola Series, Vezhe-Tundra-Murdozero region (Kola Peninsula)

Rezanov, I.A., 1976:
Circulation of matter between the crust and the mantle as a mechanism of formation of the granitic layer

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Classification of bismuth mineralization in postmagmatic deposits

Drobot, D.I.; Presnova, R.N., 1976:
Composition and properties of Vendian and Cambrian oils on the Siberian Platform

Konstantinovskiy, A.A., 1976:
Stratigraphy of upper Precambrian and lower Paleozoic deposits of the Chersk Range

Pavlovskiy, Y.V., 1976:
Age and tectonics of the Precambrian basement of the Hercynides of Western Europe

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An Upper Cretaceous olistostrome complex of the Kylychly Syncline (Sevan-Akera Zone, Lesser Caucasus)

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Fine structure of an oceanic crustal section near the East Pacific Rise

Bufe, C.G.; Harsh, P.W., 1976:
Earthquake recurrence in central California

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Space-time changes in seismicity in the Idaho-Utah border area

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The relationship between anelastic attenuation and regional amplitude anomalies of short-period teleseismic P waves in North America

Seyranyan, V.B.; Sarkisyan, S.S., 1976:
Turquoise from Armenia

Tsvetichanin, R., 1976:
Petrography of coals in Yugoslav deposits of various ages

Bazilevskaya, E.S., 1976:
More on the valence of manganese in minerals

Stankevich, E.F. (Stankevich, Y.F.; Batalin, Y.V., 1976:
Distribution and origin of dawsonite

Murav ev V.I. (Murav yev V.I), 1976:
The formation of tripolites

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Problems in lithology; IX International congress of sedimentology

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The geochemistry of El Misti Volcano, Peru; fumaroles

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Structure of the Earth's crust of Primorye using deep seismic sounding

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Cryoturbations in three environments of the lower Seine Valley

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Geochemical profile of Chautauqua Lake sediments

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Paleoclimatic study of the uppermost Quaternary in the Geneva Basin

Courel, L.; Feuillee, P.; Seddoh, F.; Storz, J.M.; Vetter, P., 1976:
Sedimentologic and petrographic data on the Carboniferous La Machine Formation, Nievre; importance of diagenesis

Boulanger, D.; Quemeneur, J., 1976:
Stratigraphic and sedimentologic study of the Muschelkalk in the southern Aquitaine Basin

Tang, W.H.; Yuceman, M.S.; Ang, A.H.S., 1976:
Probability-based short term design of soil slopes

Riera, F.V., 1976:
Benthonic communities of solid substrates of the littoral zone, northeastern Spain; III, Pigments and production

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Recent and subfossil finds of a new species of ostracod, Potamocypris parva, in Greenland (Crustacea, Ostracoda, Cyprididae)

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New results on historical geology, tectonics and paleontology in East Germany

Bogdanov, K.T.; Sebekin, B.I., 1976:
Generation of internal tidal waves and the influence of Earth tides on tidal motions in the oceans

Lemasson, H., 1976:
A new method for the in situ measurement of clay anisotropy

Pilot, G., 1976 :
The stability of soft soil embankments

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Landslides on Autoroute A7 at Rognac near the Berre Pond

Blondeau, F.; Queyroi, D., 1976:
Rupture of the experimental trench of the Bosse-Galin soft clay

Gosset, J.P.; Khizardjian, J.P., 1976:
The experimental trench of the Tronchon stiff soil on Autoroute A6

L.Roux, A., 1976:
Classification of different textures of claystone and marl in relation to their behavior

Blondeau, F.; Blivet, J.C.; Ung Seng, Y., 1976:
Stiff clay shear strength; influence of experimental parameters

Troizkaja, T.D. (Troitskaya, T.D), 1976:
The first bryozoan of the genus Mongoloclema from the Devonian of the USSR

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On the discovery of betekhtinite in the Bulancak (Giresun, Turkey) sulphide veins

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Problems in the complex utilization and conservation of the water resources of the Volga Basin

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Forecast of the change in the hydrologic budget, level, and mineral content of Lake Balkhash in the next ten years

Rylov, S.P., 1976:
Characteristics of the interrelation of surface and ground waters in the Karakengir River basin with a disturbed natural regime

Golubtsov, V.V., 1976:
Dependence of the Coriolis and Boussinesq coefficients on the slope of a mountain stream

Golubtsov, V.V., 1976:
Computation of evaporation from talus and rocks

Romanov, A.V., 1976:
Characteristics of some regularizing procedures for determining the morphometric characteristics of a river channel

Kuchment, L.S.; Zhmayeva, G.P., 1976:
Computation of the soil moisture profile from hydrometeorological data

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From abernathyite to zwieselite; from mineral collectors to systematics

Birk, D., 1976:
Trace elements in the Archaean granitoid diapirs piercing the Wabigoon greenstone belt

Schoell, M.; Faber, E., 1976:
Survey on the isotopic composition of waters from NE Africa

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Distribution patterns of metal porphyrins in sedimentary rocks of the eastern Caucasus Foreland

Grigor yeva G.F.; Nesterov, I.I.; Ryl kov A.V., 1976:
Alteration of organic materials and minerals of Lower Cretaceous sedimentary rocks in the central part of West Siberia

Urov, K.E., 1976:
Similarity of principal features in the structure of the hydrocarbon framework of kerogen from high- and low-sulfur oil shales

Klesment, I.R., 1976:
Aliphatic structures in kerogen from oil shale

Panikov, N.S.; Aseyeva, I.V.; Ammosova, Y.M., 1976:
Nature of the interaction between minerals and organic materials, e.g. adsorptive complexes of nucleic acids and their derivatives with some minerals

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Investigation of the chemical composition of humic acids of peat

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Major elements of correlation between the Taurus Mountains and the Hellenides

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The volatile elements contained in some acidic volcanic glasses

Noppe, M.G., 1976:
Inverse magnetotelluric method of transient processes; problem with a sudden variation in the electromagnetic field

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Petrochemical characteristics of Mesozoic granitoids of the southern part of western Transbaikalia

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Diapirs and their role in the localization of mineralization

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Coastal erosion; sedimentation studies at the University of Michigan

Martini, I.P., 1976 :
University of Guelph coastal research activities

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Distribution of mercury in the Ridder-Sokol'noye Deposit, Rudny Altai

Bazile, F.; Renault Miskovsky, J.; Thommeret, J., 1976:
Occurrence of a new upper Wurm coast, Wurm III, in Aigues-Mortes region, Gard

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New concepts on the Red Sea-Gulf of Aden relationship, from the French Territory of Afars and Issas

D.G.er de Herve, A.; Milesi, J.P., 1976:
Preliminary study of the Auzolles Cliff, dynamic model of a direct eruptive origin of the andesitic conglomerates of Cantal, Central Massif, France

Gygi, R.A.; Marchand, D., 1976:
The zone with Lamberti d'Herznach, Switzerland; paleontologic and stratigraphic data

Rey, J., 1976:
Discovery of Albian and Vraconian microfauna in the Lisbon region, Portugal

Sauvage, J.; Dufaure, J.J., 1976:
A pre-Tiglian flora in the Corinthian marl-conglomerate series, Peloponnesus, Greece

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The age of the Tartaret flow

Bourrouilh, R.; Jaeger, H., 1976:
The discovery of Lochkovian with graptolites in the unit of Kuhdiat Tizian, internal Rif Zone, Morocco

Vauchez, A., 1976 :
The pre-Triassic deformations in the window of Aouli-Mibladen, Midelt, Morocco

Angelier, J., 1976:
On the neotectonics of the external Aegean Arc; the east-west normal faults and the submeridian extension of Crete

Geurts, M.A., 1976:
Formation of travertine in a valley bottom with an oceanic temperate climate

Johan, Z.; Picot, P., 1976:
New definition of weibullite and wittite

Salard Cheboldaeff, M., 1976:
Evidence of the Oligocene in the coastal sedimentary basin of Cameroon, according to palynological data

Servant, J.; Bornand, M.; Dejou, J., 1976:
On the occurrence of alkalic soils in the Limagne of Clermont-Ferrand

Stovall, J., 1976:
3-D in California; a new approach in seismic exploration

Takahashi, A., 1976:
Assimilation with I-131 for the biosynthesis and exchange, identification and isolation of the methyl ester of the palmitic beta -iodine acid and of the methyl ester of the oleic acid, of the marine alga Centroceras clavulatum

Totkh, A., 1976:
The origin of the carbonate content in the bauxites of Halimba and Nagyegyhaza

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Mesozoic surfaces in the western part of the Siberian Platform

Cullen, D.J., 1976 :
Relict or recent shelf morphology east of Foveaux Strait?

Carter, P.; Mills, D., 1976:
Engineering geological investigations for the Kielder tunnels

Ferrari, A.J., 1976:
Lunar gravity; a harmonic analysis

Novikov, G.V.; Yegorov, V.K.; Popov, V.I.; Bezmen, N.I., 1976:
The effect of composition of pyrrhotites and of the conditions of their formation on low-temperature magnetic transition

Fransham, P.B.; Gadd, N.R., 1976:
Geological and geomorphological controls of landslides in Ottawa Valley, Ontario

Widger, R.A.; Fredlund, D.G., 1976:
Stability of swelling clay embankments

Lyndon, A.; Schofield, A.N., 1976:
Centrifugal model tests of the Lodalen landslide

Schofield, A.N., 1976:
Use of centrifugal model testing to assess slope stability

Shimizu, M.; Yamada, J., 1976:
Light and electron microscope observations of the regenerating test in the sea urchin, Strongylocentrotus intermedius

Pienaar, R.N., 1976:
The rhythmic production of body covering components in the Haptophycean flagellate Hymenomonas carterae

Kitano, Y.; Kanamori, N.; Yoshioka, S., 1976:
Influence of chemical species on the crystal type of calcium carbonate

Wada, K.; Fujinuki, T., 1976:
Biomineralization in bivalve molluscs with emphasis on the chemical composition of the extrapallial fluid

Krampitz, G.; Engels, J.; Cazaux, C., 1976:
Biochemical studies on water-soluble proteins and related components of gastropod shells

Pautard, F.G.E., 1976:
Calcification in single cells; with an appraisal of the relationship between Spirostomum ambiguum and the osteocyte

Simkiss, K., 1976:
Cellular aspects of calcification

Dueweke, W.; Ehrismann, W.; Krahmer, U.; Rosenbach, O., 1976:
Magnetic and gravimetric measurements in the contact zone between the Ecker Gneiss and the gabbro of the Harz Mountains' Brocker Pluton

Lorch, S., 1976:
Probe for the measurement of velocity and direction of ground water flow in a borehole; horizontal flowmeter based on the float principle

Nickel, H., 1976:
Locating brines with radio waves in salt mines by means of antennas in brine-filled boreholes

Dare Edwards, A.J.; Livesey, N.T., 1976:
Regolith development and modification on the Morven-Cabrach basic intrusion, Grampian region

Elliott, T., 1976:
Sedimentary sequences from the Upper Limestone Group of Northumberland

Pollard, J.E.; Lovell, J.P.B., 1976:
Trace fossils from the Permo-Triassic of Arran

Trewin, N.H., 1976:
Correlation of the Achanarras and Sandwick fish beds, middle Old Red Sandstone, Scotland

Winchester, J.A., 1976:
Different Moinian amphibolite suites in northern Ross-shire

Brookfield, M.E., 1976:
The age of the Allt na Cuile Sandstones (Upper Jurassic, Sutherland)

Main, F.H., 1976:
Zinc in Tennessee; New Jersey Zinc's contribution

Gorlov, N.V., 1976:
The Archean granitic-greenstone terrains; the oldest stable nuclei of the continental crust

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Eozoic complexes of the USSR

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Micropaleophytological characteristics of the Precambrian

Tazhibayeva, P.T.; Urumbayev, B.U.; Azerbayev, N.A., 1976:
Stages of development, evolution of sedimentation and useful minerals of the Caledonides; example of central Kazakhstan

Yelkin, Y.A., 1976:
Boundary and transitional beds; their rank in the International Stratigraphic Scale and the criteria of their determination

Khlonova, A.F., 1976:
Long distance correlation of Cretaceous continental deposits according to palynological data

Pergament, M.A., 1976:
Zonality of the Upper Cretaceous in the Northern Hemisphere using Inoceramus

Kuznetsova, K.I., 1976:
Volgian foraminifera of the Malagasy Republic

Saks, V.N., 1976:
Boreal Jurassic zones adjacent to the Pacific Ocean

Krasilov, A.A., 1976:
Cretaceous tectonic development and climatic changes in the Circum-Pacific fold belt

Zhuravleva, I.T., 1976:
Geological and biological evolution at the boundary of the Proterozoic and Phanerozoic

Menner, V.V., 1976:
Stratigraphical classification; 20 years' work of the International Subcommission on Stratigraphic Classification

Ostle, D., 1976:
Report of Working Group V; Future research and development

Dodd, P.H. (chairperson), 1976:
Report of Working Group IV; Drilling and logging in uranium exploration

Barretto, P.M.C. (chairperson), 1976:
Report of Working Group III; Radon survey techniques

Foote, R.S. (chairperson), 1976:
Report of Working Group II; Airborne gamma-ray spectrometry, 1976

Wright, R.J. (chairperson), 1976 :
Report of Working Group I; Review of present methods and exploration costs

Smith, A.Y.; Cameron, J.; Barretto, P.M.C., 1976:
Uranium geochemical prospecting in Austria

Nathan, Y.; Shiloni, Y., 1976:
Exploration for uranium in phosphorites; a new study on uranium in Israel phosphorites

King, J.; Tauchid, M.; Frey, D.; Basset, M.; Cetinturk, I.; Aydonoz, F.; Keceli, B., 1976:
Exploration for uranium in southwestern Anatolia

Pochet, F.R., 1976:
The development of borehole logging for ore prospecting and mining at the Commission of Atomic Energy

James, G.W.; Hathaway, L.R., 1976:
Recent advances in analytical methods for determining uranium in natural waters and geological samples

Cameron, G.W.; Elliott, B.E.; Richardson, K.A., 1976:
Effects of line spacing on contoured airborne gamma-ray spectrometry data

Bertels, A., 1976:
Evolutionary lineages of some Upper Cretaceous and Tertiary ostracodes of Argentina

Binder, A.B., 1976:
Results of seismic, magnetic, heat flow and gravity measurements of the Apollo Program

Goerlich, F., 1976:
Lunar research and earth science

Korzhuyev, S.S.; Ivanovskiy, L.N., 1976:
River terraces

Salas, P.A., 1976:
Tsunami risk for the northern coast of Chile between 18 degrees and 24 degrees S

Ruiz, P., 1976:
Seismic risk in Chile

Ibanez, J., 1976:
Importance of displacement spectra obtained by automatic seismographs

Karzulovic, K.J., 1976:
Geomorphologic characterization of central Chile and its application to seismic zoning

Kausel, E., 1976:
Plate tectonics and focal mechanisms in Chile

Ortigosa de P.P., 1976:
The problem of liquefaction of soils and settlement during earthquakes

Baltakis, V.; Markyavichene, R., 1976:
Diagenesis of Triassic deposits of the southern Baltic region

Kadunas, V., 1976:
Copper, lead and zinc in Permian deposits of the Baltic region

Kleyesment, A., 1976:
Mineralogical correlation principles exemplified by Paleozoic terrigenous deposits in the Baltic region

Matrosov, I.I.; Rossovskiy, L.N., 1976:
Influence of country rocks on development of micaceous complexes in rare-metal pegmatites

Rastsvetayev, L.M., 1976:
Geologic nature of lineaments exposed in cosmic pictures of the Earth (as in Caucasus)

Kondrat yev O.K.; Kondrat yeva T.G., 1976:
Dissipation of transmitted waves in thin-layered media

Afanas yev G.D.; Zykov, S.I.; Gorokhov, I.M., 1976:
Comparability of geochronological measurements of coexistent (coeval) minerals, made with different values of decay constants of K (super 40) , Rb (super 87) , and other radioactive elements

Kropacheva, S.K.; Makarov, N.N.; Pavlenko, V.V., 1976:
Authigenic silicon oxides in paragenesis with sulfur in the Podorozhnenskoye Deposit (Ciscarpathia) and the Kerch Peninsula

Neruchev, S.G.; Parparova, G.M.; Fayzullina, Y.M.; Belyayeva, L.S.; Zhukova, A.V.; Shumenkova, Y.M., 1976:
Transformation of sapropelic disseminated organic matter during the phase of diagenesis of sediments

Makunina, G.S., 1976:
Development of supergene dispersion halos of cupropyritic ores, as influenced by their halos in ground water

Komoyan, T.A.; Mushin, I.A., 1976:
Investigation of differences in dynamic properties of singly and multiply reflected waves

Klem Musatov, K.D., 1976:
Transverse wave diffusion from the boundary of geometrical background

Bodunov, Y.I., 1976:
Seismic characteristics and velocity variation determined by the reflected wave technique, East Siberia

Masaytis, V.L.; Yudina, V.V., 1976:
Almandine-bearing rocks from the contact aureole of the Trapp Intrusion, Bol'shoy Patom River, Siberian Platform

Shirokikh, I.N., 1976:
Conditions of formation of chlorite metasomatite wallrocks

Whelan, T.I.I.I.; Coleman, J.M.; Roberts, H.H.; Suhayda, J.N.; Booth, J.S., 1976:
The occurrence of methane in Recent deltaic sediments and its effect on soil stability

Prokopovich, N., 1976:
Geologic factors determining land subsidence

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Silicified wood

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Texas West

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Texas North

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Cyclothyris (Cretaceous Brachiopoda) from California

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A new fossil freshwater crab from the Ngorora Formation (Miocene) of Kenya

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Seismic evaluation of embankments

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Consolidation settlement of a layered subsurface

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Physical constraints on sounds generated by very small earthquakes

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Animal behavior preceding the Oroville earthquakes

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