Section 19
Chapter 18,342

CHITEST; a Monte-Carlo computer program for contingency table tests

Romesburg, H.C.; Marshall Kim

Computers and Geosciences: 69-78


DOI: 10.1016/0098-3004(85)90039-1
Accession: 018341743

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CHITEST is an interactive FORTRAN 77 program that uses Monte-Carlo methods to test the null hypothesis that the row and column factors of a r-by-k contingency table are independent of each other. The program optionally performs the test for two populations: (1) the population of tables that have the same row and column marginal frequencies as the observed table; and (2) the population of tables that have the same total frequency as the observed table. The test does not require the expected cell frequencies to be large values- a requirement necessary for the standard chi-square test of independence to be valid. The program also will test the goodness-of-fit of an empirical distribution to a discrete theoretical distribution, and this test does not require large expected values for the theoretical distribution.

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