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Advance in the research of the Early Devonian strata in southwestern Yunnan, China

Zhang Yuandong; Lenz, A.C.; Zhang Wangbei

Dicengxue Zazhi = Journal of Stratigraphy 22(3): 220-226


Accession: 018410280

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Seven species of graptolites, including Monograptus uniformis, M. aequabilis, M. microdon, M. hercynicus, M. falcarius, Linograptus sp. and Abiesgraptus sp., are discovered from the Early Devonian Lalei Formation in Lila of Ximeng and Huiku of Menglian, Yunnan Province. Accordingly, three graptolite biozones are recognized in ascending order, namely M. uniformis Biozone, M. hercynicus Biozone, and M. falcarius Biozone. A global correlation of the graptolitic strata of this interval is preliminarily proposed, and the biogeographic distribution of Early Devonian graptolite species is discussed in this paper.

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