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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 18441

Chapter 18441 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Strachan Robert, A.; Holdsworth Robert, E., 2000:
Proterozoic sedimentation, orogenesis and magmatism on the Laurentian Craton

Nunz Granados, M.A.; Recio Espejo, J.M., 2001:
Soils and paleoenvironmental reconstruction at Sierra de Andujar, eastern Sierra Morena, Jaen, Spain

Garcia Ruiz, J.M.; Marti Bono, C.; Valero Garces, B.; Gonzalez Samperiz, P., 2001:
Upper Pleistocene glacier evolution in the central Spanish Pyrenees; the case of the Escarra and Lana Mayor Glaciers, upper Gallego River valley, Spain

Yue Youxi; Wang Yonggang; Zhang Junhua, 2001:
A method of prediction and evaluation of the plane distribution of reservoir parameters

Huang Zhaoqiang, 2001:
3S integrated data structure analysis

Hayward, B.W.; Carter, R.; Grenfell, H.R.; Hayward, J.J., 2001:
Depth distribution of Recent deep-sea benthic Foraminifera east of New Zealand, and their potential for improving paleobathymetric assessments of Neogene microfaunas

Yuan Zaoling; L.D.ming; Y.S.unhua, 2000:
Tectonic evolution of the Baojing-Cili overthrust fault zone, Hunan, China

Hansen Michael, C., 2001:
The geology of Ohio; the Mississippian

Hawkins, S., 2001:
A fish bone sample from Mangawhai sandspit and inferred prehistoric fishing practices

Murty, V.S.N.; Savin, M.; Ramesh Babu, V.; Suryanarayana, A., 2001:
Seasonal variability in the vertical current structure and kinetic energy in the Central Indian Ocean Basin

Fuchs Reinhard, R.; Hamrsmid Bohumil; Kuffner Thomas; Peschel Ronald; Roegl Fred; Sauer Roman; Schreiber Otto, S., 2001:
Mid-Oligocene Thomasl Formation (Waschberg Unit, Lower Austria); micropaleontology and stratigraphic correlation

Kaiser Dieter; Rasser Michael, W.; Nebelsick James, H.; Piller Werner, E., 2001:
Late Oligocene algal limestones on a mixed carbonate-siliciclastic ramp at the southern margin of the Bohemian Massif (Upper Austria)

Tenu Augustin; Davidescu Florin; Petres Razvan; Stanescu Gabriela, 2001:
Variation of underground resources in south Dobruja (Romania), twin effect of climatic and human causes

Buijsman Maarten, C., 2000:
Shoreline change modeling; in relation to the sediment budget

Roy Abhinaba; Hanuma Prasad, M.; Bhowmik, S.K., 2001:
Recognition of pre-Grenvillian and Grenvillian tectonothermal events in the central Indian tectonic zones; implications on Rodinian crustal assembly

Gordienko, I.V. (Gordiyenko, I.V), 2001:
Geodynamic evolution of Central Asia in the Phanerozoic

Gladkotchoub, D.P.; Donskaya, T.V.; Sklyarov, E.V.; Mazukabzov, A.M.; Watanabe, T., 2001:
Petrological indicators of assembly and breakup processes for Precambrian supercontinents at the southern margin of the Siberian Craton

Chen Tingyu, 2001:
Mozambique Belt; the link between east and west Gondwana in the Neoproterozoic and possible connection with the Trans-Antarctic Mountains

Bashyal, R.P., 2001:
Gondwana formations of Nepal Himalayas and their regional significance

Casper Markus; Plate Erich, J.; Mehlhorn Jens; Volkmann Holger; Waldenmeyer Guido, 2001:
The separation of flow pathways in a sandstone catchment of the northern Black Forest using a nested approach

Falster Alexander, U.; Simmons, W.B.; Webber Karen, L., 2001:
Unorthodox compositional trends in columbite-group minerals from the Animikie Red Ace Pegmatite, Wisconsin, USA

Nakayama, M.; Fujiyoshi, R.; Sawamura, S., 2001:
Humic acids as a scavenger of manganese(II) and zinc(II) in soil environment using a radiotracer technique

Bol shakov V.A., 2001:
A new concept of the astronomical theory of paleoclimate; two steps backward, one step forward

Michelevicius Dainius, 2001:
Application of reservoir simulation for investigation of exploitation conditions of Vilkyciai oil field

Holcova Katarina, 2001:
New methods in foraminiferal and calcareous nannoplankton analysis and evolution of Oligocene and Miocene basins of the southern Slovakia

Kopp, M.L.; Egorov, E.Y. (Yegorov, Y.Y.); Borisov, M.E.; Kudashev, A.V., 2001:
Saratov intraplate deformation structures; kinematics of horizontal movements

Glukhovskii, M.Z. (Glukhovskiy, M.Z.; Moralev, V.M., 2001:
The Gonam enderbite dome of the Aldan Shield; a reconstruction of its tectonic evolution

Anderson, H.E.izabeth; Goodfellow Wayne, D., 2000:
Geochemistry and isotope chemistry of the Moyie Sills; implications for the early tectonic setting of the Mesoproterozoic Purcell Basin

Farley, K.A., 2000:
Mantle noble gas geochemistry; progress and problems

Elburg, M.A.; Dougherty Page, J.; Bons, P.D.; Parnell, C.; Stebbing, N.; Soesoo, A., 2000:
Rb/ Sr, Sm/ Nd and zircon evaporation age data for the Mt Curly granitoid complex, Western Australia

Botfield, A.; Jackson, S.E.; Griffin, W.L.; Pearson, N.J., 2000:
Determination of copper isotope ratios by LA-MC-ICP-MS

Bolhar, R.; Hofmann, A.; Woodhead, J.D.; Hergt, J.M.; Dirks, P., 2000:
Pb-Pb systematics of stromatolitic limestones from the 2.7 Ga Ngezi Group, Belingwe greenstone belt, Zimbabwe

Sahoo Pradeep, K.; Kumar Sandeep; Singh Ramesh, P., 2000:
Neotectonic study of Ganga and Yamuna tear faults, NW Himalaya, using remote sensing and GIS

Woodhouse Connie, A.; Brown Peter, M., 2001:
Tree-ring evidence for Great Plains drought

Suer Pascal; Jonsson Sofie; Allard Bert, 2001:
Natural organic matter to enhance electrokinetic transport of PAH

Korolev, V.A., 2001:
Laws of the electrochemical soils remediation from petroleum pollution

Yang, J.W.ng; Park, J.Y.on; Lee Hyun Ho; Cho Hyun Jeong, 2001:
Surfactant-enhanced electrokinetic remediation of soil contaminated with hydrocarbons

Ackroyd Peter, 2000:
Aussies in New Zealand; the discovery and exploration of a new deep cave in the Mount Owen area

Jarlan Philippe, 2000:
Expedition Peningat 99; Malaysia

Taylor Michael Ray, 2001:
The secret life of caves

Shirshova, L.T.; Ermolaeva, M.A. (Yermolayeva, M.A., 2001:
The state of soil humic substances in aqueous solutions as seen from electrophoresis and gel chromatography data

Sheppard, S.; Occhipinti, S.A.; Tyler, I.M., 2001:
The tectonic setting of granites in the southern Gascoyne Complex

Kochemasov Gennadiy Grigor yevich, 2001:
Mathematical formulation of the astronomical unit and the exclusive position of Earth in space

Lloyd Chris, 2001:
World class through trips; Las Grutas de Los Rios San Jeronimo and Chontalcoatlan

Kumar, P.S.nthil; Parthasarathy, G.; Das Sharma, S.; Srinivasan, R.; Krishnamurthy, P., 2001:
Mineralogical and geochemical study on carbonate veins of the Salem-Attur fault zone, southern India; evidence for carbonatitic affinity

Grassineau Nathalie, V.; Appel Peter, W.U., 2000:
Variations in the stable isotope compositions for two gold deposits in the Isua greenstone belt, West Greenland

Anonymous, 2000:
Seismic activity in the assumed source region of the Tokai earthquakes

Anonymous, 2000:
Seismic activities in the Kanto-Koshinetu District (Nov. 1999-Apr., 2000)

Anonymous, 2000:
Seismic activity in the Kanto and Chubu Districts, and adjacent areas (November, 1999-April, 2000)

Anonymous, 2000:
Radon observation in the eastern part of Fukushima Prefecture; XVII

Roberts Richard; Medhurst Graeme; Kuganathan Kugan, 2001:
Underground equipment & technology

Diaz, L.; Requena, N.; D.O.ofrio L.; Urbani, F., 2000:
Moessbauer spectroscopy study of archaeological ceramic found in caves from Amazonas and Falcon states, Venezuela

Fedele Luca; Bodnar Robert, J., 2000:
Petrology of Ponza Island volcanics (Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy); assessing magma crystallization history using melt inclusions

Hofmeister Anne, M., 2000:
Why the radiative component of thermal conductivity should be tiny compared to the lattice contribution

Srinivasan, R., 2000:
Precambrian stratigraphy

Kormenski Yordan; Sotirov Anton, 2001:
Geochemistry of coals from the Oranovo-Simitli Basin

Yaneva Marlena, 2001:
Terrigenous mineral assemblages in clastic rocks in the Neogene Sofia Basin

Harvey Nick; Belperio Antonio; Bourman Robert; James Kris; Brunskill Gregg, 2001:
New evidence contributing to the debate on the Holocene high sea-level stand in north east Queensland, Australia

Wackernagel Hans; Schmitt Michel, 2001:
Statistical interpolation models

Adkins Heljeson Dana; Sorensen Janice, 2001:
Using the Internet for the maintenance and distribution of data and out-of-print publications at the Kansas Geological Survey

Musser Linda; Jensen Kristi, L., 2001:
Digital indexes to geologic map sets

Manson Connie, J., 2001:
The evolution of a state geological survey library; the more things change, the more they stay the same

McLeod Clara, P.; Dubberke Molly, K., 2001:
Geodynamics; the changing relationship between geoscience departments and their libraries

Dunn Lisa, G., 2001:
Changes in geoscience information provision and the role of the academic library over a decade; Denver, Colorado, 1990-2000

Kato Akiko; Sakai Yutaka; Kusuda Takashi; Iwai Kumiko; Uno, T.; Asao, K., 2001:
Comparison of local characteristics between the data from Chiba strong motion monitoring network the field surveys

Ohkouchi Makoto; Saitoh Takahiro, 2001:
Relationship between permeability of rock masses and Pleistocene sea-level change; the case of the Shimanto Belt in northern Okinawa Island, Southwest Japan

Shoichi Uesuna; Yoshio Yamamoto; Takeshi Tanaka, 2001:
A study of investigation and remediation for geo-pollution by oil

Suzuki Yoshikazu, 2001:
The failure example of investigation of geopollution and the invalid proposal of remediation; the part of business of the soil remediation by famous companies

Gaitinov, A.S.; Andreeva, N.P. (Andreyeva, N.P.; Chasnikov, I.Y., 2001:
Dating of radioactive contamination of a locality in the southern regions of the western Kazakhstan

Timush, A.V., 2001:
Paragenesis of continental orogeny and seismicity in Central Asia

Pankratova, N.L.; Konshibayeva, R.B., 2001:
Peculiarities of magnesian scanning and those of iron ore mineralization in the Karatass orefield of the northwest Balkhash lake region

Sorensen Janice, H., 2000:
Out-of-print publications available electronically at the Kansas Geological Survey

Zhou Cuiying, 2000:
Complexity features of a rock mass slope and some new thoughts about landslide prognosis

M.Xin Quan, 2001:
Global joint inversion for the estimation of acoustic and shear impedances from AVO derived P- and S-wave reflectivity data

Yarovoi, Y.I. (Yarovoy, Y.I.; Orzhekhovskii, Y.R. (Orzhekhovskiy, Y.R.; Sukhanov, D.B., 2001:
Geological information system and monitoring of geodynamic processes in a subway-construction zone

Chen Ronglin, 2000:
Formation conditions for non-anticlinal oil and gas pools in the Tarim Basin, Xinjiang, China

Lan Hengxing; W.F.quan, 2000:
A non-linear dynamic modeling method for landslide displacement based on the slice method

Y.L.xin; Wang Guangcai; Che Yongtai, 2000:
Principles of an element analysis method and its applications in integrated modeling of surface water and ground water

Kang Yuzhu, 2000:
The characteristics of oil fields in the Tarim Basin, Xinjiang, China

Chen Jianwen, 2000:
Depositional filling pattern of a large back-arc rift basin; the example of the Songliao Basin, northeastern China

Zhou Xiaojin; Chen Yue; Huang Jiwen; M.H.ngqiang, 2000:
The characteristics of stratigraphic overlap traps and petroleum prospects in the south margin of the Kuqa Depression, Xinjiang, China

Weber, M.E., 2001:
Delta (super 18) O prediction from corelog data; high-resolution paleoclimate proxy generation

Johannessen Duncan; Godfrey Smith Dorothy; Kronfeld Joel; Zentilli Marcos, 2001:
Isotope and chemical hydrogeology of the Avon River drainage basin, Nova Scotia

Zhao Zhigen; Tang Xiuyi; L.B.ofang, 2000:
The geochemistry of rare-earth elements in coal from the Huainan coal field, Anhui, China

Mattson Earl, D., 2000:
Electrokinetic ion transport through unsaturated soils; theory and application

Ehlers Todd, A.; Willett Sean, D.; Armstrong Phillip, A.; Chapman David, S., 2000:
Thermo-kinematics of exhumation and thermochronometer interpretation in the footwall of normal fault bounded ranges

Kuhlemann Joachim; Frisch Wolfgang; Dunkl Istvan; Meschede Martin, 2000:
The sediment budget of the Alps (Central Europe); controls of temporal and spatial changes and quantification of tectonic denudation versus surface erosion in the Miocene core complexes

Provost Ann Sophie; Houston Heidi, 2000:
State of stress in Northern and Central California; evolution from a young to a mature strike-slip plate boundary

Drinkwater, D., 2001:
New generation knowledge-based learning initiatives

Wendt, N., 2001:
Effective safety leadership; the key to a fatality free future

Yang, J.; McPhie, J., 2000:
Hydrothermal fluid migration in complex submarine volcanic successions

Schardt, C.; Cooke, D.R.; Gemmell, J.B.; Large, R.R., 2000:
Geochemical modelling of the zoned footwall alteration pipe to the Hellyer VHMS deposit, western Tasmania, Australia

Hannington, M.D., 2000:
Sulfide mineralogy, geochemistry, and ore genesis of the giant Kidd Creek Deposit, Timmins, Ontario, Canada

Goto, Y.; Tsuchiya, N., 2000:
A Miocene submarine dacite lava dome at Tate-iwa, Astumi, Yamagata, Japan; extrusions of hot, fluid silicic magma in a bathyal environment

Gibson, H.L.; Santaquida, F.; Paquette Mihalasky, F.I.; Watkinson, D.H., 2000:
Evolution of regional semiconformable alteration assemblages within an Archean subseafloor hydrothermal system, and relationship to VMS deposits, at Noranda, Quebec, Canada

Gemmell, J.B.; Fulton, R., 2000:
Exploration implications of the geological and geochemical characteristics of footwall and hangingwall alteration, Hellyer VHMS deposit, Tasmania, Australia

Galley, A.G.; Hannington, M.D.; Taylor, B.E.; Paradis, S., 2000:
Exploration criteria developed from the results of VMS Camiro Project 94E07

Galley, A.G., 2000:
The role of synvolcanic composite intrusions in the generation of VMS hydrothermal systems

Crawford, A.J.; Gifkins, C.C.; Allen, R.L., 2000:
Tectonic setting of mineralisation, Mt. Read Volcanics, western Tasmania

Ipatov, S.I., 2001:
Comet hazard to the Earth

Sheng Yu; Fukuda Masami; I.H.ksam; Imamura Tohru, 2000:
The effect of unfrozen water content on ultrasonic velocities in used tire mixed frozen soils

Liu Ning; Shao Guojian; Wang Yuan, 2000:
Reliability assessment of rock bolt reinforced underground structures affected by seepage and underground stress fields

Wang Jian; Pan Guitang; L.Z.engxiang; L.X.anhua, 2000:
A rifting story of South China, with particular reference to Rodinia breakup

Zhou Rongjun; Tang Rongchang; Huang Zhuzhi; H.Y.lin; Yang Tao; Zhou Wei, 2000 :
Tectonic deformation and strong earthquake activities on the east border of Tibet Plateau

Horton Brian, K.; Zhou Jiangyu; Spurlin Matt, S.; A.Y.n; Wang Jianghai, 2000:
Paleogene(?) deposystems and basin evolution in the eastern Tibetan Plateau; Nangqian and Xialaxiu basins

Kirby Eric; Whipple Kelin, X.; Tang, W.; Burchfiel, B.C.; Chen, Z., 2000:
Neotectonics along the eastern margin of the Tibetan Plateau; inferences from bedrock river incision patterns

Liu Yuping; Pen Guitang; Geng Quanru; Zhang Lalin; Liu Jiaoji, 2000:
Geotectonic of Namche Barwa Syntaxis in East Tibet, China

Dong Yunpeng; Zhu Bingquan; Zhang Guowei; Yao Anping, 2000:
Geochemistry constrain on tectonic evolution of Paleo-Tethys in SE Yunnan, China

Yuan Chao; Sun Min; L.J.lang, 2000:
The evolutionary history of the West Kunlun Mountains; a tectonic reconstruction based on studies of magmatism

Blackwell Bonnie, A.B., 2001:
Amino acid racemization (AAR) dating and analysis in lacustrine environments

Peng Syd, S.; Finfinger Gerald, L., 2001:
Geology roof control and mine design

Gonzalez Oviedo Leopoldo, 2000:
Financial analysis for ilmenite mineralization (titanium) in Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

Dong Ping; Cao Jian; Jiang Yongji, 2001:
The point load method for the evaluation of strength and bearing capacity of rock foundations in artificially excavated pile holes

Chen Weizhong; Zhu Weishen; Luo Chaowen, 2001:
Hydraulic jacking tests for the Wangjiazhai Huang He Diversion Project, Shanxi, China

Abrams, M.A.; Segall, M.P.; Burtell, S.G., 2001:
Best practices for detecting, identifying and characterizing near-surface migration of hydrocarbons within marine sediments

Cobb Kim, M.; Charles Christopher, D.; Hunter David, E., 2001:
A central tropical Pacific coral demonstrates Pacific, Indian, and Atlantic decadal climate connections

Faillace Costantino, 2000:
Simple and low-cost technology for irrigation from shallow aquifers in the western Terai, Nepal

Giordano, G.; Mazza, R.; Cecili, A.; Capelli, G.; D.R.ta D.; Bigi, G.; Rodani, S., 2000:
GIS for groundwater management in cities on volcanoes; example from the Colli Albani region, Rome, Italy

Wodeyar, B.K.; Marihal, S.S.; Gudagur, J.T., 2000:
Groundwater potential and its management in the hard rock terrain; a case study from the Varada River, India

Hamel James, V.; Adams William, R.J., 2000:
Engineering geology for the new millennium; stick with the basics

Fan Lichu; Wang Junjie, 2001:
Design code for earthquake resistance of bridges; the current situation and trends

Sun Chao; Chen Baochun; Chen Shuisheng, 2001:
Analysis of the dynamic characteristics of hybrid arch bridges made of steel tubes and concrete-filled steel tubes

Peltoniemi, H., 2001 :
Wearing course aggregate testing on the Vaasa Motorway

Tibuleac Paul, 2001:
New records about the Volhynian Flora from the Falticeni-Malini-Raucesti area (Suceava County, Moldavian Platform)

Futo Janos, 2001:
Calcareous concretions in Kadarta area

Marton Veress; Toth Gabor; Pentek Kalman, 2001:
Karren formation in Hallstatt Glacier

Ito Aki; Hino Ryota; Umino Norihito; Okada Tomomi; Nakamura Ayako; Hasegawa Akira; Fujimoto Hiromi; Miura Seiichi; Kodaira Shuichi; Hasemi Akiko, 2000:
Seismic velocity structure of the island-arc/ ocean transition zone of the NE Japan Arc

Ishikawa Yuzo, 2000:
Seismic activity between Kozushima and Miyakejima islands, South off Honshu, Japan and its tectonic meanings

Honkura Yoshimori; Oshiman Naoto; Yoshimura Ryokei; Kasaya Takafumi; Tolak Elif; Tuncer Mustafa Kemal; Matsushima Masaki; Isikara Ahmet Mete, 2000:
Resistivity structure in the vicinity of the Izmit earthquake rupture zone and its relation to seismic activity

Gandhok Gini; Catchings Rufus, D.; Goldman Mark, R.; Okaya Dave, A., 2000:
Seismic evidence of the Santa Monica Fault, Los Angeles, California, using high-resolution refraction and reflection techniques

Olsen Kim Bak; Gottschaemmer Ellen, 2000:
Accuracy of the explicit planar free-surface boundary condition implemented in a fourth-order staggered-grid velocity-stress finite-difference scheme

Baker Joseph, R.; Brusseau Mark, L.; Blanford William, J.; Barackman Martin, L.; Allen Tim, J.; Dablow Jay, 2000:
In-situ chemical oxidation of TCE using potassium permanganate; pilot-scale test

Alessi Daniel, S.; L.Z.aohui, 2000:
Reductive dechlorination of PCE and TCE using surfactant modified zero valent iron

Jarrett Robert, D., 2000:
Variations in extreme flooding during the Holocene in the Western United States inferred from contemporary flood and paleoflood data

Resimic Saric Kristina; Cvetkovic Vladic; Karamata Stevan; Balogh Kadosa, 2000:
Ophiolites of the Main Vardar Basin; the ophiolitic complex of Zdraljica (central Serbia) as an example

Kovac Michael; Marton Emo; Sefara Jan; Konecny Vlastimil; Lexa Jaroslav, 2000:
Miocene development of the Carpathian chain and the Pannonian Basin; movement trajectory of lithospheric fragments, subduction and diapiric uprise of asthenospheric mantle

Cao, H.; Kurata, Y., 2001:
Drill bit seismic; drilling optimisation case study; Crux-1

Clare, A.P.; Crowley, A.J., 2001:
Qualitative analysis of spectral gamma ray data as a tool for fieldwide and regional stratigraphic correlation, Enderby Terrace, Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia

Bussell, M.R.; Jablonski, D.; Enman, T.; Wilson, M.J.; Bint, A.N., 2001:
Deepwater exploration; north western Australia compared with Gulf of Mexico and Mauritania

Winter Tania, 2000:
Goldfields views Cogema as key to the Kundana puzzle

Archibald, N.J.; Holden, D.J.; Mason, R.A.; Power, W.L.; House, M.J., 2001:
3D models in Eastern Goldfields Province; implications for greenstone belt evolution

Poudjom Djomani, Y.H.; O.R.illy S.Y.; Griffin, W.L.; Natapov, L.; Hronsky, J., 2001:
Geophysical and geochemical signatures of Archaean and Proterozoic lithosphere in Siberia and Fennoscandia

Yan, Y.; W.Y., 2001:
Archean evaporites of the North China Craton

Bortolotti Claudio, 2001:
Risk, vulnerability, and preventive measures

Drake Thomas, G., 2001:
Discrete-particle models for sediment transport and sedimentary structures

Patterson, R.T.mothy; Prokoph Andreas; Dallimore Audrey; Thomson Richard, E.; Ware Daniel, M.; Wright Cynthia, 2001:
Impact of abrupt Holocene climates changes and solar cyclicity on fish population dynamics in the NE Pacific

Rosendahl, B.R.; Mohriak, W.U.; Odegard Mark, E.; Weger, R., 2001:
West African and Brazilian margins; pre-drift to early drift plate configurations and conjugate seismic pairings

Zhang Tao; Plotnick Roy, E., 2001:
Determining the line of correlation using genetic algorithms

Gower Charles, F., 2001:
Mesoproterozoic tectonic processes between 1520 and 1230 Ma in the eastern Grenville Province and its northern borderland

Morris Penny, A.; Wentworth Susan, J.; Thomas Keprta Kathie, L.; Lisle John, L.; Allen Carlton, C.; McKay David, S., 2000:
Dead Sea microbes; fossilization and potential biomarkers

Chatellier, X.; Fortin Danielle; West, M.; Leppard, G.G., 2000:
Characterization of biogenic iron oxides versus abiotic iron oxides prepared in similar chemical and physical conditions

Peacock, D.C.P., 2000:
The temporal relationship between joints and faults

Licciardi, J.M.; Clark, P.U.; Brook, E.J.; Pierce Kenneth, L.; Kurz Mark, D.; Elmore David; Sharma, P., 2000:
Cosmogenic He-3 and Be-10 chronologies of the northern outlet glacier of the Yellowstone ice cap, Montana, USA

Zhang Guangqing; Chen Mian; Jin Yan; Zhang Xudong, 2001:
Determination in in-situ stresses by Kaiser effect under confining pressures

Banerjee, A.; Rager, H., 2001:
Discrimination between sea water and fresh water tissue graft cultured pearls by EPR

Christensen, A.M.; Abart, R., 2001:
A comparative study of contact metamorphism in the Oslo Graben, Norway

Vinogradov, C., 2000:
Depositional system of the Mesozoic to Paleogene facies in the Barladului Depression

Luth Robert, W., 2000:
Possible effects of the modal mineralogy of spinel lherzolites on melting processes in the mantle

Luinstra Brian; Benn Keith, 2000:
Structural controls on gold mineralization within the Harker-Holloway gold camp, Abitibi greenstone belt, Canada

Duuring Paul; Hagemann Steffen, G., 2000:
The importance of rheology on the distribution of ore bodies at the trondhjemite-hosted, Tarmoola gold deposit in the Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia

Miksa Elizabeth, J.; Abbott David, R., 2000:
Provenance characterization of schist-tempered buff ware pottery, central Arizona

Boni Maria; Villa Igor, M.; Benvenuti Marco; D.M.io Giovanni; Saviano Giovanna, 2000:
Greeks, Etruscans, Italics and Romans; the impact of Pb-isotope analyses on traditional archaeology in peninsular Italy

van den Brink Huibert, A., 2000:
Quantitative palynological review of Well Potoroo-1; a sequence biostratigraphic approach and its impact on the seismic stratigraphy of the Ceduna Sub-basin in the Great Australian Bight, South Australia

Migdisov, A.A.; Bredanova, N.A.; Girin, Y.P.; Shcherbakov, V.S., 2001:
Chemical composition of pelagic sediments in equatorial part of East Indian Ocean

Stepanov, Y.I., 2001:
Brief geoelectrical features of upper part of section in Perm part of Kama River region; based on surface observations of vertical electrical sounding

Gulyayev, P.N., 2001:
Thermal hydraulic pressure treatment of bottom-hole zone

Vshivkov, O.P., 2001:
Structures of Riphean-Vendian deposits in Kuyedinskiy Arch area based on seismic and gravimetric data

Yurgin, O.V., 2001:
High-precision gravity survey in mapping of karst zones

Chadayev, M.S.; Gershanok, V.A., 2001:
Studying crustal deep-seated faults based on joint analysis of gravimagnetic fields

Roman, L.T.; Veretekhina, E.G., 2000 :
Formation of plastic zones in frozen foundation beds constructed in accordance with the second principle

Smoldyrev, A.E. (Smoldyrev, A.Ye), 2000:
Production scheme for compensation injection of hardening mixtures in soils during the construction of a tunnel in Lefortovo

Kulachkin, B.I.; Radkevich, A.I.; Betelev, N.P., 2000:
Investigation of the mechanics of slide processes on the basis of nonstationary temperature and dynamic (strength and hydraulic) fields

Kul chitskii G.B. (Kul chetskiy G.B), 2000:
Experience gained with the sinking of piles near existing buildings under soil conditions in lands along the Middle Ob

Gotman, A.L., 2000:
Finite-element analysis of tapered piles under combined vertical and horizontal loadings

Stooke Philip, J., 2001:
Where did we land on Mars? Searching for spacecraft and survey points on the red planet

de la Villa Raquel Vigil; Garcia, R.R.; Rubio, V.; Ballesta, R., 2000:
Soil alteration processes on granite in the Central Mountain Range (Spain)

Durand Delga, M., 2000:
An amazing man, and exceptional scholar; Francois Ellenberger, 1915-2000

Artignan Dominique; Maurin Gilbert; Ould Bellal Abdallahi; Dieye Abderrahmane; Ould Thaleb Ahmedou, 2000:
Discovery of a new gold province in the Archean of Tasiast and Tijirit, Mauritania

Lee Charles, R.; Sturgis Thomas, C.; Price Richard, A.; Blaylock Michael, J., 2001:
Phyto-engineering approaches to contaminated dredged material

Antolini, P.; Carati, M.; Pellegrini, M.; Tomba, I.; Vincenzi, D.; Zavatti Adriano, 2000:
Hydrogeological unity of the plains in Romagne, Ferrara and Bologna; vulnerability to pollution of the main aquifer

Asch Kristine, 2000:
The International Geological Map of Europe and Adjacent Areas, IGME 5000; the essential role of standards in a pan-European project

Oleg Shershneyov; Georgiy Serbin, 2000:
Hydrochemical features of ground waters of anthropogenic accumulations in the northeastern of Belarus

Spaho Mehmet; Avxhi Albert, 2000:
Geological mapping of Lunik-Skenderbej area, (eastern Albania) and computer processing using AutoCAD 2000 software

Sperling Thomas, 2000:
The geological mapping of Bavaria under the leadership of Carl Wilhelm von Guembel

Wellmer, F.W.; Becker Platen, J.D., 2000:
Sustainable development and the exploitation of natural resources

Yeates, G.; Adams Mark, H., 2001:
Resource and reserve reporting for BHP Cannington

Pocock Jim, A., 2001:
Why feasibility resource estimates under-valued the peak orebody

Hebblewhite Bruce, K.; Waddington Arthur; Wood Jeff, 2000:
Regional horizontal surface displacements due to mining beneath severe surface topography

Liu Xiqiang; Zhou Huilan; L.H.ng, 2000:
The time-frequency analysis method for seismic data based on wavelet packet transform

Hunt Adrian, P.; Lucas Spencer, G., 2001:
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Oceanside cave camping and another mile-high recon

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Cave of the Way Nasty Wasps

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