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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 18458

Chapter 18458 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Moreno F.N.; Anderson C.W.N.; Stewart R.; Robinson B.H., 2002:
Phytoremediation of Hg-contaminated mine tailings by induced hyperaccumulation

Miller K.R., 2002:
Quarrying in karst; applied geology at Wilsonville Quarry, Northland

Michalk D.; Turner G.; Hannah M.J., 2002:
Magnetostratigraphy and location of the Eocene/ Oligocene boundary in the cliff section at Cape Foulwind, New Zealand

May D.J.; Smith I.E.M., 2002:
The geochemical trends of Recent tephra on Egmont Volcano, Taranaki, New Zealand

Maxwell P., 2002:
Another country? A paleontologist from the southern land looks at Northland

Manville V.R.; Wilson C.J.N., 2002:
Volcanism vs tectonism; implications of intracaldera palaeoshorelines at Lake Taupo

Manville V.R.; Wilson C.J.N., 2002:
Vertical density currents and their role in the formation of deep-sea ash beds

Manville V.R.; Sherburn S.; Webb T.H., 2002:
Seismic net catches a falling star; the 7th July 1999 Hawera fireball

Macorison K.T.; Mauk J.L.; Dingley J.H.; Smith I.E.M., 2002:
Ironsand mineralogy at the Waikato North Head and Taharoa deposits, New Zealand

Lowe D.J.; Newnham R.M.; Green J.D.; Turner G.M.; Harper M.A.; McGlone M.S.; Stout S.; Horie S.; Froggatt P.C., 2002:
Late Quaternary environmental change from Lake Omapere, Northland, New Zealand

Lomas S.J.; Moore T.A.; Bassett K.N., 2002:
An assessment of the maturation trends and implications for the Kaitangata Coalfield, Otago, New Zealand

Lockett G.M.; White J.D.L., 2002:
Landslide deposits at the margin of a large basaltic vent complex, Mawson Formation, Ferrar Supergroup, Allan Hills, Antarctica

Litchfield N.J., 2002:
Distribution, elevation, age, and incision of the Ohakean River terrace in the eastern North Island

Lewis K.B., 2002:
Evidence from the shelf for passage of the seamount that created the Ruatoria Indentation and giant avalanche

Lauder C.J.; Moon V.G., 2002:
Hazard assessment of SH 31 RS 31 (Kawhia Road)

Kimura K.; Hara H., 2002:
Illite crystallinity from the Torlesse Terrane in north Canterbury and Wellington; implications for accretionary tectonics

Kilgour G.N.; Smith R.T., 2002:
The multi-phase Rotorua eruptive episode from Okareka Embayment, Okataina Caldera

Kennedy D.M., 2002:
An evolutionary model of fringing reef growth and implications for future reef development

Kelly M.; Lee D.; Kelly S.; Buckeridge J.; Cadenhead H., 2002:
A new fossil lithistid sponge from southern New Zealand; palaeoecology and evolutionary links

Jones C.M.; McNamara J.A.; Tennyson A.J.D.; Worthy T.H., 2002:
Ratite eggshell from early-middle Miocene age microvertebrate sites, Manuherikia Valley, central Otago, New Zealand

Jones C.M.; Hollis C.J.; Field B.D.; Dickens G.R., 2002:
Calcareous nannoplankton biostratigraphy through the Paleocene-Eocene transition, Clarence Valley, New Zealand

Johnston M., 2002:
Edward Heydelbach Davis (1845-1871)

Huesing S.; Turner G.; Hannah M.J., 2002:
Magnetic mineralogy and remanence acquisition in the Eocene/ Oligocene sediments at Cape Foulwind, New Zealand

Hood S.D.; Nelson C.S.; Kamp P.J.J., 2002:
Dolomitisation in an Oligocene carbonate reservoir, Taranaki Basin, New Zealand

Hood Hills S.B.; White J.D.L., 2002:
Mawson Formation vent characteristics, Allan Hills, Southern Victoria Land, Antarctica

Hollis C.J.; Field B.D.; Raine J.I.; Rodgers K.A.; Rogers K.M.; Strong C.P.; Vajda V., 2002:
K/ T boundary asteroid impact caused prolonged disruption to New Zealand's terrestrial and oceanic ecosystems

Hollis C.J.; Dickens G.R.; Field B.D.; Jones C.M.; Strong C.P., 2002:
Earliest Eocene radiolarian bloom at Mead Stream, Marlborough, signals a major change in SW Pacific Ocean circulation

Hoke L., 2002 :
Highlights from Ferdinand Hochstetter's 5th and only surviving New Zealand diary of his visit to the Nelson area (6th Sept.-2nd Oct. 1859)

Hobden B.J.; George R.M.; Gamble J.A.; Price R.C.; Hawkesworth C.J.; Wood C.P.; Smith I.E.M., 2002:
Using U-Th-Ra disequilibria to constrain magmatic processes of the 1945-1996 Ruapehu eruptions

Hiller N., 2002:
Taphonomy of a reptile-bearing concretion

Hikuroa D.C.H.; Grant Mackie J.A.; Campbell K.A., 2002:
The fauna and biostratigraphy of the Jurassic Latady Formation, Antarctic Peninsula

Herzer R.H.; Mortimer N.; Davy B.W.; Barker D.H.N.; Laporte Magoni C., 2002:
The Pacific margin of northwestern New Zealand

Hendy A.J.W.; Vonk A.J.; Kamp P.J.J., 2002:
From source to sink; linking shelf and slope bioclastic deposits in the late Miocene-early Pliocene record of Wanganui and Taranaki Basins, New Zealand

Hayward B.W.; Grenfell H.R.; Holzmann M.; Pawlowski J., 2002:
The world's most misidentified forams; morphological discrimination of molecular types in Ammonia

Hayes B.; Grant Mackie J.A., 2002:
Is it plant or is it animal? Enigmatic Late Jurassic carbonaceous objects from Port Waikato

Hannah M.J.; Wrenn J.H.; Wilson G.J., 2002:
Marine palynology of the Cape Roberts drillholes, Victoria Land Basin, Antarctica

alliday G.S.; McKelvey R., 2002:
The 2000 Nevis Bluff rockfall, SH6, Queenstown

Grenfell H.R.; Hayward B.W.; Sabaa A., 2002:
Muddying the waters; benthic Foraminifera from offshore Taranaki

Gledhill K.R., 2002:
The New Zealand GeoNet project; the first year

France S.J.; Cassidy J.; Locke C.A.; Smith I.E.M., 2002:
Geophysical and geochemical characterisation of two maars within the Auckland volcanic field

Findlay R.H., 2002:
The Main Divide fault zone and the Cenozoic kinematics of New Zealand's South Island sector of the Australian-Pacific plate boundary

Findlay R.H., 2002:
Palaeostress, geodetic and seismic data confirm syn-collisional, 3-dimensional stress- and strain-partitioning in the central regions of Papua New Guinea

Field B.D.; Nicol A., 2002:
Strain directions and hydrocarbon reservoir potential, East Coast

Evans T.P.H.; Kamp P.J.J.; Nelson C.S., 2002:
Stratigraphy and sedimentology of the early-mid Miocene sequence, King Country Basin, New Zealand

Esler W.R.; Lowe D.J.; Briggs R.M., 2002:
Towards a detailed history and palaeogeography of the Rotorua Basin

Eccles J.D.; Cassidy J.; Locke C.A., 2002:
The Junction magnetic anomaly in the Auckland region

Crouch E.M.; Brinkhuis H.; Dickens G.R.; Morgans H.E.G., 2002:
Biotic changes within an early Cenozoic greenhouse climate

Crampton J.S., 2002:
Dating a dinosaur; the times they are a-changing!

Cooper B., 2002:
Sedimentary facies, petrography and diagenesis of the Kapuni Group reservoir sandstones in the Kapuni Field, Taranaki, New Zealand

Cooke P.J.; Nelson C.S.; Field B.D.; Hendy C.H.; Crundwell M.P.; Elkington S.; Stone H.; Cooke S.; Neil H.L., 2002:
Neogene palaeoceanography based on stable isotope stratigraphies from the southern Tasman Sea (Site 593), Southwest Pacific

Congdon L.M.; Bassett K.N., 2002:
New Zealand quartz arenites; our own private mystery

Chizmar J.M.; Smith R.T., 2002:
The nature and dynamics of explosive eruptions and associated crater formation at Tama Lakes, Tongariro Volcano

Cartwright S.; Kamp P.J.J.; Nelson C.S., 2002:
Cenozoic geological evolution of the central-eastern (Taumarunui) part of King Country Basin

Carter R.M.; Gammon P.R.; Millwood L., 2002:
Climatic yo-yo-ing of the subtropical front, 0-0.38 Ma; ODP Site 1119, Southwest Pacific Ocean

Carter M.; Nelson C.S., 2002:
The Mid-Tertiary Te Kuiti Group in the vicinity of Aotea Harbour; unravelling lithostratigraphic relationships

Carter L.; Manighetti B.; Neil H.L., 2002:
New Zealand's ocean in a warming world; 21,000 B.P. to 2100 A.D

Caron V.; Nelson C.S., 2002:
Predicting pathways and timing of carbonate diagenesis in non-tropical limestones in relation to patterns of relative sea-level changes

Campbell K.A.; Smith B.Y.; Browne P.R.L., 2002:
Transformations in the texture and mineralogy of siliceous sinter during its maturation, North Island, New Zealand

Campbell H.J.; Owen S.R., 2002:
The Nelsonian Stage; a new Early Triassic local stage for New Zealand?

Buckeridge J.; Kelly M., 2002:
Early Cainozoic hexactinellid sponges (phylum Porifera) from the Tutuiri Greensand, Chatham Island, New Zealand

Browne G.H.; King P.R.; Arnot M.J.; Higgs K.; Crundwell M.P., 2002:
Reservoir properties and sedimentary features of Mt. Messenger Formation basin floor fan lithofacies, north Taranaki

Boyd M.E.; Campbell K.A.; Grant Mackie J.A.; Crampton J.S., 2002:
Where do I come from? Fourier analysis of an evolutionary lineage of Late Jurassic retroceramids from Awakino to Port Waikato

Bogue S.B.; Brown K.L.; Webster Brown J.G., 2002:
Sediment geochemistry of the Waihi mining district, Waihi, New Zealand

Bland K.J.; Kamp P.J.J.; Nelson C.S., 2002:
Neogene sedimentology of Hawke's Bay basin

Black P.; Nicholson K., 2002:
Cretaceous-mid Tertiary basaltic volcanism in northernmost New Zealand

Bernet M.; Bassett K.N., 2002:
SEM-CL of quartz from the Hohonu Batholith, Western Province, New Zealand

Bernet M.; Bassett K.N., 2002:
Looking inside quartz; developing SEM-CL as a tool for provenance analysis

Beban J.G.; Kennedy D.M., 2002:
Shore platform development around the Miramar Peninsula, Wellington

Barber A.J.W.; Cooper A.F., 2002:
Transitional extensional-convergent magmatism at Reeves Bluff, Southern Victoria Land, Antarctica

Baggs R.; Dyer S.; Caron V.; Pallentin A.; Bland K.J.; Graafhuis R.; Nelson C.S.; Kamp P.J.J., 2002:
Ongoing studies of Pliocene sedimentology in the Hawke's Bay region

Bach P.; Malpas J.G.; Smith I.E.M., 2002:
Major- and trace element variations in magmatic garnets; implications for petrogenetic processes at the base of the Miocene Northland arc in New Zealand

Bach P.; Malpas J.G.; Smith I.E.M., 2002:
Deep magmatic processes in subduction settings; the example of a xenolith- and garnet-bearing andesitic system in Northland, New Zealand

Armour R.K.; Kennedy D.M., 2002:
Holocene vegetation change and estuary infill in Whanganui Inlet, northwest Nelson, South Island

Albani A.; Hayward B.W.; Grenfell H.R., 2002:
Taxomorph; an interactive CD-ROM for the identification of Recent South-West Pacific Foraminifera

Aita Y.; Sakai T.; Takemura A.; Yamakita S.; Kodama K.; Hori R.S.; Sakakibara M.; Kamata Y.; Suzuki N.; Spoerli K.B.; Campbell H.J., 2002:
Interpretation of the radiolarian faunas within the accretionary prism of the Waipapa Terrane, New Zealand

Adams C.J., 2002:
Strange provenance for Jurassic sandstones of the Client Hills Group, Canterbury, New Zealand

Wilson C.; Jones C.; Sheehan A., 2002:
Lithospheric structure of a continental strike-slip fault zone; Marlborough fault zone, South Island, New Zealand

Stratford W.R.; Stern T.A., 2002:
Bright-spot reflections beneath Taupo; evidence for melts in the mantle, central North Island, New Zealand

Stratford W.R.; Pulford A.K.; Stern T.A., 2002:
Crust, upper mantle structure and rock uplift in a continental back-arc spreading zone; central North Island, New Zealand

Stern T.A.; Scherwath M.; Molnar P.; Okaya D., 2002:
Mantle shortening and seismic anisotropy beneath the Southern Alps; evidence from P-wave delay, crustal structure and Pn observations

Stern T.A.; Okaya D., 2002:
Seismic evidence of fluid within transform fault zones; a comparison between the Alpine (NZ) and San Andreas Faults (USA)

Savage M.K.; Audoine E.L.; Gerst A.; Hofmann S.D.; Gledhill K.R., 2002:
Seismic anisotropy beneath the North Island, New Zealand

Salmon M.; Bannister S.C.; Savage M.K.; Stern T.A.; Taber J., 2002:
Seismic attenuation in the central North Island of New Zealand

Reyners M.E.; Stuart G.; Savage M.K., 2002:
A detailed view of subduction beneath the central North Island, New Zealand

Pecher I.A.; Henrys S.A.; Bannister S.C.; Davey F.J.; Nishimura Y.; Yamada A.; Shimamura H., 2002 :
Structure of the Hikurangi subduction zone, east coast New Zealand, from a coincident ocean bottom seismometer, onshore/ offshore, and multichannel seismic reflection survey

Mortimer N.; Davey F.J.; Melhuish A.; Y.J., 2002:
Crustal structure across an extended Phanerozoic orogen; Eastern Province and Median Batholith, New Zealand

Louie J.N.; Chavez Perez S.; Frederiksen A.; Revenaugh J.; Henrys S.A.; Bannister S.C., 2002:
Crustal imaging using earthquake recordings; where are we today?

Henrys S.A.; Woodward D.J., 2002:
3D PmP seismic image of the central South Island from SIGHT'96 data

Hayes G.P.; Stuart G.; Reyners M.E., 2002:
Relocating the hypocenters of an earthquake swarm south east of Ruapehu, North Island, New Zealand

Harrison A.J.; White R.S.; Davey F.J.; Stern T.A.; Bannister S.C.; Haines J.; Henrys S.A.; Pecher I.A., 2002:
Crustal structure of the Taupo volcanic zone, North Island, New Zealand; a revised model from NIGHT

Gohl K.; Eagles G.; Larter R.D., 2002:
Dynamics of the Pacific continental margin of West Antarctica

Gohl K.; Davey F.J.; Davy B.W.; Uenzelmann Neben G., 2002:
The lithospheric structure and evolution of a submarine continent; the Campbell Plateau, southeast New Zealand

Gerbault M.; Henrys S.A., 2002:
Numerical models of lithospheric deformation

Galve A.; Pulford A.K.; Stern T.A.; Scherwath M., 2002:
Velocity ratio in the crust of the South Island, New Zealand, given by a joint approach of reflected and converted waves from passive and active source

Danesi S.; Morelli A., 2002:
3D shear velocity model of the upper mantle beneath Antarctica

Bannister S.C.; Henrys S.A.; Woodward D.J.; Davey F.J., 2002:
The Bay of Plenty bright spot, offshore Taupo volcanic zone, New Zealand

Sasaki T.; Nikaido M.; Hamilton H.; Goto M.; Kato H.; Kanda N.; Pastene L.A.; Cao Y.; Fordyce R.E.; Hasegawa M.; Okada N., 2002:
Phylogenetic relationships of all extant Mysticeti species inferred from complete mitochondrial DNA sequences

Ichishima H., 2002:
What were archaic mysticetes like? An example of some latest Oligocene to earliest Miocene New Zealand whales

Frew R.D., 2002:
A marine chemist's view of the world of aquatic tetrapods

Fordyce R.E., 2002:
Oligocene archaeocetes and toothed mysticetes; Cetacea from times of transition

Fordyce R.E., 2002:
Aquatic tetrapods in the Southwest Pacific; present and past

Berta A.; Adam P.J.; Demere T.A., 2002:
Otariid evolution, phylogeny and biogeography

Eeckhout S.G.; de Grave E.; McCammon C.A.; Vochten R., 2001:
Moessbauer study of synthetic Mg (sub 0.22) Fe (sub 0.78) SiO (sub 3) clinopyroxene

Malitch K.N.; Melcher F.; Muehlhans H., 2001:
Palladium and gold mineralization in podiform chromitite at Kraubath, Austria

Praegel N.O.; Holm P.M., 2001:
Replenishment episodes and crustal assimilation in the development of an early Tertiary magma chamber, East Greenland; evidence from layered cumulates of the Kaaelvegletscher ultramafic complex, Kangerlussuaq

Matsumoto I.; Arai S., 2001:
Morphological and chemical variations of chromian spinel in dunite-harzburgite complexes from the Sangun zone (SW Japan); implications for mantle/ melt reaction and chromitite formation processes

Frimmel H.E.; Foelling P.G.; Diamond R., 2001:
Metamorphism of the Permo-Triassic Cape Fold Belt and its basement, South Africa

Hayon Serge, 2002:
3D visualisation and reservoir modelling using the latest technology

Plawman T.L.; Sirodj Edison, 2002:
3D seismic surveys in south Makassar Basin evaluate deepwater reservoirs

Xue Fangjian; Broetz R.J.; Sirodj Edison, 2002:
Seismic evaluation of hydrocarbon prospectivity in offshore north Bali, Indonesia

Budiharto Raden; Khan Sami, 2002:
Arafura Sea; interpretation review

French William S.; Bloch Harry; Voola J.R., 2002:
The oil company-geophysical contractor relationship

D.Zilva Edward J., 2002:
Geoscience Australia's data repository

Bal Adriaan; Grech Paul; van Noord Kenrick; Prosser Jeremy, 2002:
Borehole image log interpretation; making the most of your data and realising the limits; an illustration using fluvial, shallow marine, and deep marine environments

Uruski Chris I.; Baillie Peter, 2002:
Petroleum systems of the deep water Taranaki Basin, New Zealand

Browne G.H.; King P.R., 2002:
Reservoir studies of outcropping deep water Miocene sequences, north Taranaki, New Zealand

Anonymous, 2000:
Challenges for the future

Anonymous, 2000:
Assessing changes over time

Anonymous, 2000:
The components of the ocean carbon cycle

Anonymous, 2000:
The role of the ocean in the global carbon cycle

Palomares Sanchez S.; Ponce Castaneda S.; Ruiz F.; Mirabal Garcia M.; Martinez J.R.; Diaz CastAnon S., 1999:
Structural and magnetic characterization of (Br, Sr)-hexaferrite powders

Burney David A., 1993:
Recent animal extinctions; recipes for disaster

Schoonmaker David, 1993:
What makes permafrost permanent?

Thomson Keith Stewart, 1993:
Northern exposures

Melendez G.; Bello J.; Delvene G.; Perez Urresti I., 1997:
Mid- and Upper Jurassic (Callovian-Kimmeridgian) in the Llanura de Arcos sector (Arino-Oliete, Teruel); taphonomic and biostratigraphic analysis

Casas A.M.; Cortes A.L.; Liesa C.L.; Melendez A.; Soria A.R., 1997:
Structure of the northern border of the Iberian Cordillera between Sierra de Arcos and the Montalban Anticline

Canudo J.I.; Amo O.; Cuenca Bescos G.; Melendez A.; Ruiz Omenaca J.I.; Soria A.R., 1997:
Tithonian-Barremian vertebrates of Galve, Teruel, Spain

D.Renzi M., 1997:
Taphonomic and paleobiologic information; a false dilemma?

Pavia G.; Martire L., 1997:
The importance of taphonomic studies on biochronology; examples from the European Middle Jurassic

Fernandez Lopez S., 1997:
Ammonites, taphonomic cycles and stratigraphic cycles in carbonate epicontinental platforms

Denys C., 1997:
Rodent faunal lists in karstic and open-air sites of Africa; an attempt to evaluate predation and fossilisation biases in paleodiversity

Andrews P., 1997:
What taphonomy can and cannot tell as

Aguirre E., 1997:
Taphonomy as a science; epistemological aspects

Gall J.C., 1997:
From fossil beds to ecosystems

Oksama Matti; Suppala Ilkka, 1998:
Interpretation of moving EM dipole-dipole measurements using thin plate models

Hongisto Hannu; Oksama Matti, 1998:
Low frequency anomalies of perfect conductors in a free space

Flykt Mikko; Eloranta Esko; Lindell Ismo, 1998:
Electrostatic images for underwater anisotropic conductive half spaces

Grundy W.M.; Doute S.; Schmitt B., 2000:
A Monte Carlo ray-tracing model for scattering and polarization by large particles with complex shapes

Ruiz Javier; Tejero Rosa, 2000:
Heat flows through the ice lithosphere of Europa

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Ages of mare basalts on the lunar nearside

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Strategies for autonomous rovers at Mars

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Correspondence and least squares analyses of soil and rock compositions for the Viking Lander 1 and Pathfinder landing sites

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Climate change, ozone, and ultraviolet radiation

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Petroleum hydrocarbons

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Acidfying pollutants, Arctic haze, and acidification in the Arctic

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Physical/ geographical characteristics of the Arctic

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Historical seismicity of the Faroe Islands

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The largest magnitudes of earthquakes associated with some historical volcanic eruptions and their volcanological significance

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Geotechnical characterization of schist slopes

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New developements on the interpretation of inclinometer field data

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Observation techniques in the construction of highway tunnels

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Geotechnical zoning for the reinforcement of old road pavements

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Contribution to geotechnical characterization of Cretaceous sedimentary rocks for regional and urban planning; the case of siltitic sandstone complex in Aveiro area

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Boreholes in site investigation on rock masses of dam sites; how much is done in Portugal

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Local safety factors from in situ inclinometer and vane test data

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New developments on the interpretation of in situ vane test data

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Model evaluation of dust pollution in an alpine valley

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Beach reclamation utilizing inert quarry materials; an environmentally friendly technique

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Pollution risk assessment of soil and ground water by a waste disposal plant; comparison between models

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Importance of geomorphology and environmental planning; a case study

Nicoletti P.G.; Catalano E., 2001:
Landslides of paleoseismic origin in SE Sicily; setting, characterization and risk assessment

Lucchesi S., 2001:
Preliminary geology of the central Piemonte plain

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A data base for quantitative risk assessment in mining and quarrying operations

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Ornamental stone resources in the Monregalese marble mining area

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Stochastic modelling of the Caspian Sea level fluctuations

Mitchell John G., 2002:
Down the drain? The incredible shrinking Great Lakes

Klesius Michael, 2002:
The big bloom; how flowering plants changed the world

Long Michael L., 2002:
Half life; the lethal legacy of America's nuclear waste

Gore Rick, 2002:
Istanbul on edge

Warne Kennedy, 2002:
Hotspots; preserving pieces of a fragile biosphere; New Zealand

Soderberg Per, 1988:
A gravity sampler for gas-charged sediments

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Pockmarks and related seabed structures in some areas of Precambrian bedrock in Sweden

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Acritarch assemblages of Early and Middle Cambrian age in the Baltic Depression and south-central Sweden

Kramarska Regina; Tomczak Anna, 1988:
First dating of tills from the Baltic Sea floor by the thermoluminescence method

Konigsson Lars Konig; Possnert Goran, 1988:
Ancylus faunas studied by accelerator C-14 dating of single small shells

Emelyanov E.M. (Yemelyanov Y.M), 1988:
Biogenic sedimentation in the Baltic Sea and its consequences

Drozdowski Eugeniusz, 1988:
Proximal glacial-marine tills deposited from a stagnant ice-sheet

Aker Karita; Eriksson Brita; Gronlund Tuulikki; Kankainen Tuovi, 1988:
Sediment stratigraphy in the northern Gulf of Finland

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Modern data, facts and views on the geological evolution of the Gulf of Finland

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Geology of pre-Quaternary formations along the margin of the Baltic Shield as an indicator of the evolution of the Gulf of Finland up to the most recent stage

Martin Ena, 1988:
Relationship between dune formation and Baltic Sea transgressions in Estonia

Orviku Kaarel, 1988:
Some aspects of shallow water sedimentation along the Estonian coast

Soderberg Per, 1988:
Notes on the continuation of the Salpausselka ice marginal zone in the northern Baltic proper

Emelyanov E.M.; Kharin G.S., 1988:
Geological map of eastern and southeastern Baltic Sea

Drozdowski Eugeniusz, 1988:
Marine transgressions during the Vistulian Glaciation in the northern part of the lower Vistula region

Mojski Josef Edward, 1988:
Development of the Vistula River delta and evolution of the Baltic Sea, an attempt at chronological correlation

Uscinowicz S.; Kramarska R.; Przezdziecki P., 1988:
The Quaternary of the south-west region of the Polish Baltic

Andren Thomas; Wannas Kjell, 1988:
Late Quaternary development of the Bornholm Gat

Hessland Ivar, 1988:
Views on ways and means in future geological mapping of the Baltic seabed

Eronen Matti, 1988:
A scrutiny of the late Quaternary history of the Baltic Sea

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Late Weichselian and Holocene paleogeographic reconstruction revealing neotectonic activity in the Rhine-Meuse Delta, the Netherlands

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Fluvio-deltaic facies development under syndepositional deformation in the late Pliocene-early Pleistocene northern S. Arcangelo Basin (southern Italy)

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Incision-aggradation cycles in ephemeral streams of the Lake region (main Ethiopian Rift, Ethiopia); erosional and sedimentary processes throughout the Holocene

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A new tool to map lithology and geometry of channel and valley-fills; electrical resistivity ground imaging (ERGI)

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Fluvio-eolian landscapes along the Zagros piedmonts, Iran; a product of tectono-climatic changes

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Magnetic susceptibility analysis of Lower Mississippi Valley (LMV) fluvial sediments

Aslan Andres; Autin Whitney J.; Blum Michael D., 2001:
Responses of the Mississippi and Texas coastal plain rivers to late Quaternary accommodation change

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The influence of sediment supply and aggradation rate on the alluvial architecture of braided rivers

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An examination of the controls on the planform geometry of the southern extension of the BAT (basal quartz; Lower Cretaceous, lower Mannville) incised-valley system, Western Canada Sedimentary Basin

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Fluvio-estuarine transitions within Turnagain Arm, Cook Inlet, Alaska

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The linkage between alluvial and marginal-marine successions; evidence from the late Quaternary record of the Po River plain, Italy

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Keeping to the straight and narrow when modelling sand architecture in low net-to-gross fluvial successions; the Wasatch Formation (Palaeogene) of western Colorado, USA

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The origin of anastomosis on the Columbia River, British Columbia, Canada

Sidorchuk Aleksey, 2002:
National-scale modelling of soil erosion

Conciani Wilson; Bezerra Raimundo Leidimar; de Medeiros Jean Luiz Gomes, 1999:
Characteristics of beach sand deformation obtained by pressuremeter

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Numerical simulation of soil formation in a reservoir

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Standard penetration test; comparison between different processes

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The use of pressuremeter tests to predict the collapse potential of soils

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Electromagnetic induction in a fully 3D heterogeneous anisotropic Earth

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Preliminary results of ocean bottom magnetotelluric survey across the Philippine Sea

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A model for decomposition of electromagnetic transfer function in 3D structure

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Finite difference time domain and Fourier domain modeling of GPR data

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Correction of satellite magnetic data from the EEJ contribution using ground based data and an empirical EEJ model

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Orsted lithospheric anomaly components

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The radius of Earth's core from Oersted, Magsat, or SV

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A new magnetic field model for core-motion studies

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Magnetic field modelling with CHAMP data; initial results

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A model of the geomagnetic field from 1995-2000

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A model of the main field and its secular variation for Epoch 2000 estimated from Orsted data

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Global electromagnetic induction from satellite magnetic field observations

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Spatial resolution of Orsted vector magnetic observations

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Magnetic fields of high degree measured by Oersted and their interpretation

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Main field, secular variation, and core flows; improvement brought by the Oersted satellite mission

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Experiments in liquid sodium as models of the Earth's outer core

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Insights into the geodynamo from Orsted magnetic field observations and numerical modelling

Everett Mark E., 2000:
Numerical modeling of Earth's transient electromagnetic response at satellite altitudes

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Electromagnetic imaging at an enhanced-oil-recovery site; a combined laboratory and field study

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Electromagnetic and magnetic surveys of active lava tubes on Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii

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Cavity detection in urban areas of Mexico City by resistivity imaging

Kelly Robert E., 2000:
Underground structure detection by surface magnetic gradient measurements

L.F.mina Peter C.; Connor Charles B.; Stamatakos John A.; Farrell David A., 2000:
Imaging an active normal fault in alluvium by high-resolution magnetic and electromagnetic surveys

Hyndman Roy D.; Weichert Dieter H.; Rogers Garry C.; Dragert Herb; Mazzotti Stephane, 2000:
Deformation rates in Puget Sound-S. Georgia Strait predicted from forearc crustal seismicity and comparison with geodetic data

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On the seasonal change in the interseismic strain build-up in Northeast Japan

Mazzotti Stephane; Henry Pierre; L.P.chon Xavier, 2000:
Plate motion and intra-arc deformation in central Japan based on GPS and geological data

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Plate motions and intraplate deformation in Central and Southeast Asia

Michel Gero W.; Reigber Christoph; Y.Y.e Qui; Zhu Sheng Yuan, 2000:
Microplate motion and intraplate deformation in Asia

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GPS-derived microplate tectonics of Indonesia

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GPS constraints on contemporary crustal deformation in the E. Turkey/ Caucasus continental collision zone

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Intraplate deformation in Western Europe

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The motion and rigidity of the Pacific Plate

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Dynamics and rheology of diffuse oceanic plate boundaries

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Moving beyond Mogi sources in volcano deformation of InSAR data

Bridges J.C.; Smith M.P.; Grady M.M., 2000:
Progressive evaporation and relict fluid inclusions in the nakhlites

Wentworth Susan J.; Thomas Keprta Kathie L.; McKay David S., 2000:
Weathering and secondary minerals in the Martian meteorite Shergotty

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Evidence of atmospheric sulfur in SNC Meteorites; implications for the Martian sulfur cycle

Alpert A.J.; Pierazzo E., 2000:
Venusian impact melt production

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Meteoritic component in impact melt rocks from the Morokweng, South Africa, impact structure; an Os isotopic study

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New results from the deep borehole at Morokweng, North West Province, South Africa; constraints on the size of this J/ K boundary age impact structure

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Iridium peaks and algal blooms; the Mjolnir Impact

Pope K.O.; Ocampo A.C., 2000:
Chicxulub high-altitude ballistic ejecta from central Belize

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Three-dimensional magnetic imaging of the Chicxulub Crater

Collins Gareth S.; Melosh H.J.; Morgan J.V.; Warner M.R., 2000:
Hydrocode simulations of Chicxulub Crater collapse

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Wavelet analysis of Mars MOLA topography

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Mariner 9 photoclinometric analysis of the south polar layered deposits on Mars

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Extensive south polar ice cap in middle Mars history? Tests using MOLA data

Komatsu G.; Rossi A.P.; Ormo J.; Kargel J.S., 2000:
Glacier landforms in the northeastern Hellas Basin

Lee Pascal, 2000:
Selective fluvial erosion on Mars; glacial selective linear erosion on Devon Island, Nunavut, Arctic Canada, as a possible analog

Bottke W.F.; Morbidelli A.; Petit J.M.; Gladman B.; Jedicke R., 2000:
Tracking NEAs from their source regions to their observed orbits

Gastineau H.K.; McSween H.Y.J., 2000:
Oxidation during metamorphism of ordinary chondrites and implications for the NEAR Mission to 433 Eros

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Major element composition of the impact melts at Meteor Crater, AZ

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Hydrothermal activity at the Lonar Lake impact structure; implications for the formation of the Martian soil

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Anorthosite petrogenesis revisited

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On the cause of lunar crustal asymmetries

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On the relationship between chemical differentiation and the origin of lunar asymmetries

Neal C.R.; Ryan J.G.; Jain J.C.; Chazey W., 2000:
The nature of the lunar mantle; generally chondritic for the mare basalt sources, but with garnet in the source of the volcanic glasses

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Lunar models obtained from a Monte Carlo inversion of Apollo lunar seismic P and S-waves

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Geophysical constraints on the lunar interior; status and remaining issues

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The importance of previous study of soil profiles in fertility management; available information on Catalonian soils

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Re-utilization of urban wastes and possible contamination

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Granites and metal deposits

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Sources and settings of granitic rocks

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The space problem in the emplacement of granite

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Radiogenic isotopes and the interpretation of granitic rocks

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Granites; an overview

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Nevado del Tolima Volcano; generalities and glaciological considerations

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Lithodemic units in the Cordillera Central of Colombia

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Geomorphologic and pedologic studies on the upper Quaternary of the Rio Elqui Cordillera, Chile; 30 degrees S

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Computation of the volume of a gold placer on a Quaternary terrace

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Geomorphology of the upper course of the Bio Bio Valley

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Diagnosis of the morphodynamic state of equilibrium; importance in the implementation of hydrographic basin management programs

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Geomorphology of water erosion across furrows and gullies in the Estero de Navidad Basin

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The effect of local storm winds on receding wavewash and sand transport

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The Ocean City, New Jersey, beach nourishment project; monitoring its early performance

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A primer on monitoring beach nourishment projects

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Relative fluxes of sand for Southern California beaches; Fourier grain-shape analysis

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Tidally induced subsurface groundwater flow and transport in two salt marsh ecosystems

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The role of surface and subsurface hydrology on coastal marshes

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Origin of loess; reply

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Structural evolution of the Marda-Diemals area, Southern Cross Province

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Geology and alteration of the Merrie greenstone belt

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High-Mg diorite from the Archaean Pilbara Craton; anorogenic magmas derived from a subduction-modified mantle

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Palaeoproterozoic tectonic evolution of the Rudall Complex, and comparison with the Arunta Inlier and Capricorn Orogen

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Provenance studies in the Yerrida Basin; initial report

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The Earth's pre-4000 Ma history; evidence from trace element and microstructural investigation of 4000 to 4190 Ma zircons from granitic gneisses, northwest Yilgarn Craton

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Prediction of sandstone porosity and permeability; an example from the southern Carnarvon Basin

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The Tabletop Terrane of the Proterozoic Rudall Complex; preliminary notes on the geology, granitoid geochemistry and tectonic implications

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The Mallina Formation, Constantine Sandstone and Whim Creek Group; a new stratigraphic and tectonic interpretation for part of the western Pilbara Craton

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Calculating depth to basement from magnetic and gravity data, with an example from the western Officer Basin

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Triassic correlations on the Peedamullah Shelf, Carnarvon Basin

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Precambrian tectonic units of Western Australia

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Radiolaria; from some old ideas to new acceptance or the end of a bad reputation

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Origin of the hominids; East Side StoryWest Side Story

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Seismological records of an explosion at the AZF chemical complex in Toulouse, France

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Aeolian and pluvial features in the eastern Mojave Desert as potential analogs for features on Mars

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High latitude terrestrial lacustrine and fluvial field analogs for the Martian highlands

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Accessing Martian fluvial and lacustrine sediments by landing in Holden Crater, Margaritifer Sinus

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Remote sensing of evaporite minerals in Badwater Basin, Death Valley, at varying spatial scales and in different spectral regions

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Double craters and crater modification

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The enigmatic Arabia Terra, Mars

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Imaging radar in the Mojave Desert-Death Valley region

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Martian drainage densities; analyses from MOLA digital elevation models

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Rock abrasion and ventifact formation on Mars from field analog, theoretical, and experimental studies

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Noachian faulting; what do faults tell us about the early tectonic history of Tharsis?

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Transitional lithology and paleofauna for the Escabrosa and Redwall Limestone contact in central Arizona

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Invariant imbedding for the wave equation in three dimensions and the applications to the direct and inverse problems

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Inverse scattering analysis for perfectly conducting cylinders using a multifilament current model

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A uniqueness result for the inverse back-scattering problem

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The inverse problem for a fluid over a layered elastic half-space

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Reconstruction of three-dimensional conductivity variations from eddy current (electromagnetic induction) data

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Quantum tunnel birth of soliton-antisoliton pairs on the background of a periodically inhomogeneous vacuum

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A Bayesian derivation of an iterative autofocus/ super-resolution algorithm

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On a new class of solutions for the self-dual Yang-Mills equation by the Riemann-Hilbert transform with high-order poles

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On Frechet differentiability of some nonlinear operators occurring in inverse problems; an implicit function theorem approach

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A new method for solving the inverse scattering problem for acoustic waves in an inhomogeneous medium; II

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Exact solutions to a linearized inverse boundary value problem

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Boundary estimation problems arising in thermal tomography

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Inverse problem for one-dimensional fractal measures via iterated function systems and the moment method

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If realistic neurophysiological constraints are imposed, then maximum statistical entropy is the most probable solution to the EEG inverse problem

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Major influences in the international exploration businesses

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Galileo's scientific discoveries, cosmological confrontations, and the aftermath

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In situ bioremediation of chlorinated ethenes

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Tectonic discontinuity of Plio-Pleistocene clayey formations

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Structural analysis of the eastern side of Rapolano (Siena) Mesozoic outcrop

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Geodynamics of the Umbria-Marches Appennines

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Central Apennines; geological cross-sections and structural model

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Changes of the terrestrial vegetation at the end of Late Cretaceous (Amur-Zeya Basin, Russian Far East)

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Sinistral displacement along the northern extension of the Tancheng-Lujiang fault zone and compression along the northern border zone of the Sino-Korean Platform

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Groundwater resources in Johor, Malaysia; resource potential and information management

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Study of mass movements along Kundasang Road, Sabah

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Implications of the Bob Bak Fault movements on the structure and lithostratigraphy of the Pokok Sena area

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The Palaeo-Tethys in east Asia

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Provenance and tectonic setting of deposition of metagreywackes in the Nan River suture, northern Thailand

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The effect of collision of the Banggai-Sula Microcontinent to the tectonic development in central Indonesian region

Chonglakmani Chongpan, 1999:
The Triassic system of Thailand; implication on geotectonic evolution of Southeast Asia

Yumul Graciano P.J.; Dimalanta Carla B.; de Jesus J.V.; Faustino Decibel V.; Jumawan F.T.; Marquez Edanjarlo Joson; Barretto J.L.; Tamayo R.A.; Queano Karlo L.; Jimenez Francisco A.J., 1999:
Subic Bay fault zone; its role in the geologic history of the Zambales ophiolite complex, Philippines

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Geochemistry of arc volcanic rocks in central Luzon, Philippines

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Tectonic development of central Thailand; new evidences from airborne geophysical data

Hartono U.; Dirk M.H.J.; Sanyoto P.; Permanadewi S., 1999:
Geochemistry and K/ Ar results of the Mesozoic-Cenozoic plutonic and volcanic rocks from the Meratus Range, south Kalimantan

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