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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 18459

Chapter 18459 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Milsom John, 1999:
The Banda Sea; continental collision at the eastern end of Tethys

Tongkul F., 1999:
Regional geological correlation of Paleogene sedimentary rocks between Sabah and Sarawak, Malaysia

Wakita Koji, 1999:
Mesozoic melange formation in Indonesia; with special reference to Jurassic melanges of Japan

Berger Antony R., 1999:
Environmental well-being; the contribution of geoscience

Zhdanov A.A.; Granin N.G.; Shimaraev M.N. (Shimarayev M.N., 2001:
The generation mechanism of under-ice currents in Lake Baikal

Saprygin S.M., 2001:
Seismicity during the development of large natural gas accumulations

Righter K.; Drake M.J., 1998:
High pressure and temperature metal-silicate equilibrium in the early Earth; new constraints from moderately (Ga, Sn, and Cu) and highly (Re, Au, Pd, and Pt) siderophile elements

Ransom B., 1998:
In situ occurrence of organic matter in marine sediments; processes and preservation

Qin S.; Cao Z., 1998 :
A quantitative method to calculate the potential energy between unit layers in interstratified minerals

Pycke N.; Baque D.; Probst A.; Dupre B.; Loubet M., 1998:
Anthropogenic and lithologic Pb behaviours in acid atmospheric polluted catchment (the Strengbach case study, Vosges, France)

Prince C.I.; Vance D.; Harris N.B.W.; Oberli F., 1998:
Controls on and timing of metamorphism in the Himalaya

Poujol M.; Robb L.J.; Respaut J.P., 1998:
Origin of gold and emerald mineralization in the Murchison greenstone belt, Kaapvaal Craton, South Africa

Papanastassiou D.A.; Chen J.H., 1998:
Re-Os systematics in meteorites

Neretin L.N.; Boettcher M.E.; Volkov I.I., 1998:
The stable isotopic composition of sulphur species in the Black Sea water column

Mysen B.O., 1998:
Structure and configurational properties of felsic magmatic liquids at magmatic temperatures

Murphy P.J.; LaGrange M.S.; Stevens G., 1998:
Analysis of gold speciation in hydrothermal fluids by Raman spectroscopy; the example of gold chloride solutions

Munz I.A.; Yardley B.W.D.; Gleeson S., 1998:
Downward infiltration of fluid into the high-grade basement of South Norway; II, Composition and phase-behaviour of petroleum fluids at high temperature

Mordberg L.E.; Spratt J., 1998:
Alteration of zircons; the evidence of Zr mobility during bauxitic weathering

Moorbath S.; Kamber B.S.; Whitehouse M.J., 1998:
How old is the earliest life on Earth? Re-appraisal of evidence from the early Archaean of West Greenland

Monnin C.; Dupre B.; Jeandel C.; Elderfield H.; Wheat G.; Mottl M., 1998:
Baryte stability in ocean waters and in marine sediments; a thermodynamic approach

Marshall J.D.; Brenchley P.J., 1998:
Oceanic and atmospheric changes at the end of the Ordovician; geochemical enigmas or the end of a beautiful hypothesis?

Lvov S.N.; Zhou X.Y., 1998:
PH measurements in supercritical hydrothermal systems

Lutzenkirchen J.; Lovgren L., 1998:
Experimental study of arsenite adsorption to goethite

Luther G.W.I.I.I.; Morse J.W., 1998:
Chemical influences on trace metal-sulphide interactions in anoxic sediments

Luther G.W.I.I.I.; Theberge S.M.; Rickard D.T., 1998:
Evidence for aqueous clusters as intermediates during metal sulphide formation

Luther G.W.I.I.I.; Taillefert M.; Bono A.; Brendel P.J.; Sundby B.; Reimers C.E.; Nuzzio D.B.; Lovalvo D., 1998:
Recent developments in the use of voltammetric solid state microelectrodes to understand diagenetic processes

Lorand J.P.; Luguet A.; Keays R.R.; Alard O., 1998:
Se contents and S/ Se ratios of spinel peridotite xenoliths from the Massif Central (France)

Lojen S.; Ogrinc N.; Dolenec T.; Vreca P.; Mihelcic G.; Sparica M., 1998:
Diffusive fluxes of dissolved nutrients at the sediment/ water interface in Makirina Bay (central Dalmatia, Croatia)

Lips A.L.W.; White S.H.; Wijbrans J.R., 1998:
Direct dating of fabric forming events; resolving a continuous record of Alpine tectonic events in the Aegean region

Ling W.; Gao S.; Zhang B.; Zhao Z., 1998:
Geochemical characteristics and crustal evolution of the Archaean high-grade Kongling Terrain in the Yangtze Craton, southern China

Libourel G.; Guyot F.; Leroux H., 1998:
High temperature reduction of San Carlos olivines and role of kinetics on metal/ silicate interactions

Liang L.; G.B.; Hofmann A., 1998:
Kinetics of iron oxide dissolution as enhanced by organic ligands

Lewin E., 1998:
Mantle convection from the geochemist point of view

Levesque S.; Neuville D.R.; Richet P., 1998:
Influence of solid inclusions on the rheology of silicate melts

Levasseur S.; Birck J.L.; Allegre C.J., 1998:
Osmium concentration and composition in the Indian Ocean water

Lev S.M.; McLennan S.M.; Hanson G.N.; Meyers W.J., 1998:
Biotic and abiotic controls on black shale diagenesis and redistribution of trace elements

Leleyter L.; Probst J.L., 1998:
Partitioning of trace elements in different world river sediments by chemical extraction technique

Leinweber P., 1998 :
Organic matter composition in organic-mineral soil particles

Leeman W.P.; Ertan I.E., 1998:
Diverse invasive melts in Cascadia mantle xenoliths; no subduction connection

Leeman W.P.; Tonarini S., 1998:
Fluids in subduction zone magmatism; implications of boron geochemistry

Lee T.; Shu F.H.; Shang H.; Glassgold A.E.; Rehm K.E., 1998:
Proto-stellar cosmic rays and extinct radioactivities in meteorites

Lee D.C.; Halliday A.N.; Christensen J.N.; Burton K.W.; Hein J.R.; Godfrey L.V., 1998:
High resolution Hf isotope stratigraphy of ferromanganese crusts

Lee D.C.; Halliday A.N., 1998:
Tungsten isotopes, the initial (super 182) Hf/ (super 180) Hf of the solar system and the origin of enstatite chondrites

Lecuyer C.; Grandjean P.; Sheppard S.M.F., 1998:
Oxygen isotope exchange between phosphate and water at low temperatures; inorganic versus biological fractionations

Lebron I.; Suarez D.L., 1998:
Modelling calcite precipitation as affected by P (sub CO2) and organic ligands at 25 degrees C

Lazareva E.V.; Pospelova L.N., 1998:
Peculiarities of the initial and secondary distribution of elements in the tailing body

Layne G.D.; Shimizu N., 1998:
High resolution-high transmission secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) for in situ microanalysis of lead isotope ratios in minerals and melt inclusions

LaTourrette T., 1998:
Mg diffusion in melilite; constraints on the thermal history of refractory meteorite inclusions

Lassiter J.C.; Hauri E.H.; Reiners P.W.; Garcia M.O., 1998:
Evidence for melting of garnet pyroxenite in the generation of Hawaiian post-erosional lavas; effects of a marble-cake mantle during melt generation

Lasaga A.C.; Luettge A.; MacInnis I.N.; Bolton E.W., 1998:
Phase shift interferometry, near-atomic scale surface data, and a new view on fluid-rock reactions

Lapierre H.; Arculus R.; Ballevre M.; Bosch D.; Jaillard E.; Polve M.; Gabriele P., 1998:
Accreted eclogites with oceanic plateau basalt affinities in Ecuador

Land M.; Ingri J.; Andersson P.S.; Ohlander B., 1998:
Tracing subsurface water flowpaths by means of dissolved Ba/ Sr, Ca/ Sr and (super 87) Sr/ (super 86) Sr ratios

Lambert D.D.; Alard O.; Costa S.; Frick L.R.; Bodinier J.L., 1998:
Evidence for interaction of Proterozoic (2 Ga) sub-continental mantle with an enriched mantle plume from Re-Os isotope systematics in French Massif Central peridotite xenoliths

Lallier Verges E.; Martinez P.; Bertrand P.; Rabouille C.; Keravis D., 1998:
Sedimentation, reworking and preservation of organic matter in surficial sediments of the N-W African upwelling system

Lahaye Yann; Barnes S.J.; Lambert D.D.; Frick L.R., 1998:
Re-Os isotopic study of komatiitic volcanism and magmatic sulphide formation in the southern Abitibi greenstone belt, Canada

Ladouche B.; Aquilina L.; Cubizoles J.; Negrel P., 1998:
Rainfall chemistry in the south of France (Herault, 1996-1997)

Labotka T.C.; Cole D.R.; Riciputi L.R.; Chacko T., 1998:
Diffusion of C and O in calcite

Krooss Bernhard M.; Schloemer S.; Gaschnitz R.; Littke R., 1998:
Aspects of natural gas generation and migration in sedimentary systems

Kraepiel A.M.L.; Morel F.M.M., 1998:
The influence of internal charge on the sorption properties of clays

Kosler J.; Vance D.; Guenther D.; Harris N., 1998:
Constraints on Sm-Nd diffusion rates from laser ablation ICP-MS analyses and conventional dating of prograde garnets

Kaljo D.; Hints L.; Martma T.; Nolvak J., 1998:
Refinements of carbon isotope stratigraphy in the latest Ordovician of Estonia

Kadioglu Y.K.; Gulec N., 1998:
The role of anorthite contents on the generation of granitoid, enclaves and gabbro in the Agacoren intrusive suite; central Anatolia, Turkey

Jordan G.; Higgins S.R.; Eggleston C.M.; Knauss K.G.; Boro C.O., 1998:
Dissolution of baryte (001) observed by hydrothermal scanning force microscopy

Joachimski M.M., 1998:
Geochemical perturbations in the ocean/ atmosphere system during the Middle Devonian to Visean; the state of the art

Javoy M., 1998:
Global oil productivity evaluation from the comparison between sediment production and mantle fluxes

Huisman D.J.; van O.B.J.H., 1998:
Trace element and REE anomalies in Quaternary organic-rich deltaic deposits

Fox Sandra L.; Sulak Kenneth J.; Montague Clay L., 2000:
Heavy metals in sediment and oysters from an estuary affected by restriction of tidal flow

Wang Hongxing, 1997:
A study on the water environment of the Wudalianchi area, Heilongjiang, China

Zhang Yaode; Wang Yunpeng; L.J.ngzhe; Geng Chengyun, 1997:
Isotopes and genesis of mineral water from the Yaoquan Shan area, Wudalianchi volcanic zone, Heilongjiang, China

Gong Jiesheng, 1997:
The Xiaogulihe-Keluo-Wudalianchi volcanic belt in Heilongjiang, China

Gong Jiesheng, 1997:
Tectonic setting, age, and type of the Wudalianchi volcanoes, Heilongjiang, China

Wang Yunpeng; Zhu Xingxiang; L.P.; M.X.nghua, 1997:
Magnetostratography of the Wudalianchi volcanic cluster, Heilongjiang, China

X.Yanqiang, 1997:
The types and patterns of eruptions of the Quaternary Wudalianchi volcanoes, Heilongjiang, China

Q.Yuping, 1997:
Conodonts from Permian-Triassic boundary beds of the Dalishan section, Dantu, Jiangsu

X.B.olong; Zheng Yongfei; Gong Bing; F.B.n, 1997:
Experimental studies on oxygen isotope fractionation between brucite and water at low temperature

Y.Zuxiang, 1997:
Damiaoite; a new native indium and platinum alloy

B.F.zhi; Yuan Youshen, 1997:
Quantitative tectonic indicators of great coastal earthquakes in Fujian, Guangdong, Taiwan and Hainan

Dong Qinghua, 1997:
The latest developments in crosshole resistivity tomography

X.Wenyao, 1997:
The plan of a geomagnetic network; INTERMAGNET

Chi Guobin; L.Y.n; Ding Xuan; Wang Yunpeng; Jiang Baoling, 1997:
A GIS approach to multidisciplinary evaluation and prediction in mineral exploration

Mao Jingwen; L.H.ngyan, 1997:
Genesis of gold deposits in the Jiangnan Terrain, China

Zhou Wenbin; Shi Weijun; L.Y.ejin, 1997:
Geochemical modeling of mineralization processes for the Xiangshan uranium deposit in China

Chen Peirong; X.S.ijin; Wang Rucheng; Chen Xiaoming; Shen Weizhou; N.P.i, 1997:
Physicochemical properties and genesis of highly copper-rich fluid in the Xifanping porphyry copper deposit, Yanyuan County, Sichuan, China

Zhou Hanwen; L.X.anhua; Liu Ying, 1997:
Geochemical variations in cold eclogites near the Hualiangting Reservoir, southern Dabie Mountains, China, during retrograde metamorphic processes

Zhang Hongfei; Zhang Benren; Lin Wenli; Gao Shan; Oyuang Jianping, 1997:
Late Proterozoic crustal accretion in the southern Qinling Mountains, China; Nd isotopic study of granitic rocks

Baird Bill, 1995:
Strange Earth 15; the up escalator of Papua New Guinea

Stoker Martyn S., 1995:
BGS and industry; a collaborative approach to understanding the marine geology of the continental margin west of Scotland

Evans Dan, 1995:
The BGS deep-tow boomer meets the Storegga Slide

Hull John, 1995:
The BGS Offshore Regional Mapping Programme; its history and achievements

Land David, 1995:
Charles Thomas Clough (1852-1916)

Darby Stephen E.; Thorne Colin R.; Simon Andrew, 1996:
Numerical simulation of widening and bed deformation of straight sand-bed rivers; II, Model evaluation

Darby Stephen E.; Thorne Colin R., 1996:
Numerical simulation of widening and bed deformation of straight sand-bed rivers; I, Model development

Garassino Alessandro, 1993:
Catalog of the Natural History Museum of Milan; XII, Lamellibranchi from the Brocchi Collection

Hamlin H.Scott, 1996:
Canyon sandstones; a geologically complex natural gas play in slope and basin facies, Val Verde Basin, southwest Texas

Burga C.A., 1995:
Vegetation and paleoclimatology of the middle Holocene in a former peat bog located at the front of the Rutor Glacier, 2510 m, Valle d'Aosta, Italy

Tayib Soetardjo, 1989:
Seismic activity in Indonesia from 1977-1987 in certain regions

Fadeli A.; Kirbani S.B.; Mugiono R., 1989:
An analysis of volcanic shocks and tremors data of Merapi Volcano, central Java, from April 1985 to June 1987

Lubis S.; Hartono H.M.S.; Budhi A.S.tiya, 1989:
Preliminary study of coastal erosion in Kuta Beach, Bali, Indonesia

Soemarwoto Otto (Sumarwoto Otto), 1989:
The role of vegetation in soil and water erosion

Furman Francis C., 1993:
Formation of east Tennessee, Knox MVT bodies by hypogenetic-interstratal-evaporite-TSR-sulfuric acid karstification

Morey G.B.; Lively R.S.; Mossler John H.; Hauck S.A., 1993:
The metal occurrences in acid-insoluble residues of Paleozoic carbonate strata

Kopp Otto C.; Owen Michael R.; Fuller Jr., 1993:
Interpretation of cathodoluminescence spectra obtained from carbonate gangue minerals and breccias, Right Fork area, central Tennessee zinc deposit

Hill Carol A., 1993:
A hydrogen sulfide, basinal-degassing model for the origin of mississippi valley-type ore deposits

Gregg Jay M.; Shelton Kevin L.; Keller Timothy J.; Palmer James R., 1993:
Petrology, geochemistry, and fluid/ rock interactions in Cambro-Ordovician carbonates from the Reelfoot Rift; initial findings

Hay Richard L.; Liu Junzhe; Deino A.; Kyser T.K., 1993:
Potassic alteration in the St. Francois Mountains of Missouri

Shelton Kevin L.; Burstein Isac B.; Gregg Jay M.; Hagni Richard D., 1993:
In the absence of a regional thermal gradient, does the Viburnum Trend fit into a common regional hydrologic flow model with other Ozark region MVT deposits?

Burstein Isac B.; Shelton Kevin L.; Gregg Jay M.; Hagni Richard D., 1993:
Complex, multiple ore fluids in the world class southeast Missouri Pb-Zn-Cu deposits; sulfur isotope evidence

Vinograd V.L.; Perchuk L.L., 1994:
Modeling of the C1/ I1 transition and mixing functions of high-temperature plagioclases

Vinograd V.L., 1994:
Computer modeling and the disorder thermodynamics of albite

Rakov L.T., 1994:
Natural diffusion of structural impurities in the quartz of sedimentary rocks

Mal kov A.B., 1994:
Genesis of curved-faced diamonds of the Timan region and the Urals

Rogozhin Y.A.; Leont yev A.N., 1994:
The Zaysan earthquake of 1990; geologic data

Yusupova I.F., 1994:
Heat generation in black shale sequences; its metallogenic and geodynamic consequences

Chayes F., 1965:
Reliability of point counting results; discussion

Tyler S.A.; Twenhofel W.H., 1952:
Sedimentation and stratigraphy of the Huronian of Upper Michigan; Part 2

Strahler Arthur N., 1950 :
Equilibrium theory of erosional slopes approached by frequency distribution analysis; Part II

Yoder Hatten S.Jr., 1950:
The jadeite problem; Part II

Wolfenden D., 2002:
Newmont Waihi operations; treatment plant; optimising the process in 2002/ 3

Noble Craig; Webster Brown Jenny; Brown Kevin, 2002:
Source and fate of arsenic in selected West Coast catchments, South Island

Francis D., 2002:
The Golden Cross Project; mill closure, mine rehabilitation and drainage contract

Pittau Paola; Cotza Francesca; Cristini Sandro; Del Rio Myriam; Loi Marilisa, 2000:
Preliminary data on trace elements in sedimentary organic matter from Wenlockian black shale from eastern Sardinia

Serventi Paolo; Gnoli Maurizio, 2000:
New discoveries of nautiloid Cephalopoda in the Carnic Alps

Zedef Veysel; Doyen Adnan, 2001:
Geological features and economic potential of Kizildag olivines (Akseki-Antalya, Turkey)

Osipenko A.B.; Sidorov E.G.; Osipenko L.G.; Grib E.N., 2001:
Chromium-bearing garnets from rodingites of the Dlinnogorsky mafic-ultramafic massif, Valizhgen Peninsula, Koryakia, Russia

Osipenko A.B.; Anikin L.P.; Stefanov Y.M., 2001:
Rodingites of the Kamchatka Cape Peninsula, eastern Kamchatka, Russia

Mongelli Giovanni; Dinelli Enrico, 2001 :
The geochemistry of shales from the Frido Unit, Liguride Complex, Lucanian Apennines, Italy; implications for provenance and tectonic setting

Benvenuti Marco; Bortolotti Valerio; Fazzuoli Milvio; Pandeli Enrico; Principi Gianfranco, 2001:
Pre-meeting transect Corsica-Elba Island-southern Tuscany guidebook; 2, Elba Island; B, Eastern Elba

Decandia Francesco Antonio; Lazzarotto Antonio; Liotta Domenico, 2001:
Structural features of southern Tuscany, Italy

Conticelli Sandro; Bortolotti Valerio; Principi Gianfranco; Laurenzi Marinella A.; D.A.tonio Massimo; Vaggelli Gloria, 2001:
Petrology, mineralogy and geochemistry of a mafic dike from Monte Castello, Elba Island, Italy

Peccerillo Angelo; Poli Giampiero; Donati Carmelita, 2001:
The Plio-Quaternary magmatism of southern Tuscany and northern Latium; compositional characteristics, genesis and geodynamic significance

Bartole Roberto, 2001:
Structural constraints for a geodynamic model in the north Tyrrhenian-Northern Apennines post-collisional system

Tomadin Luciano; Scatassa Mirko; Landuzzi Vladimiro, 2000:
Seasonal influence of cyclonic gyres on dispersion of the late Holocene clay sediments in the northern and central Adriatic

Celico Fulvio; Rotigliano Edoardo, 2002:
Saline ground water problems in the Gaza Strip; causes and integrative management solutions

Nigro Fabrizio; Renda Pietro, 2002:
From Mesozoic extension to Tertiary collision; deformation patterns in the units of the north-western Sicilian chain

Giunta G.; Nigro Fabrizio; Renda Pietro, 2002:
Inverted structures in western Sicily

Ercilla G.; Diaz J.I.; Alonso B.; Farran M., 1995:
Late Pleistocene-Holocene sedimentary evolution of the northern Catalonia continental shelf (northwestern Mediterranean Sea)

X.J.P.; Wright L.D., 1995:
Tests of bed roughness models using field data from the Middle Atlantic Bight

Padgett Richard Scott, 1992:
Analysis of roadway soil for lead contamination

Ireland Janet L., 1992:
What is the concentration of atrazine in well water? A 4th year study

Rasmussen Tanya M., 1992:
Groundwater contamination; fact or fiction? Phase one

Slabaugh Michael C., 1992:
Oil spills and oil recovery; a surfactant method

Wilson Wesley Dale, 1992:
Heavy metals in stream sediments adjacent to a landfill

Venable Ben, 1992:
In-situ fiber optics focus on ultraviolet remediation of contaminants

Black David, 1996:
Isaac Pit

Anonymous, 1996:
Thornhill Cave

Anonymous, 1996 :
Lost Run System (Lost Run Cave, Locust Hill Cave)

Anonymous, 1996:
Kincaids Pit

Vowels Tom; Daunt D.O., 1996:
Icetote Cave

Driskill G.; Vowels T.; McCarty L.; Hicks Alex; Stephens P., 1996:
Hardesty Cave

Anonymous, 1996:
Glass Cave

Weller R.; Stephens P.; McCarty L.; Blankenship D.; Vowels T., 1996:
Givens' Maze Cave

Matlin Bill, 1990:
Max Avenue Cave, Edmonson County

Anonymous, 1990:
Holley Cave, Edmonson County

Frank Edward; Matlin Bill; Groves Chris; McCrossen Rose; Miller Russ; Schindel Susan; Schindel Geary, 1990:
Herschel Lucas Cave, Warren County

Downs K.; Hicks Alex; Piper T., 1990:
Greathouse Cave, Edmonson County

Anonymous, 1990:
Greathouse Pit, Edmonson County

Anonymous, 1990:
Church Karst Window, Warren County

Crawford Nicholas C., 1988:
Karst hydrologic problems associated with urban development; Bowling Green area, Kentucky

Anonymous, 1988:
Pruett Saltpeter Cave

McCarty Larry, 1988:
Deer Hole

Anonymous, 1988:
Ford Caves, I & II

Anonymous, 1988:
Bylew Cave

Anonymous, 1988:
Barnes Smith Cave

Anonymous, 1988:
Andy Collins Crystal Cave

Anonymous, 1998:
Lancaster Caves and 2 TSM5 and 6

Anonymous, 1998:
Bear Marauder Cave MC21

Anonymous, 1998:
Indian Grave Point TDK19

Shin I.C.ul; Y.H.I., 2001:
Holocene paleoceanography in the southeast Venezuela Basin, Caribbean Sea

Benoit P.H.; Sears D.W.G., 2000:
The interpretation of natural thermoluminescence data for meteorites; theoretical basis and practical application

Hillegonds D.J.; Lipschutz M.E., 2000:
From one group to many; the trials and tribulations of Antarctic H chondrites with unique thermoluminescence levels

Wieler R.; Guenther D.; Hattendorf B.; Pettke T.; Zolensky M.E., 2000:
Chemical composition of halite from the Monahans chondrite determined by laser ablation ICP-MS

Tsuchiyama Akira; Kawabata T.; Kondo M.; Uesugi K.; Nakano T.; Suzuki Y.; Yagi M.; Umetani K.; Shirono S., 2000:
Spinning chondrules deduced from their three-dimensional structures by X-ray CT method

Cohen B.A.; Coker R.F., 2000:
Further modeling of liquid water on CM parent bodies

Klerner S.; Jones R.H.; Palme H.; Shearer C.K., 2000:
Trace elements and cathodoluminescence in refractory forsterites from Allende and Kaba

Funaki M.; Wasilewski P., 2000:
Pentlandite and magnetic anisotropy in Allende CV3 chondrite

Strebel R.; Huth J.; Hoppe P., 2000:
In situ location by cathodoluminescence and SIMS isotopic analyses of small corundum grains in the Krymka Meteorite

Flynn George J.; Keller L.P.; Hill H.; Jacobsen C.; Wirick S., 2000:
X-ray absorption near edge structure spectroscopy of nanodiamonds from the Allende Meteorite

Jakosky B.M.; Braun L.R.; Mellon M.T.; Pelkey S.M., 2000:
High-resolution thermal inertia mapping of Mars; sites of exobiological interest

Gerasimov M.V.; Dikov Y.P.; Yakovlev O.I.; Wlotzka F., 2000:
On the possibility of hydrocarbons synthesis during an impact

Fernandez Remolar D.; Rodriguez N.; Amils R.; Prieto O., 2000:
The sulfuric chemistry in the terrestrial system of Tinto River and Europa; a comparison

Zolotov M.Y.; Shock E.L., 2000:
Freezing of oceanic water on Europa; theoretical modeling

Prockter Louise M.; Pappalardo R.T., 2000:
Evidence for regional scale folds on Europa

Mathew K.J.; Marti K.; Lavielle B., 2000:
Nitrogen isotopic signatures; tracers of relationships among meteorite groups

Shi Yaolin; Wang Chiyuen, 1997:
Thermal modeling of the formation of leucogranites in the High Himalayas

D.J.anguo; L.S.engqiang; Liu Lianzhu; Ren Jinzhang; Zhao Yi; Sun Rubo; Duanmu Heshun, 1999:
Geochemistry of gases from the Wudalianchi volcanic district, northeastern China

Zhang Hongfei; Zhang Li; Gao Shan; Zhong Zengqiu; Ling Wenli; Zhang Benren, 1999:
Geochemical study of the deep crustal composition of Yanshanian granites of the northern Tongbai area, northern Qinling Moutains, China

Zhu Yuenian; Shi Buqing, 1998:
Analysis of the origins of molecular nitrogen in natural gases and their geochemical characteristics

Ding Anna; Hui Rongyao; Xia Yanqing, 1997:
The formation of type-D bacteridecompamorphinite and its hydrocarbon-generating pattern

Feng Zengzhao; Bao Zhidong; W.S.enghe; L.Y.ngtie; Wang Guoli, 1997:
Lithofacies paleogeography of the Lower and Middle Triassic in southern China

Zhou Zuoxin, 1997:
Current and future environmental geology research in Beijing, China

Zuo Wenzhi, 1997:
Characteristics of stress fields and their relationship to geologic hazards in the Xishan region, Beijing, China

Zhao Liqing, 1997:
A method of predicting geochemical anomalies in a mineralized alteration zone; the example of the Jinlongshan disseminated gold deposit in the Qinling Mountains, China

Zhang Sheng; L.T.ngjin; Chen Yibing, 1997:
Mass transfer of chemical elements in the mineralization process and its relationship to gold and silver ores in the Changkeng Deposit, China

Nicholls Keith W.; Jenkins Adrian, 1993:
Temperature and salinity beneath Ronne Ice Shelf, Antarctica

Liu Qinfu; Yang Xiaojie; Ding Shuli, 1998:
Trace elements and rare earth geochemistry of upper Paleozoic kaolin deposits in north China

Zhang Guohui; Zhou Xinhua; Sun Min; Chen Shaohai; Feng Jialin, 1998:
Highly chemical heterogeneity in the lower crust and the crust-mantle transitional zone; geochemical evidence from xenoliths in the Hannuoba Basalt, Hebei, China

Zheng Yongfei; X.B.olong; Zhou Gentao, 1998:
Oxygen isotope fractionation in hydroxide minerals

X.B.olong; Zheng Yongfei; Zhou Gengtao, 1998:
Experimental study on hydrogen isotope fractionation between brucite and water at low temperature

S.G.nli; Xie Hongsen; Ding Dongye; Zhang Yueming; Guo Jie, 1998:
Physicochemical properties of supercritical water and their significance

Shi Lin; Xie Guanghong; Xia Bin, 1998:
Trace-element geochemistry of mantle domains; a review

Zhang Jinglian; Liu Xiaoqi; Zhang Pingzhong; Wang Darui, 1998:
Carbon isotopes as tracers of oil and gas sources

Zhang Zhihuan; Wang Tieguan, 1998:
Identification of oil reservoir compartments; a geochemical study

Zhang Jinbo, 1985:
A method for predicting the high-yielding fractured zone in a mixed buried hill reservoir

Sun Bainian, 1986:
A preliminary study of Middle Jurassic fossil plants from the Yaojie coal field, Lanzhou, Gansu

Yang Guodong, 1985:
Jurassic charophytes in the northeastern Tarim Basin and their significance

Yang Zhiqiong; L.Y.min; Cheng Zhuengdi, 1985:
Separation, identification, and comparision of porphyrins in continental crude oil, source rock, oil shale, and coal

Zhang Liangxu; L.H.ngtu; Chen Huailu, 1986:
Stratabound characteristics and origin of calcite deposits in the Maxian Shan, Gansu, China

A.N.nshan; L.H.ngtu; Wang Minxin, 1986:
Characteristics of modern tectonic stress fields in the Lanzhou region

X.Yulin, 1985:
Transgression on Liaodong Peninsula along the Yellow Sea coast from the late Neolithic to the early Bronze Age

W.Chuenbing, 1985:
Flameless atomic absorption determination of trace gold with polyether foamed plastics concentration

Fan Guoqing, 1985:
A discussion on the Jurassic-Cretaceous boundary in Liaoning Province

Istomin V.A.; Yakushev V.S., 1990:
Laboratory gas hydrate investigation of well potential and industrial structures of VNIIGaz

Kortsenshteyn V.N., 1990:
Principles of regioning prospective territories, generating interest in utilization of dissolved gases of formation waters

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Oil- and gas-bearing coal basins; example of Donets Basin

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