Section 19
Chapter 18,463

Isolated strip footing on reinforced sand

Kumar, A.; Saran, S.

Geotechnical Engineering 32(3): 177-189


ISSN/ISBN: 0046-5828
Accession: 018462858

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An attempt has been made to calculate the pressure intensity of footing on reinforced soil at a given settlement for which the pressure intensity of the same footing on unreinforced soil is known corresponding to the same settlement. Computations have been simplified by presenting suitable charts in nondimensional form. In addition to the coefficient of friction between the reinforcement and soil in pullout, there are other parameters affecting the behaviour of strip footings on reinforced sand. The parametric study was carried out for number of layers of reinforcement, depth of first layer of reinforcement, vertical spacing between the layers of reinforcement, length of reinforcement, depth of reinforcement, tensile strength of reinforcement and size of footing. An empirical method is suggested to find out the ultimate bearing capacity of footing on reinforced soil.

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