Expression stability of two housekeeping genes (18S rRNA and G3PDH) during in vitro maturation of follicular oocytes in buffalo (Bubalus bubalis)

Aswal, A.P.S.; Raghav, S.; De, S.; Thakur, M.; Goswami, S.L.; Datta, T.K.

Animal Reproduction Science 103(1-2): 164-171


ISSN/ISBN: 0378-4320
PMID: 17537596
DOI: 10.1016/j.anireprosci.2007.04.012
Accession: 018507359

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The present study was undertaken to evaluate the expression stability of two housekeeping genes (HKGs), 18S rRNA and G3PDH during in vitro maturation (IVM) of oocytes in buffalo, which qualifies their use as internal controls for valid qRT-PCR estimation of other oocyte transcripts. A semi quantitative RT-PCR system was used with optimised qRT-PCR parameters at exponential PCR cycle for evaluation of temporal expression pattern of these genes over 24 h of IVM. 18S rRNA was found more stable in its expression pattern than G3PDH.