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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 18550

Chapter 18550 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Tosca Nicholas, J.; McLennan Scott, M., 2006:
Chemical divides and evaporite assemblages on Mars

Conradt, R.; Roggendorf, H.; Scholze, H., 1984:
Chemical durability of a multicomponent glass in a simulated carnallite/ rock salt environment

Stephen, E.G.asby; Ian Hutcheon, 2000:
Chemical dynamics and weathering rates of a carbonate basin Bow River, southern Alberta

Woodhead Jon; Eggins Steve; Johnson Wally, 1997:
Chemical dynamics in the New Britain volcanic arc

Reid Mary, R.; Ramos Frank, C., 1996:
Chemical dynamics of enriched mantle in the Southwestern United States; thorium isotope evidence

Latimer, J.S.; Davis, W.R.; Keith, D.J.; Slater, M.A., 1993:
Chemical dynamics of hydrophobic organic contaminants during resuspension

Kuramoto Takayuki; Suzuki Keisuke, 2006:
Chemical dynamics of snow and stream water in the Japanese Alps

Telmer Kevin, H.; Veizer, J., 1995:
Chemical dynamics of the Ottawa River and its tributaries

Yang Chao; Telmer Kevin; Veizer Jan, 1996 :
Chemical dynamics of the St. Lawrence riverine system; delta D (sub H2O) , delta (super 18) O (sub H2O) , delta (super 13) C (sub DIC) , delta (super 34) S (sub sulfate) , and dissolved (super 87) Sr/ (super 86) Sr

Elderfield, H.; Godfrey, L.; Greaves, M.; Mitra, A.; Rudnicki, M.D., 1990:
Chemical dynamics of the TAG hydrothermal plume, 26 degrees N, Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Grant, B.C.; Edmond, J.M.; Spivack, A.; Ming Hui Hu; Zexia, C., 1983:
Chemical dynamics of the estuary of the Chiangjiang

Yang Tianxing; Wang Yunguo, 1990:
Chemical dynamics of the transformation of 3N (three nitrogens) in aqueous environment and its application to evaluation of environment

Nagle Dale, G.; Slattery Marc; Clark Alice, M., 2003:
Chemical ecology and natural products from wetlands; emerging perspectives

McClintock James, B.; Baker Bill, J., 1998:
Chemical ecology in Antarctic seas

Fartushina, M.M., 1978:
Chemical ecology of desert associations of the steppes in the North Caspian region

Avchenko, O.V., 1976:
Chemical effect of P-T conditions on lime and iron content of garnets in metapelitic gneisses

Anonymous, 2006:
Chemical effect of reclaimed water on soil and carnation tissue, planted in soil and tuff media

Suzuki, K.; Noro, H.; Miyake, A.; Yamamoto, Y.; Yokoi, K.I., 1983:
Chemical effect on AIKbeta emission, with special reference to the melt-structure of olivine-nepheline from the Kwa Nthuku cinder cone, central Kenya

A.L.C.affee; R.B.J.hns; M.J.B.erken; J.W. de Leeuw; P.A.S.henck; J.J.B.on, 1984:
Chemical effects in gelification processes and lithotype formation in Victorian brown coal

Jones, W.B., 1981:
Chemical effects of deuteric alteration in some Kenyan trachyte lavas

Brown, K.L.; Henley, R.W.; Glover, R.B.; Mroczek, E.K.; Plum, H., 1992:
Chemical effects of exploitation at the Wairakei geothermal field

Shulova, N.S.; Botneva, T.A., 1971:
Chemical effects of ground water in changing the properties of petroleum

Angino Ernest, E.; Vogl Eric, G., 1984:
Chemical effects of selected trace-metals from landfill leachates on ground water quality

Healy, B.; Collins, W.J.; Richards, S.W.; Wiebe Robert, A., 2000:
Chemical effects of squeezing a granitic crystal mush during compressive deformation; the Kameruka Pluton, Lachlan fold belt

Madsen, F.T.; Mitchell, J.K., 1988:
Chemical effects on clay fabric and hydraulic conductivity

Mitchell James, K.; Madsen Fritz, T., 1987:
Chemical effects on clay hydraulic conductivity

Kravitz, J.H.; Siegel, F.R., 1994:
Chemical element distribution in the surface sediments of Kane Basin

Budavicius Ricardas, 2003:
Chemical element distribution in vertical profiles of bottom sediments of Lithuanian lakes

Zhovinskiy, E.Y.; Kryuchenko, N.O., 2006:
Chemical element mobility with regard to geochemical methods of exploration

Karamyan, K.A.; Lutsenko, V.I.; Lutsenko, I.V., 1984:
Chemical element relative dependence determinations in ore deposits by the heterogeneity theory

Radecki Pawlik Artur; Florencka Natalia, 2001:
Chemical elements accumulation in point bars and sediment transport in Jalowiecki mountain stream in Beskid Makowski; Polish Carpathians

Baturin, G.N., 1989:
Chemical elements and mineral phases in ocean ferromanganese concretions

Savenko, V.S., 1988:
Chemical elements composition of oceanic aerosols

Volkov, I.I., 1975:
Chemical elements in a river drainage and forms of their supply into the sea; the Chernomorskoye Basin as an example

Gramm Osipov, L.M.; Pliss, S.G., 1973:
Chemical elements in recent sediments of the Japan Sea

Chen Jing an; Wan Guojiang; Chen Zhenlou; Huang Ronggui, 1999:
Chemical elements in the sediments of Lake Erhai and paleoclimate evolution

Vorotnikov, B.A.; Nikolayeva, N.M.; Alabina, A.A.; Nepeina, L.A., 1970:
Chemical elements in waters of the sulfide deposits from west Altai

Dickson, F.W., 2000:
Chemical emplacement of magma

Saull Vincent Alexander, 1955:
Chemical energy and metamorphism

Fessler Robert, G.; Popkin Barney, P.; Fromm Eva, 1984:
Chemical engineering treatments for contaminated ground water

Sadler, L.Y.; Chang, C., 1988:
Chemical enhancement of coal seam permeability

Arnorsson Stefan, 2002:
Chemical environmental impact of geothermal resource utilization

Miller, K.J.; Huguenin, R.L., 1980:
Chemical environments of Martian oases

Dasgupta, H.C.; Sambasiva Rao, V.V.; Krishna, C., 1999:
Chemical environments of deposition of ancient iron- and manganese-rich sediments and cherts

Shock, E.L.; Shock, E.L., 1992:
Chemical environments of submarine hydrothermal systems

Carlson, W.D., 2003:
Chemical equilibration in metamorphic rocks; now you see it, now you don't

Brett Robin, 1984:
Chemical equilibration of the Earth's core and upper mantle

HEM.John, D., 1963:
Chemical equilibria affecting the behavior of manganese in natural water

Morgan James, J., 1967 :
Chemical equilibria and kinetic properties of manganese in natural waters

Paces Tomas, 1969:
Chemical equilibria and zoning of subsurface water from Jachymov ore deposit, Czechoslovakia

Arnorsson, S., 1983:
Chemical equilibria in Icelandic geothermal systems; implications for chemical geothermometry investigations

Truskinovskiy, L.M.; Kuskov, O.L., 1982:
Chemical equilibria in a nonhydrostatic system

Kudo Albert, M., 1972:
Chemical equilibria in the Earth

Johnson James, W., 1987:
Chemical equilibria in the H (sub 2) O critical region

G.R.H.lz; S.A.S.nex, 1974:
Chemical equilibria in the thermal spring waters of Virginia

Sabroux, J.C., 1982:
Chemical equilibria in volcanic gases

Volkov, V.P.; Ruzaykin, G.I.; Yershov, E.V., 1972:
Chemical equilibria in volcanic gases and their mathematical modelling

Carmichael, D.M., 1978:
Chemical equilibria involving pure crystalline compounds

Zheng Xilai; Armannsson Halldor; L.Y.ngle; Qiu Hanxue, 2002:
Chemical equilibria of thermal waters for the application of geothermometers from the Guanzhong Basin, China

Garrels Robert Minard, 1955:
Chemical equilibria under restricted marine conditions

Alexander, C.M.O.D., 2004:
Chemical equilibrium and kinetic constraints for chondrule and CAI formation conditions

Langmuir Donald; Mahoney John, 1984:
Chemical equilibrium and kinetics of geochemical processes in ground water studies

Art, F.W.ite; Maria, L.P.terson, 1991:
Chemical equilibrium and mass balance relationships associated with the Long Valley hydrothermal system, California, U.S.A

Barragan, R.R.sa Maria; Torres Alvarado Ignacio, S.; Ascencio, C.F.rnando; Arellano, G.V.ctor M.; Portugal, M.E.rique; Torres, R.V.cente; Martinez, A.A.a E., 2001:
Chemical equilibrium and mineral saturation in waters from oil wells at the Activo Luna Field, Tabasco, Mexico

Navarro Farran Enrique, 1970:
Chemical equilibrium between coexisting garnet and pyroxene in eclogites, Macano, Nueva Esparta, Venezuela

Navarro Farran Enrique, 1972:
Chemical equilibrium between garnets and pyroxenes coexisting in eclogites, Macanao, Nueva Esparta, Venezuela

J.A.Cherry, 1968:
Chemical equilibrium between gypsum and brackish and slightly saline waters at low temperatures and pressures

Back, W.; Cherry, R.N.; Han3haw, B., 1966:
Chemical equilibrium between the water and minerals of a carbonate aquifer

B.S.uping; Correll David, L., 1997:
Chemical equilibrium calculation of aluminum speciation in acidified surface waters

Hem John David, 1960:
Chemical equilibrium diagrams for ground-water systems

Murray Daniel, 1973:
Chemical equilibrium in banded gneisses, Reading Prong, New York

Moore John, M.Jr., 1961:
Chemical equilibrium in contact metamorphism at Onawa, Maine

Torres Alvarado Ignacio, S., 2002:
Chemical equilibrium in hydrothermal systems; the case of Los Azufres geothermal field, Mexico

Ellis, A.J., 1957:
Chemical equilibrium in magmatic gases

Weare John, H.; Moller Nancy; Greenberg Jerry; Felmy Andrew, 1986:
Chemical equilibrium in mineral formation and diagenesis in the carbonate evaporite system; an assessment of chemical model application to site performance

Pytkowicz, R.M.; Atlas, E.; Culberson, C.H., 1975:
Chemical equilibrium in seawater

Garrels Robert, M., 1982:
Chemical equilibrium in sedimentary systems

Hardie Lawrence, A., 1966:
Chemical equilibrium in the Recent nonmarine evaporite deposit of Saline Valley, Inyo County, California

Westall, J., 1980:
Chemical equilibrium including adsorption on changed surfaces

Christov Christomir; Moller Nancy, 2004:
Chemical equilibrium model of solution behavior and solubility in the H-Na-K-OH-Cl-HSO (sub 4) -SO (sub 4) -H (sub 2) O system to high concentration and temperature

Perdue, E.Michael, 1983:
Chemical equilibrium modeling of metal complexation by humic substances

Martinez Raul, E.; Ferris, F.G.ant, 2001:
Chemical equilibrium modeling techniques for the analysis of high resolution bacterial metal sorption data

L.G.ern F.; Giggenbach, W.; Tazieff, H., 1975:
Chemical equilibrium of eruptive gas of the Erta'Ale Volcano, Ethiopia

Hem, J.D., 1962:
Chemical equilibriums affecting the behavior of manganese in natural water

Reesman, A.L.; Godfrey, A.E.; Wilson, J.M.; Stearns, R.G., 1971:
Chemical erosion and its implication to the geologic history of central Tennessee

Singh Sunil, K.; Sarin, M.M.; France Lanord, C., 2005:
Chemical erosion in the eastern Himalaya; major ion composition of the Brahmaputra and delta (super 13) C of dissolved inorganic carbon

Crowther John, 1986:
Chemical erosion in tower karst terrain, Kinta Valley, Peninsular Malaysia

Gephart Carol, J.; Long David, T., 1981:
Chemical estimation of chromium adsorption on stream sediments

Bartlett Richmond; James Bruce, 1993:
Chemical estimation of electron liability in field soils

A.C.ambaudet; M.M.rs; M.R.betez; F.T.eobald, 1986:
Chemical etching and length distribution of fission tracks; a model

Balakirev, V.G.; Radyanskiy, V.M.; Khetchikov, L.N.; Tsinober, L.I., 1978:
Chemical etching figures in synthetic quartz

Wegner, M.W.; Christie, J.M., 1985:
Chemical etching of amphiboles and pyroxenes

M.W.W.gner; J.M.C.ristie, 1983:
Chemical etching of deformation sub-structures in quartz

Wegner, M.W.; Christie, J.M., 1976:
Chemical etching of dislocations in forsterite

Ahmed, N.A.; Shalaby, A.A.; Rizk, N., 1977:
Chemical evaluation of Zelten crude oil, Libya

Mahmood, M.B.rbooti; Talib, H.E.-Sharifi, 1989:
Chemical evaluation of crude oils by programmed thermogravimetric analysis

Holser, W.T.; Magaritz, M., 1984:
Chemical events near the Permian-Triassic boundary

Abelson Philip, H., 1970:
Chemical events on the primitive Earth

Rubey William Walden; Murata Kiguma Jack, 1941:
Chemical evidence bearing on origin of a group of hot springs (Wyoming)

Cynthia, R.P.M.ris; Michael, L.B.nder; Philip, N.F.oelich; Ross Barnes; Nile, A.L.edtke, 1984:
Chemical evidence for advection of hydrothermal solutions in the sediments of the Galapagos Mounds hydrothermal field

Blanc, G.; Boulegue, J.; Gieskes, J.M., 1991:
Chemical evidence for advection of interstitial fluid in the sedimentary series of the Barbados accretionary complex (Leg 110)

Earle, J.; McMillan, N.J., 1987:
Chemical evidence for crustal contamination in the Southern Volcanic Zone of Chile

White, A.J.R.; Chappell Bruce, W., 1985:
Chemical evidence for different sources of granite magmas

Kay Suzanne, 2004:
Chemical evidence for forearc subduction erosion components entering Andean Arc magma sources at times of frontal arc migration; Part 1

Stoessell Ronald, K.; Prochaska Lesley, 2005:
Chemical evidence for migration of deep formation fluids into shallow aquifers in south Louisiana

Milliken Kitty, L.; Morgan Julia, K., 1996:
Chemical evidence for near-seafloor precipitation of calcite in serpentinites (Site 897) and serpentinite breccias (site 899), Iberia abyssal plain

Han, M.W.; Suess, E., 1986:
Chemical evidence for pore fluid venting in the Oregon subduction zone

M.I.A.dullah; L.G.R.yle, 1973:
Chemical evidence for the dispersal of River Mersey run-off in Liverpool Bay

W.V Boynton; P.M Starzyk; R.A Schmitt, 1976 :
Chemical evidence for the genesis of the ureilites, the achondrite Chassigny and the nakhlites

Haskin, L.A.; Shih, C.Y.; Bansal, B.M.; Rhodes, J.M.; Wiesmann, H.; Nyquist, L.E., 1974:
Chemical evidence for the origin of 76535 as a cumulate

Hoashi Maki; Brooks Robert, R.; Ryan Douglas, E.; Holzbecher Jiri; Reeves Roger, D., 1993:
Chemical evidence for the pairing of some iron meteorites

Amajor, L.C.; Ofoegbu, C.O.; Okeke, P.O., 1988:
Chemical evidence for the ultimate origin of the highly altered Cretaceous basalts, southern Benue Trough, Nigeria

Kristmannsdottir Hrefna, 1983:
Chemical evidence from Icelandic geothermal systems as compared to submerged geothermal systems

Moore, J.C.; Paren, J.G.; Mulvaney, R., 1990:
Chemical evidence in polar ice cores from dielectric profiling

Fredrick, G.Prahl, 1985:
Chemical evidence of differential particle dispersal in the southern Washington coastal environment

Olimpio, J.C., 1979:
Chemical evidence of domains of equilibrium surrounding garnet in mica-schists, western Scotland

Owen Claudia, 1986:
Chemical evidence of magmatic differentiation and sea-floor alteration of Shuksan Blueschist and greenschist protoliths, Washington

Scotford David Matteson, 1954:
Chemical evidence of possible granitization of the Fordham gneiss, New York

Imbrigiotta, T.E.; Ehlke, T.A.; Martin Mary, 1991:
Chemical evidence of processes affecting the fate and transport of chlorinated solvents in ground water at Picatinny Arsenal, New Jersey

Truesdell, A.H., 1974:
Chemical evidence of subsurface structure and fluid flow in a geothermal system

Chown, E.H.; Fowler, A.D., 1986:
Chemical evidence on the nature of the pre-metamorphic alteration of the rocks of the Big Bell Lode

Urey Harold, C., 1966:
Chemical evidence relative to the origin of the solar system

Bailey Roy, A., 1984:
Chemical evolution and current state of the Long Valley magma chamber

Crecraft, H.R.; Nash, W.P.; Evans, S.H.J., 1979:
Chemical evolution and development of compositional gradients in a silicic magma

Drummond, S.E.; Ohmoto, H., 1985:
Chemical evolution and mineral deposition in boiling hydrothermal systems

Folsome Clair, E., 1983:
Chemical evolution and model photosynthetic protocells

Burns Roger, G.; Fisher Duncan, S., 1990:
Chemical evolution and oxidative weathering of magmatic iron sulfides on Mars

Nashar, E.R.; Heikal, M.T.S., 1999:
Chemical evolution and petrogenesis of granitoid rocks at Gebel El Zeit northern block, West Gulf of Suez, Egypt; new approach

Rogojin Vasily; Kronfeld Joel; Carmi Israel, 1997:
Chemical evolution and strontium isotopes in the Cretaceous Judea Group and Pleistocene aquifers, northern Israel

Rogojin Vasily; Kronfeld Joel; Carmi Israel, 1998:
Chemical evolution and strontium isotopes in the groundwater of northern Israel

Dose Klaus, 1967:
Chemical evolution and the beginnings of prebiologic systems

Calvin, Melvin, 1956:
Chemical evolution and the origin of life

West, M.W.; Koch, R.A.; Chang, S., 1978:
Chemical evolution and the origin of life

West, M.W.; Koch, R.A., 1976:
Chemical evolution and the origin of life: bibliography supplement 1974

Pleasant, L.G.; Ponnamperuma, C., 1982:
Chemical evolution and the origin of life; bibliography supplement 1980

Kaplan, I.R. (reviewer), 1972:
Chemical evolution and the origin of life; book review

Keith Jeffrey, D.; Shanks Wayne, C.I.I., 1985:
Chemical evolution and volatile fugacities of the Pine Grove porphyry molybdenum and ash flow tuff system, southwestern Utah

Keith Jeffrey, D.; Shanks Wayne, C.I.I., 1988:
Chemical evolution and volatile fugacities of the Pine Grove porphyry molybdenum and ash-flow tuff system, southwestern Utah

Martinez, M.; Fernandez, E.; Valdes, J.; Barboza, V.; van der Laat, R.; Duarte, E.; Malavassi, E.; Sandoval, L.; Barquero, J.; Marino, T., 2000:
Chemical evolution and volcanic activity of the active crater lake of Poas Volcano, Costa Rica, 1993-1997

Miura, Y., 1997:
Chemical evolution by shock-wave energy in anoxic atmospheres

Matthews Clifford, 2000:
Chemical evolution in a hydrogen cyanide world.; 2

A.A.aricio; J.L.B.ändle; F.B.llido, 1979:
Chemical evolution in an old crustal area (Sistema Central Espanol)

Schwartz, A.W., 1981:
Chemical evolution in natural environments on the primitive Earth

Greenberg, J.Mayo, 1984:
Chemical evolution in space

Greenberg, J.M., 1982:
Chemical evolution in space; a source of prebiotic molecules

Raulin, F., 1981:
Chemical evolution in the early atmosphere of the Earth; prebiotic synthesis of organic precursors

Wise, M.A., 2000:
Chemical evolution in tourmaline from pegmatites of Maine

Stussi, J.M.; Cuney, M., 1993:
Chemical evolution models in peraluminous granitoids; examples from the Millevaches plutonic complex, French Massif Central

Jackson, M.C.; Stone, D.; Kamineni, D.C., 1991:
Chemical evolution of Archean magmatism at a continental margin; the steep rock volcanic sequence, Atikokan, Ontario

Jackson, M.C.; Stone, D.; Kamineni, D.C., 1989:
Chemical evolution of Archean magmatism in a continental rift environment; the steep rock volcanic series, Atikokan, Ontario, Canada

A.D.a; C.J.A.legre, 1988:
Chemical evolution of Canadian continental crust since Archean

Stupak, F.M., 1978:
Chemical evolution of Cenozoic lavas of the Baykal rift system (as exemplified by the Udokansk lava plateau)

Verplanck, P.L.; Snee, L.W.; Farmer, G.L., 1988:
Chemical evolution of Ladakh arc magmas; constraints on the tectonic development of the western Himalaya

Drobniak, A.; Mastalerz, M., 2006:
Chemical evolution of Miocene wood; example from the Belchatow brown coal deposit, central Poland

Zhang, A.C.; Wang, R.C.; H.H.; Zhang, H.; Zhu, J.C.; Chen, X.M., 2004:
Chemical evolution of Nb-Ta oxides and zircon from the Koktokay No. 3 granitic pegmatite, Altai, northwestern China

Rogers John, J.W.; Callahan Elaine, J.; Dennen Kristin, O.; Fullagar Paul, D.; Stroh Patricia, T.; Wood Laura, F., 1986:
Chemical evolution of Peninsular Gneiss in the western Dharwar Craton, southern India

Al mukhamelov A.I.; Medvedev, A.Y.; Zolotukhin, V.V., 2004:
Chemical evolution of Permo-Triassic basalts of the Siberian Platform in time and space

Lee Seung Gu; Shimizu Hiroshi; Amakawa Hiroshi; Masuda Akimasa; Zhao Zhenhua; Yang Ruiyang; Song Yong sun, 1992:
Chemical evolution of Precambrian continent in East Asia; the evidence from La-Ce and Sm-Nd isotopic data and REE abundance

Wulff, A.H., 1995:
Chemical evolution of Volcan Tatara-San Pedro, 36 degrees S, Chilean Andes as reflected in chemo-stratigraphic columns

Mahood, G.A., 1981:
Chemical evolution of a Pleistocene rhyolitic center; Sierra la Primavera, Jalisco, Mexico

Wicks Carol, M.; Groves Chris, G., 1991:
Chemical evolution of a acid-mine drainage stream in karst terrain

Lopez Alicia Cristina, 1992:
Chemical evolution of a ground water aquifer placed under a sanitary landfill

Vogel Thomas, A.; Noble Donald, C.; Younker Leland, W., 1983:
Chemical evolution of a high-level magma system; the Black Mtn. volcanic center, southern Nevada

Silvano Sinigoi; James, E.Q.ick; Diane Clemens-Knott; Adriano Mayer; Gabbriella Demarchi; Maurizio Mazzucchelli; Luisa Negrini; Giorgio Rivalenti, 1994:
Chemical evolution of a large mafic intrusion in the lower crust, Ivrea-Verbano Zone, northern Italy

Lorah Michelle, M.; Herman Janet, S., 1985:
Chemical evolution of a travertine-depositing stream

Weaver Theodore, J.; Capo Rosemary, C.; Hedin Robert, S., 1997:
Chemical evolution of acid mine drainage in northern Appalachia; Fe-contaminated alkaline discharges and implications for passive wetland remediation

Wicks Carol, M.; Groves Chris, G., 1991:
Chemical evolution of acid-mine drainage stream in karst terrain

Snyder Gregory, A.; Simmons, E.C.aig, 1990:
Chemical evolution of an open magma chamber; evidence from Sr isotopic studies of mafic cumulates from the Newark Island layered intrusion, Labrador, Canada

Seaman Sheila, 1987:
Chemical evolution of ash-flow tuffs and rhyolite flows in part of the Mogollon-Datil volcanic field, New Mexico

Sverjensky Dimitri, A., 1989:
Chemical evolution of basinal brines that formed sediment-hosted Cu-Pb-Zn deposits

Aparicio, A.; Bellido, F.; Garcia Cacho, L.; Lopez Ruiz, J., 1980:
Chemical evolution of biotite and muscovite in granitic rocks of the Guadarrama and Gredos mountains (Central System), during magmatic differentiation

Garcia, D.; Fonteilles, M., 1985:
Chemical evolution of biotites and muscovites in a granitic rock series from northern Portugal; petrological and metallogenetic implications

Haynes Frederick, M.; Kesler Stephen, E., 1987:
Chemical evolution of brines during mississippi valley-type mineralization; evidence from East Tennessee and Pine Point

Polfi, D.; Forte, L., 1983:
Chemical evolution of clinopyroxenes in a magmatic K-alkaline suite

Schwartz, F.W.; Muehlenbachs, K., 1980:
Chemical evolution of formation waters in a sedimentary basin

J.W.S.eraton; L.P.B.ack, 1988:
Chemical evolution of granitic rocks in the East Antarctic Shield, with particular reference to post-orogenic granites

Petersen Erik, C.; Mayo Alan, L., 1992:
Chemical evolution of ground water in the Pilot Valley area, UT-NV and some implications to ground water flow

Lee Roger, W., 1983:
Chemical evolution of ground waters in Cretaceous aquifers in eastern Mississippi and western Alabama

Cardenal, J.; Benavente, J.; Cruz Sanjulian, J., 1994:
Chemical evolution of groundwater in Triassic gypsum-bearing carbonate aquifers (Las Alpujarras, southern Spain)

E.I.Wallick, 1981:
Chemical evolution of groundwater in a drainage basin of Holocene age, East-central Alberta, Canada

Narayanan Nair, V.; Thomas Reena; Thomas Beena, 1990:
Chemical evolution of groundwater in a hard rock terrane of parts of Tinneveli Distrct, South India

Kauffman Shelley, J.; Herman Janet, S., 1993:
Chemical evolution of groundwater in a lithologically heterogeneous aquifer; water-rock interactions with clays and carbonates

Hearn Paul, P.; Steinkampf William, C., 1984:
Chemical evolution of groundwater in basalt aquifers of the Columbia River Plateau, Washington State

Dogramaci, S.S.; Herczeg, A.L.; Bone Yvonne, 1998:
Chemical evolution of groundwater in the Murray Basin; geochemistry and mass transfer modelling

Irén Varsányi; LajosÓ. Kovács, 1997:
Chemical evolution of groundwater in the River Danube deposits in the southern part of the Pannonian Basin (Hungary)

Brian, G.K.tz; Terrie, M.L.e; L.N.el Plummer; Eurybiades Busenberg, 1995:
Chemical evolution of groundwater near a sinkhole lake, northern Florida; 1, Flow patterns, age of groundwater, and influence of lake water leakage

Brian, G.K.tz; L.N.el Plummer; Eurybiades Busenberg; Kinga, M.R.vesz; Blair, F.J.nes; Terrie, M.L.e, 1995:
Chemical evolution of groundwater near a sinkhole lake, northern Florida; 2, Chemical patterns, mass transfer modeling, and rates of mass transfer reactions

G.Paolo Sighinolfi; Carlo Gorgoni, 1978:
Chemical evolution of high-grade metamorphic rocks; anatexis and remotion of material from granulite terrains

Bowers Teresa, S.; Von Damm, K.L.; Edmond, J.M., 1983:
Chemical evolution of hot springs on the East Pacific Rise and in Guaymas Basin

White Art, F.; Chuma Nancy, 1984:
Chemical evolution of hydrothermal fluids in the Valles Caldera, New Mexico

Tsusue Akio, 1973:
Chemical evolution of hydrothermal solution, at Ryujima, Japan

Klemm, W., 1994:
Chemical evolution of hydrothermal solutions during Variscan and post-Variscan mineralization in the Erzgebirge, Germany

Fomenkova, M.N.; Chang, S., 1995:
Chemical evolution of interstellar dust into planetary materials

Mao Jianren; Zhao Shulian, 1990:
Chemical evolution of magma in batholith of Nanjing-Zhenjiang mountains

M.E.B.ckford; J.R.S.des; R.L.C.llers, 1981:
Chemical evolution of magmas in the Proterozoic terrane of the St. Francois Mountains, southeastern Missouri; 1, Field, petrographic, and major element data

R.L.C.llers; R.J.K.ch; M.E.B.ckford, 1981:
Chemical evolution of magmas in the Proterozoic terrane of the St. Francois Mountains, southeastern Missouri; 2, Trace element data

Dudenko, L.N.; Zhdanov, V.V., 1979:
Chemical evolution of meta-anorthosite assemblage in the northeastern Kola Peninsula

Campbell Andrew, J.; Simon Steven, B.; Humayun Munir; Grossman Lawrence, 2003:
Chemical evolution of metal in refractory inclusions in CV3 chondrites

Panova, Y.G.; Gavrilenko, V.V.; Luchitskaya, M.I., 1993:
Chemical evolution of metasomatic rocks during formation of the Pravourmiy tin deposit

Sokolov, Y.M., 1970:
Chemical evolution of mica-bearing pegmatites, northern Baikal pegmatite province

Bowers Teresa Suter; Von Damm Karen Louise; Edmond John, M., 1985:
Chemical evolution of mid-ocean ridge hot springs

Naumov Georgii, 1980:
Chemical evolution of mineral-forming medium and ore-localization on the geochemical barrier

Blundy Jon; McDade Paula; Wood Bernard, 2002:
Chemical evolution of olivine-hosted melt inclusions in MORB

Lightfoot Peter, C.; Keays Reid, R.; Doherty Will, 2001:
Chemical evolution of origin of nickel sulfide mineralization in the Sudbury igneous complex, Ontario, Canada

Noack, Y., 1980:
Chemical evolution of palagonite during alteration of basaltic glasses by seawater

Krasnovsky, A.A., 1974:
Chemical evolution of photosynthesis; models and hypotheses

Stoetzel, F.; Buvet, R., 1978:
Chemical evolution of primative planet peripheries using the energy model system

Edward, R.Sholkovitz, 1992:
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