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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 18590

Chapter 18590 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Vega Menendez Juan Ignacio de la; Cadavieco Hevia Jesus; Suarez Vega Luis Carlos, 1968:
Comparison between real and apparent morphometric indices in the Jurassic conglomerate of Asturias

Azm, S.A.-Homoud; Abdel-Qader Fandi Amrat, 1998:
Comparison between recorded and derived horizontal peak ground accelerations in Jordan

A.H.moud Azm, S.; Amrat Abdel Qader Fandi, 1997:
Comparison between recorded and derived seismic peak horizontal ground acceleration data in Jordan

Stucchi Eusebio; Mirabella Francesco; Ciaccio Maria Grazia, 2006:
Comparison between reprocessed seismic profiles; seismologic and geologic data; a case study of the Colfiorito earthquake area

Paliy, A.M.; Parkhomovskiy, O.A., 1981:
Comparison between reserves of oil and gas of different categories and their utilization in view of possible planning for works of geologic prospection

Cvetkovic Vladimir, D.; Destouni Georgia, 1989:
Comparison between resident and flux-averaged concentration models for field-scale solute transport in the unsaturated zone

Wang Guixian; Chen Zhicong; Zhang Ren, 1991:
Comparison between results of model tests and observed data for the fluctuating backwater region of the Gezhouba Reservoir

Hassan Abdelhamid Kamal, 1982:
Comparison between results of the gyro-azimuths determined with old and new gyrotheodolites

Mariotti, C.; Bouchez, J., 1989:
Comparison between rheological behavior of natural and man-made soft chalks

Jansen, H.S., 1962:
Comparison between ring-dates and (super 14) C dates in New Zealand kauri tree

Hall Steve, H., 2003:
Comparison between salt-related compressional structures in Mauritania and the US and Mexican Gulf of Mexico

Krivoy Harold, L., 1970:
Comparison between seaborne and airborne magnetic reconnaissance of the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean

Courjault Rade, P., 1985:
Comparison between sedimentary evolution of the Lower and Middle Cambrian sequences in the southern and northern slopes of the Montagne Noire, Massif Central, France

Zlobin, T.K., 1982:
Comparison between seismotectonic parameters, seismicity and distribution of seismic hypocenters and deep structure of southern Kuril island arc

Kurashige Yoshimasa; Hirakawa Kazuomi; Yamagata Kotaro, 2003:
Comparison between shear stress calculated from hydrological data and critical shear stress estimated from stratigraphy and grain-size distribution of river-bed and river-terrace deposits

Kurashige Yoshimasa; Hirakawa Kazuomi; Yamagata Kotaro, 2003:
Comparison between shear stress calculated from hydrological data and critical shear stress of gravel bed sediment

Jones, J.R.; Cameron, B., 1976:
Comparison between sieving and settling-tube determinations of sand sizes by using discriminant analysis

Patrick Burger, 2000:
Comparison between single and multi-channel cable telemetry systems in harsh terrains

Mallama, A.; Ryan, J.W., 1988:
Comparison between six Earth orientation series

Yoshino Atsuo; Kikuchi Yuki; Takagi Masataka; Kajiwara Koji; Honda Yoshiaki, 2004:
Comparison between soil property and ASTER data in Mongolian grassland

Benea, M.; Mueller, H.W.; Schwaighofer, B., 1995:
Comparison between some marble quarries from Romania using petrochemical features

Martinez Alfaro, P.E.; Lopez Camacho y Camacho, B., 1981:
Comparison between some methods of dating of ground water; application to the Tagus Basin

VandenBerg, A.H.M., 1983:
Comparison between standard British and Victorian Ordovician graptolite zones

Yang Xianjin; LaBrecque Douglas, J., 1999:
Comparison between stochastic and Occam's inversion of 3-D ERT data

Henningsen, D.; Maass, U.W., 1986:
Comparison between strength and petrographic composition; grain properties of Lower Saxony sands

Rao, C.P.; Amini, Z.Z.; Ferguson, J., 1998:
Comparison between subtropical and temperate carbonate elemental composition; examples from the Great Barrier Reef, Shark Bay, Tasmania (Australia) and the Persian Gulf (United Arab Emirates)

Milligan Paul, A.; Rector James, W.I.I., 1995:
Comparison between surface and VSP reflection imaging of shallow sites

Saikia Chandan, K.; Kafka Alan, L.; McTigue John, W., 1986:
Comparison between synthesized and observed short-period Rg waves from quarry blasts in New England

Fanny, M.L.R.©vĂ©rend; Claire Hidrio; Angela Fernandes; Victoire Aubry, 2008:
Comparison between temporal dominance of sensations and time intensity results

Baldis Bruno, A.J.; Bordonaro Osvaldo, L., 1981:
Comparison between the Cambrian of northeastern Mexico and the Precordillera of Argentina

Baldis Bruno, A.J.; Bordonaro Osvaldo, L., 1982:
Comparison between the Cambrian of the North American Great Basin and the Precordillera of San Juan, Argentina; intercontinental implications

Ferrari Olivier Michel; Vannay Jean Claude; Stampfli Gerard, M., 2004:
Comparison between the Chiang Mai and the Nan-Uttaradit sutures (Thailand); preliminary results

Bourgois Jacques; Michaud Francois, 2002:
Comparison between the Chile and Mexico triple junction areas substantiates slab window development beneath northwestern Mexico during the past 12-10 Myr

Bencini, P.; Hornik, H., 1981:
Comparison between the ED79 and ED50 systems on the Italian triangulation network

Simonich Dale, M.; Clemesha Barclay, R., 1995:
Comparison between the El Chichon and Pinatubo aerosol clouds at 23 degrees S

Morrison, K.C.; Bacon, C.A., 1986:
Comparison between the Fingal and Langloh coalfields, Tasmania Basin

Gilbert Boillot, 1986:
Comparison between the Galicia and Aquitaine margins

Elmi, S., 1981:
Comparison between the Jurassic evolution of the Apennines and the North-African margin

Jensen, O., 1979:
Comparison between the Laramide Orogeny in the Rocky Mountains (USA) and in the Chilean-Argentine Andes

Diab, Y.G.; Perrotin, P.; Mangin, J.C., 1997:
Comparison between the Marston and German approaches to structural design of rigid buried pipes

Ulrich, T.; Golding, S.D.; Taube, A., 2000:
Comparison between the Mount Morgan Au-Cu deposit and the adjacent stratabound Fe-(Cu-Zn) mineralisation

Tazawa Jun ichi, 1989:
Comparison between the Paleozoic formations of the southern Kitakami Mountains, Northeast Japan and the Hida marginal belt, Southwest Japan; a preliminary note

Derre, C.; Krylatov, S., 1976:
Comparison between the Salau Series, Ariege, and another series from the Devonian of the central region of the Pyrenees; an original characteristic of the Lower Devonian; occurrence of phosphates

Hervouet, Y.; Broquet, P.; Duee, G.; Mascle, G., 1987:
Comparison between the Sicilian and the Rif pre-rift evolution

Senanayake, W.E.; McElhinny, M.W.; McFadden, P.L., 1982:
Comparison between the Thelliers' and Shaw's palaeointensity methods using basalts less than 5 million years old

Wang, Z.; Woolery, E.W.; Yuan, D.; Wang, L., 2006 :
Comparison between the active faults in the New Madrid seismic zone of the Central United States and Gansu Province in northwestern China

Rondot Jehan, 1984:
Comparison between the astroblemes of Charlevoix and Sudbury

Chung, D.H.; Simmons, G., 1968:
Comparison between the bulk modulus and its pressure derivative of single-crystal and polycrystalline aggregate materials ; discussion on the compression curves

Woillard, G., 1977:
Comparison between the chronology from the beginning of the classical Eemian to the beginning of the classical Wurm in Grand Pile peat-bog, and other chronologies in the world

Fujita, Y., 1986:
Comparison between the cracks of landslide debris blocks and glacier cracks

J.PaĆĄava, 1991:
Comparison between the distribution of PGE in black shales from the Bohemian Massif (CSFR) and other black shale occurrences

Buchet, L.; Cremoni, N.; Rucker, C.; Verdin Pascal, 2001:
Comparison between the distribution of dental micro-striations and plant material included in the calculus of human teeth

Fissunenko, O.P.; Laveine, J.P., 1984:
Comparison between the distribution of principal plant guide fossils of the Middle Carboniferous in the Donets Basin, USSR and the basins of Nord-Pas-de-Calais and Lorraine, France

Frugoni, F.; Favali, P.; Scalera, G.; Vinci, L., 1990:
Comparison between the distribution of the directions of maximum propagation of isoseisms and lineament swarms in northern Italy

Miranda, A.M., 1984:
Comparison between the evolution trend for experimentally altered rocks and naturally weathered profiles

Langenberger Sherri, M.; Zhang Shuxia; Yuen David, A., 1987:
Comparison between the extended Boussinesq and comperssible equations; mean-field approach

Ren Jianye; L.S.tian, 1998:
Comparison between the faulted basin system in northeastern Asia and the extension of the Basin and Range Province in western North America

P.S.€nger-von Oepen; G.F.iedrich; A.K.sters, 1990:
Comparison between the fluid characteristics of the Rodalquilar and two neighbouring epithermal gold deposits in Spain

L.Qusheng, 1994:
Comparison between the formation of peatlands and Paleosols of sandy land and the changes of arid index during the Holocene in Northeast China

Hellner, E.; Koch, E.; Lima de Faria, J.; Figueiredo, M.O., 1981:
Comparison between the framework (Bauverband) description and the layer description of inorganic structure types

Sial, A.N., 1977:
Comparison between the fused glass method and the pressed powder method for chemical analysis of rocks by microprobe

Zhang Bangtong; Wang Xiangyun; Rao Bing; Zhang Fusheng, 1998:
Comparison between the geological structural features of felsic cryptoexplosive breccia of No. 6722 uranium deposit in southern Jiangxi, China, and the geological effects of underground nuclear explosion

Noe Nygaard Arne, 1955:
Comparison between the granular rocks in two neighbouring pre-Cambrian orogenies in Greenland

Rognon Pierre, 1980:
Comparison between the late Quaternary terraces around Atakor and Tibisti

Rognon Pierre, 1978:
Comparison between the late Quaternary terraces around the Atakor and Tibesti

Cassinis, G.; Gianotti, R.; Vanossi, M., 1984:
Comparison between the late-Hercynian succession of the Ligurian Alps and the Southern Alps

Mikhaylov, B.M., 1971:
Comparison between the laterites from some areas of west Africa and the Soviet Union

Matsui Masanori; Price Geoffrey, D.; Patel Atul, 1994:
Comparison between the lattice dynamics and molecular dynamics methods; calculation results for MgSiO (sub 3) perovskite

Yang, D.; Morioka, Y.; Mariko, T., 1989:
Comparison between the main ore deposits and the new ore deposits in Shinyemi iron ore deposits

Mantilla Figueroa, L.C.; Casquet, C.; Mas, J.R., 1999:
Comparison between the metamorphism of Cameros Basin and that of the Witwatersrand gold bearing basin, South Africa; metallogenetic implications

Anonymous, 2007:
Comparison between the methylene bleu test and the ion Magnesium release test to evaluate the yeast quality in the craft beer fermentation process

Borsaru, M.; Millitz, P.; Ceravolo, C., 1993:
Comparison between the neutron-gamma and gamma-gamma techniques for ash prediction in 140 mm diameter quality control holes at the Callide Mine

V.D.hant; T.V.n Hoolst; P.D.fraigne, 2000:
Comparison between the nutations of the planet Mars and the nutations of the Earth

Harrison, C.G.A.; Lindh, T. , 1982:
Comparison between the paleomagnetic reference frame and the hot spot reference frame

Akojima Isao, 1983:
Comparison between the past and the present denudation rate of mountains around the Yamagata Basin, northeastern Japan

Philip, J.; Allemann, J., 1982:
Comparison between the platforms of the Upper Cretaceous of Provence and Sardinia

Coquel Robert; Loboziak Stanislas; Owens Bernard; Teteriuk, V.K., 1984:
Comparison between the principal guide microspores of the Namurian and Westphalian of Western Europe and the Donets Basin, USSR

Fuest, A., 1982:
Comparison between the rate of validity of the rock samples and the size of the exploration boreholes in sedimentary rocks

C.C.S.hnetzler; P.T.T.ylor; R.A.L.ngel; W.J.H.nze; J.D.P.illips, 1985:
Comparison between the recent U.S. composite magnetic anomaly map and Magsat anomaly data

Rizkallah, V.; Kramer, H.; Maschwitz, G., 1979:
Comparison between the results of penetration tests with the static penetrometer and the heavy dynamic penetrometer

Huang Yongyang; L.Y.ng; Liang Dehua, 1996:
Comparison between the sedimentary history of late Cenozoic and the growth history of polymetallic nodules in eastern Pacific Ocean

Moths, B.L.; Lindh Allan, G.; Ellsworth, W.L.; Fluty, L., 1981:
Comparison between the seismicity of the San Juan Bautista and Parkfield regions, California

Ansdell Kevin, M.; Kyser, T.K.rtis; O.H.nley David, 1991:
Comparison between the single-zircon Pb-evaporation technique and high-precision U-Pb geochronology; relevance of 207Pb/ 206Pb ages

Condemi, S., 1983:
Comparison between the sphenoids bones of Saccopastore I, II and the Gibraltar I

Condemi Silvana, 1983:
Comparison between the sphenoids of the men of Saccopastore I, II and Gibraltar I

Giovanoli, R.; Perseil, E.A., 1985:
Comparison between the synthetic lithiophorites and the lithiophorites of the oxidation zone of ferromanganese deposits

Chun, K.Y.; Henderson, G.A., 2005:
Comparison between the temporal changes in P-wave attenuation following the Loma Prieta and Morgan Hill earthquakes in California

V.D.hant; B.D.carme, 1987:
Comparison between the theoretical and observed tidal gravimetric factors

Pan Weier, 1990:
Comparison between the two different types of paleogeography of Simen coal series in the Lower Carboniferous in northern Guangxi-southern Guizhou

Hiromitsu Yamagishi; Junko Iwahashi, 2007:
Comparison between the two triggered landslides in Mid-Niigata, Japan by July 13 heavy rainfall and October 23 intensive earthquakes in 2004

Sun Zhiguo; Han Changfu; J.L.anjun; Zhang Xunhua, 1997:
Comparison between the uplift of Xizang Plateau and the sedimentation of coral reefs in the Xisha Islands, southern China

Creer, K.M.; Embleton, B.J.J.; Valencio, D.A., 1969:
Comparison between the upper Paleozoic and Mesozoic palaeomagnetic poles for South America, Africa and Australia

Zereini, F.; Skerstupp, B.; Urban, H., 1994:
Comparison between the use of sodium and lithium tetraborate in platinum-group element determination by nickel sulphide fire-assay

Hartman, P., 1968:
Comparison between theoretical and observed morphology of crystals with the rutile type structure

Nevissi, A.E., 1986:
Comparison between theoretical basis and practical application of distribution coefficient

Hellstroem, G., 1983:
Comparison between theoretical models and field experiments for ground heat systems

Grayziger, K.M.; Shprenger, K.; Ivanovskiy, A.I.; Semenovskiy, Y.V., 1971:
Comparison between theory and experimental values of the annual variations of amplitude and phase of the semi-diurnal tidal wind in the meteor zone

Kameyama Masanori, 2003:
Comparison between thermal-viscous coupling and frictional sliding

Haouzi, A.; Belarbi, H.; Giuntini, J.C.; Vanderschueren, J.; Staunton, S.; Zanchetta, J.V., 2000:
Comparison between thermally-stimulated current and complex impedance spectroscopy measurements on a dehydrated Ca-montmorillonite

Weaver, J.S.; Chipman, D.W.; Takahashi, T., 1979:
Comparison between thermochemical and phase stability data for the quartz-coesite-stishovite transformations

Vernet J P.; Favarger P Y.; Span, D.; Martin, C., 1991:
Comparison between three methods of fluvial sediment sampling

da Cruz, A.A.; Ferreira, M.J.E.; Romeiro, M.J.A.M., 1983 :
Comparison between three systems of geotechnical classification for a tunnel project

Archer Allen, W.; Kvale Erik, P.; Ludvigson Greg, A., 1992:
Comparison between tidal sediments (Morrowan) deposited on the eastern and western margins of the Illinois Basin

Pierre Vacher; Antoine Mocquet; Christophe Sotin, 1996:
Comparison between tomographic structures and models of convection in the upper mantle

Salminen Reijo, 1979:
Comparison between trace metal contents in stream sediments and bedrock

Raphael Visocekas, 1988:
Comparison between tunnelling afterglows following alpha or beta irradiations

O.R.uer; H.L.pierre, 1989:
Comparison between two Palaeozoic island-arc terranes in Northern California (eastern Klamath and northern Sierra Nevada); geodynamic constraints

Munter, J.A.; Anderson, M.P., 1979:
Comparison between two and three-dimensional models of a ground-water lake system in Wisconsin

Anonymous, 2007:
Comparison between two breeding methods in perennial ryegrass: polycross versus F2

Roufosse, M.C., 1979:
Comparison between two chains of seamounts in the Pacific; Line and Hawaii

Tan Chengzhi, 1987:
Comparison between two computation formulas of the daily mean sediment discharge

Bracone Vito; Boncio Paolo, 2006 :
Comparison between two different methods for active stress inversion from earthquake focal mechanisms; application to the Padano-Adriatic area

Grasso, J.R.; Pascal, G., 1981:
Comparison between two inversion techniques; application to the shallow structure of the New Hebrides island arc

M.K.ika; O. ?adek, 1996:
Comparison between two methods of modelling the flow in a mantle with laterally variable viscosity

Deumlich Detlef; Thiere Juergen; Voelker Lidia, 1997:
Comparison between two methods to calculate the water erosion risks of catchments areas

Dolle Pierre; Vetter Pierre, 1975:
Comparison between two modes of sedimentation in French oil basins; paralic and limnic

Claire Copin-Montegut; GĂ©rard Copin-Montegut, 1973:
Comparison between two processes of determination of particulate organic carbon in sea water

Borgia, G.C.; Brighenti, G.; Mesini, E., 1990:
Comparison between two significative cases of subsidence due to fluid withdrawals; Bologna and Ravenna (northern Italy)

Messiga, B.; Scambelluri, M., 1988:
Comparison between two types of coronitic eclogites from the Western Alps; implications for a pre-eclogitic evolution

Qiuming Cheng; F.P.A.terberg, 1996:
Comparison between two types of multifractal modeling

Cortez, N., 1993:
Comparison between two types of soil-water erosion risk maps (elaborated with USLE support data) evaluated for their practical use

Rejeb, A., 1993:
Comparison between two- and three-dimensional thermomechanical models based on an underground experiment in a granite

Q.H.awen; H.R.izhong, 2000:
Comparison between uranium ore-forming fluids and magmatic fluids in granites of southern China; a preliminary study

KĂŒpper, A.A.G.; Morgenstern, N.R.; Sego, D.C., 1992:
Comparison between various flume tests used for hydraulic-fill studies

Duffaut, P., 1992:
Comparison between very high and steep slopes

Montanheiro Tarcisio Jose; Conde Rita Parisi; Yamamoto Jorge Kazuo; Bettencourt Jorge Silva, 1996:
Comparison between visual analysis and optical spectrometry for the determination of cassiterite; a case study

Hottin, A.M.; Marteau, P.; Turland, M., 1992:
Comparison between volcanic rocks from the Sancerre-Couy Borehole and those from Stephanian basins of the northwestern Central Massif

Jamieson, D.G.; Million, G.S., 1982:
Comparison between water conservation practices in the United Kingdom and the United States

Luo Liancong; Qin Boqiang, 2003:
Comparison between wave effects and current effects on sediment resuspension in Taihu Lake, China

Venturi Federico; Bilotta Massimiliano; Ricci Carlo, 2006:
Comparison between western Tethys and eastern Pacific ammonites; further evidence for a possible late Sinemurian-early Pliensbachian trans-Pangaean marine connection

Aydilek, N., 2007 :
Comparison between xylazine-tiletamine-zolazepam and fentanyl-tiletamine-zolazepam anaesthetic combinations on plasma oxidative status in sheep

Serga, A.Yu, 1979:
Comparison by computer of the andesite-basalt-andesite series in differing structural-tectonic zones of the Soviet Transcarpathians using a group of indicators

Dominique Brodzki; Afif Abou-Akar; Gérald Djéga-Mariadassou; Rafael Kandiyoti, 1995:
Comparison by g.c.-m.s. of liquefaction extracts from coal maceral concentrates

Shilov, V.N., 1998:
Comparison characteristic of lower Miocene volcanism on Sakhalin Island and lower middle Miocene volcanism in eastern Sikhote Alin; geological age, location and petrographic composition of lower Miocene Sakhalin Island volcanism

Reid Jeffrey, C., 1985:
Comparison chart for estimating volume percentages of constituents in rocks and concentrates in the range of 1.0 to 0.1 volume percent

Anonymous, 1976:
Comparison determinations of lead by investigators analyzing individual samples of seawater in both their home laboratory and in an isotope dilution standardization laboratory

Zhao Genmo, 1990:
Comparison for the focal depth of foreshock and common swarm in China

Harms, D.S.; Grossman, R.B.; Schoeneberger, P.J., 1993:
Comparison for the near surface of estimated and field determined saturated hydraulic conductivity of selected Mollisols

Merriam, D.F.; Robinson, J.E., 1981:
Comparison functions and geological structure maps

Karig, D.E., 1973:
Comparison if Island Arc-Marginal Basin Complexes in the North-west and South-west Pacific

Song Moo Young; Rosenfeld Charles, L., 2000:
Comparison in Landsat TM land-cover data between Cholwon (South Korea) and Wonsan (North Korea)

Loosli, H.; Forster, M., 1982:
Comparison in contents of Ar-39 and C-14 in ground water

X.D.ngyu; Cui Ruyong; Liu Xinbo, 2000:
Comparison in mineralization between ferromanganese nodules and Co-rich manganese crusts in Pacific Ocean

Liu Zuhan; Yang Mengda, 1997:
Comparison investigation on the Devonian reefs in Putou, Hunan

Segawa Jiro; Fujimoto, H.; Koizumi, K.; Toh, H.; Yang Chul Soo; Liang Chu Jian; Pan Xian Zhong; Zhang Xian Lin, 1988:
Comparison measurement of gravity by the use of Japanese and Chinese gravimeters

Scott, M.R.; Brown, L.; Klein, J.; Middleton Roy, 1985:
Comparison of (super 10) Be and (super 239,240) Pu deposition rates in Gulf of Mexico sediments

Williams, P.J. le B.; Heinemann, K.R.; Marra, J.; Purdie, D.A., 1983:
Comparison of (super 14) C and O (sub 2) measurements of phytoplankton production in oligotrophic waters

Smith, M.A.; Prescott, J.R.; Head, M.J., 1997:
Comparison of (super 14) C and luminescence chronologies at Puritjarra rock shelter, central Australia

Prescott, J.R.; Polach, H.A.; Pretty, G.L.; Smith, B.W., 1983:
Comparison of (super 14) C and thermoluminescent dates from Roonka, South Australia

Taylor, H.P.J.; Turi, B.; Preite Martinez, M.; D.G.rolamo P.; Ferrara, G., 1988:
Comparison of (super 18) O/ (super 16) O and (super 87) Sr/ (super 86) Sr in volcanic rocks from the Pontine Islands, M. Ernici, and Campania with other areas in Italy

Rumble, D.; Spear, F.S., 1983:
Comparison of (super 18) O/ (super 16) O and chemical equilibration of oxides and silicates in regional metamorphism

Guerzoni, S.; Ravaioli, M.; Rovatti, G.; Suman, O.D., 1985:
Comparison of (super 210'Pb trace metals (Hg, Pb, Cu, Cr) profiles and river discharge in a core off the Po della Pila River mouth (Italy)

White William, A.; Morton Robert, A., 1997:
Comparison of (super 210) Pb-derived sedimentation rates in differing fluvial-deltaic settings, Texas Gulf Coast

Newman, S.; Finkel, R.C.; MacDougall, J.D., 1984:
Comparison of (super 230) Th- (super 238) U disequilibrium systematics in lavas from three hot spot regions; Hawaii, Prince Edward and Samoa

Newman Sally; Finkel Robert, C.; Macdougall, J.D.uglas, 1982:
Comparison of (super 230) Th- (super 238) U disequilibrium systematics in young continental and oceanic volcanic rocks

Smoak Joseph, M.; Moore Willard, S.; Thunell Robert, C.; Shaw Timothy, J., 1999:
Comparison of (super 234) Th, (super 228) Th, and (super 210) Pb fluxes with fluxes of major sediment components in the Guaymas Basin, Gulf of California

Podosek, F.A.; Brannon, J.C.; MacPherson, G.J.; Fahey, A.; Lundberg, L.; Zinner, E.K., 1989:
Comparison of (super 26) Al and initial (super 87) Sr/ (super 86) Sr systematics in Allende CAIs

Castro Maria Clara; Stute Martin; Schlosser Peter, 2000:
Comparison of (super 4) He ages and (super 14) C ages in simple aquifer systems; implications for groundwater flow and chronologies

D.V.ncenzo Gianfranco; Tonarini Sonia; Lombardo Bruno; Castelli Daniele; Ottolini Luisa, 2006:
Comparison of (super 40) Ar- (super 39) Ar and Rb-Sr data on phengites from the UHP Brossasco-Isasca Unit (Dora Maira Massif, Italy); implications for dating white mica

Ruffet, G.; Feraud, G.; Amouric, M., 1991:
Comparison of (super 40) Ar- (super 39) Ar conventional and laser dating of biotites from the North Tregor Batholith

Sutter John, F.; Dallmeyer, R.D., 1972:
Comparison of (super 40) Ar/ (super 39) Ar and K-Ar ages of biotites and hornblendes from the Precambrian of Southeastern New York and North-Central New Jersey

Fisher, D.A., 1979:
Comparison of 10 (super 5) years of oxygen isotope and insoluble impurity profiles from the Devon Island and Camp Century ice cores

Hansen Richard, 1990:
Comparison of 1906 and 1989 earthquake effects in San Francisco

Stolz, A.; McCluskey, S.C.; Morgan, P.J.; Lambeck Kurt, 1990:
Comparison of 1981 satellite Doppler and 1990 GPS baseline measurements across a plate boundary complex in Papua New Guinea

Campbell Bruce, A.; Campbell Donald, B., 1991:
Comparison of 1988 Arecibo radar images of western Eistla Regio, Venus, and multi-polarization airborne radar images of terrestrial terrains

Bukin, A.S.; Drits, V.A.; Cherkashin, V.I.; Salyn, A.L., 1989:
Comparison of 1:1 kaolinite and dickite layers

Rodriguez, C.; Blanco, A.; Garcia, R., 2006:
Comparison of 1D debris flow modelling approaches using a high resolution and non-oscillatory numerical scheme based on the finite volume method

Colazo, M.G.; Ambrose, D.J.; Kastelic, J.P.; Small, J.A., 2008:
Comparison of 2 enzyme immunoassays and a radioimmunoassay for measurement of progesterone concentrations in bovine plasma, skim milk, and whole milk

Anonymous, 2005:
Comparison of 2 populations of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes from Santiago de Cuba with different rest conduct

Kerfoot William, B., 1982:
Comparison of 2-D and 3-D ground water flowmeter probes in fully-penetrating monitoring wells

Roesset, J.M.; Chang, D.W.; Stokoe, K.H.I.I., 1991:
Comparison of 2-D and 3-D models for analysis of surface wave tests

Jones, F.W.; Correia, A., 1999:
Comparison of 2-D and 3-D models of a magnetotelluric survey in southern Portugal

Chen Genmeng, 1993:
Comparison of 2-D numerical viscoelastic waveform modeling with ultrasonic physical modeling

Cramer, C.H., 2003:
Comparison of 2001 Bhuj, India and eastern North America earthquake engineering ground motions and their decay with distance; implication for ENA earthquake hazards

Guerzoni, S.; Ravaioli, M.; Rovatti, G.; Suman, O.D., 1985:
Comparison of 210Pb trace metals (Hg, Pb, Cu, Cr) profiles and river discharge in a core off the Po della Pila River mouth (Italy)

Zander, W., 1981:
Comparison of 24-year moment values with other European observatiories

X.L.u; N.R.G.ulty, 1999:
Comparison of 2D filters for suppressing noise in common shot gathers

Lue-Jing; Sun-Zhen; Li-Yong; Chen-Wei-Min, 2007:
Comparison of 3 rabbit models of acute lung injury

Marfurt Kurt; Duncan Warren; Constance Paul, 2002:
Comparison of 3-D edge detection seismic attributes to Vinton Dome, Louisiana

Dickinson John, A.; Fagin Stuart, W.; Weisser Gordon, H., 1990:
Comparison of 3-D seismic acquisition techniques on land

Jacob, H.; Loeffelhardt, P., 1991:
Comparison of 3.H, Cl(-), Br(-) and Li(+) as tracers for water movement and solute transport in the unsaturated soil zone

Anonymous, 2007:
Comparison of 3D Earth viewers: Google Earth, MSN Virtual Earth 3D and NASA World Wind

Anonymous, 2007:
Comparison of 50% trichloroacetic acid and CO2 laser in the treatment of cutaneous leishmaniasis scar

Gudeliene, Ineta; Marciulioniene, Danute; Petrosius, Rimantas, 2006:
Comparison of Sr-90 and Ca transfer in the system soil-plant under natural conditions

Kupferman, S.L.; Bowen, V.T., 1976:
Comparison of >137) Cs concentrations measured after in situ absorption with those determined by bulk water analyses or calculated from >90) Sr analyses

Hurley Patrick Mason; Cormier Randall, F.; Fairbain Harold Williams; Pinson William Hamet Jr., 1957:
Comparison of A (super 40) / K (super 40) and Sr (super 87) / Rb (super 87) ages on biotite

Ignjatovic-Micic, D.; Drinic, S.M.aoenovic; Nikolic, A.; Lazic-Jancic, V., 2007:
Comparison of AFLP and SSR markers for genetic diversity studies in maize populations

Aube Bernard, C.; Zinck Janice, M., 1999:
Comparison of AMD treatment processes and their impact on sludge characteristics

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