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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 18693

Chapter 18693 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Anonymous, 1987:
Dental chronology in archaeological dating

Agenbroad Larry, D.; Brunelle Andrea, 2005:
Dental comparisons for the Columbian mammoth (Mammuthus columbi)

Puech Pierre Francois; Albertini Henri; Mills, N.T.W., 1980:
Dental destruction in Broken-Hill man

Ramirez Rozzi, F.V., 1997:
Dental development in Plio-Pleistocene hominids; enamel growth rate in fossil hominids

Hussakof Louis, 1930:
Dental elements in the arthrodire Titanichthys

von Koenigswald Wighart, 2006:
Dental enamel and parallelisms; where should one look for characteristic features in the dental enamel of mammals?

Buffetaut Eric; Dauphin, Y.; Jaeger, J.J.; Martin, M.; Mazin, J.M.; Tong, H., 1986:
Dental enamel structure in reptiles; occurrence of prisms in theropod dinosaures

Dauphin, Y., 1987:
Dental enamel structure in some fossil and Recent reptiles

Conroy, G.C.; Schwartz, J.H.; Simons, E.L., 1975:
Dental eruption patterns in Parapithecidae (Primates, Anthropoidea)

Frederick, E.Grine, 1986:
Dental evidence for dietary differences in Australopithecus and Paranthropus; a quantitative analysis of permanent molar microwear

Storer, John, E., 1987:
Dental evolution and radiation of Eocene and early Oligocene Eomyidae (Mammalia, Rodentia) of North America, with new material from the Duchesnean of Saskatchewan

Martin Robert, A., 1996:
Dental evolution and size change in the American muskrat; classification and tempo of a presumed phyletic sequence

Klingener David, 1963:
Dental evolution of Zapus

Kielan Jaworowska, Z.; Krause, D.W., 1993:
Dental function in Jurassic plagiaulacoid multituberculate mammals

Gingerich, P., 1974:
Dental function in the Palaeocene primate Plesiadapis.; 1

Churcher, CS., 1985:
Dental functional morphology in the marsupial sabre-tooth Thylacosmilus atrox (Thylacosmilidae) compared to that of felid sabre-tooths

Hampe, Oliver., 1997:
Dental growth anomalies and morphological changes in teeth of the Xenacanthida (Lower Permian; Saar-Nahe Basin, SW-Germany)

Voorhies Jane; Voorhies, M.R., 1991:
Dental histology of northern bog lemmings, Synaptomys (Mictomys), from the Plio-Pleistocene of Nebraska; mustering the schmelzmusters

Lewin, R., 1985:
Dental humans, infant apes

Brand, L.; Dupper, G., 1982:
Dental impression materials useful for making molds of fossils

Carter, Richard, J., 2001:
Dental indicators of seasonal human presence at the Danish Boreal sites of Holmegaard I, IV and V and Mullerup and the Atlantic sites of Tybrind Vig and Ringkloster

Flechier, J.P.; Lefevre, J.; Verdene, J., 1976:
Dental measurements of the Muge Men

Schubert Blaine, W., 2007:
Dental mesowear and the palaeodiets of bovids from Makapansgat Limeworks Cave, South Africa

Matsumura Hirofumi, 2000:
Dental metric variations between the periods, sites and individuals of Neolithic Jomon People in the Setouchi, Tokai, and Kanto regions, Japan

Merceron Gildas; Blondel Cecile; Viriot Laurent; Koufos George, D.; de Bonis Louis, 2007:
Dental microwear analysis of bovids from the Vallesian (late Miocene) of Axios Valley in Greece; reconstruction of the habitat of Ouranopithecus macedoniensis (Primates, Hominoidea)

Todd Nancy, E.; Falco Nicole; Sanchez Chezdis; Silva Natalia, 2005:
Dental microwear analysis of the extant elephants (Loxodonta africana and Elephas maximus); a new quantification method and implications for fragmentary fossil specimens

Goswami, A.; Flynn, J.; Ranivoharimanana, L.; Wyss, A., 2002:
Dental microwear and bone histology analysis of Mid-Late Triassic amniotes from Madagascar; implications for inferring diet and growth

Teaford, M.F.; Maas, M.C.; Simons, E.L., 1995:
Dental microwear and dental microstructure in the Fayum anthropoids; implications for dietary reconstruction

O'leary M.A.; Teaford, M.F., 1992:
Dental microwear and diet of mesonychids

Van Valkenburgh, B., 1988:
Dental microwear and dietary differences in living and fossil carnivores

P.P.ech; F.C.anfarani; H.A.bertini, 1986:
Dental microwear features as an indicator for plant food in early hominids; a preliminary study of enamel

Goswami Angali; Flynn John, J.; Ranivoharimanana Lovasoa; Wyss Andre, R., 2005:
Dental microwear in Triassic amniotes; implications for a paleoecology and masticatory mechanics

Carnieri Emiliano, 2005:
Dental microwear of Paglicci 25, a human report of the upper Paleolithic of Italy

Ungar Peter, S.; Merceron Gildas; Scott Robert, S., 2006:
Dental microwear of bovids from Langebaanweg; evidence for diet and palaeoecology

Carnieri Emiliano, 2004:
Dental microwear of some Neanderthal specimens from the Italian Peninsula

Merceron Gildas; de Bonis Louis; Viriot Laurent; Blondel Cecile, 2005:
Dental microwear of the late Miocene bovids of northern Greece; Vallesian/ Turolian environmental changes and disappearance of Ouranopithecus macedoniensis?

Fiorillo Anthony, R., 1991:
Dental microwear on the teeth of Camarasaurus and Diplodocus; implications for sauropod paleoecology

Grine Frederick, E., 1985:
Dental morphology and the systematic affinities of the Taung fossil hominid

Smith Joshua, B., 2002:
Dental morphology and variation in theropods; implications for the identification of shed teeth

Gurovich Yamila; Wilson Gregory, P., 2007:
Dental morphology of Sudamericidae; Gondwanatherian mammals from the Cretaceous and Paleogene of Gondwana

McGrew, P.O., 1938:
Dental morphology of the Procyonidae, with a description of Cynarctoides, gen. nov

Robinson Peter; Carlson Blythe, A., 1989:
Dental morphology of the early Eocene hypsodontid, Haplomylus, from the Powder River basin, Wyoming

Poyato Ariza Francisco Jose, 2005:
Dental morphology of the pycnodontid fish Stemmatodus rhombus (Agassiz 1844) (Neopterygii, Pycnodontiformes) from the Early Cretaceous with comments on its systematic position; discussion

Kennedy Kenneth Adrian Raine; Misra, V.N.; Burrow, C.B., 1981:
Dental mutilations from prehistoric India

Vizcaino Sergio, F.; Bargo Susana, M.; Cassini Guillermo, H., 2006:
Dental occlusal surface area in relation to body mass, food habits and other biological features in fossil xenarthrans

Seligsohn, D.; Szalay, F.S., 1974:
Dental occlusion and the masticatory apparatus in Lemur and Varecia; their bearing on the systematics of living and fossil primates.; 1

Effinger, JA.; Martin, JE., 1987:
Dental ontogeny of juvenile Pliauchenia magnifontis (Mammalia, Camelidae) from the Miocene of South Dakota

Ferigolo Jorge, 1991:
Dental pathology in mammals of the upper Pleistocene of Brazil

Thompson,A.; Hutt,J.H.C., 2008:
Dental radiography: simple set-ups offer new view of practice revenue

Smith Patricia, 1982:
Dental reduction; selection or drift?

Molnar Stephen; Ward Steven, C., 1974:
Dental remains from salts cave vestibule

Trinkaus, E., 1978:
Dental remains from the Shanidar adult Neanderthals

Oxnard Charles, E., 1984:
Dental sexual dimorphisms in humans and great apes, and in ramapithecines from China

Puech, P.-Francois.; Albertini, H.; Puech, S.; Cianfarani, F., 1994:
Dental strategy and teething troubles in Homo erectus

Beatty Brian, L., 2007:
Dental structure and wear in the Desmostylia and Sirenia

Grine Frederick, E., 1985:
Dental traits in the australopithecines

Cuozzo Frank, P., 2002:
Dental variation and temporal change in early Eocene Hyopsodus (Mammalia, Condylarthra) from the Powder River basin, Wyoming

Coupar, C.G.; Strasser, E., 1995 :
Dental variation in Omomys carteri

McDaniel George, E.J.; Jefferson George, T., 2006:
Dental variation in the molars of Mammuthus columbi var. M. imperator (Proboscidea, Elephantidae) from a Mathis gravel quarry, southern Texas

Palmer, C.P., 2001:
Dentalium giganteum Phillips; a serpulid worm tube

Barghusen, H.R.; Hopson, J.A., 1970:
Dentary-squamosal joint and the origin of mammals

Akerman, K.; Bindon, P., 1995:
Dentate and related stone biface points from northern Australia

Cherkesova, S.V., 1969:
Dentatrypa (Brachiopoda) from the middle Devonian formations of Novaya Zemlya

Long Harry, 1971:
Dentdale; present and future

Sarra Raffaele, 1933:
Denti di pesci del Cretaceo e di mammiferi del Pliocene rinvenuti in Basilicata

Macurda Donald, B.Jr., 1964:
Dentiblastus; a new blastoid genus from the Burlington Limestone (Mississippian)

Holtz, T.R.Jr, 1994:
Denticle morphometrics and a possibly different life habit for the theropod dinosaur Troodon

Goodrich, E.S., 1942:
Denticles in fossil Actinopterygii

McCollum David, W., 1973:
Denticula Kutzing in southern ocean sediments

Green Jeremy, L., 2007:
Dentine microwear in Xenarthra; implications for paleodietary reconstruction

Latimer, EM.; Gow, CE.; Rubidge, BS., 1995:
Dentition and feeding niche of Endothiodon (Synapsida; Anomodontia)

Melville, R.V., 1961:
Dentition and relationships of the echinoid genus Pygaster J. L. R. Agassiz, 1836

Smith Moya Meredith; Johanson Zerina, 2002:
Dentition characters as a contribution to gnathostome and placoderm phylogeny

Loyal, RS., 1990:
Dentition of Dasyatis vicaryi (Pisces, Dasyatidae); comparison with known Indian, African and European forms

Gregory William King; Hellman Milo, 1924:
Dentition of Dryopithecus and the origin of man

Eastman, C.R., 1917:
Dentition of Hydrocyon and its supposed fossil allies

Gingerich, PD.; Sahni, A., 1984:
Dentition of Sivaladapis nagrii (Adapidae) from the late Miocene of India

Eastman Charles Rochester, 1900:
Dentition of some Devonian fishes

Shimada Kenshu, 1997 :
Dentition of the Late Cretaceous lamniform shark, Cretoxyrhina mantelli, from the Niobrara Chalk of Kansas

Hanihara, K.; Ueda, H., 1982:
Dentition of the Minatogawa Man

Qui Zhanxiang.; Yan Defa.; Jia Hang.; Wang Baozhong., 1985:
Dentition of the Ursavus skeleton from Shanwang, Shandong Province

Grow, C.E., 1985:
Dentitions of juvenile Tbrinaxodon (Reptilia; Cynodontia) and the origin of mammalian diphyodonty

Johnson, Gary, D., 1999:
Dentitions of late Palaeozoic Orthacanthus species and new species of ?Xenacanthus (Chondrichthyes, Xenacanthiformes) from North America

Sonann, K.; Beugre, J.B.; N'guessan-Brou, A.; Beugre-Kouassi, A.L.; Aka, A.; Kouadio, M.; Diakite, K.; Djaha, K., 2007:
Dento-cranio-facial morphology of twins black African and morphological approach of the determination of the zygoty

Khosla, SC.; Haskins, CW., 1980:
Dentokrithe, a new genus of Ostracoda

Hill Alan, R.; Cardaci Mia, 2004:
Dentrification and organic carbon availability in riparian wetland soils and subsurface sediments

Hanson Gay, C.; Groffman Peter, M.; Gold Arthur, J., 1994:
Dentrification in riparian wetlands receiving high and low groundwater nitrate inputs

Light, B.A., 1975:
Dents Run Watershed Project

Maury, A., 1960 :
Dents de selaciens fossiles des falaises havraises (essai de clef generique)

Anonymous, 2007:
Dentures: an instrument for prolonging the useful life of cows

Tamura, T.; Yoshiki, T.; Fukui, H., 2001:
Denudation and accumulation surfaces on the northeastern side of Lake Tonle Sab, Cambodia

Grant Ulysses Simpson 4th, 1955:
Denudation and beach building

de Grave Johan; van den Haute Peter, 2002:
Denudation and cooling of the Lake Teletskoye region in the Altai Mountains (South Siberia) as revealed by apatite fission-track thermochronology

Mirzayev, K.M.; Chertova, S.O., 1970:
Denudation and denudational-structural erosion surfaces on the Ural Plateau

Khmeleva, N.V.; Vinogradova, N.N.; Shevchenko, B.F.; Samoylova, A.A., 1988:
Denudation and mountain river alluvium on the Georgian coast of the Black Sea

Buedel, J., 1970:
Denudation and river erosion in the 'zone of pronounced valley formation' on south-east Spitsbergen

Buedel, J., 1966:
Denudation and river erosion in the zone of pronounced valley formation on south-east Spitsbergen

Suwa Hiroshi, 2004:
Denudation and sediment discharge at Totsukawa River, Japan

Ponomarev, V.S., 2007:
Denudation and seismicity of the Earth's crust

Rahn Meinert, K.; Hurford Anthony, J., 1997:
Denudation and tilting of the foreland arc of an active orogenesis; the external northern margin of the Swiss Alps

Gallagher Kerry; Brown Roderick, 1999:
Denudation and uplift at passive margins; the record on the Atlantic margin of Southern Africa

Mathiesen Anders; Bidstrup Torben; Christiansen Flemming, G., 2000:
Denudation and uplift history of the Jameson Land Basin, East Greenland; constrained from maturity and apatite fission track data

Shroder John, F.J.; Bishop Michael, P., 2004:
Denudation and uplift in the western Himalaya

Lisker, F.; Gibson, H.; Wilson, C.J.; Laeufer, A.L., 2007:
Denudation and uplift of the Mawson Escarpment (eastern Lambert Graben, Antarctica) as indicated by apatite fission track data and geomorphological observation

Gunnell Yanni; Fleitout Luce, 1997:
Denudation and uplift of the Western Ghats, southern India; fission-track research and modeling

Goudie Andrew, S., 1990:
Denudation and weathering.; 2

Gadzhiyeva, Z.Kh, 1980:
Denudation by rivers in schistose and calcareous regions of Dagestan

Webb, J.A.; Fabel, D.; Finlayson, B.L.; Ellaway, M.; L.S.u; Spiertz, H.P., 1992:
Denudation chronology from cave and river terrace levels; the case of the Buchan Karst, southeastern Australia

Veklich, M.F., 1964:
Denudation chronology of the Cainozoic

Dumitrashko, N.V.; Lilienberg, D.A.; Panov, D.G.; Tsereteli, D.V., 1964:
Denudation chronology of the Caucasus

Driscoll, E.M., 1964:
Denudation chronology of the Los Ajaches area, Lanzarote, Canary islands

Bose, S.C., 1972:
Denudation chronology of the east and west coasts of the Deccan Plateau

Johnson, R.H.; Rice, R.J., 1961:
Denudation chronology of the south-west Pennine upland

Makkaveev, N.I. (Makkaveyev, N.I), 1983:
Denudation components of the balance of material in the ocean-land system and its role in the formation of peneplains

Gabriyelyan, G.K., 1979:
Denudation cut-off in the Caucasus

Agafonov, B.P.; Makarov, S.A., 1981:
Denudation due to avalanches in the northern Transbaikal region compared with other regions of the USSR

Fitzgerald, P.; Baldwin, S.L.; Miller, S.R., 1999:
Denudation events along the Transantarctic Mountains and their relation to the tectonic evolution of the Antarctic Plate

L.Xianfu, 1991:
Denudation fault and hydrothermal metallogenesis

Pain, C.F.; Bowler, J.M., 1973:
Denudation following the November 1970 earthquake at Madang, Papua New Guinea

Kelley Shari, A.; Chapin Charles, E., 2004:
Denudation history and internal structure of the Front Range and Wet Mountains, Colorado, based on apatite-fission-track thermochronology

Carter, A.; Roques, D.; Bristow, C.S., 2000:
Denudation history of onshore central Vietnam; constraints on the Cenozoic evolution of the western margin of the South China Sea

Peter Van der Beek; Evelyne Mbede; Paul Andriessen; Damien Delvaux, 1998:
Denudation history of the Malawi and Rukwa Rift flanks (East African Rift system) from apatite fission track thermochronology

B.P.K.hn; A.J.W.G.eadow; S.J.D.C.x, 1999:
Denudation history of the Snowy Mountains; constraints from apatite fission track thermochronology

Gunnell, Y.; Gallagher, K.; Carter, A.; Widdowson, M.; Hurford, A.J., 2003:
Denudation history of the continental margin of western peninsular India since the early Mesozoic; reconciling apatite fission-track data with geomorphology

Suzuki, K.; Adachi, M., 1998:
Denudation history of the high T/ P Ryoke metamorphic belt, Southwest Japan; constraints from CHIME monazite ages of gneisses and granitoids

Zheng Hongbo, 2002:
Denudation history of the western Kunlun Mountains viewed from the petrography of sandstone and conglomerate from Yecheng, Xinjiang, China

Sen Gupta, A.K., 1970:
Denudation in central Ranchi Plateau, Bihar, India

Branski Jan, 1972:
Denudation in the Vistula River interfluve, based on measurements of the suspended load carried by rivers

Thomas, M.F., 1978:
Denudation in the tropics and the interpretation of the tropical legacy in higher latitudes; a view of the British experience

Iszterhas Istvan, 2006:
Denudation landforms and caves in granites of the Velence Mountain, Hungary

L.Y.H., 1976:
Denudation of Taiwan Island since the Pliocene Epoch

Pereslegina, R.Y.; Kurbatova, L.S., 1995:
Denudation of cultivated lands of southern Fergana

VanArsdale Roy Burbank; Costello Patricia; Marcelletti Nicholas, 1989:
Denudation of highwalls near Manchester, Kentucky

David, A.F.ster; Andrew, J.W.G.eadow; Stephen, J.R.ynolds; Paul, G.F.tzgerald, 1993:
Denudation of metamorphic core complexes and the reconstruction of the transition zone, west central Arizona; constraints from apatite fission track thermochronology

Gaigalas Algirdas; Dvareckas Vytautas; Melesyte Monika, 1998:
Denudation of relief in southern Lithuania

Douglas, I., 1978:
Denudation of silicate rocks in the humid tropics

Vorob yev V.T., 1975:
Denudation of the Baikal region and Transbaikalia during the neotectonic stage

Rainbird, R.H., 2001:
Denudation of the Grenville Orogen recorded by detrital zircon provenance studies of early Neoproterozoic sandstones on the margins of Laurentia

Bresnahan Ryan, P.; Van Arsdale Roy, B., 2004:
Denudation of the Pliocene-Pleistocene upland gravel in the upper Mississippi Embayment and its structural implications

Mierzejewski, M.P., 1985:
Denudation of the Pre-Karkonosze during the Permo-Carboniferous and the Mesozoic

Moore David, W., 1974:
Denudation of the deep river drainage basin and adjacent fall zone, North Carolina

Keyes Charles Rollin, 1924:
Denudation of the desert

Zheng Xiucai; Ren Yuxin, 1998:
Denudation pores and cavities in a main gas-producing formation in Ordos Basin

Yoshinaga Shuichiro; Saijo Kiyoshi; Koiwa Naoto, 1989:
Denudation process of mountain slope during Holocene based on the analysis of talus cone aggradation process

J.L.vé; D.B.rbank, 2004:
Denudation processes and rates in the Transverse Ranges, Southern California; erosional response of a transitional landscape to external and anthropogenic forcing

Hinderer, M., 2001:
Denudation processes at different scales and their significance for the filling of sedimentary basins; state of knowledge and open questions

Maruszczak Henryk, 1968:
Denudation processes in the late glacial and Holocene as seen by a study of dry valleys in Poland

Swieca, A., 1985:
Denudation processes in the northern Pagorow Chelmskich

Yoshinaga Shuichiro; Saijo Kiyoshi, 1988:
Denudation processes on a mountain slope; formation of a talus cone

Cordiviola Steven, 1981:
Denudation processes on hillslopes in southwestern Arizona

Maruyama Yuichi, 1988:
Denudation rate and its regional difference in the upper reach of the Abe River basin, central Japan

Laychak, A., 1992:
Denudation rate calculated from suspended materials from runoff of Carpathian rivers

Potter Noel Jr.; Niemitz Jeffrey, W., 1997:
Denudation rate for the Great Valley at Yellow Breeches Creek, Cumberland Co., Pennsylvania

Clark Sydney, P.J.; Jaeger, E., 1969:
Denudation rate in the Alps from geochronologic and heat flow data

Anonymous, 1979:
Denudation rate of central New England determined from estuarine sedimentation

McGeary David, F.R., 1970:
Denudation rate of the eastern Andes mountains calculated from deep-sea deposition of the Amazon river

Fleming Alastair; Summerfield Michael Anthony; Stone John; Fifield, L.K.ith; Cresswell Richard, G., 2004:
Denudation rates across the Drakensberg Escarpment and Lesotho Highlands, southeast Africa based on in-situ-produced chlorine-36

Kober, F.; Ivy Ochs, S.; Schlunegger, F.; Baur, H.; Kubik, P.W.; Wieler, R., 2007:
Denudation rates and a topography-driven rainfall threshold in northern Chile; multiple cosmogenic nuclide data and sediment yield budgets

Orr Meredith, L., 2004:
Denudation rates and the Cenozoic history of the Australian Alps in Victoria

Scott Robert, W., 1971:
Denudation rates and the man-induced erosion cycle

Brown Erik Thorson; Stallard Robert, F.; Larsen Matthew, C.; Raisbeck Grant, M.; Yiou Francoise, 1995:
Denudation rates determined from the accumulation of in situ-produced (super 10) Be in the Luquillo experimental forest, Puerto Rico

Fleming, A.; Summerfield, M.A.; Stone, J.O.; Fifield, L.K.; Cresswell, R.G., 1999:
Denudation rates for the southern Drakensberg Escarpment, SE Africa, derived from in-situ-produced cosmogenic (super 36) Cl; initial results

Collins Edward, W., 1981:
Denudation rates in East Texas

Clark Richard; Clayton Keith, 1998:
Denudation rates in Southeast Northumberland since the Devensian glaciation; discussion and reply

Ruxton, B.P.; McDougall, I., 1967:
Denudation rates in northeast Papua from potassium-argon dating of lavas

John Inge Svendsen; Jan Mangerud; Gifford H Miller, 1989:
Denudation rates in the Arctic estimated from lake sediments on Spitsbergen, Svalbard

Moore David, G.; Curray Joseph, R.; Winterer Edward, L., 1970:
Denudation rates in the Himalayas and New Guinea as deduced from marine sediments in the Bengal fan and Coral Sea

Chambers, W.J., 1983:
Denudation rates in the River Burry catchment, Gower, Glamorgan

L.Yuan Hui, 1988:
Denudation rates of the Hawaiian Islands by rivers and groundwaters

Salgado, A.A.R.; Braucher, R.; Colin, F.; Nalini, H.A.; Varajao, A.F.D.C.; Varajao, C.A.C., 2006:
Denudation rates of the Quadrilatero Ferrifero (Minas Gerais, Brazil); preliminary results from measurements of solute fluxes in rivers and in situ-produced cosmogenic (super 10) Be

Osterkamp, W.R.; Costa, J.E., 1985:
Denudation rates, sediment yields, and hillslope equilibrium in selected debris-flow basins of California, Colorado, and Virginia

Draper Grenville; Bone Richard, 1981:
Denudation rates, thermal evolution, and preservation of blueschist terrains

Krutous, V.I., 1997:
Denudation relief formation of Kolyma and Nera rivers and its role in placer metallogeny

Anan yev G.S., 1975:
Denudation resistance of rocks in different climates

Bgatov, A.P.; Lukashov, A.A., 1980:
Denudation shears in different types of morphostructures of the southeastern Transbaikalia region in connection with prospects for endogene ore formation

Mozzherin, V.I.; Dvinskikh, A.P.; Sharifullin, A.N., 1989 :
Denudation structure in the drainage basins on humid plains

Trimble, S.W., 1975:
Denudation studies: can we assume stream steady state?

Lidmar Bergstrom, K., 1993:
Denudation surfaces and tectonics in the southernmost part of the Baltic Shield

Tamura Toshikazu, 2005:
Denudation surfaces around the central plain of Thailand and Lake Tonle Sab in Cambodia

Lidmar Bergstrom, K., 1989:
Denudation surfaces in Fennoscandia

Dotduyev, S.I., 1981:
Denudation throughout the Greater Caucasus region in the upper Cenozoic

K Gallagher; C.J Hawkesworth; M.S.M Mantovani, 1995:
Denudation, fission track analysis and the long-term evolution of passive margin topography; application to the Southeast Brazilian margin

Gilchrist, A.R.; Summerfield, M.A., 1991:
Denudation, isostasy and landscape evolution

Aalto Rolf; Dunne Thomas, 1998:
Denudation, transport, and deposition in the Andes; geomorphic controls of meso-scale sediment flux

Bondarev, L.G., 1987:
Denudation-accumulation processes in countries of the ancient Mediterranean region

Einsele, G., 1996:
Denudation-accumulation systems; quantitative aspects for the development of siliciclastic-dominated sedimentary basins

Shantser, A.Y.; Erlikh, E.N.; Melekestsev, I.V., 1974:
Denudation-volcanic-tectonic mountains

Mirzaev, K.M.; Chertova, S.O., 1970:
Denudational and denudational-structural erosion surfaces on the sub-Ural plateau

King Lester, C., 1959:
Denudational and tectonic relief in south-eastern Australia

Lisker Frank; Brown Roderick; Fabel Derek, 2003:
Denudational and thermal history along a transect across the Lambert Graben, northern Prince Charles Mountains, Antarctica, derived from apatite fission track thermochronology

M.J.R.ab; R.W.B.own; K.G.llagher; K.W.ber; A.J.W.G.eadow, 2005:
Denudational and thermal history of the Early Cretaceous Brandberg and Okenyenya igneous complexes on Namibia's Atlantic passive margin

Jahn Alfred, 1968:
Denudational balance of slopes

Kelley Shari, A.; Chapin Charles, E., 1994:
Denudational histories of the Front Range and Wet Mountains, Colorado, based on apatite fission-track thermochronology

Roderick, W.B.own; Michael, A.S.mmerfield; Andrew, J.W.G.eadow, 2002:
Denudational history along a transect across the Drakensberg Escarpment of Southern Africa derived from apatite fission track thermochronology

Young, R.W., 1981:
Denudational history of the South-Central uplands of New South Wales

X.G.; Kamp, P.J.J., 2000 :
Denudational history of the eastern margin of the Tibetan Plateau; constraints from fission track thermochronology

Paul Bishop; Roderick Brown, 1992:
Denudational isostatic rebound of intraplate highlands; the Lachlan River valley, Australia

Fabel Derek; Webb John; Finlayson Brian; Bishop Paul; Brown Roderick, 1993:
Denudational isostatic rebound of intraplate highlands; the Lachland River valley, Australia; discussion and reply

Timofeyev, D.A., 1969:
Denudational plains of the Amur Basin with reference to slope evolution and general problems of the origin of pediments and erosion surfaces

Spiridonov, A.I., 1952:
Denudatsionnye i akkumulyativnye poverkhnosti yuzhnogo sklona ukrainskikh Karpat

Sidorenko, A.V., 1950:
Denudatsionnye i akkumulyativnye pustyni Srednei Azii

Marjaniemi Darwin, K., 1970:
Denuded caldera in the Basin and Range of Arizona

Williams Howel, 1935:
Denuded volcanoes of Navajo-Hopi country

Rountree Russ, 1984:
Denver - Julesburg Basin; Multiple days lure many to DJ

Rountree Russ, 1984:
Denver - Julesburg Basin; great or not so great?

Martin, C.A., 1964:
Denver Basin

Anonymous, 2005:
Denver Basin Niobrara gas hunt kicks off

McCaslin John, C., 1981:
Denver Basin activity continues fast pace

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Denver Basin focus is on two areas

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Denver Basin ground water and the law

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Denver Basin operators zero in on new targets

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Denver Basin plays; Codell Sandstone and Niobrara Formation (Wattenberg area)

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Denver Basin plays; D Sand

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Denver Basin plays; Muddy (J) Sand

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Denver Basin plays; overview

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Denver Basin province (104)

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Denver Basin yields new Cretaceous pay

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Denver Basin's Opportunities Expand

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Denver Basin; big success story for oil

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Denver basin

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Denver basin drillers aiming for new, bigger fields

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Denver basin hopeful of more Wyoming oil

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Denver becomes geological research center

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Denver meteorite: a new fall

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Denver teacher impacts K-12 geoscience education through Geological Society of America

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Denver's man-made earthquakes; fact or fancy

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Denver's wall of rhodochrosite

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Denver-Julesburg Having Biggest Year

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Denver-Julesburg, Rocky Mountain Area's Busiest Basin

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Denverton Creek gas field, Solano County, California; an example of multiple gas entrapping mechanisms

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Denwasporites gen. nov.; a prepollen from the Upper Triassic of India

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Denys Bell; resident geologist, Alice Springs 1952-54

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Deodat Guy Silvain Tancrede Gratet de Dolomieu

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Deodat de Dolomieu; the man behind the mineral dolomite

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Deodat de Gradet de Dolomieu (1750-1801); the life and work of a European geologist, naturalist and lithologist

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Deogad medium irrigation project, Sindhudurg District, Maharashtra

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Deoghar coalfields

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Deontological code, probabilistic hazard assessment or Russian roulette?

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Deoxyribonucleic acid distributions and recovery in a sand and gravel aquifer on Cape Cod, Massachusetts

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Deoxyribonucleic acid distributions and recovery in estimation of biomass in a sand and gravel aquifer on Cape Cod, Massachusetts

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Departamento del Tolima; estudio minero practicado en los municipios de Ibague, Anzoategui y Quesada

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Department of Applied Geology and Laboratory of Isotope Geology and Geoecology

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Department of Conservation; its role in petroleum exploration in New Zealand

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Department of Defense groundwater modeling system

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Department of Energy Mission Plan for the Civilian Radioactive Waste Management Program

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Department of Energy drilling in the Cascade Range

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Department of Energy methane hydrate research and development program

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Department of Energy oceanographic program on biogeochemical fluxes

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Department of Geological Sciences

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Department of Geology and Documentation of Deposits

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Department of Geology and Sigma Gamma Epsilon, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire

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Department of Geology; Arizona State University

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Department of Geology; Northern Arizona University

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Department of Human Services outline for delivery of services during earthquakes in Arkansas

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Department of Hydrogeology

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Department of Interior irrigation drainage program reconnaissance study of Klamath Basin refuge areas, California and Oregon

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Department of Interior; land and minerals management

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Department of International Research in Terrestrial Magnetism of the Carnegie Institution and appendix and plan

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Department of Mineralogy and Petrology

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Department of Minerals and Energy

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Department of Mines, Minerals, and Energy Division of Mineral Resources; the State Geological Survey

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Department of Mining and Geological Engineering; College of Mines, University of Arizona

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Department of Natural Resources Engineering, Lincoln University

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Department of Palaeobotany

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Department of Terrestrial Magnetism; introduction

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Department of Transport procedures for the design of pavement facilities and foundation structures in permafrost subgrade soil areas

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Department of Water Resources Quality Assurance/ Control Program

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Department of calcites toward radium radiations

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Department of geophysics

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Department of meteorites

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Department of the Army, Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory

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Department of the Interior

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Department of the Interior programs

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Departmental Drilling of a Kaolin Deposit, Ravensbourne Area

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Departmental airborne geophysical test survey in the Clermont area

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Departmental coal drilling, Consuelo Programme, south-west Bowen Basin

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Departmental diamond drilling programme Tooliambi copper mine, Silver Spur, Stanthorpe Mining Field

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Departmental diamond drilling programme at the Silverwood copper mine, Warwick

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Departmental diamond drilling programme at the Texas copper mine, Texas

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Departmental diamond drilling programme, Rise and Shine gold mine, Kilkivan

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Departmental diamond drilling programme, Whitewash copper-molybdenum prospect, Monto

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Departmental diamond drilling programme; eskdale antimony deposit, ML142 Toowoomba

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Departmental diamond drilling programme; magnetite deposits, Hawkwood area

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Departmental drilling programme, Flinders dolomite deposit, Ipswich District

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Departmental environmental management policy

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Departmental stratigraphic drilling in Queensland

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Departmental stratigraphic drilling in Queensland Tertiary basins

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Departmental stratigraphic drilling in Queensland, 1983 to 1986

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Departure from ray propagation theory observed on very long period records of the GEOSCOPE network

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Departure from widely accepted models of early meteoric diagenesis documented in a tropical setting

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Departures from first order approximation for amplitude perturbations of mantle waves on an aspherical Earth

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Departures of Lyell from the Huttonian theory

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Departures to our red neighbor; new American and Russian Mars probes

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Dependence between the tectonics and the accumulation during the Quaternary in south-western Bulgaria

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Dependence character of interval time Delta T on dolomitization and calcitization degree of carbonate rocks

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Dependence of Dielectric Properties of Rocks on Their Volume Weight

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Dependence of ELF emissions on the location of the plasmapause

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Dependence of Fourier spectrum amplitudes of recorded strong earthquake accelerations on local soil conditions and depth of sediments

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Dependence of Q (sub c) (Coda Q) on coda duration time interval; model or depth effect?

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Dependence of Richter magnitude on site conditions and local geology

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Dependence of Rupture-Time History on the Heterogeneous Distribution of Stress and Strength on the Fault Plane

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Dependence of Shoemaker-Levy 9 impact fireball evolution on fragment size and mass

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Dependence of Sound Velocities upon Density and Mean Atomic Weight

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Dependence of TRM intensity on cooling rate

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Dependence of V (sub p) in volcanics of Armenia during high pressure recrystallization

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Dependence of X-radiation intensity on the angle of electron influence

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Dependence of a high-rate PCE-dechlorinating enrichment culture on methanogenic activity

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Dependence of accumulated dose in ESR dating on microwave power; a contra-indication to the routine use of low power levels

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Dependence of acoustic properties on reservoir properties in the sandstone-aleurite Mesozoic rocks of the West Siberian Plain

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Dependence of active normal fault dips on lower-crustal flow regimes

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Dependence of active volume of the rock mass on the advance rate of a longwall coalface

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Dependence of activity coefficients on the acidity of solutions

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Dependence of albite dissolution kinetics on pH and time at 70 degrees C and 25 degrees C

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Dependence of an eastern boundary current on the horizontal resolution in thermally driven circulations

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Dependence of angles of repose on acceleration due to gravity

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Dependence of anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility of rocks on temperature

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Dependence of anomalous pleochroism on the crystallization temperature of quartz

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Dependence of apparent unsaturated parameters on experiment type and estimation method

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Dependence of atmospheric methane variations on modern geodynamic processes

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Dependence of attenuation on water saturation in a porous carbonate rock

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Dependence of benchmark stability on geological and geomorphological conditions

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Dependence of beneficiation of feldspar raw materials on their petrography

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Dependence of bitumen migration on conditions of sedimentation, with examples from western Siberia

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Dependence of brick firing color on raw material composition

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Dependence of carbonate porous reservoir properties on the environmental conditions of sedimentation in the Karachaganak Field

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Dependence of charge characteristics of kaolinites on pH and electrolyte concentration

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Dependence of chemical composition of coal ash in southwestern L'vov-Volyn' Basin on conditions of coal genesis

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Dependence of chemistry on genesis in biotites assessed by multivariate statistical analysis

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Dependence of chemistry on genesis in zeolites; multivariate analysis of variance and discriminant analysis

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Dependence of coal metamorphism on tectonics, the Glavnaya Anticline in the Donbass

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Dependence of coda Q on frequency and lapse time in the western Nagano region, central Japan

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Dependence of coda attenuation on frequency and lapse time in central Greece

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Dependence of coefficient of sliding fraction in rocks on lithology and mineral characteristics

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Dependence of coercive spectra on the composition and structure of ferrimagnetics

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Dependence of color ratios on the observation geometry

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Dependence of columnar joint spacing and growth increment on cooling rate in lava flows

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Dependence of composition of biotite from the middle-temperature metapelites on pressure

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Dependence of composition of wolframite on mineralogical and physicochemical factors

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Dependence of composition of wolframite on some geological, mineralogical and physicochemical factors

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Dependence of compressibility and compression on chemical composition in finite-strain theory

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Dependence of conditions of Troynoy Bed preparatory mines on distance of exploration drift of Chetvertyy Bed

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Dependence of corrections for homogenization and decrepitation temperatures of gaseous-liquid inclusions in quartz on pressure, density, and composition of solutions

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Dependence of corrosion activity on properties of geological media

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Dependence of crater melt on impact velocity

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Dependence of creep variation on types of tectonic structure and earthquake source mechanism; statistical analysis

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Dependence of crustal accretion and ridge-axis topography on spreading rate, mantle temperature, and hydrothermal cooling

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Dependence of crystal form in artificial quartz on growth conditions

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Dependence of crystal lattice parameters on thermodynamic quantities during thermal expansion

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Dependence of crystallization of certain molten rocks (aegirine rocks, basalts and diabases) upon their viscosity

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Dependence of declination-change of geomagnetic storm sudden commencement on local time and season

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Dependence of decrepitation temperature on the composition of gas-liquid inclusions and mineral stability

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Dependence of defect concentrations on oxygen fugacity

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Dependence of degassing magmas on the conditions of mass transport in the magma chamber

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Dependence of degassing of magmas on the conditions of mass transport in the magma chamber

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Dependence of delta (super 18úO and delta D in precipitation on climate

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Dependence of density on velocity and consideration of thermodynamic conditions in constructing a density model of the crust and upper mantle

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Dependence of depth anomalies upon latitude and plate motion

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Dependence of dielectric constants and dielectric losses of sedimentary rocks on the electrolyte and oil content

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Dependence of dielectric permeability in dolomites upon the mineralization of a saturating solution

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Dependence of differentiation of basaltoid intrusions on the mobility of FeO and SiO (sub 2)

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Dependence of diurnal cosmic-ray variation on geomagnetic activity and the solar latitude of the earth

Corral Alvaro, 2006:
Dependence of earthquake recurrence times and independence of magnitudes on seismicity history

Robert McCaffrey, 1994:
Dependence of earthquake size distributions on convergence rates at subduction zones

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Dependence of effective porosity on fracture continuity in fractured media

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Dependence of effectiveness of exploration drilling for gas on density of initial potential resources

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Dependence of elastic properties of quartz on the pressure existing during its crystallization

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Dependence of engineering-geological conditions on lithological and structural characteristics on dam site of Komani Hydropower Station on Drin River; Puka region

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Dependence of enstatite unit cell size on content and distribution of the aluminum structural position

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Dependence of entropy on volume for silicate and oxide minerals; a review and predictive model

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Dependence of erosion during hurricanes on the coastal morpholithological indices

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Dependence of exsolution textures in synthetic augite on its composition and cooling rate

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Dependence of far-field radiation on source geometry

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Dependence of first outbursts on the degree of metamorphism during development of coal seams deeper than 800 meters

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Dependence of fluorine emissions from firing of ceramics on firing conditions and raw material composition

Popkov, V.I., 1982:
Dependence of formation and oil-gas productivity of local highs of South Mangyshlak on the regime of development of regional faults

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Dependence of forms of spectra on the distance and energy of events

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Dependence of fracture strength of rocks on grain size

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Dependence of friction on slip velocity in water saturated granite with added gouge

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Dependence of garnet composition from muscovite pegmatites on mineral formation conditions

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Dependence of gas presence in the Permian, Mesozoic and Cenozoic sediments on the paleoclimatic conditions of their deposition

Kovalevskiy, I.V., 1967:
Dependence of geomagnetic activity on the energy density and pressure of the interplanetary plasma and on the magnetic field

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Dependence of glass alteration mineralogy on flow rate in geothermal systems

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Dependence of gold and silver mineral chemistry on the physicochemical conditions of their formation

Sakharova, M.S.; Batrakova, Y.A.; Ryakhovskaya, S.K., 1981:
Dependence of gold and silver precipitation processes on pH of water solutions

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Dependence of gold contents on structural and admixtural characteristics of quartz

Ganiyev, K.G., 1973:
Dependence of ground-water evaporation on the lithology of the zone of aeration

Kiselev, P.A., 2005:
Dependence of groundwater flow direction on variations in its salinity

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Dependence of hardness on temperature and the mechanism of plastic deformation of diamonds

Mamyrov, E., 1990:
Dependence of heat capacity of earths on their specific atomization energy and density

Anonymous, 2007:
Dependence of hematological parameters in Simmental breed cattle on physiological conditions

Johnston Paul; W.P.trick; Lambeck Kurt, 1998:
Dependence of horizontal stress magnitude on load dimension in glacial rebound models

Carlson Douglas, A.; Cherkauer Douglas, S., 1998:
Dependence of hydraulic conductivity on discontinuities for the carbonate aquifer of southeastern Wisconsin

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Dependence of hydrocarbon distribution on the temperature and pressure of rock formations of the Dnieper-Donets Basin

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Dependence of hydrothermal alteration on rock texture and microporosity in mafic crystalline rocks

Watkins Joel, S.; Walters Lawrence, A.; Godson Richard, H., 1972:
Dependence of in-situ compressional-wave velocity on porosity in unsaturated rocks

Nechayeva, G.P., 1965:
Dependence of induced potential on the time of passage of the current, as a characteristic of the medium

Paul, F.Fougere, 1974:
Dependence of inferred magnetic sector structure upon geomagnetic and solar activity

Schubach, K., 1973:
Dependence of infiltration on soil type, soil conditions and meteorologic factors in lysimetric observations

Verbeek Earl, R.; Grout Marilyn, A., 1982:
Dependence of joint spacings on layer thickness in sedimentary rocks

Glazek Jerzy; Markowicz Lohinowicz Maria, 1973:
Dependence of karst denudation on geological structure in the SW part of the Holy Cross Mts (Central Poland)

Petrovskii, M.A. (Petrovskiy, M.A), 1984:
Dependence of kinetic parameters of sonic emission in rock on the past history of its stressed state

Carroll Susan, A.; Knauss Kevin, G., 2005:
Dependence of labradorite dissolution kinetics on CO (sub 2(aq)) , Al (sub (aq)) , and temperature

Williams Greg; Layman Kari, L.; Stefan Heinz, G., 2004:
Dependence of lake ice covers on climatic, geographic and bathymetric variables

Frydas Dimitris; Bellas Spyridon, M., 2000:
Dependence of late Quaternary coccolith associations on the impact of climatic changes; preliminary report from the Ionian Sea

Sarma, K.V.L.N.S.; Gogte, B.S.; Ramana, Y.V., 1979:
Dependence of linear thermal expansion coefficient on the ratio of groundmass to phenocrysts of metavolcanics of Indus Suture Zone, Kashmir Himalaya

Sudakova, N.G.; Bazilevskaya, L.I., 1986:
Dependence of loess-like loams lithology on composition of underlying rocks in central Russia

Klotz, D.; Oliv, F., 1982:
Dependence of longitudinal dispersion on composition of water in case of flow in unsaturated zone

Tal Virskiy, B.B.; Dubrovskiy, V.V., 1991:
Dependence of longitudinal-wave velocity on temperature

Musiake, K.; Inokuti, S.; Takahasi, Y., 1975:
Dependence of low flow characteristics on basin geology in mountainous areas of Japan

Maleyeff, E.F., 1969:
Dependence of magma composition upon geological structures and the types of faults (with the example of the Carpathians)

Shashkanov, V.A.; Kosterov, A.A., 1994:
Dependence of magnetic anisotropy of sedimentary rocks on sedimentation field

Smelyanskaya, G.A.; Dobrovol skaya N.V., 1971:
Dependence of magnetic properties of cassiterite on its composition and conditions of formation

Zavoyskiy, V.N.; Krutikhovskaya, Z.A., 1970:
Dependence of magnetic properties of ferruginous quartzites on the rock structural-texture peculiarities

Schwarz Erik, J., 1966:
Dependence of magnetic properties on the thermal history of pyrrhotite from the Noranda District, Canada

Saradzhishvili, G.D., 1971:
Dependence of magnetic susceptibility of certain volcanic rock types on elastic tension, southern Georgia

Kinoshita, H.; Nagata, T., 1967:
Dependence of magnetostriction and magnetocrystalline anisotropy of magnetite on hydrostatic pressure

Haberman Ray, E., 1987:
Dependence of magnitude corrections in CALNET on region and event size

McGarr, A., 1976:
Dependence of magnitude statistics on strain rate

Onodera, F.T.; Duangdeun Prateep, 1981:
Dependence of mechanical properties to the texture and water content of weak rock; a case of the late Tertiary mudstone from the Mae Mo lignite mine, northern Thailand

Ilgen, G.; Fiedler, H.J., 1983:
Dependence of mercury content in spruce humus on soil and site factors

Bailey, E.; Drake, M.J., 2004:
Dependence of metal/ silicate partitioning of P, Ga, and W on pressure, temperature, and silicate melt composition

Shadlun, T.N.; Turpetko, S.A., 1970:
Dependence of microhardness and composition of isomorphic iron in synthetic sphalerite

Dolgikh, G.I.; Mukomel, D.V., 2004:
Dependence of microseism variation periods upon the cyclone propagation velocity and direction

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Dependence of the boundary of the magnetosphere on the nondipole part of the geomagnetic field

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Dependence of the cellulosolytic activity in the lichen Hypogymnia physodes (L.) Nyl. on the substrate

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Dependence of the chemical composition of thermal waters upon the seismic activity

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Dependence of the cohesiveness of a coal seam with its overburden upon the conditions of its formation

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Dependence of the composition and ore content of intrusive trap rocks on the structural-lithologic setting of magmatism

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Dependence of the composition of alunite on the temperature of its formation

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Dependence of the composition of boulders on the grain size of glacial sediments of the South Polish Glaciation

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Dependence of the composition of chlorites in metamorphic rocks on the conditions of their formation

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Dependence of the crystalline structure of feldspars and layered silicates on the thermal regime

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Dependence of the decay rate of (super 7) Be on chemical forms

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Dependence of the density of erosional dissection on the geologic structure, central Kazakhstan

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Dependence of the dielectric constant and dielectric loss of rocks on frequency, studied under conditions of varying moisture

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Dependence of the earthquake recurrence-rate curves upon the focal depth and a possible explanation of this dependence

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Dependence of the elastic constants of surface deformation due to faulting

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Dependence of the elastic wave displacement field on the characteristics of earthquake foci

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Dependence of the electrical conductivity of micas on their crystallochemical properties

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Dependence of the electrical properties of igneous rocks of the Kola Peninsula on temperature and field frequency

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Dependence of the electrical properties of rocks on frequency as a result of hydrodynamic phenomena

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Dependence of the energy released during earthquake on ambient shear stress

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Dependence of the energy released during earthquake on ambient shear stress field

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Dependence of the flow potential on the radius of the pores

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Dependence of the frequency content of stress waves on dry volume and specific density of the medium

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Dependence of the garnet composition on the degree of metamorphism and composition of the enclosing rocks

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Dependence of the gravity anomaly values on the depth of sea and relation of these anomalies to the features in the Earth's crust structure in the peripheral areas of oceans of the Atlantic and Pacific types

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Dependence of the hydraulic conductivity on space and time scales

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Dependence of the length of depressions on their spatial position observed in the structure of the Baikal rift zone

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Dependence of the limits of isomorphous miscibility on the difference in the character of chemical bonding and structure of the components

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Dependence of the mineral composition of the clays in the coal-bearing formations on the sedimentation conditions

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Dependence of the morphology of the flysch structures on the relief of the Paleozoic surface in the Maydan and Ivan-Franko Uplift area

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Dependence of the oil and gas condensate distribution on the thermal and barometric conditions of the Inner Zone of the Carpathian Foredeep

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Dependence of the oil reserve estimation value on the average distance between wells

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Dependence of the organic composition of bottom sediments from the Caspian Sea on environmental conditions

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Dependence of the orientation of the OH-vector in micas upon their structural and crystal-chemical characteristics

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Dependence of the propagation velocity of ultrasonic vibrations on the porosity of rocks

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Dependence of the properties of the anomalous magnetic field on the altitude of the survey

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Dependence of the quality of the shallow-water marine environments and Fe-Mn concretions forming processes in the Baltic Sea

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Dependence of the radioactivity of sedimentary rocks on grain size, content of organic carbon and amount of carbonate present

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Dependence of the reflectance power of sphalerite on its chemical composition

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Dependence of the relative amplitude of damped longitudinal elastic waves on the porosity of rocks under simulated subsurface conditions

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Dependence of the reservoir properties of rocks on lithologic and tectonic factors

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Dependence of the results of observations on the azimuth of the measuring set-up in magnetotelluric investigations

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Dependence of the results of photoneutron measurements on beryllium in ores in place on the physical properties of the ores and some conditions of measurement

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Dependence of the seismotectonic regime on the thermal state in the northern Italian Apennines

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Dependence of the sensitivity of a spectral analysis on the properties of a determined element

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Dependence of the sensitivity of the potential continuous permafrost area on the rate of global temperature change as derived from the IAP RAS model of intermediate complexity

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Dependence of the spectral distribution of IR radiation fluxes on carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere

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Dependence of the spectrums of seismic waves in an absorbing medium on charge weight

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Dependence of the stability of siderite oxidation on the crystal structure and admixture of MgCO (sub 3)

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Dependence of the stratigraphic importance of brachiopods upon the direction of migration

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Dependence of the structural type of cassiterite on its origin

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Dependence of the structure of Heliolitidae (Anthozoa) colonies on the relative growth rate

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Dependence of the surface heat flow on the radioactivity of the Earth

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Dependence of the synthesis rate of andradite on the distribution of Fe<2) O<3) particles in the initial sample

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Dependence of the temporal deformation of rocks on their jointing

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Dependence of the thermal conductivity of sandy rocks on the moisture content of a sample used for experiments

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Dependence of the thermal influence on luminescence lifetimes from quartz on the duration of optical stimulation

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Dependence of the thickness of Permian to Jurassic sediments in the Miechow Basin on major faults

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Dependence of the thickness of the elastic oceanic lithosphere on age

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Dependence of the types of secondary alterations on the original rocks and ore mineralization

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Dependence of the value of indicators of organic matter in ground water on the density and hydrocarbon composition of oil and gas condensates, with the Bukhara-Karshi oil- and gas-bearing region as an example

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Dependence of the value of minimum of negative polarization upon albedo for the Moon and laboratory samples

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Dependence of the values of calcite and aragonite thermodynamic solubility products on ionic models

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Dependence of the velocity of propagation of microseisms on period

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Dependence of the velocity of transverse wave propagation on the moisture content of crystalline rocks

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Dependence of the yield and composition of semicoking products on the moisture content of shale

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Dependence of thermal conductivity in terrigenous rocks of the west Siberian lowland on other physical parameters

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Dependence of till lithology on properties of a local Quaternary bedrock in central Poland

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Dependence of time variation of seismic velocity on deformation variation as a result of geodynamic processes

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Dependence of trace-metal concentrations on the pH of the water in the Dillon Reservoir, Summit County, Colorado

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Dependence of transversal dispersion on groundwater and aquifer parameters

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Dependence of triangulation diagrams of composition and paragenesis of the Al-O-C system and temperature

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Dependence of values of primary productivity upon various factors in the southwestern Atlantic

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Dependence of variations of isotopic ratios of molybdenum in iron meteorites on nucleosynthesis

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Dependence of velocity and resistivity of volcanic rocks on temperature and porosity

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Dependence of velocity of seismic channel waves on the elastic parameters of the medium

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Dependence of vermiculite properties on exchange ion composition

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Dependence of vertical filtration on changes in Earth's gravitational-magnetic field

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Dependence of very-low-frequency electric field antenna impedance on magnetospheric plasma density

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Dependence of weak field susceptibility of polycrystalline magnetite upon remanent magnetization state

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Dependence of well waterflooding on perforator type and mud used for drilling productive beds

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Dependence of wind erosion and dust emission on surface heterogeneity; stochastic modeling

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Dependence of x-ray constants of columbites on their composition

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Dependence on azimuth of the amplitudes of P and PP

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Dependence on the density of lunar crater distribution on relief

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Dependences between electrical and petrophysical properties of rocks and quartz from gold ore deposits

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Dependences of octahedral ion abundances in some metamorphic biotites

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