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Differential expression of midgut protein in the resistant and susceptible strains of silkworm to Bombyx mori densonucleosis virus (China isolate BmDNV-3)

Bao Fang; Yao Qin; L.J.n; Liu XiaoYong; Y.W.i; Yin HuiJuan; Chen KePing

Acta Entomologica Sinica 50(12): 1219-1224


ISSN/ISBN: 0454-6296
Accession: 018739100

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[Objective] Obtaining the proteins related with silkworm's resistance to Bombyx mori densonucleosis virus by comparing the 2-DE maps of proteins from midguts of the susceptible and resistant strains of silkworm. [Methods] Two-dimensional electrophoresis (2-DE) was used to study the protein changes of the midgut between the non-susceptible strain (Qiufeng) and the susceptible one (Huaba35) after they were inoculated for 48 hours. The changed proteins were identified by MALDI-TOF-TOF MS. The data were analyzed in NCBInr and MSDB. [Results] 16 differential proteins were obtained, of which 5 proteins including glycosyltransferase, GIcAT-S, 21.5 kD small heat shock protein, vacuolar ATP synthase and arginine kinase were identified by mass spectrometry. The expression levels of the 5 proteins were higher in Qiufeng strain than in Huaba35. [Conclusions] Glycosyltransferase and GIcAT-S only appeared in the resistent strain, suggesting that they might be related to the resistance of silkworm to the virus. In addition, the increased stress reaction and energy metabolism may also contribute to the Qiufeng's resistance to BmDNV-3.

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