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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 18756

Chapter 18756 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Starovoyt, O.E.; Savarenskiy, Y.F.; Fedorov, S.A., 1967:
Dispersion of the long-period surface waves and structure of the earth's mantle

Perez Rosales Candelario; Perez Cardenas Fernando, C., 1986:
Dispersion of tracers in fractured porous media

Horne, R.N.; Gilardi, J.; Bouett, L., 1985:
Dispersion of tracers in fractures; experiments at Stanford University

Schamp, B., S.; Chau, J.; Aarssen, L., W., 2008:
Dispersion of traits related to competitive ability in an old-field plant community

Jun Kyung Soo, 1995:
Dispersion of unsteady line source in turbulent shear flow

Leach, D.L.; Puchlik, K.P., 1976:
Dispersion of uranium and selected trace elements in playa basins

Ján Krá?; Jan Burchart, 1983:
Dispersion of uranium in accessory apatite in crystalline rocks and its possible petrogenetic meaning

N.Chiu On, 1999:
Dispersion of vapour in a layered unsaturated zone

E.W.elandt; L.K.opoff, 1982:
Dispersion of very long-period Rayleigh waves along the East Pacific Rise; evidence for S wave velocity anomalies to 450 km depth

Wang Chien ying; Yeh Yeong tein; Lin Shu jen, 1989:
Dispersion of waves across the SMART-1 array

Klem Musatov, K.D., 1979:
Dispersion of waves by sharp edges

Koksharskiy, M.G.; Lavrukhin, V.A.; Makarov, V.N., 1979:
Dispersion patterns and geochemical methods of prospecting for antimony deposits of Yakutia

Timson, G.H.; Pride, D.E., 1978:
Dispersion patterns of Rb, Sr, K<2) O, CaO and Na<2) O related to hydrothermal alteration of a porphyry molybdenum prospect

B.W.O.kes; M.H.le, 1987:
Dispersion patterns of carbonyl sulphide above mineral deposits

Grigoryan, S.A.; Radimova, T.G.; Yevdokimova, V.N., 1979:
Dispersion patterns of copper-pyrite and pyrite-polymetallic deposits of the Alaverdi-Akhtala ore region, Armenia

Hayward James, L.; Zelenitsky Darla, K.; Smith Denise; Clayburn Jere, D., 1997:
Dispersion patterns of eggshell fragments and other debris around modern gull nest and a fossilized dinosaur nest

Sultankhodzhayev, A.N.; Yusupov, S.S., 1993:
Dispersion patterns of isotope ratios in carbon dioxide gas in ground water

Belogolova, G.A.; Zagoskin, V.A.; Filishova, L.A., 1979:
Dispersion patterns of ore deposits under conditions of low upland taiga landscape

A.H.sseini Moujahed, I.; Glover Jon, B.; Barley Brian, J., 1981:
Dispersion patterns of the ground roll in eastern Saudi Arabia

Bitterlich, W.; Woebking, H., 1970:
Dispersion phenomena in NaCl solutions; a study on the potential use of NaCl solutions for electrical determination of petrofabric parameters

Daniel Fargue; Philippe Jamet; Pierre Costesèque, 1998:
Dispersion phenomena in thermal diffusion and modelling of thermogravitational experiments in porous media

Danchev, V.I.; Shilovskiy, P.P.; Shumlyanskiy, V.A., 1980:
Dispersion principles of uranium deposits in crustal sedimentary rocks

X.J. an; Huang Eugene, 1998:
Dispersion property of the mode Gruneisen parameter; diaspore as an example

Buchanan, D.J.; Jackson, P.J., 1983:
Dispersion relation extraction by multi-trace analysis

Okeke, E.O., 1979:
Dispersion relations for elastic waves in dissipative media

Berdichevskii, M.N. (Berdichevskiy, M.N.; Pokhotelov, D.O., 1997:
Dispersion relations in terms of impedance of a polarizing medium

Artioli, G.; Pavese, A.; Moze, O., 1996:
Dispersion relations of acoustic phonons in pyrope garnet; relationship between vibrational properties and elastic constants

Schoenfeldt Hans, J., 1991:
Dispersion relationships of marginal waves and bottom profiles with sand banks parallel to shore

Pollard Charles, O.J.; Petre Ion, C., 1985:
Dispersion staining combined with phase contrast and polarized light microscopy for identification of fine particles such as asbestos fibers

S.Shu Chun, 2005:
Dispersion staining; a versatile complement to Becke line method for refractive index determination

S.Shu Chun, 1998:
Dispersion staining; principles, analytical relationships and practical applications to the determination of refractive index

Khristianov, V.K.; Korchuganov, B.N.; Rakcheyev, V.P., 1973:
Dispersion studies of suspended materials of the Moscow River during the floods and low-water periods of 1970

X.F.nglin; Fang Xuan; X.C.uanyun, 1997:
Dispersion study on polymer compounds filled with mineral fillers

N.L.S.abo; G.J.S.G.vett; E.Z.L.jta, 1975:
Dispersion trends of elements and indicator pebbles in glacial till around Mt. Pleasant, New Brunswick, Canada

Juvigne, E., 1977:
Dispersion zone and age of volcanic ash of the Rocourt Tuff

Ferrer Polo Jose, 1987:
Dispersion zone in coastal aquifers; a simplified model

Ahmad, N.; Prashad, S., 1970:
Dispersion, mechanical composition, and fractionation of West Indian volcanic yellow earth soils (andepts)

Anonymous, 2006:
Dispersion-depositation of current polen in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

Momeni, M.H.; Roberts, C.J.; Kisieleski, W.E., 1979:
Dispersion-dosimetry and effects of uranium mining and milling in the United States

Kohout, F.A., 1961:
Dispersion-motivated fluctuations of ground-water levels in wells; Article 302

Adams, R.D., 1972:
Dispersion-wave Studies in Antarctica

Sweeney Robert, E.; Mayhew John, D.; Boust Robert, 1999:
Dispersion/ biodegradation monitoring; method to evaluate MTBE biodegradation

Boullis, Y.L., 1982:
Dispersion; a tool for long wavelength residual statics

N.B.nhua; H.J.shan; Sun Chunyan, 1996:
Dispersional equation of plane wave in half-space with multi-layer anisotropic medium

Valloni, R.; Torelli, L., 1996:
Dispersione dei sedimenti olocenici nel sistema fiume-piattaforma-canyon del Bonamico (Calabria ionica)--Holocene sediment dispersal in the Bonamico river-platform-canyon system (Ionian Sea)

Novoselitskiy, V.M.; Vol fson O.K., 1981:
Dispersions of effective and median densities in heterogeneous layered media

Rath Robert, 1957:
Dispersionsbestimmung mit Zeiss'schen Abbe-Refraktometern

Rath, R., 1954:
Dispersionsbestimmung mit Zeissschen Abbe-Refraktometern (ohne Benutzung des Kompensators)

Vrettos Christos, 1990:
Dispersive SH-surface waves in soil deposits of variable shear modulus

Bougault Henri; Cambon Pierre, 1973:
Dispersive X-ray fluorescence analysis on board oceanographic vessels

Tischendorf, G.; Harff, J., 1985:
Dispersive and accumulative elements

Egan Mark, S., 1989:
Dispersive and anisotropic aspects of stratigraphic filtering

Liu Zhi Ming; Young Roger Adams, 2001:
Dispersive and non-dispersive noise removal by local, slant-sum, adaptive filtering

Crozier John, 1973:
Dispersive and nondispersive X-ray fluorescence analysis of ore samples with computer applications

Jeffrey, A.H.nson; J.R.ger Bowman, 2005:
Dispersive and reflected tsunami signals from the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami observed on hydrophones and seismic stations

Sridharan Asuri; Rao Sudhakar, M.; Dwarkanath, H.N., 1992:
Dispersive behavior of nonswelling clays

Wuenschel Paul, C., 1965:
Dispersive body waves-an experimental study

Greenhalgh, S.A.; King, D.W., 1981:
Dispersive characteristics of Love-type channel waves in Australian coal seams

Iwasa Yoshiaki; Takeuchi Hitoshi, 1971:
Dispersive characteristics of flows through porus media

Mooney Harold, M.; Bolt Bruce, A., 1966:
Dispersive characteristics of the first three Rayleigh modes for a single surface layer

L.H.sheng; L.N.ng, 2002:
Dispersive characteristics of waves excited by dipole acoustic sources

Bourdeaux, G.; Imaizumi, H., 1977:
Dispersive clay at Sobradinho Dam

Cole, B.A.; Ratanasen, C.; Maiklad, P.; Liggins, T.B.; Chirapuntu, S., 1977:
Dispersive clay in irrigation dams in Thailand

Sargunan, A., 1978:
Dispersive clay; related piping and erosion in earth dams

Muller Valberto; Pinto Luiz Fernando Spinelli; d Avila Alfredo Luis Mendes, 2003:
Dispersive clays; study of pits from the Santa Barbara Dam, Pelotas, RS, Brazil

Robinson Enders, A.; Treitel Sven, 1965:
Dispersive digital filters

Lobanov, A.S., 1988:
Dispersive gold in acidic volcanic rocks

Schincariol Robert, A., 1996:
Dispersive mixing dynamics of dense miscible plumes; natural perturbation initiation by local scale heterogeneities

Rubino, A.; Pierini, S.; Backhaus, J.O., 1998:
Dispersive mudslide-induced tsunamis

McConnell Joseph, R.; Potts Mark, J.; Schleicher Karl, L.; Wason Cameron, B., 1986:
Dispersive noise attenuation

Beresford Smith Greg; Rango Rolf, N., 1988:
Dispersive noise removal in t-x space; application to Arctic data

Fadili, A.; Ababou, R.; Lenormand, R., 1997:
Dispersive particle transport; identification of macroscale behavior in heterogeneous stratified groundwater flows

Ali Fadili; Rachid Ababou; Roland Lenormand, 1999:
Dispersive particle transport; identification of macroscale behavior in heterogeneous stratified subsurface flows

Andrew Norris, 1992:
Dispersive plane wave propagation in periodically layered anisotropic media

Rengasamy, P.; Kempers, J.A.; Olsson, K.A., 1991:
Dispersive potential of Natrixeralfs and their crusting strength

Rengasamy, P.; Naidu, R., 1995:
Dispersive potential of sodic soils as influenced by the charge on their clay fractions

Galvin Cyril, 1981:
Dispersive pressure and sand grain bouncing in the surf zone

Herault, J.P.; Rabau, G.; Gazanhes, C., 1991:
Dispersive propagation in a stratified environment; simulation using reduced models

Tolstoy Ivan, 1954:
Dispersive properties of a fluid layer overlying a semi-infinite elastic solid

Tolstoy Ivan; Usdin Eugene, 1953:
Dispersive properties of stratified elastic and liquid media; a ray theory

McDaniel, T.N.; Decker, R.S., 1979:
Dispersive soil problem at Los Esteros Dam

Bell, F.G.; Maud, R.R., 1994:
Dispersive soils and earth dams with some experiences from South Africa

Logani, K.L.; Lhez, M.H.ctor H., 1979:
Dispersive soils as used in the construction of the Ullum Dam in Argentina

Stapledon, D.H.; Casinader, R.J., 1977:
Dispersive soils at Sugarloaf Dam site, near Melbourne, Australia

Walker, D.J.H.; Bell, F.G.; Jermy, C.A., 1998:
Dispersive soils in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Elges, H.F.W.K., 1991:
Dispersive soils in South Africa; state of the art

Piccio, A., 1985:
Dispersive soils in earth dam geology

Bell, F.G.; Jermy, C.A.; Mortimer, B., 1991:
Dispersive soils; a brief review and some South African experiences

Sudhindra, C.; Venkatachalam, K.; Murali Ratnam, 1987 :
Dispersive soils; problems in identification and performance in hydraulic structures

McNearny Richard, L., 1987:
Dispersive testing and its influence on the design of Reach 1A of the Tucson Aqueduct; Central Arizona Project

Curtis, M.O.denburg; Karsten Pruess, 1995:
Dispersive transport dynamics in a strongly coupled groundwater-brine flow system

Johns Russell, T.; Rivera Alfonso; Oldenburg Curtis, M.; Pruess Karsten; Travis Bryan, J., 1996:
Dispersive transport dynamics in a strongly coupled groundwater-brine flow system; discussion and reply

Nosov, M.A.; Mironyuk, S.V., 1999:
Dispersive tsunami generation by bottom displacements with complicated time-spatial history

Holt, J.Darrin, 1998:
Dispersive wave methods for unknown pile lengths

Kimball Christopher, V.; Scheibner David, J.; Saiki Yoshiyuki, 1996:
Dispersive wave processing of the borehole flexural mode

Schneider, T.E.; Bakr, A.A., 1983:
Dispersivity and effective porosity of the Wadi El-Natrun Aquifer, Egypt, from two-well pulse tests

Dirk Mallants; Armando Espino; Marijke Van Hoorick; Jan Feyen; Noel Vandenberghe; Walter Loy, 2000:
Dispersivity estimates from a tracer experiment in a sandy aquifer

Zou, S.; Parr, A., 1992:
Dispersivity evaluation for two-dimensional plumes

Chestnut Dwayne, A., 1995:
Dispersivity in heterogeneous permeable media

Neves, O.; Matias, M.J., 1998:
Dispersivity of uranium in the area of influence of the Cunha Baixa Mine

Klotz, D.; Moser, H.; Seiler, K.P., 1978:
Dispersivity velocity relationship from laboratory and field experiments

Strusz, D.L., 1965:
Disphyllidae and Phacellophyllidae from the Devonian Garra Formation of New South Wales

Tsien, H.H., 1968:
Disphyllidae from the middle Devonian and Frasnian of Belgium; first part, General characteristics and classification

Tsien, H.H., 1968:
Disphyllidae or Phillipsastraeidae

Jones Glenn, A.; Johnson David, A., 1984:
Displaced Antarctic diatoms in Vema Channel sediments; late Pleistocene/ Holocene fluctuations in AABW flow

Booth, J.D., 1976:
Displaced Antarctic diatoms in the southwestern and central Pacific

Burckle Lloyd, H.; Clarke, D.B., 1981:
Displaced Antarctic-source diatoms in the Vema Channel

Brochwicz Lewinski, W., 1988:
Displaced Caledonian terranes in Central Europe; a result of escape tectonics?

Phleger, F.B., 1951:
Displaced Foraminifera faunas

Hall Clarence, A.Jr., 1962:
Displaced Miocene molluscan provinces along the San Andreas fault

Durham, J.W.att; Primmer Stanley, R., 1962:
Displaced Miocene molluscan provinces along the San Andreas fault, California, by Clarence A. Hall, Jr.; review

Compton Robert, R., 1983:
Displaced Miocene rocks on the west flank of the Raft River-Grouse Creek core complex, Utah

Feuillee Pierre; Rat Pierre, 1970:
Displaced bioclastic material and the significance of extraclastic material, with examples from the Cantabrian-Pyrenean Cretaceous

Sano, H., 1984:
Displaced dolomites in radiolarian cherts of the Chichibu Belt on Shikolu Island, Southwest Japan

Noorthoorn van der Kruijff, J.F.; Lagaaij, R., 1960:
Displaced faunas from inshore estuarine sediments in the Haringvliet (Netherlands)

Van Vliet Lanoe, B.; Valadas, B., 1983:
Displaced formation in the crystalline slopes of ancient complexes; role of segregation ice in the dynamics

Zabiyaka, L.I., 1978:
Displaced granitoids in the region of the middle Teterev River

Hemphill Haley Eileen; Nelson Alan, R.; Kelsey Harvey, M.; Witter Robert, C., 2000:
Displaced marine diatoms in a coastal freshwater lake; microfossil evidence for Holocene tsunamis on the south-central Oregon coast

Donald, E.Gault, 1973:
Displaced mass, depth, diameter, and effects of oblique trajectories for impact craters formed in dense crystalline rocks

Beglyakov, V.Ye, 1977:
Displaced rocks in Khaydarkan Mine, Kirghizia

Michael Andrew, J.; Ross Stephanie, L.; Stenner Heidi, D., 2002:
Displaced rocks, strong motion, and the mechanics of shallow faulting associated with the 1999 Hector Mine, California, earthquake

Anonymous, 1982:
Displaced soil of Austria

Zvi Ben-Avraham; Avihu Ginzburg, 1990:
Displaced terranes and crustal evolution of the Levant and the eastern Mediterranean

Nur Amos; Ben Avraham Zvi, 1982:
Displaced terranes and mountain building

Soper, N.J.; Gibbons, W.; McKerrow, W.S., 1989:
Displaced terranes in Britain and Ireland

Van der Voo Rob; Johnson Rex, J.E., 1988:
Displaced terranes in the Northern Appalachians

Van der Voo Rob; van der Pluijm Ben, A., 1991:
Displaced terranes in the Northern Appalachians between the Boston Basin and Newfoundland

Karig, D.; Haeck, G.; Sarewitz, D.; Geary, E., 1984:
Displaced terranes in the Philippines; implications for ancient orogenic belts

Wensink, H., 1987:
Displaced terranes of Gondwana origin in Indonesia; paleomagnetic implications

Tazime Kyozi, 1971:
Displacement Potentials in Orthogonal Curvilinear Coordinates

Manzocchi, T.; Walsh, J.J.; Nicol, A., 2006:
Displacement accumulation from earthquakes on isolated normal faults

Berquist, P.J.; Bailey, C.M., 2000:
Displacement across Paleozoic high-strain zones in the Blue Ridge Province, Madison County, Virginia; the Pedlar and Lovingston massifs reconsidered

Runnerstrom Eric, E.; Grant Lisa, B.; Arrowsmith, J.R.mon; Rhodes Dallas, D.; Stone Elizabeth, M., 2002:
Displacement across the Cholame Segment of the San Andreas Fault between 1855 and 1893 from cadastral surveys

Zhang Weiqi; Jiao Decheng; Zhang Peizhen; Molnar Peter; Burchfiel, B.C.; Deng Qidong; Wang Yipeng; Song Fangmin, 1987:
Displacement along the Haiyuan Fault associated with the great 1920 Haiyuan, China, earthquake

Ehlig Perry, L., 1968:
Displacement along the San Gabriel fault, San Gabriel Mountains, southern California

Wilkerson, M.Scott, 1992:
Displacement analysis as a predictive tool for constraining three-dimensional fold-thrust geometries

Prakash Shamsher; Puri, V.K.; Khandoker, J.U., 1982:
Displacement analysis of rigid retaining walls in rocking

Bizjak Karmen Fifer; Petkovsek Borut, 2004:
Displacement analysis of tunnel support in soft rock around a shallow highway tunnel at Golovec

Archambeau Charles, B.; Jungels Pierre, H., 1972:
Displacement and Strain Fields from Underground Explosions Using Analytical and Finite Element Methods

Phillip, A.A.mstrong; John, M.B.rtley, 1993:
Displacement and deformation associated with a lateral thrust termination, southern Golden Gate Range, southern Nevada, U.S.A

Merle, O., 1984:
Displacement and deformation of superficial nappes

Starkov, V.I.; Karmaleyeva, R.M., 1976:
Displacement and deformation of the Earth's surface on the Nurek hydrosystem

G.R.hbinder; P.A.Y.kubenko, 1999:
Displacement and flexural stresses of a loaded elastic plate on a viscous liquid

M.B.nafede; M.O.ivieri, 1995:
Displacement and gravity anomaly produced by a shallow vertical dyke in a cohesionless medium

Yamamoto, H.; Matsuoka, K.; Izuta, H.; Ohrai, T., 1991:
Displacement and increment in earth pressure in unfrozen soil by frost heave

Peacock, D.C.P.; Sanderson, D.J., 1992:
Displacement and segment linkage in fracture zones

Barrows Allan, G.; Kahle James, E.; Beeby David, J., 1986:
Displacement and slip rate along faults of the San Andreas zone, Los Angeles County, California

Gazetas George, 1991 :
Displacement and soil-structure interaction under dynamic and cyclic loading

Ramsay, J.G., 1976:
Displacement and strain

Manaker David, M.; Buergmann Roland, 1996:
Displacement and strain across the Calaveras Fault from GPS and trilateration data, eastern San Francisco Bay area, California

Little, T.A., 1994:
Displacement and strain adjacent to the Awatere Fault, coastal Marlborough

Johnson Craig, L.; Hytch Martin, J.; Buseck Peter, R., 2004:
Displacement and strain fields around a dislocation in olivine measured to sub-angstrom accuracy

Singh Sarva Jit; Ben Menahem Ari, 1969:
Displacement and strain fields due to faulting in a sphere

Converse Glenn, 1972:
Displacement and strain fields of nonuniform dislocation

DeLong, S.E.; Dewey, J.F.; Fox, P.J., 1976:
Displacement and strain history of fracture zones

White, D.J.; Bolton, M.D., 2004:
Displacement and strain paths during plane-strain model pile installation in sand

Roy Kligfield; Jean Crespi; S.N.ruk; G.H.D.vis, 1984:
Displacement and strain patterns of extensional orogens

Bartley John, M.; Kligfield, R.; Crespi, J.; Naruk, S.; Davis, G.H., 1985:
Displacement and strain patterns of extensional orogens; discussion and reply

Dragoni, M.; Magnanensi, C., 1987:
Displacement and strain produced in a spherical magmatic chamber surrounded by a thermometamorphic envelope; effect on induced seismicity

Taku Tada, 2005:
Displacement and stress Green's functions for a constant slip-rate on a quadrantal fault

Eisbacher Gerhard, H., 1969:
Displacement and stress field along part of the Cobequid Fault, Nova Scotia

M.D.agoni; A.P.ombo, 1996:
Displacement and stress fields around a fault jog; effects on fault mechanics

Young, S.S.; Davies, R.K.; Pollard David, D., 1997:
Displacement and stress fields around antithetic normal faults; a comparison between geomechanical models and 3D seismic data

M.B.nafede; M.D.agoni; F.Q.areni, 1986:
Displacement and stress fields produced by a centre of dilation and by a pressure source in a viscoelastic half-space; application to the study of ground deformation and seismic activity at Campi Flegrei, Italy

Dragoni, M.; Magnanensi, C., 1988:
Displacement and stress fields produced by a pressurized, spherical magma chamber surrounded by a viscoelastic shell

Michele Dragoni; Cecilia Magnanensi, 1989:
Displacement and stress produced by a pressurized, spherical magma chamber, surrounded by a viscoelastic shell

Smith, A.T.; Yang, M.; Toksoz, M.N., 1976:
Displacement and stress propagation in the lithosphere

Tan, H.H., 1989:
Displacement approach for generalized Rayleigh waves in layered solid-fluid media

Loudon, P.A.; Tluczek, H.J.; Atkinson, J.L., 1985:
Displacement around a test chamber in granite at Du Toitskloof

Lam Nelson; Wilson John; Edwards Mark; Cheng Michael; Hutchinson Graham, 2000:
Displacement assessment in the Melbourne metropolitan area accounting for soil resonance

Spray John, G., 1994:
Displacement associated with shock veins in four stony meteorites; evidence for a frictional contribution to melting

Sarva Jit Singh, 1971:
Displacement at the centre of the earth induced by an earthquake or an underground explosion

Deng, J.H.; Lee, C.F., 2001:
Displacement back analysis for a steep slope at the Three Gorges Project site

Yang, G.L.; Wang, Y.H., 2001:
Displacement behavior of wrapped-reinforced wall subjected to the cyclic loading

Viele George, W., 1970:
Displacement by flow in imbricate thrust fault belts

Musumeci, G., 1991:
Displacement calculation in a ductile shear zone; Monte Grighini shear zone (central-western Sardinia)

Naruk Stephen, J., 1987:
Displacement calculations across a metamorphic core complex mylonite zone; Pinaleno Mountains, southeastern Arizona

P.S.gall; M.V.M.tthews, 1988:
Displacement calculations from geodetic data and the testing of geophysical deformation models

Campbell, J.K., 1973:
Displacement data from the Alpine Fault at Lake Rotoiti and its relevance to glacial chronology and the tempo of tectonism

Popov, I.I.; Shpakov, P.S.; Poklad, G.G., 1987:
Displacement deformation of overburden pile; rock mechanics

Kulakovskiy, A.L., 1991:
Displacement deformation; important condition of the formation of metasomatic iron ores

Sokolova, Y.F., 1987:
Displacement deformation; tectonic stimulator of metasomatism and granitization; example in western Baltic region

Saran Swami; Viladkar, M.N.; Krishna Reddy, R., 1987:
Displacement dependent earth pressures

Vandamme Luc, M.; Wawrzynek, P.A., 1988:
Displacement discontinuities and interactive graphics for three-dimensional, hydraulic fracturing simulators

S.Lin, 1993:
Displacement discontinuities and stress changes between roof strata and their influence on longwall mining under aquifers

Martel Stephen, J., 1999:
Displacement discontinuity method for calculating stresses in volcanic ridges

Wardle Leigh, J., 1984:
Displacement discontinuity method for three-dimensional stress analysis of tabular excavations in non-homogeneous rock

Murata Akihiro, 1990:
Displacement distribution along the Kaminirogawa Fault and a dislocation model

Murata Akihiro, 1992:
Displacement distribution along the left-lateral strike-slip Kaminirogawa Fault, SW Japan

Isoda Satoru; Oda Hitoshi; Suzuki Isao; Seya Kiyoshi, 1990:
Displacement distribution of a freely oscillating rutile sphere

Isoda, S.; Oda, H.; Suzuki, I.; Seya, K., 1988:
Displacement distribution of a resonant sphere with tetragonal crystal symmetry

Stewart, S.A., 2001:
Displacement distributions on extensional faults; implications for fault stretch, linkage, and seal

Dawers Nancye, H.; Anders Mark, H., 1995:
Displacement distributions on the Volcanic Tableland, California; implications for measuring strain & predicting small-scale faults

Ghosh, M.; Ghosh, M.L., 1978:
Displacement due to a uniformly moving line load over the plane boundary of an inhomogeneous elastic half-space

Gopinath Sarkar, 1967:
Displacement due to impulsive loadings on the surface of elastic half-space

Ohtsuka, M.; Takano, A., 1980:
Displacement due to tunnel excavation and geological characteristics in swelling mudstone

Higgs, W.G.; Williams, G.D., 1987:
Displacement efficiency of faults and fractures

Jia Zhaoren, 1994:
Displacement fault of overlap-slump structure in Jiulishan coalfield and its significance

J.F.Gamond, 1983:
Displacement features associated with fault zones; a comparison between observed examples and experimental models

Graizer, V.M., 1981:
Displacement features in near-field of earthquakes

C.K.ntoes; P.E.ias; O.S.kioti; P.B.iole; D.R.my; M.S.chpazi; G.V.is; I.K.tsis, 2000:
Displacement field and fault model for the September 7, 1999 Athens earthquake inferred from ERS2 satellite radar interferometry

Gratier, J.P., 1995:
Displacement field and geometric compatibility using computational restoration of folded and faulted strata; application to the last 3-4 Ma in the Ventura and Los Angeles basins

E.P.thier; E.J.F.elding; T.J.W.ight; R.W.lker; B.E.P.rsons; S.H.nsley, 2006:
Displacement field and slip distribution of the 2005 Kashmir earthquake from SAR imagery

Boschi, L.; Piersanti, A.; Spada, G.; Sabadini, R., 1996:
Displacement field associated to the 1994 Bolivia earthquake

Fisher Don; Byrne Tim, 1988:
Displacement field in an ancient accretionary wedge, Kodiak, Alaska

Akagi Hirokazu; Komiya Kazuhito; Saitoh Hironobu, 1999:
Displacement field of granular backfill due to earthquake induced quaywall movement

X.G.o ming; S.F.ng, 1988:
Displacement field of seismic fault dislocation influenced by surface soft layer

Sandwell, D.; Sichoix, L.; Agnew, D.C.; Bock, Y.; Minster, J.B.H., 2000:
Displacement field of the M7.1 Hector Mine earthquake from ERS radar interferometry

Geiser Peter, A., 1985:
Displacement fields and displacement profiles; some new tools for the construction of structural cross sections and the analysis of overthrust terranes

Faramarz Nilforoushan; Hemin, A.K.yi, 2007:
Displacement fields and finite strains in a sandbox model simulating a fold-thrust-belt

Yoshioka, S.; Hashimoto, M.; Hirahara, K., 1989:
Displacement fields due to the 1946 Nankaido earthquake in a laterally inhomogeneous structure with the subducting Philippine Sea Plate; a three-dimensional finite element approach

Degischer, H.P., 1974:
Displacement fields of small defects in elastically anisotropic cubic crystals

Utkin, V.P., 1989:
Displacement geodynamical regime of the Asia-Pacific oceanic transition zone

Clausen Ole Rono; Korstgard John, A., 1994:
Displacement geometries along graben bounding faults in the Horn Graben, offshore Denmark

Cartwright Joseph, A.; Mansfield Christopher, S., 1997:
Displacement geometry and growth of the Canyonlands Grabens of Utah

Barnett Jim, A.M.; Mortimer John; Rippon John, H.; Walsh John, J.; Watterson Juan, 1987:
Displacement geometry in the volume containing a single normal fault

Ferrill David, A.; Morris Alan, P., 2001:
Displacement gradient and deformation in normal fault systems

Walsh John, J.; Watterson Juan, 1989:
Displacement gradients on fault surfaces

Okada Atsumasa, 1992:
Displacement histories of Holocene faulting along the Median Tectonic Line of Southwest Japan

Amoroso Lee; Caffee Marc, 2000:
Displacement history and scarp erosion rate of a faulted Quaternary basalt, Wupatki National Monument, Arizona

Van Arsdale, R., 2000:
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Displacements, Strains, and Tilts at Teleseismic Distances

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Displacive phase transitions and structure of high-temperature phases in silicates

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Displacive phase transitions in clinopyroxenes

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Display and analysis of spatial data

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Display and assessment of earthquake focal mechanisms by vector representation

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Display and assessment of seismic moment tensors

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Display and assessment of source mechanisms with non-double-couple components

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Display and enhancement of aeromagnetic data with examples from Guysborough County, Nova Scotia--Representation et rehaussement des donnees aeromagnetiques; exemples empruntes au comte de Guysborough (Nouvelle-Ecosse)

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Display and enhancement of gridded aeromagnetic and gravity data of the Sunda Strait region

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Display and enhancement of gridded aeromagnetic data of the Solway Basin

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Display and processing of seismic wide angle reflection data from disposable sonobuoys

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Display and processing of seismic wide angle reflection data from expendable sonobuoys

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Display and retraction of outer membrane cytochromes by Shewanella oneidensis in response to electron acceptor availability

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Display expanded shifts and datum corrections

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Display life and related traits of low-dose irradiated, boneless, pork chops

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Display of Munsell color values, earthquakes, and other three- and four-parameter datasets in stereo 3D

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Display of SATIN processing errors

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Display of WLP results by means of color sections

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Display of a plane in 7-D space

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Display of airborne electromagnetic data as multispectral images

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Display of archaeological magnetic data

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Display of basement structure of petroleum and gas provinces of East European Platform on space images

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Display of data in map form; problems of compatibility

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Display of digital geological maps of eastern Japan 1:2,000,000 in the Chiba Geologic Exhibition

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Display of displacement tectonics in structure of Ukraine

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Display of displacement tectonics in structure of the Volyn-Podolia margin of the East European Platform

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Display of features on the U. S. Geological Survey's logging truck built especially for borehole gravity surveys

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Display of powder X-ray patterns by MS-Excel/ VBA

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Display of residual profiles versus gridded image data in aeromagnetic study of sedimentary basins; a case history

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Display of water types based on color information theory

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Display of weathering crust in the eastern portion of the Baikal-Amur line, Dzheltulak District

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Display on Chemostructural systematics of minerals in the Mineralogical Museum of the USSR Academy of Sciences

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Display on the theme 'The hydrosphere' from the exhibit of the Museum of Geography

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Display rating table dates

Malyavskiy, B.K., 1997:
Display stereophotogrammetric complex Fotomod

Margherita Lucio, 1970:
Display techniques as an aid to aeromagnetic interpretation

Margherita, L.V., 1970:
Display techniques as an aid to aeromagnetic interpretation, Mount Bonaparte Quadrangle

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Display techniques for AVO analysis

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Display techniques for integrated data sets

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Display techniques in the earth sciences

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Displaying 3-D objects in seismology using PEX library

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Displaying Minnesota's Ordovician conodont fauna at the new Science Museum of Minnesota

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Displaying and evaluating engineering properties and natural hazards using geomorphic mapping techniques; Telluride, Colorado

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Displaying geological 3-D surfaces using computer graphics

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Displaying large shaded relief maps in real time with varying sun angles

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Displaying real-time hydrologic data on the Internet during the 1997 flood in the Red River of the North basin, North Dakota

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Displaying shear-wave splitting in cross-hole surveys for materials with combinations of EDA and PTL anisotropies

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Displaying surface-water data and spatial information for USGS gaging and water-quality stations in Minnesota

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Displaying the 3D data cube and its perturbations

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Displaying the passage of time in geologic processes through the use of computer animations

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Displays of geologic maps

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Disposable Faraday cups for better reproducibility of Sr and Nd measurements with multicollector mass spectrometers

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Disposable electrochemical sensors to analyze environmental samples

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Disposal (conservation) of water by percolation in soil

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Disposal Pattern of Clay Minerals from a Transverse Range Into An Ocean Basin

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Disposal alternatives for the Denver radium processing waste Superfund site

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Disposal and destruction of waste PCBs

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Disposal and reclamation of mining and dredging wastes

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Disposal and removal of halogenated hydrocarbons in soils

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Disposal and storage studies

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Disposal in continental geologic formations

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Disposal in natural salt formations

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Disposal in or beneath a thick sedimentary sequence

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Disposal in view of the Canadian experience in potash mining

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Disposal of British radwaste at home and in antipodean Australia

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Disposal of HLW in salt formations, the efficiency of the natural barriers

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Disposal of carbon dioxide in permeable underground layers; a feasible option?

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Disposal of carbon dioxide in the ocean

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Disposal of chemical sludges and brines

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Disposal of high-level radioactive wastes

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Disposal of leachate by evaporation

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Disposal of liquid effluents from geothermal installations

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Disposal of liquid waste by means of injection into the earth

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Disposal of liquid waste by means of injection wells

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Disposal of liquid wastes by injection underground

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Disposal of liquid wastes by injection underground - neither myth nor millenium

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Disposal of liquid wastes by well injection

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Disposal of liquid wastes in cavernous dolostones beneath southeastern Florida

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Disposal of low- and intermediate-level radioactive wastes in shallow ground and rock cavities

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Disposal of medium-level radioactive waste by hydraulic fracturing

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Disposal of mine tailings and smelter residues on clayey soils

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Disposal of mine tailings in continuous permafrost areas; environmental aspects and future control strategies

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Disposal of mine tailings using a clay suspension

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Disposal of nuclear wastes underground

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Disposal of nuclear wastes; a national and international perspective

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Disposal of oil-field brines in the Central Valley of California

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Disposal of oilfield brine, drilling fluids and drill cuttings in the Province of Ontario

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Disposal of phenolic waters from a producer gas plant

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Disposal of phosphate mining waters

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Disposal of polluted dredgings from the Great Lakes area

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Disposal of production waters from oil and gas wells in the northern San Juan Basin, Colorado

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Disposal of radioactive and hazardous wastes into clay-rich rocks

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Disposal of radioactive waste

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Disposal of radioactive waste from mining and processing of mineral sands

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Disposal of radioactive waste in Belarus and complications from the Chernobyl disaster

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Disposal of radioactive waste in West Germany

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Disposal of radioactive waste in West Germany; manufacturing, uses, and conservation

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Disposal of radioactive waste in the Lower Freshwater Molasse

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Disposal of radioactive wastes

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Disposal of radioactive wastes in salt domes

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Disposal of radioactive wastes into the underground in the Federal Republic of Germany

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Disposal of refuse

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Disposal of residual materials from coal mining in the Ruhr region; developments and goals of the Ruhrkohle AG company

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Disposal of residues from combustion

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Disposal of residues from the brown coal-fired power stations in the Rhineland mining area; development, present state of art and future planning of dumping techniques

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Disposal of rock waste for controlling environmental degradation at Nathpa Jhakri hydroelectric project, Himachal Pradesh

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Disposal of solid waste in the marine environment with particular reference to the China clay industry

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Disposal of solid wastes; acceptable practice or geological nightmare?

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Disposal of solid, low-level radioactive waste in eastern United States

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Disposal of storm water by ground water recharge

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Disposal of the data, concerning crooked wells, at the compilation of a structural map

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Disposal of thermal energy in an aquifer

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Disposal of urban industrial liquid waste

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Disposal of urban, industrial and radioactive refuse

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Disposal of used fuel in crystalline rock; technical and natural barriers to migration

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Disposal of vitrified waste in an unsaturated environment

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Disposal of waste liquor from 2,5-dichlorodisulfanilic acid production

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Disposal of wastes to tidal waters

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Disposal of wastes; examples from Illinois

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Disposal options and case-study pathway analyses

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Disposal pits, injection wells, and ground-water contamination

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Disputada Copper wants to sell 60000 mtpy of concentrate

Anonymous, 1981:
Disputada will have surplus concs

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Dispute on the Archaean group in the development of geological science in Meiji era

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Dispute over earthquake engineering center grant aired on capitol hill

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Disruption of Gondwanaland re-organization of the convection in the mantle

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Disruption of Water Drops by Electrical Forces

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Disruption of bedrock by the growth and collapse of ice lenses

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Disruption of biologically significant chemical signals by pollutants

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Disruption of the Gondwanaland, geoid heights and gravity anomalies

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Disruption of the Younger Basic masses in the Huntly-Portsoy area, Grampian region

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Disruptions in the perennial course of natural processes taking place on the Earth and the sharp changes in the solar activity

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Dissected marine terraces on Santa Catalina Island, California

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Dissecting Geological Concepts

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Dissecting variograms

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Dissection and correlation of Frasnian-Famennian boundary deposits in the northeastern USSR from conodont data

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Dissection and redissection of the Wellington landscape

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Dissection by mass movement on Nyika Plateau, Malawi

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Dissection features in the hills near Sendai city, viewed from the valley forms

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Dissection in natural watershed form

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Dissection of Paleogene deposits in the northwestern part of the Boryslav-Pokutian Zone of the Carpathian Foredeep

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Dissection of Pleistocene marine terraces by paleolandslides on the Nishi-tsugaru coast, northern Japan

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Dissection of a myrapod, Scolopendra

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Dissection of alluvial deposits after failure of the Lake Charleston Spillway

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Dissection of an ignimbrite plateau; aftermath of the 64 Ka Rotoiti eruption, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

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Dissection of genetic effects of quantitative trait loci (QTL) in transgenic cotton

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Dissection of glaciated slopes by landslides in the Shirakouchi-sawa Valley, northern Japanese Alps

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Dissection of mountain ridges and its role in the modelling of flysch slope

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Dissection of relief in the southern Mexico Basin and adjacent areas

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Dissection of the Pleistocene using P. A. Kropotkin's theory

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Dissection of the barley 2L1.0 region carrying the 'Laevigatum' quantitative resistance gene to leaf rust using near-isogenic lines (NIL) and subNIL

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Dissection of the coral biostrome unit of the Middle Devonian Hungry Hollow Formation, Hungry Hollow and Thedford, Ontario

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Dissection of the shelf edge by submarine canyons; an example from the Silurian of New World Island, Newfoundland

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Dissection of topography as an index of erosion rate; a case study of northern and eastern regions of European Russia

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Dissection of valleys by debris flows

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Dissection on model design for Vibroseis

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Disseminated Au-Ag-Cu mineralization in the western Canadian sedimentary basin, Fort MacKay, northeastern Alberta; a new gold deposit type

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Disseminated Fe-Ti oxides in the Seiland magmatic province of Northern Norway

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Disseminated Ni-Cu-Co mineralization in Lower Palaeozoic ultramafic volcanics at Rockley, NSW

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Disseminated and epigenetic Pb-Zn mineralisation in Ordovician mudstone, Galloway

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Disseminated and epigenetic Pb-Zn mineralisation in Ordovician mudstone, Southwest Scotland

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Disseminated and replacement gold

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Disseminated boron in the middle and upper Carboniferous volcanic rocks of the central Kurama range

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Disseminated chalcocite deposits at Ray, Arizona

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Disseminated chalcopyrite in Nasina facies metamorphic rocks near Lucky Joe Creek, west central Yukon