Distribution of benthonic foraminifera in the sediments of the Bay of the Seine between Cotentin and the meridian of Ouistreham

Moulinier, M.

Cahiers Oceanographiques 19(6): 477-494


Accession: 018761059

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Bottom sampling in the Bay of the Seine (France) has led to some important ecologic observations on foraminiferal faunas. Almost all thanatocenoses are dominated by Ammonia beccarii and Quinqueloculina gr. seminulum; biocenoses, on the other hand, at the time of sampling were characterized by Elphidium faba and E. gerthi. This difference may be seasonal. Ammonia beccarii and Asterigerinata mamilla in particular may vary seasonally. Atlantic thanatocenoses typically contain abundant Cibicides lobatulus and Elphidium crispum, which give way to the Ammonia-Quinqueloculina association along the coasts of the English Channel, where average salinities are less than 35 parts per thousand.