Documenting historical industrial site pollution within the United States

Lucas, C.L.; Standard, G.S.

Proceedings - International Airborne Remote Sensing Conference and Exhibition 2


Accession: 018768460

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Autometric analysts conducted an environmental project for a law firm which documented historical industrial pollution of a site in the State of Pennsylvania, U.S.A. Using the U.S. Geological Survey's archival imagery database, several aerial imagery collections over the site from the 1960' s to the mid 1990's were identified and procured. Two different types of pollution could be observed within the site, beginning during the earliest collections and persisting at various levels throughout the study period. Using both conventional photo interpretation techniques and, through the digitization of the aerial photographs, various digital image processing procedures, the identification and extent of each pollutant were documented for each collection year. These data were illustrated by the production of fully annotated "briefing board" photo enlargements of the area of interest, for use during the trial. An experienced imagery analyst was then used as an expert witness to present an analysis from the boards at the trial.