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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 18790

Chapter 18790 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Lanzano, P., 1984:
Earth crust deformations due to heat sources

Ciric Branislav, 1984:
Earth crust in Yugoslavia; aspects of crustal structure, its relationship to the deep structures and its development

Dragasevic, T., 1970:
Earth crust investigation using converted waves

Lynn, R.D., 1961:
Earth crust measurements by seismograph in Oklahoma

Tucker Paul, M.; Westphal, J.A., 1963:
Earth crust measurements by seismograph in Oklahoma; a preliminary report

Roark James, J., 1963:
Earth crust measurements by seismograph in Oklahoma; an interim report

Neprochnov, Y.P.; Sedov, V.V., 1984:
Earth crust of the main tectonical structures in the northern Pacific

Polyanskiy, N.V., 1999:
Earth crust structure and evolution in Eastern Kazakhstan

Vol vovskiy I.S.; Dachev Kh; Popova, O.G.; Velev, A.; Babinets, V.A.; Natroshvili, L.I., 1985:
Earth crust structure in Bulgaria; the profile DSS-MRW Petrich-Nikopol

Dragasevic, T.; Andric, B., 1980:
Earth crust structure in the conditions of different structural-geological and topographical relations

Kovilin, V.; Shevaldin Yu; Karp, B., 1979:
Earth crust structure in the outskirts of the Japan Sea Basin

Neprochnov, Y.P.; Bezverbnaya, V.V., 1998:
Earth crust structure; analysis of earlier seismic refraction results

Neprochnov, Y.P.; Bezverbnaya, V.V., 1998:
Earth crust structure; discussion

Neprochnov, Y.P.; Sedov, V.V.; Buravtsev, A.A.; Grinko, B.N.; Elnikov, I.N.; Bezverbnaya, V.V., 1998:
Earth crust structure; seismic refraction results in the S22 cruise

Neprochnov, Y.P.; Sedov, V.V.; Grinko, B.N.; Bezverbnaya, V.V., 1998:
Earth crust structure; seismic refraction results of the M31 cruise

Lawrence Myron, W., 1969:
Earth crustal movements by precision analytics

Mel nikov V.P., 1997:
Earth cryosphere as object of cryology

Anonymous, 2001:
Earth current and geomagnetic observations in Awaji Island

Jones, F.W.; K.C.C.; Geldart, L.P., 1969:
Earth currents and magnetic field variations in the period range 10-200 s

Molyneux, L.; Richards, M.; Runcorn, S.K.; Strens, R., 1971:
Earth currents and the geomagnetic field

Sanker Narayan, P.V., 1965:
Earth currents and their place in geophysics

Hessler, V.P.; Heacock, R.R., 1962:
Earth currents at the auroral zone

Runcorn, S.K.; Molyneux, L.; Richards, M.; Strens, M.R., 1984:
Earth currents measured by Pacific telegraph cables from 1968

Scheuch, G., 1983:
Earth dam and Grand-Maison area

Seed, H. Bolton, 1980:
Earth dam design

Holubec, I.; Zehir, T.; Dufour, S., 1982:
Earth dam design and construction in cold permafrost at Contwoyto Lake, N.W.T

Mineiro, A.J.C., 1991:
Earth dam design; new safety criteria

Sowers, G.F., 1977:
Earth dam failures

Walker Fred, C., 1966:
Earth dam problems for the geologist

Keightley, W.O.; Frazier, G.A., 1968:
Earth dam undergoes earthquakes

Idris, I.M.; Mathur, J.M.; Seed, H.B., 1974:
Earth dam-foundation interaction during earthquakes

Middlebrooks Thomas Alwyn, 1950:
Earth dams

Pichumani, R.; Gupta, D.C.; Heller, L.W., 1984:
Earth dams at nuclear power plants

Madej, J., 1983:
Earth dams studied by microgravimetry

Krishna Jai; Prakash Shamsher, 1965:
Earth dams subjected to earthquakes

Degoutte, G., 1985:
Earth dams; dynamic compaction of a sealing trench

Quirk Bruce; Beck Ronald, E., 1998:
Earth data for the future

Singer, S.Fred, 1995:
Earth day 1970 recalled

Pulinowa Maria, Z., 2000:
Earth days in Sosnowiec; implementation of principles of regional education

Curott David, R., 1966:
Earth deceleration from ancient solar eclipses

Quirke Terence Thomas, 1929:
Earth deformation

Hein Guenter, W.; Eissfeller Bernd, 1986:
Earth deformation analysis in the context of integrated geodesy

Lensen, G.J., 1969:
Earth deformation and earthquake prediction

Anonymous, 1987:
Earth deformation at Edgecumbe

Otway, P. M.; Lensen, G. J., 1968:
Earth deformation at Inangahua

Lensen, G.J., 1976:
Earth deformation in relation to engineering geology and town planning

Lensen, G.J., 1977:
Earth deformation in relation to town planning in New Zealand

Suyenaga, W., 1977:
Earth deformation in response to surface loading

Anonymous, 1986:
Earth deformation studies and their application

Symonds, P.A., 1994:
Earth deformation; the role for the Ocean Drilling Program (ODP)

Zhu Yongfeng, 1996:
Earth degassing and its environmental effects

Jambon Albert, 1994:
Earth degassing and large-scale geochemical cycling of volatile elements

Luttz, B.G., 1991:
Earth degassing and magmatic processes that formed continental and oceanic crust

Hart, R.; Hogan, L., 1978:
Earth degassing models, and the heterogenous vs. homogeneous mantle

Lukin, A.Ye, 1999:
Earth degassing, chemical mutagenesis, macroevolution; Paper 1, The causes of deep interrelation between global epochs of black shale accumulation and crucial stages of macroevolution

Lukin, A.Ye, 2000:
Earth degassing, chemical mutagenesis, macroevolution; Paper 2, Correlation between origin centres and Earth degassing pipes

Qiang Zuji; D.L.tian, 2001:
Earth degassing, forest fire and seismic activities

Vollmer, R., 1983:
Earth degassing, mantle metasomatism, and isotopic evolution of the mantle

DeLury Justin Sarsfield, 1932:
Earth distortion

Eby George, 1921:
Earth disturbances at Dixie, Washington, September, 14, 1921

McClure, P.; Winn, C.B.ron, 1973:
Earth dynamic filtering for earthquake prediction and Love number determination

Fluteau Frederic, 2003:
Earth dynamics and climate changes

Andre Luc, 2000:
Earth dynamics; rhythms or chaos? On the necessity of increasing the resolution of our measurements

Ralchovsky, T.M.; Komarov, L.N., 1988:
Earth electric activity in August-September 1986 and a strong earthquake in Vranchea

Palmer, L.S., 1951:
Earth electrical resistance measurements near the Bath swallet, Mendip hills, Somerset

Adam, A.; Bencze, P.; Marcz, F.; Martini, D.; Satori, G.; Szarka, L.; Vero, J.; Wesztergom, V.; Zieger, B., 2005:
Earth electromagnetism

Flynn, G.J., 1987:
Earth encounter velocities and exposure ages of IDPs from asteroidal and cometary sources

A.D.Taylor, 1996:
Earth encounter velocities for interplanetary meteoroids

Curtis Robin, 2001:
Earth energy in the UK

Kaya, Y., 2002:
Earth environment and polar regions

Peltier, W.Richard, 2000:
Earth evolution and climate

Wasserburg, G.J., 1982:
Earth evolution and neutrons on the Moon

Franck Siegfried; Block Arthur; von Bloh Werner; Bounama Christine; Schellnhuber Hans Joachim; Svirezhev Yuri, 1999:
Earth evolution and the life span of the biosphere

Vogel Klaus, 2003:
Earth expansion and plate tectonics; from Alfred Wegener's theory of continental drift to Earth expansion

Pickford Martin, 1996:
Earth expansion and plate tectonics; historical review, comparison and discussion

Shen, E.L., 1984:
Earth expansion in relation to the formation of global structures

Kremp, G.O.W., 1992:
Earth expansion theory versus statical Earth assumption

Kremp, G.O.W., 1986:
Earth expansion theory; the next revolution in earth sciences

Tassos Stavros, 1997:
Earth expansion versus plate tectonics, or approaching reality versus mental artifacts

Maxlow James, 2001:
Earth expansion; quantification using oceanic magnetic isochron mapping

Radkevich, Y.A., 1989:
Earth fault systems

Thomas, H.M., 1983:
Earth feature classification developments for remote sensing

Sildvee, H., 1991:
Earth fields and biolocation

Simon Cheryl, 1983:
Earth fire

Sherrier, M.P., 1990:
Earth fissure occurrence in Quitman Canyon; West Texas

Larson Michael, K.; Pewe Troy, L., 1983:
Earth fissures and land subsidence hazards in Northeast Phoenix

Contaldo, G.J.; Mueller, J.E., 1991:
Earth fissures and land subsidence of the Mimbres Basin, southwestern New Mexico, U.S.A

Thomas, L.H.lzer; Earl, H.P.mpeyan, 1981:
Earth fissures and localized differential subsidence

Holzer, T.L.; Davis, S.N., 1976:
Earth fissures associated with water-table declines

E.Baruni Suleiman, S., 1994:
Earth fissures caused by groundwater withdrawal, Sarir South Agricultural Project area, Libya

Lund William, R.; DuRoss Christopher, B.; Kirby Stefan, M.; McDonald Greg, N.; Hunt Gary; Vice Garrett, S., 2005:
Earth fissures in Escalante Valley, Iron County, Utah

Molinari Mark, P.; Grivetti Marc, C.; Roth Wolfgang, H.; Moore Robert, J., 1992:
Earth fissures in Lancaster, California; site geologic and geotechnical evaluation and recommendations for future studies in fissure areas

Patt, R.O.; Mifflin, M., 1978:
Earth fissures in Las Vegas Valley, Nevada

Neal, J.T., 1978:
Earth fissures in alluvial basin sediments

Contaldo Gregory, J., 1986:
Earth fissures in the Deming area, Luna County, New Mexico

Contaldo Gregory, J.; Mueller Jerry, E., 1991:
Earth fissures of the Mimbres Basin, southwestern New Mexico

Corwin, E.J.; Alhadeff, S.C.; Oggel, S.P.; Shlemon Roy, J., 1991:
Earth fissures, urbanization and litigation; a case study from the Temecula area, southwestern Riverside County, California

Khalid, A.B.nkher; Abbas, A.A.-Harthi, 1999:
Earth fissuring and land subsidence in western Saudi Arabia

Sherrier Michael, P., 1993:
Earth fissuring in the Red Light Bolson, West Texas

Stewart Craig, A.; Colby Norman, D.; Kent Robert, T.; Egan John, A.; Hall, N.T.mothy, 1998:
Earth fissuring, ground-water flow, and ground-water quality in the Chino Basin, California

Chihara, K.; Fujita, Y.; Uemura, T.; Kobayashi, I., 1979:
Earth flow (Dosekiryu) at Mt. Myoko on 18th May, 1978

Carter, L.D.vid; Galloway John, P., 1981:
Earth flows along Henry Creek, northern Alaska

Chihara, K.; Nishida, S., 1978:
Earth flows caused by 1968 heavy rainfall ( Uetsu Gou ) in the northern part of Niigata Prefecture

Vlasov, G.M., 1986:
Earth fluid breath and stratiform ore mineralization

Serezhnikov, A.I., 2004:
Earth fluid sphere and science of fluid sphere geonomy; discussion

Rai, S.N., 2002:
Earth fluid systems; an introduction

Melmore Sidney, 1938:
Earth fractures and loxodromes

Kaczorowski Marek, 2006:
Earth free oscillations observed in plumb line variations from the 26 December 2004 earthquake

Cunningham Richard, 1999:
Earth from the inside out

Culver Steve; Bloomfield Robert; Cressey Gordon, 1996:
Earth galleries at the Natural History Museum

Torsvik Trond, H.; Cocks, L.R.bin M., 2004:
Earth geography from 400 to 250 Ma; a palaeomagnetic, faunal and facies review

Cocks, L.R.M.; Torsvik, T.H., 2002:
Earth geography from 500 to 400 million years ago; a faunal and palaeomagnetic review

Kostadinoff Jose; Bjerg Ernesto; Raniolo Ariel; Santiago Emiliano, 2003:
Earth gravity and magnetic field anomalies in the Sierra de Socoscora, San Luis Province

Reigber Christoph; Jochmann Horst; Wuensch Johann; Petrovic Svetozar; Schwintzer Peter; Barthelmes Franz; Neumayer Karl Hans; Koenig Rolf; Foerste Christoph; Balmino Georges; Biancale Richard; Lemoine Jean Michel; Loyer Sylvain; Perosanz Felix, 2005:
Earth gravity field and seasonal variability from CHAMP

Sjogren, W.L.; Laing, P.A.; Liu, A.S.; Wimberly, R.N., 1976:
Earth gravity field variations from Geos-3/ Ats-6 satellite to satellite radio tracking

E.L.nsard; R.B.ancale, 1986:
Earth gravity model improvement; an alternative method for Doppler-tracked satellites

Chambat Frederic; Valette, B., 2005:
Earth gravity up to second order in topography and density

Hill Mary, R., 1965:
Earth hazards

Lasky, B.H., 1967:
Earth heat flow criteria may indicate porosity traps

Birch Francis, 1966:
Earth heat flow measurements in the last decade

Koch, E., 1978:
Earth heat; alternative or addition to nuclear energy

Gordon John, E.; MacFadyen Colin, C.J., 2001:
Earth heritage conservation in Scotland; state, pressures and issues

Jacobs Patric; Martini Guy; Spiteri Anna; Wilson Chris, 1996:
Earth heritage conservation; a new branch on the geoscience-tree

Doyle Peter; Bennett Matthew, R., 1998:
Earth heritage conservation; past, present and future agendas

Leeder, M.R. (reviewer), 1974 :
Earth history and plate tectonics; an introduction to historical geology; book review

Tarling, D.H. (reviewer), 1980:
Earth history and plate tectonics; an introduction; book review

Hedberg Hollis, D., 1965:
Earth history and the record in the rocks

Bowen Oliver, E., 1963:
Earth history at roadsides

Cloud Preston, 1988:
Earth history from the beginning

Buwalda John Peter, 1938:
Earth history of a portion of the Pacific Northwest

Veevers, J.J., 1988:
Earth history of the Southeast Indian Ocean and the conjugate margins of Australia and Antarctica

LoDuca Steven; Ojala Carl, F., 1996:
Earth history on the gridiron

Garwin Laura, 1995:
Earth history; reflections on plate tectonics

DePaolo Donald, J., 1994:
Earth history; strange bedfellows

Timoshin, Y.V., 1989:
Earth holography; present status and future

Schunke, E.; Zoltai, S.C., 1988 :
Earth hummocks (thufur)

Grab Stefan, W., 2005:
Earth hummocks (thufur); new insights to their thermal characteristics and development in eastern Lesotho, Southern Africa

Bennett Matthew, R.; Mather Anne, E.; Glasser Neil, F., 1996:
Earth hummocks and boulder runs at Merrivale, Dartmoor

Kelletat Dieter, 1969:
Earth hummocks as early spring forms in the area around Goettingen

George, W.Scotter and S.C.Zoltai, 1982:
Earth hummocks in the Sunshine area of the Rocky Mountains, Alberta and British Columbia

Collins Gareth, S.; Melosh, H.J.y; Marcus Robert, A., 2005:
Earth impact effects program; a web-based computer program for calculating the regional environmental consequences of a meteoroid impact on Earth

Steel, D., 1992:
Earth impactors: Australian and international search programs

Yulsman Tom, 1997:
Earth in action; portraits of the planet

Tinkler Keith, J., 1998:
Earth in decay

Romey William, D., 1982:
Earth in my oatmeal

Gramling Carolyn, 2007:
Earth in real time

Lanting Frans, 2006:
Earth in the beginning

Lathrop Alison, S., 1997:
Earth in the universe; a non-traditional general education earth science course for all education majors

Marques de Almeida Fernando Flavio; Oliva Ribeiro Antonio Carlos, 1998:
Earth in transformation

Matthews Jeffrey, M.; Schmidt Keegan, L., 2005:
Earth information systems; a combined GIS and geology major

Vega Garriga Nicolas, 1996:
Earth internal structure pattern proposition

Winder, C.Gordon, 1991:
Earth is old, isn't it?

Cudahy, T.J.; Barry, P.S., 2002:
Earth magmatic-seawater hydrothermal alteration revealed through satellite-borne Hyperion imagery at Panorama, Western Australia

Neacsu, C.R., 1994:
Earth magnetic field and radioactive concentration

Mata, J., 1998:
Earth mantle geochemical evolution; a diachronic fractionation model for U/ Pb and Th/ U ratios

Grobety Bernard, 1998:
Earth materials

Ernst, W.G., 2006:
Earth materials and human health

Nuhfer, E.B., 1979:
Earth materials as seen by the scanning electron microscope

Corey, L.E., 1977:
Earth materials in energy conservative construction

Ernst, W.G., 2000:
Earth materials, and the internal constitution of the planet

Kunarev, A., 1987:
Earth mineral resources cadastre

Saxena, S.K., 1996:
Earth mineralogical model; Gibbs free energy minimization computation in the system MgO-FeO-SiO (sub 2)

Vujakovic Peter, 1990:
Earth mission 2000; Soviet space imagery for Earth resource mapping and monitoring

Abriel William, L., 2004:
Earth model complexity and risk description in resource exploration and development

Garrett Steve; Griesbach Sue; Johnson Dan; Jones Dik; L.M.chele; Orr Wayne; Sword Chuck, 1997:
Earth model synthesis

Ryan John Arthur; Handzus Thomas Jay Jr., 1988:
Earth model with laser beam simulating seismic ray paths

Rapolla Antonio; Bais Giovanni; Bruno Pier Paolo, G.; D.F.ore Vincenzo, 2002:
Earth modeling and estimation of the local seismic ground motion due to site geology in complex volcanoclastic areas

Jeffreys, H., 1983:
Earth models

Bullen, K.E.; Haddon, R.A.W., 1967:
Earth models based on compressibility theory

Press Frank, 1970:
Earth models consistent with geophysical data

Badal, J.; Corchete, V.; Payo, G., 1989:
Earth models for the Iberian Shield from inversion of Rayleigh wave phase velocities

Press Frank, 1968:
Earth models obtained by Monte Carlo inversion

Worthington, M.H.; Cleary, J.R.; Anderssen, R.S., 1973:
Earth models obtained using Monte Carlo and linear programming techniques

Heck Nicholas Hunter; Neumann Frank, 1942:
Earth motions in the vicinity of a fault slip

A.E.Porsild, 1938:
Earth mounds in unglaciated Arctic northwestern America

Jansen Robert, B.; Dukleth Gordon, W.; Gordon Bernard, B.; James Laurence, B.; Shields Clyde, E., 1968:
Earth movement at Baldwin Hills Reservoir ; closure

Gardner, D.A.C., 1980:
Earth movement; causes and effects

Fenner Clarence Norman, 1925:
Earth movements accompanying the Katmai eruption

Rosengren, K.J.; Krehula, F.J., 1967:
Earth movements and batter stability in the Latrobe valley open cuts

Lees James Henry, 1914:
Earth movements and drainage lines in Iowa

Jansen Robert, B.; Dukleth Gordon, W.; Gordon Bernard, B.; James Laurence, B.; Shields Clyde, E., 1967:
Earth movements at Baldwin Hills reservoir

Parsons James, M., 1969:
Earth movements at Buena Vista pumping plant, Kern County, California

Savage, J.C.; Burford, R.O.; Kinoshita, W.T., 1975:
Earth movements from geodetic measurements

Freymueller Jeffrey, T., 1996:
Earth movements in Alaska measured with GPS

Bowie William, 1973:
Earth movements in California

Bowie William, 1924:
Earth movements in California as disclosed by triangulation (abstract, with discussion by Arthur Keith, L. C. Graton, and A. C. Lawson)

Kovacikova, M.; Kovacik, M.; Modlitba, I., 1989:
Earth movements in Kliestina

Moerner Nils Axel, 1978:
Earth movements in Sweden, 20 000 BP to 20 000 AP

Ulrich Edward Oscar, 1932:
Earth movements in relation to stratigraphy

Muto Katsuhiko, 1934:
Earth movements in the Mino-Owari District since the great earthquake of 1891

Mendvil Salvador, 1966:
Earth movements in the Ubinas area

Stevens, G.R., 1956:
Earth movements in the Wellington area

Mendvil Salvador, 1966:
Earth movements in the area of Anascapa

Machado Frederico; Nascimento, J.M., 1966:
Earth movements near the Capelinhos vent

Gloe, C.S.; James, J.P.; McKenzie, R.J., 1973:
Earth movements resulting from brown coal open cut mining; Latrobe Valley, Victoria

Hopwood, A.Tindell, 1936:
Earth movements, ice ages, and faunas

Moerner Nils Axel, 1980:
Earth movements, paleoceanography, paleoclimatology and eustasy; major Cenozoic events in the North Atlantic

Christensen, M.N.; Bolt, B.A., 1964:
Earth Movements: Alaskan Earthquake, 1964

Kehle Ralph, O., 1970:
Earth movements; an increasing problem in the cities

Rodrigo Gestoso, P.; Torres Alonso, M., 1988:
Earth movements; creating a hazards map for Asturias

Stromeyer, C.P., 1934:
Earth movements; the building of mountain ranges and their influence on cyclic changes of climate

Hooke Roger, L., 2004:
Earth moving can be dangerous to our health

Reiners Eric, A.; Corcoran Paul, T., 2005:
Earth moving industry; laboratory and numerical modeling tools applied to lunar environments

Vortman Luke, J., 1958:
Earth moving with nuclear explosives

Tricart, J.L., 1989:
Earth natural system; a contribution to the Geosphere-Biosphere Program

Tikhomirov, V.V.; Astakhov, M.I.; Gavrilova, I.A., 1987:
Earth nitrogen respiration and geotectonics

Murphy, A.J.; Savino, J.M., 1973:
Earth noise between 10 and 100 seconds

Richards Paul, G., 1986:
Earth noise in the band 1-100 Hz; comparison of studies from the 1960's and 1980's

Haubrich Richard, A.; MacKenzie Glenn, S., 1965:
Earth noise, 5 to 500 millicycles per second; 2, Reaction of the Earth to oceans and atmosphere

Herbert, T.D.; Hills, S.J.; Thierstein, H.R., 1988:
Earth obliquity control on stratification of Lower Cretaceous sediments

Goldsmith, P.; Readings, C.J., 1994:
Earth observation

Henry, J.B.; Fellah, K.; Clandillon, S.; Allenbach, B.; de Fraipont, P., 2002:
Earth observation and case-based systems for flood risk management

Brachet, G., 1988:
Earth observation by satellites

Singhroy Vern; Ohkura Hiroshi; Glenn Nancy, 2002:
Earth observation for landslide assessment

Lopez Vizoso, J.M., 1989:
Earth observation from space; soils map of the European Economic Community

Begni, G., 1998:
Earth observation in France in 1998

Mason Keith, 1986:
Earth observation notes

Lamb, A.D., 2000:
Earth observation technology applied to mining-related environmental issues

Elachi, C., 1981:
Earth observation with the SEASAT spaceborne imaging radar; an introduction

Runco Susan; Lulla Kamlesh; Amsbury David, L.; Evans Cynthia; Wilkinson, M.J.stin; Willis Kim; Frank Donald; McKay Mary Fae; Walker David, M.; Cockrell Kenneth, D.; Voss Jamies, S.; Gernhardt Michael, L.; Newman James, H., 1996:
Earth observations during space shuttle Mission STS-69 Endeavour's images of Earth (September 7-18, 1995)

Houston, R.S.; Marrs, R.W.; Short, N.M.; Lowman, P.D.J., 1977:
Earth observations from remote-sensing platforms; outlook

Short Nicholas, M.; Lowman Paul, D., 1973:
Earth observations from space; the outlook for the geological sciences

Jones, W.L.nwood; Rosen Alan; Carey Jay, 1987:
Earth observations opportunities from space station

Meltzer, A.S.; Zeitler, P.K., 1999:
Earth observatories; a mechanism for educating future scientists and citizens

Kafatos Enas; E.G.azawi Tarek; Wang, X.S.an; Yang Ruixin, 1999:
Earth observing data systems in the Internet era

Anonymous, 1993:
Earth observing system and global change

Tanaka Tasuku, 1991:
Earth observing system of NASDA

Kunzig Robert, 1991:
Earth on ice

Witze Alexandra, 1996:
Earth online

Covey, C., 1984:
Earth orbit and glacial periods

E.Baz, F., 1978:
Earth orbital photography in the Shuttle era

McLean Dewey, M., 1988:
Earth orbital variations and vertebrate bioevolution

Feissel, M.; Bourquard, D.; Charlot, P.; Eisop, E.; Essaifi, N.; Lestrade, J.F.; Arias, E.F.; Boucher, C.; Altamimi, Z., 1993:
Earth orientation and related reference frames

Axel Nothnagel; Qian Zhihan; George, D.N.colson; Paolo Tomasi, 1994:
Earth orientation determinations by short duration VLBI observations

Altamimi, Z.; Arias, E.F.; Boucher Claude; Feissel Martine, 1990:
Earth orientation determinations; some tests of consistency

Pavlis, E.C.; Torrence, M.H.; Kolenkiewicz, R., 1987:
Earth orientation determined from the recent Lageos satellite solution

Wooden William, H., 1988:
Earth orientation from Doppler tracking of the Navy navigation satellite system

Tapley Byron, D.; Schutz, B.E.; Eanes, R.J., 1984:
Earth orientation from Satellite Laser Ranging

J.O.D.ckey; X X Newhall; J.G.W.lliams, 1985:
Earth orientation from lunar laser ranging and an error analysis of polar motion services

Eanes, R.J., 1994:
Earth orientation from space geodesy

Wooden William, H.; Robinson Milo, J.; Bangert John, A., 1985:
Earth orientation parameters from Doppler tracking of the Navy Navigation Satellite System

Vondrak Jan; Weber Robert; Ron Cyril, 2002:
Earth orientation parameters; combination of results obtained by different techniques

Yoder, C.F., 1989:
Earth orientation variation and core-mantle structure

Bullen, K.E.; Haddon, R.A., 1967:
Earth oscillations and the radius of the Earth's core

Bhat, M.I., 1983:
Earth outgassing and carbonate facies development vis-a-vis Mesozoic carbonates of Himalaya

Suguio Kenitiro, 1997:
Earth paleoclimatic changes and their records, with emphasis on the Quaternary

Cecil, L.DeWayne, 2004:
Earth paleoenvironments; records preserved in mid- and low-latitude glaciers; summary

Turley Jay, 1933:
Earth patterns in eastern New Mexico

Norwood, F., 1974:
Earth penetration predictions obtained by cylindrical cavity expansion in a locking soil

Evans Cynthia, A.; Amsbury David, L.; Wilkinson, M.J., 1991:
Earth photography from the space shuttle

Gutenberg Beno, 1949:
Earth physics

Fleming John Adam, 1935:
Earth physics and geographical papers

Peltier, W.R., 2000:
Earth physics and global glacial isostasy; from paleo-geodesy to space-geodesy

Dittrich, G., 1975:
Earth pillars from the Ritten Plateau near Bozen

Liu Chang, P., 1969:
Earth pole wandering study based on the first order equations of motion

Finlay, P.T., 1993:
Earth potential as part of an earthquake and volcanic monitoring programme

Lanzerotti, L.J.; Sayres, C.H.; Medford, L.V.; Kraus, J.S.; Maclennan, C.G., 1992:
Earth potential over 400km between Hawaii and California

Robinson Robert, A.; Cochran Judy, 2002:
Earth pressure TBM makes for well balanced tunnel project in Seattle, WA

Kutara, K.; Gomadoe, M.; Takeuchi, T., 1984:
Earth pressure acting on culverts on soft ground

Kawamoto, T., 1979:
Earth pressure acting on tunnels

Rama Murthy, T.; Venkatappa Rao, G.; Amit Goel; Sharma, N.K., 1987:
Earth pressure against rigid walls due to surcharge loads

Fukuoka, M., 1988:
Earth pressure and effective stress

Bakeer, R.M.; Bhatia, S.K., 1989:
Earth pressure behind a gravity retaining wall

Nian Tingkai; Luan Maotian, 2002:
Earth pressure computations for cohesive backfill with an inclined surface under surcharge by limit analysis

Vavrovsky Georg, M., 1994:
Earth pressure development, underground deformation and structure dimensioning

Tamaki Osamu; Yahagi Kaname; Nakagawa Seishi, 1972:
Earth pressure distribution and designing of braced wall

Thamm, B., 1987:
Earth pressure distribution and resistance against gliding of a high cantilever wall of prefabricated concrete elements

Hada, M.; Fukuoka, M.; Cristos, A., 1988:
Earth pressure during landslide

Liu Shenbo, 2001:
Earth pressure in Fankou Mine, Guangdong, China, and preventive measures

Som, N.; Ghosh, S., 1985:
Earth pressure in braced cuts for Calcutta Metro construction

Priscu, R.; Stematiu, D.; Popescu, R., 1982:
Earth pressure in rockfill dams

Myslivec, A., 1976:
Earth pressure limits; discussion

Fukuoka, M.; Imamura, Y., 1983:
Earth pressure measurement in retaining wall backfill

Harris, G.M., 1984:
Earth pressure measurements behind a 20 metre high rigid retaining wall

Soni, K.M., 1987:
Earth pressure of c-phi soils

Bilz, P.; Franke, D.; Pietsch, C., 1985:
Earth pressure of soils with friction and cohesion

Som, N.N., 1987:
Earth pressure on RCC tunnel lining in shield-tunnelling for Calcutta Metro

Steenfelt, J.S., 1979:
Earth pressure on a rotating vertical rough wall

Hanke, E.; Bauernfeind, P., 1985:
Earth pressure on a subway constructed in sands

Muir Wood David; Narh David, 2000:
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