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Formations of the western Moroccan old High Atlas Massif, Neoproterozoic and lower Paleozoic; a landmark between the Anti-Atlas and the southern Moroccan Meseta domains

E.A.chi A.; Jouhari, A.; Bouabdelli, M.

Africa Geoscience Review 10(4): 389-398


Accession: 018955684

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Recent field and analytical works performed on low-grade metamorphic rocks of the Moroccan "High Atlas old Massif" allow: - to distinguish several sedimentary formations; - to study the magmatic rocks (essentially effusive) and to characterize their geochemical affinities. By comparison with adjacent areas, the age of the sedimentary rocks is attributed to the Late Proterozoic and Early Paleozoic. The volcanic rocks yield calc-alkaline (Late Proterozoic and Early Cambrian), then continental tholeiites (Middle Cambrian) affinities.

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