Section 20
Chapter 19,025

Geologic overview of the Eastern Appalachian Piedmont along Lake Gaston, North Carolina and Virginia

Sacks Paul, E.

Pages 1-15 1999


Accession: 019024542

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In the area of Lake Gaston, along the North Carolina and Virginia state line, the Raleigh, the Spring Hope, the Triplet, and the Roanoke Rapids terranes are alternating, fault-bounded terranes of high grade and low grade metamorphic rocks. Late Paleozoic granite have intrudes these rocks. The bounding fault zones of these terranes are, from west to east, the Nutbush Creek/Lake Gordon mylonite zone, the Macon fault zone, the Hollister fault zone, and the Gaston Dam fault zone. The Macon mylonite zone and the Gaston Dam fault zone both are cut by the Late Paleozoic granite intrusions. The Late Paleozoic granites are synkinematic with the Nutbush Creek/Lake Gordon mylonite zone and the Hollister fault zone. These fault zones all display evidence of predominantly dextral shear.

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