Section 20
Chapter 19,062

Geomorphic influence on soil genesis in semi-arid and arid environments

Pandey, S.; Ghose, B.; Roy, B.B.; Abichandanl, C.T.

J Indian Soc Soil Sci 15(3): 163-172


Accession: 019061964

The relationship between soil genesis and evolution of landform in the Raghunathpura and Bhadrajan catchments in semi-arid and arid environments respectively has been studied. The geomorphological processes involved in the sequential development of soil profiles and landform features along the slopes in thase catchments have been discussed. The mechanical composition of the soils has also been given. There is a distinct influence of geomorphology of the area on the pedogenesis. Two cycles of weathering in the granitic terrain have played a major role in the genesis of landforms and soils.

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