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Geotechnical studies for Lakhwar underground power house opening; analysis and interpretation

Singh Narendra; Agrawal, C.K.; Mehrotra, V.K.; Mitra Subhash

Journal of Engineering Geology 20(1-4): 292-300


Accession: 019075592

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A number of underground structures are being made the world over to cater to the needs of hydroelectric projects, transport, storage scheme and mining requirements. Design of complex underground structures in difficult geology as that of Himalayan region, requires extra consideration involving special geotechnical considerations. The present paper deals with some important investigations for evaluating the geotechnical parameters required for the design of Lakhwar underground power house which is under construction across the river Yamuna in Dist. Dehradun. Some useful suggestions have been given with regard to the methodology of in situ deformability test. This will facilitate in evaluating rational and representative value of modulus of deformation for the design of structures pertaining to hydroelectric projects.

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