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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 19083

Chapter 19083 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Anonymous, 1982:
Glacial effects on the Earth's crust; eustacy and isostacy

Rieck Richard, L.; Winters Harold, A., 1983:
Glacial effects on the Marshall Cuesta in southeastern Michigan

Y.R.senthal; E.A.B.yle; L.L.beyrie; D.O.po, 1995:
Glacial enrichments of authigenic Cd and U in subantarctic sediments; a climatic control on the elements' oceanic budget?

Wislinski, A., 1985:
Glacial environment during the Oka Glaciation in the Tatra Mountains

Osterman Lisa, E., 1982:
Glacial environmental facies model from Frobisher Bay, NWT

Liu Tungsheng; Zhang Xinshi; Xiong Shangfa; Qin Xiaoguang; Yang Xiaoping, 2002:
Glacial environments on the Tibetan Plateau and global cooling

van Andel Tjeerd, H., 2003:
Glacial environments; I, The Weichselian climate in Europe between the end of the OIS-5 interglacial and the last glacial maximum

Barron Eric; van Andel Tjeerd, H.; Pollard David, 2003:
Glacial environments; II, Reconstructing the climate of Europe in the last glaciation

Huntley Brian; Allen Judy, R.M., 2003 :
Glacial environments; III, Palaeo-vegetation patterns in last glacial Europe

Vtyurin, B.I., 1979:
Glacial epochs and permafrost in Chukotka

Fourcade, N.H.; Del Valle, R.A., 1979:
Glacial epochs in our country and in the Argentine Antarctic

Davis, W.M., 1932:
Glacial Epochs of the Santa Monica Mountains, California

Veyret Paul, 1971:
Glacial erosion and accumulation processes in action; observations made on advancing glaciers of the Mont Blanc massif, summers of 1968-70

Shatskiy, S.B., 1981:
Glacial erosion and dislocation in Belogor region

James, L.Allan, 2003:
Glacial erosion and geomorphology in the northwest Sierra Nevada, CA

Andrews, J.T.; Miller, G.H., 1979:
Glacial erosion and ice sheet divides, northeastern Laurentide Ice Sheet, on the basis of the distribution of limestone erratics

Stern Tim, A.; Baxter Ainslie, 2000:
Glacial erosion and isostatic rebound of the Transantarctic Mountains

Elverhoi, A.; Maisey, G., 1983:
Glacial erosion and morphology of the eastern and southeastern Weddell Sea shelf

Venzo, G.A., 1979:
Glacial erosion and postglacial refill in the Adige Valley, Trento region, Italy

Brocklehurst Simon, H.; Whipple Kelin, X., 2002:
Glacial erosion and relief production in the eastern Sierra Nevada, California

Bedard Pierre; David, P.P., 1989:
Glacial erosion and saprolite preservation on the high plateaus of central Gaspe

Holmes Chauncey DePew, 1949:
Glacial erosion and sedimentation 5, of Flint, R. F., chm., Pleistocene research, a review by the members of the Committee on Interrelation of Pleistocene Research, National Research Council

Vagnes, E.; Faleide, J.I.; Gudlaugsson, S.T., 1992:
Glacial erosion and tectonic uplift in the Barents Sea

Crosby Irving Ballard, 1945:
Glacial erosion and the buried Wyoming valley of Pennsylvania

Blake William Phipps, 1900:
Glacial erosion and the origin of the Yosemite Valley

Armstrong Richard Lee, 1971:
Glacial erosion and the variable isotopic composition of strontium in sea water

LaSalle Pierre; David Peter, P., 1984:
Glacial erosion and transport in southern Gaspe, Quebec

Vidal, H., 1979:
Glacial erosion beneath and in front of recent glaciers

Bougamont Marion; Tulaczyk Slawek, 2003:
Glacial erosion beneath ice streams and ice-stream tributaries; constraints on temporal and spatial distribution of erosion from numerical simulations of a West Antarctic ice stream

Sugden, D.E., 1978:
Glacial erosion by the Laurentide ice sheet

Uilaplana, J.M.; Casas, A., 1983:
Glacial erosion depressions at Bono and Barruera, Alta Ribagorca, central Pyrenees

Felicisimo, A.M.; Alonso, V., 1988:
Glacial erosion forms and solar radiation; correlation attempt in the Ibias Valley, Degana, Asturias

Simplicio Jonathan, M.; Mullen John, C.; Pair Donald, L., 1994:
Glacial erosion forms and subglacial processes, Frontenac Axis region, New York State

Rudberg, S., 1973:
Glacial erosion forms of medium size; a discussion based on four Swedish case studies

Glazovskiy, A.F., 1986:
Glacial erosion in West Antarctica

Holmes Chauncey, D., 1937:
Glacial erosion in a dissected plateau

Ruszczynska Szenajch Hanna, 1980:
Glacial erosion in contradistinction to glacial tectonics

Carney Frank, 1907:
Glacial erosion in longitudinal valleys

Campbell Marius Robison, 1904:
Glacial erosion in the Finger Lake region

Ralph, S.Tarr, 1906:
Glacial erosion in the Finger Lake region of central New York

Clayton Keith, M., 1962:
Glacial erosion in the Finger Lakes region

Grabau Amadeus William; Spencer Joseph William Winthrop, 1913:
Glacial erosion in the Genesee Valley system and its bearing on the Tertiary drainage problem of eastern North America (abst, with discussion by J. W. Spencer)

Lagercrantz Carl Ludvig, 1974:
Glacial erosion in the Kilpisjarvi Basin, Lapland

Emerson, P., 1900:
Glacial Erosion in the White Mountain Notches

Lamparski Zbigniew, 1971:
Glacial erosion in the marginal zone of the Central Polish Glaciation

Matthes Francois Emile, 1902:
Glacial erosion in the northern Rockies

Zumberge James Herbert, 1955:
Glacial erosion in tilted rock layers

Cui Zhijiu; Xiong Heigang; Liu Gengnian, 1997:
Glacial erosion landforms as indicators of physical behaviour at the ice bedrock interface

England John, 1986:
Glacial erosion of a High Arctic valley

Shideler, G.L.; Stone, B.D., 1994:
Glacial erosion of bedrock and preliminary Quaternary stratigraphy in the western Lake Erie coastal region

Grosval d M.G.; Glazovskiy, A.F., 1984:
Glacial erosion of continental margins (the origin of fiords and troughs within glaciated shelves)

Von Engeln Oscar Diedrich, 1918:
Glacial erosion of rock basins; with especial reference to the conditions applying in the Finger Lake region, of central New York

Anderson John, B.; Bartek Louis, R.; Thomas Mark, A., 1989:
Glacial erosion of the Antarctic continental shelf; impact on ice sheet development, bottom water production, and glacial eustasy

Davis William, M., 1904:
Glacial erosion of the Sawatch Range

Clayton Keith, M., 2000:
Glacial erosion of the Wash and Fen basin and the deposition of the chalky till of eastern England

Van Husen, D., 1979:
Glacial erosion of valleys in the Eastern Alps; causes, distribution and refill of tongue basins

Carney Frank, 1910:
Glacial erosion on Kelleys Island, Ohio

Domack, E.W., 1985:
Glacial erosion on the George V/ Adelie continental margin, East Antarctica

Grosval d M.G.; Glazovskiy, A.F., 1983:
Glacial erosion on the continental margin; the origin of fjords and submarine valleys on glacial shelves

Principato Sarah, M.; Geirsdottir Aslaug, 2002:
Glacial erosion patterns and moraine sequences on the northwest peninsula of Iceland

Hetu Bernard; Gray James, T., 1985:
Glacial erosion patterns in north central Gaspesie, Quebec

Sjogren Darren, B.; Young Robert, R.; Munro Stasiuk Mandy, J.; Beaney, C.L.; Sjogren Elizabeth, C., 2000:
Glacial erosion patterns in southern Alberta; implications for glacial dynamics and hydrology

Saettem Joar, 1992:
Glacial erosion processes need improved understanding

Horie Shoji, 1968:
Glacial erosion topography in the central part of the Hidaka mountains

Francesco Brardinoni; Marwan, A.H.ssan, 2006:
Glacial erosion, evolution of river long profiles, and the organization of process domains in mountain drainage basins of coastal British Columbia

Warnke, D.A., 1970:
Glacial erosion, ice rafting, and glacial-marine sediments; Antarctica and the Southern Ocean

Stern, T.A.; Baxter, A.K., 2002:
Glacial erosion, rock, and peak uplift within the central Transantarctic Mountains

Meneley William, A., 1973:
Glacial erosion, transportation and deposition in the peripheral region of a continental glacier

Glasser Neil, F.; Bennett Matthew, R., 2004:
Glacial erosional landforms; origins and significance for palaeoglaciology

Malakhovskiy, D.B.; Sammet, E.Y., 1982:
Glacial erratic blocks and glacial dislocation of the northwestern part of the Russian Plain

Halter Eric, F.; Lowell Thomas, V.; Calkin Parker, E., 1984:
Glacial erratic dispersal from two plutons, northern Maine

Saja David, B.; Hannibal Joseph, T.; Stilgenbauer Sarah, E.; Dicken Eric, L., 2006:
Glacial erratica; combining art and geology at a natural history museum

Maslowski Andy, 1991:
Glacial erratics

Charlesworth, J.Kaye, 1942:
Glacial erratics from Inishtrahull

Schoewe Walter Henry, 1930:
Glacial erratics in Shawnee, Douglas, and Johnson counties, Kansas

Allison Ira Shimmin, 1935:
Glacial erratics in Willamette Valley

Prashra, K.C., 1997:
Glacial erratics in the higher Himalayan region of Lahaul, Himachal Pradesh; their geomorphological significance

Dawes, P.R., 1986:
Glacial erratics on the Arctic Ocean margin of North Greenland; implications for an extensive ice-shelf

Red kin A.G., 1994:
Glacial estimation of cover glaciation possibility on Ukok Plateau (southern Altai) during the last glacial maximum

Bruun Per, 1988:
Glacial eustacy vs. level rise; its effects on shore stability in the Arctic

Young Andrew, 1953:
Glacial eustasy and the rotation of the earth

Abreu Vitor, S.; Anderson John, B., 1998:
Glacial eustasy during the Cenozoic; sequence stratigraphic implications

Thomas Mark, A.; Anderson John, B., 1989:
Glacial eustatic controls on seismic sequences and parasequences of the Trinity/ Sabine incised valley, Texas continental shelf

Heckel, P.H.; Price, R.C.; Schutter, S.R., 1980:
Glacial eustatic models for black-shale-bearing Pennsylvanian cyclothems of Midcontinent and Illinois

LaSalle Pierre, 1989:
Glacial events and the Champlain Sea in the Quebec City area

Cuerda Alfredo, J., 1983:
Glacial events in Carboniferous sequences of western Argentina

Zolitschka Bernd; Ramrath Antje, 1998:
Glacial events in Italy; dating moraines with lacustrine records?

Shilts, W.W., 1976:
Glacial events in southern Quebec-northern New England, a reappraisal

Mayewski Paul, A.; Goldthwait Richard, P., 1985:
Glacial events in the Transantarctic Mountains; a record of the East Antarctic ice sheet

NicolaïM.Chumakov, 1985:
Glacial events of the past and their geological significance

Erinc Sirri, 1952:
Glacial evidences of the climatic variations in Turkey

Billups Katharina, 2001:
Glacial evolution of Antarctica; evidence from the deep-sea record

Bergquist Stanard Gustaf, 1941:
Glacial evolution of Michigan

Jordan, M., 1983:
Glacial evolution of altitude in South French Alps in the last 15 millenia

Bergquist Stanard Gustaf, 1948:
Glacial evolution of the Grand River in Michigan

Williams, D.F.; Fillon, R.H., 1981:
Glacial evolution of the Pleistocene; role of continental and Arctic Ocean ice sheets

Richard, H.F.llon; Douglas, F.W.lliams, 1983:
Glacial evolution of the Plio-Pleistocene; role of continental and Arctic Ocean ice sheets

Serrano Canadas, E., 1991:
Glacial evolution of the upper Gallego Valley, Panticosa Mountains and Ribera de Biescas, Aragonese Pyrenees, Spain

Treshnikov, A.F.; Borodachev, V.Y.; Romanov, I.P., 1978:
Glacial exploration

Newcombe Robert John Burgoyne; Lindberg George, D., 1935:
Glacial expression of structural features in Michigan, preliminary study

Fort, M.B., 1986:
Glacial extension and catastrophic dynamics along the Annapurna Front, Nepal Himalaya

Geirsdottir Aslaug; Hardardottir Jorunn; Sveinbjornsdottir Arny, E., 2000:
Glacial extent and catastrophic meltwater events during the deglaciation of southern Iceland

Klein Andrew, G.; Isacks Bryan, L., 1994:
Glacial extent in the Central Andes, 15 degrees -22 degrees S, during the last glacial maximum

Badura Janusz; Przybylski Boguslaw, 1997:
Glacial extent of the Pleistocene deglaciation stage and glaciation in the Polish Lowland between the eastern Sudeten and Silesia

Costello, W.R., 1972:
Glacial facies and the braided river model; Credit River, Ontario

Miller Julia, M.G.; Waugh Barbara, J., 1987:
Glacial facies architecture in a terrestrial Permo-Carboniferous sequence, central Transantarctic Mountains

Lindsay, J.F.; Brasier, M.D.; Shields, G.; Khomentovsky, V.V. (Khomentovskiy, V.V.; Bat Ireedui, Y.A., 1996:
Glacial facies associations in a Neoproterozoic back-arc setting, Zavkhan Basin, western Mongolia

Eyles Nicholas (convener); Eyles Carolyn, H. (convener); Miall Andrew, D. (convener), 1988:
Glacial facies models

Thomas Leo Almor; Hussey Keith Morgan, 1955:
Glacial facies within the Des Moines lobe, central Iowa

David Peter, P., 1989:
Glacial facies, facies sequence and stratigraphic units in north central Gaspesie, Quebec

Thompson Woodrow, B., 1994:
Glacial fan deposits overridden by the late Wisconsinan ice sheet, southwestern Maine

Lee Hulbert, A., 1964:
Glacial fans in till from the Kirkland Lake fault; a method of exploration

Eicher Harald, 1983:
Glacial feature mapping of the Oppenberg-Hochgrossen-Mitteregg areas

Waters Aron Clement, 1932:
Glacial features along Columbia River near Lake Chelan

Poppe, L.J.; Smith, S.M.; Lewis, R.S.; DiGiacomo Cohen, M.L.; Stewart, H.F.; Forfinski, N.A., 2004:
Glacial features and sediment transport processes in eastern Long Island and western Block Island Sounds

Palmentola, G., 1994:
Glacial features and snow-line trend during last glacial age on Albanian and Greek mountains

Wortmann, H.; Wortmann, A., 1987:
Glacial features and stratification in the Weser region between Eisbergen and Porta Westfalica, northwestern Germany

Gfeller Ruedi, 1971:
Glacial features associated with the tongues of Alpine glaciers

Leser, H., 1987:
Glacial features from the Freiburg-South Sheet of the Geomorphologic Map, 1:100,000, of West Germnay, GMK 100, Sheet 2

Sun, T.C., 1945:
Glacial features in northwestern Kuangsi

Lewis, A.N.Murray, J.F.N., 1935:
Glacial features in the D'Entrecasteaux valley

Visser, J.N.J., 1971:
Glacial features in the vicinity of Nieuwoudtville, Cape Province

LaFleur Robert, G., 1961:
Glacial features in the vicinity of Troy, New York, Trip A

Gordon Clarence Everett, 1941:
Glacial features near Bennington, Vermont

Sharp Robert Phillip, 1953:
Glacial features of Cook County, Minnesota

Dresch, J., 1971:
Glacial features of Patagonia, Chile

Hattersley Smith G., 1969:
Glacial features of Tanquary Fiord and adjoining areas of northern Ellesmere Island, N.W.T

Douglas Mary, C.V.; Drummond, R.N., 1953:
Glacial features of Ungava from air photographs

Goldthwait Richard, P., 1971:
Glacial features of Winnipesaukee, Wolfeboro area

Blackwelder Eliot, 1907:
Glacial features of the Alaskan coast between Yakutat Bay and the Alsek River

Christie, R.L., 1975:
Glacial features of the Borglum Elv region, eastern north Greenland

Mozola Andrew, J., 1972:
Glacial features of the Hamilton-Galt area and sub-drift topography of the Erie-Huron lowland

Dean, W.G., 1956:
Glacial features of the Hearst-Cochrane map-sheet area ; an aerial photograph reconnaissance

Grant, D.R., 1975:
Glacial features of the Hermitage-Burin Peninsula area, Newfoundland

Mertie John Beaver Jr., 1937:
Glacial features of the Nushagak District. Alaska

Zoltai, S.C., 1965:
Glacial features of the Quetico-Nipigon area, Ontario

Flint Richard Foster, 1935:
Glacial features of the southern Okanogan region

Aylsworth, J.M.; Shilts, W.W., 1985:
Glacial features of the west-central Canadian Shield

Horie Shoji, 1975:
Glacial features on Japanese high mountains (Part 2)

Horie Shoji, 1976:
Glacial features on Japanese high mountains (Part 3)

Horie Shoji, 1978:
Glacial features on Japanese high mountains (Part 5)

Horie Shoji, 1979 :
Glacial features on Japanese high mountains; Part 6

Horie, S., 1974:
Glacial features on Japanese high mountains; part 1

C.L.Dake, 1919:
Glacial features on the south side of Beartooth Plateau, Wyoming

Stoller James Hough, 1929:
Glacial fill of a portion of the Mohawk Valley

Burrell, D.C.; Matthews, J.B., 1974:
Glacial fiords

Grichuk, V.P., 1969:
Glacial flora and their classification

Kondratene, O.P.; Rishkene, M.A., 1983:
Glacial flora of the Jesia River valley, Lithuania

V.P.Grichuk, 1967:
Glacial floras; their types and stratigraphic significance

Shilts, W.W.J.; Miller, G.H.; Andrews, J.T., 1981:
Glacial flow indicators and Wisconsin glacial chronology, Hudson Bay/ James Bay Lowlands; evidence against a Hudson Bay ice divide

Kujansuu Raimo, 1990:
Glacial flow indicators in air photographs

Jason, C.G.odman; Raymond, T.P.errehumbert, 2003:
Glacial flow of floating marine ice in Snowball Earth

Richard Stephen, M.; Luyendyk Bruce, P., 1991:
Glacial flow reorientation in the southwestern Fosdick Mountains, Ford Ranges, Marie Byrd Land

Punkari Mikko, 1995:
Glacial flow systems in the zone of confluence between the Scandinavian and Novaya Zemlya ice sheets

Yanagimachi, O., 1983:
Glacial fluctuations and chronology during the Last Glacial Age in the northern part of the Kiso mountain range, central Japan

Wright, H.E.Jr., 1969:
Glacial fluctuations and the forest succession in the lake superior area

Clapperton, C.M.; Sugden, D.E.; McCulloch, R.D., 1994:
Glacial fluctuations in southern Patagonia since the last glaciation maximum

Claire Dorthe-Monachon, 1993:
Glacial fluctuations in the Arve Valley (Haute-Savoie, France) between the end of the last glaciation and the present day

Gellatly, A.F., 1985:
Glacial fluctuations in the central Southern Alps, New Zealand; documentation and implications for environmental change during the last 1000 years

Couteaux Michel, 1983:
Glacial fluctuations of the end of the Wurm in the French Alps, established by pollen analysis

Aamark Max, 1980:
Glacial flutes at Isfallsglaciaeren, Tarfala, Swedish Lapland

Funder, S., 1978:
Glacial flutings in bedrock, an observation in East Greenland

Gravenor Conrad Percival; Meneley, W.A., 1958:
Glacial flutings in central and northern Alberta

Heikkinen, O.; Tikkanen, M., 1979:
Glacial flutings in northern Finnish Lapland

Kudaba, C., 1981:
Glacial formation relief

Enay, R., 1981:
Glacial formations and Wurm glacial retreat stades in Cremieu Island

Leverett Frank; Wright George Frederick, 1917:
Glacial formations in the western United States (abst, with discussion by G. F. Wright)

Leverett Frank, 1922:
Glacial formations on the Coteau des Prairies

Kozarski Stefan; Szupryczynski Jan, 1973:
Glacial forms and deposits in the Sidujokull deglaciation area

Redding, J., 1976:
Glacial genesis of North Sea soils

Milicich, S., 2003:
Glacial geochronology and geomorphology of north Westland

Richard, A.Rogers, 1985:
Glacial geography and native North American languages

Eyles, N.; Eyles, C.H., 1993:
Glacial geologic confirmation of an intraplate boundary in the Parana Basin of Brazil

Boyer, S.J., 1979:
Glacial geologic observations in the Dufek Massif and Forrestal Range, 1978-79

Meyer, M.; Haeusler, H.; Leber, D.; Skuk, S.; Wangda, D., 2001:
Glacial geological history and glacial lake outburst floods in Lunana, NW-Bhutan

Larsen Eiliv; Sandven Rolf; Heyerdahl Hakon; Hernes Sigrun, 1995:
Glacial geological implications of preconsolidation values in sub-till sediments at Skorgenes, western Norway

Blake, W.Jr., 1975:
Glacial geological investigations in northwestern Greenland

Hundahl Morten, 1997:
Glacial geological investigations of the cliffs at Thisted Bredning

Ignatius Heikki, 1958:
Glacial geological observations from north-central Quebec, Part 1 of On the late-Wisconsin deglaciation in eastern Canada

Blake Weston Jr., 1987:
Glacial geological studies in east-central Ellesmere Island and northwestern Greenland

Horie Shoji, 1982:
Glacial geological study in Japan

Black, R.F., 1970:
Glacial geology

Black, R.F., 1970:
Glacial geology (summ.) in geology of the baraboo district, wisconsin

Denny Charles Storrow, 1944:
Glacial geology along Alaska Highway from Dawson Creek, British Columbia, to Whitehorse, Yukon Territory

Retelle Michael, J., 1983:
Glacial geology and Quanternary marine stratigraphy, northeastern Ellesmere Island, N.W.T., Canada

M.J.Retelle, 1986:
Glacial geology and Quaternary marine stratigraphy of the Robeson Channel area, northeastern Ellesmere Island, Northwest Territories

Retelle Michael, J., 1985:
Glacial geology and Quaternary marine stratigraphy; Robeson Channel area, northeastern Ellesmere Island, N.W.T., Canada

Meglioli, A.; Evenson, E.; Zeitler, P., 1991:
Glacial geology and chronology of southernmost Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego; Argentina and Chile

Leighton Morris Morgan, 1926:
Glacial geology and engineering in Illinois

Gray, J.M., 1992:
Glacial geology and geomorphology

Anderson, J.G.C., 1971:
Glacial geology and geomorphology in central Glamorgan

Baroni, C.; Orombelli, G., 1987:
Glacial geology and geomorphology of Terra Nova Bay

Pessl Fred Jr., 1962:
Glacial geology and geomorphology of the Sortehjorne area, East Greenland

Peltier, W.R.; Andrews, J.T., 1983:
Glacial geology and glacial isostasy of the Hudson Bay region

Boulton, G.S.; Smith, G.D.; Jones, A.S.; Newsome, J., 1985:
Glacial geology and glaciology of the last mid-latitude ice sheets

DeSimone David, J.; LeFleur Robert, W., 1985:
Glacial geology and history of the northern Hudson Basin, New York and Vermont

Wilson Leonard, G., 1999:
Glacial geology and human prehistory; crossing the divide

Dredge, L.A.; Ward, B.C.; Kerr, D.E., 1994:
Glacial geology and implications for drift prospecting in the Lac de Gras, Winter Lake, and Aylmer Lake map areas, central Slave Province, Northwest Territories

Mayewski, P.A.; Goldthwait, R.P., 1973:
Glacial geology and late Cenozoic history of the Transantarctic Mountains, Antarctica

Madole, R.F.; Mahaney, W.C.; Fahey, B.D., 1975:
Glacial geology and late Quaternary soil stratigraphy of the Colorado Front Range

A.A.R.; Mangerud, J., 1981:
Glacial geology and migration of vegetation in eastern Nordland, western Norway

van der Wateren Frederick, M.; Verbers Anja, L.L.M., 1991:
Glacial geology and mountain uplift in North Victoria Land

Wilson Gary, S., 2000:
Glacial geology and origin of fossiliferous-erratic-bearing moraines, southern McMurdo Sound, Antarctica; an alternative ice sheet hypothesis

Shilts, W.W.; Smith, S.L., 1988:
Glacial geology and overburden drilling in prospecting for buried gold placer deposits, southeastern Quebec

Hoefle Hans Christian; Buggisch Werner, 1993:
Glacial geology and petrography of erratics in the Shackleton Range, Antarctica

Rush Laurie, W.; Amici Randy; Rapant James; Cady Carol; Ahr Steve, 2003:
Glacial geology and prehistoric sensitivity modeling Fort Drum, New York

Rush Laurie, W.; Ahr Steve; Rapant James; Cady Carol; Amici Randy; LeClerc Richard, 2000:
Glacial geology and prehistoric sensitivity modeling, Fort Drum, NY

Hansen Kaj, 1968:
Glacial geology and sedimentology of Eqe bay, west Greenland

Munroe Jeffrey, S., 1996:
Glacial geology and soil development in the Arctic foothills between Galbraith and Toolik Lakes, Alaska

Potter Noel Jr.; Wilson Scott, C., 1984:
Glacial geology and soils in Beacon Valley

Totten Stanley, M.; White George, W., 1985:
Glacial geology and the North American craton; significant concepts and contributions of the nineteenth century

Eggleston, J.W., 1929:
Glacial Geology and the Vermont Flood

Shilts, W.W.; Aylsworth, J.M.; Smith, S.L.; Stebner, D.T., 1989:
Glacial geology and the artist

Cameron, H.L., 1961:
Glacial geology and the soils of Nova Scotia

Sarala Pertti; Peuraniemi Vesa; Aario Risto, 1998:
Glacial geology and till geochemistry in ore exploration in the Tervola area, southern Finnish Lapland

Nichol Ian; Bjorklund, A., 1973:
Glacial geology as a key to geochemical exploration in areas of glacial overburden with particular reference to Canada

Bartley Melville William; Legget Robert Ferguson, 1946:
Glacial geology at Steep Rock Lake, Ontario

Haselton George, M., 1987:
Glacial geology features of McBride remnant valley around Nunatak Knob, southeastern Alaska

Punkari Mikko, 1992:
Glacial geology in eastern Fennoscandia and western Russia interpreted by means of satellite imagery

Lundqvist Jan, 1965:
Glacial geology in northeastern Newfoundland

LaFleur Robert, G., 1974:
Glacial geology in rural land use planning and zoning

Mather Kirtley Fletcher, 1952:
Glacial geology in the Buzzards Bay region and western Cape Cod , Field Trip no. 4

Denton George, H., 1981:
Glacial geology in the McMurdo Sound region; 1980-1981

Haselton, G.M., 1975:
Glacial geology in the Mount Moosilauke area, New Hampshire

Hoefle Hans Christoph, 1987:
Glacial geology in the Outback Nunatak area, west of northern Victoria Land, Antarctica

Muller Ernest, H., 1983:
Glacial geology in west-central New York; progress since the pioneering investigations of H. L. Fairchild

Mann, D.H.; Ugolini, F.C., 1982:
Glacial geology near Lituya Bay, South East Alaska

Nichols Robert, L.; Miller Maynard, M., 1951:
Glacial geology of Ameghino valley, Lago Argentino, Patagonia

Schweickert Richard, A.; Lahren Mary, M., 2002:
Glacial geology of Blackwood Canyon, Lake Tahoe, California; implications for landslides and tsunamis

Gould Laurence McKinley, 1939:
Glacial geology of Boulder Mountain, Utah

Dochat Tina, M.; Marchant David, R.; Denton George, H., 2000:
Glacial geology of Cape Bird, Ross Island, Antarctica

Mather Kirtley Fletcher, 1926:
Glacial geology of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

Hall, R.D.; Heiny, J.S.; Ward, P.N., 1982:
Glacial geology of Cataract Creek and North Willow Creek valleys in the area west of Pony, Montana, Tobacco Root Range

Flint Richard Foster; Irwin William Harold, 1939:
Glacial geology of Grand Coulee dam, Washington

R.F.Legget, 1980:
Glacial geology of Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick

Legget, R.F., 1978:
Glacial geology of Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick, Canada

Gadd Nelson, R.; Legget Robert, F., 1981:
Glacial geology of Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick; discussion and reply

Bergquist Standard Gustaf, 1932:
Glacial geology of Iron County, Michigan

Schoewe Walter Henry, 1923:
Glacial geology of Kansas

Black Robert Foster, 1958:
Glacial geology of Lake Geneva area, southeast Wisconsin

Connally, G.Gordon, 1968:
Glacial geology of Mount Mansfield Quadrangle, Vermont

Sanders John, E.; Merguerian Charles, 1994:
Glacial geology of New York City and vicinity

Wickham, J.T., 1977:
Glacial geology of North-central and western Champaign County, Illinois

Black Robert, F., 1969:
Glacial geology of Northern Kettle Moraine State Forest, Wisconsin

MacDonald Fiona, H., 2003:
Glacial geology of Peggy's Cove region

Principato Sarah, M., 2000:
Glacial geology of Reykjarfjordur, NW Iceland

Mabin, M.C.G., 1986:
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