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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 19197

Chapter 19197 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Klinovitskiy, F.I.; Syzdykov, M.M.; Syzdykova, A.M., 1996:
Increasing the stability of underground mining of a greater cross section of deep-seated horizons

Parashkevov, R.D., 1991:
Increasing the stability of underground workings by using the residual rock strength

Shinoda Masahiro; Uchimura Taro; Tatsuoka Fumio, 2003:
Increasing the stiffness of mechanically reinforced backfill by preloading and prestressing

Davis James, F.; Bernknopf Richard, L., 1996:
Increasing the use of seismic hazards information in public and private mitigation policies

Paliy, A.M., 1985:
Increasing the usefulness of a geologic section in deep wells

Davenport, P.H., 1987:
Increasing the usefulness of lake sediment geochemistry to mineral exploration

Maghiar, D.S.; Leuca, D.S.; Antal, C., 1994:
Increasing the value of potential geothermal energy to produce electric power

Danielson Leon, E.; Meij Gaynell; Abdalla Charles, W., 1989:
Increasing the value of technical data for making groundwater policy decisions

P.C.bo; C.R.nz; M.C.rvera, 2002 :
Increasing the vertical resolution of conventional sub-bottom profilers by parametric equalization

Motts Ward, S., 1983:
Increasing the water supplies of Fairhaven, Massachusetts by the artificial recharge, conjunctive well method

Anonymous, 2007:
Increasing tomato varietal diversity, its adoption and dissemination by farmers from El Tejar-La Jocuma community, La Palma, Pinar del Rio

Sawdon Wallace, A., 1935:
Increasing use of electrical logging provides data on subsurface conditions

Anonymous, 1992:
Increasing use of remote sensing satellite data for environmental studies; dangerous armament dumps uncovered

Anonymous, 1996:
Increasing valine, isoleucine, and total branched chain amino acids for the lactating sow

Sanchez Goni, M.F.; Loutre, M.F.; Crucifix, M.; Peyron, O.; Santos, L.; Duprat, J.; Malaize, B.; Turon, J.L.; Peypouquet, J.P., 2005:
Increasing vegetation and climate gradient in Western Europe over the last glacial inception (122-110 ka); data-model comparison

Kovshov, G.N.; Solonina, N.N., 1984:
Increasing vibration resistance transformation with angle arrangement of deflector

Luginets, A.I., 1987:
Increasing vibrational seismic note relief on the basis of non-linear frequency development

Taylor Dan, C., 1984:
Increasing volcanic activity; why?

Vazifedoust, M.; Van-Dam, J.C.; Feddes, R.A.; Feizi, M., 2008:
Increasing water productivity of irrigated crops under limited water supply at field scale

Andreasen, C.; Stryhn, H., 2008:
Increasing weed flora in Danish arable fields and its importance for biodiversity

Ventura Jeff; Temansja Atmawan, D., 1991:
Increasing withdrawal rates add oil reserves in Java Sea area

Babkan, P.V.; Bekker, A.G.; Tsopanov, O.K.; Shevtsov, T.P., 1980:
Increasing work efficiency in placer exploration

Lineweaver Charles, H., 2004:
Increasingly detailed prerequisites for life and galactic habitable zone

Gesa, A.W.yhenmeyer; Anna-Karin Westöö; Eva Willén, 2008:
Increasingly ice-free winters and their effects on water quality in Sweden's largest lakes

Peter, W.Huntoon, 1986:
Incredible tale of Texasgulf Well 7 and fracture permeability, Paradox Basin, Utah

Makinen, H.; Hallaksela, A.-Maija; Isomaki, A., 2007:
Increment and decay in Norway spruce and Scots pine after artificial logging damage

Ivankin, V.P.; Ignatov, B.F.; Khudyakov, G.I., 1995:
Increment concept of the Earth and the genesis of energy sources

Anonymous, 2006:
Increment data and thinning effect on quantitative and qualitative wood production of even-aged oak (Quercus frainetto Kit) plots at Arakinthos mount, in Messolongi Greece

Smol nikov V.A.; Larionov, V.A.; Bychkova, G.M.; Spetsius, Z.V.; Andriyuk, N.M., 1999:
Increment in output of -2+0.5 mm size diamond output from kimberlite ores

Ramon Fernando, 1979:
Increment of hydrocarbon production in fissures limestone reservoirs

Dallmeyer, R.D.; Sutter, J.F.; Baker, D.J., 1975:
Incremental (super 40) Ar/ (super 39) Ar ages of biotite and hornblende from the northeastern Reading Prong; their bearing on late Proterozoic thermal and tectonic history

Hollmann, G., 1997:
Incremental 2D reconstruction of the Variscan foreland thrust belt (eastern Ardenne, Belgium)

Durney David, W.; Ramsay John, G., 1973:
Incremental Strains Measured by Syntectonic Crystal Growths

Colin, D.W.odroffe; Bongkoch Samosorn; Quan Hua; Deirdre, E.H.rt, 2007:
Incremental accretion of a sandy reef island over the past 3000 years indicated by component-specific radiocarbon dating

Van Meurs, A.Pedro, H., 1984:
Incremental analysis; key to future exploration

Burks Rachel, J., 1984:
Incremental and finite strains within ductile shear zones, Narragansett Basin, RI

Belcher Richard, W.; Kisters Alex, F.M., 2005:
Incremental assembly and changing emplacement styles recorded in the 3.1 Ga sheeted Heerenveen Batholith, Barberton granitoid-greenstone terrain, RSA

Lipman Peter, W., 2007 :
Incremental assembly and prolonged consolidation of Cordilleran magma chambers; evidence from the Southern Rocky Mountain volcanic field

Lohmann, G.P.; Curry William, B., 1987:
Incremental changes in foraminiferal shell chemistry; a natural probe of the past structure and properties of the ocean's main thermocline

Hallinan Stephen; Brown Geoff, 1995:
Incremental collapse and stratocone growth within a funnel-shaped caldera, Guayabo, Costa Rica

Chambon, R.; Darve, F., 1980:
Incremental constitutive equations for soils and application to cyclic loadings

Kadyrov, E.V., 1991:
Incremental correlation of soil loess layers in temperate zones

Means, W.D.; Williams, P.F.; Hobbs, B.E., 1984:
Incremental deformation and fabric development in a KCl/ mica mixture

Reicherter Klaus, R.; Michel Gero, W., 1993:
Incremental deformation from fault-slip data; an example from the Subbetic Zone (Betic Cordillera, southern Spain)

Tremblay Alain; Tourigny Ghislain; Patry Daniel, 1995:
Incremental development of ductile shear zones in granitic rocks; natural examples from the Mooshla Pluton, southern Abitibi Belt, Canada

Platten Ian, M., 2000:
Incremental dilation of magma filled fractures; evidence from dykes on the Isle of Skye, Scotland

Taskinen Antti; Bruen Michael, 2007:
Incremental distributed modelling investigation in a small agricultural catchment; 2, Erosion and phosphorus transport

Castaing, C., 1991:
Incremental emplacement of mineralization under mechanical controls at various scales of space and time

Levey Raymond, A.; Langford Richard, P.; Hardage Bob, A.; Grigsby Jeffry, D.; Ambrose William, A.; Finley Robert, J.; Guevara Edgar, H., 1992:
Incremental gas reservoir development in fluvial-deltaic plays of the Gulf Coast

Coleman, D.S.; Bartley, J.M.; Glazner, A.F.; Johnson, B.R., 2006:
Incremental growth and consolidation of the Half Dome Granodiorite, Tuolumne Intrusive Suite

Fox, David, L., 1995:
Incremental growth in Gomphotherium tusks

Kristin, T.Huysken, Thomas, A.Vogel, Paul, W.Layer, 1994:
Incremental growth of a large volume, chemically zoned magma body; a study of the tephra sequence beneath the Rainier Mesa ash flow sheet of the Timber Mountain Tuff

Yijun Du; Atilla Aydin; Larry Murdoch, 1993:
Incremental growth of a shallow hydraulic fracture at a waste remediation site, Oakbrook, Illinois from inversion of elevation changes

Daniel, F.Merriam, 2003:
Incremental growth of plains-type (compactional) folds in a cratonic environment as revealed by the sedimentary sequence

Kashiwagi Kenji; Fujita Masayo; Yokoyama Shunji, 2001:
Incremental growth of valleyward bending fold caused by fluvial erosion; the case of slate of Paleogene Setogawa Group

Goedhart Marc, L.; Smith Norman, D., 1991:
Incremental growth patterns on a paraglacial alluvial fan; Emerald Lake, British Columbia

Brewer, DJ., 1992:
Incremental growth structures in Nile fish and molluscs from archaeological sites as indicators of Holocene environmental change in Egypt

Lee, J.K.W.; Onstott, T.C.; Cashman, K.V.; Cumbest, R.J.; Johnson, D., 1991:
Incremental heating of hornblende in vacuo; implications for (super 40) Ar/ (super 39) Ar geochronology and the interpretation of thermal histories

Scott, R.F., 1978:
Incremental movement of a rockslide

Chambon, R., 1982:
Incremental non-linear constitutive law for soils

Yin Jianhua; Yuan Jianxin, 1985:
Incremental nonlinear models

Smith, I.M., 1970:
Incremental numerical solution of a simple deformation problem in soil mechanics

Moore, P., 1996:
Incremental offshore oil development; the Maui FPSO Whakaaropai

Hurley Neil, F.; Ustabas Sara, 2004:
Incremental oil recovery using a horizontal drainhole in the San Andres Formation, Olson Field, West Texas

Hurley Neil, F.; Ustabas Sara; Zahm Laura, C., 2001:
Incremental oil recovery using horizontal drilling in a compartmentalized oolitic reservoir, San Andres Formation, West Texas

Dietrich, T., 1982:
Incremental parabolic hardening of psammic material; application to laterally loaded piles in sand

Neff Dennis, B., 1990:
Incremental pay thickness modeling of hydrocarbon reservoirs

J.T.C.ristian; A.J.H.gmann; W.A.M.rr Jr., 1977:
Incremental plasticity analysis of frictional soils

Shanks, W.C.I.I.I.; Janecky, D.R., 1984:
Incremental reaction modeling and sulfur isotope evolution of seafloor hydrothermal fluids; 21 degrees N and Juan de Fuca Rise

Boulon, M.; Chambon, R.; Darve, F., 1977:
Incremental rheological law for soils and applications by the finite elements method

Boyd, W.; Alexander, R.R., 1983:
Incremental shell accretion in selected bivalves and brachiopods from the Cretaceous Navesink Formation of New Jersey

Carminati Eugenio, 2001:
Incremental strain analysis using two generations of syntectonic coaxial fibres; an example from the Monte Marguareis Brianconnais cover nappe (Ligurian Alps, Italy)

Weaver Sidney, M.; Zimmerman Jay, 1985:
Incremental strain from syntectonic fractures in the Collier Formation, central Benton Uplift, Arkansas

Diegel Frederic, A.; Beutner Edward, C., 1980:
Incremental strain history of Martinsburg Slate, Delaware water gap, N. J

Wickham, J.S.; Anthony, J.M., 1976:
Incremental strain paths and folding of carbonate rocks near the Blue Ridge, central Appalachians

Kagan, Y.Y.; Jackson, D.D., 1993:
Incremental stress and earthquakes

Relle Monica; Craddock John, P., 1997:
Incremental stress and strain fields in the Laramide Derby Dome fold, Wind River basin, WY

Gough, D.I., 1969:
Incremental stress under a two-dimensional artificial lake

Ichikawa, Y.; Kyoya, T.; Kawamoto, T., 1988:
Incremental theory of elasticity and plasticity under cyclic loading

Ichikawa, Y.; Kyoya, T.; Kawamoto, T., 1985:
Incremental theory of plasticity for rock

P.V.L.de; K.P.J.kobsen, 2002:
Incrementalization of a single hardening constitutive model for frictional materials

Lade Poul, V.; Nelson Richard, B., 1984:
Incrementalization procedure for elasto-plastic constitutive model with multiple, intersecting yield surfaces

Lade, P.V.; Nelson, R.B., 1981:
Incrementalization procedure for elasto-plastic constitutive model with multiple, simultaneous yield surfaces

Darve, F.; Chau, B.; Dendani, H., 1988:
Incrementally multi-linear and non-linear constitutive relations; a comparative study for practical use

Lei Xuewen; Wang Jili; Bai Shiwei; Guo Yingtong; Zhang Pingcang; Meng Qingshan, 2001:
Incrementation and dissipation of pore water pressure in dynamic drainage consolidation

Penta Francesco, 1935:
Incrostazioni calcitiche in vecchie grotte cavate nel tufo giallo napoletano

Wengler, L., 1985:
Incrustation age in the Oujda region of eastern Morocco

Herbig Hans Georg; Brentfuehrer Ramon; Pohler Susanne, M.L., 2004:
Incrustation communities of Korolevu Reef (Viti Levu, Fiji); facies distribution and controlling factors

Rai, S.M., 1969:
Incrustation of well screens

Naughton, J.J.; Greenberg, V.A.; Goguel, R., 1976:
Incrustations and fumarolic condensates at Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii; field, drill-hole and laboratory observations

Hubert, B., 1937:
Incrustations calcaires

Tsykin, R.A., 1979:
Incrustations of phosphorite in the Archaeological Caverns; Kuznetsk Alatau

Morris Penny, A., 1990:
Incrusting and boring bryozoans from the Dessau (Chalk) Formation, Upper Cretaceous, Little Walnut Creek, Austin, Travis County, Texas

Chung-Cherng Lin; Pouyan Shen, 1995:
Incubation time of etch pits at dislocation outcrops

Matthews John, C.; L.S.uanglian; Swann Charles, T.; Ericksen Rick, L., 2006:
Incubation with moist top soils enhances solubilization of radium and other components from oil-field scale and sludge; environmental concerns from Mississippi

Michael, L.Rosenzweig and Robert, D.McCord, 1991:
Incumbent replacement; evidence for long-term evolutionary progress

H.S.; Appel, E.; Wang, S., 1998:
Incursion of sea water into Gucheng Lake detected by magnetic, biologic and chemical data

Valarcher, J-F.; Leforban, Y.; Rweyemamu, M.; Roeder, P.L.; Gerbier, G.; Mackay, D.K.J.; Sumption, K.J.; Paton, D.J.; Knowles, N.J., 2008:
Incursions of foot-and-mouth disease virus into Europe between 1985 and 2006

Minguzzi Carlo; Talluri, A., 1951:
Indagini e considerazioni sulla presenza e sulla distribuzione dei costituenti minori nelle piriti; ricerca e dosatura spettrografica dei costituenti minori in piriti italiane

Magnani Mario, 1962:
Indagini e ricerche sulle glaciazioni e sulla morfologia periglaciale in Argentina

Brunacci, S.; Donati, C.; Faraone, D., 1982:
Indagini petrografiche e chimiche su ofioliti della Toscana; 4, Affioramenti nell'area compresa fra Murlo e Pari (Prov. di Siena e Grosseto)--(Petrographic and chemical studies on the ophiolites of Tuscany; 4, Outcrops in Murlo - Pari area, Siena and Grosseto, Italy)

Cirilli Vittorio; Amati Olimpia, 1941:
Indagini sui materiali sericitici di Capoterra (Cagliari)

Sersale Riccardo, 1951:
Indagini sul comportamento termico delle magnesiti toscane

Cirilli Vittorio, 1941:
Indagini sulle terre refrattarie di Fiano Romano

Schultze Hans Peter, 1970:
Indaginilepis rhombifera n. gen. n. sp., a primitive palaeoniscoid fish from the Wealden of north Germany

Bond Mariano; Vucetich Maria Guiomar, 1983:
Indalecia grandensis gen. et sp. nov. from the lower Eocene of northwestern Argentina, type of a new subfamily of the Adianthidae, Mammalia, Litopterna

Montoya, P.; Alcala, L.; Morales, J., 2001:
Indarctos (Ursidae, Mammalia) from the Spanish Turolian (upper Miocene)

Kovachev, D.B., 1988:
Indarctos bakalovi sp. n., Ursidae, from the Meotian near the village of Kalimantsi, southwestern Bulgaria

Tobien Heinz, 1952:
Indarctos und Ursavus (Carnivora, Mamm.) aus den unterpliozaenen Dinotheriensanden Rheinhessens

Faulkner, E.L., 1989:
Indata, 93N/ 6W

Andersen, S.A., 1951:
Inddelingen af Danmarks kvartaer; subdivision of the Pleistocene age in Denmark

Babayev, A.G., 1997:
Indefatigable investigator of Central Asian deserts

Brace William Francis, 1958:
Indentation and plastic properties of certain geologic materials

Vialon, P.; Rochette, P.; Menard Gilles, 1989:
Indentation and rotation in the western Alpine arc

Suarez Rivera, F.R.; Cook Neville, G.W.; Cooper, G.A.; Zheng, Z., 1990:
Indentation by pore collapse in porous rocks

Chan Helen, M.; Lawn Brian, R., 1988:
Indentation deformation and fracture of sapphire

Gnirk, P.F.; Cheatham, J.B.J., 1963:
Indentation experiments on dry rocks under pressure

Lindqvist Per Arne; Lai, H.H.; Alm, O., 1984:
Indentation fracture development in rock continuously observed with a scanning electron microscope

Swain, M.V.; Lawn, B.R., 1976:
Indentation fracture in brittle rocks and glasses

Lloyd, G.E.; Ferguson Carl, C.; Knipe, R.J., 1985:
Indentation fracture mechanics of quartz; combined SEM and TEM study

Brookes, C.A., 1979:
Indentation hardness

Szwedzicki, T., 1998:
Indentation hardness testing of rock

Rosenberg, C.L.; Brun, J.P.; Gapais, D., 2004:
Indentation model of the Eastern Alps and the origin of the Tauern Window

Vila Jean Marie; Jany Isabelle; Lepvrier Claude; Mauffret Alain, 1990:
Indentation of Hispaniola by the Beata Ridge, Antilles; marine and terrestrial data define stress trajectories

Sokoutis Dimitrios; Bonini Marco; Medvedev Sergei; Boccaletti Mario; Talbot Christopher, J.; Koyi Hemin, 2000:
Indentation of a continent with a built-in thickness change; experiment and nature

Chen, L.H.; Labuz, J.F., 2006:
Indentation of rock by wedge-shaped tools

Engelder Terry; Schulmann Karel; Lexa Ondrej, 2004:
Indentation pits; a product of incipient slip on joints with a mesotopography

Cook, J.M.; Thiercelin Marc, J., 1989:
Indentation resistance of shale; the effects of stress state and strain rate

Davy, P.; Cobbold, P.R., 1988:
Indentation tectonics in nature and experiment; I, Experiments scaled for gravity

Cobbold, P.R.; Davy, P., 1988:
Indentation tectonics in nature and experiment; II, Central Asia

Cemen, I.; Goncuoglu, M.C.; Kozlu, H.; Perincek, D.; Dirik, K., 1992:
Indentation tectonics in southeastern Anatolia and its effect in central Anatolia

L.J.abiao; Jin Xianglong; Ruan Aiguo; W.S.imin; W.Z.yin; Liu Jianhua, 2004:
Indentation tectonics in the accretionary wedge of middle Manila Trench

Lafuste Jean, 1972:
Indented fibers in the stromatoporoid Stachyodes

Marco Bonini; Dimitrios Sokoutis; Christopher, J.T.lbot; Mario Boccaletti; Alan, G.M.lnes, 1999:
Indenter growth in analogue models of Alpine-type deformation

Gratier, J.P.; Jenatton, L.; Tisserand, D.; Guiguet, R., 2004:
Indenter studies of the swelling, creep and pressure solution of Bure argillite

Johnston Anthony, J.; Offler Robin, 1998:
Indenter tectonics and the structural fabric of the Nambucca Block, southern New England fold belt, NSW

Flowerdew Michael; Daly, J.S.ephen, 1999:
Indenter tectonics in the Caledonides of Ireland; geochronological and structural evidence

Clark, R.A.; Pearce, R.G., 1988:
Indentification of multiple underground explosions using the relative amplitude method

Kedzior Artur, 2001:
Indentification of the fluvial-channel tracts based on thickness analysis; Zabrze Beds (Namurian B) in the Main Anticline and Bytom-Dabrowa Trough of Upper Silesia coal basin, Poland

Perroud, P., 1984:
Indentification of two new minerals at Cap-Garonne

Venkatakrishnan, R.; Waller, E.B., 1986:
Indention tectonics and the Eastern Piedmont fault system

Caire Andre, 1959:
Independance tectonique entre le lias et le jurassique moyen du faisceau salinois (Jura)

Blackstone, D.L.Jr., 1977:
Independence Mountain thrust fault, North Park Basin, Colorado

David, A.S.egel; Stéphane Maritorena; Norman, B.N.lson; Michael, J.B.hrenfeld, 2005:
Independence and interdependencies among global ocean color properties; reassessing the bio-optical assumption

Hopson, C.A., 1988:
Independence dike swarm; origin and tectonic significance

Phillips, J.D.; Blakely, R.J.; Cox, A., 1975:
Independence of geomagnetic polarity intervals

Jefferies, M.G.; Crooks, J.H.A.; Becker, D.E.; Hill, P.R., 1987:
Independence of geostatic stress from overconsolidation in some Beaufort Sea clays

Wasternack, J.; Tischendorf, G.; Schust, F.; Baumann, L., 1981:
Independence of metallogeny as a science apart from the earth sciences

Calas, G.; Lemarchand, F.; Villemant, B., 1986:
Independence of mineral/ liquid separation coefficient relative to chemical composition in natural systems; application to a model of two law networks

H.W.S.McQueen, 1981:
Independence of the gravitational constant from gross Earth data

Woronow Alex, 1987:
Independence testing of percentage data

Rubel Daniel, N., 1971:
Independence volcano; a major Eocene eruptive center, northern Absaroka volcanic province

Phillips Jonathan, D., 2004:
Independence, contingency, and scale linkage in physical geography

Rhoades, D.A., 1989:
Independence, precursors and earthquake hazard

K.C.Saxena, 1975:
Independent Model Triangulation using different transformations

E.V.A.el; R.B.rgmann; G.S.eblov; N.V.silenko; R.K.ng; A.P.ytkov, 2006:
Independent active microplate tectonics of northeast Asia from GPS velocities and block modeling

Ogle, B.A., 1973:
Independent and consulting geologists; are they in business practising undiagnosed bankruptcy, or involved in an unacknowledged hobby?

Atkinson Barry, K.; Clark Bruce, R.; Kelly William, C., 1974:
Independent and physically distinct slip systems in crystals

Koverman Kimberly, S., 2005:
Independent character evolution in Lower Carboniferous granatocrinid blastoids

Balasubramanian, S.; Panigrahi, S.; Logue, C.M.; Doetkott, C.; Marchello, M.; Sherwood, J.S., 2008:
Independent component analysis-processed electronic nose data for predicting Salmonella typhimurium populations in contaminated beef

Bergan Gail, 1997:
Independent consultants and small businesses; get on the Web!

Haites, T.Binnert, 1963:
Independent control for present time-scales

Kosler Jan; Kelley Simon, P.; Vance Derek; Svojtka Martin, 1999:
Independent dating of cooling and decompression of high grade rocks in the southern Bohemian Massif with Ar-Ar, Sm-Nd and U-Pb techniques

Morton, F.I., 1989:
Independent estimates of evaporation and transpiration and their applications to flatlands hydrology

Rountree, R., 1977:
Independent evaluating 'significant' pair of discoveries south of Elk Basin Field

Damerval Catherine; Manuel Michael, 2003:
Independent evolution of Cycloidea-like sequences in several angiosperm taxa

Rosenberg Gary, D., 1990:
Independent evolution of terrestriality in truncatellid gastropods on Caribbean Islands (Rissoacea; Prosobranchia)

Chayes, F., 1976:
Independent exploitation of the data base and reduction repertoire of the petrographic information system

Enkelmann Eva; Jonckheere, R.; Wauschkuhn, B., 2005:
Independent fission-track ages (phi -ages) of proposed and accepted apatite age standards and a comparison of phi -, Z-, zeta - and zeta (sub 0) -ages; implications for method calibration

Mason, J.W., 1979:
Independent geologists; endangered species

Newell Wayne, L.; Wise Donald, U., 1965:
Independent joint system superimposed on metamorphic fabric of Glenarm Series near Coatesville, Penna

Smith Arthur, L.; Rasmussen Jon, A., 2000:
Independent oil & gas companies in North America; will the upstream growth record of the 1990s be extended in the new millennium?

Plank, R., 1994:
Independent petroleum explorer Apache finds Australia's offshore Carnarvon Basin is a happy hunting ground

Onley, P., 2002:
Independent review of the VALMIN code

Anonymous, 1983:
Independent seabed mining will be led by US after LOS signing in Jamaica

Borisevich, Y.S.; Begushin, G.K.; Tsyganov, V.M., 1978:
Independent securing arrangement

Fursov, A.N.; Knyazev, V.V.; Varda, G.I., 1978:
Independent stations for terrestrial seismic observation

Reades, D.W.; Green, G.E., 1976:
Independent stress control and triaxial extension tests on sand

Bettison Varga Lori, 2001:
Independent study at the College of Wooster

Gladun, V.V.; Dovzhok, T.E.; Evdoshchuk, M.I.; Egurnova, M.G.; Dvoryanin, E.S.; Klochko, V.P.; Chebanenko, I.I., 2000:
Independent target for petroleum exploration in the Dnieper-Donets oil and gas province

McCormick Tim; Fortey Richard, A., 1997:
Independent testing of a paleobiological hypothesis; relationship between eye design and relative paleobathymetry in two Ordovician trilobites

Anonymous, 1997:
Independent to start gas flow in Moldova

Kerfoot William, B., 1993:
Independent verification of heat pulse groundwater flowmeter results through long term observation and trace tests on Superfund sites

Saul, R.B., 1975:
Independent, nonsynchronous late Quaternary deformation in the Santa Susana and San Gabriel Mountains, Los Angeles County, California

Anonymous, 1975:
Independent/ major roles in exploration for oil and gas

Anonymous, 2004:
Independents add Ordovician gas, plan big refrac program in Appalachia

Anonymous, 2004:
Independents build gas potential in Canada's Northwest Territories

Wells Bruce, 1996:
Independents explore the Gulf of Mexico

Anonymous, 1992:
Independents harvest Nebraska's Paleozoic zones

Bond Linda Thorsen, 1995:
Independents join study effort; Center to share basin research

Dittrick Paula; Poruban Steven; Fletcher Sam; Clark Judy, 2002:
Independents now dominating E&D action in Alaska's Cook Inlet

Petzet, G.Alan, 1992:
Independents push exploration in Nevada

Cross Al, 1982:
Independents score in South central Kentucky

Izundu Uchenna, 2007:
Independents working UKCS areas abandoned by majors

Dittrick Paula, 2002:
Independents, other companies find opportunity in basins off West Africa

Jackson, J.R.Jr., 1977:
Independents/ majors; their exploratory role

Frondel Clifford; Morgan Vincent, 1956:
Inderite and gerstleyite from the Kramer borate district, Kern County, California

Anonymous, 1976:
Inderite; crystal structure refinement and relationship with kurnakovite

Bauer Bernard, O.; Davidson Arnott Robin, G.D.; Nordstrom Karl, F.; Ollerhead Jeff; Jackson Nancy, L., 1996:
Indeterminacy in aeolian sediment transport across beaches

MacBain, J.A., 1987:
Indeterminacy in the magnetotelluric problem

MacBain John, A., 1985:
Indeterminancy of basement in the magnetotelluric problem

Chen Xinmin; Luo Guoyu, 1997:
Indeterminate gray prediction method of possibility of sand liquefaction during earthquake

Maddock Thomas Jr., 1970:
Indeterminate hydraulics of alluvial channels

Anonymous, 1933:
Index 1930

Reed, Clyde, F., 1953:
Index Isoetales

Reed Clyde, F., 1954:
Index Marsileata et Salviniata

Weiner, K.L.; Hochleitner, R., 1981:
Index Sheet; dyscrasite

Reimers, DD., 1985 :
Index and bibliography of the genus Discoaster

Sherborn, C.D., 1933:
Index animalium . . . Sectio secunda, 1801-1850

Rutsch, R.F., 1967:
Index boulders of the Riss Rhone glacier in the upper Emme valley and Napf region, Bern and Lucerne cantons

Thilmans, G.; Regnaud, M.; Hebrard, L.; Guitat, R.; Descamps, C., 1974:
Index cards of absolute ages from the Quaternary of Africa north of the Equator; 9th series

Khubka, A.N., 1977:
Index complexes of fresh-water mollusks from Pleistocene deposits of the Dniester-Prut Interfluve

Baxter Sonny, 1993:
Index conodonts of the Lower Carboniferous

Flajs, G.; Feist, R., 1988:
Index conodonts, trilobites and environment of the Devonian-Carboniferous boundary beds at La Serre (Montagne Noire, France)

Bykov, A.F., 1935:
Index de la nouvelle litterature concernant les formations glaciaires

Miloyevich Sr.eten P., 1934:
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Index to the invertebrate collections of the American Museum of Natural History using Brightbill-Roberts' HyperPad

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Index, Journal of Paleontology, Volumes l-25, l927-l95l-Part l, Subject-author index

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Index-of-refraction and unit-cell constraints on the cation valence and pattern of order in garnet-group minerals

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Indexed X-ray powder spectra of the ore minerals

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Indexes for the evaluation of geo-environmental ecological suitability in the Gansu Corridor, China

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Indexes of application in recent agglutinated Foraminiferida typicity, index and mathematical models of the distribution, West Mediterranean Sea

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Indexes of genetic relations of oils and organic matter of Paleozoic sediments of the Dnieper-Donets Depression

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Indexes of literature on research themes of the Geological Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences

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Indexes of neotectonic crustal movement in northern Switzerland

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Indexes of pedogenetic characterization; methodology; applications to the definition and classification of podzolic soils

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Indexes of similarity and relation with different types of characteristics in the numerical analysis

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Indexes system and methods of environment influence appraisement of mineral resources development

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Indexing and abstracting; degrees of freedom

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Indexing and diagnosis in plant health

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Indexing and regional correlation schemes of productive Carboniferous horizons of the Dnieper-Donets Basin

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Indexing asymmetrical Laue photographs; application to echinoid calcite

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Indexing current watershed conditions using remote sensing and GIS

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Indexing faces of microcrystals by SEM photographs

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Indexing from an indexer's point of view

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Indexing of crystal faces examined by scanning electron microscopy

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Indexing of powder patterns of tetragonal and hexagonal substances

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Indexing of the Vendian-Cambrian productive horizons of Nepa-Botuba Anteclise

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Indexing powder patterns for cubic materials

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Indexing system for geographical data bases; maps, satellite images and aerial photographs

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Indexing the engineering properties of residual soil

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India & Asia suture and plate tectonics

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India and Antarctica during the Precambrian; book review

Chadwick Brian (reviewer), 1997:
India and Antarctica during the Precambrian; erratum

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India and Ceylon (Sri-Lanka)

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India and Southeast Asia in Gondwanaland fit

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India and Sunda Plates motion and deformation along their boundary in Myanmar determined by GPS

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India and Ur

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India and deep sea mining

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India and the Ganga floodplains

Anonymous, 2007:
India and the agreement on agriculture: civil society and citizens' engagement

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India and the atomic age

Bhattacharjee, S.K., 1990:
India celebrates its 100 year Digboi find

Peters James; Singh, S.K.; Punjrath, N.K., 2004:
India eyes coalbed methane to supplement gas supply, but much more study needed

Nadkarni Shirish, 2007:
India lowers Krishna-Godavari gas find estimates

Anonymous, 2001:
India posts second round exploration blocks

Auldridge Larry, 1974:
India steering new course offshore

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India's Bombay High; a long step to self-sufficiency

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India's Kudremukh iron ore project; a 1983 update

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India's Mineral Development Programme

Choudhary, N.K., 1985:
India's Nalco readies new bauxite mine and alumina refinery

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India's Teesta Stage V development

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India's coal reserves

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India's contributions to geophysical investigations in Antarctica

Anonymous, 2007:
India's disturbing health card

Madan, M.M., 1984:
India's effort rewarded on Loktak hydro project

Anonymous, 2006:
India's endeavors in biotechnology: a policy overview

Anonymous, 2006:
India's expansion and growth has extended to dairy products

Anonymous, 2006:
India's firewood crisis re-examined

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India's first venture relating to subsurface drainage by horizontal drains

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India's former crustal neighbours

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India's future groundwater resources at risk

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India's industrial minerals

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India's meteorite impact crater at Lonar; past, present and future

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India's mica industry

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India's mineral policy

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India's mineral potential; present status and future trends

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India's mineral resources

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India's mineral resources for war and the future

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India's national water policy and water management

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India's pole path and the India-Asia collision

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India's potential in radioactive minerals

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India's programme on polymetallic nodules

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India's resources in atomic minerals

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India's resources of glass making sands and ceramic clays

Anonymous, 2007:
India's trade performance in livestock and livestock products

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India's volcanoes; past and present

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India's water resources; past glory and present misery

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India, Inland graben; Narmada Basin

Anonymous, 1981:
India, Romania to build 93 M dol. iron ore plant

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India, SE Asia and Australia in Gondwana fit in the light of evolution of the Himalaya-Indoburma-Indonesian mobile belts

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India, development and environmental change

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India, eastern Himalaya; Daling and Tidding basins and Tethyan basin of North Sikkim

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India, western Himalaya; Thanamandi-Pira Paleozoic-Mesozoic Basin

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India-60: grass & tree leaf fodder: a neglected NTFP (a review in the 60th year of independence of India)

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India-Asia collision; implications for the geology of the eastern Karakoram

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India-Asia plate collision; interpretation of seismicity and hydrothermal activity patterns

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India-East Antarctica conjugate margins; rift-shear tectonic setting inferred from gravity and bathymetry data

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India-Eurasia collision chronology; discussion and reply

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India-Eurasia collision tectonics and evidence of Cretaceous oceanic islands along the ophiolitic melange belt of Ladakh Himalaya, India

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India-Eurasia collision tectonics and evidences of Cretaceous ocean islands along the ophiolitic melange belt of Indian Ladakh, Himalaya

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India-Eurasia collision; biostratigraphic evidence from the western Himalaya

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India-Eurasia relative motions and Tertiary deformation of the Tibetan Plateau

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India-Kohistan tectonics near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border

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India-Madagascar Precambrian Gondwanaland relations reviewed

Thakur, V.S., 1984:
India/ Eurasia plate margins

Anonymous, 2007 :
India: new products and opportunities

Anonymous, 1981:
India; Rajasthan to expand phosphate production

Anonymous, 1979:
India; current status of stratigraphic correlation

Prasad, R.K., 1995:
India; development and application of mathematical models for groundwater studies in the Central Ground Water Board

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India; its mineral wealth and the mining industry

Law, Y.D., 1969:
India; phosphate deposits outlined in Bihar could support large-scale mining

Sinha, B.P.C., 1992:
India; problems of groundwater quality and groundwater monitoring

Singh Ramesh, P., 1996:
India; strong in research and seeking chances to explore

Knappe, H., 1985:
India; subcontinent of gems

Anonymous, 1976:
India; supply and demand projection

Anonymous, 1981:
India; the Nalco bauxite-alumina-aluminum complex

Williams Jeffrey, 2001 :
India; the new frontier

Kar, R.K., 1982:
India; the original homeland of Ceratopteris Brongniart (Parkeriaceae)

Niyogi, B.N., 1984:
India; water resources management with special reference to island territories

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Indialite from Unazuki pelitic schist, Japan; and its transition texture to cordierite

Balassone Giuseppina; Franco Enrico; Mattia Carlo Andrea; Puliti Raffaella, 2004:
Indialite in xenolithic rocks from Somma-Vesuvius volcano (southern Italy); crystal chemistry and petrogenetic features

Ramprasad, B.Kesava, 2005:
Indian & Eurasian Plates are active! Recent and past evidence

Gentry Billie, 1980:
Indian Bend Wash; Scottsdale's answer to flood control

Gilleland Tom, 1999:
Indian Burial Cave Survey Project; Snake River, White Pine County, Nevada

Baird Gordon, C.; Brett Carlton, E., 2002:
Indian Castle Shale; late synorogenic siliciclastic succession in an evolving Middle to Late Ordovician foreland basin, eastern New York State

Anonymous, 1998:
Indian Cave TPU62

Dyas Mike, 1998:
Indian Cave, Warren County, Kentucky

Lawyer Gary, F., 1981:
Indian Creek

Bortz Louis, C.; Ackman Edward, J., 1981:
Indian Creek Field (updated), Fall River County, South Dakota

Klemt Bill; Donnelly Andrew, C.A., 1996:
Indian Creek recharge study, Uvalde County, Texas

Rahul Sharma, 2001:
Indian Deep-sea Environment Experiment (INDEX); an appraisal

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Indian Draw Delaware

Cromwell, D.W., 1979:
Indian Draw Delaware Field; a model for deeper Delaware sand exploration

Bhattacharji, J.C., 1982:
Indian GRS-67 geoid and deflections of the vertical

Anonymous, 1989:
Indian Geophysical Union celebrates 25th anniversary

Mitra, N.D., 1987:
Indian Gondwana Plate margin and its evolutionary history

Shandra, S.K., 1994:
Indian Gondwana and Gondwanaland

Chandra Sanjay, 1994:
Indian Gondwana in Asia

Tiwari, R.S.; Kumar Rajiv, 2002:
Indian Gondwana palynochronology; relationships and chronocalibration

Buckner Joel, 1985:
Indian Grave Point survey complete or is it?

Hammond, P.E., 1984:
Indian Heaven, S. Washington Cascade Range; a basaltic volcanic field supplied by a central magma system?

Knechtel Maxwell McMichel, 1935:
Indian Hot Springs, Graham County, Arizona

Rastogi, R.G., 1983:
Indian Institute of Geomagnetism (historical profile and contemporary research activities)

Surange, K.R., 1975:
Indian Lower Gondwana floras; a review

Norman George William Hallel, 1948:
Indian Molybdenum deposit

Kailasam, L.N. (reporter), 1976:
Indian National Committee report; Report for India for the period 1972-1975

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Indian National Committee's report on progress of work on IGCP project No. 74/ 1/ 68 Evolution of geosynclinal and platform basins

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Indian National Programme for the Geodynamics Project; a status report on the activities of the survey of India

Bostrom, R.C., 1985:
Indian Ocean FZ's/ Asia fault zones; symmetry?

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Indian Ocean Neogene paleoceanography

Vincent, E., 1977:
Indian Ocean Neogene planktonic foraminiferal biostratigraphy and its paleoceanographic implications

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Indian Ocean affinities of a Badenian/ middle Miocene/ seagrass; associated macrobenthic community of Poland

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Indians of the gorge

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Indicaciones petroliferas en la costa del Pacifico

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Indication analysis of space photography in engineering geomorphology

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Indication for artificial nutrition

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Indication for counterclockwise declination deviation in the Cretaceous of the north Paris Basin

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Indication of Cadomian discordance in a deep borehole at Gera and its significance for the Proterozoic-Paleozoic standard profile in the Schwarzburg Anticlinorium

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Indication of Proximity of High-Pressure Fluid Reservoir, Louisiana and Texas Gulf Coast

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Indication of a Prealpine metamorphic complex in the crystalline basement of the northern part of the Dora Maira Massif, Val Germanesca, Cottian Alps

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Indication of a diagenetically induced precipitate of an Fe-Si mineral in sediment from the Nares abyssal plain, western North Atlantic

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Indication of a dilatant bed near Downstream B Camp, Ice Stream B, Antarctica

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Indication of a right-lateral sheet detachment, S Radstaedter Tauern, Austria; quantitative analysis of total Alpine movement

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Indication of ages given by Carnivora of the Hadar Formation, eastern Ethiopia

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Indication of an emerged coastline in the Cartagena region, Colombia

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Indication of anomalous conductivity at the Nigerian dip equator

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Indication of current time in a light-beam oscillograph

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Indication of diversity and dominances of communities of dinoflagellate cysts; bathymetric markers; Borehole 398D, diving program 47B

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Indication of gas fractionations inferred from a double BSR of the mid-Norwegian margin

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Indication of initial stage of volcanic activity on Timor

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Indication of long term episodic suspension transport of sand across the Norfolk Banks, North Sea

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Indication of mechanical properties of granite

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Indication of methane movement from petroleum reservoir to surface, Loeningen Oilfield, NW-Germany

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Indication of migrated hydrocarbons in Tertiary volcanic rocks from western Nugssuaq, central West Greenland

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Indication of oil along the lower Yenisey River

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Indication of pollution of ground water by agricultural activity

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Indication of prehistoric human activity in an area rich in cairns in Ostrobothnia, western Finland

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Indication of proximity of high pressure fluid reservoir, Louisiana and Texas Gulf Coast

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Indication of reducing conditions in early diagenesis; the Aleksinac Oil Shale as example

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Indication of regional changes using residual filtering and indication of finer geological structures by repeated filtering of gravity data

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Indication of rocks by drainage patterns

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Indication of the Pleistocene river terraces in the northern Ukraine

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Indication of the environmental state on the basis of aerial photography

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Indication of the uplift of the Ardenne in long-term gravity variations in Membach (Belgium)

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Indication of transpressional tectonics in the Gullfaks oil-field, northern North Sea

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Indication significance of potassium-rich brine in potassium prospecting; a tentative discussion on general criterion of potash brine indicator

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Indicational properties of quartz and silicates for metal ore exploration and evaluation connected with granites

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Indications about subvolcanic rocks from a VSP survey and hydrocarbon geochemistry of the Lopra-1 well, Faeroe Islands, North Atlantic

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Indications and origin of magmatic series of island arcs and abyssal trenches

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Indications by Rb-Sr isotopic studies of successive regional metamorphisms in the northwest Grenville area of Ontario

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Indications climatiques reperables dans les couches mousteriennes de la Quina (Charente)

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Indications complementaires sur le granite, les microgranites et rhyolites dinantiens de Chateauneuf-les-Bains

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Indications for U-Ni-Cu mineralization in the Mt. McKinley NTMS quadrangle; evaluation of hydrogeochemical and stream-sediment reconnaissance data

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Indications for a Permo-Triassic metamorphic imprint in the Austroalpine crystalline rocks of the Defreggen Alps (eastern Tyrol)

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Indications for a climatical continuous evolution throughout the Weichselian

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Indications for a meteoritic impact of Early Cambrian age at Conception Bay, Newfoundland

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Indications for a meteoritic impact of Early Cambrian age at Conception Bay, Newfoundland; discussion

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Indications for a successively triggered rupture growth underlying the 2000 earthquake swarm in Vogtland/ NW Bohemia

Cramer, B.; Franke, D., 2005:
Indications for an active petroleum system in the Laptev Sea, NE Siberia