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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 19199

Chapter 19199 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Anonymous, 1976:
Indonesia; production-sharing agreement on coal

Hartono; Untung, M., 1976:
Indonesia; progress report on geologic mapping (1971-1976), hydrogeologic mapping (1976) and gravity surveys

Tjahjadi Budi, 1992:
Indonesia; the impact of abstraction on groundwater quality and monitoring in the Jakarta region

Kaifu Yousuke; Baba Hisao; Aziz Fachroel, 2006:
Indonesian Homo erectus and modern human origins in Australasia; new evidence from the Sambungmacan region, central Java

Gronewald, P.J.; Mansure, A.J.; Staller, G.E., 2001:
Indonesian LCM evaluation tests using a modified API bridging-materials tester

Teves Juan, S., 1954:
Indonesian Tertiary alphabet symbols for use in the Philippines

Helene, T.Banks, 2000:
Indonesian Throughflow in a coupled climate model and the sensitivity of the heat budget and deep overturning

Hutchison, C.S., 1976:
Indonesian active volcanic arc; K, Sr, and Rb variation with depth to the Benioff zone

Steven, R.R., 1980:
Indonesian activity back to full force

Vening Meinesz, F.A., 1954:
Indonesian archipelago; a geophysical study

Benkis, R.A.; Brooksbank, S.W., 1992:
Indonesian coal development potential

Millsteed, C.; Jolly, L.; Stuart, R., 1993:
Indonesian coal export potential

Prijono, I.Achmad, 2001:
Indonesian coal sector and its future

Aleva, G.J.J., 1985:
Indonesian fluvial cassiterite placers and their genetic environment

Indriati Etty, 2004:
Indonesian fossil hominid discoveries from 1889 to 2003; catalogue and problems

Sappenfield Luther, W., 1974:
Indonesian geology and petroleum potential

Sillitoe Richard, H., 1994:
Indonesian mineral deposits; introductory comments, comparisons and speculations

Schmidt, H.L., 1978:
Indonesian mining

Anonymous, 1984:
Indonesian mining opportunities

Hartono, H.M.S., 1989:
Indonesian off-shore mineral occurrences

Zuhdi Pane, S.; Sumantri Bambang, 1980:
Indonesian offshore petroleum development 1975-1979

Simatupang, I.M.; Pertambangan Timah, P.T., 1977:
Indonesian offshore tin development

Sujanto, F.X., 1996:
Indonesian oil and gas exploration; experiences and perspectives

Howes, J.V.C.; Tisnawijaya Suherman, 1996:
Indonesian petroleum systems and exploration efficiency

Udoratin, V., 2005:
Indonesian quake echoed in the Komi region

T.G.rgues; C.M.nkes; O.A.mont; Y.D.ndonneau; G.M.dec; K.R.dgers, 2007:
Indonesian throughflow control of the eastern Equatorial Pacific biogeochemistry

Osberger, R., 1968:
Indonesian tin placers and their genetic subdivision

Gilmore, G.A., 1971:
Indonesian tin prospects

Rebscher Dorothee; Westerhaus Malte; Koerner Alexander; Welle Wolfgang; Subandriyo; Brodscholl Arnold; Kuemple Hans Joachim; Zschau Jochen, 2000:
Indonesian-German multiparameter stations at Merapi Volcano

Anonymous, 1993:
Indonesians use GPS for pipeline surveys

Crameri, R.; Brunner, H.H.; Buchli, R.; Wernli, C.; Burkart, W., 1989:
Indoor Rn levels in different geological areas in Switzerland

Hauser, S.; Brai, M.; Bellia, S., 1996:
Indoor and outdoor measurements of natural radioactivity at Vulcano (Aeolian Islands)

Shirav Moshe (Schwartz Moshe); Shani Jashovam; Vulkan Uzi; Katzir Itzhak; Ne eman Ehud; Feigin Dimitry; Brenner Shmuel, 2000:
Indoor and rock (super 222) Rn levels in Israel; an integrated approach to radon risk assessment for East Mediterranean countries

Brookins Douglas, G., 1988:
Indoor and soil radon in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area

Anonymous, 2006:
Indoor composting for button mushroom cultivation

Song Hebin; L.Y.wen, 1994:
Indoor evaporation experiment on water of South China Sea

Greenberg Jeffrey, K., 2002:
Indoor field study for structural geology course

Anonymous, 2007:
Indoor moulds: results of the environmental study in office rooms

Doremus, P.; Kotzman Routier, V.; Quinif, Y.; Charlet, J.M.; Flemal, J.M., 1992:
Indoor pollution by radon; case studies in the Mons and Monceau-en-Ardenne areas, Belgium

Mose, D.G.; Mushrush, G.W.; Chrosniak, C., 1990:
Indoor radon and well water radon in Virginia and Maryland

Mose Douglas, 1987:
Indoor radon called a national problem

Espinosa, G.; Gammage, R.B., 1998:
Indoor radon concentration survey in Mexico

Antovich, N.; Uvarov, V.V.; Vukotich, P.; Dapchevich, S., 2002:
Indoor radon concentrations above bauxite ground

Antovic, N.; Vukotic, P.; Zekic, R.; Ilic, R., 2007:
Indoor radon concentrations in the town of Niksic, Montenegro

Berg Thomas, M., 1993:
Indoor radon in Ohio; a geological hazard not to be ignored

Singler Charles, R.; Khawaja Ikram, U.; Abram Everette, C., 1990:
Indoor radon in eastern Ohio; the role of rock and soil permeability

Hutri, K.L.ena; Makelainen, I., 1993:
Indoor radon in houses built on gravel and sand deposits in southern Finland

Mushrush George, W.; Mose Douglas, G.; Chrosniak Charles, E., 1989:
Indoor radon in northern Virginia; seasonal changes and correlations with geology

Borchert Harold, R., 1989:
Indoor radon in the United States

Lilley William, D., 1986:
Indoor radon is a geologic hazard

Mose Douglas, G.; Mushrush George, W.; Chrosniak Charles, W., 1994:
Indoor radon levels in New York and New Jersey

Paix, D.; Peggie, J.; Wise, K., 1989:
Indoor radon measurements in Adelaide, South Australia

Paix, D., 1986:
Indoor radon measurements in Australia: progress report

Hammen Jack; Hatch Butler Karen, 1997:
Indoor radon pollution in Grand Forks, North Dakota

Mose, D.G.; Mushrush, G.W., 2002:
Indoor radon potential related to geology and other factors

Mose Douglas, G.; Hall Stephen, T., 1987:
Indoor radon survey; citizen response and preliminary observations in Virginia and Maryland

Mose Douglas, G.; Mushrush George, W., 1996:
Indoor radon variations compared to seasonal weather variations

Otton James, K., 1987:
Indoor radon; geologic controls in Pacific Northwest

Anonymous, 2005:
Indoor rearing of Tasar silkworm: a break through

Zhang Yingling; Zhu Jingyi, 1991:
Indoor test of permeability coefficient of cohesive soil

Thomassin Bernard, 1984:
Indopacific littoral fauna and flora susceptible to fossilization in beachrock

Phan Truong Thi, 1995:
Indosinia geoblock in the Indosinian tectonic movement in Indochina

Guo Fuxiang, 1999:
Indosinian Geosyncline folding process of the eastern Qinghai-Xizang Plateau, China

Lepvrier Claude; Maluski Henri; Nguyen Van Vuong; Roques Delphine; Axente Valerica; Rangin Claude, 1997:
Indosinian NW-trending shear zones within the Truong Son Belt (Vietnam); (super 40) Ar- (super 39) Ar Triassic ages and Cretaceous to Cenozoic overprints

Kimura Gaku; Takahashi Masaki; Kono Masaru, 1988:
Indosinian Orogeny + Yanshanian = collision + extrusion tectonics

Yang Tiannan; X.Z.iqin; X.H.ifen; L.J.ancheng, 1996:
Indosinian decollement and retro-metamorphism of eclogite in Jiaonan area, East China

Harrowfield Mathew, J.; Wilson Christopher, J.L., 2005:
Indosinian deformation of the Songpan Garze fold belt, northeast Tibetan Plateau

D.C.uzel; B.-J.L.e; J.-P.C.det, 1991:
Indosinian dextral ductile fault system and synkinematic plutonism in the southwest of the Ogcheon Belt (South Korea)

Ree, J.H.; Hwang, S.G., 1994:
Indosinian dextral ductile fault system and synkinematic plutonism in the southwest of the Ogcheon Belt (South Korea); discussion

D.C.uzel; B.J.L.e; J.P.C.det, 1994:
Indosinian dextral ductile fault system and synkinematic plutonism in the southwest of the Ogcheon Belt (South Korea); reply

W.Genyao, 2001 :
Indosinian foreland fold-and-thrust belt bordering Yunnan and Guangxi, China

Deng Yonggao, 1980:
Indosinian movement in Lower Yangzi region

L.Z.itong; Zhao Chunjing, 1985:
Indosinian movement in northeastern China

Zhou Liangren; Cai Houwei, 1989:
Indosinian orogeny in Northwestern China

Dickins, J.M.; Phan, C.T.en, 1997:
Indosinian tectogeny in the geological correlation of Vietnam and adjacent regions

J.Rangshou, 1985:
Indosinian-Yanshanian tectonic evolution of Xikuangshan, Hunan, and its significance in oil and gas prospecting

Sun Shu; L.J.liang; Lin Jinlu; Wang Qingchen; Chen Haihong, 1991:
Indosinides in China and the consumption of eastern Paleotethys

Ghosh, D.K., 1978:
Indravati River shifting its course near Jagdalpur and its impact on future project planning in the downstream

Gatuev, S.A., 1933:
Indricotherium asiaticum Boriss. and its taxonomic position

Chow, M.C.; Xu, Y X., 1959:
Indricotherium from Hami Basin, Sinkiang

Moseley, F., 1982:
Indroduction to Part 2; Lower Palaeozoic volcanic environments in the British Isles

Preuss Ekkehard, 1969:
Indroduction to Ries research

Christensen, K.E., 1955:
Indtryk fra Dr. Lauge Kochs, Oestgroenlands-ekspedition 1954

K.J.Harker, 1972:
Induced Enhancement of the Plasma Line in the Backscatter Spectrum by Ionospheric Heating

Johnston Malcolm, J.S., 1972:
Induced Fields in Fountaining Lava in Hawaii

Sleep Norman, H., 1973:
Induced Flow beneath Island Arcs and Intra-arc Spreading

Harris, J.W.; Vance, E.R., 1972:
Induced Graphitisation around Crystalline Inclusions in Diamond

Mongelli, F.; Patella, D., 1971:
Induced Polarization Field Surveys on Deposits of Pisolitic Bauxites

Hendrick, D.M.; Fountain, D.K., 1971:
Induced Polarization as an Exploration Tool, Noranda Area, Quebec

Angoran, Y.E.; Fitterman, D.V.; Marshall, D.J., 1974:
Induced polarization: a geophysical method for locating cultural metallic refuse

Anonymous, 2007:
Induced accumulative copper poisoning in cattle

Dydyuk, A.A.; Sizikova, N.V.; Khozyainov, M.S., 1976 :
Induced activity of construction materials used in production of neutron generators as a factor of radiation risk

Higgins Michael, D.; Shaw Denis, M., 1985:
Induced alpha-track mapping of chondrites; a petrographic tool

Bea, F.; Ugidos, J.M., 1976:
Induced anatexis; petrogenesis of Hesperian Massif alkaline granites; Part I, Leucogranites of western Zamora and Salamanca

Wong, R.K.S.; Arthur, J.R.F., 1985:
Induced and inherent anisotropy in sand

Brooks, B.Ellwood, 1980:
Induced and remanent magnetic properties of marine sediments as indicators of depositional processes

Baker, R.; Desai, C.S., 1984:
Induced anisotropy during plastic straining

Arthur, J.R.F.; Chua, K.S.; Dunstan, T., 1977:
Induced anisotropy in a sand

Narasimha Rao, S.; Murthy, T.V.B.S.S.; Veeresh, C., 1994:
Induced bending moments in batter piles in settling soils

Ghaly Ashraf, M.; Narasimha Rao, S.; Murthy, T.V.B.S.S.; Veeresh, C., 1995:
Induced bending moments in batter piles in settling soils; discussion and reply

Roy, P.P.l; Sawmliana, C.; Bhagat, N.K.; Madhu, M., 2003:
Induced caving by blasting; innovative experiments in blasting gallery panels of underground coal mines of India

Whitworth Keith, R., 1982 :
Induced changes in permeability of coal measures strata as an indicator of the mechanics of rock deformation above a longwall face

Simpson, D.W.; Soboleva, O.V., 1977:
Induced changes in seismicity at Nurek Reservoir, Tadjikistan, U.S.S.R

Anonymous, 2007:
Induced changes in the amino acid profile of Biomphalaria alexandrina molluscan host to Schistosoma mansoni using sublethal concentrations of selected plant molluscicides

Hryckowian Eugene; Dachille Frank, 1962:
Induced changes of the minerals in anthracite coals

Stuart, A.Weinstein, 1992:
Induced compositional layering in a convecting fluid layer by an endothermic phase transition

Bodri, L.; Bodri, B., 1977:
Induced convection; a possible source mechanism of heat anomaly of the Pannonian Basin

B.N.Satpathy, 1971:
Induced currents in a conducting sphere placed in the field of an oscillating magnetic dipole

Kontogianni, V.A.; Stiros Stathis, C., 2005:
Induced deformation during tunnel excavation; evidence from geodetic monitoring

Smith Leta, K., 1995:
Induced diagenetic alteration of carbonate and aluminosilicate minerals caused by CO (sub 2) enhanced oil recovery

Keiichi Tadokoro; Masataka Ando; Kin'ya Nishigami, 2000:
Induced earthquakes accompanying the water injection experiment at the Nojima fault zone, Japan; seismicity and its migration

Kebeasy, R.M.; Maamoun, M.; Ibrahim, E.M., 1982:
Induced earthquakes and seismotectonics of Lake Nasser, Egypt

H.Yuliang, 1988:
Induced earthquakes and their countermeasures

Nikolayev, N.I., 1977:
Induced earthquakes associated with engineering activity

Oike Kazuo; Ishikawa Yuzo, 1983:
Induced earthquakes associated with large reservoirs in China

Gendzwill, D.J.; Horner, R.B.; Hasegawa, H.S., 1982:
Induced earthquakes at a potash mine near Saskatoon, Canada

Lamontagne, M.; Woodgold, C.; Hammamji, Y.; Tournier, J.P., 2002:
Induced earthquakes at the Sainte-Marguerite 3 Reservoir, Quebec

Diao Shou zhong; Zhou Huan peng; Guo Ai xing, 1987:
Induced earthquakes by injecting and leaking water in Jiao 7 oil well, Shandong Province; characteristics of the focal parameters and earthquake sequences

L.S.au an; S.L.an shen; Chen Zhen ping; Ding Bao ying; Zhou Quan shen, 1987:
Induced earthquakes by injecting and leaking water in Jiao 7 oil well, Shandong Province; macroscpoic phenomena on ground surface and characteristics of earthquake swarm activity

Anonymous, 2000:
Induced earthquakes by the M5.4 earthquake occurred in the northern Wakayama Prefecture on August 21, 1999

Yamashina, K., 1980:
Induced earthquakes caused by preceding earthquakes

Dian Yuanzhang, 1984:
Induced earthquakes in Zhelin Reservoir, China

Smirnova, M.N., 1977:
Induced earthquakes in connection with oil-field development; Starogroznenskoye earthquake as an example

Ken'ichiro Yamashina, 1978:
Induced earthquakes in the Izu Peninsula by the Izu-Hanto-oki earthquake of 1974, Japan

Campbell, W.H.; Zimmerman, J.E., 1980:
Induced electric currents in the Alaska oil pipeline measured by gradient fluxgate and SQUID magnetometers

Hussain Safwat, A.; E.K.liouby Hesham, M., 1995:
Induced electrical polarization in humid clay materials

Hoy Robert, B., 1963:
Induced faulting

S.O.Ogunade, 1984:
Induced fields due to a buried conducting cylinder excited by arbitrarily located localized source fields

Glechikov, V.A., 1976:
Induced fields from a vertical magnetic dipole in the presence of a conducting layered material

Griffel, D.H., 1969:
Induced fields in the moon

Koivula John, I., 1983:
Induced fingerprints

Hsui, A.T.; Roecker, S.W.; Toksoz, M.N., 1977 :
Induced flow behind subducting slabs; a new kinematic model

Ollier, C.D., 1978:
Induced fracture and granite landforms

Walser Doug, 2006:
Induced fracture azimuth and stimulated network size determination in West Texas Barnett and Woodford Shale wildcatting

Peeters, M.; Hartley, R., 1984:
Induced fracture height detection from wireline logs

Hanold Robert, J.; Morris, C.W., 1982:
Induced fractures; well stimulation through fracturing

Chermeninov, V.B., 1990:
Induced gamma radiation of a seam in continuous, fast-neutron activation logging

Jones, J.R.chard; Kim Ann, G., 1995:
Induced gas flows through coal waste materials; a laboratory simulation

D.J.yakumar; K.C.andrasekaran; N.N.tyananda, 1983:
Induced geomagnetic variation and crustal evolution of the Southern Peninsula of India

U.C.Sten.Z.F.Jklewicz, 1993:
Induced gravity anomalies and rock-burst risk in coal mines; a case history

Zbigniew Fajklewicz; Krzysztof Jakiel, 1989:
Induced gravity anomalies and seismic energy as a basis for prediction of mining tremors

Chaturvedi, M.C.; Srivastava, V.K., 1979:
Induced groundwater recharge in the Ganges Basin

Anonymous, 2007:
Induced healing of wounds through the use of monochrome and Achatina fulica snails mucus

Anonymous, 2007:
Induced hypercuprosis blood biochemical modifications - a comparative study in rodents and sheep

Anonymous, 2007:
Induced hypercuprosis hepatic lesions - a comparative study in rodents and sheep

Wilson John, L., 1986:
Induced infiltration in aquifers with ambient flow

Meyboom, P., 1963:
Induced infiltration, Medicine Hat, Alberta

Dassargues, A.; Baeteman, C., 1994:
Induced land subsidence near major river mouths; from Quaternary geology to coupled numerical models

Vechfinsky, V.S.; Velikanov, D.S.; Sevryugin, N.N., 2005:
Induced magnetic anisotropy of rocks; observable effects and methods of study

Bhattacharyya Archana, 1981:
Induced magnetic field of the equatorial electrojet at the surface of the Earth

Janet, G.Luhmann, 1991:
Induced magnetic fields at the surface of Venus inferred from Pioneer Venus Orbiter near-periapsis measurements

Nandini Nityananda; D Jayakumar, 1981:
Induced magnetic variations at Shillong in relation to regional geology

Paul, B.T.ft; Jafar Arkani-Hamed, 1993:
Induced magnetization of the oceanic lithosphere and ocean-continent magnetization contrast inferred from Magsat anomalies

Anonymous, 2007:
Induced malaria in Aragua state, Venezuela

Riesco, M.; Reche, J.; Stuewe, K.; Martinez, F.J., 2001:
Induced melting in a low pressure aureole in the Variscan NE Iberian basement

Stesky, R.M.; Chernis, P.J., 1983:
Induced micro-fracturing in cores from a deep borehole in the Lac du Bonnet Granite, Manitoba

Silas M Simiyu, 1999:
Induced micro-seismicity during well discharge; OW-719, Olkaria, Kenya Rift

Alsinawi Sahil, A.; A.E.uabi Ghassan, I., 1980:
Induced microearthquake activity in the Mishraq sulphur mine

Phillips, W.S.ott; Fairbanks, T.D.; Rutledge James, T.; Anderson, D.W., 1998:
Induced microearthquake patterns and oil-producing fracture systems in the Austin chalk

W.S Phillips, J.T.Rutledge, L.S.House, M.C.Fehler, 2002:
Induced microearthquake patterns in hydrocarbon and geothermal reservoirs; six case studies

Fabriol Hubert; Beauce Alain; Genter Albert; Jones Rob, 1994:
Induced microseismicity and its relation with natural fractures; the HDR example of Soultz (France)

C.M.isons; E.F.rtier; M.V.lette, 1997:
Induced microseismicity and procedure for closure of brine production caverns

Jupe, A.J.; Green, A.S.P.; Wallroth, T., 1992:
Induced microseismicity and reservoir growth at the Fjallbacka hot dry rocks project, Sweden

Agnew James, D.; Statton, C.T.omas; Johnson Donald, 1982:
Induced microseismicity and tilt at two D.O.E. geopressure-geothermal test wells, Cameron Parish, Louisiana; a progress report

Jupe, A.; Green, A.S.P.; Wallroth, T., 1990:
Induced microseismicity during viscous fluid stimulation at the Swedish hot dry rock site

Rao, D.N.; Girard, M.G., 2002:
Induced multiphase flow behaviour effects in gas injection EOR projects

Gagnol Isabelle, 1986:
Induced neutron fission and electron microprobe analysis of uranium distribution in zircons; differentiated alkalic lavas

Aristizabal, R.I.abel C.; Restrepo, E.I.ma C.; Perez, S.J.an D.; Ocampo, O.A.onso, 1999:
Induced oxidation susceptibility of the Colombian thermic coals

Risk, G. F., 1980:
Induced polarisation (IP) anomaly in the Broadlands geothermal field

Chattopadhyay, R.C.; Prasad, S.R.; Shivlal; Prasad, R.N., 1995:
Induced polarisation (time domain) and self potential techniques in search of base metal mineralisation in Kwanu area, Dehradun District, Uttar Pradesh

Liddy John, C., 1974:
Induced polarisation in the search for buried sulphide bodies

Dutta, N.P., 1973 :
Induced polarisation method for groundwater exploration

S.H.Ward, 1971:
Induced polarisation methods in mineral exploration

Rao, T.M.hana; Raman, S.; Reddy, G.S.mbi, 1980:
Induced polarisation surveys for locating sulphide bearing auriferous lodes in parts of Hutti-Maski schist belt, Raichur Dist., Karnataka

Abdel Aal Gamal, Z.; Atekwana Estella, A.; Slater Lee, D.; Ulrich Craig, 2003:
Induced polarization (IP) measurements of soils from an aged hydrocarbon contaminated site

Dankhazi, G.; Zilahi Sebess, L.; Szongoth, G.; Ban, I.; Kiss, B.; Toth, J., 1991:
Induced polarization (IP); a new type of measurement in boreholes

Romanov, V.P.; Levchenko, G.P., 1983:
Induced polarization and electrical conductivity of quartz sand as a function of humidity and surface charges

Campbell David, L.; Smith, B.D., 1985:
Induced polarization and electromagnetic field surveys of sedimentary uranium deposits

Xiong Zonghou; Luo Yanzhong; Wang Shoutan, 1986:
Induced polarization and electromagnetic modelling of a three-dimensional body buried in a two-layered anisotropic earth and a principle of simulation for spectral IP

Hallof Philip, G.; Schultz, R.; Bell, R.A., 1962:
Induced polarization and geological investigations of the Ballyvergin copper deposit, County Clare, Ireland

Hartman, R.R.; Lyus, D., 1967:
Induced polarization and its application to mineral targets in australia

Georgel, J.M., 1967:
Induced polarization and mining research

Prendergast, J.B.; Wyder, J.E., 1972:
Induced polarization and other geophysical techniques in coal exploration

Fortier Richard; Allard Michel, 1998:
Induced polarization and resistivity logging in permafrost

L.X.ao bo; Piao Hua rong, 1988:
Induced polarization and resistivity modeling of three-dimensional bodies in two-layered Earth using integral equation

Stolz, H., 1983:
Induced polarization and resistivity survey at the Midwest uranium deposit

Merriam, J.B., 2007:
Induced polarization and surface electrochemistry

Scott William, J.; Dimmell Peter, M.; Scott Susan, A., 1991:
Induced polarization anomalies associated with auriferous zones, Pine Cove Property, Baie Verte area, Newfoundland

Karous, M., 1983:
Induced polarization anomaly above a sphere

Liang Naijie, 1985:
Induced polarization characteristics of volcanogenic ore deposits

Zadorozhnaya, V.Y.; Lepeshkin, V.P., 1998:
Induced polarization effect on the inductive sounding of multilayered sections

Carlson Norman, R.; Zonge Kenneth, L., 1996:
Induced polarization effects associated with hydrocarbon accumulations; minimization and evaluation of cultural influences

Anderson Lennart, A.; Keller George, V., 1958:
Induced polarization effects in pyrite-bearing sandstones

McLaughlin, G.H., 1977:
Induced polarization field equipment

Canziani, R.; Patella, D., 1974:
Induced polarization field surveys on deposits of pisolitic bauxite

Kiyashko, G.A.; Shkabarnya, N.G., 1991:
Induced polarization field when sounding a medium with dipping boundary

Grow Lloyd, M., 1982:
Induced polarization for geophysical exploration

Oehler Dorothy, Z.; Sternberg Ben, K., 1982:
Induced polarization for hydrocarbon exploration; geochemical/ geological interpretation

M.J.Shalley, 1971:
Induced polarization in a black shale environment near Mount Isa

Morineau, Y., 1965:
Induced polarization in a porous medium

Wong, J., 1978:
Induced polarization in disseminated sulfide ores

Wong, J.; Strangway, D.W., 1981 :
Induced polarization in disseminated sulfide ores containing elongated mineralization

Wagg, D.M.; Seigel, H.O., 1963:
Induced polarization in drill holes

Henkel, J.H.; Collins, T.C., 1961:
Induced polarization in electrolyte saturated earth plugs

J.R.W.It.P.D.Broux, 1984:
Induced polarization in electromagnetic inductive schemes

Eadie, E.N., 1969:
Induced polarization in mineral exploration; 1

Eadie, E.N., 1969:
Induced polarization in mineral exploration; 2

Sidorov, V.A.; Yakhin, A.M., 1979:
Induced polarization in rocks with inductive excitation

Sogade John; Vichabian Yervant; Morgan Frank Dale, 1999:
Induced polarization in the detection of cave systems

G.Finzi-Contini, 1976:
Induced polarization in the frequency-domain; some consequences in parametrical interpretation

Vinegar, H.J.; Waxman, M.H.; Best, M.H.; Reddy, I.K., 1986:
Induced polarization logging; borehole modeling, tool design and field tests

Snyder, D.D.; Merkel, R.H., 1977:
Induced polarization measurements in and around boreholes

Canziani Romano; Mongelli Francesco; Patella Domenico, 1972:
Induced polarization measurements of the pisolitic bauxite deposits in Salento

Ulrich Craig; Slater Lee, D., 2004:
Induced polarization measurements on unsaturated, unconsolidated sands

Zimkin, I.D.; Sayganov, E.A., 1973:
Induced polarization method applied to the solution of some hydrogeological problems, e.g. the southern foothills of the Kurama Range

Arafin, S.; Lee, C.Y., 1992:
Induced polarization method in civil engineering applications

Chung, S.H.; Hyun, B.K., 1979:
Induced polarization modeling by the finite element method

Evstigeneev, O.A. (Yevstigeneyev, O.A.; Abaulina, L.I.; Inshin, P.V.; Klepikova, A.V., 1990:
Induced polarization of carbonaceous rocks and ores of gold fields of the sulfide vein phenocryst type

Wobking, H., 1972:
Induced polarization of galena- and sphalerite containing well cuttings

Vinegar, H.J.; Waxman, M.H., 1984:
Induced polarization of shaly sands

Samstag Frank, J.; Morgan, F.D., 1991:
Induced polarization of shaly sands; salinity domain modeling by double embedding of the effective medium theory

Vinegar, H.J.; Waxman, M.H., 1984:
Induced polarization of shaly sands; the effect of clay counterion type

Scott, W.J.; West, G.F., 1969:
Induced polarization of synthetic high-resistivity rocks containing disseminated sulfides

Belash, V.A., 1980:
Induced polarization peculiarities for moving spread measurements

Bang, K.Y.al; Han Min Ho; Lee Seung Jong; Lee Kyong Yong, 1985:
Induced polarization prospecting at the Dongjeom copper mine

Nelson Philip, H., 1997:
Induced polarization research at Kennecott, 1965-1977

Hardy Victor, R., 1970:
Induced polarization response from models representing idealized ore bodies

B.S.Rathor, 1978:
Induced polarization response of a polarizable inhomogeneous sphere

Bhattacharya, B.B.; Biswas, D., 1988:
Induced polarization response over a three-dimensional horizontal cylinder for a gradient array

Keceli, A., 1979:
Induced polarization responses of lateral discontinuities in the medium with no resistivity contrast

Dequasie Henry, L., 1967:
Induced polarization studies in the Great Basin Province range

Jones Don, H.; Bell Bruce, S.; Hansen Jack, H., 1982:
Induced polarization survey of sulfide bearing rocks in eastern Tennessee and western North Carolina

Lee, D.H.; Jung, S.G.; Kang, H.S.; Kim, W.S., 1969:
Induced polarization survey on Bupyong silver mine

Lee Dang Hoon; Kim Byung Gak; Kim Yong Joon, 1970:
Induced polarization survey on Yong Yang basalt area

Butler Karl, E.; A.T.m; Bishop Tineka, 2003:
Induced polarization surveying as an acid rock screening tool for proposed highway alignments

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