Section 20
Chapter 19,213

Installation of pile foundations

Ditts, A.K.

Stroitel'stvo Truboprovodov 14(4): 24-25


Accession: 019212497

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Discusses the installation of pile foundations in the Surgut region, describing its climatic, geologic, lithological, permafrost, and hydrological conditions. Up to 1967 large prefab domestic and industrial buildings were erected on continuous footing and pillar foundations. From the latter half of 1967 pile foundations began to be used, including for power transmission lines. The cost of nine pile foundations in the transmission line of the West Surgut gas deposit was found to be only one-fifth that of the projected pillar foundations, and they were completed in a much shorter time. Similar economy was experienced in the power line construction at Nefte-Yugansk.

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