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Intelligent design is not science but is religion and politics

Intelligent design is not science but is religion and politics

Abstracts with Programs - Geological Society of America 38(1): 11

The current iteration of creationism, Intelligent Design (ID), was plucked from history and pronounced "science". ID, like earlier forms of creationism, cannot be falsified and tested. Therefore, there is no scientific evidence whatsoever for the idea. ID is based primarily on "irreducible complexity" and untenable ideas of "improbability". Science does not and can not address the supernatural or metaphysical. ID proponents have not offered any experimental evidence or testable hypotheses in support of their views. They can only say "if it looks like it was designed, then it was designed". They mean, of course, that the designer is a supernatural entity. Anti-evolution movements have "evolved" over time. Earlier attempts (e.g., Scopes trial) tried to abolish evolution from schools as being "religion", then to declare creation as being "scientific", then to demand "balanced treatment" without direct reference to Biblical references. These efforts were followed by an avoidance of the word "creationism" and "young-earth" references, as in current ID statements. As these ideas met resistance, the ID think-tank, the Discovery Institute is no longer advocating that ID be required in public school science courses, but instead seeks more teaching of the "strengths and weaknesses of evolution" and "teaching the controversy". There is no controversy within science. Although ID proponents argue that the designer is not specified, their own words show that they really mean God to be the designer. They have simply replaced "creationism" with "intelligent design" arguments, but the religious basis of the movement is clear when the historical record is examined. The ID "Wedge" document (http://www.biosurvey.ou.edu/oese/), a 20-year action plan, shows that the political and legal elements are designed to get around all previous Federal court decisions making the teaching of creationism in public school science courses illegal. They hope to make an end-run around previous legal rulings by saying that the creator is an "intelligent designer" rather than "God". The ID attacks include new definitions such that the supernatural would be included within science. Such illogical changes can only damage the standing of the United States in the scientific community.

Accession: 019216928

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