Isoleucine epimerization in Quaternary benthonic foraminifera from the Norwegian continental shelf; a pilot study

Hans Petter Sejrup; Kåre Rokoengen; Gifford, H.M.ller

Marine Geology 56(1-4): 227-239


ISSN/ISBN: 0025-3227
DOI: 10.1016/0025-3227(84)90015-x
Accession: 019246734

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The extent of epimerization of the protein amino acid L-isoleucine has been measured in Late Quaternary benthonic foraminifera found in cores from two areas of the Norwegian Continental Shelf in order to evaluate the potential of this reaction as a geochronological tool. Measurements were restricted to monospecific assemblages of Cibicides lobatulus and Elphidium excavatum from 14C-dated and seismostratigraphic units representing a range of ages. By comparing with data on the same species from last-interglacial and late-glacial sites in western Norway (Miller et al., 1983) and with the assumption of similar temperature history for the shelf, and coastal areas, the absolute ages of the samples are discussed. Of the nine samples analysed one was of Holocene, seven of Late to Middle Weichselian and one sample of pre-Weichselian age.