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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 19333

Chapter 19333 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Holland, F.D.; Feldmann, R.M., 1965:
Lobsters from the Cannonball Formation (Paleocene) of North Dakota

Paiva Glycon de, 1933:
Locacao de sondagem N. 126 para pesquisa de petroleo em Lages (Santa Catarina)

P.W.idelt; P.K.ikkonen, 1994:
Local 1-D interpretation of magnetotelluric B-polarization impedances

Bosenick Anne; Geiger Charles, A.; Philips Brian, L., 1999:
Local Ca-Mg distribution of Mg-rich pyrope-grossular garnets synthesized at different temperatures revealed by (super 29) Si MAS NMR spectroscopy

Fischer, U.; Kuhlmann, M.; Pecinka, A.; Schmidt, R.; Mette, M.F., 2007:
Local DNA features affect RNA-directed transcriptional gene silencing and DNA methylation

Crosson Robert, S., 1971:
Local Earthquakes, Structure, and Tectonics of the Puget Sound Region

Hildebrand Steve, T., 1987:
Local Fourier transform of the Helmholtz wave equation

Ryan, J.A.; Sharman, R.D.; Lucich, R.D., 1981:
Local Mars dust storm generation mechanism

Asokan, S.; Chinner, G.A., 1973 :
Local Modification of Gas Composition by Graphite-Iron Oxide Buffering

Farrington, A., 1953:
Local Pleistocene glaciation and the level of the snow line of Croaghaun mountain in Achill island, County Mayo, Ireland

S.Honda, 1996:
Local Rayleigh and Nusselt numbers for cartesian convection with temperature-dependent viscosity

Kiratzi, A.A.; Papazachos, B.C., 1985:
Local Richter magnitude and total signal duration in Greece

Real Charles, R.; Teng, T.L.ang, 1973:
Local Richter magnitude and total signal duration in southern California

Gary Boucher, 1973:
Local Seismic Phenomena in the First Three Seconds after Underground Nuclear Explosions

Bahr Karsten; Filloux Jean, H., 1989:
Local Sq response functions from EMSLAB data

Rafal son M.B.; Sorokin, N.D., 1976:
Local X-ray spectral analysis of natural rhenium in wolframite

Laputina, I.P.; Timokhina, R.M.; Yerkhova, G.P., 1976:
Local X-ray spectroscopy analysis of precious metals

Lipatova, V.V.; Svetlakova, E.A.; Trokhimenko, M.S., 1980:
Local accumulations of solid bitumens and high-viscosity oils in the southeastern part of the Caspian Depression

Camacho Almeyda German Dario; Vargas Jimenez Carolos Alberto, 2005 :
Local active seismic tomography and velocity structure northwest of Armenia (Quindio)

Byars, S.G.; Papst, W.; Hoffmann, A.A., 2007:
Local adaptation and cogradient selection in the alpine plant, Poa hiemata, along a narrow altitudinal gradient

Wolfsberg Andrew, V.; Freyberg David, L., 1992:
Local adaptive grid refinement (LAGR) for containment transport modeling

Mitchell, R.J., 1976:
Local agency contributions to the evaluation of the Palmdale Bulge

Gronlund Elisabeth; Asikainen Eveliina, 1992:
Local agricultural history of Saario Village (Tohmajarvi, North Karelia) since 1607 AD; a palaeoecological approach

Ildefonse, P.; Calas, G.; Flank, A.M.; Lagarde, P., 1992:
Local aluminium environment in clay minerals by XAS

Casciati, F.; Faravelli, L.; Fontana, M.; Marcellini, A., 1991:
Local amplification by boundary elements

Aggeliki Barberopoulou; Anthony Qamar; Thomas, L.P.att; Kenneth, C.C.eager; William, P.S.eele, 2004:
Local amplification of seismic waves from the Denali earthquake and damaging seiches in Lake Union, Seattle, Washington

Barberopoulou, A.; Qamar, A.; Creager, K.; Steele, W.; Pratt, T., 2003:
Local amplification of seismic waves from the Mw 7.9 Alaska earthquake and a damaging seiche in Lake Union, Seattle, Washington

Barberopoulou Aggeliki; Qamar Anthony; Pratt Thomas, L.; Creager Kenneth; Steele William; Mofjeld Harold, 2003:
Local amplification of seismic waves from the Mw7.9 Alaska earthquake and damaging water waves in Lake Union, Seattle, Washington

Chupakhin, M.S., 1975:
Local analysis of the surface of solid materials and the layer-by-layer determination of impurities in thin films by spark mass spectrometry

Acheson, D.J., 1983:
Local analysis of thermal and magnetic instabilities in a rapidly rotating fluid

Hayes Dennis, E.; Weissel Jeffrey, K., 1973:
Local and Regional Tectonic Fabrics in the Southeast Indian Ocean

Tombolini, F.; Brigatti, M.F.anca; Marcelli, A.; Cibin, G.; Mottana, A.; Giuli, G., 2002:
Local and average Fe distribution in trioctahedral micas; analysis of Fe K-edge XANES spectra in the phlogopite-annite and phlogopite-tetra-ferriphlogopite joins on the basis of single-crystal XRD refinements

Isabelle Lecomte, 1999:
Local and controlled prestack depth migration in complex areas

Robert, H.W.isberg; Ruoying He, 2003:
Local and deep-ocean forcing contributions to anomalous water properties on the West Florida Shelf

Jim Mazzullo; Robert Ehrlich; O.H.P.lkey, 1982:
Local and distal origin of sands in the Hatteras abyssal plain

Mazzullo, J.; Ehrlich, R.; Pilkey Orrin, H., 1982:
Local and distal sources of sand for the Hatteras abyssal plain; Fourier grain shape analysis

Taylor Matthew, J.; Byrnes Mark, R.; McBride Randolph, A., 1995:
Local and distant sediment sources to the Southwest Louisiana chenier plain

Castello, B.; Olivieri, M.; Selvaggi, G., 2007:
Local and duration magnitude determination for the Italian earthquake catalog, 1981-2002

Bindi, D.; Spallarossa, D.; Eva, C.; Cattaneo, M., 2005:
Local and duration magnitudes in northwestern Italy, and seismic moment versus magnitude relationships

Boyd George, W. (? 1 4 ), 1838:
Local and economical geology, Wayne County, and Orleans County

Anders, E., 1987:
Local and exotic components of primitive meteorites, and their origin

Whitley Darrell; Mathias Keith, 1995:
Local and genetic search strategies for static corrections

Ioana Cristian; Munteanu Florin; Suteanu Cristian; Zugravescu Dorel, 1995:
Local and global anisotropy in two-dimensional structures; a new estimation method

Yu.Ya. Ruznin; A.Kh. Depueva; V.I.L.rkina, 2000:
Local and global effects of space earthquake precursor anomalies

Groten, E., 1981:
Local and global gravity field representation

Ebner, H.; Ohlhof, T., 1996:
Local and global networks from MARS96 HRSC and WAOSS imagery

Peter Vadasz, 1999:
Local and global transitions to chaos and hysteresis in a porous layer heated from below

Plomerova, J., 1977:
Local and instrumental effects in magnitude determination

Gordon Mackenzie Jr., 1966:
Local and interregional distribution of late Paleozoic cephalopods

Meyer Hinrich Wilhelm; Carpenter Michael, A.; Graeme Barber Anne; Sondergeld Peter; Schranz Wilfried, 2000:
Local and macroscopic order parameter variations associated with low temperature phase transitions in lawsonite, CaAl (sub 2) Si (sub 2) O (sub 7) (OH) (sub 2) . H (sub 2) O

Shoja Taheri, J.; Naserieh, S.; Ghofrani, H., 2006:
Local and moment magnitude scales in the Iranian Plateau based on strong motion records

Pawlisch Melissa, S.; Craddock John, P.; Wirth Karl, R., 1997:
Local and regional AMS results for composite and non-composite dikes, Kenora-Kabetogama dike swarm

Smith Leta, K.; Surdam Ronald, C., 1997:
Local and regional Almond Formation reservoir connectivity determined from produced water chemistry, Washakie Basin, Wyoming

McLachlan, J.S.; Brubaker, L.B., 1994:
Local and regional Holocene vegetation changes on the northeastern Olympic Peninsula

J.M.H.nesiak; D.G.B.rber; R.A.D.A.reu; J.J.Y.ckel, 2001:
Local and regional albedo observations of Arctic first-year sea ice during melt ponding

G.S.W.H.gler; M.H.B.rgin; L.G.S.lmon; J.Z.Y.; E.C.H.W.n; M.Z.eng; L.M.Z.ng; C.S.K.ang; Y.H.Z.ang; J.J.S.hauer, 2007:
Local and regional anthropogenic influence on PM2.5 elements in Hong Kong

Riegel, W.; Schroeck Ergun, D.; Wilde, V., 1990:
Local and regional aspects of paleoecology of small lignite occurrences during the Miocene, Ostheim, Kassel

Wilde, V.; Nowotne, F.; Riegel, W., 1990:
Local and regional aspects of the paleoecology of small lignite occurrences in the Miocene; 2, Wallensen, Hils

Andrew Curtis; Philip England; Robert Davies, 1997:
Local and regional components of western Aegean deformation extracted from 100 years of geodetic displacement measurements

Eriksson Susan, C.; Sen Gautem, 1982:
Local and regional controls on secondary porosity in upper Morrow sandstones, Anadarko Basin

M.P.Dickenson Iii, 1988:
Local and regional differences in the chemical potential of water in amphibolite facies pelitic schists

Dickenson, M.P., 1984:
Local and regional differences in the chemical potential of water in amphibolite grade pelitic rocks

A.Arifi Nassir, S., 2005:
Local and regional earthquake M (sub D) calibration of Tabuk sub-network, NW of Saudi Arabia

Sutton, G.H.; Carter, J.A.; Pomeroy, P.W., 1983:
Local and regional earthquakes recorded at the Catskill Seismic Array

Wilson Monte, D., 1989:
Local and regional field studies, for teachers; one way to stimulate student interest and learning in earth science

Kazanskiy, V.I., 1980:
Local and regional formation conditions and sub-surface structures of endogene ore deposits

Woerner Gerhard; Lopez Escobar Leopoldo; Moorbath Stephen; Horn Susan; Entenmann, J.; Harmon Russell, S.; Davidson Jon, D., 1992 :
Local and regional geochemical variations in the Quaternary volcanic front of the Central Andes (17 degrees 30'S-22 degrees 00'S, northern Chile

Presnell Ricardo, D., 1992:
Local and regional geology of the Oquirrh Mountains

Forbes Robert, B., 1980:
Local and regional geothermal gradients and radiogenic heat production in crystalline basement rocks

Ague Jay, J., 2001:
Local and regional gradients in fluid composition during Barrovian-style metamorphism of the Wepawaug Schist, CT, USA

Hart, S.R.; Steinhart, J.S.; Smith, T.J., 1967:
Local and regional heat-flow variations

le Roex Anton, P.; Dick Henry, J.B.; Gullen Levent; Reid Arch, M.; Erlank Anthony, J., 1987:
Local and regional heterogeneity in MORB from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge between 54.5 degrees S and 51 degrees S; evidence for geochemical enrichment

Mayer James, R.; Sharp John, M.J., 1994:
Local and regional hydrogeologic trends in the Dell City area, Hudspeth County, Texas

Kling, S.A., 1977:
Local and regional imprints on radiolarian assemblages from California coastal basin sediments

Banks, R.J.; Beamish, D., 1984:
Local and regional induction in the British Isles

Anonymous, 2007:
Local and regional levels as active actors in Finnish rural policy

Patrick, C.P.net; Vladislav, V.S.evchenko; Serge, D.C.evrel; Yves Daydou; Christine Rosemberg, 2000:
Local and regional lunar regolith characteristics at Reiner Gamma Formation; optical and spectroscopic properties from Clementine and Earth-based data

Kaempf, H.; Bankwitz, P.; Strauch, G.; Stiehl, G.; Geisler, M.; Gerstenberger, H.; Haase, G.; Klemm, W.; Thomas, R.; Vogler, P., 1985:
Local and regional processes and zoning in a hydrothermal late Variscan vein mineralization from the southern part of the G.D.R

Bicknell, J.D.; Frankel Arthur; McGarr, A.F., 1988:
Local and regional recordings of high frequency seismic data; implications for nuclear discrimination

Goodess, C.M.; Palutikof, J.P., 2002:
Local and regional responses to global climate change in south-east Spain

Febrer, J.M.; Plasencia, M.P.; Sabbione Nora, C., 2001:
Local and regional seismicity from Ushuaia broadband station observations (Tierra del Fuego)

Andrews William, M.J.; Ettensohn, F.R., 1996:
Local and regional structural controls on deposition of the Brassfield Formation west of the Cincinnati Arch, Kentucky

Mayskiy, Y.G., 1976:
Local and regional subisothermal processes of mineral formation

Xie Xuejing, 1992:
Local and regional surface geochemical exploration for oil and gas

Bridges Robert, A.; Castle James, W., 2003:
Local and regional tectonic control on sedimentology and stratigraphy in a strike-slip basin; Miocene Temblor Formation of the Coalinga area, California, USA

Oversby Brian, 1983:
Local and regional tectonic-structural controls of late Palaeozoic cratonic volcanism in northeastern Australia

Rachel Sours-Page; Kevin, T.M.J.hnson; Roger, L.N.elsen; Jill, L.K.rsten, 1999:
Local and regional variation of MORB parent magmas; evidence from melt inclusions from the Endeavour Segment of the Juan de Fuca Ridge

Curtis John, B., 1990:
Local and regional variations in Devonian shale geochemistry

Andersen, S.Th, 1978:
Local and regional vegetational development in eastern Denmark in the Holocene

Schmidt Susanne, T.; Robinson Douglas, 1992:
Local and regional zonation of phyllosilicates in the North Shore Volcanic Group, Minnesota with some implications to the importance of the local milieu of alteration

B.M.H.ckey; E.L.D.bbins; S.E.A.len, 2003:
Local and remote forcing of currents and temperature in the central Southern California Bight

Samuel Hormazabal; Gary Shaffer; Jaime Letelier; Osvaldo Ulloa, 2001:
Local and remote forcing of sea surface temperature in the coastal upwelling system off Chile

Faleiros, R.R.; Macoris, D.G.; Alves, G.Eleno.S.; Souza, D.G.; Teixeira, M.M.; Moore, R.M., 2008:
Local and remote lesions in horses subjected to small colon distension and decompression

Stallcup Edward, E., 1983:
Local and state resources in disasters

Cipar John, 1983:
Local and teleseismic modeling of the Friuli, Italy earthquake of 15 September 1976

Brod, H.G.; Ellwart, T.; Hartge, K.H., 1987:
Local and temporal variation of soil parameters in the root systems of local avenue treess

Stein, J.A.; Aurisano, R.W.; Lane, H.R., 1995:
Local and worldwide composite standards; toward a more effective integration of biostratigraphic data in developing sequence stratigraphic architecture

Molodenskiy, S.M., 1983:
Local anomalies in amplitude and phase of tidal tilts and deformations

Schubert, H.; Steiner, G.; Wilke, R., 1986:
Local anomalies of conductivity and gravity field in the central region of the Erzgebirge

Abramova, L.M.; Novysh, V.V.; Tyatibrat, O.M.; Finzer, D.L.; Fonarev, G.A.; Shneyer, V.S.; Shcherbakova, A.S., 1974:
Local anomalies of geomagnetic variations on the sea floor

Yevseyev, S.V.; Sigalova, R.M., 1970:
Local anomalies of gravitational force and seismic field elements in the Transcarpathian region

Shapiro, V.A., 1976:
Local anomalies of magnetic field secular variations and earthquake prediction

Qiao Rixin, 1986:
Local anomalies prominent in aeromagnetic surveys

Yamazaki Yoshio; Rikitake Tsuneji, 1970:
Local anomalous changes in the geomagnetic field at Matsushiro

Yanagihara Kazuo; Yokouchi Tsuneo, 1965:
Local anomaly of earth-currents and earth-resistivity

Heilbron, R.D., 1992:
Local area network/ wide area network telecommunications

Schabacker Kathleen, 1990:
Local area networking at the U.S. Geological Survey

Chinn Daphne, C., 1994:
Local area networks in the U.S. Geological Survey

Crane David, C., 1986:
Local area networks; are they your solution?

Swan Bird Glenn, 1942:
Local areal distribution of velocities in the Texas Gulf Coast

Krumbein William Christian, 1938:
Local areal variation of beach sands

Rasmussen William Charles, 1941:
Local areal variation of heavy minerals in beach sand

Evans Ian, S., 2006:
Local aspect asymmetry of mountain glaciation; a global survey of consistency of favoured directions for glacier numbers and altitudes

Masters Steve, 1985:
Local aspects of groundwater quality

K.L.P.ge; Th. Proffen; S.E.M.Lain; T.W.D.rling; J.A.T.nCate, 2004:
Local atomic structure of Fontainebleau Sandstone; evidence for an amorphous phase?

Shinobu Ito; Hisao Ito; Shigeki Horiuchi; Yoshihisa Iio, 2004 :
Local attenuation in western Nagano, central Japan, estimated from seismograms recorded in three boreholes

Anonymous, 2007:
Local authorities' and NGOs' perceptions of tourism development and urbanization in Alanya

Riggs Eric, M., 2005:
Local avenues to success for Native American students in the Earth sciences

Rea, D.K., 1977:
Local axial migration and spreading rate variations, East Pacific Rise, 31 degrees S

A.S.aabi Sultan; A.A.ifi Nassir, S., 2002:
Local b-value changes in prior to large earthquakes, Midyan area, NW Saudi Arabia

Fiedler, B.G., 1974:
Local b-values related to seismicity

Lucke John Becker, 1939:
Local base levels in West Virginia

Bull William, B., 1973:
Local base-level processes in arid fluvial systems

Hoppe, A., 1980:
Local basin-and-ridge formation on the Minas Shelf; middle Precambrian, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Moraes Fernando, S.; Scales John, A., 2000:
Local bayesian inversion; theoretical developments

Utami Tadashi, 1970:
Local behavior of open channel flow

Spencer Jeff; Barrett Elliott; Breard Sylvester, Q., 2002:
Local biostratigraphic markers of the Frio (Oligocene), northern Mustang Island, Texas State waters

Navrotsky Alexandra; Geisinger Karen; Gibbs Gerald, V., 1983:
Local bonding constraints in aluminosilicate glasses; inferences from molecular orbital calculations and thermochemical systematics

Shibuya, S.; Hight, D.W.; Jardine, R.J., 2003:
Local boundary surfaces of a loose sand dependent on consolidation path

Hagerty Michael, R., 2000:
Local building codes in relationship to a long-duration seismic event

Rasmussen, K.L., 1981:
Local bulk Ni-concentration variation in iron meteorites

Dolan Thomas, G., 2001:
Local calamities can have global impact; Rim, it's crowded around here

Benson Edmund, T., 1935:
Local calorific variations in coal No. 6, and the geological implications

Geptner, A.R.; Pokrovskii, B.G. (Pokrovskiy, B.G.; Sadchikova, T.A.; Sulerzhitskii, L.D. (Sulerzhitskiy, L.D.; Chernyakhovskii, A.G. (Chernyakhovskiy, A.G., 1995:
Local carbonatization of White Sea sediments (concept of microbiological formation)

Gibson, L.James, 2001:
Local catastrophes, or a worldwide deluge?

Anonymous, 2007:
Local centres of first sales - fish opportunities and threats

Taylor Matthew, C.; Copper Mark, A.; Hawthorne Frank, C., 1996:
Local change-compensation in hydroxyl-deficient uvite

Kattay Vello (Kattai Vello), 1990:
Local changes in commercial seam structure of Estonian oil shale deposit

J.B.W.lsh; J.R.R.ce, 1979:
Local changes in gravity resulting from deformation

Kuznetsova, V.G.; Maksimchuk, V.Y., 1980:
Local changes in the field of Sq-variations in the Carpathians

Bacon, C. J., 1985:
Local changes in the geoid due to a loading of the Earth's crust

Rivin, Y.R., 1984:
Local changes in the geomagnetic field at a series of observatories in the USSR, situated in zones with high seismic activity

Ohshiman, N.; Sasai, Y.; Ishikawa, Y.; Honkura, Y.; Tanaka, H., 1984:
Local changes in the geomagnetic total intensity associated with crustal uplift in the Izu Peninsula, Japan

Abdullabekov, K.N.; Golovkov, V.P., 1971:
Local changes in the magnetic field in the Tashkent region

Togonidze, D.A.; Chelishvili, M.L.; Chikovani, Z.D., 1987:
Local changes in the magnetic field in the area of the Dmanisi tectonic fault

Balachandar, R.; Kells, J.A., 1997:
Local channel scour in uniformly graded sediments; the time-scale problem

Berlamont, J.; Schiara, M., 1984:
Local channel stabilization of reach-type rivers

L.P.ng; L.X.dong, 1985:
Local characteristic of tidal tilt in China

Luco, J.E.rique; Sotiropoulos, D.A., 1980:
Local characterization of free-field ground motion and effects of wave passage

Bowers Roger, L.; Reaser Donald, F., 1974:
Local chert occurrence in Alibates Dolomite, Alibates National Monument and vicinity, northern Panhandle of Texas

Wilczynski Slawomir; Feliksik Edward, 2007:
Local chronologies and regional diversity of dendrochronological signal of Douglas fir in Poland

Ambert Paul, 1981:
Local chronology and paleoclimatic synchronization

Osamu Abe; Wenshou Wei; Masao Mikami; Kenji Kosugi; Junrong Xu; Takeshi Sato; Mingzhe Liu; Masujiro Shimizu; Atsushi Sato, 2005:
Local circulation with aeolian dust on the slopes and foot areas of the Tianshan and Kunlun Mountains around the Taklimakan Desert, China

Ringberg, B.; Hang, T.; Kristiansson, J., 2002:
Local clay-varve chronology in the Karlskrona-Hultsfred region, Southeast Sweden

Sladkopevtsev, S.A., 1972:
Local cleavage of river terraces

Maisey, J.G., 1991:
Local collecting and preparation methods

Okech, Roselyne, N., 2007:
Local communities and management of heritage sites: case study of Lamu Old Town

Brennecke, J.; Groten Erwin; Hein, G.; Schaab, H.; Schmitt, J., 1976:
Local comparison of astrogravimetric measurements with other geodetic data

Brennecke, J.; Groten, E.; Hein, G.; Schaab, H.; Schmitt, J., 1976:
Local comparison of astrogravimetric results with other geodetic data

Chen She Fa, 1998:
Local compression structures induced by strike-slip movement in the Edudina-Laverton area, eastern Yilgarn Craton

Chulliat, A.; Hulot Gauthier, 2000:
Local computation of the geostrophic pressure at the top of the core

Lintser, L.A.; Sutormina, T.M.; Lukakhin, A.A., 1989:
Local computing network in Geosistema

Tsukahara Hatsuo; Iida Toshiaki; Ueki Katsuji; Yamaya Mutsumi; Fukushima Jun; Taketa Yasuhiro; Ikai Hirofumi; Yasukuni Kiyo; Shimoida Ryoko; Netsu Akira, 2000:
Local concentration of acidic ions in snowfall at the heavy snow area in the Japan Sea side of northern Honshu

Aki Keiiti, 1957:
Local concentration of magma as a stationary irreversible process

Stallard Tom, 1998:
Local concern vs. regional and statewide desires

Matsumoto Yasuhiro, 1993:
Local condition of the stream piracy; the gradient of the upper river (diverted river) and the captured area

Tilton John Littlefield, 1926:
Local conditions at a Mississippian disconformity

Taillefer, F., 1982:
Local conditions of Pyrenees glaciation

Cutler, A., 1994:
Local conservation and the role of the regional geological society

McLaren James, P.; Savage, W.U.; Barker Jeffrey Scott, 1985:
Local constraints on magma location in Long Valley, California, from short-period local data

Brotzen, O., 1993:
Local containment and evidence needed in HLW disposal

Hart, A.M.; Honebon, C.D.; Rosser, W.G.V., 1983:
Local contributions to the M (sub 2√ļ lunar geomagnetic variations in the South West of England

Chung Jae won; Wiltschko David, V., 2003:
Local control on vein composition, Mt. Ida area, Ouachitas

Panchuk Karla, M.; Holmden Chris, E.; Leslie Stephen, A., 2006:
Local controls on carbon cycling in the Ordovician Midcontinent region of North America, with implications for carbon isotope secular curves

Semerkin, V.I., 1990:
Local correlation method in simulation of basement structure

Nelson, A., 1938:
Local correlation of coal seams; value of sedimentation studies

Bogdanov Michail, M.; Liebold Daniela; Liebold Heike, 1991:
Local criteria and the prediction of hydrocarbon potential in reddish and carbonate rocks

Kovekh, V.M.; Nefedov, S.V.; Silkin, V.M., 1995:
Local criteria for pipeline element destruction with non-fracturing defects

Tsyganov, V.A.; Mikoyev, I.I.; Chernyy, S.D., 1988:
Local criteria for the structural controls of western Yakutia kimberlite magmatism

Alexander, S.S., 1990:
Local crust and upper mantle structure from Rayleigh wave ellipticity dispersion

Mader, G.L.; Strange, W.E., 1987:
Local crustal deformation monitoring using a kinematic GPS technique

Furuzawa Tamotsu; Takemoto Shuzo; Irikura Kojiro; Akamatsu Junpei, 1971:
Local crustal effects on earthquake seismograms

Craig, S.W.aver; Wendy, C.G.ant; Julie, E.S.emeta, 1987:
Local crustal extension at Mount St. Helens, Washington

Komarov, I.A.; Kholodov, A.L., 1998:
Local databases of geocryological, geoecological and engineering-geological information TMON

Humphreys Edwin, W.; Julien, A.A., 1911:
Local decomposition of rock by the corrosive action of preglacial peat bogs

Goncharov, V.S.; Ol khovskiy A.I.; Sokolov, V.Y., 1974:
Local decrease in the salinity of stratal water in the Shatlyk gas-bearing region

Bokanenko, L.I.; Perederin, V.P.; Galaganov, O.N., 1989:
Local deformation in Garm and possible earthquake prediction

McKenzie Dan; Holness Marian, 2000:
Local deformation in compacting flows; development of pressure shadows

Bokanenko, L.I.; Perederin, V.P.; Galaganov, O.N., 1993:
Local deformations at the Garm test site and their implications for earthquake prediction

Bufe Charles, G.; Gedney Larry, D.; Tocher Don, 1970:
Local deformations near the San Andreas fault

Bowie William, 1936:
Local densities affect values of gravity

Rada, K.G.; Schwalm, W.A., 1989:
Local density of electron states in fractal network models for porous glassy materials

Shipley Raymond Dale, 1977:
Local depositional trends of Cherokee sandstone, Payne County, Oklahoma; Part 2

Shipley Raymond Dale, 1977:
Local depositional trends of Cherokee sandstones, Payne County, Oklahoma; Part 1

Langston Charles, A., 1986:
Local depth phases observed in aftershocks of the October 14, 1968 Meckering, Australia, earthquake

Williams, R.T.; Sacks, I.S.lwyn; Linde Alan, T., 1983:
Local determination of Rayleigh wave dispersion

Hargitai, B., 1974:
Local determination of unconfined compression strength with the pocket probe

X.Z.eng; I.P.°en?√≠k, 2002:
Local determination of weak anisotropy parameters from qP-wave slowness and particle motion measurements

Gomes, E.; Zheng, X.; Psencik, I.; Horne, S.; Leaney, S., 2004:
Local determination of weak anisotropy parameters from walkaway VSP qP-wave data in the Java Sea region

Frye, L.Vernon, 1972:
Local development management

Mori Toshio; Yoshino Toshio, 1970:
Local difference in variations of the geomagnetic total intensity in Japan

Cohen Israel; Coifman Ronald, R., 2002:
Local discontinuity measures for 3-D seismic data

U.Altenberger, 1995:
Local disequilibrium of plagioclase in high-temperature shear zones of the Ivrea Zone, Italy

W.M.Schwerdtner, 1995:
Local displacement of diapir contacts and its importance to pluton emplacement study

Paterson Scott, R.; Fowler, T.K.nneth Jr.; Schwerdtner, W.M., 1996:
Local displacement of diapir contacts and its importance to pluton emplacement study; discussion and reply

Robert, W.H.B.tler; Sue Bowler, 1995:
Local displacement rate cycles in the life of a fold-thrust belt

Anonymous, 2000:
Local distribution of forest products enterprises in Turkey

Zhmodik, S.M.; Lisitsyn, A.P.; Simonov, V.A.; Bogdanov, Y.A.; Zhmodik, A.S., 2001:
Local distribution of gold in oceanic sulfide ore samples from the Logachev and Broken Spur hydrothermal fields, Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Hudson Donald, E., 1972:
Local distribution of strong earthquake ground motions

Romanov, V.V.; Ferronskij, V.I. (Ferronskiy, V.I., 1983:
Local distribution of tritium in surface water and ground water in the USSR

Yeliseyeva, O.P.; Omel yanenko B.I., 1976:
Local distribution of uranium in rocks and minerals as an indicator of petrogenetic processes

Lergen, M.; Kaeaeb, A.; Hoelzle, M.; Haeberli, W., 2003:
Local distribution pattern of discontinuous mountain permafrost; a process study at Flueela Pass, Swiss Alps

Sobolev, G.A.; Morozov, V.N., 1970:
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Local industry does its part for the environment

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Local investment reaps rewards

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Local self-government in rural areas: the situation, problems and development paths

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Local singular value decomposition for signal enhancement of seismic data

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Local site effects on ground motion

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Local societies can help upgrade geological education

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Local societies of Schuylkill County and research on the coalfields of Pennsylvania

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Local soil effects and liquefaction in the 1978 Thessaloniki earthquakes

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Local soil-induced amplification on strong ground motions in Maysville, Kentucky

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Local solution of the discrete boundary value problem

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Local sounding of the Earth due to interference of electromagnetic waves near Earth's surface

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Local source tomography; applications to Italian areas

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Local sources for historic diamond finds in Wisconsin?

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Local spatial variation of earthquake ground motion

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Local spread of the invasive Cyperus esculentus (Cyperaceae) inferred using molecular genetic markers

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Local stability of earthquake prediction and cluster analysis

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Local stability of seismic prediction and cluster analysis

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Local stages to be used for the Wanganui Series (Pliocene-Pleistocene), and their means of definition

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Local standard study on Xinjiang Donkey milk and milk powder

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Local statistics of catalogs of earthquakes and the transient nature of seismicity

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Local stormwater infiltration

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Local stratigraphic subdivisions of Quaternary deposits

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Local stratigraphic subdivisions of the Upper Cretaceous in Northeast Caucasus

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Local stratigraphic terms of the Ethiopian region

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