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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 19362

Chapter 19362 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Moroz, Y.F.; Nurmukhamedov, A.G., 1998:
Magnetotelluric sounding in Petropavlovsk geodynamic testing site, Kamchatka

Gokarn, S.G.; Jacob, V.J.; Dhapre, V.Y., 1989:
Magnetotelluric sounding in Valsad region of South Gujarat, India

Narskiy, N.V., 2002:
Magnetotelluric sounding in conditions of industrial interferences

Ritz, M., 1982:
Magnetotelluric sounding in eastern Senegal

Berdichevskiy, M.N.; Zavadskaya, T.N.; Chernyavskiy, G.A., 1970:
Magnetotelluric sounding in elongated depressions

Kovtun, A.A.; Karimov, K.M.; Vardanyants, I.L., 1982:
Magnetotelluric sounding in intrusive veins

Vagin, S.A.; Vardanyants, I.L.; Kovtun, A.A.; Kokvina, E.L.; Moiseyev, O.N.; Savel yev A.A.; Uspenskiy, N.I., 1986:
Magnetotelluric sounding in the 10 (super -3ú to 10 (super 4ú second period interval in the Murmansk Block of the Kola Peninsula and in Central Karelia

Deniskin, N.A., 1969:
Magnetotelluric sounding in the Arctic Ocean

Berdichevsky, M.N.; Vanyan, L.L.; Koshurnikov, A.V., 1999 :
Magnetotelluric sounding in the Baikal rift zone

Strangway, D.W.; Koziar, A.; Kryzan, A., 1978:
Magnetotelluric sounding in the Geotraverse area

Kopytenko, Y.A.; Gorshkov, E.S.; Gorshkova, T.A.; Fel dman I.S.; Fel dman T.A., 1967:
Magnetotelluric sounding in the Klyuchi region of Kamchatka

Strangway, D.W.; Kryzan, A., 1978:
Magnetotelluric sounding in the Superior Province and across the Grenville Front

Salov, V.M.; Ukelin, V.N.; Kanunnikov, V.A., 1987:
Magnetotelluric sounding in the Yenisey-Khatanga and Noril'sk-Kharayelakh Downwarps

Bryunelli, B.Y.; Kovtun, A.A.; Raspopov, O.M.; Rudneva, N.M.; Chicherina, N.D., 1963:
Magnetotelluric sounding in the central russian basin region

Kobzov, V.M.; Merderfel d B.Y., 1976:
Magnetotelluric sounding in the coastal system; from laboratory-model data

Kostecki Andrzey, 1967:
Magnetotelluric sounding in the presence of a layer with vertical resistivity gradient

Adam, A.; Maercz, F.; Veroe, J.; Wallner, A.; Duma, G.; Gutdeutsch, R., 1981:
Magnetotelluric sounding in the transitional zone between the Eastern Alps and Pannonian Basin

Maksimov, A.Ye, 1967:
Magnetotelluric sounding in the upstream region of the Kolyma river

M.X.aobing; Kong Xiangru; Y.S.eng, 1997 :
Magnetotelluric sounding in western Tibet

Pous, J.; Marcuello, A.; Queralt, P., 1989:
Magnetotelluric sounding inversion with a priori information

Muncey Gery; Ehni Bill; Katterjohn Mark; Harclerode Moore Betty; Halpin Dave, 1984:
Magnetotelluric sounding method as applied in Ouachita thrust belt, central Texas; a case history

Roy, K.K.; Bhattacharyya, B.B.; Singh, A.K.; Bhattacharya, A.; Rao, C.K.; Chattopadhyay, A., 1992:
Magnetotelluric sounding observations over Tangabila Station, Singhbhum granite batholith, India

Levadnyi, V.T.; Pavlova, I.V., 1985:
Magnetotelluric sounding of a flat-bedded anisotropic medium

Berdichevskiy, M.N.; Dmitriyev, V.I.; Yakovlev, I.A.; Bubnov, V.P.; Konnov, Y.K.; Varlamov, D.A., 1973:
Magnetotelluric sounding of a horizontally inhomogeneous media

Dmitriev, V.I. (Dmitriyev, V.I.; Berdichevskii, M.N. (Berdichevskiy, M.N.; Lebedeva, N.A.; Barashkov, I.S., 1985:
Magnetotelluric sounding of asthenospheric conducting zones

Berdichevskiy, M.N.; Dmitriyev, V.I.; Lebedeva, N.A.; Barashkov, I.S., 1985:
Magnetotelluric sounding of crustal conduction zones

Moroz, Y.F.; Kobzova, V.M., 1995:
Magnetotelluric sounding of inclined deep conducting zones

Koziar, A.; Strangway, D.W., 1975:
Magnetotelluric sounding of permafrost

Ingham Malcolm; Whaler Kathy; McKnight Don, 2001:
Magnetotelluric sounding of the Hikurangi Margin, New Zealand

Pilipenko Vjatcheslav, A. (Pilipenko Vyatcheslav A); Fedorov Evgeniy, N. (Fedorov Yevgeniy N), 1993:
Magnetotelluric sounding of the crust and hydromagnetic monitoring of the magnetosphere with the use of ULF waves

Safonov, A.S.; Istratov, V.V.; Obukhov, G.G.; Chernyavskiy, G.A.; Yukovlev, I.A., 1976:
Magnetotelluric sounding of two-layered, three-dimensional media

Gubatenko, V.P.; Berdichevskiy, M.N.; Svetov, B.S., 1993:
Magnetotelluric sounding of vertically fractured media

Berdichevskiy, M.N.; Koldayev, D.S.; Yakovlev, A.G., 1993:
Magnetotelluric sounding on an ocean coast

Rokityanskiy, I.I.; Kreymer, S.G., 1984:
Magnetotelluric sounding on the Tarkhankut-Kerch' profile in Crimea

Srivastav, J.B.; Niwas Sri, 1976:
Magnetotelluric sounding over models of continuously varying conductivity

Ferguson, L.J.; Lilley, F.E.M.; Filloux Jean, H., 1988:
Magnetotelluric sounding results for the Tasman Sea

Kong Xiang ru; Liu Shi jie; Zhang Jian jun; L.Z.ng shun; Niu Qing po; Pan Jin dian; Lin Sheng zhao, 1991:
Magnetotelluric sounding studies in the eastern area of Fujian Province

Kong Xiangru; Zhang Jianjun, 1995:
Magnetotelluric sounding study in the region of Zhongshan Station, East Antarctica

Filloux, J.H.; Cox, C.S., 1966:
Magnetotelluric sounding under the sea floor

Berdichevskiy, M.N.; Bezruk, I.A.; Chinareva, O.M., 1973:
Magnetotelluric sounding using mathematical filters

Dragert, H.; Law, L.K.; Sule, P.O., 1980:
Magnetotelluric soundings across the Pemberton volcanic belt, British Columbia

Ingham Malcolm, 1996:
Magnetotelluric soundings across the South Island of New Zealand; electrical structure associated with the orogen of the Southern Alps

Ingham Malcolm, 1996:
Magnetotelluric soundings across the Southern Alps Orogen, South Island of New Zealand; data presentation and preliminary interpretation

Padilha Antonio, L.; Vitorello Icaro; Brito Paula, M.A., 2002:
Magnetotelluric soundings across the Taubate Basin, southwestern Brazil

Mitchell Peter, S.; Jiracek George, R., 1983:
Magnetotelluric soundings along the COCORP seismic profile in the central Rio Grande Rift

Ingham Malcolm, R.; Reeves, R., 1993:
Magnetotelluric soundings and structure of the Tokaanu geothermal field, New Zealand

Cull, J.P., 1991:
Magnetotelluric soundings and the Levy algorithm

Michel Ritz; Yves Bellion; René Flicoteaux, 1987:
Magnetotelluric soundings and the geological structure and tectonics of the Senegalo-Mauritanian Basin in northern Senegal, West Africa

Rodriguez Brian, D.; Sawyer David, A.; Williams Jackie, M., 2006:
Magnetotelluric soundings constrain interpretations of subsurface geology of the Espanola and Albuquerque Basins, New Mexico

David, C.; Covrig, A.; Micu, M., 1995:
Magnetotelluric soundings in deciphering the geological structure of the East Carpathians

Ballestracci, R.; Benderitter, Y., 1980:
Magnetotelluric soundings in the Asal Rift, Djibouti

Popov, A.M., 1988:
Magnetotelluric soundings in the Baikal rift zone (BRZ)

Gough, D.I.n; Delaurier Jon, M.; Whelan John, 1989:
Magnetotelluric soundings in the Canadian Cordillera

Hutton, V.R.S.; Gough, D.I.n; Dawes, G.J.K.; Travassos, J., 1985:
Magnetotelluric soundings in the Canadian Rocky Mountains

Trapeznikov, Y.A.; Andreeva, E.V. (Andreyeva, Y.V.; Batalev, V.Y.; Berdichevsky, M.N.; Vanyan, L.L.; Volykhin, A.M.; Golubtsova, N.S.; Rybin, A.K., 1997:
Magnetotelluric soundings in the Kyrgyz Tien Shan

Muncey, J.G.; Ehni, W.J., 1985:
Magnetotelluric soundings in the Ouachita thrust belt of central Texas

Mareschal Jean Claude; Young Charles, T.; Kitchen Mark, R.; Rogers, J.C.; Brandwein, S., 1986:
Magnetotelluric soundings in the South Carolina coastal plain

Labson, V.F.; Long, C.L.; Campbell, D.L., 1987:
Magnetotelluric soundings in the TACT corridor

A.D.prat; F.G.le, 1985:
Magnetotelluric soundings in the Travale area, Tuscany

Gol mshtok (Holmstock, A.Y.); Sochel nikov V.V., 1971:
Magnetotelluric soundings in the sea by difference arrangements

Plouff Donald, 1966:
Magnetotelluric soundings in the southwestern United States

Jiracek George, R.; Ander Mark, E.; Holcombe, H.T.uman, 1979:
Magnetotelluric soundings of crustal conductive zones in major continental rifts

Young, C.T.; Rogers, J.C., 1982:
Magnetotelluric soundings of resistive rocks in Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Jiracek, G.R.; Reddy, I.K.; Phillips, R.J.; Whitcomb, J.H., 1977:
Magnetotelluric soundings of the Rio Grande Rift COCORP seismic profile in New Mexico

Mamani, M.J.; Fournier, H.G.; Febrer, J.M.; Borzotta, E.; Maidana, A., 1986:
Magnetotelluric soundings of the edge of the Nazca Plate; 33 degrees S, Mendoza, Argentina

Chen Chow Son; Chen Chien Chih, 2000:
Magnetotelluric soundings of the source area of the 1999 Chi-Chi earthquake in Taiwan; evidence of fluids at the hypocenter

William, D.Stanley, 1982:
Magnetotelluric soundings on the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory facility, Idaho

Armando, E.; Finzi, E.; Lanza, R.; Spitz, S.; Zaja, A., 1984:
Magnetotelluric soundings on the Ivrea body

Gough, D.I.n; DeLaurier Jon, M.; Whelan John, P., 1989:
Magnetotelluric soundings on the southern Cordillera transect

Cull, J.P., 1983:
Magnetotelluric soundings over a Precambrian boundary in Australia

J.P.Cull, 1985:
Magnetotelluric soundings over a Precambrian contact in Australia

Flores, C.; Kurtz, R.D.; Edwards, R.N.; DeLaurier, J., 1986:
Magnetotelluric soundings over the Meager Creek geothermal area, British Columbia; a 3-D interpretation of low-frequency data

J.H.Filloux, 1980:
Magnetotelluric soundings over the Northeast Pacific may reveal spatial dependence of depth and conductance of the asthenosphere

Gough, D.I.n; Majorowicz, J.A., 1992:
Magnetotelluric soundings, structure, and fluids in the southern Canadian Cordillera

Klaus Spitzer, 2001:
Magnetotelluric static shift and direct current sensitivity

Tournerie Benoit; Chouteau Michel; Marcotte Denis, 2007:
Magnetotelluric static shift; estimation and removal using the cokriging method

Svetov, B.S.; Fonarev, G.A.; Van yan L.L., 1979:
Magnetotelluric studies

Rao, C.K.; Moorkamp Max; Jones Alan, G., 2005:
Magnetotelluric studies across Ireland; preliminary results

M.Y.T.mmemagi; F.E.M.L.lley, 1971:
Magnetotelluric studies across the Tasman geosyncline, Australia

Guo Xinfeng; Zhang Yuanchou; Cheng Qingyun; Gao Rui; Pan Yu, 1990:
Magnetotelluric studies along Yadong-Golmud geosciences transect in Qinghai-Xizang Plateau

Singh, B.P.; Gokarn, S.G.; Rao, C.K., 1995:
Magnetotelluric studies around Latur earthquake affected region in Maharashtra, India

Al perovich I.M.; Nikiforov, V.M.; Usanova, M.I., 1978:
Magnetotelluric studies at Iturup Island

Araki, C., 1982:
Magnetotelluric studies at the Cerro Prieto geothermal field

Munoz, M.A.; Moyano, C.E.; Mamani, M.J.; Fournier, H.G.; Borzotta, E.; Maidana, A., 1989:
Magnetotelluric studies covering the areas between the Andes Cordillera and the Coastal Range at latitude 39 degrees S in Chile

Beamish, D.; Travassos, J.M., 1993:
Magnetotelluric studies from two contrasting Brazilian basins; a reassessment of old data

Lewis Roger James Gollan, 1971:
Magnetotelluric studies in Montana and Wyoming

Harinarayana, T.; Abdul Azeez, K.K.; Naganjaneyulu, K.; Manoj, C.; Veeraswamy, K.; Murthy, D.N.; Rao, S.P.abhakar Eknath, 2004:
Magnetotelluric studies in Puga Valley geothermal field, NW Himalaya, Jammu and Kashmir, India

Yuan Xuecheng; Jin Guoyuan; L.L.; Feng Yipu; Zhu Jianhua; L.G.ng; Pham Van Ngoc; Boyer, D.; Therme, P.; Mel, J.L., 1986:
Magnetotelluric studies in Yangbajing geothermal field, Tibet

Yuan Xuecheng; Jin Guoyuan; L.L.; Feng Yipu; Zhu Jianhua; L.G.ng, 1988:
Magnetotelluric studies in Yangbajing geothermal field, Xizang

Parr, R.S.; Hutton, V.R.S., 1993:
Magnetotelluric studies in and adjacent to the Northumberland Basin, northern England

Gokarn, S.G.; Rao, C.K., 1995:
Magnetotelluric studies in and around the Killari earthquake affected regions of Latur and Osmanabad, Maharashtra State

Gupta Gautam; Gokarn, S.G.; Rao, C.K.; Selvaraj, C., 2005:
Magnetotelluric studies in northwestern Himalaya

Kovtyn, A.A., 1978:
Magnetotelluric studies in stable platform areas

Kryzan, A.; Strangway, D.W., 1977:
Magnetotelluric studies in the Geotraverse area

Stanica Maria; Stanica Dumitru, 1996:
Magnetotelluric studies in the Tethyan suture zone on the Pannono-Carpathian Geotransect

Stanica, D.; Stanica Maria, 1995:
Magnetotelluric studies in the Tethyan suture zone on the international Pannono-Carpathian geotransect

Gao Wen; Jiang Bang ben; Bai Deng hai, 1990:
Magnetotelluric studies in the Xingtai earthquake area of Northern China

Munoz Miguel; Fournier Hugo; Mamani Manuel; Febrer Jose; Borzotta Enrique; Maidana Arturo; Yanez Gonzalo, 1988:
Magnetotelluric studies of Villarrica Volcano and the surrounding area; consistency with other geophysical and geochemical results

Lewis Roger, J.G.; Phinney Robert, A., 1969:
Magnetotelluric studies of a thermal area

de Lugao Patricia Pastana; LaTerra Emanuele Francesco; Kriegshauser Berthold; Fontes Sergio, L., 2002:
Magnetotelluric studies of the Caldas Novas geothermal reservoir, Brazil

Knoedel, K.; Losecke, W.; Mueller, W., 1978:
Magnetotelluric studies of the Pre-Zechstein in northern Germany

Dowling Forrest, L., 1969:
Magnetotelluric studies of the Wisconsin arch

Munoz, M., 1991:
Magnetotelluric studies of the crust and mantle in Chile

Madden, T.R.; Swift, C.M.J., 1969:
Magnetotelluric studies of the electrical conductivity structure of the crust and upper mantle

Mamani, M.J.; Borzotta, E.; Fournier, H.G.; Venencia, J.; Castiglione, B.; Peretti, A.; Maidana, N., 1998:
Magnetotelluric study in James Ross Island, Antarctic Peninsula

Tanaka, Y.; Mogi, T.; Widarto, D.S.; Arsadi, E.M.; Nishimura, S.; Harjono, H., 1998:
Magnetotelluric study in three transects across the Sunda Arc, Indonesia

Hill, G.J.; Cas, R.A.F.; Cull, J.P.; Caldwell, T.G.; Bibby, H.M.; Heise, W.; Burgess, M.K.; Mastin, L.G., 2007:
Magnetotelluric study of Mt St Helens Washington, USA; phase tensor analysis preliminary results

Pham Van Ngoc; Boyer, D., 1983:
Magnetotelluric study of Neves-Corvo (Portugal); results of magneto-telluric profiles

Monteiro Santos Fernando, A.; Almeida Eugenio, P.; Mateus Antonio; Matias Hugo, C.; Matos Liliana; Mendes Victor Luis, A., 2000:
Magnetotelluric study of a plio-quaternary tectonic depression; the Vilarica Basin (NE Portugal)

Mickus Kevin, 1997:
Magnetotelluric study of the Arkoma Basin and Ouachita Mountains, southeastern Oklahoma

R.V.lbers; H.J.dicke; J.U.tiedt, 1990:
Magnetotelluric study of the Earth's crust along the deep seismic reflection profile DEKORP 2-N

Pous Jaume; Heise Wiebke; Schnegg Pierre Andre; Munoz Gerard; Marti Joan; Soriano Carles, 2002:
Magnetotelluric study of the Las Canadas Caldera (Tenerife, Canary Islands); structural and hydrogeological implications

Fournier Hugo; Dupis, A., 1995:
Magnetotelluric study of the Paris Basin magnetic anomaly (PBMA)

Ortiz, R.; Arana, V.; Astiz, M.; Garcia, A., 1986:
Magnetotelluric study of the Teide (Tenerife) and Timanfaya (Lanzarote) volcanic areas

Sainato, C.M.; Febrer, J.M.; Pomposiello, M.C.; Mamani, M.; Maidana, A., 1993:
Magnetotelluric study of the Tuzgle Volcano Zone, Jujuy Province, Argentina

Ander, M.; Laughlin, A.W.; Furgerson, R.; Foster, J.; Strangway, D., 1980:
Magnetotelluric study of the Zuni HDR prospect and Jemez Lineament

Zeisloft, T.J.; Keller, G.V., 1978:
Magnetotelluric survey across Black Rock Desert-Hualapai Flat area, Nevada

K.K.R.y; C.K.R.o; A.C.attopadhyay, 1989:
Magnetotelluric survey across Singhbhum granite batholith

Hersir Gylfi Pall; Bjoernsson Axel; Pedersen Laust Borsting, 1984:
Magnetotelluric survey across the active spreading zone in Southwest Iceland

Martinez Mario; Fernandez Ricardo; Romo Jose, M.; Vazquez, R.; Vega, R., 1984:
Magnetotelluric survey at Los Humeros Caldera, Puebla Mexico

Hoffmann Rothe, A.; Mueller, A.; Ritter, O.; Haak Volker, 1998:
Magnetotelluric survey at Merapi Volcano and across Java, Indonesia

Mitsuhata Yuji; Matsuo Koichi; Minegishi Masato, 1999:
Magnetotelluric survey for exploration of a volcanic-rock reservoir in the Yurihara oil and gas field, Japan

Matsuo Koichi; Mitsuhata Yuji; Tanaka Hideki; Minegisi Masato, 1997:
Magnetotelluric survey for hydrocarbon exploration in Yurihara oil field, Northeast Japan

Ballestracci Regis; Benderitter Yves; Varet Jacques, 1980:
Magnetotelluric survey in the Asal Rift; Djibouti

Miecznik Juliusz; Klitynski Wojciech, 1995:
Magnetotelluric survey in the Carpathians (southern Poland)

R.O.tiz; V.A.aña; M.A.tiz; A.V.lentin, 1984:
Magnetotelluric survey in the bradyseismic area of Phlegraean Fields

Van Ngoc Pham; Boyer, D.; Qomarudin, M., 1992:
Magnetotelluric survey in the northern part of the ECORS-Pyrenees profile

T.M.gi; I.K.tsura; S.N.shimura, 1991:
Magnetotelluric survey of an active fault system in the northern part of Kinki District, Southwest Japan

Stanley William, D., 1981:
Magnetotelluric survey of the Cascade volcanoes region, Pacific Northwest

Martinez, M.; Fabriol, H.; Romo Jose, M.; Gonzalez, A.; Vega, R., 1984:
Magnetotelluric survey of the Culiacan area; Sinaloa

Kebuladze, V.V.; Tatishvili, O.V., 1969:
Magnetotelluric survey of the semi-metallic deposits of Adzharistan

Gritsayenko, A.S.; Shigayev, Y.G.; Intelegator, S.D.; Bessonov, A.D.; Pavlishchev, V.P., 1982:
Magnetotelluric survey of the southeastern border of the Russian Platform

Roy, K.K.; Singh, A.K.; Srivastava, S., 1995:
Magnetotelluric survey over Singhbhum Orissa iron ore craton of eastern India

Waeselynck Michel, 1973:
Magnetotelluric survey over cylindrical structures; a case history; Levantamiento magnetotelurico sobre structuras cilindricas-caso historico

Cull James, P., 1993:
Magnetotelluric surveys and resistivity profiles in Australia

Abtout Ahmed; Mareschal Marianne; Lesquer Alain; Hamdi Lila; Bouzid Abderazak; Boudella Amar , 1994:
Magnetotelluric surveys and the structure of the upper mantle under the Sahara basins and the Ahaggar Massif, Algeria

Ilkisik Metin, 1981:
Magnetotelluric surveys in Thrace

Czerwinski Tomasz; Gajewski Andrzej; Klitynski Wojciech; Miecznik Juliusz; Stefaniuk Michal, L., 2001:
Magnetotelluric surveys in the Carpathians

Ogawa Yasuo; Uchida Toshihiro; Kikuchi Tsuneo; Sato Isao, 1987:
Magnetotelluric surveys in the Sengan geothermal area

Maksimov, A.Ye, 1967:
Magnetotelluric surveys in the upper reaches of the Kolyma river

Rodriguez Brian, D.; Sawyer David, A.; Grauch, V.J.S.; Williams Jackie, M., 2003:
Magnetotelluric surveys near the Cerrillos Uplift and La Bajada constriction, for hydrogeologic framework studies in the Espanola Basin, Rio Grande Rift, New Mexico

Vardanyants, I.L.; Zhamaletdinov, A.A.; Kovtun, A.A.; Khodzevich, A.V., 1982:
Magnetotelluric surveys of Pechenga (Kola Peninsula) using mathematical simulation

Kharin, Y.P., 1974:
Magnetotelluric surveys of northwestern Yakutia

Tikhonov, A.N.; Chetayev, D.N.; Morgunov, V.A.; Chantladze, I.K.; Shamanin, S.V.; Gerasimovich, Y.A., 1974:
Magnetotelluric surveys of the Earth's crust

Padilha, A.L.; Trivedia, N.B.; Vitorello Icaro; da Costa, J.M., 1988:
Magnetotelluric surveys of the northeast region of the Parana Basin

Singh, B.P.; Gokarn, S.G., 1999:
Magnetotelluric technique

Harinarayana, T., 2000:
Magnetotelluric technique; a new geophysical tool for geological problems

Benvenuti, G.; Guzzon, M., 1977:
Magnetotelluric tensor analysis for two-dimensional geological structures

Lilley, F.E.M., 1998:
Magnetotelluric tensor decomposition; Part II, Examples of basic procedure

Mann James, E.Jr., 1964:
Magnetotelluric theory of the sinusoidal interface

Vero Laszlo; Madarasi Andras; Seiberl Wolfgang; Varga Geza, 1996:
Magnetotelluric tracing of the Carpathian conductivity anomaly in the Vienna Basin

Wannamaker Philip, E.; Wright Phillip, M.; Zhou Zi xing; L.X.ng bin; Zhao Jing xiang, 1991:
Magnetotelluric transect of Long Valley Caldera; resistivity cross-section, structural implications, and the limits of a 2-D analysis

Wannamaker Philip, E.; Booker John, R.; Filloux Jean, H.; Jones Alan, G.; Jiracek George, R.; Chave Alan, D.; Waff Harve, S.; Stodt John, A.; Young Charles, T.; Martinez Mario; Law Laurie, K.; Yukitake, T.; Segawa, J.S.; White Anthony; Green, A.W.lliam, 1988:
Magnetotelluric transect of the Juan de Fuca subduction system in EMSLAB

Johnston Jeffrey, M.; Wannamaker Philip, E., 1991:
Magnetotelluric transect of the Sevier overthrust belt in southwestern Utah and eastern Nevada

Vozoff, K.; Moore, R.F.; Kerr, D.; Jupp, D.L.B., 1976 :
Magnetotelluric trial in the southern Cooper Basin, South Australia

Sr.ivastava S.P., 1967:
Magnetotelluric two-and three-layer master curves

Svetov, B.S.; Shimelevich, M.I., 1987:
Magnetotelluric variation processing

Dmitriyev, V.I.; Mershchikova, N.A., 1981:
Magnetotelluric well-logging of the heterogeneous asthenosphere

Boteler, D.H.; Willink, R., 1984:
Magnetotelluric/ VLF studies

Ander Mark, E.; Goss Ron; Strangway David; Hillebrand Cary; Laughlin, A.W.; Hudson Cassandra, 1980:
Magnetotelluric/ audiomagnetotelluric study of the Zuni hot dry rock geothermal prospect, New Mexico

Adam, A.; Szarka, L.; Vero, J.; Wallner, A.; Gutdeutsch, R., 1986:
Magnetotellurics (MT) in mountains; noise, topographic and crustal inhomogeneity effects

Christopherson Karen Rae, 2003:
Magnetotellurics (MT); technique, interpretation, and application

Beblo, M., 1988:
Magnetotellurics and deep magnetic soundings in the Antarctic; report on the past activities

Mehl, H.G.; Ramdani, F.; Rath, V.; Schwarz, G., 1990:
Magnetotellurics and deep magnetic soundings in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains

Hermance John, F., 1971:
Magnetotellurics and geomagnetic deep sounding

Cull, J., 1993:
Magnetotellurics and regional tectonics in Australia

Tzanis, A.; Makropoulos, K., 1998:
Magnetotellurics and seismotectonics in the analysis of active domains; an essential combination

Herisson Christian, 1990:
Magnetotellurics applied to seismic no record area in West Java, Indonesia

Ritz, M.; Bellion, Y.; Robineau, B., 1990:
Magnetotellurics applied to the study of the crustal structures in Senegal (West Africa)

Nichols Edward; Morrison, H.F.ank, 1988:
Magnetotellurics for mineral exploration

Rasmussen, T.M.; Pedersen, L.B.; Zhang, P., 1988:
Magnetotellurics from the Baltic Shield of Sweden; evidence for electrical anisotropy in the crust?

Reddy, I.K.; Phillips, R.J.; Whitcomb, J.H.; Cole, D.M., 1975:
Magnetotellurics in earthquake prediction

T.M.Rasmussen, 1988:
Magnetotellurics in southwestern Sweden; evidence for electrical anisotropy in the lower crust?

Schwarz, G.; Rath, V.; Bartz, J., 1988:
Magnetotellurics in the Central Andes (21 degrees -25 degrees S); state of investigations

Schnegg, P.A.; Fischer, G.; Langenegger, J.; Smiljanic, N., 1988:
Magnetotellurics in the karst geothermal area of Macva in Yugoslavia

Vozoff Keeva; Cantwell Thomas; Mebane William, M., 1969:
Magnetotellurics provides a useful new tool for petroleum hunters

Gamble, T.D.; Goubau, W.M.; Clarke, J., 1978:
Magnetotellurics with a remote magnetic reference

Chambers Kathy, 1980:
Magnetotellurics, heat linked

Grillot, L.R.; Thayer, R.E.; Bjornsson, A., 1974:
Magnetotellurics, hydrothermal zones and a general resistivity model of Iceland

Waeselynck, M., 1974:
Magnetotellurics: principle and outline of the recording technique; a case history

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Magnetotellurics; pricniples and practice

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