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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 19488

Chapter 19488 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Mangelsdorf Paul, C.J.; Sayles Frederick, L., 1982:
Multicomponent electrolyte diffusion corrections for North Atlantic sediment

Lesher, C.M.chael; Burnham, O.M.rcus, 2001:
Multicomponent elemental and isotopic mixing in Ni-Cu-(PGE) ores at Kambalda

Jennings Aaron, A.; Kirkner David, J.; Theis Thomas, L., 1982:
Multicomponent equilibrium chemistry in groundwater quality models

Lasaga, A.C., 1979:
Multicomponent exchange and diffusion in silicates

Randall, J.Charbeneau, 1988:
Multicomponent exchange and subsurface solute transport; characteristics, coherence, and the Riemann problem

Brusilovskiy, A.I., 1997:
Multicomponent filtration of gas-condensate systems in deep-seated reservoirs

Diamond, L.W., 2003:
Multicomponent fluid inclusions; the challenge of analysis and thermodynamic modelling

Lehmann Frank; Boerner David, E.; Holliger Klaus; Green Alan, G., 2000:
Multicomponent georadar data; some important implications for data acquisition and processing

Mollison, R.A.; Fanini Otto; Kriegshaeuser Berthold; Y.L.ming; Ugueto, G.; van Popta, J., 2001:
Multicomponent induction data and tensor resistivity saturation analysis examples, URSA Field, deepwater Gulf of Mexico

Wang Tsili; Y.L.ming; Fanini Otto, 2003:
Multicomponent induction response in a borehole environment

Furukawa Yoko; Kostka, J.E.; Smith, A.C., 2002:
Multicomponent inverse modelling in aquatic sediments

Appelo, C.A.J., 1996:
Multicomponent ion exchange and chromatography in natural systems

Boudreau Bernard, P.; Meysman Filip, J.R.; Middelburg Jack, J., 2004:
Multicomponent ionic diffusion in porewaters; Coulombic effects revisited

Heimann Robert, B.; Wood Donald, D.; Hamon Richard, F., 1984:
Multicomponent leach tests in standard Canadian Shield saline solution on glasses containing simulated nuclear waste

Smethurst, M.A., 1986:
Multicomponent magnetisations in two Old Red Sandstone basins in S.W. Norway

Xavier Quidelleur; Jean-Pierre Valet; Nicolas Thouveny, 1992:
Multicomponent magnetization in paleomagnetic records of reversals from continental sediments in Bolivia

Perrin Mireille; Prevot Michel; Elston Donald, P., 1987:
Multicomponent magnetization in redbeds from Mauritania; uncertainties about Proterozoic and Paleozoic APW path and evidence for successive remagnetization periods

Stokking Laura, B.; Tauxe Lisa, 1989:
Multicomponent magnetization in synthetic hematite

Torsvik, T.H.; Storetvedt, K.M.; Loevlie, R., 1982:
Multicomponent magnetization in the Helmsdale Granite, NE. Scotland; geotectonic implication

T.H.T.rsvik; R.L.łvlie; K.M.S.oretvedt, 1983:
Multicomponent magnetization in the Helmsdale granite, North Scotland; geotectonic implication

Crouzet, C.; Gautam, P.; Schill, E.; Appel Erwin, 2003:
Multicomponent magnetization in western Dolpo (Tethyan Himalaya, Nepal); tectonic implications

C.M.C.rmichael; K.M.S.oretvedt, 1981:
Multicomponent magnetization of the Ordovician age Younger Gabbros, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

J.C.M.glynn; E.I.ving, 1978:
Multicomponent magnetization of the Pearson Formation (Great Slave Supergroup, N.W.T.) and the Coronation Loop

Hyodo, H.; Dunlop, D.J., 1989:
Multicomponent magnetizations in Nipissing Diabase near Temagami, Ontario, and structural and thermal history of the Grenville Front

K.M.S.oretvedt; E.T.eit; E.R.D.utsch; G.S.M.rthy, 1990:
Multicomponent magnetizations in the Foyers Old Red Sandstone (northern Scotland) and their bearing on lateral displacements along the Great Glen Fault

Stirling, J.M.; Dunlop, D.J.; Argyle, K., 1980:
Multicomponent magnetizations in the Grenvillian Cordova Gabbro, Ontario

Roy, J.L., 1976:
Multicomponent magnetizations; problems and implications

David, J.K.rkner; Howard Reeves, 1988:
Multicomponent mass transport with homogeneous and heterogeneous chemical reactions; effect of the chemistry on the choice of numerical algorithm; 1, Theory

Howard Reeves; David, J.K.rkner, 1988:
Multicomponent mass transport with homogeneous and heterogeneous chemical reactions; effect of the chemistry on the choice of numerical algorithm; 2, Numerical results

Kirkner David, J.; Reeves Howard, W., 1985:
Multicomponent mass transport with homogeneous and heterogeneous chemical reactions; the effect of the chemistry on the choice of numerical algorithm

Litvin, Y.A., 1994:
Multicomponent mineral equilibria, magmatic differentiation and petrogenesis under conditions of garnet-peridotite mantle

Freundt, A.; Schmincke Hans Ulrich, 1989:
Multicomponent mixing of zoned magma bodies at the transition from oceanic basaltic shield to caldera-forming silicic volcanism; P1, Gran Canaria

Roche Steve, 1999:
Multicomponent monitoring

Kramer Darrell, 1991:
Multicomponent multioffset VSP processing

Halls, H.C. (convener); Storetvedt, K.M. (convener), 1980:
Multicomponent natural remanent magnetization

Marton, E., 1980:
Multicomponent natural remanent magnetization of migmatites, Moragy area, Southwest Hungary

Colin MacBeth; Xinwu Zeng; Xiang-Yang Li; John Queen, 1995:
Multicomponent near-surface correction for land VSP data

Karin Andreassen; Karl, A.B.rteussen; Helge Sognnes; Kerstin Henneberg; Jan Langhammer; Juergen Mienert, 2003:
Multicomponent ocean bottom cable data in gas hydrate investigation offshore of Norway

Paul, R.R.nne; Gary, R.S.ott; David, R.B.zard, 1988:
Multicomponent paleomagnetic data from the Nosoni Formation, eastern Klamath Mountains, California; cratonic Permian primary directions with Jurassic overprints

Renne Paul, R.; Scott Gary, R.; Bazard, D.R., 1986:
Multicomponent paleomagnetic data from the eastern Klamaths; cratonic Permian directions with secondary Middle Jurassic overprints

Brown Laurie, L., 1988:
Multicomponent paleomagnetic directions from the Sugarloaf Arkose, Deerfield Basin, Massachusetts

Griest, W.H., 1978:
Multicomponent polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon analysis of inland water and sediment

Takahashi Toru, 1993:
Multicomponent prestack depth migration

Hou Anning; Marfurt Kurt, J., 2002:
Multicomponent prestack depth migration by scalar wavefield extrapolation

Xie Xiao Bi; W.R.S.an, 2005:
Multicomponent prestack depth migration using the elastic screen method

Gaiser, J.E.; Van Dok, R.R., 2004:
Multicomponent processing and fracture characterization analysis of two Wyoming 3-D PS-wave surveys; Jonah Field and Washakie Basin

MacBeth Colin; Liu Enru; Horne Steve, 1994:
Multicomponent processing of channel waves for anisotropy

Haerens, B.; Dassargues, A.; Prommer, H.; Lerner, D., 2002:
Multicomponent reactive transport modelling of ammonium contamination at a former coal carbonisation plant

V.E.A.P.st; H.P.ommer, 2007:
Multicomponent reactive transport simulation of the Elder problem: effects of chemical reactions on salt plume development

Spencer Ronald, J., 1992:
Multicomponent salt-H (sub 2) O

Kravchenko, V.M.; Popovchenko, S.Y.; Prokopchuk, S.I., 1996:
Multicomponent scintillation spectral analysis for gold and other precious metal exploration in the Ukrainian Shield

Amundsen Lasse; Arntsen Borge; Kristensen Age; Rogno Hege; Sollid Anders, 1999:
Multicomponent seabed seismic data; a tool for improved imaging and lithology fluid prediction

Amundsen Lasse; Arntsen Borge; Kristensen Age; Rogno Hege; Sollid Anders, 1999:
Multicomponent seabed seismic improves imaging and prediction of lithology and fluid properties

George Dev, 1997:
Multicomponent seismic acquisition complements conventional towed streamer

Anonymous, 1999:
Multicomponent seismic acquistion brings new insight to reservoir characterization

Goodway William, N.; Mayo Lawrence, F., 1994:
Multicomponent seismic and borehole experiment to establish and identify the cause of anisotropy in the 2nd White Specks at Garrington, Alberta

Davis Thomas, L.; Terrell Martin, J.; Benson Robert, D.; Cardona Reynaldo; Kendall Robert, R.; Winarsky Robert, 2003:
Multicomponent seismic characterization and monitoring of the CO (sub 2) flood at Weyburn Field, Saskatchewan

Sliz Krzysztof Karol, 2001:
Multicomponent seismic data interpretation

H.H.nyi; Zhou Hongzhang; F.D.ndan, 2002:
Multicomponent seismic exploration in Yinggehai Basin

Raines Michael, A.; Davis Tom, L., 2004:
Multicomponent seismic interpretation and its relation to production response in the Leonardian Drinkard Formation of Vacuum Field, Lea County, New Mexico

D.R.P.nt; S.A.G.eenhalgh, 1989:
Multicomponent seismic reflection profiling over an ore-body structure; a scale model investigation

Pant, D.R.; Greenhalgh, S.A., 1991:
Multicomponent seismic reflection profiling; some scale model experiments

Rene, R.M.; Fitter, J.L.; Forsyth, P.M.; Kim, K.Y.; Murray, D.J.; Walters, J.K.; Westerman, J.D., 1986:
Multicomponent seismic studies using complex trace analysis

Anonymous, 1987:
Multicomponent seismic studies using complex trace analysis; discussion

DeAngelo Michael, V.; Remington Randy; Murray Paul, E.; Hardage Bob, A.; Graebner Robert; Fouad Khaled, 2004:
Multicomponent seismic technology for imaging deep gas prospects

Osborn Amy, L.; Harris James, B., 1999:
Multicomponent seismic tests in Yellowstone National Park

Osborn Amy, L.; Harris James, B., 1999:
Multicomponent seismic tests of the shallow subsurface in Yellowstone National Park

Macrides Costas; Kelamis Panos; Rademakers Martin; Gunaratnam Krish, 2000:
Multicomponent seismics? A tool for lithology prediction in the Unayzah Reservoir

Davis Thomas, L., 1992:
Multicomponent seismology

L.X.angyang; MacBeth Colin; Booth David, 1995:
Multicomponent seismology; detecting oil-filled fractures and traps

Davis Thomas, L., 2001:
Multicomponent seismology; the next wave

MacQuarrie, K.T.B.; Sudicky, E.A., 1996:
Multicomponent simulation of wastewater-derived nitrogen and carbon in shallow unconfined aquifers

Karrenbach Martin, 1994:
Multicomponent source equalization

Grechka Vladimir; Pech Andres; Tsvankin Ilya, 2002:
Multicomponent stacking-velocity tomography for transversely isotropic media

Shnirman, M.G., 1983:
Multicomponent stochastic systems and instability of an earthquake fault

Gaiser James; Moldoveanu Nick; MacBeth Colin; Michelena Reinaldo, J.; Spitz Simon, 2001:
Multicomponent technology; the players, problems, applications, and trends

Gerea Constantin; Nicoletis Laurence; Granger Pierre Yves, 2001:
Multicomponent true-amplitude anisotropic imaging

Kramer Darrell; Davis Thomas, L., 1991:
Multicomponent vertical seismic profiles for reservoir characterization, South Casper Creek Field, Natrona County, Wyoming

Lee Doo Sung, 1988:
Multicomponent vertical seismic profiling using impulsive P and S-wave source

Mudford Brett; Vinsome, P.K.W.; Lundegard, P.D., 1994:
Multicomponent, multiphase basin modelling in one, two, or three dimensions

LynnSchreyer Bennethum; John, H.C.shman, 2002:
Multicomponent, multiphase thermodynamics of swelling porous media with electroquasistatics; I, Macroscale field equations

LynnSchreyer Bennethum; John, H.C.shman, 2002:
Multicomponent, multiphase thermodynamics of swelling porous media with electroquasistatics; II, Constitutive theory

Anonymous, 1997:
Multicomponent, time-lapse acquisition developments expanding capabilities

Jeannin Mathieu; Garambois Stephane; Gregoire Colette; Jongmans Denis, 2006:
Multiconfiguration GPR measurements for geometric fracture characterization in limestone cliffs (Alps)

Chen Taiwen; Lawton Donald, C., 1992:
Multiconverted reflections in marine environments; a numerical and physical seismic modeling study

Premoli Silva Isabella; Bown Paul, R., 2004:
Multicore record of the Cretaceous/ Paleocene boundary on Shatsky Rise, Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) Leg 198, NW Pacific

Hirschleber, U., 1971:
Multicover measurements in refraction shooting

Kerimov Kerim Mamedkhan; Melikov Teyfur Giyas; Novruzov Etibar Seyfulla; Khayrulin, R.K., 2001:
Multicriteria alternatives choice based on fuzzy related preferences

Blanc, J.J., 1992:
Multicriteria analysis of the geodynamic significance of planation surfaces in Provence

Greis Noel, P.; Wood Eric, F.; Steuer Ralph, E., 1983:
Multicriteria analysis of water allocation in a river basin; the Tchebycheff approach

Moriki Amalia; Coccossis Harry; Karydis Michael, 1996:
Multicriteria evaluation in coastal management

Carlos C√©sar de Ara√ļjo; Arlei Benedito Macedo, 2002:
Multicriteria geologic data analysis for mineral favorability mapping; application to a metal sulphide mineralized area, Ribeira Valley Metallogenic Province, Brazil

Bonnet Thierry; Colbeaux Jean Pierre; Bracq Pierre, 1996:
Multicriterial analysis of a region of northern France (Bapaume); the importance of morphostructural context on the productivity of boreholes for drinking water located in a chalk aquifer

Raju, K.S.inivasa; Duckstein Lucien; Arondel Cecile, 2000:
Multicriterion analysis for sustainable water resources planning; a case study in Spain

Bogardi Istvan; Bardossy Andras; Duckstein Lucien, 1985:
Multicriterion network design using geostatistics

Burton, B.P.; Davidson, P.M., 1988:
Multicritical phase relations in minerals

Waller Sara, 2006:
Multiculturalism, relativism, creationism

Bone Yvonne; James Noel, P.; Kyser, T.K.rtis, 1991:
Multicycle Holocene dolomite in cool water carbonate sediments, Lacepede Shelf, South Australia

Benchun Duan; David, D.O.lesby, 2005:
Multicycle dynamics of nonplanar strike-slip faults

Gaetani Maurizio; Garzanti Eduardo, 1991:
Multicyclic history of the northern India continental margin (northwestern Himalaya)

Grunder, A.L.; Hildreth Wes; Drake, R.E.; Dilles, J.H., 1983:
Multicyclic late Pleistocene silicic volcanism in the central Chilean Andes; the Calabozos Caldera and Loma Seca Tuff

Culling, W.E.H., 1957:
Multicyclic streams and the equilibrium theory of grade

Smith Trevor, D.; Denham Martha, 1991:
Multicylinder control units for prebored hydraulic pressuremeters

Carvalho, A.S.; Haddad, R.C.; Milliotti, C.A.; Silva, V.B.; Oliveira, J.A.; Freitas, J.V., 1998:
Multidata integration using RADARSAT images; studies of geological, geomorphological, land use, urban occupation and remote sensing data sets from Manaus Region, Amazonas, Brazil

Viladevall, M.; Font, X.; Carmona, J.M., 1999:
Multidata set analysis for gold-deposit exploration criteria; application in the Catalonian Coastal Ranges (NE Spain)

Verger, F.; Wang, L.; Cuq, F.; H.D.C., 1987:
Multidate SPOT 1 data for studying patterns on sandy shores: Pointe d'Arcay (Vendee, France)

Woodzick Thomas, L., 1984:
Multidate trends in in situ moisture, reflectance, and temperature data at the Schaffer 15 kimberlite diatreme, southeastern Wyoming, and their explorational significance

Maluski, H.; Monie, P., 1988:
Multidating internal correlation plot and location of excess argon with laser probe (super 39) Ar- (super 40) Ar techniques

Abeyratne Mohan; Spooner Nigel, A.; Gruen Rainer; Head John, 1997:
Multidating studies of Batadomba Cave, Sri Lanka

Yamaguchi Satoru; Naruse Renji; Matsumoto Takane; Ohno Hiroshi, 2003:
Multiday variations in flow velocity at Glaciar Soler, northern Patagonia, Chile

Schoennagel, T.; Veblen, T.T.; Kulakowski, D.; Holz, Aés., 2007:
Multidecadal climate variability and climate interactions affect subalpine fire occurrence, western Colorado (USA)

Stone Jeffery, R.; Fritz Sherilyn, C., 2006:
Multidecadal drought and Holocene climate instability in the Rocky Mountains

Sharif, H.O.; Crow, W.; Miller, N.L.; Wood, E.F., 2007:
Multidecadal high-resolution hydrologic modeling of the Arkansas-Red River basin

Meixner Thomas; Gutmann Chris; Bales Roger; Leydecker Al; Sickman Jim; Melack John, M.; McConnell Joseph, 2004:
Multidecadal hydrochemical response of a Sierra Nevada Watershed; sensitivity to weathering rate and changes in deposition

Knutz Paul, C.; Hall Ian, R.; Zahn Rainer; Rasmussen Tine, L.; Kuijpers Antoon; Moros Matthias; Shackleton Nicholas, J., 2002:
Multidecadal ocean variability and NW European ice sheet surges during the last deglaciation

R.D.R.sen; D.A.S.lstein, 2000:
Multidecadal signals in the interannual variability of atmospheric angular momentum

Scott, F.L.moureux; Kailey, A.S.ewart; Andrew, C.F.rbes; David Fortin, 2006:
Multidecadal variations and decline in spring discharge in the Canadian middle Arctic since 1550 AD

S.J.A.J.ng; G.M.G.nssen; G.R.D.vies, 2001:
Multidecadal variations in the early Holocene outflow of Red Sea water into the Arabian Sea

Ming Feng; Yun Li; Gary Meyers, 2004:
Multidecadal variations of Fremantle sea level; footprint of climate variability in the tropical Pacific

Aoki Shigeru; Yoritaka Miwako; Masuyama Akihiro, 2003:
Multidecadal warming of subsurface temperature in the Indian sector of the Southern Ocean

Theissen Kevin, M.; Dunbar Robert, B.; Rowe Harold, D.; Mucciarone David, A., 2008:
Multidecadal- to century-scale arid episodes on the northern Altiplano during the middle Holocene

Ferrand, R.; Mazza, M.; Payen, P., 1978:
Multidetection approach to analysis of organic pollutants in water; methods and comments on results

Esmersoy, C.; Levy, B.C., 1986:
Multidimensional Born inversion with a wide-band plane-wave source

Moran Mark, L.; Greenfield Roy, J.; Arcone Steven, A.; Delaney Allan, J., 2000:
Multidimensional GPR array processing using Kirchhoff migration

Johnson, P.E.; Smith, M.O.; Adams, J.B., 1983:
Multidimensional analyses of reflectance spectra using mineral mixture models

Puzachenko, Y.G.; Onufrenya, I.A.; Aleshchenko, G.M., 2004:
Multidimensional analyses of relief; principle components method

Puzachenko, Y.G.; Aleshchenko, G.M.; Molchanov, G.S., 2000:
Multidimensional analysis of aerial photographs in the study of landscape structure

Anonymous, 2007:
Multidimensional analysis of carrot-lettuce intercroppings under different combinations of population densities

Kitaev, N.A. (Kitayev, N.A), 1991:
Multidimensional analysis of geochemical fields

Poveda Jose; Gould Michael, 2005:
Multidimensional binary indexing for neighbourhood calculations in spatial partition trees

Mancini Ernest, A.; Parcell William, C.; Puckett, T.M.rkham, 2003:
Multidimensional burial and thermal history modeling of Mesozoic and Cenozoic strata in the Mississippi Interior Salt Basin, northeastern Gulf of Mexico

Bernnat, W.; Dinkelacker, A., 1982:
Multidimensional calculation of radioactive gas current flow through soil surrounding underground nuclear power plants after a hypothetical accident

Gerashchenko, O.A.; Gorshkov, N.V.; Men, A.A.; Ivanovskiy, A.I., 1979:
Multidimensional data correlation of seismic velocities using automatic data processing

Tjoestheim, D., 1981:
Multidimensional discrimination techniques; theory and applicator

Tatham Robert, H., 1984:
Multidimensional filtering of seismic data

Zadro, M.Bozzi, 1968:
Multidimensional filters and their geophysical applications

Rodriguez Osvaldo; Gomez Julio, E.; Hernandez Berta, 1998:
Multidimensional format for petrographic description of rocks

Mostoviy, S.V., 1986:
Multidimensional function analysis of earthquake precursor signals

Lisenkov, A.B.; Limantseva, O.A., 2004:
Multidimensional functional modeling and analysis of groundwater hydrochemical variations

Kvamme Kenneth, L., 2002:
Multidimensional geophysical results at Northern Great Plains archaeological sites

Vanek, J.; Christoskov, L.; Kondorskaya, N.V., 1981:
Multidimensional homogeneous magnitude system of the Eurasian continent

Hellwig Stefan, L.; Goldman Mark; Hoerdt Andreas, 1994:
Multidimensional interpretation of TDEM data collected for mineral exploration in Israel

Weder, R., 1990:
Multidimensional inverse scattering; the reconstruction problem

Nachman Adrian; Ablowitz Mark, 1986:
Multidimensional inversion; 3, Multidimensional inverse scattering for the time-dependent and time-independent Schroedinger operators.; 1

Beylkin, G., 1986:
Multidimensional inversion; 4, A mathematical theory for reconstructing discontinuities in linearized inverse problems of wave propagation.; 1

Newton Roger, 1986:
Multidimensional inversion; 5, A Marchenko-Faddeev method for inverse scattering in R (super 3) .; 1

Berkhout, A.J., 1984:
Multidimensional linearized inversion and seismic migration

Martinez Alonso, L.; Medina Reus, E.; Hernandez Heredero, R., 1991:
Multidimensional localized coherent structures in the bilinear formalism of integrable systems

Fogg Graham, E.; Carle Steven, F., 1996:
Multidimensional modeling of heterogeneity; connectivity and implications for well-site hydrology

L.Chao, 1999:
Multidimensional nonstationary maximum entropy spectral analysis by using neural net

Narasimhan, T.N., 1980:
Multidimensional numerical simulation of fluid flow in fractured porous media

Shtemenko, Y.N., 1977:
Multidimensional polarization analysis

Massmann Joel, W., 1986:
Multidimensional probabilistic consolidation; discussion

Kvamme Kenneth, L., 2003:
Multidimensional prospecting in North American Great Plains village sites

Fomel Sergey; Claerbout Jon, F., 2003:
Multidimensional recursive filter preconditioning in geophysical estimation problems

Claerbout Jon, 1998:
Multidimensional recursive filters via a helix

Doveton, J.H., 1976:
Multidimensional scaling of sedimentary rock descriptors

Weglein, A.B., 1982:
Multidimensional seismic analysis; migration and inversion

Shen Wei; Zhao Pengda, 2002:
Multidimensional self-affine distribution with application in geochemistry

Yager Douglas, B.; Stanton Mark, R., 2000:
Multidimensional spatial modeling of the May Day Mine waste pile, Silverton, Colorado

Graf Thomas; Kuehl Anselm, 2003:
Multidimensional spatial surveying in the forefield area of the Mergelstetten open pit mine

Alkaz, V.G., 1980:
Multidimensional spectral recordings for the March 4, 1977 earthquake

L.Chao, 1996:
Multidimensional spectrum estimation for nonstationary processes

Grinevich, G.A.; Grinevich, A.G.; Solovjova, A.F., 1974:
Multidimensional statistic modelling of hydrological processes on the basis of structural analysis of the empirical hydrographs of runoff

Mussard Jean Marc, 1992:
Multidimensional statistical analysis applied to palynologic data from the Neocomian of the Netherlands

Rodionov Dmitriy, A.; Weber, F.; Kogan, R.I., 1993:
Multidimensional statistical method for the construction of ecological maps

Spivak, T.Yu, 1981:
Multidimensional statistical method of evaluation of geochemical anomalies during prospection for hydrocarbons

T.J. Spivak; V.I.G.abenko, 1989:
Multidimensional statistical methods used for prediction of hydrocarbon accumulations in Turkmenistan

Karger, M., 2000:
Multidimensional statistical technique for detection of low contrast anomalies

Karger, M.; Sandomirsky, S., 2001:
Multidimensional statistical technique for detection of low contrast geochemical anomalies

L.Z.Q., 1985:
Multidimensional structure diffraction tomography for varying object orientation through generalised scattered waves

Lyubushin, A.A.Jr., 2001:
Multidimensional wavelet analysis of geophysical monitoring time series

Lyubushin, A.A.Jr., 2000:
Multidimensional wavelet analysis of seismicity

Lyubushin, A.A.J.; Kopylova, G.N., 2004:
Multidimensional wavelet analysis of time series of electrotelluric observations in Kamchatka

Glangeaud, F., 1982:
Multidimensional, non parametric analysis cross-spectral density

Raoult, J.J., 1985:
Multidip interpolation

Noffke, Nora, 1998:
Multidirected ripple marks rising from biological and sedimentological processes in modern lower supratidal deposits (Mellum Island, southern North Sea)

Berti, G., 1991:
Multidirectional characteristic of crystallinity

Gray, D.I.; Benton, M.J., 1982:
Multidirectional palaeocurrents as indicators of shelf storm beds

Whisonant Robert, C.; Maloney Lorri, A.; Simmerman Graham, H.J., 1984:
Multidirectional paleocurrents from imbricate intraclasts in the Upper Cambrian peritidal carbonate in southwestern Virginia

Tjia, H.D., 1984:
Multidirectional tectonic movements in the schist of Bentong, Pahang

Cooper Brian, J., 1985:
Multidirectional twinning and stacking disorder in natural anisotropic zinc sulfides

Forte Alessandro, M., 2000:
Multidisciplinary analyses of deep Earth structure and dynamics

Sturm Stephen, D.; Evans Lesley, W.; Keusch Barbara, F.; Clark William, J., 2000:
Multidisciplinary analysis of tight gas sandstone reservoirs, Almond Formation, Siberia Ridge Field, Wyoming

Shirzadi Shawn, G.; Lawal Akanni, S., 1993:
Multidisciplinary approach for targeting new wells

Brown Robert, D. (reviewer), 1983:
Multidisciplinary approach to earthquake prediction; book review

Meggiolaro, V.; Niccolini, G.; Miniussi, G.; Stefanelli, N.; Trivellin, E.; Llinas, R.; Ramirez, I.; Scudeler, L.B.ccelle; Omenetto, P.; Primon, S.; Visona, D.; Abbruzzese, C.; Fornari, P.; Massidda, R.; Piga, L.; Ubaldini, S.; Ball, S.; Monhemius, A.J., 2000:
Multidisciplinary approach to metallogenic models and types of primary gold concentration in the Cretaceous arc terranes of the Dominican Republic

Fitzpatrick Andrew; Clarke Jonathan, D.A.; Lawrie Ken, 2004:
Multidisciplinary approach to salinity management in the lower Balonne, southern Queensland

Kuznetsov Vitaly, G. (Kuznetsov Vitaliy G); Chemodanov Vladimir, E., 1996:
Multidisciplinary approach to study of the reservoir architecture, Zaikino Field, Russia

Huchon, P.; Jestin, F.; Pozzi, J.P.; A.K.irbash S.; Cantagrel, J.M.; Bertrand, H.; Chazot, G.; Thoue, F.; Vidal, G.; Gratier, J.P., 1992:
Multidisciplinary approach to the intracontinental-hot spot rifting relationship; Yemen, balance and perspectives

Cacas, M.C., 1997:
Multidisciplinary approach to the study of fractured reservoirs

Malusa Marco; Mosca Pietro; Borghi Alessandro; Dela Pierre Francesco; Polino Riccardo, 2002:
Multidisciplinary approach to unravel the tectono-stratigraphic framework and the tectono-metamorphic evolution of an orogenic belt; the example of the Upper Susa Valley (Western Alps)

Sinha, D.K.; Sarkar, B.C.; Fahmi Sohail; Roy, M.K., 2004:
Multidisciplinary approach utilizing geological, radiometric, and radon (soil gas) surveys for delineation of subsurface polymetallic (U-Cu-Mo) veins in the Sandmata Complex near Chhota Udaipur, Ajmer District, Rajasthan

Ward Steven, N. (investigator), 1997:
Multidisciplinary approaches toward the master model

Moleiro Leon Leslie, F., 1989:
Multidisciplinary approximation of a mathematical model of KARST

Monciardini, C.; Damotte, R.; Fauconnier, D.; Giot, D.; Magniez Jannin, F.; Manivit, H.; Megnien, F., 1980:
Multidisciplinary biostratigraphic study of Cretaceous microfossils from the Grande Paroisse Borehole, Yonne; paleoecology

Venkataraman, G., 1986:
Multidisciplinary data integration in water resources studies with respect to geology and geomorphology

Zalyayev, N.Z.; Kaufman, R.M.; Mashara, L.P., 1986:
Multidisciplinary determination of the physical and lithologic characteristics of sections according to data from geophysical measurements in wells

Hart Bruce, S.; Teufel Lawrence, W., 2000:
Multidisciplinary evaluation of tight Cretaceous gas sandstones; lessons from the San Juan Basin

A.S.ebaili Y.M.; Shebatalhamd, A.A.; Ansari, A.A.; Abbas, H.H., 2006:
Multidisciplinary evaluation of wellbore instability in Shaly Sand Member Khafji Reservoir in Zuluf Field, Saudi Arabia

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