New absolute dating techniques for Quaternary sediments and their application on the Russian Plain

Shlukov, A.I.; Usova, M.G.; Voskovskaya, L.T.; Shakhovets, S.A.

GeoResearch Forum 5: 145-168


Accession: 019514026

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This paper describes the further development and application of a previously published thermoluminescence (TL) methodology, the S-S technique. Field sampling, laboratory procedures and TL analyses are presented, along with the results of some of the 2,000 dates obtained from sites on the Russian Plain. Dates between 3 ka and up to 600 ka are presented which have been obtained for grains of quartz in the size range 0.1 to 0.25 mm. This new dating procedure is relatively rapid and has resulted in a large number of dates that can be used to assess the success of the method. In some areas, whose sediment is not derived entirely from the bedrock in Scandinavia, the S-S technique cannot be applied. In this case, the TL analysis has been modified and the resulting S-T technique has been successfully applied at several sites near Novgorod.