Section 20
Chapter 19,520

New data on the genus Nothrotherium Lydekker, 1889 and validity of the species N. maquinense (Lund, 1839) and N. escrivanense (Reinhardt, 1878)

Pujos Francois

Geobios 34(3): 349-356


ISSN/ISBN: 0016-6995
DOI: 10.1016/s0016-6995(01)80081-4
Accession: 019519711

A revision of the material of Nothrotherium found by Lund in the Minas Gerais Province and housed in the Universitets Zoologiske Museum in Copenhagen (UZM), shows that Reinhardt was right in assuming that this material belongs to two different species: N. maquinense (Lund, 1839) et N. escrivanense (Reinhardt, 1878). The material from Lapa de Escrivania n degrees 5 represents the type of N. escrivanense; the almost complete skeleton from Lapa Nova de Maquine is the type of N. maquinense. In addition to the character used by Reinhardt (presence or absence of a longitudinal groove on the distal face of the M (super 4) ), new observations confirm the difference between the two species and their validity: antero-posterior compression and difference in mesio-distal diameter between the vestibular and lingual faces of the molariform teeth, mesial face morphology in the last upper cheek tooth (M (super 4) ), proportions and robustness of the post-cranial elements (phalanx and metapods), morphology of the Trapezum+Metacarpal I complex (mesial face).

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