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Outline of the Cambrian system in the Yangtze Basin; I, The Cambrian formations in the middle Yangtze valley, east Yunnan and Haut-Tonkin; II, The aspect of the Cambrian faunas of the basin and the rock-facies and the thickness of the Cambrian formation in the basin; III, The Cambrian palaeogeography of the Yangtze Basin

Kobayashi Teiichi

Proceedings of the Imperial Academy 19(5): 252-256


Accession: 019638655

Notes on faunas, stratigraphy, and paleogeography of the Cambrian Yangtze basin of southeastern Asia, including fossil lists and correlation tables for the Cambrian formations of Szechwan, Yunnan, and the Yangtze valley China, Tonkin, French Indo-China, and south Korea.

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