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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 19698

Chapter 19698 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Orrock Clive, 1985:
Peru 84; the Imperial College Caving Club expedition

Urbat, M.; Dekkers, M.J., 1998:
Peru Basin sediments; clues as to alterations to the NRM

Michael Urbat; Mark, J.D.kkers, 1999:
Peru Basin sediments; diagenetic implications of a low coercivity overprint of the NRM

Anonymous, 1982:
Peru Pb-Zn find

Cluff Lloyd, S., 1971:
Peru earthquake of May 31, 1970; engineering geology observations

Naranjo, A.M.A.; Masias, E.J.A., 1978:
Peru explores its continental shelf

Hussong Don, M.; Taylor, B., 1985:
Peru fore-arc structure and tectonic disruption

Benavides Roque, 2002:
Peru in the context of Latin American gold production

Anonymous, 1981:
Peru is still hopeful that CIPEC will develop a plan to support copper prices

Anonymous, 1981:
Peru legislates

Glenn, C.R.; Burnett, W.C.; Knight, R.; Yeh, C.C., 1995:
Peru margin phosphorites and paleoceanography

Anonymous, 1981:
Peru mounts new campaign to attract foreign capital for mine development

Arispe Alberto, 2001:
Peru offshore; 1, Tumbes-Tara blocks off Peru

Arispe Alberto, 2001:
Peru offshore; 2, Peru offers deepwater blocks south of Talara area

Anonymous, 1982:
Peru plans expansion of Andaychaqua Mine in late 1982

Eagers, N., 1978:
Peru prepares for an oil economy

Shirley Kathy, 1990:
Peru puts out the invitation

Siber, H.J., 1987:
Peru today; information concerning the actual finds in Peruvian deposits

Goring, D., 2001:
Peru tsunami hits NZ east coast

Henrichs Susan, M.; Farrington John, W., 1984:
Peru upwelling region sediments near 15 degrees S; 1, Remineralization and accumulation of organic matter

Henrichs Susan, M.; Farrington John, W.; Lee Cindy, 1984:
Peru upwelling region sediments near 15 degrees S; 2, Dissolved free and total hydrolyzable amino acids

Anonymous, 1981:
Peru's 60000 mtpy Tintaya copper project is finalizing finance, starting construction

Ridley Regina Starr, 1982:
Peru's Cobriza brings new capacity on stream

Bhattacharjee, S.K., 1992:
Peru's basins hold opportunities

Zuniga Rivero Fernando; Keeling, J.A.; Hay Roe Hugh, 1998:
Peru's coastal basins, 2; Peru onshore-deepwater basins should have large potential

Zuniga Rivero Fernando; Keeling, J.A.; Hay Roe Hugh, 1998:
Peru's coastal basins; 1, Attractive potential seen in 10 sub-basins off Peru

Zuniga Rivero Fernando; Keeling, J.A.; Hay Roe Hugh, 1998:
Peru's coastal basins; 4, New hunting grounds studied on Peru's continental slope

Zuniga Rivero Fernando; Hay Roe Hugh; Vargas Tomas, 1999:
Peru's coastal basins; 5 (conclusion), Potential untested under 50 million acres in Peru

Bernstein Merwin; L.P.dro, 1993:
Peru's precious and base metals status and future prospects

Kuroiwa Julio; Zupka Dusan, 1996:
Peru's program for disaster mitigation; 1992-1995

Chappell, P., 1976:
Peru's rugged terrain surveyed by portable land-satellite system

Anonymous, 1981:
Peru, Chile and Argentina seek foreign funds to develop their copper reserves

Anonymous, 1981:
Peru, opening of the Cajamarquilla zinc refinery

Hilde Thomas, W.C.; Warsi, W.E.K., 1984:
Peru-Chile Trench axis convergence

Anonymous, 2005:
Peru: is identifying the poor the main problem in reaching them with nutritional programs?

Anonymous, 1981:
Peru; Tintaya copper development

Neff, W., 1983:
Peru; eldorado of mineral collectors?

Anonymous, 1981:
Peru; government policies improves mining industry outlook

Anonymous, 1981:
Peru; mining laws

Anonymous, 1981:
Peru; more in mining law

Niering, F.E.Jr., 1983:
Peru; new drive on oil exploration

Dillman Jeff, A., 1984:
Peru; the deserts are worth a look!

Sisselman Robert, 1979:
Peru; the prospects of a civilian government, improved earnings in the copper industry and a glimmer of hope for a long-awaited and much needed infusion of foreign funds into Peru's economy set the stage for future expansions and development of some promising deposits

Siber Koebi, 1996:
Peru; the richest-high grade pyrite collecting locality in the world; visited by pyrite collectors in Peru

Domaci, L., 1990:
Peruc; a source of natural gas

Cattuto, C.; Gregori, L., 1988:
Perugia Pass; geology, hydrogeology and geomorphology

Biella, G.; D.F.anco R.; D.M.rtin M.; Minelli, G.; Pialli, G.; Barchi, M., 1993:
Perugia-Frontone profile; integrated analysis of geological and geophysical data

Anonymous, 1982:
Perul; expansion plans for Bayovar phosphates

Havlicek Vladimir; Vanek Jiri; Fatka Oldrich, 1994:
Perunica microcontinent in the Ordovician (its position within the Mediterranean Province, series division, benthic and pelagic associations)

Mikkola Toivo, 1953:
Peruskalliogeologian naekoealoja

Eskola Pentti, 1956:
Peruskallion ikae; age of the bedrocks

Grambast Louis; Martinez Maximo; Mattauer Maurice; Thaler Louis, 1967:
Perutherium altiplanense, nov. gen., nov. sp., premier mammifere mesozoque d'Amerique du Sud

Auldridge Larry, 1975:
Peruvian Amazon yields slim results

McNulty Brendan; Farber Daniel, L., 2004:
Peruvian Andes; pre- and post-Nazca slab flattening

Zegarra Luis Antonio, 1987:
Peruvian aseismic code

Craig, A., 1992:
Peruvian beach ridges; are they a reliable ENSO indicator?

Schrader Hans, 1992:
Peruvian coastal primary palaeo-productivity during the last 200,000 years

Hans Schrader; Ragnhild Sorknes, 1991:
Peruvian coastal upwelling; late Quaternary productivity changes revealed by diatoms

Lizarraga Lizardo Seiner, 2004:
Peruvian earthquake catalog for the 16th and 17th centuries

Inga, S.Ruben, F., 1991:
Peruvian hydrocarbon resources

Hyrsl Jaroslav; Rosales Zolina, 2003:
Peruvian minerals; an update

Rojas Bravo Julio, G., 1997:
Peruvian seismic design code and its history

Anonymous, 1982:
Peruvian silver mines expansion proceeds despite current slump

Leavell Daniel, N., 2003:
Peruvian water resources, climate variation and population dynamics through time

Sige, B.; Archer, M.; Godthelp, H.J.; Hand, S.J.; Crochet, J.Y., 1996:
Peruvian-Australian Paleogene mammal connection

Paech, H.J., 2001:
Pervasive Pan-African reactivation of the Grenvillian crust and large igneous intrusions in central Dronning Maud Land, East Antarctica

Barnes Calvin, G.; Prestvik Tore; Sundvoll Bjorn; Surratt Denny, 2005:
Pervasive assimilation of carbonate and silicate rocks in the Hortavaer igneous complex, north-central Norway

Dravis Jeffrey, J.; Muir, I.D., 1991:
Pervasive burial dissolution of early and late dolomites in Devonian pools, Alberta, Western Canada

Johnson Stephen, G., 1983:
Pervasive cataclastic textures in a felsic gneiss unit west of the Richmond Basin, Virginia

Archanjo, C.J.; Olivier, P.; Bouchez, J.L., 1991:
Pervasive chain-parallel magmatic-state granite deformation by flat and vertical shearing in the Serido Belt, NE Brazil

Loveless John, P.; Hoke Gregory, D.; Allmendinger Richard, W.; Gonzalez Gabriel; Isacks Bryan, L.; Carrizo Daniel, A., 2005:
Pervasive cracking of the northern Chilean Coastal Cordillera; new evidence for forearc extension

Klemens, W.P.; Schwerdtner, W.M., 1992:
Pervasive deformation in border zones of Ahmic Subdomain (AS), at the allochthon boundary of western Grenville Province, Ontario

Hendrix, T.E.; Stellavato, N., 1976:
Pervasive deformation of the Meagher oolitic limestone, North Boulder Valley, Montana

Philippe Huchon; Hidekazu Tokuyama; Siegfried, J. Lallemant; Asahiko Taira; Pierre Henry; Stéphane Mazzotti; Xavier Le Pichon, 1998:
Pervasive dextral strike-slip faulting within the backstop of the eastern Nankai Wedge confirmed by deep-towed seismic data (KAIKO-TOKAI'96 cruise)

Cander, H.S.; Ruppel, S.C., 1987:
Pervasive dolomitization by seawater and seawater-derived brines; San Andres Formation (Upper Permian), West Texas

Kruger, J.M.; Simo, J.A., 1994:
Pervasive dolomitization of a subtidal carbonate ramp, Silurian and Devonian, Illinois Basin, USA

Lonnee Jeff; Machel Hans, 2005:
Pervasive dolomitization with subsequent hydrothermal alteration in the Clarke Lake gas field, Middle Devonian Slave Point Formation, British Columbia, Canada

Balanya, J.C.; AzAnon, J.M.; Sanchez Gomez, M.; Garcia Duenas, V., 1993:
Pervasive ductile extension, isothermal decompression and thinning of the Jubrique Unit in the Paleogene (Alpujarride Complex, western Betics, Spain)

Gapais, D.; van den Driessche, J.; Brun, J.P.; Richer, C., 1995:
Pervasive ductile spreading and boudinage in extending orogens; evidence from the French Variscan Belt

Roberts Steven, A., 1973:
Pervasive early alteration in the Butte District, Montana

DiMarco, M.J.; Lowe, D.R.; Ferrell, R.E.J., 1987:
Pervasive early alteration of felsic volcaniclastic sandstones, Warrawoona Group (early Archean), Western Australia

Smelik Eugene, A.; Nyman Matthew, W.; Veblen David, R., 1991:
Pervasive exsolution within the calcic amphibole series; TEM evidence for a miscibility gap between actinolite and hornblende in natural samples

Leary Peter, C.; Ben Zion Yehuda; Henyey Thomas, L., 1991:
Pervasive fault zone heterogeneity as target for repeated fine scale GPS surveys

Ferry John, M., 1990:
Pervasive fluid flow in the deep crust during regional metamorphism

Schneider, J.W.; Bechstaedt, T.; deWall, H.; Kontny, A.; Machel, H.G., 2002:
Pervasive fluid flow influencing magnetic properties of carbonate rocks; a case study from the Lower Devonian La Vid Group, Cantabrian Mountains, NW-Spain

W.J.C.Llins.E.W.S.Wyer, 1996:
Pervasive granitoid magma transfer through the lower-middle crust during non-coaxial compressional deformation

Thorson Robert, M., 1988:
Pervasive ground deformation in the Hain Quarry, Connecticut; a status report

Pressler, R.E.; Schneider, D.A.; Petronis, M.S.; Holm, D.K.; Geissman John, W., 2007:
Pervasive horizontal fabric and rapid vertical extrusion; lateral overturning and margin sub-parallel flow of deep crustal migmatites, northeastern Bohemian Massif

Taylor, R.G.; Pollard, P.J., 1985:
Pervasive hydrothermal alteration in tin-bearing granites and its implications for the evolution of ore-bearing magmatic fluids

Weinberg Robert, F., 1998:
Pervasive magma migration; alternatives to dyking

Collins, W.J.; Sawyer, E.W., 1995:
Pervasive magma transfer through the lower middle crust during non-coaxial compressional deformation; an alternative to diking

Collins, W.J.; Sawyer, E.W., 1995:
Pervasive magma transfer through the lower-middle crust during non-coaxial compressional deformation; an alternative to dyking

Jonathan, E.S.ow; Henry, J.B.D.ck, 1995:
Pervasive magnesium loss by marine weathering of peridotite

Vanderhaeghe Olivier, 1999:
Pervasive melt migration from migmatites to leucogranite in the Shuswap metamorphic core complex, Canada; control of regional deformation

Seyler Monique; Lorand, J.P.; Dick Henry, J.B.; Drouin, M., 2007:
Pervasive melt percolation reactions in ultra-depleted refractory hazrburgites at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge 15 degrees 20'N; ODP Hole 1274A

Leitch, A.M.; Weinberg, R.F., 2000:
Pervasive migration of magma through the crust

Field, E.H.; Zeng, Y.; Johnson, P.A.; Beresnev, I.A., 1998:
Pervasive nonlinear sediment response during the 1994 Northridge earthquake

Field Edward, H.; Zeng Yuehua; Johnson Paul, A.; Beresnev Igor, A., 1997:
Pervasive nonlinear sediment response observed during the 1994 Northridge earthquake

Gay, S.Parker Jr., 1978:
Pervasive orthogonal fracturing in Earth's continental crust; review and update

A.Revil, 2001:
Pervasive pressure solution transfer in a quartz sand

Revil, A., 2000:
Pervasive pressure-solution transfer in granular porous materials

Coe Robert, S.; Van Alstine David, R., 1986:
Pervasive remagnetization in Alaska, Western U.S., and China; examples and speculations

Wang Zhongmin; Van der Voo Rob, 1992:
Pervasive remagnetization of Paleozoic rocks acquired at the time of Mesozoic folding in the South China Block

Schwerdtner, W.M.; Cowan, E.J., 1993:
Pervasive shear and fold monoclinicity at lithotectonic boundaries in Precambrian orogens

Chafetz Henry, S.; Srdoc Dusan; Horvatincic Nada, 1990:
Pervasive sparmicritization of waterfall and barrier travertines, Plitvice National Park, Croatia, Yugoslavia

Machel Hans, G.; Anderson James, H., 1989:
Pervasive subsurface dolomitization of the Nisku Formation in central Alberta

Burkett David, H., 1991:
Pervasive syncooling alteration of the Hampden Basalt; Hartford Basin, Connecticut

Loveless John, P.; Hoke Gregory, D.; Allmendinger Richard, W.; Gonzalez Gabriel; Isacks Bryan, L., 2004:
Pervasive tension fracturing of the northern Chilean coastal Cordillera; new evidence for forearc extension

Afitskiy, A.I., 1965 :
Pervaya nakhodka Rhabdoceras na severo-vostoke SSSR

Yanovskaya, N.M., 1957:
Pervaya nakhodka Rhinotitan iz semeistva Brontotheriidae v SSSR; sur la decouverte de brotothere de le genre Rhinotitan en URSS

Chistyakova, M.B.; Moleva, V.A.; Razmanova, Z.P., 1966:
Pervaya nakhodka batstsita v SSSR

Buinovsky, N.A.; Khaveson, Y.I., 1953:
Pervaya nakhodka cherepa pleistotsenovogo verblyuda v Sibiri (predvaritelnoe soobshchenie)

Tikhonenkov Igor Petrovich; Semenov, E.I.; Kazakova, M.E., 1957:
Pervaya nakhodka elpidita v Soyuze

Sharov, A.G., 1957:
Pervaya nakhodka melovogo zhalonosnogo pereponchatokrylogo (Hymenoptera, Aculeata)

Brik, M.I., 1936:
Pervaya nakhodka nizhne-Triasovoi flory v Srednei Azii

Barkhatova, N.N.; Davidzon, R.M., 1966:
Pervaya nakhodka paleotsenovykh i nizhneeotsenovykh nummulitov v Tadzhikskoy depressii

Grossgeim, V.A.; Mchedlishvili, P.A., 1957:
Pervaya nakhodka pliotsenovoi flory na severnom Kavkaze

Krasheninnikov, V.A.; Kozhevnikova, G.E., 1961:
Pervaya nakhodka predstavitelei roda Bolivinella v tretichnykh otlozheniyakh Sovetskogo Soyuza

Gureev, A.A., 1949:
Pervaya nakhodka ptitsy v nizhnem paleogene SSSR

Yakovlev, V.N., 1957:
Pervaya nakhodka roda Scardinius iz semeistva Cyprinidae v verkhnetretichnykh otlozheniyakh Sibiri

Nekhoroshev, V.P., 1949:
Pervaya nakhodka triasovykh mshanok v SSSR

Voronets, N.S., 1952:
Pervaya nakhodka yaits Chimaeridae v SSSR

Martynova, O.M., 1949:
Pervaya nakhodka yurskogo nasekomogo v Kuznetskom basseine

Vakhrameyev, V.A., 1965:
Pervaya nakhodka yurskoy flory na Kuba

Dzotsenidze, G.S., 1947:
Pervaya nefelinovaya poroda v Gruzii

Domarev, V.S., 1960:
Pervichnaya zonalnost orudeneniya v mestorozhdeniyakh medistykh peschanikov; Primary zoning of mineralization in cupriferous sandstone deposits

Rossman, G.I., 1960:
Pervichnoe rasseyanie metallov v bokovykh porodakh Nikolaevskogo kolchedannopolimetallicheskogo mestorozhdeniya (Rudnyi Altai)

Fesenkov, V., 1960:
Pervichnoe sostoyanie nashei planety

Urey Harold, C. ( G.Yuri), 1960:
Pervichnye atmosfery planet i proiskhozhdenie zhizni

Mukanov, K.M.; Rossman, G.I., 1960 :
Pervichnye oreoly rasseyaniya nekotorykh polimetallicheskikh i mednykh mestorozhdenii tsentralnogo Kazakhstana i Rudnogo Altaya; Primary dispersion haloes of certain polymetallic and copper deposits of central Kazakhstan and Rudny Altai

Shcherbin, S.S.; Osetrov, O.A., 1963:
Pervichnye oreoly rasseyaniya redkikh elementov pegmatitov kak kriterii poiskov skrytogo orudeneniya

Malyuga, V.I., 1961:
Pervichnye rudy Zigazino-Komarovskikh mestorozhdenii i ikh preobrazovanie v drevnei kore vyvetrivaniya

Nikol skiy A.P.; Naumov, V.P.; Korobko, N.I., 1983:
Pervomaysk iron-ore deposit in the Krivoy Rog and its transformation by impact metamorphism

Cherdyntsev, V.V.; Mikhailov, V.F., 1963:
Pervozdannyi zauranovyi izotop v prirode

Puminov, A.P.; Levina, F.M., 1957:
Pervye dannye o rastitelnosti verkhovev reki Olenek v rannechetvertichnuyu epokhu

Voskresenskaya, M.N.; Polevaya, N.I., 1958:
Pervye dannye ob absolyutnom vozraste porod Kurskoi metamorficheskoi serii

Voropinov, V.S., 1957:
Pervye nakhodki fauny v verkholenskoi svite

Rukavishnikova, T.B.; Senkevich, M.A., 1958:
Pervye nakhodki flory verkhnego ordovika v Kazakhstane

Martinson, G.G., 1949:
Pervye nakhodki neogenovykh mollyuskov v Irkutskom uglenosnom basseine

Astrova, G.G. , 1951:
Pervye nakhodki nizhnesiluriiskikh Trepostomata v Sibiri

Makarova, L.A., 1955:
Pervye nakhodki ostatkov loshadi stenona v Kazakhstane

Okladnikov, A.P.; Puminov, A.P., 1958:
Pervye neoliticheskie nakhodki na r. Olenek

Morozova, I.P., 1957:
Pervye predstaviteli mshanok semeistva Atactotoechidae iz devona Kuzbassa

Gerling, E.K.; Baranovskaya, N.V.; Ermolin, G.M.; Titov, N.E., 1952:
Pervyi opyt primeneniya argonovogo metoda opredeleniya vozrasta mineralov

Ruzhentsev Vasily Ermolaevich, 1952:
Pervyi predstavitel semeistva Welleritidae iz srednekamennougolnykh otlozhenii Urala

Burkov, V.V.; Podporina, Y.K., 1966:
Pervyye dannyye o redkikh zemlyakh v kimberlitovykh porodakh

Molin, V.A., 1965:
Pervyye nakhodki dvustvorchatykh listonogikh v indskom yaruse Mangyshlaka

Aizenshtat, Z., 1973:
Perylene and its geochemical significance

Wilson, L.O.r; John, R.G.ady, 1967:
Perylene in basin sediments off southern California

Wakeham, S.G.; Schaffner, C.; Giger, W.; Boont, J.J.; de Leeuw, J.W., 1979:
Perylene in sediments from the Namibian Shelf

Louda, J.W.lliam; Baker Earl, W., 1984:
Perylene occurrence, alkylation and possible sources in deep-ocean sediments

Silliman James, E.; Meyers Philip, A.; Eadie Brian, J., 1997:
Perylene, a perplexing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon

James, E.S.lliman; Philip, A.M.yers; Brian, J.E.die, 1998:
Perylene; an indicator of alteration processes or precursor materials?

Buchinskaya, K.M.; Nechayev, S.V., 1994:
Perzhanskiy tantalum and niobium mineralization; Ukrainian Shield

Bonnan, Matthew, F.F., 2002:
Pes anatomy in sauropod dinosaurs; implications for functional morphology, evolution, and phylogeny

Koehnemann Lynn Curtis, 1982:
Pescadero Marsh; managing a California wetland

Karpova, G.V., 1952:
Peschanik s rogovoi obmankoi v uglenosnoi tolshche srednei yury Donbassa

Yarzhemsky, Y.Ya, 1952:
Peschaniki s avgitom i amfibolami v kachestve sushchestvennogo porodoobrazuyushchego minerala

Kushnar, S.A., 1939:
Peschanyye bugry; chokolaki; v pustyne Kyzyl-Kum

Moroshkin Vadim Viktorovich; Kapustkin Gennadiy Rudol fovich, 1985:
Peshchera Novaya; a karst phenomenon of the Kugitang-Tau Range

Bader, O.N., 1958:
Peshchera so skopleniyami kostei peshchernykh medvedei na severnom Urale

Sokoloff, V.P., 1969:
Peshchery; caves

Gubanov, D.A., 2000:
Peski Locality study by paleontological organization

Moraes Luciano Jacques de, 1947:
Pesquisa geologica e industria mineral

Branco Jose Jaime Rodrigues, 1963:
Pesquisa mineral no Brasil e metodos de prospeccao

Erichsen Alberto Ildefonso, 1946:
Pesquisas do carvao no estado do Piaui

Erichsen Alberto Ildefonso, 1946:
Pesquisas realizadas pela Divisao de Fomento da Producao Mineral durante o ano de 1945

Oliveira Euzebio Paulo de, 1938:
Pesquiza da matriz do diamante

Onorato, E., 1938:
Pesquizas roentgenographicas sobre a leucita

Soto Jaramillo Fidel, 1989:
Pessagniella and Parasigalia novs. genera of Upper Cretaceous planktonic Foraminifera

Soto Jaramillo Fidel, 1989:
Pessagniella and Parasigalia, new genera of planktonic foraminifers from the Late Cretaceous

Kozur, H., 1979:
Pessagnosaturnalis n. gen., a new genus of Saturnalidae; Radiolaria

Anonymous, 2006:
Pest complex and their succession in mustard under terai ecological conditions of West Bengal

Anonymous, 2007:
Pest control management for some of significant flower species

Anonymous, 2007:
Pest insects and agro-biodiversity

Becker, R.L., 1990:
Pest management strategies to minimize surface and groundwater contamination

Henderson, W., R.; Murphy, E., C., 2007:
Pest or prized possession? Genetically modified biocontrol from an international perspective

Anonymous, 1993:
Pest plant research using a whole systems approach for sustainable land use in Queensland

Anonymous, 2007:
Pest suppressive landscapes on the PC

Georges, K.; Jayaprakasam, B.; Dalavoy, S.S.; Nair, M.G., 2007:
Pest-managing activities of plant extracts and anthraquinones from Cassia nigricans from Burkina Faso

Anonymous, 2007:
Pest-suppressive landscapes from a natural enemy perspective

E.Z.hran; J.S.uerborn; A.A.A.basher; E.A.A.med; R.I.M.hukker; P.K.rlovsky; E.A.M.hamed; D.M.¼ller-Stöver, 2008:
Pesta and alginate delivery systems of Fusarium spp. for biological control of Striga hermonthica (Del.) Benth. under Sudanese field conditions

Anonymous, 2006:
Pestalotiopsis palmarum Cooke pathogenicity on nurseryoil palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) plants

Diaconu Gabriel, 1980:
Pestera Closani; observations on the present-day chemistry of the infiltration waters; relationship with local thermal values for the endokarstic cavity

Denes Gyorgy, 2004:
Pestes and Odvas caves in the Hunyad district

Lewallen, M.J., 1971:
Pesticide Contamination of a Shallow Bored Well in the Southeastern Coastal Plains

González, M.; Mingorance, M.Dolores.; Sánchez, L.; Peña, Aánzazu., 2008:
Pesticide adsorption on a calcareous soil modified with sewage sludge and quaternary alkyl-ammonium cationic surfactants

Rae, J.E.; Cooper, C.S.; Parker, A.; Peters, A., 1997:
Pesticide adsorption onto aquifer sediments

Ravelo-Pérez, L.M.; Hernández-Borges, J.; Borges-Miquel, T.M.; Rodríguez-Delgado, M.Angel., 2007:
Pesticide analysis in rose wines by micellar electrokinetic chromatography

Jones Perry, M.; Thurman, E.M.chael; Little Edward; Kersten Susan; Helgen Judy; Scribner Elisabeth, A., 1999:
Pesticide and metabolite concentrations in sediments and surface and ground water found at sites where frog malformations are presented in Minnesota

Hill, S.S.; Steele, K.F.; Scott, H.D.; Nichols, T.W.; Vendrell, P.F., 1995:
Pesticide and nitrate impact on water quality of the alluvial aquifer, Lower Mississippi River valley

Matthess, G.; Isenbeck, M., 1987:
Pesticide behaviour in Quaternary sediments

Shelton, D.R.; Karns, J.S., 1998:
Pesticide bioremediation; genetic and ecological considerations

Shahane Ashok, N., 1995:
Pesticide concentration frequencies in surface water and sediments of Florida

Eckhardt, D.A.; Phillips, P.J., 1999:
Pesticide concentrations and loads in two tributaries to Lake Ontario in western New York

Weisskopf Carol Pitz, 1999:
Pesticide concentrations in environmental samples; how complete is the picture

Izbicki John, A., 2000:
Pesticide concentrations in stormflow in the Santa Ana River, Southern California

Coupe, R.H.; Thurman, E.M., 2001:
Pesticide concentrations in the Mississippi River; the importance of degradates

L.I.alien S.; Struger, J., 1995:
Pesticide concentrations in water and suspended sediment in Lake Erie

Reith Vera Evelyn; Mueller Heidulf, E., 1994:
Pesticide concentrations of a water course in a rural region during a flood event

Mary, E.Exner, 1990:
Pesticide contamination of ground water artificially recharged by farmland runoff

Close Murray, E., 1991:
Pesticide contamination of ground water in New Zealand

Hadfield, J.; Smith, D., 1996:
Pesticide contamination of groundwater in the Waikato region

Hadfield, J.; Smith, D., 1997:
Pesticide contamination of groundwater; an investigation in the Waikato region, New Zealand

Ross, B.B.ake; Younos Tamim, M.; Dillaha Theo, A.; Young Roderick, W.; Herbert Nicole, M.; Thomson Steven, J., 1994:
Pesticide contamination of targeted household water supplies

Oki Delwyn, S.; Giambelluca Thomas, W., 1985:
Pesticide contamination of the basal lens of the Pearl Harbor Aquifer of Oahu, Hawaii

Barrett, M.R., 1993:
Pesticide degradates in groundwater; implications of available studies for regulatory policy

Mills, M.S.; Hill, I.R.; Simmons, N.D.; Newcombe, A.C., 1999:
Pesticide degradation in subsurface soils; implications for groundwater risk assessments

Antonious George, F.; Byers Matthew, E., 1994:
Pesticide dissipation in sustainable agriculture

Stamer John, K.; Wieczorek Michael, E., 1996:
Pesticide distributions in surface water

Jeannot Roger; Sauvard Emmanuel, 2000:
Pesticide dosage and their degradation products in water; status, trends and prospects

Arnold David, J., 1995:
Pesticide environmental fate requirements in the European Community

Chilton, P.J.; Stuart, M.E.; Gooddy, D.C.; Williams, R.J.; Johnson, A.C., 2005:
Pesticide fate and behaviour in the UK Chalk Aquifer, and implications for groundwater quality

Potter Thomas, L.; Bosch David, D.; Sullivan Dana; Wauchope, R.D.n, 2004:
Pesticide fate and transport in coastal plain watersheds

M.L.; Spaulding Roy, F., 1995:
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Petrifaction of animals

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Petrifaction, petrified forests

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Petrified Forest National Monument

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Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona

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Petrified Forest; Arizona's other national park

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