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Chapter 19,706

Petroleum exploration in Alaska, 6 of Petroleum exploration in the United States

Gryc George

Pages 45-47 1957


Accession: 019705737

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Alaska includes several large provinces that are considered to be geologically favorable for the accumulation of petroleum. Between 1902 and 1933 about 154,000 barrels of oil were produced, but at present there is no commercial production. Alaska is now in its third and greatest oil boom. A new field was discovered in 1957 in the previously untested Kenai Peninsula. The U. S. Navy's petroleum exploration program (1943 to 1953) in northern Alaska was the first in the territory to utilize all the modern petroleum exploration techniques, including aeromagnetic surveys, surface and subsurface geologic studies, photogeologic studies, seismic surveys, and test drilling.

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