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Chapter 19,706

Petroleum exploration in Western Australia

Tinapple, W.L.

The = Sedimentary Basins of Western Australia Proceedings of Petroleum Exploration Society of Austrialia Symposium 3: 15-24


Accession: 019705790

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Petroleum exploration activity in Western Australia, boosted by the positive results of many new discoveries, is continuing at a high level. Recent exploration has focussed primarily on the North West Shelf but with significant exploration in frontier areas offshore and onshore. Significant discoveries in 2001/2002 resulted from further exploration in previously explored areas in the Carnarvon and Perth basins, as well as a new play offshore in the Perth Basin. The short-term outlook for Western Australia is good as a result of existing work commitments including an average of 43 exploration wells to be drilled each year for the next three years. Onshore, where exploration has been subdued, there are signs of a pick up in activity, particularly in the Perth Basin following recent discoveries. The Western Australian Government is playing a key role in promoting petroleum exploration in the State through gazettals, promotional activities-conferences and publications, acquiring pre-competitive data and making petroleum data more accessible. The Government-funded Petroleum Exploration Initiatives programme is continuing and efforts are being made to facilitate exploration. Sustained high oil prices, improvements in technology and efforts to expedite access to land are just some of the factors that will assist companies in their endeavours. In the longer term, continued growth in Western Australia's petroleum industry is projected, in particular as some of the huge offshore gas resources are brought to commercialisation.

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