Phototrophic sulfur bacteria of salt meromictic lakes and their role in sulfur cycle

Gorlenko, V.M.

Krumbein, Wolfgang E (Ed ) Environmental Biogeochemistry And Geomicrobiology, Vol 1 The Aquatic )nvironment; Vol 2 The Terrestrial Environment; Vol 3 Methods, Metals And Assessment Proceedings Of The 3rd International Symposium on Environmental Biogeochemistry Wolfenbuettei, West Germany Xvii+394p (Vol 1); Xvii+317p (Vol 2); Xvii+344p (Vol 3) Illus Maps Ann Arbor Science Publishers Inc Ann Arbor, Mich , Usa ISBN 0-250-40218-1; ISBN 0-250-40219-X; ISBN 0-250-40220-3: 109


Accession: 019722266

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