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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 19759

Chapter 19759 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Henrich, R.; Freiwald, A.; Soria, J., 1998:
Postglacial and Holocene mixed bryomol-pelagic carbonate deposits on North Atlantic sea mounts; environmental controls and paleoclimatic significance

Raymond, R.E.; Kapp, R.O.; Janke, R.A., 1975:
Postglacial and Recent sediments of inland lakes of Isle Royale National Park, Michigan

Tarr Ralph Stockman, 1903:
Postglacial and interglacial (?) changes of level at Cape Ann, Massachusetts

Duncan John, R.; Kulm, L.D., 1968:
Postglacial and late Pleistocene sedimentation in the abyssal environments off Oregon-Washington

Bedard Pierre, 1993:
Postglacial and pre-last-glacial weathering of till on the high plateaus of central Gaspesie, Quebec, Canada

B.I.K.shechkin; G.A.M.rkov; A.A.N.konov; G.D.P.nasenko; S.A.S.relkov, 1975:
Postglacial and recent crustal movements in the northeast of the Baltic Shield

Blikra Lars Harald; Nemec Wojciech, 1993:
Postglacial avalanche activity in western Norway; depositional facies sequences, chronostratigraphy and palaeoclimatic implications

Koons Donaldson, 1989:
Postglacial bedrock faulting in Maine

Braun Duane, D.; Inners Jon, D., 2004:
Postglacial bedrock gorges in northeastern Pennsylvania; products of localized stream derangement resulting from blockage by glacial deposits

Sen Gupta Barun, K.; Gaby Mark, L.; Aharon Paul, 1983:
Postglacial benthic foraminifera of the Venezuela Basin

Lindberg Bjorn; Mienert Juergen, 2005:
Postglacial carbonate production by cold-water corals on the Norwegian Shelf and their role in the global carbonate budget

Absolon Adolf, 1973:
Postglacial carbonate sediments in the Bavarian part of the Alpine foreland

Redfield, A.C., 1967:
Postglacial change in sea level in the Western north atlantic ocean

Upson Joseph, E.; Leopold Estella, B.; Rubin Meyer, 1964:
Postglacial change of sealevel in New Haven Harbor, Connecticut

Ward, W.T., 1971:
Postglacial changes in level of land and sea

Zaborski Bogdan, 1963:
Postglacial changes in the Baltic-Black Sea Watershed

Dzhanelidze, C.P., 1969:
Postglacial changes in the central Caucasus landscape during the Holocene

Boe Karin; Stabell Bjorg, 2001:
Postglacial changes in the groundwater table at Gardermoen, Norway interpreted from diatom analysis

Daly Reginald Aldworth, 1921:
Postglacial changes of level in Newfoundland and Labrador

Spencer Joseph William Winthrop; Johnson Lawrence Clement, 1913:
Postglacial changes of level versus recent stability of the Lake region of America

Levac Elisabeth; de Vernal Anne, 1997:
Postglacial changes of terrestrial and marine environments along the Labrador coast; palynological evidence from cores 91-045-005 and 91-045-006, Cartwright Saddle

Terasmae, J., 1967:
Postglacial chronology and forest history in the northern Lake Huron and Lake Superior regions

Terasmae, J.; Mirynech, E., 1964:
Postglacial chronology and the origin of deep lake basins in Prince Edward County, Ontario

Zeeb, B.A.; Smol, J.P., 1993:
Postglacial chrysophycean cyst record from Elk Lake, Minnesota

Reeds Chester Albert, 1924:
Postglacial clays at Little Gerry, New Jersey (abstract, with discussion by E. O. Hovey)

Baumhoff Martin, A.; Heizer Robert, F., 1965:
Postglacial climate and archaeology in the Desert West

Olson Carolyn, G., 1992:
Postglacial climate changes and the occurrence of regional erosion surfaces, Midwest, USA

Sears, Paul, B., 1932:
Postglacial climate in eastern North America

Schwark Lorenz; Lechterbeck Jutta; Zink Klaus, G.; Mayer Bernhard, 2002:
Postglacial climatic and environmental evolution in Central Europe inferred from analysis of Lake Steisslingen sediment core, SW-Germany

Prentice, I.Colin, 1983:
Postglacial climatic change; vegetation dynamics and the pollen record

Perrott, R.Alan, 1987:
Postglacial climatic events in eastern Africa

Antevs Ernst Valdemar, 1950:
Postglacial climatic history of the Great Plains and dating the records of man

Burga Conradin, A., 1979:
Postglacial climatic variations recorded in Swiss pollen diagrams

Lampe Reinhard, 2003:
Postglacial coastal evolution on the Baltic Sea

Cailleux Andre, 1973:
Postglacial cold periods in eastern Canada

Blikra, N.Mec, 1998:
Postglacial colluvium in western Norway; depositional processes, facies and palaeoclimatic record

Gregory, F.L.ne-Serff; Eelco, J.R.hling; Harry, L.B.yden; Henry Charnock, 1997:
Postglacial connection of the Black Sea to the Mediterranean and its relation to the timing of sapropel formation

Fairchild, H.L., 1918:
Post-Glacial Continental Uplift

Doerjes, J., 1987:
Postglacial coquina deposits south of Doggerbank, North Sea

Gudmundsson Agust, 1999:
Postglacial crustal doming, stresses and fracture formation with application to Norway

Mathews, W.H.; Fyles, J.G.; Nasmith, H.W., 1970:
Postglacial crustal movements in southwestern British Columbia and adjacent Washington state

Newman Walter, S.; Fairbridge Rhodes, W., 1962:
Postglacial crustal subsidence of coastal New England

Grachev, A.F.; Dolukhanov, P.M., 1970:
Postglacial crustal uplift in Canada and fennoscandia from radiocarbon dating

Kakkuri Juhani, 1997:
Postglacial deformation of the Fennoscandian crust

N.P.Lasca, 1966:
Postglacial delevelling in Skeldal, Northeast Greenland

Clague, J.J.; Luternauer, J.L.; Pullan, S.E.; Hunter, J.A., 1991:
Postglacial deltaic sediments, southern Fraser River delta, British Columbia

Sayadyan, Y.V.; Aleshinskaya, Z.V.; Khanzadyan, E.V., 1977:
Postglacial deposits and archaeology of the shores of Lake Sevan

Fujii Shoji, 1966:
Postglacial deposits and land movement

Fujii Shoji, 1967:
Postglacial deposits and their carbon-14 datings in the Japanese islands; on the geological division of the postglacial epoch

Gensous, B.; Tesson, M.; Soria, J., 1998:
Postglacial deposits of the Rhone Shelf (western Mediterranean); stratigraphic organization, sedimentary budget and preservation potential

Gensous, B.; Tesson, M., 1997:
Postglacial deposits of the Rhone shelf; stratigraphic organization and depositional conditions

Kremenetski Constantin, V.; Tarasov Pavel, E.; Cherkinsky Aleksandr, E. (Cherkinskiy Aleksandr E), 1997:
Postglacial development of Kazakhstan pine forests

Bunting, M.Jane, 1994:
Postglacial development of heathland in Orkney, Scotland

Smol John, P.; Boucherle, M.M.; McNeely, R.N., 1987:
Postglacial development of southern Ontario meromictic lakes

Florek Waclaw, 1992:
Postglacial development of the small river valleys on the south Baltic Coast of north Poland

Krippel Eduard, 1971:
Postglacial development of vegetation in east Slovakia

J.C.R.tchie; L.K.K.ivo, 1975:
Postglacial diatom stratigraphy in relation to the recession of Glacial Lake Agassiz

Edwards, T.W.D., 1978:
Postglacial diatom stratigraphy of a lake basin of the eastern Arctic Shield

Stemberger, R.S., 1995:
Postglacial dispersal of copepods of the northeastern USA

Stewart Kenneth, W.; Lindsey Casimir, C., 1982:
Postglacial dispersal of lower vertebrates in the glacial Lake Agassiz region

Stewart, KW.; Lindsey, CC., 1983:
Postglacial dispersal of lower vertebrates in the lake Agassiz region

Bleakney, S., 1958:
Postglacial dispersal of the turtle Chrysemys picta

Lensen, G.J., 1979:
Postglacial displacements along the Alpine Fault, and its significance to the New Zealand tectonics framework

Klein David, R., 1965:
Postglacial distribution patterns of mammals in the southern coastal regions of Alaska

Knuepfer Peter, L.K., 1985:
Postglacial downcutting by New Zealand rivers

Hack John, T., 1965:
Postglacial drainage evolution and stream geometry in the Ontonagon area, Michigan

Spencer Joseph William Winthrop, 1913:
Postglacial earth movements about Lake Ontario and the Saint Lawrence River

McAnderson John, H., 2003:
Postglacial ecology of the Hiscock site

England John, 1982 :
Postglacial emergence along northern Nares Strait

Forman Steven, L.; Lubinski David; Miller Gifford, H.; Snyder Jeffrey; Matishov Gennady; Korsun Sergey; Myslivets Vladimir, 1995:
Postglacial emergence and distribution of late Weichselian ice-sheet loads in the northern Barents and Kara seas, Russia

Loken Olav, H., 1965:
Postglacial emergence at the south end of Inugsuin Fiord, Baffin Island, N.W.T

Wightman, D.; Cooke, H.B.S., 1978:
Postglacial emergence in Atlantic Canada

Atkinson Nigel; England John, 2004:
Postglacial emergence of Amund and Ellef Ringnes Islands, Nunavut; implications for the northwest sector of the Innuitian ice sheet

Gray James; Lauriol Bernard; Bruneau Denis; Ricard Jean, 1993:
Postglacial emergence of Ungava Peninsula, and its relationship to glacial history

Otto Salvigsen, 2005:
Postglacial emergence of southernmost Spitsbergen, Svalbard; supplement to article by Forman et al., 2004, QSR 23, 1391-1434

Bird John Brian, 1955:
Postglacial emergence of the land around Bathurst Inlet, Northwest Territories

James Gray, Bernard de Boutray, Claude Hillaire-Marcel and Bernard Lauriol, 1980:
Postglacial emergence of the west coast of Ungava Bay, Quebec

Forman, SL.; Lubinski, D.; Miller, GH.; Matishov, GG.; Korsun, S.; Snyder, J.; Herlihy, F.; Weihe, R.; Myslivets, V., 1996:
Postglacial emergence of western Franz Josef Land, Russia, and retreat of the Barents Sea ice sheet

Wright, H.E., 1972:
Postglacial environmental history of the Coteau des Prairies

Heusser, Calvin, J., 1956:
Postglacial environments in the Canadian Rocky Mountains

Allen, W.H.J.; Vreeken, W.J.; Miller, G.A., 1969:
Postglacial environments of the Des Moines Lobe

Walker, P.H., 1966:
Postglacial erosion and environmental changes in central Iowa

Beget, J.E., 1989:
Postglacial eruption history of Mt. St. Augustine, southern Cook Inlet, Alaska

Beget James, E.; Nye Christopher, J., 1994:
Postglacial eruption history of Redoubt Volcano, Alaska

Nikiforov, L.G., 1975:
Postglacial eustatic rise of sea level and its significance in the development of marine shores

Coakley, J.P., 1980:
Postglacial evolution and modern processes at Point Pelee, Lake Erie

Szymanski, A., 1986:
Postglacial evolution and the deep transformation of the Sanu Valley

Payette Serge; Boudreau Francis, 1984:
Postglacial evolution of alpine and subalpine high summits, Gaspe Peninsula

Khusid, T.A.; Basov, I.A.; Gorbarenko, S.A., 2005 :
Postglacial evolution of benthic Foraminifera in the southern Bering Sea

Hoffmann, G.; Lampe Reinhard; Barnasch, J., 2005:
Postglacial evolution of coastal barriers along the west Pomeranian coast, NE Germany

Kite, J.S.even; Stuckenrath Robert, 1989:
Postglacial evolution of drainage in the middle and upper St. John River basin, Maine and New Brunswick

Kite, J.S.even; Stuckenrath Robert, 1987:
Postglacial evolution of drainage in the middle and upper St. John River basin, New Brunswick and Maine

Hetu Bernard, 1992:
Postglacial evolution of eolian sedimentation at the top of Mont Sainte-Pierre, Gaspesie; paleoclimatic implications

Vasatko Jaroslav; Lozek Vojen, 1971:
Postglacial evolution of mollusks in the Pavlovske Hills

Leira, M.; Bao, R.; Vidal Romani, J.R., 1997:
Postglacial evolution of the Villaseca lagoon, northwestern Iberian Peninsula, from diatom analysis

Long, B.F.; Cataliotti Valdina, D., 1982:
Postglacial evolution of the northern border of the Jacques Cartier Strait, Gulf of St. Lawrence, Quebec, Canada

Dubois, J.M.M., 1976:
Postglacial evolution of the northern coast of the Saint Lawrence Estuary, Quebec, Canada

Long Bernard; Bouchard, D., 1980:
Postglacial evolution of the upper Saint Lawrence Estuary

Ollivier Vincent; Guendon Jean Louis; Ali Adam; Roiron Paul; Ambert Paul, 2006:
Postglacial evolution of travertine environments in Provence and the Alps; new chronology, facies, and morphosedimentary dynamics

Jalut Guy, 1970:
Postglacial evolution of vegetation and climate in the Tet and Tech valleys

Leroyer, C., 1991:
Postglacial evolution of vegetation in Bassee, Seine-et-Marne

Naranjo Jose, A.; Moreno Hugo, 1991:
Postglacial explosive activity from Llaima Volcano, Southern Andes

Raukas Anto, 2003:
Postglacial extreme events and human action in the transformation of Estonian topography and landscapes

Loomis Frederic Brewster, 1921:
Postglacial faulting about Mount Toby, Massachusetts (with discussion by W. H. Hobbs)

Thompson, W., 1979:
Postglacial faulting along the Norumbega fault zone, eastern Maine

Fenton Clark, H., 1991:
Postglacial faulting and paleoseismic activity in North West Scotland

Lagerbaeck Robert, 1987:
Postglacial faulting and paleoseismicity in northern Sweden

Oliver Jack; Johnson Tracy; Dorman James, 1969:
Postglacial faulting and seismicity in New York and Quebec

Odleiv Olesen, 1985:
Postglacial faulting at Masi, Finnmark, Northern Norway

John Adams, 1989:
Postglacial faulting in Eastern Canada; nature, origin and seismic hazard implications

Hobbs William Herbert, 1921:
Postglacial faulting in the French River District of Ontario

Fryxell Fritiof Melvin, 1938:
Postglacial faulting in the Teton Range, Wyoming

Kukkonen, I.; Kuivamaki, A., 1986:
Postglacial faults in northern Finland, geological and geophysical observations

Millspaugh Sarah, H.; Whitlock Cathy, 1994:
Postglacial fire, vegetation, and climate in Yellowstone National Park

Zinke, J.; Reijmer, J.J.G.; Thomassin, B.A.; Dullo, W.C.; Grootes, P.M.; Erlenkeuser, H., 2003:
Postglacial flooding history of Mayotte Lagoon (Comoro Archipelago, Southwest Indian Ocean)

Oldale, R.N.; O.H.ra C.J., 1975:
Postglacial fluvial erosion, marine planation, and marine deposition in Cape Cod Bay, Massachusetts

Aas, B.; Faarlund, T., 1988:
Postglacial forest limits in central southern Norwegian mountains; (super 14) C dating of subfossil pine and birch specimens

Linda, B.Brubaker, 1975:
Postglacial forest patterns associated with till and outwash in northcentral Upper Michigan

Filipovitch, L., 1977:
Postglacial forest phases on the high slopes of the Balkan Range (Bulgaria)

Hansen Henry Paul, 1946:
Postglacial forest succession and climate in the Oregon Cascades

Hansen, Henry, P., 1938:
Postglacial forest succession and climate in the Puget Sound region

Hansen, Henry, P., 1950:
Postglacial forests along the Alaska Highway in British Columbia

Hansen, Henry, P., 1949:
Postglacial forests in south central Alberta, Canada

Hansen Henry Paul, 1955:
Postglacial forests in south-central and central British Columbia

Hansen, Henry, P., 1952:
Postglacial forests in the Grande Prairie-Lesser Slave Lake region of Alberta, Canada

Hansen, H.P., 1953:
Postglacial forests in the Yukon Territory and Alaska

Hansen Henry Paul, 1949:
Postglacial forests in west central Alberta, Canada

Haberle Simon, G.; Bennett, K.D., 2004:
Postglacial formation and dynamics of north Patagonian rainforest in the Chonos Archipelago, southern Chile

McAllister, D.E.; S.O.ge D., 1981:
Postglacial fossil fishes from Coppermine River, Northwestern Territories, Canada

Elorza, M.; Sanchez Marco, A., 1993:
Postglacial fossil great auk and associated avian fauna from the Viscay Bay

Johnson Samuel, Y.; Stephenson William, J.; Morgan Lisa, A.; Shanks, W.C.; Pierce Kenneth, L., 2002:
Postglacial geologic processes in northern Yellowstone Lake

Barrie, J.V.; Conway, K.W., 1993:
Postglacial geology of Dixon Entrance, northwestern British Columbia continental shelf

R.B.B.yan; I.A.C.mpbell; A.Y.ir, 1987:
Postglacial geomorphic development of the Dinosaur Provincial Park badlands, Alberta

Vreeken Willem, J., 1998:
Postglacial geomorphic evolution of the Maple Creek basin, Palliser Triangle, Saskatchewan, Canada

Bloom Arthur, L., 1963:
Postglacial geomorphic history of the Connecticut coast

Mayr Franz, 1968:
Postglacial glacier fluctuations and correlative phenomena in the Stubai mountains, eastern Alps, Tyrol

Mayr Franz, 1969:
Postglacial glacier fluctuations in the Mont Blanc region

Cabioch; Camoin; Montaggioni, 1999:
Postglacial growth history of a French Polynesian barrier reef tract, Tahiti, Central Pacific

Yazvenko Sergei, B.; Warner Barry, G.; Aravena Ramon, 1994:
Postglacial history and formation dynamics of a small Sphagnum peatland in the experimental lakes area, Northwest Ontario

Teller James, T.; Risberg Jan; Matile Gaywood; Zoltai Stephen, 2000:
Postglacial history and paleoecology of Wampum, Manitoba, a former lagoon in the Lake Agassiz Basin

Terasmae, J.; Mott, R.J., 1971:
Postglacial history and palynology of Sable Island, Nova Scotia

Coakley, J.P.; Lewis, C.F.M., 1998:
Postglacial history and sedimentation in Lake Ontario; 12 000 years B.P. to present

Shimer, H.W., 1915:
Postglacial history of Boston

Keith David Bennett; H.J.hn B.B.rks, 1990:
Postglacial history of alder (Alnus glutinosa (L. Gaertn.) in the British Isles

Gresswell, R.Kay, 1938:
Postglacial history of southwest Lancashire, England

Bissell Malcolm Havens, 1924:
Postglacial history of the Connecticut River near Middletown, Connecticut

Kvasov, D.D.; Raukas, A.V., 1970:
Postglacial history of the Gulf of Finland

Fitzgerald, W.D., 1985:
Postglacial history of the Minesing Basin, Ontario

Prokopchuk, B.I.; Pakhomov, M.M.; Shofman, I.L., 1974:
Postglacial history of the evolution of vegetation in the Markha River basin, Yakutia

Bogaczewicz Adamczak, B.; Fedorowicz, S.; Golebiewski, R.; Miotk, G., 1981:
Postglacial history of the region of Lake Gardno

Rosa Bogusllaw, 1968:
Postglacial history of the southern coast of the Baltic

MacDonald Glen, M.; Moser, K.A., 1988:
Postglacial history of the treeline north of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada

Kite, J.S.even; Stuckenrath Robert, 1986:
Postglacial history of the upper St. John drainage basin

Labelle Claude; Richard Pierre, J.H., 1984:
Postglacial history of the vegetation in the Mont-Saint-Pierre area, Gaspesie, Quebec

Richard Pierre, 1973:
Postglacial history of the vegetation in the Saint-Raymond de Portneuf region, as revealed by the pollen analysis of a peat bog

Richard Pierre, 1980:
Postglacial history of the vegetation south of Lake Abitibi, Ontario and Quebec

Brant Lynn, A.; Traverse, A.; Spackman, W., 1980:
Postglacial history of two high-level pond/ marsh sites as inferred from pollen analysis of organic, volcanic, and terrigenous sediments

Corbella, H.; Alonso, M.S., 1987:
Postglacial hydroclastic and pyroclastic deposits in the Lanin National Park, Cordillera Norpatagonia, Neuquen, Argentina

Hetu Bernard; Bail Pierre, 1996:
Postglacial hydrogeomorphological changes and rates of surface lowering in a small Appalachian catchment near Rimouski, Lower Saint Lawrence, Quebec

Deevey, E.S.; Flint, R.F., 1957:
Postglacial Hypsithermal Interval

Raukas Anto, 2002:
Postglacial impact events in Estonia and their influence on people and the environment

W.Patrick, 2001:
Postglacial induced surface motion and gravity in Laurentia for uniform mantle with power-law rheology and ambient tectonic stress

Pierce Kenneth, L.; Cannon Kenneth, P.; Meyer Grant, A.; Trebesch Matthew, J.; Watts Raymond, D., 2007:
Postglacial inflation-deflation cycles, tilting, and faulting in the Yellowstone Caldera based on Yellowstone Lake shorelines

Sen Gupta Barun, K.; Aharon Paul, 1984:
Postglacial influx of North Atlantic deep water in the Venezuela Basin; foraminiferal evidence

John England, 1976:
Postglacial isobases and uplift curves from the Canadian and Greenland High Arctic

England John; Bednarski Jan, 1986:
Postglacial isobases from northern Ellesmere Island and Greenland; new data

Clark, J.A., 1978:
Postglacial isostasy and relative sea level changes in northeastern North America

Il ves E.O.; Sarv, A.A., 1975:
Postglacial isostasy in Estonia

F.Müller and W.Barr, 1966 :
Postglacial isostatic movement in northeastern Devon Island, Canadian Arctic Archipelago

Marois, R., 1976:
Postglacial isostatic rebound and human occupation in the Trois-Rivieres area

Brookes, T.A., 1973:
Postglacial isostatic tilting of western Newfoundland, Canada

Edwards, T.W.D., 1979:
Postglacial lacustrine sedimentation in southeastern District of Keewatin, Northwest Territories

Cameron Kenneth, A.; Pringle Patrick, 1984:
Postglacial lahars and related hydrologic hazards of the Sandy River valley, west of Mount Hood, Oregon

Coakley, J.P.; Lewis, C.F.M., 1985:
Postglacial lake levels in the Erie Basin

Lewis, C.F.M.; Anderson, T.W., 1985:
Postglacial lake levels in the Huron Basin; comparative uplift histories of basins and sills in a rebounding glacial marginal depression

Cameron Alan Emerson, 1922:
Postglacial lakes in the Mackenzie River basin, Northwest Territories, Canada

Valkiainen, M.; Olin, M.; Uusheimo, K., 1992:
Postglacial land uplift and concentration profiles of anions in granite bedrock

Bergqvist, E., 1977:
Postglacial land uplift in northern Sweden; some remarks on its relation to the present rate of uplift and the uncompensated depression

Nils-Olof Svensson, 1991 :
Postglacial land uplift patterns of South Sweden and the Baltic Sea region

Randall, J.S.haetzl; Frank, J.K.ist Jr.; Paul, R. Rindfleisch; Johan Liebens; Thomas, E.W.lliams, 2000:
Postglacial landscape evolution of northeastern lower Michigan, interpreted from soils and sediments

Zaruba, Q.; Simek, J., 1970:
Postglacial landslide reactivated by excavation of railway-cutting

Lasserre, C.; Morel, P.H.; Gaudemer, Y.; Tapponnier, P.; Ryerson, F.J.; King, G.C.P.; Metivier, F.; Kasser, M.; Kashgarian, M.; Liu Baichi; L.T.iya; Yuan Daoyang, 1999:
Postglacial left slip rate and past occurrence of M> or =8 earthquakes on the western Haiyuan Fault, Gansu, China

Baker Frank Collins, 1912:
Postglacial life of Wilmette Bay, Glacial Lake Chicago

Dale Nelson Clark, 1919:
Postglacial manganese in Columbia County, New York

L.C.ng xian; L.P.ng; Wang Li, 1985:
Postglacial marine beds in the coastal and deltaic areas in East China

Sjunneskog Charlotte; Taylor Fiona, 2002:
Postglacial marine diatom record of the Palmer Deep, Antarctic Peninsula (ODP Leg 178, Site 1098); 1, Total diatom abundance

Taylor Fiona; Sjunneskog Charlotte, 2002:
Postglacial marine diatom record of the Palmer Deep, Antarctic Peninsula (ODP Leg 178, Site 1098); 2, Diatom assemblages

Blake, W.Jr., 1976:
Postglacial marine submergence at Lac Ford, northern Ungava, Quebec

Bird John Brian, 1954:
Postglacial marine submergence in central Arctic Canada

Fairchild Herman, L.Roy, 1917:
Postglacial marine submergence of Long Island

Richards Horace Gardiner, 1950:
Postglacial marine submergence of arctic North America with special reference to the Mackenzie Delta

Cinquemani, L.J.; Pardi, R.R.; Marcus, L.S.; Newman, W.S., 1977:
Postglacial marine transgression and Holocene crustal movements in the lower Hudson Valley of New York State

Fairchild Herman, L.Roy, 1916:
Postglacial marine waters in Vermont

Chapel Dawn, M.; Carson Bobb; Newton Bob, 1998:
Postglacial mass wasting may signal climate change about 5,000 years BP

Dreimanis, A., 1962:
Postglacial mastodon remains at Tupperville, Ontario

Cary, C.M.; Easterbrook, D.J.; Carpenter, M.R., 1992:
Postglacial mega-landslides in the North Cascades near Mt. Baker, Washington

Belling Alice, J., 1977:
Postglacial migration of Chamaecyparis thyoides in the northeastern United States

Voss, John, 1934:
Postglacial migration of forests in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota

Belling, A.J., 1977:
Postglacial migration of southern White Cedar (Chamaecyparis thyoides (L.) B.S.P.) in the northeastern United States

Belling, A.J., 1979:
Postglacial migration of southern white cedar (Chamaecyparis thyoides) B.S.P. in the northeastern United States

Abe Masahiro; Wakasa Sachi; Matsuzaki Hiroyuki; Matsuoka Norikazu, 2005:
Postglacial modification of glacial valley morphology in the Swiss Alps

Love John David, 1959:
Postglacial movement along normal faults in and adjacent to Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Grachev, A.F.; Dolukhanov, P.M., 1970:
Postglacial movements of the Earth's crust in Canada and Fennoscandia based on carbon-14 data

Terasmae, J., 1970:
Postglacial muskeg development in northern Ontario

Heinsalu Atko; Veski Siim; Salonen Veli Pekka, 1999:
Postglacial natural history of Suursaari Island in the Gulf of Finland

Forsten, A.; Lahti, S., 1976:
Postglacial occurrence of the beaver (Castor fiber L.) in Finland

van Alstine, JB., 1981:
Postglacial ostracod distribution and paleoecology, Devils Lake basin, northeastern North Dakota

Diriken, P.; Heyvaert, F.; Gilot, E., 1994:
Postglacial palaeo-ecological evolution of the Molenbeek-Mombeekvalley

Gyllencreutz Richard; Backman Jan; Jakobsson Martin; Kissel Catherine; Arnold Eve, 2006:
Postglacial palaeoceanography in the Skagerrak

Gaillard, M.J., 1985:
Postglacial palaeoclimatic changes in Scandinavia and Central Europe; a tentative correlation based on studies of lake level fluctuations

MacDonald, G.M., 1989:
Postglacial palaeoecology of the subalpine forest-grassland ecotone of southwestern Alberta; new insights on vegetation and climate change in the Canadian Rocky Mountains and adjacent foothills

Mel, A.R.asoner; Ulrike, M.H.ber, 1999:
Postglacial palaeoenvironments of the upper Bow Valley, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

Bilodeau, G.; Vernal, A. de; Hillaire-Marcel, C.; Josenhans, H., 1990:
Postglacial paleoceanography of Hudson Bay; stratigraphic, microfaunal, and palynological evidence

Schnitker, D., 1975:
Postglacial paleoceanography of the Gulf of Maine

Ivanova, E.V.; Murdmaa, I.O., 2000:
Postglacial paleoceanography of the northern Barents Sea

Bilodeau Guy; de Vernal, A.; Hillaire Marcel, C.; Josenhans Heiner, W., 1989:
Postglacial paleoenvironments of the Judson Bay; microfaunal and palynological evidence

Wilson Michael Clayton, 1987:
Postglacial paleohydrology and stratigraphy, Saskatchewan River system, Western Canada; evidence for regional correlations

Y.Z.cheng; McAndrews Jock, 1996:
Postglacial paleohydrology at Crawford Lake, Ontario; dry climate triggered mid-Holocene hemlock decline?

Richard Pierre, J.H., 1988:
Postglacial paleophytogeography of Quebec

Calvin, J.Heusser, 1963:
Postglacial palynology and archaeology in the Naknek River drainage area, Alaska

Schweger Charles; Hickman Michael, 1980:
Postglacial palynology and paleolimnology, Alberta, western Canada

Balaga Krystyna, 1998:
Postglacial peat bog evolution in the Krasnobrodu and Roztocze areas indicating human activity

Wright, H.E.J.; Glaser, P.H., 1982:
Postglacial peatlands of northern Minnesota

Wright, H.E.J.; Glaser Paul, H., 1983:
Postglacial peatlands of the Lake Agassiz Plain, northern Minnesota

Lagarec Daniel, 1973:
Postglacial permafrost features in eastern Canada

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