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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 19773

Chapter 19773 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Hofmann, T., 2002:
Prediction of infiltration water; implementation using the example of zinc contamination

Christ, A.; Hofmann, T., 2002:
Prediction of infiltration water; particulate-bound pollutant transport

Arndt, B.M.chael; Gagnard Philip, E., 1981:
Prediction of inflow to an underground coal mine within an artesian system

Pitieva, K.E. (Pitieva, K.Y.); Golovanova, O.V., 1996:
Prediction of influence of big industrial complexes on quality of groundwater and surface water as Caspian sea-level elevates

Singh, T.N.; Singh, D.P., 1992:
Prediction of instability of slopes in an opencast mine over old surface and underground workings

Styler Neil, 1984:
Prediction of inter-strata movements above longwall faces

Gladkikh, M.; Bryant Steven, 2003:
Prediction of interfacial areas during imbibition in simple porous media

Zuo You Xiang; Stenby, E.H., 1998:
Prediction of interfacial tensions of reservoir crude oil and gas condensate systems

Walther John, V.; Brady Patrick, V., 1989 :
Prediction of ion association in supercritical H (sub 2) O fluid mixtures

Nigrini Andrew, 1970:
Prediction of ionic fluxes in rock alteration processes at elevated temperatures

Selivanova, V.V., 1995:
Prediction of kimberlite provinces, fields, bodies from the chemical composition of picroilmenites

Nikraz Hamid, R.; Press Martin, J., 1998:
Prediction of land subsidence due to mine dewatering

Sarkisyan, V.S.; Khachaturyan, G.T.; Nuridzhanyan, S.S.; Dasoyan, L.V., 1986:
Prediction of land subsidence due to the pumping of ground water

Prokopovich, N.P., 1978:
Prediction of land subsidence for irrigation canals

Sroka, A.; Schober, F., 1986:
Prediction of land subsidence for rectangular mining operations; Part 1

Sroka, A.; Schober, F., 1987:
Prediction of land subsidence for rectangular mining operations; Part 2

Aoki, S.; Toyoto, M., 1979:
Prediction of land subsidence in Niigata Plain by regression model of time series

Sassa Kyoji, 1987:
Prediction of landslide movement; the improved sled model and simulation

Niyazov, R., 1988:
Prediction of landslide processes in Uzbekistan

van den Eeckhaut Miet; Vanwalleghem, T.; Poesen Jean; Govers, G.; Verstraeten, G.; Vandekerckhove, L., 2006:
Prediction of landslide susceptibility using rare events logistic regression; a case study in the Flemish Ardennes (Belgium)

Pugh, C.A.; Harris, D.W., 1982:
Prediction of landslide-generated water waves

Takaoka, H.; Hashimoto, H.; Ikematsu, S.; Hikida, M., 2006:
Prediction of landslide-induced debris flow hydrograph; the Atsumari debris flow disaster in Japan

Kuchay, V.K., 1973:
Prediction of landslides

Locat, J.; Demers, D.; Lebuis, J.; Rissmann, P., 1984:
Prediction of landslides; application to sensitive clays, Chacoura River, Quebec

Kostin, A.V., 1997:
Prediction of large Ag deposits in western Verkhoyan'ye; on example of Mangazeyskoye Deposit

Creamer Frederic, H.; Habermann, R.E., 1988:
Prediction of large aftershocks on the basis of quiescence

S.L.P.pke; J.M.C.rlson; B.E.S.aw, 1994:
Prediction of large events on a dynamical model of a fault

Chen Guoliang, 1990:
Prediction of large karst caves in Southwestern China

Matveyev, V.D.; Sitnikov, V.S.; Shabalin, V.P.; Gudeyev, R.B.; Veynberg, M.K.; Kolotushchenko, L.D.; Serezhenkov, V.G.; Soloshchak, M.M.; Yukhmina, V.M., 1996:
Prediction of large non-anticlinal oil and gas traps in West Yakutia

Zapivalov, N.P.; Kashtanov, V.A.; Kirda, N.P.; Stepanov, N.P., 1991:
Prediction of large oil-gas zones in the Riphean-Phanerozoic complex of West Siberia

Brown, L.D., 1978:
Prediction of large-scale deformations of the solid Earth

Kosals, Y.A.; Kolesnik, A.P.; Artem yeva L.V., 1990:
Prediction of latent mineralization by contact emanation aureole

Towhata Ikuo; Islam, M.S.afiqul, 1987:
Prediction of lateral displacement of anchored bulkheads induced by seismic liquefaction

Kawamura Makoto; Towhata Ikuo, 1989:
Prediction of lateral displacement of anchored bulkheads induced by seismic liquefaction; discussion and closure

P.I.Tokarev, 1985:
Prediction of lateral eruption of Klyuchevskoy Volcano in March 1983

Q.L.n; Zhou Daqian; Wang Xinqing; D.B.iying, 1996:
Prediction of lateral sections of a horizontal well with the model of borehole displacements

Michael, C.Mueller, 1991:
Prediction of lateral variability in fracture intensity using multicomponent shear-wave surface seismic as a precursor to horizontal drilling in the Austin Chalk

Komlosi, Z., 1979:
Prediction of layers with anomalous pressure based on well-logging data in the practice of OGIL

Rhodes, R.E.; Courneya, K.S.; Blanchard, C.M.; Plotnikoff, R.C., 2007:
Prediction of leisure-time walking: an integration of social cognitive, perceived environmental, and personality factors

John Gunn, 1981:
Prediction of limestone solution rates from rainfall and runoff data; some comments

Cassan, M., 1982:
Prediction of liquefaction of aquifer sand under seismic vibration

S.L.anghe; Duan Niangao, 1990:
Prediction of liquid immiscibility in silicate melts in special reference to their free energies

Pavlov, N.D.; Gogonenkov, G.N., 1988:
Prediction of lithofacial model of the Tengiz paleoatoll from seismostratigraphic data

Burmanova, S.N.; Lakhnyuk, V.M.; Parakhin, B.G.; Polikhat, Z.S., 1991:
Prediction of lithofacies in terrigenous reservoir rocks

Maver, K.G.; Moller, J.J., 1990:
Prediction of lithologcal variations by 2D forward seismic modelling

Pan Yuandun; L.S.usen; Liu Botu, 1989:
Prediction of lithologic oil pools in Fuyu of southern Songliao Basin by characteristic analysis

Proshlyakov, B.K.; Gal yanova T.I.; Pimenov, Y.G.; Lyapunov, Y.V., 1983:
Prediction of lithologic traps in Mesozoic sediments of the South Emba oil region

Rubin, H.; Walton, T.L.J., 1976:
Prediction of littoral drift for lakes and bays from wind observations

Naithani, S.K., 1983:
Prediction of load bearing capacity of a bored pile during its construction

Shubhra Goel; Nihar Ranjan Patra, 2007:
Prediction of load displacement response of single piles under uplift load

Chow, Y.K.; Karunaratne, G.P.; Wong, K.Y.; Lee, S.L., 1988:
Prediction of load-carrying capacity of driven piles

Maksimov, S.S.; Obryadchikov, O.S., 1985:
Prediction of local highs within the Biikzhal Arch

R.F.oidevaux; A.G.J.urnel, 1982:
Prediction of local ore recoveries and ore-waste ratios at the Silver Bell uranium mine

Kwan, R.T.F., 1993:
Prediction of local scour depth at bridge abutments

Monakhov, M.P.; Dolzhanskiy, B.G., 1972:
Prediction of local structures in the central part of the Pechora Depression

Anan in I.V.; Kurbanov, M.K.; Muradov, C.M.; Rakhimov, A.P., 1982:
Prediction of localization of a destructive earthquake in Kopet Dag fracture zone

Christensen Steen, 1995:
Prediction of log-transmissivity; 1, Using specific capacity

Oikawa Hiroshi; Maruyama Kouichi, 1989:
Prediction of long term creep curves

Adachi Toshihisa; Takase Akio, 1981:
Prediction of long term strength of soft sedimentary rock

Norman, C.E.; Olson, R.D., 1977:
Prediction of long term time-dependent behavior of rock from short term tests

Maleki, H.; Chaturvedi, L., 1997:
Prediction of long-term closure and stability of underground workings in the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant

Nelson Jeffrey, W.; Kelsall Peter, C., 1984:
Prediction of long-term creep closure in salt

Vyalov, S.S.; Roman, L.T., 1991:
Prediction of long-term creep of soils by methods of time analogies

Bazilevich, V.A.; Kozitsky, V.V.; Gaioduchenko, J.A., 1997:
Prediction of long-term evolution of lowland river channels

Fairbridge Rhodes, W., 1980:
Prediction of long-term geologic and climatic changes that might affect the isolation of radioactive waste

Bahar, R.; Cambou, B.; Costaz, J.L.; Fry, J.J.; Bufi, G.; Catel, P., 1992:
Prediction of long-term settlement of nuclear power plants using pressuremeter tests

Sun Yiming, 2001:
Prediction of long-term stability of emplacement drifts at Yucca Mountain

Klenowski, G.; Ward, B.; McNabb, K.E.; Dyer, G., 1992:
Prediction of longwall support loading at Southern Colliery, Queensland

Dickman, S.R., 1988:
Prediction of luni-solar ocean tide harmonics

Orlando Ortega; Randall Marrett, 2000:
Prediction of macrofracture properties using microfracture information, Mesaverde Group sandstones, San Juan Basin, New Mexico

Ishido Tsuneo; Pritchett John, W., 2001:
Prediction of magnetic field changes induced by geothermal fluid production and reinjection

Klenchin, N.N.; Ekshteyn, G.I.; Litvinov, G.M.; Petrov, A.P.; Tychkova, T.V., 1981:
Prediction of magnetite deposits using geophysical data

Rikitake Tsuneji, 1969:
Prediction of magnitude and occurrence time of earthquakes

Letavin, A.I.; Zhorina, Z.I.; Chernyshev, S.M.; Shumova, T.F., 1982:
Prediction of main indexes of exploration work for explored oil complexes of the North Caucasus

Tikhomirov, Y.N., 1974:
Prediction of major phenomena resulting from inundation of industrial areas; an analog method

Liu Ying, 1987:
Prediction of marine soil liquefaction due to earthquake loading

Sara, L.M.ya; Alfonso Aragón; Eduardo, R.I.lesias; Edgar Santoyo, 1998:
Prediction of mass deliverability from a single wellhead measurement and geothermal inflow performance reference curves

McMullan, J.H.; Bassiouni Zaki, 1984:
Prediction of maximum flow rates from geopressured aquifers

Gui Herong; Zhou Qingfu; Liao Duosun; Kang Qingen; Fan Zunyou; Zou Hai, 1997:
Prediction of maximum height of the fractured zone by stressing method for sub-level caving mining

Yang Qingyuan; Chen Xiaoli; Chen Xiancheng, 2001:
Prediction of maximum magnitude and original time of reservoir induced seismicity

Wang, W.Y.L.; Goel, S.C., 1977:
Prediction of maximum structural response by using simplified accelerograms

Ellsworth, T.R.; Jury, W.A., 1989:
Prediction of mean transport and dispersion of a compact plume through heterogenous field soil

Hoyme Helge; Zielke Werner, 2001:
Prediction of medium-scale morphodynamics; PROMORPH

Silva Pedro, L.; Bassiouni Zaki, 1987:
Prediction of membrane potentials in shales and shaly sands using the S-B conductivity model

Yablonskaya, N.A.; Meleshko, A.I., 1982:
Prediction of mercury deposits by interdisciplinary interpretation of satellite photographs and geochemical data (Khaydarkan ore field)

Wasserman, S.E.; Gilhousen, D.B., 1976:
Prediction of meteorological factors related to beach erosion at New Jersey and Long Island, N.Y

Novikova, V.N., 2003:
Prediction of methane resources in coal fields of the Vorkuta and Donets basins

Liu, C-Fang.; Yuan, X-Zhong.; Zeng, G-Ming.; Li, W-Wei.; Li, J., 2007:
Prediction of methane yield at optimum pH for anaerobic digestion of organic fraction of municipal solid waste

Oradovskaya, A.Y.; Molozhavaya, Y.I., 1979:
Prediction of microbial self-purification of ground water

Gurdzhiya, Z.G.; Supatashvili, G.D.; Chitiashvili, Z.D.; Makharadze, G.A., 1995:
Prediction of migrational forms of lead in natural waters

Speck Robert, C., 1990:
Prediction of mine subsidence ground movements and resulting surface-structure damage; complicating factors

Mikula, P.A.; Holt, G.E., 1983:
Prediction of mine subsidence in eastern Australia by mathematical modelling

Parker Stephen, C., 1983:
Prediction of mineral crystal structures

Rodionov, D.A.; Krivtsov, A.I.; Zlobina, T.M.; Bugayets, A.N., 1986:
Prediction of mineral deposits through the use of mathematical methods and computers

Kholodnyakov, G.A.; Fomin, S.I., 1998:
Prediction of mineral resource price based on technical-economical estimation of expediency of open-pit mines

Garcia Ada Villafafila; Thomsen Kaj; Stenby Erling, H., 2006:
Prediction of mineral scale formation in geothermal and oilfield operations using the Extended UNIQUAC model

Garcia Ada Villafafila; Thomsen Kaj; Stenby Erling, H., 2005:
Prediction of mineral scale formation in geothermal and oilfield operations using the extended UNIQUAC model

Pitzer Kenneth, S.; Pabalan Roberto, T., 1988:
Prediction of mineral solubilities in aqueous mixed electrolytes to temperatures up to 300 degrees C

Parker, S.C.; Catlow, C.R.A.; Cormack, A.N., 1983:
Prediction of mineral structure by energy minimisation techniques

Morin Kevin, A.; Hutt Nora, M., 2001:
Prediction of minesite-drainage chemistry through closure using operational monitoring data

Harikrishnan, R.; Hareland, G., 1995:
Prediction of minimum principal in-situ stress by comparison and verification of four methods

Adamek Vladimir; Jeran Paul, W.; Trevits Michael, A., 1988:
Prediction of mining induced subsidence over longwall panels in the Northern Appalachian coal region

Fajklewicz Zbigniew; Jakiel Krzysztof, 1986:
Prediction of mining tremors by the microgravity method in Pstrowski hard coal mine

McKim Harlan, L.; Haugen Richard, K.; Butler, T.; Walsh John, 1985:
Prediction of mobility/ trafficability and maneuver damage using soil moisture and frost data

Price Gregory, D.; Valdes Paul, J.; Sellwood Bruce, W., 1997:
Prediction of modern bauxite occurrence; implications for climate reconstruction

Taylor Graham; Price Gregory, D., 1998:
Prediction of modern bauxite occurrence; implications for climate reconstruction; discussion and reply

Slinko, O.V., 1983:
Prediction of modification of hydrogeologic conditions in cities in relation to hydrogeologic fundamentals relative to projects of protection of the environment

Vrachev, V.V.; Dats ko P.S., 1982 :
Prediction of modification of mechanical properties of soils submitted to seasonal freezing of the sea

Fredlund, D.G.; Dakshanamurthy, V., 1982:
Prediction of moisture flow and related swelling or shrinking in unsaturated soils

Kastrykin, Y.P.; Beloborodov, M.A.; Danilov, S.V., 1976:
Prediction of molybdenum mineralization, East Stanovoy Range

Singh, R., 1976:
Prediction of mound geometry under recharge basins

Mana Abdulaziz, I.; Clough, G.W.yne, 1981:
Prediction of movements for braced cuts in clay

Gavrishina, L.N., 1988:
Prediction of mud sliding processes

Holt, G. E., 1988:
Prediction of multi-seam subsidence using finite difference model program on desk top computer

Kozlov, Y.A., 1977:
Prediction of multiple filtering in non-ideal conditions

Savko, N.F., 1978:
Prediction of naleds and ways of regulating the naled process

Lodzinski Slawomir; Plochniewski Zenobiusz, 1970:
Prediction of natural and artificial changes in hydrogeological conditions

Barker Colin; Takach Nicholas, E., 1992:
Prediction of natural gas composition in ultradeep sandstone reservoirs

Rychlicki Stanislaw; Twardowski Kazimierz, 1977:
Prediction of natural gas production from the Miocene of the Carpathian Foreland

Thorne Colin, R.; Abt, S.R.; Maynord, S.T., 1995:
Prediction of near-bank velocity and scour depth in meander bends for design of riprap revetments

Sugito, M.; Kameda, H., 1984:
Prediction of near-source ground motions for great earthquakes from superposed evolutionary process models

Conley, D.C.; Inman, D.L., 1990:
Prediction of nearshore sediment transport using a model for fluid-sediment coupling

Mitchell, S.B.; Pope, D.J., 2004:
Prediction of nearshore wave energy distribution by analysis of numerical wave model output, East Sussex coastline, UK

N.H.n Kwong; Karasudhi Pisidhi; Lee Seng Lip, 1976:
Prediction of negative skin friction and settlement in piles due to fill surcharge

L.N.K.rustalev; G.P.P.stovoit; A.N.K.zlov, 1996:
Prediction of new formation of frozen soils and stability assessment of pile foundations in gas fields of western Siberia

Narseyev, V.A., 1997:
Prediction of new gold concentration types

Zlocha, J., 1988:
Prediction of nickel and cobalt mineralization in the Dobsina area

Burden, R.J., 1979:
Prediction of nitrate levels in groundwater

Sapunkov, A.A.; Fayngersh, L.A.; Khaykina, M.R.; Marchenko, V.V., 1986:
Prediction of nitrogen presence in gas-bearing strata

de Vries Jan, 1982:
Prediction of non-Darcian flow in porous media; closure

Ahmed Nazeer, 1980:
Prediction of non-Darcy flow in porous media; discussion

Nedoshovenko, A.I.; Ryabchun, L.I.; Plotnikova, O.F.; Sergiy, G.B., 1996:
Prediction of non-anticlinal and combination hydrocarbon traps at great depths

Prezhentsev, A.A., 1992:
Prediction of non-traditional oil traps in the clinoform complex of the zone of junction of the Surgut and Salym arches with the Mansiysk regional low

Gavrish, V.K., 1989:
Prediction of nonconventional hydrocarbon traps in the Dnieper-Donets Basin

Mendoza Cabrales Cesar, 1989:
Prediction of nonequilibrium sediment concentration profiles

Hartzell Stephen; Bonilla, L.F.; Williams Robert, A., 2004:
Prediction of nonlinear soil effects

Goto Hisao; Sugito Masata; Kameda Hiroyuki; Saito Hiroshi; Ootaki Takeshi, 1984:
Prediction of nonstationary earthquake motions on rock for moderate and large earthquakes

Prezhentsev, A.A., 1990:
Prediction of nontraditional petroleum traps in a wedge complex of the joint zone of the Surgut Arch, Salym Arch, and Mansi Syneclise; seismolithmological aspect

Withjack Martha Oliver; Peterson Eric, T., 1993:
Prediction of normal-fault geometries; a sensitivity analysis

Ognjanovic Simona; Ognjanovic Miodrag, 2004:
Prediction of novel genes for heat adaptation

Hirano Muneo; Moriyama Toshiyuki; Kawahara Keiichiro; Banihabib Mohammad Ebrahim, 1996:
Prediction of occurrence and amount of debris flow by use of neural networks

Hirano Muneo; Moriyama, T., 1993:
Prediction of occurrence and runoff analysis of debris flow

Zeman Jaroslav, 1977:
Prediction of occurrence of the coal-bearing Carboniferous strata beneath the Outer Flysch of the Western Carpathians

Hunt, J.R., 1980:
Prediction of oceanic particule size distributions from coagulation and sedimentation mechanisms

Guo Zengjian; Qin Baoyan, 1991:
Prediction of offsets of faults occurring on the Earth's surface during earthquakes

Nordal, S.; Grande, L.; Janbu, N., 1983:
Prediction of offshore pile behavior

Balbinski, E.F.; Element, D.J.; Goodyear, S.G.; Jayasekera, A.J., 2002:
Prediction of offshore viscous oil field performance using reservoir simulation

Chaykovskaya, E.V., 1988:
Prediction of oil and gas at great depths based on the study of vertical zoning of oil and gas formation and accumulation

Sylta Oyvind; Krokstad Wenche, 2001:
Prediction of oil and gas column heights in prospects using probabilistic basin modelling methods

Nedoshovenko, A.I., 1981:
Prediction of oil and gas deposits of the mixed traps of the Dnieper-Donets Basin

Safranov, T.A.; Gotgil f A.V.; Deymontovich, Y.B., 1983:
Prediction of oil and gas in sedimentary rocks of Afghan-Tadzhik Basin using geochemical criteria

Yermolkin, V.I.; Sorokova, Y.I.; Golovanova, S.I., 1992:
Prediction of oil and gas in the deep subsurface of Southeast Turkmenia

Salayev, S.G.; Kastryulin, N.S.; Ismail Zade, N.M., 1992:
Prediction of oil and gas in the deep subsurface of the Southeast Caucasus

Danilkin, S.M., 1984:
Prediction of oil and gas occurrence in the eastern Yenisei-Khatanya Basin

Dmitriyevskaya, T.V.; Lobusev, A.V.; Martovskiy, G.V.; Ryabukhina, S.G., 1992:
Prediction of oil and gas pools in Triassic rocks of the southwest part of the North Caspian Depression

Dmitriyevskaya, T.V.; Lobusev, A.V.; Martovskiy, G.V.; Tyabykhina, S.G., 1992:
Prediction of oil and gas pools in Triassic sediments in the southwest part of the North Caspian Depression

Nemchenko, N.; Rovenskaya, A.S., 1992:
Prediction of oil and gas potential in petroleum complex for arctic regions of northern West Siberia

Kabyshev, B.P.; Shevchenko, A.F.; Lebed, V.P.; Chuprynin, D.I., 1986 :
Prediction of oil and gas presence in three-layer reservoirs

Novruzov, A.K.; Suleymanov, S.A.; Abdullayev, T.I.; Shakarov, H.I.; Rashidov, A.M.R., 1999:
Prediction of oil and gas reserves by seismic survey methods in onshore-offshore transition zones of the Caspian Sea

Bozin, P.N.; Torayev, O.; Ostrovskaya, T.I., 1971:
Prediction of oil and gas reserves; an evaluation

Novosiletskiy, R.M.; Stefchishin, O.V.; Glova, I.N., 1987:
Prediction of oil and gas reservoir rocks in the Dnieper-Donets Basin by the maximal porosity of sandstone

Pomerants, L.I.; Feoktistova, A.P.; Simongaus, S.E. (Simongaus, S.Y.), 1977:
Prediction of oil and gas reservoirs before intersecting them by prospecting wells

Savost yanov N.A.; Gogonenkov, G.N.; El manovich S.S. (Yel manovich S.S., 1986:
Prediction of oil and gas reservoirs of complex structure by the combined use of seismic and borehole data

Shurubor, O.A., 1997:
Prediction of oil and gas resources of local structures on example of Permian Kama River region

Azimov, O.T.; Sedlerova, O.V., 2002:
Prediction of oil and gas traps in the southwestern Sribne Trough in Dnieper-Donets Basin on the basis of remote sensing and data of geological and geophysical surveys

Yang Zaichao, 1990:
Prediction of oil gas trap using fuzzy mathematics

Baskin, D.K.; Jones, R.W., 1993:
Prediction of oil gravity prior to drill-stem testing in Monterey Formation reservoirs, offshore California

P.J.L.e; P.C.C.W.ng, 1985:
Prediction of oil or gas pool sizes when discovery record is available

Nasirov, R.N., 1998:
Prediction of oil potential of supra-salt complex of southeast of North Caspian Depression based on content of di-valent manganese in rocks

Korotayev, Y.P.; Stepanova, G.S.; Kritskaya, S.L., 1974:
Prediction of oil rings in gas-condensate fields

Tortike, W.S.; Ali, S.M.F.rou, 1990:
Prediction of oil sand failure due to steam induced stresses

Gavrish, V.K., 1987:
Prediction of oil- and gas-bearing potential traps of the Dnieper-Donets Basin

Abidov, A.A.; Rashidov, A.K.; Kalomazov, R.U.; Pedder, Y.G.; Absadykov, A.A.; Pshenichnaya, Z.D.; Yurtayev, Y.S., 1995:
Prediction of oil-gas occurrence and direction of geological exploration in light of New geotectonic regionalization of Fergana intermontane depression

Sulimov, I.H.; Larchenkov, Y.P.; Yesipovich, S.M.; Samsonov, V.I., 1995:
Prediction of oil-gas potential of the Black Sea shelf of the Ukraine

Solov yev B.A.; Kondrat yev A.N.; Obryadchikov, O.S.; Voronin, N.I., 1997:
Prediction of oil-gas productivity of deep horizons of Astrakhan Arch of North Caspian Depression

Shchepetkin, Y.V., 1982:
Prediction of oil-gas productivity of local highs of the Middle Ob region taking into account stage formation of fields

Samoletov, M.V.; Shaposhnikov, K.K.; Ovsepyan, M.L., 1994 :
Prediction of oil-gas productivity of local targets in West Siberia according to geological-geophysical indexes

Kudel skiy A.V., 1978:
Prediction of oil-gas prospects on a basis of iodine content of sub-surface waters

Pozdnyakov, V.A.; Kabanov, R.V., 2005:
Prediction of oil-saturated reservoir properties from seismic data

Jones John, H., 1986:
Prediction of olivine/ liquid FeO/ MgO partitioning; 1 bar to 140 kbar

Ejedawe, J.E.; Okoh, S.U., 1981:
Prediction of optimal depths of petroleum occurrence in the Niger Delta basin

Selitskiy, A.G., 1978:
Prediction of optimization of oil exploration

Roslyy, I.S., 1987:
Prediction of optimum conditions for locating boreholes in the Dnieper-Donets Basin

Ghuman, M.S., 1988:
Prediction of optimum depth and rate of penetration of a pile driven in sand by low frequency pile driver

Shevelev, A.I.; Khayrullina, G.Z., 1994:
Prediction of outlook for magnesite in Riphean complexes of the Northern and Central Urals

Zemisev, V.N.; Faynshteyn, Y.B.; Panin, Y.G., 1988:
Prediction of overburden deformation in complex mining-geological conditions

Barton Donald Clinton, 1935:
Prediction of overhang at Barbers Hill, Chambers County, Tex., a study in quantitative calculations from torsion-balance data

Brun Serge; Grivelet Pierre; Paul Alain, 1985:
Prediction of overpressure in Nigeria using vertical seismic profiling techniques

Muravina, L.; Zseller, P., 1978:
Prediction of overpressured zones using seismic interval velocities

Day, S.J.; Zorkin, N.R.; Cowdery, P., 1990:
Prediction of oxidizable sulphide content and neutralization potential in acid generation studies

Roberts Sheila, J., 1996:
Prediction of pH in hydrothermal fluids at elevated P-T conditions; sensitivity to measured pH

Roberts Sheila, J., 1998:
Prediction of pH in natural hydrothermal fluids at elevated P-T conditions

Sergio Castellari; Annalisa Griffa; Tamay, M. Özgökmen; Pierre-Marie Poulain, 2001:
Prediction of particle trajectories in the Adriatic Sea using Lagrangian data assimilation

Yudhbir; Jain, K.K., 1980:
Prediction of path-dependent deformation of clays

Castro, R.; Singh, S.K.; Mena, E., 1986:
Prediction of peak and spectral ground motions at a hill zone site in UNAM, Mexico City from coastal earthquakes

Singh, V.N.; Paul, D.K., 1977:
Prediction of peak ground acceleration during strong earthquakes

Chung Jen Kuang, 2006 :
Prediction of peak ground acceleration in southwestern Taiwan as revealed by analysis of CHY array data

Orphal, D.L.; Lahoud, J.A., 1973:
Prediction of peak ground motion from earthquakes

Chen Peishan; L.B.okun; Bai Tongxia, 1998:
Prediction of peak horizontal acceleration in the light of tectonic ambient shear stress field

Singh, S.K.; Mena, E.; Castro, R., 1988:
Prediction of peak, horizontal ground motion parameters in Mexico City from coastal earthquakes

Edil Tuncer, B.; Mochtar Noor, E., 1984:
Prediction of peat settlement

Anisimov, O.A.; Nelson, F.E., 2002:
Prediction of permafrost conditions in Northern Hemisphere; application of results from equilibrium and transient general atmosphere circulation models

Grechishchev, S.Ye, 1997:
Prediction of permafrost thawing and distribution and changes in frozen ground cracking under climate warming in Russia

Izakson, V.Y.; Petrov, E.E.; Samokhin, A.V., 1988:
Prediction of permafrost thawing around mine workings

Kutasov, I.M., 1988:
Prediction of permafrost thickness by the two point method

Taylor, A.E.; Judge, A.S., 1981:
Prediction of permafrost thickness, Arctic Canada

Towhata Ikuo; Sasaki Yasushi; Tokida Ken ichi; Matsumoto Hideo; Tamari Yukio; Yamada Kazuhiko, 1992 :
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Prediction of permeability from a combination of mercury injection and pore image analysis data

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Prediction of permeability from logs by multiple regression

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Prediction of permeability from wire-line logs using artificial neural networks

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Prediction of permeability of fissured tills

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Prediction of permeability reduction by external particle inversion using artificial neural networks and fuzzy models

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Prediction of permeability trends and origins in coal-bed methane reservoirs of the Raton Basin, New Mexico and Colorado

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Prediction of perspective districts of gold mineralization using MAPGIS in the adjacent area of Sichuan, Gansu and Shaanxi provinces

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Prediction of petrographic parameters of sandstone by means of propagation velocity

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Prediction of petroleum deposits based on pore water arene content

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Prediction of petroleum formation; the influence of laboratory heating rates on kinetic parameters and geological extrapolations

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Prediction of petroleum migration pathways in the Jurassic petroleum system, Iraq

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Prediction of petroleum potential based on the correlation between geophysical data and neotectonics

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Prediction of petroleum productivity of local uplifts

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Prediction of petroleum reservoirs on the basis of okhotsk-type fractals

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Prediction of petroleum source rocks based on paleotemperature modeling in southwestern Siberian Platform

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Prediction of petrophysical parameter logs using a multilayer backpropagation neural network

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Prediction of petrophysical properties from seismic quality factor measurements

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Prediction of phase and chemical composition of petroleum in sulfate-carbonate sections of areas with extensive trap magmatism

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Prediction of phase composition of hydrocarbons in subsalt deposits on the eastern edge of the Caspian Depression

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Prediction of phase state of hydrocarbons at great depths, Tengiz Field

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Prediction of phase state of hydrocarbons of West Siberia

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Prediction of phase transition in CaSiO (sub 3) , perovskite and implications for lower mantle structure

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Prediction of phase-genetic hydrocarbon types in the fields of the Timan-Pechora region

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Prediction of physical properties of in situ mudstone (shale), southern Taiwan, by the direct seismic wave measurements; a case study

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Prediction of pile driving resistance from penetration tests

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Prediction of pile foundation response under static lateral loads and dynamic loading using the transfer matrix approach

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Prediction of pile group stability by simple theories

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Prediction of pile performance in permafrost under lateral load

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Prediction of pile settlements in sand using C.P.T. results

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Prediction of pinchout distances for siliciclastic shoreline tongues

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Prediction of placer deposit occurrences on the Arctic coast and continental shelf of the Soviet Union

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Prediction of plane-strain angles of shear resistance from triaxial test results

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Prediction of plume migration in heterogeneous media using artificial neural networks

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Prediction of polar motion

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Prediction of polar motion by least-squares collocation

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Prediction of pollutant load in stormwater runoff from an urban residential area

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Prediction of pollutant movement in groundwaters

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Prediction of pollution potential through geochemical and biological procedures; development of regulation guidelines and criteria for the discharge of dredged and fill material

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Prediction of pollution potentials to groundwater

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Prediction of pollution propagation in aquifers; measurement of parameters and simulation

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Prediction of pollution spreading in groundwater in a heterogeneous aquifer

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Prediction of pore fluid pressures in sedimentary basins

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Prediction of pore pressure and pressure from hydraulic-induced breakage during deep water drilling

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Prediction of pore pressure from penetration rate

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Prediction of pore pressures in earth dams

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Prediction of pore water pressure during earthquakes in southern Kyoto area

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Prediction of pore-water pressure buildup during undrained resonant column testing of virgin sand specimens

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Prediction of porosity and permeability using a data mining approach; Appleton Field, Alabama

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Prediction of porosity in compacted sands

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Prediction of post-mining groundwater chemistry in reclaimed coal mine spoil, central Alberta

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Prediction of potential drilling hazards by high resolution geophysical techniques

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Prediction of potential gold reserves in abandoned placer tailings

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Prediction of potential groundwater contamination by herbicides; integrated use of a leaching model and GIS in the north of Italy

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Prediction of potential heave of swelling soil

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Prediction of potential reserves of copper deposits in Chuxian, Anhui, China

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Prediction of potential reserves of liquid gas and oil according to geochemical data from west Uzbekistan and east Turkmenia

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Prediction of potential vertical swell of expansive soils using a triaxial stress path cell

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Prediction of potentially damaging earthquakes in the Cretan segment of the Hellenic Arc

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Prediction of potentially petroliferous targets based on paleogeographic studies

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Prediction of precipitation variation in eastern Mediterranean

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Prediction of predominantly oil or gas fields

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Prediction of pressure in the exploration phase and evaluation; contribution to basin modeling

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Prediction of pressure-generated earth motion using optimum filters

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Prediction of probable catastrophe of underground mine slopes

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Prediction of productive sandstones of Vasuganskaya Formation by integration of geophysical methods

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Prediction of productivity of local structures in the central and southeastern west Siberian Platform using recognition pattern algorithms

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Prediction of progressive surface subsidence above longwall coal mining using a time function

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Prediction of prolonged strength of loess soils based on numerical model tests of their structure

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Prediction of pullout capacity using hexagonal wire mesh reinforcement and sand backfill

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Prediction of pullout resistance and pullout force-displacement relationship for inextensible grid reinforcements

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Prediction of quantities and quality of brown coal types from underground mines

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Prediction of radioactive element behavior in aqueous systems from Eh-pH diagrams

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Prediction of radioactivity levels produced after a contained explosion

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Prediction of radionuclide migration in the geosphere; is the porous-flow model adequate?

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Prediction of radionuclide retardation from laboratory sorption data

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Prediction of radon hazard in Germany based on geological mapping

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Prediction of rainfall-triggered landslides in Korea

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Prediction of reflectance spectrum for kaolin ores

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Prediction of reflectors below drill bit by seismic while drilling; application for carbonate rocks at Southwest Andrews oil field

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Prediction of refractive indices in minerals from crystallographic data; applications and limitations of the point-dipole model

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Prediction of refractive indices of point-dipole models

Christensen Steen, 1996:
Prediction of regional groundwater flow to streams

Hori Muneo, 2000:
Prediction of regional stress increment and constitutive relations using GPS array data

Catani Filippo, 2004:
Prediction of regolith thickness by means of topographic and geomorphologic attributes

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Prediction of reinforced sand wall performance

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Prediction of reinjection effects in the Cerro Prieto geothermal system

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Prediction of reserves in the Zlaty Hory mineral district; current and future exploration

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Prediction of reservoir architecture in carbonate systems

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Prediction of reservoir compaction and surface subsidence; field application of a new model

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Prediction of reservoir facies distribution, Saxonian lower Slochteren Formation in the central part of the Dutch offshore

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Prediction of reservoir indices behavior at the late stage of field development with water-drive

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Prediction of reservoir properties by Monte Carlo simulation and artificial neural network in the exploration stage

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Prediction of reservoir properties of carbonate interval in intra-well space based on dynamics of reflected wave

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Prediction of reservoir properties of rocks in deep-sinking hydrocarbon pools of West Siberia

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Prediction of reservoir quality (porosity/ permeability) in frontier basin carbonates

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Prediction of reservoir quality in Turonian ramp carbonates of the Miskar gas field, offshore Tunisia

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Prediction of reservoir quality in deep-water depositional systems, Norwegian Sea; facies and temperature history as controlling factors

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Prediction of reservoir quality in deeply buried sandstone reservoirs

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Prediction of reservoir sand in immature areas from seismic stratigraphic analysis of interval velocity

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Prediction of reservoir sedimentation and development of reduction system for sedimentation

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Prediction of reservoir zones of Semiluka and Mendym horizons of Upper Devonian in Tatarstan

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Prediction of reservoir-induced earthquakes by the Ertan hydropower station, Sichuan, China

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Prediction of reservoirs from seismic data, and search for non-anticlinal traps in the eastern pre-Caucasus

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Prediction of reservoirs in reef masses on the basis of combined interpretation of seismic survey and well-logging

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Prediction of reservoirs in the cross section using 3D seismic reflection surveys

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Prediction of residual driving stress in piles

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Prediction of resource volumes at untested locations using simple local prediction models

Anonymous, 2007:
Prediction of respiration intensity of apple based on BP neural network

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Prediction of response spectral values from Italian strong motion records

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Prediction of response to marker-assisted and genomic selection using selection index theory

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Prediction of response to pegylated interferon and ribavirin in hepatitis C by polymorphisms in the viral core protein and very early dynamics of viremia

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Prediction of resting energy expenditure in severely obese Italian males

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Prediction of retention times for a large set of pesticides or toxicants based on support vector machine and the heuristic method

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Prediction of river bed deformation below hydraulic installations from hydromorphological basis

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Prediction of river bed variation using a numerical model

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Prediction of river stages

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Prediction of river-bed degradation below dams

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Prediction of river-bed processes for Bolshaya Ussurka River during development of antifreshet measures

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Prediction of roadheader cutting performance from fracture toughness considerations

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Prediction of roadheader performance from penetration rates of percussive drills; some applications to Turkish coalfields

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Prediction of rock alteration patterns; a potential tool in mineral exploration

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Prediction of rock anchor capacities by up-hole seismic velocity techniques

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Prediction of rock bursts and selection of effective methods of their prevention at the stage of mine design

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Prediction of rock character by geophysical logging ahead of mining and tunneling; prediccion de la naturaleza de las rocas por el estudio geofisico previo a la perforacion de minas y tuneles

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Prediction of rock dislocations on the roof contour of open cut mining

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Prediction of rock hardness and drillability using acoustic emission

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Prediction of rock hardness and drillability using acoustic emission signatures during indentation

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Prediction of rock properties ahead of the tunnel face in TBM tunnels by geostatistical simulation technique

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Prediction of rock properties important in mining techniques

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Prediction of rock property indices based on the spatial structure of their geological fields' interconnection

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Prediction of rock strain in the Upper Jurassic rocks in Surgut Arch with the use of GIS and seismic methods

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Prediction of rockburst at longwall coal face based on stress analysis

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Prediction of roof conditions and support efficacy through instrumentation; some studies

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Prediction of roof deformation mechanisms in underground coal mines

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Prediction of salinity intrusion in estuaries

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Prediction of salt influence on unfrozen water content in frozen soils

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Prediction of salt pickup by overland flow in the upper Colorado River basin

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Prediction of sand production in Gulf Coast gas wells with the production of free-water

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Prediction of sand production in gas wells; methods and Gulf of Mexico case studies

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Prediction of sand transport rates by waves and currents in the coastal zone

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Prediction of sandstone bodies in Upper Jurassic sediments of Kaymysov Arch

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Prediction of sandy soil liquefaction during earthquakes using the BP neural network

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Prediction of sandy soil liquefaction during intense earthquakes

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Prediction of scour depth at culvert outlets using neural networks

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Prediction of scour depth under armoring conditions

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Prediction of scouring points in the tailwater of river barrages

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Prediction of seabed sand waves

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Prediction of seasonal water-table fluctuations in La Pampa and Buenos Aires, Argentina

Anonymous, 2007:
Prediction of second parity milk yield and fat percentage of dairy cows based on first parity information using neural network system

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Prediction of sediment accumulation rates on continental margins; not a simple task

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Prediction of sediment concentration profiles in open-channel flow by turbulent diffusion theory

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Prediction of sediment hazards zone in the area endowed with cultural heritage in Kyoto

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Prediction of sediment movement from a spoil dump at Mount Maunganuai Beach

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Prediction of sediment quality in catchment areas of the River Rhine; operation and use of the horizon model

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Prediction of sediment thickness in the Norwegian-Greenland Sea from gravity inversion

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Prediction of sediment yield and evaluation of silt detention by measures of soil conservation in small watersheds of North Shaanxi

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Prediction of sediment yield at the drainage basin scale; scale issues and semi-quantitative models

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Prediction of sediment yield from surface mined watersheds

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Prediction of sediment-hosted ores using sequence stratigraphy in basin analysis

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Prediction of sedimentation and consolidation of fine tails

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Prediction of sedimentation in navigation channel on mouth bar of a tidal inlet

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Prediction of sedimentation structures of eastern Orenburg

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Prediction of sedimentation trend on the Gangnan Reservoir, Hebei, China

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Prediction of seepage from the Krasnodar Reservoir

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Prediction of seismic actions in view of detailed seismic subdivision; example of Alma Ata

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Prediction of seismic amplification due to resonance of P-SV and SH waves in Salt Lake Valley, Utah

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Prediction of seismic boundaries of local plays with complex structures in the Chaacha Field

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Prediction of seismic disaster at the Urgal hydroelectric power station, Khabarovsk, based on matrix concept of geological-geophysical data

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Prediction of seismic ground amplification by forward modeling techniques

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Prediction of seismic ground deformation, macroseisms

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Prediction of seismic ground motion in Osaka by quantification theory

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Prediction of seismic hazard in the Ecuadorian Andes

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Prediction of seismic hazards according to microseismic data

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Prediction of seismic intensities on the Wasatch Fault

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Prediction of seismic intensities; future prospects

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Prediction of seismic liquefaction of light loam

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Prediction of seismic phenomena and surface subsidence by measurement of radon in mines

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Prediction of seismic response to site effect of surface geology

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Prediction of seismic shock intensity distribution for the southern coast of Crimea

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Prediction of seismic wave amplitudes using the phase-front parabolic approximation

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Prediction of seismically dangerous zones of dams and reservoirs from engineering-seismogeological data

Wang Shengzu, 1990:
Prediction of seismogenic probabilities of potential hypocenters in Beijing area by using the multi-criterion tectonophysical method

S.M.B.J.hansen; J.L.L.ugesen; T.J.nhøj; R.H.I.sen; M.B.F.øst, 2008:
Prediction of sensory properties of low-fat yoghurt and cream cheese from surface images

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Prediction of settlement due to dewatering for deep excavations

Kuntsche Konrad, 1992:
Prediction of settlement of mine tailings piles using soil mechanical methods

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Prediction of settlement on peaty soft deposits

Oteo, C.S., 1983:
Prediction of settlements after deep vibration in granular fills

Dietrich, T.; Holzlohner, U.; Lehnert, J., 1982:
Prediction of settlements and bearing capacities of shallow foundations by self-similar penetration

Schmidt Birger, 1974:
Prediction of settlements due to tunneling in soil; three case histories

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Prediction of settlements due to underground openings

Ramiah, B.K.; Nyeem Ikbal, 1987:
Prediction of settlements in organic soils

F.D.vid Gray; Paul, F.A.derson; Jay, A.G.nderson, 2006:
Prediction of shale plugs between wells in heavy oil sands using seismic attributes

Caulfield David, D.; Yim Yung Chang, 1983:
Prediction of shallow sub-bottom sediment acoustic impedance while estimating absorption and other losses

Caulfield, D.D.; Yim, Y.C., 1982:
Prediction of shallow subbottom sediment acoustic impedance estimating absorption and other losses

P.M.D.ght; H.K.C.iu, 1981:
Prediction of shear behaviour of joints using profiles

Swan, G.; Zongqi, S., 1985:
Prediction of shear behaviour of joints using profiles

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Prediction of shoaling in estuarial channels; a microcomputer application

Fisher, J.J.; Gautie, S.G., 1978:
Prediction of shoreline erosion trends from synoptic beach surveys, Rhode Island coast

Righter, K.; Drake, M.J.; Yaxley, G., 1997:
Prediction of siderophile element metal-silicate partition coefficients to 20 GPa and 2800 degrees C; the effects of pressure, temperature, oxygen fugacity, and silicate and metallic melt compositions

Sanoyan, V.G.; Djrbashian, E.T., 1995:
Prediction of sill reservoir silting process

Rawat, J.S., 1987:
Prediction of silt delivery of the non-glacial fed Himalayan streams draining to the crystalline rocks

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Prediction of siltation at a point

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Prediction of siltation in harbour basins and channels

Arturo, A.K.ller; Paul, V.R.berts; Peter, K.K.tanidis, 1995:
Prediction of single phase transport parameters in a variable aperture fracture

Kayabali Kamil; West Terry, R., 1995:
Prediction of site response of surficial deposits in Evansville, Indiana

Diao Shouzhong; Jiang Haikun; J.T.ngren, 1988:
Prediction of site seismic intensity and its application in Shandong Province

Iqbal Javed, 1998:
Prediction of site specific design response spectra and compatible time histories

Malamud, A.S.; Kulagin, V.K., 1982:
Prediction of sites of occurrence of strong earthquakes in large seismogenic zones of Tadzhikistan

K.A.Gulakyan, 1977:
Prediction of slide deformations on equivalent-material models tested under different moisture conditions

Okimura, T., 1989:
Prediction of slope failure using the estimated depth of the potential failure layer

Shimizu, M., 1988:
Prediction of slope failures due to heavy rains using the tank model

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Prediction of slope failures on embankments containing expansive soils

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Prediction of slope failures on water reservoir banks

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Prediction of slope slide by probability of failure

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Prediction of sludge composition and water quality from lime neutralisation of acid rock drainage

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Prediction of small scale slope failures induced by the 1984 Naganoken-seibu earthquake

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Prediction of soil and nutrient losses in a highland catchment

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Prediction of soil behaviour; Part II, Saturated uncemented soils

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Prediction of soil behaviour; Part III, Cemented saturated soils

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Prediction of soil behaviour; Part IV, Partly saturated soils

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Prediction of soil effects on seismic motions; a comparative case study

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Prediction of soil erosion by tillage in topographically complex landscapes of southern Ontario

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Prediction of soil heave from suction measurements

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Prediction of soil loss in nonpoint-source pollution studies

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Prediction of soil moisture distribution using digital terrain indices

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Prediction of soil properties with digital terrain modelling

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Prediction of soil slumps and debris flows; San Francisco Bay area

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Prediction of soil vibrations; modern state

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Prediction of solid/ liquid distribution coefficients of radiocaesium in soils and sediments; Part three, A quantitative test of a K (sub D) predictive equation

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Prediction of solid/ liquid distribution coefficients of radiocaesium in soils and sediments; Part two, A new procedure for solid phase speciation of radiocaesium

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Prediction of solute dispersion in heterogeneous porous media; effects of ergodicity and hydraulic conductivity discretisation

Anonymous, 2007:
Prediction of some Tunisian roughages voluntary intake by Noire de Thibar ewes

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Prediction of some effects of a major interbasin diversion by the use of a flow sediment model

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Prediction of some effects of natural factors on the use of dams in the Sariyazin River basin

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Prediction of some weathering trends of plutonic and volcanic rocks based on thermodynamic and kinetic considerations

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Prediction of specific productivity index for Sihapas Formation in uncored wells of Minas Field using limited available core and log data

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Prediction of spring floods using satellite information; example of Chara River

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Prediction of stability of development workings in deep underground mines

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Prediction of standard rainfalls for debris flow warning and evacuation

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Prediction of static and dynamic fluid pathways within and around dilational jogs

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Prediction of storm-induced sediment yield from highway construction

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Prediction of stratigraphy and areal occurrences of Jilh high pressure in Bahrain Field

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Prediction of stream channel erosion potential

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Prediction of streamflow in an Alaskan watershed underlain by permafrost

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Prediction of strength of intact rocks

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Prediction of strength properties of some schistose rocks from petrographic properties using artificial neural networks

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Prediction of stress and hydrodynamic behavior of fluids from multicomponent seismic data

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Prediction of stress field in Japan using GPS network data

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Prediction of stress levels in cemented fill

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Prediction of stress-strain behaviour of clays

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Prediction of stress-strain behaviour of soil using hypoelasticity constitutive model

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Prediction of stresses in hydrocarbon bearing structures using seismics

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Prediction of strong earthquake M = 7 in China continent

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Prediction of strong earthquake motions by evolutionary process model

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Prediction of strong earthquakes in Vrancea, Romania, using the CN algorithm

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Prediction of strong ground motion based upon physical constraints on fault rupture scenarios?

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Prediction of strong ground motion due to extended earthquake sources in a three-dimensionally varying crust; the effect of a fault zone

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Prediction of strong ground motion for Qinshan nuclear power station, China

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Prediction of strong ground motion for the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake using empirical Green's functions

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Prediction of strong ground motion for the Qinshan Nuclear Power Station

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Prediction of strong ground motion in the Puget Sound region; the 1965 Seattle earthquake

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Prediction of strong ground motion using empirical Green's function; some problems of synthetic procedure of ground motion

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Prediction of strong ground motion using the hybrid empirical method and its use in the development of ground-motion (attenuation) relations in eastern North America

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Prediction of strong ground motion; how much uncertainty?

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Prediction of strong ground motions

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Prediction of strong ground motions for scenario earthquakes

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Prediction of strong ground motions using observed seismograms from small events

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Prediction of strong motion dependant on focal mechanism

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Prediction of strong motion in the Puget Sound area; the 1965 Seattle earthquake

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Prediction of strong motion using physical models of earthquake faulting

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Prediction of strong motions from future earthquakes in the Osaka Basin

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Prediction of strong-motion characteristics of bedrock motion in Yokohama, Japan, based on source region classification

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Prediction of structural and hydrogeologic conditions in the deep portion of the Donets basin

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Prediction of structural inhomogeneities of the sedimentary cover; quantitative processing techniques and information content of space photos

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Prediction of structural slurry wall behavior

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Prediction of structural-lithologic petroleum traps in Vendian clastics of Katanga saddle and southeast of Baykit Anteklize

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Prediction of structure - foundation interaction behaviour

Anonymous, 2007:
Prediction of structure and functional regions for NDV La Sota F protein

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Prediction of structure of the upper Toarcian and Aalenian deposits in the Koltogory petroleum-bearing region from data of seismic prospecting and results of deep drilling (West Siberia)

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Prediction of structures in the homologous series Pb (sub 3+2n) Sb (sub 8) S (sub 15+2n) (the plagionite group)

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Prediction of sub-surface subsidence movements due to underground coal mining

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Prediction of subduction-zone earthquake by multi point large area ion data

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Prediction of subsidence caused by pumping of ground water

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Prediction of subsidence deformation in loess soils under the simultaneous impact of natural and extra loads

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Prediction of subsidence due to coal mining in Raniganj coalfield, West Bengal, India

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Prediction of subsidence due to groundwater withdrawal in the Latrobe Valley, Australia

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Prediction of subsidence due to underground mining by artificial neural networks

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Prediction of subsidence from full extraction coal mining

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Prediction of subsidence in hazardous waste landfills

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Prediction of subsidence in hilly ground terrain using finite element method

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Prediction of subsidence in the Indo-Gangetic Basin carried by groundwater withdrawal

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Prediction of subsidence movements in coal mining areas in Indian coal fields

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Prediction of subsidence resulting from creep closure of solutioned-mined caverns in salt domes

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Prediction of subsidence using complementary influence functions

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Prediction of subsidence-induced ground movement and its effects on a coal refuse dam

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Prediction of subsoil stresses and strains under transient type loadings

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Prediction of subsurface conditions and hydrocarbon product composition expelled during primary migration from gas-prone source rocks

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Prediction of subsurface fracture patterns from surface studies of joints; an example from the Piceance Creek basin, Colorado

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Prediction of subsurface structure of the sub-salt complex of the south of the Peri-Caspian Synclize on a basis of use of mathematical methods

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Prediction of subsurface subsidence for longwall mining operations

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Prediction of subsurface water regime variation

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Prediction of subterranean drainage directions in rocky areas; state of the art

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Prediction of sudden flooding in a North China karst-type coal mine

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Prediction of sudsidence effects on a service decline from partial extraction of underground protective pillar

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Prediction of sulfate mobility in Podzols; applicability of the isotherm to the initial mass

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Prediction of sulfide gold ores in the Taldybulak volcanic structure, northern Tien Shan

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Prediction of summit eruption by tilt and strain data at Sakurajima Volcano, Japan

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Prediction of support for the preliminary design of the Anilio Tunnel (Egnatia Motorway)

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Prediction of support requirements for hard rock excavations using keyblock theory and joint statistics

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Prediction of supported excavation movements under marginal stability conditions in clay

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Prediction of surface and under surface temperatures on poultry muscles and poultry skins subjected to jets of superheated steam

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Prediction of surface charge on oxides in salt solutions; revisions for 1:1 (M (super +) L (super -) ) electrolytes

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Prediction of surface crown pillar stability using artificial neural networks

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Prediction of surface currents and drifter trajectories on the inner Scotian Shelf

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Prediction of surface failure hazards by the digital landform model

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Prediction of surface horizontal displacements, and gravity and tilt changes caused by filling the Three Gorges Reservoir

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Prediction of surface movement with emphasis on horizontal deformation due to mining

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Prediction of surface reflection from the optical complex index of refraction between 0.4 and 1.0mu m

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Prediction of surface saturation zones in natural catchments by topographic analysis; discussion and reply

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Prediction of surface settlements caused by shield tunnelling

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Prediction of surface shapes from a single seismic trace; prediccion de la forma de superficies utilizando una sola traza sismica

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Prediction of surface subsidence and strain in the Appalachian coal field using numerical methods

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Prediction of surface subsidence caused by underground mining using a nonlinear finite element procedure

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Prediction of surface subsidence due to mining, using the finite element method

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Prediction of suspended sediment hydrograph in the Beijiang River-the Zhenshui River Basin

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Prediction of swell of black cotton soils in Nairobi

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Prediction of swelling characteristics of remoulded and compacted expansive soils using free swell index

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Prediction of swelling potential for natural clays

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Prediction of swelling potential for natural soils

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Prediction of swelling pressure of clays

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Prediction of swelling pressure of clays - discussion (of paper 6358, by a. komornik and d. david, 1969)

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Prediction of swelling pressure of soil from suction measurements

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Prediction of tectonic stability in an island arc region for waste disposal

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Prediction of tectonically-caused overpressures by using resistivity and density measurements of associated shales

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Prediction of temperature and pressure dependence of the dissociation of electrolytes based on elementary electrostatic models

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Prediction of temperature conditions at great depths

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Prediction of temperature-distribution in frozen soils

Kodikara Jayantha, 1996:
Prediction of tension in geomembranes placed on landfill slopes

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Prediction of the 6.6 Grevena-Kozani earthquake of May 13, 1995

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Prediction of the Campbell water retention function from texture, structure, and organic matter

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Prediction of the Florida red tide by means of the iron index

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Prediction of the Fraunhofer line detectivity of luminescent materials

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Prediction of the Gibbs energies and an improved equation of state for water at extreme conditions from ab initio energies with classical simulations

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Prediction of the Grigoryev Glacier evolution (Tien Shan)

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Prediction of the Haicheng earthquake

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Prediction of the Haicheng earthquake and measures taken for disaster prevention

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Prediction of the Lancang-Gongma earthquakes that struck China's Yunnan Province and monitoring for their aftershock activities

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Prediction of the May 7, 1986, Andreanof Islands earthquake

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Prediction of the PVT properties of water over wide range of temperatures and pressures from molecular dynamics simulation

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Prediction of the San Fernando Earthquake; verification of the Dilatant-Diffusion Model

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Prediction of the Trioctahedral Mica Structure at High Temperature

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Prediction of the activity of ferrous oxide in multicomponent magma from known values in

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Prediction of the air and grounds temperature for the assessment of basements stability in permafrost

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Prediction of the annual maximum earthquake magnitude in Northern China

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Prediction of the behaviour of natural clay deposits

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Prediction of the behaviour of shale hanging walls in deep underground excavations

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Prediction of the change in the elastic parameters of sands when they pass from a frozen to a thawed state

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Prediction of the chemical consequences of adiabatic and nonadiabatic expansion in geochemical processes involving aqueous solutions

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Prediction of the chemical evolution of mantle magmas at high pressures

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Prediction of the chemical quality of streamflow by an interactive computer model

Guziyev, I.S. ), 1982:
Prediction of the composition and properties of commercial phlogopite

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Prediction of the concentration of suspended matter in the main Nile between Halfa and Aswan

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Prediction of the conditions of bracing mine workings in a shaly rock medium

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Prediction of the content of hydrogen sulfide in gas of the formations subjacent to the tops of the salt of the pre-Caspian Depression

Jablonska Firek Barbara, 2003:
Prediction of the cost of closing pits for the purpose of controlling coal mining costs

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Prediction of the crystal structures of perovskites using the software program SPuDS

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Prediction of the crystal-chemical composition of clinoamphiboles from X-ray intensity measurement of selected reflections (PREVEDI computer program)

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Prediction of the deep subsurface of the Paleozoic of the Karpinskiy Ridge based on geological-geophysical data

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Prediction of the deformation of reinforced embankments by centrifuge experiments

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Prediction of the development of gully and shore erosion on the Bovanenkov gas condensate field territory

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Prediction of the development of karst and suffosion processes evoked by human impacts on deep-seated hydrospheric processes

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Prediction of the dispersion of volcanic ash in the atmosphere from the Nevado Del Ruiz in future eruptive events

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Prediction of the dissociation constraints of aqueous inorganic metal complexes to 1000 degrees C and 5 kb

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Prediction of the distribution of Carboniferous rocks in the Tongnanba Structure, Sichuan Basin, China

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Prediction of the distribution of cesium-137 in surface waters of the Black Sea

Volkov, V.N., 1971:
Prediction of the distribution of coal seams in explored deposits

Bolt Bruce, A., 1986:
Prediction of the distribution of intensity near the earthquake source

Naumov, A.L.; Onishuk, T.M., 1992:
Prediction of the distribution of lithologic traps in less explored regions of West Siberia

Howell John, A.; Stromback Anna, 1999:
Prediction of the distribution of soft sediment deformed eolian facies; a new approach to understanding the Weissliegend of the UK southern North Sea

Parker, G.; Shirazi, M., 1979:
Prediction of the effect of a dam on adjacent gravel spawning grounds, Rogue River, Oregon

Govorushko, S.M., 1984:
Prediction of the effect of rock streams on reservoir storage

Bonnet, M.; Ricour, J., 1975:
Prediction of the effects of river engineering works on aquifers; analysis of two concrete examples

Bouyat, C.; Fages, R.; Picod, G., 1979:
Prediction of the effects of the supression of major pumping; example of the pumping from Grand Camp a Lyon

Venghiattis, A.A., 1963:
Prediction of the efficiency of a perforator down-hole based on acoustic logging information

Baryshnikova, I.A.; Orlov, A.B.; Chernykh, N.B., 1984:
Prediction of the electromagnetic field intensity of ultralong-wave radiostations for the purpose of airborne electrical prospecting using the method of ultralong-wave radiostations

Fomenko, K.I.; Butyugin, V.V., 1986:
Prediction of the engineering geological conditions in the mining of deep horizons of chromite ore deposits

Gotovtsev, S.P.; Klimovskiy, I.V.; Mikhaylov, V.A.; Permyakov, P.P., 1992:
Prediction of the evolution of frozen ground in the case of underground storage of highly mineralized water

Doran Fred, J.; Thresher John, E.J., 1987:
Prediction of the fate of chromium from a proposed municipal sanitary landfill

Christopher, R.S.erwood; David, E.D.ake; Patricia, L.W.berg; Robert, A.W.eatcroft, 2002:
Prediction of the fate of p,p'-DDE in sediment on the Palos Verdes Shelf, California, USA

Hazell, D.R.; England, M.H., 2003:
Prediction of the fate of radioactive material in the South Pacific Ocean using a global high-resolution ocean model

Mirzayev, S.K.S.; Abubakirov, M.B., 1973:
Prediction of the filtration coefficient of rocks in an aeration zone

Cardon, D.; Evrard, H.; Garnier Jacques, 1984:
Prediction of the fines content in crushed sands

de Araujo Paulo Fernando, 1984:
Prediction of the fracture propagation pressure gradient in the Reconcavo Basin

Bai Mao; Elsworth Derek; Tomlin Neville, 1988:
Prediction of the fracture zone over mine workings; an analytical model

Roman, L.R.; Tsyrendorzhieva, M.D. (Tsyrendorzhiyeva, M.D., 1994:
Prediction of the frozen soil deformation by using the method of the temperature-time analogy by means of die

Lerma-García, M.J.; Herrero-Martínez, J.M.; Ramis-Ramos, G.; Simó-Alfonso, E.F., 2008:
Prediction of the genetic variety of Spanish extra virgin olive oils using fatty acid and phenolic compound profiles established by direct infusion mass spectrometry

Rudnitskaya, D.I.; Berilko, V.I.; Kondrashov, V.A.; Belov, R.V., 1982:
Prediction of the geological cross section of the upper part of the Paleozoic deposits according to dynamic characteristics of seismic waves under conditions of the western Siberian Plate

Zeng Jianjun; Lowe Donald, R., 1995:
Prediction of the geometry and property of turbidite sands using a two-dimensional process-response computer model

Kuhnle, R.A.; Wren, D.G.; Chambers, J.P., 2007:
Prediction of the grain size of suspended sediment; implications for calculating suspended sediment concentrations using single frequency acoustic backscatter

Minkin, M.A., 1969:
Prediction of the ground temperature regime in the foundation bases of the Vilyuy Carbon Black Plant, using an electronic digital computer

Zuzyavichyus, A.P.; Iodkazis, V.I. ), 1979:
Prediction of the ground-water yield in glacial deposits

J.V Leyendekkers, 1980:
Prediction of the heat capacities of seawater and other multicomponent solutions from the Tammann-Tait-Gibson model

Sui Wanghua; Zhou Shengwu; Zhang Xingcai, 1998:
Prediction of the height of mining-induced overburden failure by taking the variability of indices into consideration in the Jiangxi coal field, Jiangxi, China

de Sousa Coutinho Antonio, G.F., 2000:
Prediction of the horizontal load-displacement curves of pile groups based on the results of single pile tests

Achari Gopal; Joshi, R.C.; Bentley, L.R.; Chatterji, S., 1999:
Prediction of the hydraulic conductivity of clays using the electric double layer theory

Knight, J.L., 2001:
Prediction of the hydro-mechanical response during shaft sinking for the proposed Nirex rock characterisation facility near Sellafield, Cumbria, United Kingdom

Sorokov, D.S.; Nakaryakov, V.D., 1971:
Prediction of the hydrocarbon potential of the western part of the Yenisei-Khatanga Basin and principal trends in the exploration for oil and gas

Dore, A.G.; Corcoran, D.V.; Scotchman, I.C., 2002:
Prediction of the hydrocarbon system in exhumed basins, and application to the NW European margin

Virgos Soriano Luis; Lopez Bravo Juana; Lopez Vilchez Luis; Lopez Geta Juan Antonio, 1987:
Prediction of the hydrogeologic behavior of the Tarragona Field aquifer before the possible management alternatives

Shock Everett, L., 1988:
Prediction of the hydrothermal solubility of hydrocarbons

Yang Yang; Xiong Li; Liu Mingqing; Han Jinglei; Cheng Xiancheng; W.Z.enbin; Cheng Shuiping, 2001:
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Prediction of the inelastic response of torsionally coupled systems subjected to earthquake excitation

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Prediction of the influence of underground coal mining on slope stability in the Vtacnik Mountains

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Prediction of the influences of construction of a sea dyke on the flow and sedimentation of Isahaya Bay

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Prediction of the initial normal stress in piles and anchors constructed using expansive cements

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Prediction of the loss of rock stability by acoustical method

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Prediction of the magnitude of an earthquake from foreshocks

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Prediction of the main parameters in blocks, bounded by extrapolation on the example of the Zlata Deposit

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Prediction of the maximum credible ground motion in Singapore due to a great Sumatran subduction earthquake; the worst-case scenario

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Prediction of the middle Paleozoic organic structures in the Dobruja Basin

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Prediction of the modification of managed and natural complexes of the Amu Darya Delta in relation to the lowering in level of the Aral Sea

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Prediction of the modifications caused by excessive development of algae on the quality of water resources

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Prediction of the morphological appearance of coal seams

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Prediction of the number of earthquakes

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Prediction of the occurrence of debris flow and a runoff analysis by the use of neural networks

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Prediction of the occurrence of slope instability phenomena through GIS-based hazard zonation

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Prediction of the partial molal volumes of electrolytes in seawater

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Prediction of the penetration rate of rotary blast hole drills using a new drillability index

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Prediction of the performance of a geogrid-reinforced slope founded on solid waste; discussion and reply

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Prediction of the performance of side resistance piles socketed in Melbourne mudstone

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Prediction of the phase composition of hydrocarbons in the accumulation at the Sol'-Iletsk compound uplift

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Prediction of the phase states of the Tengiz Field hydrocarbons below the depth of 5,000 meters, Caspian Basin

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Prediction of the porosity of Carboniferous reservoir rocks using stratification conditions

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Prediction of the position of a gold ore body using computerized electromagnetic tomography

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Prediction of the possibilities for the most complete utilization of rock resistance at underground mine operation in heavy conditions

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Prediction of the possibility of gas in the Dnieper-Donets Basin based on statistical data

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Prediction of the production increase multiple of hydraulic fracturing by GM(1,M)

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Prediction of the quantity of gushing water in drill holes by means of borehole induced polarization

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Prediction of the refractive index of seawater as a function of temperature, pressure, salinity and wavelength

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Prediction of the regime of karstic water in the Barremian-Hauterivian aquifer in western Dobruja

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Prediction of the resolution of a well seismic station

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Prediction of the river-type reservoirs sedimentation

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Prediction of the secular variation in seawater chemistry over the past 2.8 Ga; a comparison of Phanerozoic and Precambrian seawater

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Prediction of the sediment yield from a small basin in case of heavy rainfall

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Prediction of the seismic effect of a powerful explosion in an inhomogeneous medium

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Prediction of the settlement of an embankment using a micro-computer

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Prediction of the settlement of shallow foundations using both limiting-state criteria

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Prediction of the shape of a shallow failure on a mountain slope; the three-dimensional multi-planar sliding surface method

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Prediction of the size of a mineralized area based on the measurement results of drainage sediments

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Prediction of the solubility of H (sub 2) S in NaCl aqueous solution; an equation of state approach

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Prediction of the spatial distribution of the modified Mercalli intensity using neural networks

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Prediction of the spatial variability of diagenesis and porosity using sequence stratigraphy in Middle Carboniferous carbonates from southern Kazakhstan; implications for North Caspian Basin hydrocarbon reservoirs of the CIS

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Prediction of the stability and supporting decision in underground engineering based on non-linear rock intelligence system thinking

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Prediction of the stability of rocks during mining operations based on exploration data, exemplified by the Donets basin

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Prediction of the stability of roof rocks based on some genetic features of rocks in the Prokopyevsk-Kiselevsk region of the Kuznetsk Basin

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Prediction of the state of hydrocarbon phases in infrasalt Paleozoic formations of pre-Caspian Depression

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Prediction of the strength of chemically grouted sand

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Prediction of the stress state in a soil mass of limited thickness and width under local loading

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Prediction of the stress state in linearly extended structures

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Prediction of the stressed-strained state of expansive rock massifs upon wetting

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Prediction of the sudden flow in the karst coal mine of north china-type; (2)

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Prediction of the temporal variability of river patterns and meander loop shape

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Prediction of the thermodynamic properties of electrolytes at high pressures and temperatures

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Prediction of the thickness of and technical conditions of coal mining based on facies-phase (paragenetic) analysis

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Prediction of the thickness of the Earth's crust with the use of the isostasy principle

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Prediction of the time of avalanching in the areas of Baikal-Amur Railway

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Prediction of the total sediment load; appraisal of existing formulas

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Prediction of the ultimate longitudinal compressive concrete strain at hoop fracture using energy considerations

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Prediction of the undrained shear strength and standard penetration test using the static cone penetration test data

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Prediction of the use of energy sources using regression dynamic analysis

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Prediction of the vapor-liquid distribution constants for volatile nonelectrolytes in water up to its critical temperature

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Prediction of the variations in ground-water quality under the influence of pen sewage irrigation

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Prediction of the water balance of two soil cover systems

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Prediction of thermal conductivity in reservoir rocks using fabric theory

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Prediction of thermal regime of floodplain deposits in Lena River

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Prediction of thermodynamic properties in salt-CO (sub 2) -CH (sub 4) -H (sub 2) O; first principle simulations and equation-of-state approaches

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Prediction of thermodynamic properties of aqueous ionic species at zero ionic strength and 25 degrees C

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Prediction of thermodynamic state of the Gregoriev ice cap, Tien Shan, Central Asia, in the future

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Prediction of thermodynamics and elasticity from vibrational spectra of phases in the system Be-Mg-Al-Si-O-H

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Prediction of thin-target cross sections of neutron-induced reactions up to 200 MeV

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Prediction of thrust zones using magnetic, gravity and electric methods

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Prediction of tidal corrections by collocation of tidal residuals

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Prediction of tidal hydraulics and sediment transport patterns in response to dredging in a tide-dominated harbor

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Prediction of tidal sea-level fluctuations for the purpose of construction on the Russian coast of the Black Sea

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Prediction of time and place of the great Tolbachik eruption in July 1975

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Prediction of time development of local scour

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Prediction of time-dependent behaviour of remolded soft marine clay in axi-symmetric undrained conditions

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Prediction of time-dependent movement of tiebacks in cohesive soils

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Prediction of total bed material discharge

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Prediction of total organic carbon content using wireline logs in the Malay Basin

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Prediction of toxicity for pesticides found in Ohio surface waters

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Prediction of trace-metal mobility in iron-rich systems

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Prediction of train-induced ground vibration by a weight dropping experiment and a microbus running test

Kowalski Andrzej, 2004:
Prediction of transient deformations of the surface including the rheological models in the Szkody 4.1 system

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Prediction of traps and reservoirs in Neocomian clinoform sediments of West Siberian Basin

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Prediction of tsunami wave heights in the Caspian Sea

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Prediction of tunnel lining loads using correction factors

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Prediction of tunnelling effect on groundwater condition

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Prediction of tunnelling effect on groundwater condition by the water balance block method

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Prediction of two test walls by elastoplastic finite element analysis

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Prediction of ultimate pile capacity from load tests on bored and belled, expanded base compacted and driven piles

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Prediction of ultimate volume change by rectangular hyperbola method

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Prediction of underground conditions using open cut data

Terhune, R.W., 1974:
Prediction of underground nuclear explosion effects in Wagon Wheel sandstone

Lade, P.V., 1978:
Prediction of undrained behavior of sand