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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 19856

Chapter 19856 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Schumacher John, C.; Westphal Mathias, 1998:
Reactions, textures and temperature-time constraints in osumilite-bearing gneisses and associated rocks from Rogaland, southwestern Norway

Schumacher John, C.; Westphal Mathias, 1996:
Reactions, textures, and metamorphic development in osumilite-bearing gneisses and associated rocks from Rogaland, southwestern Norway

Schumacher John, C., 1990:
Reactions, textures, and mineral chemistry at the contact of a sillimanite-cordierite pegmatite and gedrite-cordierite gneiss from southwestern New Hampshire, USA

Hollingsworth, D.A.; Cawood Peter, A., 2001:
Reactivated Archaean structures on the northern margin of the Sylvania Inlier, WA

Muntean John, L.; Coward Michael, P.; Tarnocai Charles, A., 2007:
Reactivated Palaeozoic normal faults; controls on the formation of Carlin-type gold deposits in north-central Nevada

Jacobi Robert, D.; Fountain John, C.; Nelson Travis; Lugert Courtney, 2002:
Reactivated Precambrian faults in the Appalachian Basin of NYS

Sinha Roy, S., 1981:
Reactivated Tibetan block in a Tethyan context

Chapin Michael, S.; Hart Michael, W., 1981:
Reactivated ancient landslides vs. individual property owners; a case history

Wetzel Andreas; Allenbach Robin; Allia Vincenzo, 2003:
Reactivated basement structures affecting the sedimentary facies in a tectonically quiescent epicontinental basin; an example from NW Switzerland

Cumbest, R.J.; Temples Thomas, J.; Price, V.; Fallaw, W.C.; Snipes David, S., 1993:
Reactivated basement structures in the central Savannah River area and their relationship to coastal plain deformation

Behrendt, J.C.; Klitgord, K.D. ; Hutchinson, D.R., 1988:
Reactivated boundary fault zones of buried early Mesozoic basins as possible sources of seismicity in the Charleston, S.C. region

Kaimal Prasannakumar, 2004:
Reactivated ductile shear zones of South India; constraints on Gondwanaland correlation

Peacock, D.C.P.; Shepherd, J., 1997:
Reactivated faults and transfer zones in the Southern Coalfield, Sydney Basin, Australia

Connally Thomas, C.; Rodgers Donald, A., 2004:
Reactivated forced folds on the Arabian Peninsula

Iancu Viorica; Maruntiu Marcel, 1994:
Reactivated metamorphic complexes in fold and overthrust belts (e.g. South Carpathians)

Suppe John, 1986:
Reactivated normal faults in the western Taiwan fold-and-thrust belt

Bohnenberger, O.H.; Bonis, S.B., 1976:
Reactivated secondary faulting in the Guatemala Graben, 1976 Guatemala earthquake

Kim Young Seog; Andrews Jim, R.; Sanderson David, J., 2001:
Reactivated strike-slip faults; examples from North Cornwall, UK

Yang Kenn Ming; W.J.ng Chang; Ting Hsin Hsiu; Wickham John, S.; Wang Jar Ben; Chi Wen Rong, 1997:
Reactivated structures and evolving thrusts in northwestern Taiwan

Tozer Craig, H.; Miller Martin, G., 2000:
Reactivated structures in the central Tien Shan, Kyrgyzstan

Foster David, A.; Gleadow Andrew, J.W., 1992:
Reactivated tectonic boundaries and implications for the reconstruction of southeastern Australia and northern Victoria Land, Antarctica

Ali Mohammad Yamin; Ali Amita Mohamed, 1993:
Reactivated tectonic structural controls on morphological development of the central Luconia carbonates

Larson Robert, A.; Slosson James, E.; Slosson Thomas, L., 1999:
Reactivated urban landslides are long-term social problems

Celerier, B., 1991:
Reactivated versus new faulting

Camargo Guillermo; Mojica Jairo, 2004:
Reactivation (long-term evolution) of Silvia-Pijao Fault along the Quebrada La Maizena western flank of Central Cordillera, Quindio, Colombia

Booth Jacqueline, L.M.; Coward Mike, P., 1997:
Reactivation and inversion structures in central Argentina

Dewitte, O.; Chung Chang Jo; Demoulin Alain, 2006:
Reactivation hazard mapping for ancient landslides in west Belgium

Thomas William, A.; Bayona German, 2003 :
Reactivation history of a basement fault; stratigraphic and structural controls on location and geometry of a large-scale Appalachian frontal thrust ramp

Sahay Amit, 2003:
Reactivation history of the Great Boundary Fault, northwestern India

Pinheiro Roberto, V.L.; Holdsworth Robert, E., 1997:
Reactivation of Archaean strike-slip fault systems, Amazon region, Brazil

White Stan; Sadler Peter, 1997:
Reactivation of Mesozoic age structures near La Ceiba Field, NE Anzoategui, eastern Venezuelan Basin

Cooper Gareth, T.; Hill Kevin, C., 1997:
Reactivation of Mesozoic and Palaeozoic faults in the Otway Basin, Australia; new evidence from thermal and structural modelling

Tajika Jun; Ohtsu Sunao; Hirose Wataru, 2004:
Reactivation of Misaki 1-chrome Landslide, Hokkaido, in July, 2003

V.S.brahmanyam; M.V.R.mana; D.Gopala Rao, 1993:
Reactivation of Precambrian faults on the southwestern continental margin of India; evidence from gravity anomalies

Orr William, R., 1986:
Reactivation of Solomon Summit Landslide, south of Santa Maria, California; a thirty year case history

Waldron John, W.F.; Stockmal Glen, S., 1990:
Reactivation of Taconian structures at the Acadian thrust front, Port au Port Peninsula, Newfoundland

Lee Bong Joo; Lee Young Joon; Chwae Ueechan; Choi Sung Ja; Cho Deung Ryong; Ryoo Chung Ryul, 2000:
Reactivation of Yangsan fault zone during the Quaternary, southeastern Korea

Mattox, S.R.; Weiss, M.P., 1987:
Reactivation of a Cretaceous thrust surface by Basin-and-Range extension, southwestern Gunnison Plateau, central Utah

Erdlac Richard, J.Jr., 1984:
Reactivation of a Precambrian feature during Paleozoic time

Lageson, D.R., 1989:
Reactivation of a Proterozoic continental margin, Bridger Range, southwestern Montana

Smith Victoria, C.; Shane Phil; Nairn Ian, A., 2004:
Reactivation of a rhyolitic magma body by new rhyolitic intrusion before the 15.8 ka Rotorua eruptive episode; implications for magma storage in the Okataina volcanic centre, New Zealand

Eyal Yehuda; Osadetz Kirk; Feinstein Shimon, 2004:
Reactivation of a terrane boundary in the Canadian Cordillera

Stover Bruce, K.; Cannon Susan, H., 1987:
Reactivation of an element of a late Quaternary landslide-earthflow complex, Gunnison County, Colorado

Cobbold Peter, R.; Meisling Kristian, E.; Mount Van, S., 2001:
Reactivation of an obliquely rifted margin, Campos and Santos basins, southeastern Brazil

Fleming, R.W.; Schuster, R.L.; Olson, E.P., 1976:
Reactivation of an old landslide at Manti, Utah

Rigby, R.; Moelle, K.H.R., 1986:
Reactivation of ancient land-slip near Wallsend, N.S.W

Burns Scott, F.; Burns William; James David; Hinkle Jason, 1999:
Reactivation of ancient landslides in Northwest Oregon from 1996 to 1999

Barosh, P.J., 1984:
Reactivation of ancient rifts in the mid-continent of North America due to Mesozoic oceanic rifting

Sadowski, G.R., 1977:
Reactivation of basement blocks in the Ribeira fold belt in the Serra do Cubatao region

Vidal, N.; Merle, O., 2000:
Reactivation of basement faults beneath volcanoes; a new model of flank collapse

Labazuy, P.; Ranvier, F.; Merle Olivier, 1999:
Reactivation of basement faults in the evolution of the Cantal Stratovolcano

Seeber Leonardo; Geiser Peter, A., 1989:
Reactivation of convergence structures and seismogenesis in the trans-tensional regime of the Apennines of central Italy

F.D.L.ccio; A.P.scini; N.A.P.no; G.V.ntura, 2005:
Reactivation of deep faults beneath Southern Apennines; evidence from the 1990-1991 Potenza seismic sequences

Bell, T.H., 1987:
Reactivation of earlier foliations and decrenulation due to shifting patterns of deformation partitioning

Rondeel, H.E.; Weijermars, R.; Van Dorssen, H.G., 1984:
Reactivation of early reverse faults associated with oblique strike-slip faulting; a mechanism for crustal shortening (Macizo de Nevera, Sierra de Albarracin, Spain)

Gabrielsen, R.H.; Grunnaleite, I.; Ottesen, S., 1993:
Reactivation of fault complexes in the Loppa High area, southwestern Barents Sea

Gabrielsen Roy, H., 1988 :
Reactivation of faults on the Norwegian continental shelf, and implications for earthquake risk analysis

Mukhopadhyay Abhijit; Roy, S.P.; Adhikari, S., 2001:
Reactivation of faults-Dulhara Fault of Sohagpur Coalfield, an example

Donnelly, L.J., 2000:
Reactivation of geological faults during mining subsidence from 1859 to 2000 and beyond

Smith Gerald, J.; Jacobi Robert, D., 2000:
Reactivation of intracontinental faults in foreland basins and the effects on local sequence stratigraphy and the apparent relative sea level signal

Anonymous, 2007:
Reactivation of latent bovine herpesvirus type 5 in cattle with polioencephalomalacia induced by ammonium sulphate

Berendsen, P., 1998:
Reactivation of major structures affecting Proterozoic rocks of the Central Plains Orogen and the Southern Granite-Rhyolite Province, Midcontinent, U.S.A

Hamilton Douglas, S.; Tyler Noel; Tyler Roger; Raeuchle Sandra, K.; Holtz Mark, H.; Yeh Joseph; Uzcategui Moises; Jimenez Toribio; Salazar Anna; Cova Carmen, E.; Barbato Roberto; Rusic Alberto, 2002:
Reactivation of mature oil fields through advanced reservoir characterization; a case history of the Budare Field, Venezuela

Del Prete, M.; Trisorio Liuzzi, G., 1992:
Reactivation of mudslides after a long quiescent period; the case of Buoninventre in Southern Apennines

Miller Martin, G., 1993:
Reactivation of normal faults as gravity sliding surfaces, Death Valley, CA; criteria to distinguish between tectonic and gravity-driven features

Stewart Kevin, G.; Bice David, M., 1989:
Reactivation of normal faults in the Northern Apennine fold-and-thrust belt

Carroll Debbie, A., 1999:
Reactivation of old landsliding along the New River banks near Seeley, California

Illmann, R., 1986:
Reactivation of paleokarst in the Franconian Jura

Goetz, J., 1986:
Reactivation of paleokarst structures; an example from the Auerbach collapse, Upper Palatinate

Watkinson, A.John, 2001:
Reactivation of pressure solution seams by a strike-slip fault

Watkinson, A.J.hn; Ward Emily, M.G.raghty, 2006:
Reactivation of pressure-solution seams by a strike-slip fault-sequential, dilational jog formation and fluid flow

Hayman Nicholas, W.; Kidd, W.S.F., 2002:
Reactivation of prethrusting, synconvergence normal faults as ramps within the Ordovician Champlain-Taconic thrust system

Barton, C.M.; Evans, M.; Bristow, C.R.; Freshney, C.R.; Kirby, G.A., 1998:
Reactivation of relay ramps and structural evolution of the Mere Fault and Wardour Monocline, northern Wessex Basin

Turner Eric James; Eaton Scott, L., 2004:
Reactivation of slope failures along Meadow Run, Shenandoah Valley, Virginia

Yermakov, V.N., 2000:
Reactivation of subsidence zones due to coal-mine closure in Donbass

Martinez Diaz, J.J.; Hernandez Enrile, J.L., 1991:
Reactivation of the Alhama de Murcia Fault in the Lorca-Totana region; kinematics and stress field from the Messinian to the present

Burns Scott, F., 2000:
Reactivation of the Apple Lane ancient landslide in Kelso, Washington; characterization and mitigation

Anderson Thomas, B.; Rubin Ron; Spittler Thomas, E., 1999:
Reactivation of the Blucher Valley landslide during the 1998 El Nino event, Sonoma County, California

Larson Robert, A., 1996:
Reactivation of the Briar Bluff-Hume Road landslide complex, Las Flores Canyon, Malibu, Los Angeles County, California

Hausmann, R.; Roemmer, H.; Nille, B., 1982:
Reactivation of the Brunswick coal mining company

Haneberg William, C.; Dunn Andrew, B., 1999:
Reactivation of the Costilla Dam, New Mexico, landslide during dam reconstruction

Lateltin, O.; Bonnard, C., 1995:
Reactivation of the Falli-Hoelli Landslide in the Prealps of Freiburg, Switzerland

Gvirtzman Zohar; Zilberman Ezra; Folkman Yehoshua, 2008:
Reactivation of the Levant passive margin during the late Tertiary and formation of the Jaffa Basin offshore central Israel

Stover, B.K.; Cannnon, S.H., 1989:
Reactivation of the Muddy Creek Landslide, west-central Colorado, U.S.A

Stover Bruce, K.; Cannon Susan, H., 1988:
Reactivation of the Muddy Creek landslide, west-central Colorado

Neher Kurt; Allen Richardson, B., 1986:
Reactivation of the Neuquen Dorsal during Andean foreland deformation in the southwestern Neuquen Basin, Argentina

Jacobson Carl, E.; Dawson, M.R.bert, 1994:
Reactivation of the Orocopia Fault, southeastern California

Aranda Gomez Jose Jorge; Housh Todd, B.; Luhr James, F.; Henry Christopher, D.; Becker Tim; Chavez Cabello Gabriel, 2005:
Reactivation of the San Marcos Fault during mid to late Tertiary extension, Chihuahua, Mexico

Laffaille Jaime; Ferrer Carlos; Viscarret, V.P.txi, 2004:
Reactivation of the alluvial fan at El Paraiso Gully (Chama River, Merida, Venezuela); a geologic indicator of climate change or the effects of human activity on natural processes?

Ramasamy, R., 1987:
Reactivation of the eastern Ghats paleorift system during Tertiary and other periods

Lafrance, A.; Houdry, F.; L.P.ge A.; Lecorche, J.P.; Villeneuve, M.; Caruba, R., 1993:
Reactivation of the frontal zone of a polyphase belt; the case of the Mauritanide Belt, West Africa

Cotecchia, V.; Lenti, V.; Salvemini, A.; Spilotro, G., 1986:
Reactivation of the large Buoninventre slide by the Irpinia earthquake of 23 November 1980

Naka, H.; López, C.S.; Crosa, J.H., 2007:
Reactivation of the vanchrobactin siderophore system of Vibrio anguillarum by removal of a chromosomal insertion sequence originated in plasmid pJM1 encoding the anguibactin siderophore system

Keating Barbara, H., 1987:
Reactivation of volcanism in the Line Islands seamount chain

W.Y.nghai; Anthony Edward, J.; Jia Lufei, 2006:
Reactivation properties of four long-term sulfated limestones

de Mowbray Tessa; Visser Marinus, J., 1984:
Reactivation surfaces in subtidal channel deposits, Oosterschelde, Southwest Netherlands

Frederick A Cook; Kevin C Coflin, 1990:
Reactivation tectonics in the Arctic of Western Canada

Bump Alexander, P., 2003:
Reactivation, trishear modeling, and folded basement in Laramide uplifts; implications for the origins of intra-continental faults

Koyi Hemin, 1990:
Reactivation; another mechanism for the formation of mushroom diapirs

Nicholson Ronald, V.; Scharer Jeno; Halbert Bruce; Snodgrass William, J.; Phyper John David, 1989:
Reactive Acid Tailings Assessment Program (RATAP); the concepts and application

Stebbins Jonathan, F.; Zhao Peidong; Lee Sung Keun; Cheng Xing, 1999:
Reactive Al-O-Al sites in a natural zeolite; triple-quantum oxygen-17 nuclear magnetic resonance

Moini Ahmad; Brewer Thomas, D.; Tzou Ming Shin; Landau Steven, D.; Teo Boon Keng; Pinnavaia Thomas, J., 1990:
Reactive Cr-O sites; catalytic properties of chromia-pillared montmorillonite and preliminary study results

Koenig Iris; Haeckel Matthias; Drodt Matthias; Suess Erwin; Trautwein Alfred, X., 1999:
Reactive Fe(II) layers in deep-sea sediments

Pietrzak, R.; Bandosz, T.J., 2007:
Reactive adsorption of NO2 at dry conditions on sewage sludge-derived materials

Bustillo, M.A.; Soriano, J.; Barba, C.; Riesgo, L., 1983:
Reactive aggregates; action of alkaline hydroxides on opal minerals

Arnorsson Stefan, 2000:
Reactive and conservative components

Herbert Roger, B.J.; Benner Shawn, G.; Blowes David, W., 1998:
Reactive barrier treatment of groundwater contaminated by acid mine drainage; sulphur accumulation and sulphide formation

Czurda Kurt, A.; Haus, R., 2002:
Reactive barriers with fly ash zeolites for in situ groundwater remediation

Curtis Gary; Cozzarelli Isabelle; Bekins Barbara; Baedecker Mary Jo, 2000:
Reactive biogeochemical transport modeling of ground water contamination at a crude oil spill site

Beard James, S.; Ragland Paul, C.; Crawford Maria Luisa, 2005:
Reactive bulk assimilation; a model for crust-mantle mixing in silicic magmas

Beard James, S.; Ragland Paul, C., 2006:
Reactive bulk assimilation; a new petrogenetic paradigm

Narasimhan, T.N.; Apps, J.A., 1989:
Reactive chemical transport in ground-water hydrology; challenges to mathematical modeling

Jackson Marie; Hay Richard; Marra Fabrizio; Hughes Randall, 2004:
Reactive components of Roman pozzolane in the pozzolanic cements of ancient Rome

Chih-Y.L.; Shiming Li; Y.W.ng; D.T.n; Min-Hsiung Pan; Shengmin Sang; Chi-Tang Ho, 2008:
Reactive dicarbonyl compounds and 5-(hydroxymethyl)-2-furfural in carbonated beverages containing high fructose corn syrup

Grathwohl Peter, 2001:
Reactive diffusion in rocks and sediments

Gregory M Dipple, 1998:
Reactive dispersion of stable isotopes by mineral reaction during metamorphism

Yan Liang; Yan Guo, 2003:
Reactive dissolution instability driven by chemical diffusion with applications to harzburgite reactive dissolution

Bartels, J.; Clauser, C.; Kuehn, M.; Pape, H.; Schneider, W., 2005:
Reactive flow and permeability prediction; numerical simulation of complex hydrogeothermal problems

Appold Martin, S.; Garven Grant, 2000:
Reactive flow models of ore formation in the Southeast Missouri District

Lesniak Pawel, M., 1999:
Reactive flow of cold water injected into the thermal aquifer; 1-D numerical model

Nabelek Peter, I., 2006:
Reactive fluid flow in contact aureoles; insights from numerical simulations of mineral reactions

Norifumi Todaka; Chitoshi Akasaka; Tianfu Xu; Karsten Pruess, 2004:
Reactive geothermal transport simulations to study the formation mechanism of an impermeable barrier between acidic and neutral fluid zones in the Onikobe Geothermal Field, Japan

X.Y.gang; Menzies Martin, A.; Thirlwall Matthew, F.; Huang Xiaolong; Liu Ying; Chen Xiaoming, 2003:
Reactive harzburgites from Huinan, NE China; products of the lithosphere-asthenosphere interaction during lithospheric thinning?

Darmovzal, O., 1982:
Reactive hydroxyl groups in the surface of kaolinite and metakaolinite

Raiswell, R.; Anderson, T.F., 2005:
Reactive iron enrichment in sediments deposited beneath euxinic bottom waters; constraints on supply by shelf recycling

Lyons, T.W.; Berner Robert, A., 1990:
Reactive iron in Black Sea sediments

Wijsman, J.W.M.; Middelburg, J.J.; Heip, C.H.R., 2001:
Reactive iron in Black Sea sediments; implications for iron cycling

Diane, M.M.Knight; Kenneth, E.B.ncala, 1989:
Reactive iron transport in an acidic mountain stream in Summit County, Colorado; a hydrologic perspective

Marsh Russell, E., 1999:
Reactive iron well, Tacony Warehouse, Philadelphia, PA

Hyacinthe Christelle; Bonneville, S.; van Cappellen, P., 2006:
Reactive iron(III) in sediments; chemical versus microbial extractions

Zhu Chen; Fang Hu; Anderson Greg; Burden David, 1999:
Reactive mass transport modeling of natural attenuation of an acid plume at a uranium mill tailings site

Coogan, L.A.; Kempton, P.D.; Saunders, A.D., 1999:
Reactive melt migration beneath the Mid-Atlantic Ridge; evidence from ODP Leg 153 gabbros

Reiners, P.W., 1998:
Reactive melt transport in the mantle and geochemical signatures of mantle-derived magmas

Dalziel, J.A., 1995:
Reactive mercury in the eastern North Atlantic and Southeast Atlantic

J.A.Dalziel, 1992:
Reactive mercury on the Scotian Shelf and in the adjacent Northwest Atlantic Ocean

Martens Christopher, S.; Alperin Marc, J.; Albert Daniel, B., 1996:
Reactive organic matter degradation and transport controls on rates of sedimentary biogeochemical reactions

Kharaka Yousif, K.; DeBraal Jeffrey, D.; Ambats Gil, 1988:
Reactive organic species in subsurface waters; implications for geochemical modeling

Domico, L.M.; Cooper, K.R.; Bernard, L.P.; Zeevalk, G.D., 2007:
Reactive oxygen species generation by the ethylene-bis-dithiocarbamate (EBDC) fungicide mancozeb and its contribution to neuronal toxicity in mesencephalic cells

Bolzicco Jose; Carrera Jesus; Ayora Carlos, 2004:
Reactive permeable disposal barrier at Aznalcollar Mine, Seville, Spain; as remediation for acid mine drainage

Hueckel Tomasz; Pellegrini Rita, 2002:
Reactive plasticity for clays; application to a natural analog of long-term geomechanical effects of nuclear waste disposal

Moreira Turcq Patricia, F.; Seyler Patrick; Guyot Jean Loup; Etcheber Henri, 2004:
Reactive processes of organic matter in the Amazon River

Seddon, K.D., 1992:
Reactive soils

Nakagawa Kei; Momii Kazuro; Wada Shin Ichirio, 2002:
Reactive solute transport analysis using global optimization

V.B.cker; H.D.S.hulz; K.H.mer, 2007:
Reactive solute transport for seepage water prognosis - Seeper: a model for practical application

Berkowitz Brian; Zhou Jieying, 1996:
Reactive solute transport in a single fracture

Srivastava, R.; Sharma, P.K.; Brusseau, M.L., 2004:
Reactive solute transport in macroscopically homogeneous porous media: analytical solutions for the temporal moments

Blowes David, W.; Bain Jeffrey, G.; Wunderly Murray, D.; Frind Emil, O.; Ptacek, C.J., 1996:
Reactive solute transport modelling of acid drainage from inactive mine tailings impoundments

Samper, J.; X.T.; Ayora, C.; Cuellar, N., 1995:
Reactive solute transport modelling; numerical formulation and computer codes

X.T.; Ayora, C.; Samper, J., 1995:
Reactive solute transport modelling; one dimensional examples

Ayora, C.; Samper, J.; X.T., 1995:
Reactive solute transport modelling; problem statement and hydrochemical model

X.T.; Samper, J.; Ayora, C., 1995:
Reactive solute transport modelling; two dimensional simulations

Bosbach Dirk; Charlet Laurent; Bickmore Barry; Hochella Michael, F.J., 1999:
Reactive surface and dissolution kinetics of hectorite under acidic conditions

Van Cappellen Philippe, 1996 :
Reactive surface area control of the dissolution kinetics of biogenic silica in deep-sea sediments

Kenneth, W.B.uland; Kristin, J.O.ians; James, P.C.wen, 1994:
Reactive trace metals in the stratified central North Pacific

Ayora, C.; Salas, J.; Made, B.; Ledoux, E., 1998:
Reactive transport around Bangombe uranium deposit, Gabon

Pfingsten Wilfried; Mibus Jens; Kuechler Roland, 2006:
Reactive transport codes applied to gypsum dissolution in a laboratory column experiment focusing on the sensitivity of model concepts and data uncertainty

van Cappellen, P.; Regnier, P., 2002:
Reactive transport in complex biogeochemical systems

Gwo, J.P.; Mayes, M.A.; Jardine Philip, M., 2002:
Reactive transport in fractured saprolite; determining diffusive mass transfer and surface reaction kinetics parameters

Tompson, A.F.B.; Jackson, K.J., 1996:
Reactive transport in heterogeneous systems; an overview

Yabusaki Steven, B.; Steefel Carl, I.; Scheibe Timothy, D., 1994:
Reactive transport in physically and chemically heterogeneous subsurface systems

Johnson, T.M. (reviewer), 2000:
Reactive transport in porous media; book review

Meysman Filip, J.R.; Middelburg Jack, J.; Herman Peter, M.J.; Heip Carlo, H.R., 2003:
Reactive transport in surface sediments; I, Model complexity and software quality

Meysman Filip, J.R.; Middelburg Jack, J.; Herman Peter, M.J.; Heip Carlo, H.R., 2003:
Reactive transport in surface sediments; II, Media, an object-oriented problem-solving environment for early diagenesis

Hanor Jeffrey, S., 2001:
Reactive transport involving rock-buffered fluids of varying salinity

Corbella, M.; Ayora, C.; Cardellach, E.; Soler, A., 2006:
Reactive transport modeling and hydrothermal karst genesis; the example of the Rocabruna barite deposit (eastern Pyrenees)

Bacon Diana Holford; McGrail, B.P.ter; Saripalli, K.P.asad, 2000:
Reactive transport modeling applied to the performance assessment of a low-activity waste glass disposal system

Glynn Pierre, D.; Brown James, 1996:
Reactive transport modeling of acidic metal-contaminated ground water at a site with sparse spatial information

Johnson James, W.; Nitao John, J.; Steefel Carl, I.; Knauss Kevin, G., 2001:
Reactive transport modeling of geologic CO (sub 2) sequestration in saline aquifers; the influence of intra-aquifer shales and the relative effectiveness of structural, solubility, and mineral trapping during prograde and retrograde sequestration

Johnson James, W.; Steefel Carl, I.; Nitao John, J., 2000:
Reactive transport modeling of geologic CO (sub 2) sequestration; identification of optimal target formations based on geochemical, hydrologic, and structural constraints

Johnson James, W.; Steefel Carl, I.; Nitao John, J.; Knauss Kevin, G., 2001:
Reactive transport modeling of geologic CO2 sequestration to identify optimal target formations; quantifying the relative effectiveness of migration and sequestration processes as a function of reservoir properties

X.T.anfu; Ontoy Yvette; Molling Phil; Spycher Nicolas; Parini Mauro; Pruess Karsten, 2004 :
Reactive transport modeling of injection well scaling and acidizing at Tiwi Field, Philippines

Johnson James, W.; Knauss Kevin, G.; Glassley William, E.; DeLoach Laura, D.; Tompson Andrew, F.B., 1998:
Reactive transport modeling of plug-flow reactor experiments; quartz and tuff dissolution at 240 degrees C

Mayer, K.U.rich; Benner Shawn, G.; Blowes David, W.; Frind Emil, O., 1999:
Reactive transport modeling of the generation, migration and remediation of acid mine waters

Soler Josep, M., 2003:
Reactive transport modeling of the interaction between a high-pH plume and a fractured marl; the case of Wellenberg

Appold Martin, S.; Garven Grant; Boles James, R.; Eichhubl Peter, 2004:
Reactive transport modeling of the role of methane-rich fluids in mineralization of the Refugio-Carneros Fault, Santa Barbara Basin, California

Taillefert, M.; Gaillard, J.F., 2002:
Reactive transport modeling of trace metals in stratified water columns

Steefel Carl, I.; DePaolo Donald, J.; Lichtner Peter, C., 2005:
Reactive transport modeling; an essential tool and a new research approach for the earth sciences

Kirste Dirk; de Caritat Patrice, 2004:
Reactive transport modelling and hydrogeochemistry as tools for mineral exploration in Australia

Johnson James, W.; Nitao John, J.; Knauss Kevin, G., 2004:
Reactive transport modelling of CO (sub 2) storage in saline aquifers to elucidate fundamental processes, trapping mechanisms and sequestration partitioning

Engesgaard Peter; Brun Adam, 1996:
Reactive transport modelling of coupled inorganic and organic processes in a pollution plume at the Vejen Landfill, Denmark

Hunter, K.S.; Wang, Y.; Van Cappellen, P., 1998:
Reactive transport modelling of microbially-driven redox chemistry; application to subsurface environments

Christensen, F.D.; Engesgaard Peter, 2000:
Reactive transport modelling of saltwater intrusion in a shallow aquifer

Brookfield Andrea, E.; Mayer, K.U.rich; Blowes David, W., 2003:
Reactive transport modelling of the generation of acid mine drainage; encouraging results and limiting factors

Gaus Irina; Azaroual Mohamed; Czernichowski Lauriol Isabel, 2005:
Reactive transport modelling of the impact of CO (sub 2) injection on the clayey cap rock at Sleipner (North Sea)

Made Benoit; Ledoux Emmanuel, 1999:
Reactive transport modelling of uranium at Bagombe (Oklo, Gabon)

Romano, C.G.; Mayer, K.U.; Blowes, D.W., 2003:
Reactive transport modelling study of the Fault Lake tailings area, Falconbridge, Ontario

Hoth Nils; Kornajev Alexej (Kornayev Aleksei); Haefner Frieder, 2000:
Reactive transport modelling with simulator MODCALIF-CHEM; prediction of the environmental impact of lignite dump waters

Garven Grant; Dumoulin, J.A.; Kelley Karen, D.; Potter Christopher, J.; Leach David, L., 2004:
Reactive transport models for ore genesis in the Red Dog District, Kuna Basin, Alaska

S.C.B.ooks; D.L.T.ylor; P.M.J.rdine, 1996:
Reactive transport of EDTA-complexed cobalt in the presence of ferrihydrite

Gadish, S.; Matthews, A.; Ilani, S., 2002:
Reactive transport of Fe and Mg-bearing solutions along the Paran tectonic line

Browns James, G.; Bassett, R.L.; Glynn Pierre, D., 2000:
Reactive transport of metal contaminants in alluvium; model comparison and column simulation

Griffin James, R.; Penny Elizabeth, A.; Lee Ming Kuo, 2004:
Reactive transport of solutes and isotopes in the Eutaw Aquifer, western Alabama

Paschke Suzanne, S., 1999:
Reactive transport simulation of acid mine drainage impacts to groundwater at the St. Kevin Gulch site, Leadville, Colorado

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Reactor panel; what's the health concern?

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Reactor safety study; an assessment of accident risks in United States commercial nuclear power plants

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Reactor safety study; an assessment of accident risks in United States commercial nuclear power plants.; 2

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Reactory climatic effects of cosmical cycles

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Read Group

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Reader's forum; A common pitfall in the design of RCRA ground-water monitoring programs

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Readers forum; Warm Springs Dam (and other disasters) revisited; discussion and reply

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Readers of the magazine take a field trip to the volcanoes of Hawaii

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Readers' Bill of Rights for practicing geologists

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Readers' forum; Misinterpretation of site hydrogeology can cause failure of RCRA monitoring

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Readers' forum; Resolving ground-water contamination issues outside the courts

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Readers' forum; hydrogeologic issues in hazardous waste management

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Readers' rights; discussion

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Readily extractable copper in eruptive rocks as a guide for prospecting

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Readiness for earthquake, seismicity studies

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Reading Conybeare and Phillips; reflections on the geology of history

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Reading Virginia's paleoclimate from the geochemistry and sedimentology of clastic cave sediments

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Reading a wall

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Reading and abstracting journal articles in sedimentology and stratigraphy laboratory; variation on a theme

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Reading and writing taught in a sophomore course on plate tectonics

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Reading behaviour of farmer readers

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Reading between the limes

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Reading blue limestone

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Reading coral reef rings

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Reading errors in P travel times from earthquakes estimated using joint epicenter determination

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Reading geochemical signals in the regolith; one key to finding deposits under cover

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Reading history from a single grain of rock

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Reading late Quaternary stratigraphy from cores; a practical approach to facies interpretation

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Reading list in professional registration for geologists

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Reading magmatic gradients in plutons through the effects of subsolidus re-equilibration; La Gloria Pluton, central Chilean Andes

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Reading micro-stratigraphy from seismic reflection data

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Reading natural subsidence of Venice during the latest 40 m.y. from the sedimentary record

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Reading oceanographic change from neritic carbonates; the cool-water carbonate problem

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Reading of the trigger records of sedimentary events; a problem for future studies

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Reading orbital signals distorted by sedimentation; models and examples

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Reading provenance from arenites; Calabria, Italy, June 3-11, 1984

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Reading provenance from arenites; scientific report

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Reading segmented grain-size curves

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Reading seismograms with digital computers

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Reading small-scale structures in rocks

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Reading stress from cataclastic rocks

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Reading texture in granitic rocks

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Reading the DNA of our ancestors

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Reading the Environmental Signs

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Reading the Moon's volcanic record by ion microprobe analysis of Apollo 14 glass beads

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Reading the aerial photomosaic of the Barbers Hill area, Chambers County, Texas

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Reading the book of the rocks

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Reading the bumpy barcode; quantification and interpretation of detrital geochronology data with provenance study examples from modern beach sands and Archean metasedimentary rocks

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Reading the chronicle of Quaternary temperate rocky shore faunas

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Reading the entrails of evolution

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Reading the future in Loma Prieta

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Reading the geochemical fingerprints of Archean hot subduction volcanic rocks; evidence for accretion and crustal recycling in a mobile tectonic regime

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Reading the ground; morphology and geology in site appraisal

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Reading the molecular Rosetta Stone; molecular clues on the origin and diagenesis of organic matter

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Reading the plagioclase record

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Reading the records stored in the lake sediments; a method of examining the history and extent of industrial damage to lakes

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Reading the rocks

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Reading the sediments; proxies for reconstruction of earlier environmental conditions

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Reading the stripes; offshore discoveries in plate tectonics with examples from Eastern Canada

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Reading's worst nightmare; a gasoline spill near town wells

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Reading, interpreting, and evaluating landslide probability maps

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Readings from the fossil record

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Readings in suspended sediment technology

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Readings in the Earth Sciences, Volume 3

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Readjustment of an improved stream channel

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Readjustment of inland lakes

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Readjustment of leveling networks to account for vertical coseismic motions

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Readjustment of the Krafla spreading segment to crustal rifting measured by satellite radar interferometry

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Readjustment of the National geodetic vertical datum

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Readjustment of the astroblemes

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Readjustment of the geologic age of till from the Hongya Formation

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Readjustment of the triangulation network and focal parameters of the 1964 earthquakes of magnitude 5.3 of the Xinfengjiang Reservoir zone, obtained by inversion

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Readjustment of triangulation networks

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Readjustment projects and leveling networks of Turkish and European triangulation networks

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Readsorption of gold during the selective extraction of the soluble organic phase of humus, soil and sediment samples

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Readsorption of gold during the selective extraction of the soluble organic phase of humus, soil, and sediment samples

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Readvance in the upper West Canada Creek/ Piseco Lake area

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Readvance of glaciers in the British Columbia Coast Mountains at the end of the last glaciation

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Readvances of the Wisconsin glacier in Maine

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Ready for Eagle Point; Eldor's redesign at Rabbit Lake set for the year 2000

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Ready for the UK rock lab

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Ready or not: evacuating an animal shelter during a mock emergency

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Ready reckoner for computing geomagnetic coordinates of any stations in japan and its vicinity

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Ready, set

Harwood David, M., 1998:
Reaffirmation of the Pliocene age of key Sirius Group deposits; diatom-based chronology of dynamic Antarctic ice sheets

Anonymous, 1985:
Reagan Field

McCourt James, H., 1955:
Reagan field, Glacier County, Montana

Six Ray, L., 1939:
Reagan sandstone sedimentation

Anonymous, 1981:
Reagan to rebuild strategic stockpile

Anonymous, 1982:
Reagan's counterattacks on Law of the Sea could include exclusive US mineral zone

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Reagents for the extraction and photometric determination of antimony

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Reaksiyon kinetiginden yararlanarak yeni bir yaklasimla anakayadan atilan hidrokarbon miktarinin hesaplanmasi--By using kinetic reactions, a new approach for calculation of hydrocarbon amount expelled from source rock

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Reaktionen im festen Zustand von Kupfer und Silber mit Selen

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Reaktsiya temperatury sezonno-i mnogoletnemerzlykh pochv Rossii na potepleniye v period 1969-1990 gg XX-go stoletiya--Response of temperature of frozen and seasonally frozen soils of Russia to 1969-1990 climatic warming

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Real Time III; a microprogrammable array transform processor (MATP) for geophysical data

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Real and apparent contact zones near volcanic rocks of the Rhenish Schiefergebirge

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Real and apparent radiological age of rocks of the Aldan complex

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Real and artificial linear features in satellite magnetic anomaly maps

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Real and calculated bearing capacity of solitary piles held vertically; load test rules

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Real and complex spectra; a generalization of WKBJ seismograms

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Real and false burrow trails in glacial erratics

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Real and imagined applications of Fourier transform mass spectrometry in geochemistry

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Real and pseudo angular unconformities

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Real and relict direct hydrocarbon indicators in the East Irish Sea basin

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Real and rumored activity stirs Thrust Belt

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Real and virtual field trips to identify building stones

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Real chalk in the United States

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Real composition and petrogenesis of porphyric rocks of the Zyryanovsk region of Rudny Altai

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Real cost approach for the collectivity of granular materials extracted in a river bed or, alternatively, in a quarry of massive rocks

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Real crystal simple forms

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Real data crosshole reverse-time migration

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Real data estimation of crosswell seismic radiation pattern for a fluid-coupled piezoelectric source and hydrophone receivers

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Real data results of Kirchhoff elastic wave migration

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Real data, real math, all classes, no kidding

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Real de Angeles

Harris Robert, 1982:
Real de Angeles starts up at 10,000 st/ d

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Real de Catorce

Aceituno Guillermo; Salinas Fulgencio; Rodriguez Manuel; Parrilla Victor, L., 1988:
Real de Guadalupe

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Real estate damage due to uncontrolled exploitation of an aquifer; the case of the chalk aquifer of the Mons Basin from 1965 to 1975

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Real estate development, transportation costs, and Wasatch Front gravel operations

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Real evapotranspiration and effective infiltration in central Italy

Anonymous, 2007:
Real example analysis of the land used for state between supply and demand of urban Liu'an city

D.M.Tartakovsky, 2000:
Real gas flow through heterogeneous porous media; theoretical aspects of upscaling

Reid John, B.Jr., 1995:
Real geologic investigations in K-12 and introductory college classes; students learn more and so do their teachers

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Real geological map of the surface

Richards Keith, S., 1990:
Real geomorphology

Pereselenkov, G.S., 1998:
Real hazard of weak earthquakes effect on transport structures

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Real landscape and represented landscape; an example of a landscape with physical basis; the granitic land around the Mediterranean

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Real multielectrode soundings for laterologging in an anisotropic medium with cylindrical boundaries

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Real or inferred thrust slices in the Cambrian-Ordovician section in central and eastern Vermont

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Real possibilities of efficient use of carbonate manganese raw materials

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Real problems and reserve of petroleum field geophysics

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Real problems in conserving the environment during well boring

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Real problems in geophysics

Gol tsman F.M.; Kalinina, T.B., 1988:
Real problems in the theory of complex geophysical observations

Anonymous, 1987:
Real problems of complex geologic-geophysical and geochemical studies in investigations of resources deep in the Earth; geodynamic problems in the works of V. V. Belousov

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Real problems of hydrogeology and engineering geology in the Ukraine

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Real problems of structural analysis

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Real problems of studies in areas of mining geomechanics and underground surveying

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Real problems of underground mining

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Real promise of new fruitfulness

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Real research as a geochemistry teaching tool

Anonymous, 2003:
Real restoration is worth funding

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Real science

Plumelle, C., 1987 :
Real size experimentation on a riveted wall; Clouterre national project

Keyes Charles Rollin, 1941:
Real stratigraphic position of Cretacic type Benton shales

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Real structure and physical properties of chromites as an indicator of their genesis

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Real structure of bustamite, (Ca,Mn) (sub 3) ; Does natural parabustamite exist?

Czank, M.; Simons, B., 1981:
Real structure of ferrosilite III

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Real structure of plagioclases and pyroxenes of the Juvinas and Stannern achondrites

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Real structure study of Vitosha tourmaline by computer simulated HRTEM images

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Real structure; contribution of transmission electron microscopy to earth science

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Real students, real data, and real life

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Real time 2D inversion of induction logging data

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Real time 3-D hydraulic fracturing simulation; theory and field case studies

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Real time 3-D seismic imaging; a real world case history

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Real time GPS data processing for regional atmospheric delay derivation

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Real time Kirchoff migration on ground penetrating radar data

Anonymous, 2007:
Real time PCR assay for polyphosphate kinase genes in activated sludge

Anonymous, 2007:
Real time PCR for detection of Salmonella spp. in biological samples

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Real time Sq

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Real time analysis of data from small-aperture arrays

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Real time and remote water quality monitoring in Alberta

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Real time and the virtual outcrop improve geological field mapping

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Real time assessment of spatial aftershock distributions

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Real time construction control computer simulation system

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Real time data interpretation and optimum encoding

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Real time digital mapping; instructional and visualization tool for the next century

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Real time dispersion and advection in the estuarine channel network of the Tanshui River

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Real time electromagnetic induction soundings

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Real time evaluation of shear wave velocity during the seismic cone penetration test

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Real time facilities programming language for data acquisition and storage microsystem

Ubertini, L., 1990:
Real time flood forecast activity by CNR National Research Group for prevention of hydrogeological hazard

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Real time forecast of landfill leachate flow

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Real-time monitoring and warning for natural hazards can provide real-time benefits

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Real-time seismic displays in museums appeal to the public

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Real-time seismic warning with a two-station subarray

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Real-time seismic wave data compression methods

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Real-time structural health monitoring incorporating soil structure interaction effects

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Real-time structural modeling

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Real-time telluric cancellation in broadbank IP exploration

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Real-time water-quality monitoring and regression analysis to estimate nutrient and bacteria concentrations in Kansas streams

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Real-time weathering of archaeological scoria glasses; its role in predicting the stability of vitrified wastes

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Real-time, in-situ measurement of water and solute transport in soil with fiber optics

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Real-time, mine-based seismic monitoring

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Real-time, remote reference magnetotellurics

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Real-time, statistically linearized, adaptive flood routing

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Real-world survey planning

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Real-world writing in a secondary-school earth-science class

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Realgar and siderite of Neogene sedimentary rocks in the Kozhukh Volcano area, Blagoevgrad

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Realgar; Jiepaiyu Mine, Shimen, Hunan Province, China

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Realignment of Rambla Pacifico Road around the headscarp of the Eldermoor landslide, Carbon Canyon, Malibu, Los Angeles County, California

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Realignment of fine-grained depositional fabrics by surface tension

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