Refined Neogene diatom biostratigraphy for the Northwest Pacific around Japan, with an introduction of code numbers for selected diatom biohorizons

Yanagisawa, Y.; Akiba, F.

Chishitsugaku Zasshi = Journal of the Geological Society of Japan 104(6): 395-414


DOI: 10.5575/geosoc.104.395
Accession: 019873808

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A refined high resolution Neogene North Pacific diatom biostratigraphy is presented. It is practical for precise dating and correlation in the northwest Pacific around Japan. Diatom biohorizons which have been proven to be of stratigraphic utility are selected, and their updated ages are estimated based on the geomagnetic polarity time scale of Cande and Kent (1995). Systematic code numbers are given to the useful diatom biohorizons. Akiba's (1986) Neogene North Pacific diatom zonation is slightly revised in order to adjust the differences between the other zonations.