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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 19886

Chapter 19886 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Sides, J.R.nald; Miller James, R., 1982:
Reinterpretation of metamorphic rocks along Carlton Rhyolite-Mount Scott Granite contact, Wichita Mountains

Mahaney William, C., 1987:
Reinterpretation of moraines at approximately 4000 m in the Mount Kenya Afroalpine area

J.R.W.ber; J.F.S.eeney, 1985:
Reinterpretation of morphology and crustal structure in the central Arctic Ocean basin

Thompson, J.B.J.; Rosenfeld, J.L., 1979:
Reinterpretation of nappes in the Bellows Falls-Battleboro area, New Hampshire-Vermont

McLaughlin, R.J.; Blake, M.C.J.; Griscom Andrew; Murchey Benita, L., 1986:
Reinterpretation of outliers of the Coast Range Ophiolite within Franciscan Central Belt, northwestern California

Giddings, J.W.; Sunata, W.; Pigram, C., 1993:
Reinterpretation of palaeomagnetic results from the Bird's Head, Irian Jaya; new constraints on the drift history of the Kemum Terrane

Soffel, H., 1978:
Reinterpretation of palaeomagnetism of the Colli Euganei and Monti Lessini, Italy

Stevens, B.P.J., 1978:
Reinterpretation of pegmatite in the Centennial-Allendale portion of the Broken Hill Block

Fitzsimons Sean, J., 1989:
Reinterpretation of pingos in Antarctica

Bennett, S.Christopher, 1992:
Reinterpretation of problematical tracks at Clayton Lake State Park, New Mexico; not one pterosaur, but several crocodiles

Penniston Dorland Sarah, C.; Ferry John, M., 2004:
Reinterpretation of reaction progress as a record of the geometry of fluid flow during metamorphism; Waits River Formation, east-central Vermont

Ferry John, M.; Penniston Dorland Sarah, C.; Wing Boswell, A., 2004:
Reinterpretation of reaction progress as a record of the geometry of fluid flow during metamorphism; Waterville Limestone, south-central Maine and some generalizations

R.O Colson; L.A Haskin; C.R Keedy, 1991:
Reinterpretation of reduction potential measurements done by linear sweep voltammetry in silicate melts

Deichmann, N.; Ansorge, J.; Mueller, S., 1985:
Reinterpretation of refraction data in the western Southern Alps

Matthews Vincent, I.I., 1985:
Reinterpretation of relationships among Keystone Thrust, Red Springs Thrust, Contact Thrust, and Cottonwood Fault, Clark County, Nevada

Dane Carle Hamilton; Wanek Alexander Andrew; Reeside John Bernard Jr., 1957:
Reinterpretation of section of Cretaceous rocks in Alamosa Creek Valley area, Catron and Socorro counties, New Mexico

Silverman, M.R., 2005:
Reinterpretation of seismic and geochemical data in the Beetaloo Basin, Northern Territory, Australia

Belov, R.V., 1992:
Reinterpretation of seismic data on the upper Paleozoic petroleum reservoirs of southeastern West Siberia

Hale Laura, D.; Morton Christopher, J.; Sleep Norman, H., 1982:
Reinterpretation of seismic reflection data over the East Pacific Rise

Hubbard Susan Sharpless; Coruh Cahit; Costain John, K., 1989:
Reinterpretation of seismic reflection data sets from S.C., N.C., and Ga. using conventional and relative amplitude processing

Kohketsu, K., 1981:
Reinterpretation of seismograms obtained by the Kurayosi explosions with the reflectivity method

Weber, F.Harold Jr., 1982:
Reinterpretation of slip history and reevaluation of activity of the San Gabriel fault zone, Los Angeles and Ventura counties, California

Chattopadhyay Anupam; Khan, A.S.; Huin, A.K.; Bandyopadhyay, B.K., 2003:
Reinterpretation of stratigraphy and structure of Sausar Group in Ramtek-Mansar-Kandri area, Maharashtra, central India

Wade George, D., 1986:
Reinterpretation of structure in a part of the northern Alabama Piedmont

Ponds Dewayne, A.; Mies Jonathan, W.; Schneider Max, F., 2001:
Reinterpretation of structures in the hanging wall of the Chattanooga Fault, near Chattanooga, Tennessee

Frye John Chaman; Leonard Arthur Byron, 1954:
Reinterpretation of supposed late Tertiary chert gravels north of Atchison, Kansas

Clayton, C.R.I.; Matthews, M.C.; Gunn, M.J.; Foged Niels; Gordon, M.A., 1995:
Reinterpretation of surface wave test for the Oresund crossing

Chwae Ueechan; Choi Sung Ja, 2005:
Reinterpretation of tectonic situation of Korean Peninsula

Burke Dennis, B., 1970:
Reinterpretation of the 'Tobin thrust', west-central Nevada

Nicholson, S.W.; Boerboom, T.; Cannon, W.F.; Wirth, K., 2000:
Reinterpretation of the 1.1 Ga Chengwatana Volcanics in the St. Croix Horst, Minnesota and Wisconsin

Naha, K.; Majumdar, A., 1971:
Reinterpretation of the Aravalli basal conglomerate at Morchana, Udaipur District, Rajasthan, western India

Conley, J.F.; Marr, J.D.J., 1979:
Reinterpretation of the Arvonia Syncline, central Virginia

Armstrong Frank Clarkson; Cressman Earle Rupert, 1957:
Reinterpretation of the Bannock overthrust, southeastern Idaho

Burt Abigail, K.; Brennand Tracy, A.; Matile Gaywood, L.D.; Keller Greg; Thorleifson Harvey, L., 2002:
Reinterpretation of the Belair Moraine, southeastern Manitoba, Canada, based on a regional digital elevation model and new geological data

Sharp Robert, V.; Duffield Wendell, A., 1973:
Reinterpretation of the Boundary between the Cosumnes and Logtown Ridge formations, Amador County, California

Lamont Archie, 1936:
Reinterpretation of the Bray series at Howth, Irish Free State

Charles, G.O.iatt; Robert, S.T.ompson; Darrell, S.K.ufman; Jordon Bright; Richard, M.F.rester, 1999:
Reinterpretation of the Burmester core, Bonneville Basin, Utah

Ehlert Keith, W., 2000:
Reinterpretation of the Cabrillo Fault, San Pedro area, Southern California

Hall Robert, D.; Jaworowski Cheryl, 1999:
Reinterpretation of the Cedar Ridge section, Wind River Range, Wyoming; implications for the glacial chronology of the Rocky Mountains

Sponheuer, W.; Gruenthal, G., 1981:
Reinterpretation of the Central German earthquake of March 6, 1872, using the MSK-scale, and conclusions for its up-dating

Trzcienski, W.E.J.; Thompson, J.B.J.; Hepburn, J.C.; Rosenfeld, J.L., 1993:
Reinterpretation of the Chicken Yard Line (CYL)-Whately Pound Channel deposit (WPCD) relationship

Crowley, J.L.; Brown, R.L.; Crowley, S.E., 1992:
Reinterpretation of the Clachnacudainn Terrane and Standfast Creek Fault, southern Omineca Belt, British Columbia

W.Haoruo, 2000:
Reinterpretation of the Guangxian Orogeny

D.Y.e; Stanley, G.D.J.; McCormick Michael, 1992:
Reinterpretation of the Hosselkus Limestone of eastern Klamath Terrane; Late Triassic olistotromes in a volcanic arc basin

Tuttle Sherwood Dodge, 1956:
Reinterpretation of the Iowan drift border in eastern Iowa

Barbosa Aluizio Licinio de Miranda; Grossi Sad Joao, H., 1983:
Reinterpretation of the Juiz de Fora and Paraiba series, in Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro

Lofgren, Anita, M., 1997:
Reinterpretation of the Lower Ordovician conodont apparatus Paroistodus

Scott David, J.; David, J.; S.O.ge Marc, R., 1996:
Reinterpretation of the New Quebec Orogen-Torngat segment of the Trans-Hudson Orogen; Proterozoic accretion between two Archean cratons

McClaughry, J.D.; Brunstad, K.A., 2000:
Reinterpretation of the Ohanapecosh Formation at Burnt Mountain, S. Washington Cascades

Cannon, W.F.; LaBerge, G.L.; Klasner, J.S.; Schulz, K.J., 1998:
Reinterpretation of the Penokean continental margin in part of northeastern Wisconsin and Michigan

F.M.riani; N.F.N.ss; J.K.C.ao, 1972:
Reinterpretation of the Pioneer 6 Bow Shock Crossing

William Menke; Bryndís Brandsdóttir; Páll Einarsson; Ingi Th. Bjarnason, 1996:
Reinterpretation of the RRISP-77 Iceland shear-wave profiles

Curry, B.B.andon; Kempton John, P., 1985:
Reinterpretation of the Robein and Plano silts, northeastern Illinois

Brocher Thomas, M.; Blakely Richard, J.; Wells Ray, E., 2003:
Reinterpretation of the Seattle Uplift, Washington, as a passive roof duplex

Walia Rick; Edwards Tony, 2002:
Reinterpretation of the Sembakung Oilfield, Kalimantan, Indonesia, utilizing modern 3D seismic data

Crowley James, L., 1993:
Reinterpretation of the Standfast Creek Fault, southern Omineca Belt; a pre-Mid-Cretaceous fault of minor tectonic significance

Moore Thomas, E.; Fuis Gary, S.; Potter Christopher, J.; O.S.llivan Paul, B., 2006:
Reinterpretation of the TACT seismic profile and the crustal architecture of the Brooks Range

Ramon Juan Carlos; Vidal Gloria; Rosero Alexis; Gomez Pilar; Borja Hubert, 2001:
Reinterpretation of the Tello Field geologic model (Upper Magdalena Valley) and implications for its development strategy

Van Staal, C.R., 1987:
Reinterpretation of the Tetagouche Group; implications for plate tectonic models of the Northern Appalachians

Clarke, J.; Rigden, W.J.; Senner, D.W.F., 1985:
Reinterpretation of the West Sole platform WC pile load tests

Bookin, A.S.; Cherkashin, V.I.; Drits, V.A., 1993:
Reinterpretation of the X-ray diffraction patterns of stichtite and reevesite

Walker, R.T.; Nissen, E.; Molor, E.; Bayasgalan, A., 2007:
Reinterpretation of the active faulting in central Mongolia

Root, K.G., 1985:
Reinterpretation of the age of a succession of Paleozoic strata, Delphine Creek, southeastern British Columbia

Long, W.A., 1989:
Reinterpretation of the alpine glacial sequence in the Leavenworth area, Washington

Baker Shaun, P., 1993:
Reinterpretation of the angular sets of the Black Dragon Member of the Moenkopi Formation, southeastern Utah

Johnston Paul, A.; Collom Christopher, J., 1998:
Reinterpretation of the bivalve subclass Cryptodonta

Zhu Liang bao; Song Zhong he, 1987:
Reinterpretation of the data from the NW survey line of Yongping explosion

Michaelson, C., 1978:
Reinterpretation of the depositional and tectonic history of the Missisquoi Formation

Fritz, W.J., 1980:
Reinterpretation of the depositional environment of the Yellowstone fossil forests

Yuretich, R.F.; Fritz William, J., 1981:
Reinterpretation of the depositional environment of the Yellowstone fossil forests; Stumps transported and deposited upright by Mount St. Helens mud flows; discussion and reply

Retallack Greg; Fritz William, J., 1981:
Reinterpretation of the depositional environment of the Yellowstone fossil forests; discussion and reply

Piche Mathieu; Guha Jayanta, 1990:
Reinterpretation of the emplacement history of the north flank massive sulphide deposits, Matagami, Quebec

Craw, D., 1995:
Reinterpretation of the erosion profile across the southern portion of the Southern Alps, Mt Aspiring area, Otago, New Zealand

Gosse, J.C.; Evenson, E.B., 1994:
Reinterpretation of the evidence for a significant mid-Holocene ice advance in the Rio Atuel valley, Mendoza Province, Argentina

Scott William, E.; McCoy William, D.; Shroba Ralph, R.; Rubin Meyer, 1983:
Reinterpretation of the exposed record of the last two cycles of Lake Bonneville, Western United States

Bland Benjamin, H.; Anderson Michael, M., 1982:
Reinterpretation of the fossil Arumberia from new finds in Newfoundland

Kysela, J., 1988:
Reinterpretation of the geologic structure of the pre-Neogene basement of the Slovakian part of the Vienna Basin

Rader, E.K.; Perry, W.J.J., 1976:
Reinterpretation of the geology of Brocks Gap, Rockingham County, Virginia

Audley Charles, M.G.; Carter, D.J.; Barber, A.J.; Norvick, M.S.; Tjokosapoetro, S.; Grady, A.E.; Milsom, J.S.; Mills, S.J., 1979:
Reinterpretation of the geology of Seram; implications for the Banda arcs and northern Australia

Rutkofske, J.E.; Wright Lauren, A.; Pavlis Terry, 2005:
Reinterpretation of the geology of the Chicago Pass area

Carten Richard, B.; Walker Bruce, M.; Geraghty, E.P., 1985:
Reinterpretation of the geology of the Henderson porphyry molybdenum deposit, Colorado

Gnojek, I.; Kubes, P., 1991:
Reinterpretation of the geomagnetic field of the Podunajska Nizina Lowland

Kluth Charles, F.; McCreary Jeremy, A., 2006:
Reinterpretation of the geometry and orientation of the late Paleozoic Frontrange Uplift

Almond, P.C.; Moar, N.T.; Lian, O.B., 2001:
Reinterpretation of the glacial chronology of South Westland, New Zealand

Hobbs William Herbert, 1947:
Reinterpretation of the glacial history of Iowa based on studies in Greenland

Schopf, J.M., 1968:
Reinterpretation of the glossopterid sporophyll

Farah Abul; Duroy Yannick, 1986:
Reinterpretation of the gravity field of the Himalayan Foreland in Pakistan

Anderson Ernest, R.; Mehnert Harald, H., 1979:
Reinterpretation of the history of the Hurricane Fault in Utah

Spielmann Justin, A.; Lucas Spencer, G.; Hunt Adrian, P.; Heckert Andrew, B., 2006:
Reinterpretation of the holotype of Malerisaurus langstoni, a diapsid reptile from the Upper Triassic Chinle Group of West Texas

Bollinger, G.A., 1976:
Reinterpretation of the intensity effects of the 1886 Charleston, South Carolina, earthquake

Jackson, M.P.A.; Talbot, C.J., 1985:
Reinterpretation of the internal structure of Palangana salt dome, South Texas

Magyar, J., 1987:
Reinterpretation of the lithofacies of the Ptrusksa gas field

Laumonier, B., 1987:
Reinterpretation of the lithostratigraphy of lower Paleozoic in the Aspres area, east of the Canigou Massif (eastern Pyrenees, France) and its stratigraphic and structural implications

Bird John, Q., 1982:
Reinterpretation of the metamorphic sequence near Bethel, Vermont

Dodson Russell, L., 1993:
Reinterpretation of the northwest portion of the Tekonsha Moraine, south-central Michigan

Matchen David, L.; Kammer Thomas, W., 2002:
Reinterpretation of the of the Black Hand Sandstone (Lower Mississippian) of Ohio as incised valley fill

Avent Jon, C., 1969:
Reinterpretation of the origin of some basalt magmas of the Pacific Northwest

M.Iannicelli, 2003:
Reinterpretation of the original DeKalb mounds in Illinois

Nichols Douglas, J.; Perry William, J.J.; Haley, J.C., 1985:
Reinterpretation of the palynology and age of Laramide syntectonic deposits, southwestern Montana, and revision of the Beaverhead Group

Scott Thomas, M.; Wingard, G.L.nn; Weedman Suzanne, D.; Edwards Lucy, E., 1994:
Reinterpretation of the peninsular Florida Oligocene; a multidisciplinary view

Brewster Wingard, G.L.nn; Scott Thomas, M.; Edwards Lucy, E.; Weedman Suzanne, D.; Simmons Kathleen, R., 1997:
Reinterpretation of the peninsular Florida Oligocene; an integrated stratigraphic approach

Czeck Dyanna, M.; Sturm Claire, L.; Fein Elizabeth, M., 2002:
Reinterpretation of the post-deformational nature of the Ottertail Pluton using anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility and microstructures

Washington Paul, A., 1981:
Reinterpretation of the structure of the Middlebury Synclinorium

Sanders John, E., 1983:
Reinterpretation of the subsurface structure of the Middletown gas well (Crom-Wells, Inc. 1 Fee) in light of concept of large-scale bedding thrusts

Gairola, V.K., 2005:
Reinterpretation of the tectonics of the central and southern Lesser Himalayas, Uttaranchal

Bravard, C.; Kerckhove Claude; Barbier, R., 1981:
Reinterpretation of the top of the Aiguilles d'Arves series, and its correlation with the sub-Brianconnais Zone in the Arc Valley; Savoie, western Alps

OEpik, E.J.; Singer, S.F., 1957:
Reinterpretation of the uranium-helium ages of iron meteorites

Hook, S.C.; Cobban, W.A., 1980:
Reinterpretation of type section of Juana Lopez Member of Mancos Shale

Madrid Raul, J., 1983:
Reinterpretation of upper Paleozoic and Mesozoic(?) rocks of the northern Shoshone Range, Nevada and the age of emplacement of the Golconda Allochthon

Walvoord Michelle, A.; Phillips Fred, M.; Tyler Scott, W.; Hartsough Peter, C., 2000:
Reinterpretation of vadose zone paleohydrology in the northern Mojave Desert using a new conceptual model of desert vadose zone hydrodynamics

Martins Neto Rafael Gioia, 1996:
Reinterpretation of venation and revision of higher taxonomic categories of Gondvanoptilon brasiliensis (= G. brasiliense nom. transl.) Rosler, Rohn & Albamonte, Paleozoic insect of the Parana Basin and Saucrolus silvai Santos Arthropod from the Cretaceous Sanfranciscana Basin

Sumida, SS., 1989:
Reinterpretation of vertebral structure in the Early Permian pelycosaur Varanosaurus acutirostris (Amniota, Synapsida)

Crowe Douglas, E.; Brown Philip, E.; Valley John, W., 1988:
Reinterpretation of volcanic- and sediment-hosted massive sulfide deposits, Prince William Sound, Alaska; stable isotope evidence

Heron Christopher, W.; Shaller Philip, J., 1997:
Reinterpretation of wave-cut marine terraces west of Castellammare Mesa, Pacific Palisades, California

Matthews Vincent, I.I., 1988:
Reinterpretations of the relations between the Keystone, Red Spring, Contact, and Cottonwood faults; eastern Spring Mountains, Clark County, Nevada

Shumaker Robert, C., 2002:
Reinterpreted Oriskany structure at the North Summit Field, Chestnut Ridge Anticline, Pennsylvania

Shroder John, F.J.; Khan, M.S.qib; Cornwell Kevin, 1992:
Reinterpreted geomorphology of middle Indus Valley, western Himalaya, Pakistan

Walter, A.W.; Mooney, W.D., 1981:
Reinterpreting seismic refraction data from central California

Lewis Jodie, 2002:
Reinterpreting the Priddy Long Barrow, Mendip Hills, Somerset

Lindsley Griffin Nancy; Farmer Jack, D.; Griffin John, R.; Mankinen Edward, A., 2005:
Reinterpreting the SWEAT hypothesis from the perspective of Ediacaran cyclomedusoids; the BASK connection (Baltica-Alaska-Siberia-Klamath)

Hilborn, Ray, 2007:
Reinterpreting the state of fisheries and their management

Auquiere, M.; Netels, V., 1993:
Reinterpreting the structure of the Hennuyer petit granit deposit

Reid, A.; Wilson, C., 2001:
Reinterpreting the tectonic significance of the Garze-Litang suture zone, East Tibet

Beauvais, L.; Bernet Rollande, M.C.; Maurin, A., 1985:
Reintrepretation of pretertiary classical reefs from Indo-Pacific Jurassic examples

Cameron Eion, M., 1993:
Reintroduction of gold, other chalcophile elements and LILE during retrogression of depleted granulite, Tromoy, Norway

Anonymous, 2006:
Reintroduction of site demanding forest tree species - support of plantations with convenient reclamation

Harding, L., E.; Abu-Eid, O., F.; Hamidan, N.; Al-Shalan, A., 2007:
Reintroduction of the Arabian oryx Oryx leucoryx in Jordan: war and redemption

Otto George, M.; Clark Mark, W.; Walker Thomas, J.; Crisman Thomas, L., 2000:
Reintroduction of wetland functions to the urban landscape; the Stormwater Ecological Enhancement Project

Anonymous, 2002:
Reintroductions and feralization

Stakes, D.S.; Shervais John, W.; Ressetar Robert, 1985:
Reintrusion of silicic magma chambers by mafic dike complex; evidence from the northern Semail Ophiolite

Hey Donald, L.; Philippi Nancy, S., 1997:
Reinventing a flood-control strategy

Conrad Diane, L., 1994:
Reinventing a state survey; cool solutions to hot issues

Olwig Kenneth, R., 1996:
Reinventing common nature; Yosemite and Mount Rushmore; a meandering tale of a double nature

Tassell Arthur, 2003:
Reinventing the Copperbelt

Gastil Gordon, 1994:
Reinventing the contribution of earth scientists to government

Clague John, J.; Turner Robert, J.W.; Groulx Bertrand, J., 1997:
Reinventing the geological map; making geoscience more accessible to Canadians

Hunsucker Robert, D.; Hargreaves John, K., 1986:
Reinventing the wheel and other foibles

Twidale, C.Rowl, 2004:
Reinventing the wheel; recurrent conception in geomorphology

Steven, R.B.hlen; Eric, J.E.sene; A.L.B.ettcher, 1980:
Reinvestigation and application of olivine-quartz-orthopyroxene barometry

Mudrey, M.G.J.; Weiblen, P.W., 1971:
Reinvestigation of 'red rocks' in the Pigeon Point area, Minnesota

Wight David, C.; Beck Charles, B., 1981:
Reinvestigation of Eddya sullivanensis from the Upper Devonian of New York

Awasthi, N., 1978:
Reinvestigation of Sapindoxylon indicum Navale from the Cuddalore Series near Pondicherry

Caskey, S.J.; Wesnousky Steven, G.; Zhang, P.; Slemmons, D.B., 1993:
Reinvestigation of fault trace complexity and slip distribution for the 16 December 1954 Fairview Peak (Ms = 7.2) and Dixie Valley (Ms = 6.8) earthquakes, central Nevada

Ohsumi, K.; Tsutsui, K.; Takeuchi, Y.; Tokonami, M., 1984:
Reinvestigation of lillianite structure with synchrotron radiation

Cipriani Curzio; Corazza Marcello; Mazzetti Giuseppe, 1996:
Reinvestigation of natural silver antimonides

Cheve, S.R.; Machado, N., 1988:
Reinvestigation of the Castignon Lake carbonatite complex, Labrador Trough, New Quebec

Christopher, T.; Pulvertaft, R., 1989:
Reinvestigation of the Cretaceous boundary fault in Sarqaqdalen, Nugssuaq, central West Greenland

Sugahara Masahiko; Yoshiasa Akira; Komatsu Yutaka; Yamanaka Takamitsu; Bolfan Casanova Nathalie; Nakatsuka Akihiko; Sasaki Satoshi; Tanaka Masahiko, 2006:
Reinvestigation of the MgSiO (sub 3) perovskite structure at high pressure

M.Che Bao, 1974:
Reinvestigation of the Olivine-Spinel Transformation in Ni (sub 2) SiO (sub 4) and the Incongruent Melting of Ni (sub 2) SiO (sub 4) Olivine

Cygan Gary, L.; Chou, I.M.ng; Sherman David, M., 1996:
Reinvestigation of the annite = sanidine+magnetite+H (sub 2) reaction using the f (sub H2) -sensor technique

Singh Kamal Jeet; Rothwell Gar, W.; Mapes Gene; Chandra Shaila, 2003:
Reinvestigation of the coniferophyte morphospecies Buriadia heterophylla Seward and Sahni, with reinterpretation of vegetative diversity and putative seed attachments

Gupta Neal, S.; Collinson Margaret, E.; Briggs Derek, E.G.; Evershed Richard, P.; Pancost Richard, D., 2006:
Reinvestigation of the occurrence of cutan in plants; implications for the leaf fossil record

Dollase, W.A., 1965:
Reinvestigation of the structure of low cristobalite

Green William, D.; Halva Carroll, J.; Damon Paul Edward, 1960:
Reinvestigation of the suitability of magnetite for helium age dating

Meyer, J.W.; Yang, J.C., 1962:
Reinvestigation of the system MgO-H (sub 2) O

Garton, G.; Wanklyn, B.M., 1967:
Reinvestigation of the system Na (sub 3) AlF (sub 6) -Li (sub 3) AlF (sub 6)

Datta, R.K.; Pekar, A., 1970:
Reinvestigation of the system Y (sub 2) O (sub 3) -B (sub 2) O (sub 3)

Estes Anne, 1990:
Reinvestigation of the valve size of A. heliopelta in relation to its environment and evolution

Metz, R., 1980:
Reinvestigation on the origin of raindrop impressions; review and progress report

Burkart Hermann Joseph, 1831:
Reise nach den Bergwerksorten von Ramos, Catorze, und Chareas in dem Staate San Luis Potosi in der Republik von Mexico

Klein, S., 1942:
Reise- und Laboratoriums-Geraet zur raschen quantitativen Schwermineralabscheidung

Baelz Walter, 1911:
Reisebericht aus den Goldfeldern des noerdlichen Ontario

Falke Horst, 1937:
Reisebilder aus Mittelchiloe

Lance, P.W.olley; Terry, W.H.nkel; Stephen, C.S.llett, 2008:
Reiteration in the monodominant tropical tree Dicymbe corymbosa (Caesalpiniaceae) and its potential adaptive significance

Pielok, J., 1982:
Reiteration of deformation measures in a mining subsiding region and choice of base size

Dergachev, A.L.; Sergeyeva, N.Y.; Avdonin, V.V.; Starostin, V.I., 1989:
Reiteration of genesis processes of mineralizations of the Nikolayev mining camp, Rudny Altai

Branson Carl Colton, 1957:
Rejected Oklahoma stratigraphic names

Guimaraes Renato Fontes; de Carvalho Junior Osmar Abilio; Ferreira Ana Paula Martins; Ribeiro Mucio Nobre da Costa, 2001:
Rejection basin detection using the integral spectral analysis (ISA) method, Niquelandia, Brazil

McFadden, P.L., 1982:
Rejection of palaeomagnetic observations

Fisher Nicholas, I.; Lewis Toby; Willcox Mary, E., 1983:
Rejection of palaeomagnetic observations; discussion

Peter, W.Huntoon, 1985:
Rejection of recharge water from Madison Aquifer along eastern perimeter of Bighorn artesian basin, Wyoming

Dennison John, M.; Beuthin Jack, D., 1993:
Rejection of reported Mississippian-Pennsylvanian angular unconformity in southern West Virginia

Deflandre, G., 1971:
Rejection of the genus Dicladia (diatom) introduced erroneously in the ebridians

Kitsunezaki, C.; Nambu, H., 1990:
Rejection of tube waves by inserting a gas pocket

Dennison John, M.; Filer Jonathan, K.; Drake Robert, A., 1997:
Rejection of underthrust repetition in Chattanooga Shale at Hagan, Virginia; simplified structure of Pine Mountain Block

Marliere Rene, 1959:
Rejet vertical de 60 m dans le cretace superieur d'Obourg (Hainaut)

Kordule, V., 1990:
Rejkocephalus, a new paradoxid genus from the Middle Cambrian of Bohemia (Trilobita)

Morton, C.C., 1944:
Rejoice claim, Dreghorn

Corbett Robert, G., 1995:
Rejoice! Geography and earth science goals overlap

Krumbein William Christian, 1936:
Rejoinder to Wentworth's discussion of the method of moments

Yakovleva, O.V.; Gorokhov, I.M.; Semikhatov, M.A.; Melnikov, N.N.; Ivanovskaya, T.A.; Kutyavin, E.P., 1995:
Rejuvenated Al-glauconite in Precambrian-Cambrian boundary beds, Podolia, Ukraine; Rb-Sr and K-Ar systematics and (super 57) Fe Mossbauer spectra

Gorokhov, I.M.; Yakovleva, O.V.; Semikhatov, M.A.; Mel nikov N.N.; Ivanovskaya, T.A.; Kutyavin, E.P. (Kutyavin, Y.P., 1997:
Rejuvenated Al-glauconite in Vendian-Cambrian deposits of Podolian Dniester region, Ukraine; Rb-Sr and K-Ar systematics and (super 57) Fe Mossbauer spectra

Acheche, M.H.di; M.R.bet A.; Ghariani, H.; Ouahchi, A.; Troudi, H.; Kebaier, D., 2000:
Rejuvenated Triassic TAGI play in southern Tunisia, Ghadames Basin, North Africa

Tanakadate Hidezo, 1940:
Rejuvenated activity of volcano Torisima, Izu Province

Ufimtsev, G.F., 1990:
Rejuvenated mountain belts of the continents

Eric, C.B.rgmanis; John, M.S.nton; Frank, A.T.usdell, 2000:
Rejuvenated volcanism along the Southwest Rift Zone, East Maui, Hawai'i

Tagami Takahiro; Nishimitsu Yoshitomo; Sherrod David, R., 2003:
Rejuvenated-stage volcanism after 0.6-m.y. quiescence at West Maui Volcano, Hawaii; new evidence from K-Ar ages and chemistry of Lahaina Volcanics

Bayala, J.; Ouedraogo, S.-Jean; Teklehaimanot, Z., 2008:
Rejuvenating indigenous trees in agroforestry parkland systems for better fruit production using crown pruning

Sneider Robert, M.; Sneider John, S., 1998:
Rejuvenating marginal, aging oil fields; is it profitable?

McNeal James, M.; Grannemann Norman, G., 2006:
Rejuvenating restoration of the Great Lakes

Yusoff Shahbehri; Salleh Alias; Kamari Yusoff Mohd, 2001:
Rejuvenating the aging Fairley Baram unitized field

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Relating sequence stratigraphy to lithostratigraphy in Paleogene siliciclastic-dominated shelf settings, central-east Texas

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Relating the complexity of geological mixtures to the scales of practical interest

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Relating the hydraulic properties of a fractured rock mass to seismic attributes; theory and numerical experiments

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Relating the laboratory to the landscape; the role of scientific modeling in solving environmental problems

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Relating the occurrence and abundance of pyrogenic PAH to modern, Triassic, and Carboniferous atmospheric oxygen levels

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Relating turbidite elements to expected flow character for fluid flow numerical simulation purposes

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Relating undrained triaxial and pressuremeter stress-strain-characteristics by using multiyield surface model parameters

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Relating zircon and monazite domains to garnet growth zones; age and duration of granulite facies metamorphism in the Val Malenco lower crust

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Relation Between Chlorinity and Conductometric Salinity in Black Sea Water

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Relation Between Half Period of Initial Motion and Distance

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Relation Between The Yakima Basalt And Picture Gorge Basalt (Columbia River Group) In North-Central Oregon

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Relation Between the Ryoke Plutonometamorphism and the Late Mesozoic Volcanoplutonism in Central Japan

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Relation among geometry, sedimentation, and copper occurrences in the Precambrian Belt Basin in Montana, Idaho, and Washington; a working hypothesis

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Relation among wave conditions, sediment texture and rising sea level; an opinion

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Relation and history of structures in a sedimentary succession with deeper metamorphic structures, eastern great basin

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Relation between Ag:Au ratio and mineral associations

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Relation between Great Shallow Earthquakes and Deep Earthquakes

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Relation between Jurassic klippen successions in the Polish and Ukrainian parts of the Pieniny Klippen Belt

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Relation between Late Barremian-Aptian sedimentation and relative sea level changes in Gafsa Basin (central Tunisia)

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Relation between Laurentide ice sheet variations and sedimentary record in the Orca Basin, Gulf of Mexico

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Relation between geology and engineering in water conservation

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Relation between hyperbolic stack and linear stack coordinates in reflection seismic data processing

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Relation between inlay structure and petroleum in Bohai area

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Relation between interplanetary sector structure and geomagnetic activity near the minimum of sunspot cycle

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Relation between karst geothermal field features and development of hot springs in Longmen Grottoes, Luoyang, China

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