Review of prospects for petroleum exploration in the hinterland of the Junggar Basin, Xinjiang, China

Zhang, Y.; Zhang, N.; Yao, X.

Xinjiang Shiyou Dizhi = Xinjiang Petroleum Geology 21(2): 105-109


Accession: 019921372

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Since the early 1980s, when large-scale petroleum exploration activities began in the hinterland of the Junggar Basin, the authors got plentiful and substantial exploration results. Three large- and medium-sized oil and gas fields were discovered, including many petroliferous structures. The recognition of rules for hydrocarbon enrichment has also leapt to "uplift accumulation theory" from "source control theory". The authors established a model for oil/gas reservoir formation using clues from exploration in the hinterland of the Junggar Basin. The characteristics of petroleum migration and accumulation in this basin are discussed, and some suggestions are proposed for further exploration, based on existing conditions and state of the art technology for petroleum prospecting. This paper, on the basis of petroleum system theory, continues to support these "theories" as a guide for searching for oil/gas.