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Seismic response analysis of pile foundations at liquefiable sites

Finn, W.D.L.am; Thavaraj, T.; Wilson Daniel, W.; Boulanger Ross, W.; Kutter Bruce, L.

Technical Report - Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Research (MCEER): 579-586


Accession: 019987833

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Seismic response analyses were conducted on pile groups in liquefiable soils which were subjected to earthquake excitation on the large centrifuge at the University of California at Davis. The analyses were done using a simplified 3-D effective stress finite element program. Tests and analyses of a single pile and a 2X2 pile group subjected to an input acceleration record with a peak acceleration of 0.49 g are presented. There is good agreement between computed and measured free field porewater pressures, pile cap accelerations, time histories of moments and the distributions of maximum moments with depth.

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