Section 21
Chapter 20,007

Shallow sequence stratigraphy of the inner shelf deposits off the southeastern coast of Korea (Korea Strait)

Yoo Dong Geun; Sunwoo Don

Nyengu Tugbo - Janwen Gaibar Nyenguso = KIGAM Bulletin 5(3): 1-9


Accession: 020006701

High-resolution seismic profiles on the inner shelf off the southeastern coast of Korea reveal that late Quaternary deposits consist of three sedimentary units (A upper, B middle and C lower) accumulated after the last glacial period. The upper unit (A) above the maximum flooding surface is the highstand systems tract formed during the recent highstand of sea level. The middle and lower units (B and C) represent the transgressive systems tract related to shoreface retreat during the post-glacial transgression. The middle unit (B) above the ravinement surface forms a thin veneer of transgressive sands, while lower unit (C) overlying the sequence boundary represents the transgressive estuarine deposits accumulated in the late stage of Holocene transgression.

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