Section 21
Chapter 20,009

Shear strength behaviour of compacted soils

A.H.moud Azm, S.; Shalabi Faisal, I.

Highway Research Bulletin 62: 117-129


Accession: 020008270

Six types of soil with different values of plasticity index were chosen from different locations in the northern part of Jordan. These soils were tested at standard proctor compaction condition. Specimen from each type of soil were prepared to three states on the compaction curve, dry of optimum, optimum water content, and wet of optimum. The specimen were tested for shear strength using both unconsolidated undrained (UU) triaxial compression and UU direct shear tests, at four different levels of confining pressure or normal stress. The results indicate that, for the same soil, the dry of optimum condition has the highest value of shear strength, while the wet of optimum condition has the minimum. At dry of optimum, the shear strength from UU triaxial compression test is greater than that from the UU direct shear test, while at wet of optimum the opposite is nearly correct. Also, the results show that, in general, the shear strength decreases with an increase in plasticity index.

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