Section 21
Chapter 20,058

Some planktonic Foraminifera from the lower Eocene (Ypresian) of Denmark and northwestern Germany

Berggren William, A.

Stockholm Contributions in Geology 5: 41-108


Accession: 020057493

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"The present paper deals with a study of the planktonic foraminiferal fauna of the Roesnaes clay of Denmark and the lower Eocene 3 facies of northwestern Germany (the so called London clay facies) . . . . Tentative correlation is made with the lower Eocene of the Gulf Coast (G. rex zone), the upper Lizard Springs formation (G. rex-G. aragonensis zones) of Trinidad, and the lower Eocene marls (zone of conical Globorotalia) in the eastern section of the northern Caucasus and similar sections in the Soviet Union. . . . Fifteen species are recorded of which one, Hastigerina eocenica, is new.".