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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 20092

Chapter 20092 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Zhang Shengli, 1985:
Statistical analysis of water-sediment relationships of the main tributaries above Longmen

Daniel Charles, C.I.I., 1985:
Statistical analysis of water-well records from the Piedmont and Blue Ridge of North Carolina; implications for well-site selection and well design

Tsvang, S.L.; Kushnir, A.F.; Starodubrovskaya, S.P.; Gamburtseva, N.G.; Ravich, A.I., 1987:
Statistical analysis of wave tails in seismic sounding

Van de Griend, A.A.; Seyhan, E., 1984:
Statistical analysis of weathering-type runoff phenomena in an Alpine environment

Yang Shaoli; Forsberg, C.F.; Solheim, A.; Kvalstad, T., 2006:
Statistical analysis of well logs compared with the geotechnical data in Storegga slide area

Hollyday, E.F.; Knopman, D.S.; Smith Mark, A.; Hileman, G.E., 1991:
Statistical analysis of well records for use in classifying and mapping hydrogeologic terranes in the Valley and Ridge Province

Navrotskiy, V.V.; Filyushkin, B.N., 1970:
Statistical analysis of wind velocity measurements in the near-water layer

Buecker, C.J.; Jarrard, R.D.; Niessen, F.; Wonik, T., 2001:
Statistical analysis of wireline logging data of the CRP-3 drillhole (Victoria Land Basin, Antarctica)

Agterberg, F.P., 1964:
Statistical analysis of x-ray data for olivine

Larsen Leonard Hills; Poldervaart Arie, 1955:
Statistical analysis of zircons in rocks

Hindlet Francois; M.Y.an Z.; Haas Andre, G., 1991:
Statistical analysis on AVO data

Musiake, K.; Takahasi, Y.; Ando, Y., 1984:
Statistical analysis on effects of basin geology on river flow regime in mountainous areas of Japan

Anonymous, 2007:
Statistical analysis on reliability and serviceability of caterpillar tractor

Pei Tao; Zhou Chenghu; L.Q.anlin; Chen Jinbiao, 2002:
Statistical analysis on temporal-spatial correlativity within temporal doublets of strong earthquakes in north China and its vicinity

Matsushita Hiroki; Gonnokami Yoshihiro, 2000:
Statistical analysis on the areal distribution of annual number of days with glaze

Mizutani Takeshi, 2001:
Statistical analysis on the relation of strong earthquake ground motion to topographic condition and earthquake damage

Zhang Shunxin; Guo Xiaoqiang, 1991:
Statistical analysis on the relationship of Lower Triassic conodonts with depositional environments and other fossil groups

Mouri Sassan; Halihan Todd, 2006:
Statistical analysis to determining modality of stream orientation data

Mattson Ann; Chan Marjorie, A.; Forster, C.B.; Anderson, P.B., 2001:
Statistical analysis, Ivie Creek case-study area

Birenheide, R., 1971:
Statistical and biofacies examination of Microcyclus eifliensis

Yermolenko, N.N., 1982:
Statistical and cartographic method of study of the orientation of present erosion processes

Anonymous, 2000:
Statistical and computational analysis of bioassay data

Belinda Lipa; G.L.onard Tyler, 1979:
Statistical and computational uncertainties in atmospheric profiles from radio occultation; Mariner 10 at Venus

Gafrej, R.; Leviandier, T., 1992:
Statistical and conceptual modeling of suspended materials

Henderson, B.J.; Schmidt, R.M.; Konicek, D.L., 1978:
Statistical and dimensional analysis of crater configuration

Quanan Zheng; R.D.i Susanto; Chung-R.H.; Y.T.ny Song; Qing Xu, 2007:
Statistical and dynamical analyses of generation mechanisms of solitary internal waves in the northern South China Sea

Abu Elbashar, O.B.; Daltaban, T.S.; Wall, C.G.; Archer, J.S., 1992:
Statistical and experimental calculation of effective permeabilities in presence of oblique shales

Fowler, A.D.; Roach, D.; Theriault, R., 1990:
Statistical and fractal models of nonequilibrium mineral growth

W.C.H.; L.G.F.; Gillespie, W.; Yen, J., 1997:
Statistical and fuzzy infill drilling recovery models for carbonate reservoirs

Pruit, J.D., 1978:
Statistical and geological evaluation of oil production from the J Sandstone, Denver Basin, Colorado, Nebraska and Wyoming

Wellmer, F.W., 1980:
Statistical and geomathematical methods applied to the exploration work of the Nanisivik Pb-Zn mine, Baffin Island, Canada

McClung, D.M.; Lied, K., 1988:
Statistical and geometrical definition of snow avalanche runout

Arnold Bill, W.; Herrin, J.M.tthew; Basinski Paul, M., 2004:
Statistical and geostatistical analyses of coal-bed methane production in the Raton Basin, New Mexico and Colorado

Shoji Tetsuya; Nakamura Takako, 2001:
Statistical and geostatistical analysis of AMeDAS data

Debowska Urszula; Zawadzki Jaroslaw, 2005:
Statistical and geostatistical analysis of the spatial diversity of strata positions in the NW part of the Holy Cross Mountains, central Poland

Bardossy Andras; Molnar Zoltan, 2004:
Statistical and geostatistical investigations into the effects of the Gabcikovo hydrowpower plant on the groundwater resources of northwest Hungary

F. -W.W.llmer; G.H.G.roux, 1980:
Statistical and geostatistical methods applied to the exploration work of the Nanisivik Zn-Pb Mine, Baffin Island, Canada

Chertkov, L.M.; Borshch, Z.G., 1975 :
Statistical and hydrodynamic analysis of the processes of transported water and salt-water intrusion in southern regions of the USSR

Mihail, C., 1977:
Statistical and mathematical treatment of geophysical and geochemical data

A.S Eyuboglu; Y Ozcelik; S Kulaksiz; I.C Engin, 2003:
Statistical and microscopic investigation of disc segment wear related to sawing Ankara andesites

Lindstrom Sofie, 1991:
Statistical and morphological studies on some early Permian cheilocardoid spores from Heimefrontfjella, Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica

Stieltjes Laurent, 1985:
Statistical and probabilistic approach to volcanic hazards for the location of geothermal wells and plant in Fournaise active volcano, Reunion Island, western Indian Ocean

Haldar, A., 1982:
Statistical and probabilistic methods in geomechanics

Straube Nicolas; Kriwet Juergen; Schliewen Ulrich, 2006:
Statistical and shape analyses of dental characters of the deep-sea shark Etmopterus baxteri (Chondrichthyes, Squaliformes) with comments on its taxonomic status

Mark, R.K.; Ellen, S.D., 1993:
Statistical and simulation models for mapping

Foerster Andrea; Merriam Daniel, F.; Davis John, 1996:
Statistical and spatial analysis of geothermal and geological data for basin analysis

Korre, A., 1999:
Statistical and spatial assessment of soil heavy metal contamination in areas of poorly recorded, complex sources of pollution; Part 2, Canonical correlation analysis and GIS for the assessment of contamination sources

Viecelli, J.A., 1982:
Statistical and spectral properties of some paleomagnetic/ paleoclimatic time series

Szewczyk Jan, 2000:
Statistical and stratigraphic standardization of natural gamma radiation well logs

Sangha Sangita; Wadge Geoff, 1999:
Statistical and textural analysis using panchromatic data of Indian Remote Sensing Satellite (IRS-1C) in the northern Ramagirlarea, South India

Wilson Timothy, P.; Long David, T., 1989:
Statistical and thermodynamic modeling of Michigan Basin brines

Webb, S.J.; Cooper, G.R.J.; Ashwal, L.D.; Knoper, M.W., 2001:
Statistical and wavelet analysis of detailed physical property measurements on the Bellevue drillcore, Northern Lobe, Bushveld igneous complex, South Africa

Ermanovics, I.F., 1967:
Statistical application of plagioclase extinction in provenance studies

Howarth, R.J., 1984:
Statistical applications in geochemical prospecting; a survey of recent developments

Verma, V.K., 1971:
Statistical applications on shape analysis of quartz of Vindhyan sandstone near Fidusar, District Jodhpur (Rajasthan)

Canavan William, A.; Kochel, R.C.aig, 1990:
Statistical applications to channel morphology for a bedrock stream in central Vermont

W.H.Owens, 2000:
Statistical applications to second-rank tensors in magnetic fabric analysis

Long, H.Keith, 1989:
Statistical applications used in the U.S. Geological Survey's evaluation program for standard reference samples

Turner, B.R., 1975:
Statistical appraisal of Molteno (Triassic) sedimentary cycles from the upper part of the Karroo (Gondwana) system in South Africa

Thompson, M.; Walton, S.J.; Wood, S.J., 1979:
Statistical appraisal of interference effects in the determination of trace elements by atomic-absorption spectrophotometry in applied geochemistry

Davis John, C.; Harbaugh John, W., 1983:
Statistical appraisal of seismic prospects in Louisiana-Texas outer continental shelf

Bozdar, L.B.; Kitchenham, B.A., 1972:
Statistical appraisal of the occurrence of lead mines in the northern Pennines

Braga, F.; Dolce, M., 1981:
Statistical approach for prediction of damage made by earthquakes on buildings

Bhattacharya, A.P., 1968:
Statistical approach for studies of the groundwater situation under the influence of tubewell pumping

van Tol, A.F., 1995:
Statistical approach for the bearing capacity of piles

Gayara, A.; Khaiwka Muayyad, H., 1974:
Statistical approach in quantitative stratigraphic analysis

Sahu Basanta, K., 1987:
Statistical approach in sedimentological analysis of Purana basins

Gervreau Eric; Durville Jean Louis, 1993:
Statistical approach of a computer data base on soil and rock failures

Dron, R., 1983:
Statistical approach of the structure of silicate melts

Felio, G.Y.; Lytton, R.L.; Briaud, J.L., 1984:
Statistical approach to Bishop's method of slices

D.S.mone P.; Ghersi, A.; Mauro, R., 1991:
Statistical approach to beams on Winkler foundation

Fraccarollo Luigi; Marion Andrea, 1998:
Statistical approach to bed-material surface sampling; reply

Ranalli, G.; Hardy, L., 1990:
Statistical approach to brittle fracture in the Earth's crust

Malykhin, A.Y.; Nokhrina, T.A., 1989:
Statistical approach to classification of geological-geophysical information

Tonn Rainer, 1992:
Statistical approach to correlate reservoir parameters and 3-D seismic attributes

Lee Jeongho; Kim, J.H.on; Kim Hun Mi; Chang, H.W.n, 2007:
Statistical approach to determine the salinized ground water flow path and hydrogeochemical features around the underground LPG cavern, Korea

Mitra Sanjib; Banerjee Sumitra, 1990:
Statistical approach to evaluation of analytical data on basalt (OB-1)

Weber Dennis, D.; Flatman George, T., 1986:
Statistical approach to groundwater contamination mapping with electromagnetic induction; a case study

Hurich, C.A., 1995:
Statistical approach to interpretation of seismic reflection data

Zavgorodniy, A.L.; Chislov, A.D., 1970:
Statistical approach to paleotectonic analysis of thickness, for investigation of platform structures

Leytsin, M.N.; Aleshin, Y.G., 1977:
Statistical approach to problems in the classification of rock complexes

Petrie John; Diplas Panayiotis, 2000:
Statistical approach to sediment sampling accuracy

Roussot Alain, 1984:
Statistical approach to the animal species represented in parietal art

Fan Zhen xiang; Kuo John, T.; Teng, Y.C.iung, 1983:
Statistical approach to the buried reef problem

Romagnoli, R.; Varvelli, R., 1990:
Statistical approach to the computer modelling of hydraulic fracturing in hydrocarbon reservoirs

Reyre Yves, 1980:
Statistical approach to the fossilization of kerogen (Oxfordian) and phosphate (Albo-Cenomanian) in the carbonate formations of the Paris Basin

Salvatori, R.; Bianchi, R.; Coradini, M.; Fulchignoni, M., 1981:
Statistical approach to the fracture pattern of the Tharsis region of Mars

Grasso Domenico Alessandro; Jeannin Pierre Yves, 1998:
Statistical approach to the impact of climatic variations on karst spring chemical response

Mishra, R.N., 1986:
Statistical approach to the mineral economics of gold-scheelite mineralization in Hutti Mines

Davaud, E.; Lombard, A., 1975:
Statistical approach to the problem of alternating beds of limestone and marl (upper Oxfordian of the French Jura)

Kushnir, A.F.; Lokshtanov, D.E. (Lokshtanov, D.Y.), 1988:
Statistical approach to the problem of determining a medium from surface waves observed at a local group of stations

Nelson John, B.; Belknap Daniel, F., 2004:
Statistical approach to the reconstruction of a dynamic deglacial margin in the Gulf of Maine from the orientations of streamlined hills

Pavlenkov, A.I.; Sinitsyn, Y.S., 1971:
Statistical approach to the seismic prospecting of local structures

Klein, G.K.; Karavaev, V.N., 1971:
Statistical approach to the selection of the optimum dimensions of retaining walls

Moran, J.M.; Blasing, T.J., 1972:
Statistical approaches to alpine glacier response

Simpson Stephen Milton Jr., 1960:
Statistical approaches to certain problems in geophysics

Gaponoff, S.L.; Nelson, S.N.; L.J.P.; Gary, A.C.; Johnson, G.W.; Ekart, D., 2003:
Statistical approaches to fossil data; enhancing multi-well correlation through fuzzy C means clustering of taxonomic data

Hurich, C.A.; Kocurko, A., 2000:
Statistical approaches to interpretation of seismic reflection data

Shumway, R.H.; Der, Z.A., 1989:
Statistical approaches to testing for compliance with a threshold test-ban treaty

Wendroth, O.; Reynolds, W.D.; Vieira, S.R.; Reichardt, K.; Wirth, S., 1997:
Statistical approaches to the analysis of soil quality data

Tienari, S.; Korhonen, H., 1980:
Statistical aspects in the classification of storm microseisms

Ebel John, E., 1984:
Statistical aspects of New England seismicity from 1975 to 1982 and implications for past and future earthquake activity

Kagan, Y.Y., 1997:
Statistical aspects of Parkfield earthquake sequence and Parkfield prediction experiment

Maeussnest, O., 1981:
Statistical aspects of Swabian Volcano

Jones, D.; Leyshon, P.R.; Tough, J.G., 1986:
Statistical aspects of assay data from the Gortdrum Deposit, County Tipperary

Galbraith, R.F., 2000:
Statistical aspects of fission track dating and thermochronology

Vere Jones David, 1987:
Statistical aspects of the analysis of historical earthquake catalogues

Marcus, A.H., 1970:
Statistical aspects of the formation and evolution of lunar rocks

Lazarov, R.; Christoskov, L., 1981:
Statistical aspects of the magnitude-frequency relation for Bulgaria

Dubiskas Richard, A., 1985:
Statistical aspects on geometry of wavy-bedded limestones in the Upper Pennsylvanian of eastern Kansas

Chen Yuh Ing; Huang Chi Shen; Hong Chien Hwei, 2004:
Statistical assessment for the hazard of large aftershocks post to the Chi-chi mainshock

Kusche Juergen; van Loon Jasper, 2005:
Statistical assessment of CHAMP data and models using the energy balance approach

Anonymous, 2007:
Statistical assessment of groups of crop sequences based on different rice varieties

J.J.Love, 2000:
Statistical assessment of preferred transitional VGP longitudes based on palaeomagnetic lava data

Yegulalp, T.M.; Kim, K., 1993:
Statistical assessment of scale effect on rock properties using the theory of extremes

Sillers, W.S.ott; Fredlund Delwyn, G., 2001:
Statistical assessment of soil-water characteristic curve models for geotechnical engineering

Keller, E.C.J.; Hobbs, G.; Chilco, D.; Werner, D., 1985:
Statistical assessment of the distribution of total iron content of the waters of West Virginia

Melo Germano Jr., 1991:
Statistical assessment of the large-scale geochemical alteration surrounding the greenstone-hosted Fazenda Brasileiro gold deposit, Bahia, Brazil

C.L.j; A.M.zaud; R.W.eks; M.F.ller; E.H.rrero-Bervera, 1992:
Statistical assessment of the preferred longitudinal bands for recent geomagnetic reversal records

Timcak, G.M., 1990:
Statistical assessment of the typogram data of Pupin's classification of zircons

Elliott William, S.J.; Homan Joel, W., 2005:
Statistical assessment of turbidites in the Late Cretaceous Hornbrook Formation, Jackson County, Oregon

Dmitriyev, L.V.; Sokolov, S.Y.; Plechova, A.A., 2006:
Statistical assessment of variations in the compositional and P-T parameters of the evolution of mid-ocean ridge basalts and their regional distribution

Bonham Carter, G.F., 1985:
Statistical association of gold occurrences with Landsat-derived lineaments, Timmins-Kirkland Lake area, Ontario

Disher David Alan, 1969:
Statistical automatic statics analysis

Blakely, R.J., 1979:
Statistical averaging of marine magnetic anomalies and the aging of ocean crust

Blakely Richard, J., 1983:
Statistical averaging of marine magnetic anomalies and the aging of oceanic crust

Duff, P.M.L.D.; Walton, E.K., 1962:
Statistical basis for cyclothems; a quantitative study of the sedimentary succession in the east Pennine coalfield

Kiselev, V.M., 1978:
Statistical basis for the use of coefficients of ore content

Hettler, A., 1987:
Statistical basis of safety of Franki-piles using prior information

Belousov, A.F., 1971:
Statistical behavior of potassium in basaltic rocks during greenschist metamorphism

Ramirez Rojas, A.; Pavia Miller, C.G.; Angulo Brown, F., 2004:
Statistical behavior of the spectral exponent and the correlation time of electric self-potential time series associated to the Ms=7.4 September 14, 1995 earthquake in Mexico

Drisler, J.; Antony Spies, P., 1975:
Statistical behaviour of elastic waves in a reverberating solid

Hussein Abd-Elmotaal, 1992:
Statistical behaviour of the free-air, Bouguer and isostatic anomalies in Austria

Wolleben James, A., 1968:
Statistical biostratigraphic correlation and Senonian stratigraphy in west Texas and northeastern Chihuahua, Mexico

Christopher R. Lamb; Dirk Pfeiffer, 2008:
Statistical briefing: odds and odds ratios

C. R. Lamb, 2008:
Statistical briefing: screening for disease

Ismatkhodzhayev, S.K., 1965:
Statistical calculation of the accuracy of averaging gravimeter readings

Margolin, A.M., 1977:
Statistical calculations in planning geologic surveys

Lyakhter, V.M.; Frolova, N.I., 1978:
Statistical calculations of the spectra of seismic effects

Zhang Chaosheng; Manheim Frank; Hinde John, 2004:
Statistical characterisation and sample size issues of a large geochemical database

Mac Aodha Padraic; Ryan Paul, D., 2000:
Statistical characterisation of reflectivity patterns in deep seismic profiles and application to the Rockall Trough

Biernatowski, K., 1985:
Statistical characteristic of subsoil

Holten Terje; Jamtveit Bjorn; Meakin Paul; Cortini Massimo; Blundy Jon; Austrheim Hakon, 1997:
Statistical characteristics and origin of oscillatory zoning in crystals

Mirlin, Y.G.; Melikhov, V.R.; Verzhbitskiy, Y.V., 1974:
Statistical characteristics of anomalies in the magnetic field in the central part of the Atlantic Ocean

Lugovenko, V.N.; Soroka, A.I., 1970:
Statistical characteristics of anomalous gravitational and magnetic fields

Ivanova, V., 1981:
Statistical characteristics of apparent electrical resistance using probe-gradient

Belousov, A.F., 1971:
Statistical characteristics of behavior of potassium in basaltoids during greenschist metamorphism

Kazmiruk, V.D.; Kazmiruk, T.N., 1995:
Statistical characteristics of bottom topography, formed by open nonstationary flow

Pecherskiy, D.M., 1967:
Statistical characteristics of certain rock-forming elements of magnetic and nonmagnetic granitoids of the northeastern USSR

Drennov, A.F., 1987:
Statistical characteristics of earthquakes' wave fields

Volynets, L.N.; Volarovich, M.I.; Bayuk, K.I., 1979:
Statistical characteristics of elastic wave velocities in crystalline rocks under high pressures

Jiao Weixin; Xiao Zuo; Russell, C.T., 1997:
Statistical characteristics of field-aligned currents in the Earth's inner magnetosphere

Robert, H.M.ntgomery; Jim, C.L.ftis; Jane Harris, 1987:
Statistical characteristics of ground-water quality variables

Ansari Iqbal Ahmad, 2004:
Statistical characteristics of low latitude PC3 geomagnetic micropulsations; a KP dependence study

Robin, T.Clarke, 1990:
Statistical characteristics of some estimators of sediment and nutrient loadings

Jiang Jinren; L.Q.nnian; Sun Jingjiang, 1995:
Statistical characteristics of strong ground motion specified by response spectrum and power spectral density function

Mei Yanxiong; Zhu Yusheng; Y.J.nhua, 1997:
Statistical characteristics of super-large ore deposits in China

G.Peng, 1985:
Statistical characteristics of the abundance values of chromium in ultrabasic rocks in relation to metallogenesis

Kubackova, L.; Kubacek, L., 1981:
Statistical characteristics of the accuracy of transformed anomalous gravitational fields

Badalyan, M.S.; Khurshudyan, A.M., 1986:
Statistical characteristics of the anomalous magnetic field of Armenia

Mirlin, Y.G.; Melikhov, V.R.; Verzhbitskiy, Y.V., 1972:
Statistical characteristics of the anomalous magnetic field of the central part of the Atlantic

Ozmidov, R.V.; Astok, V.K.; Gezentsvey, A.N.; Yukhat, M.K., 1971:
Statistical characteristics of the concentration field of a passive impurity introduced into the sea

Mamedov, Z.M.; Bektashi, S.A., 1989:
Statistical characteristics of the distribution of rhenium, selenium and tellurium in ores from the Paragachay copper-molybdenum deposit

Gogonenkov, G.N.; Asriyants, L.Y., 1969:
Statistical characteristics of the distribution of the reflection coefficient of elastic waves in a real medium

Andreyev, V.I.; Gurevich, M.I.; Lokshin, B.S.; Uryupin, V.V., 1985:
Statistical characteristics of the gradients of a gyro-pendulum stabilizer and their relationship to the conditions of gravimetric observations

Usmanov, F.A., 1971:
Statistical characteristics of the mutual spatial distribution of rock-forming mineral grains in granitoid rocks of the Chatkal Mountains

Cyberska, B., 1977:
Statistical characteristics of the patterns of temperature, salinity, and density of water in the Gdansk Deep

Wang Wei, 1985:
Statistical characteristics of the spatial distribution of earthquake and aftershock activities and its applications

Nevskiy, M.V.; Fokin, O.S., 1986:
Statistical characteristics of the velocity of propagation in heterogeneous continental crust and mantle

Vasilenko, V.M.; Gavrilin, B.L.; Mirabel, A.P., 1972:
Statistical characteristics of the vertical structure of currents in the Atlantic Ocean

X.Yun, 1992:
Statistical characteristics of velocity distribution and linear pseudo-velocity logs

Glenn, A.Cannon, 1971:
Statistical characteristics of velocity fluctuations at intermediate scales in a coastal plain estuary

Sergey Kotov; Pieter Berendsen, 2002:
Statistical characteristics of xenoliths in the Antioch kimberlite pipe, Marshall County, northeastern Kansas

Aoki Gen; Yoshida Akio, 2002:
Statistical characteristics off inland seismicity in Japan; alternation of active and quiet periods and successiveness of large earthquakes

Rouleau Alain; Gale John, E., 1984:
Statistical characterization and numerical simulation of a fracture system for hydrogeological purposes

R.D.Hazlett, 1997:
Statistical characterization and stochastic modeling of pore networks in relation to fluid flow

Lombardo, G., 1982:
Statistical characterization of Etnean seismicity and its relations with eruptive activity and seismicity of the surrounding areas

Zhang Chaosheng; Manheim Frank, T.; Hinde John; Grossman Jeffrey, N., 2005:
Statistical characterization of a large geochemical data base and effect of sample size

Neuman Shlomo, P., 1982:
Statistical characterization of aquifer heterogeneities; an overview

Warren Nick, 1982:
Statistical characterization of complex crack and petrographic texture; application to predicting bulk physical properties

Bouroullec, J.; Deloffre, R.; Rao, C.P., 1978:
Statistical characterization of depositional environments and their polarity on a carbonate shelf; application to the Albo-Aptian reservoir of Lacq

Harned Douglas, A., 1992:
Statistical characterization of ground-water quality in the Piedmont of North Carolina, and some ground-water quality differences related to land use

Novozhilov, L.V., 1968:
Statistical characterization of intermediate relief forms on the bottom of the ocean

Smart Chris, C.; Karunaratne, K.C., 2001:
Statistical characterization of natural background fluorescence as an aid to dye tracer test design

Myers, S.C.; Schultz, C.A., 2001:
Statistical characterization of reference event accuracy

Warren, N.; Haggerty, J.; Tiffany, M., 1979:
Statistical characterization of rock crack patterns

Berkson Jonathan, M.; Matthews, J.E., 1984:
Statistical characterization of seafloor roughness

Czarnecki, M.; Bergin, J., 1986:
Statistical characterization of small-scale bottom topography as derived from multibeam sonar data

Painter Scott, 2003:
Statistical characterization of spatial variations in sedimentary rock

Lai Shih Sheng Paul, 1982:
Statistical characterization of strong ground motions using power spectral density function

Shih sheng Paul Lai, 1982:
Statistical characterization of strong ground motions using the Kanai-Tajimi PSD function

Rouleau, A.; Gale, J.E., 1985:
Statistical characterization of the fracture system in the Stripa Granite, Sweden

Fredrich, J.T.; Lindquist, W.B., 1996:
Statistical characterization of the three-dimensional microgeometry of porous media and correlation with macroscopic transport properties

L.Y.K.T.rence; McCabe, G.P., 1984:
Statistical characterizations of Indiana soil properties

Ujiie Hiroshi; Oshima, K., 1960:
Statistical characters of two Miogypsina assemblages from the Mizunami District, Gifu prefecture; restudy of the Japanese miogypsinids, part 1

Saxena, S.K.; Ekstroem, T.K., 1970:
Statistical chemistry of calcic amphiboles

M.A.J.V.n Montfort; M.Ivette Gomes, 1985:
Statistical choice of extremal models for complete and censored data

Kushnir, A.F.; Troitsky, E.V.; Haikin, L.M.; Dainty, A., 1999:
Statistical classification approach to discrimination between weak earthquakes and quarry blasts recorded by the Israel seismic network

Grunsky Eric; Easton Michael; Thurston Phil; Jensen Larry, 1990:
Statistical classification of Archaean volcanic rocks using major element geochemistry

Dawson, J.B.; Stephens, W.E., 1975:
Statistical classification of garnets from kimberlite and associated xenoliths

D.K.lker; C.W.L.ngenberg, 1988:
Statistical classification of macroscopic folds as cylindrical, circular conical, or elliptical conical

Gustavsson Nils; Kontio, M., 1990:
Statistical classification of regional geochemical samples using local characteristic models and data of the geochemical atlas of Finland and from the Nordkalott Project

Macsotay Oliver; Scherer Wolfgang, 1972:
Statistical classification of the Oligocene to Holocene Turritellidae (Mollusca) corresponding to the Caribbean Paleoprovince

Yin Hongjin, 1982:
Statistical classification of the drillability of formations in oil fields

Jan Fyen; Eystein Husebye; Anders Christoffersson, 1975:
Statistical classification of weak seismic signals and noise at the NORSAR array

Fritts, H.C., 1981:
Statistical climatic reconstructions from tree-ring widths

Bhushan, S.K., 1987:
Statistical comparison between Malani Rhyolite and Jalor Granite of the Malani igneous suite, western Rajasthan

Stephens, W.E.; Dawson, J.B., 1977:
Statistical comparison between pyroxenes from kimberlites and their associated xenoliths

Onorati, G.; Poscolieri, M.; Salvi, S.; Cirillo, T., 1985:
Statistical comparison between streams and lineaments orientation in a test area of northern Mozambique

Biedermann, B., 1982:
Statistical comparison between the results of dynamic and static penetrometers for Rhineland silt

Garrett, N.; Devane, M.L.; Hudson, J.A.; Nicol, C.; Ball, A.; Klena, J.D.; Scholes, P.; Baker, M.G.; Gilpin, B.J.; Savill, M.G., 2007:
Statistical comparison of Campylobacter jejuni subtypes from human cases and environmental sources

Pitty, A.F., 1972:
Statistical comparison of Penckian and Davisian views with actual slope forms

Niec Marek; Szczepanska Jadwiga, 1968:
Statistical comparison of fracture diagrams

Safronov Aleksey Fedorovich; Nikolayev Nikolay Semenovich, 1985:
Statistical comparison of garnets from kimberlite rocks and from plutonic xenoliths

Grady Stephen, J., 1989 :
Statistical comparison of ground-water quality in four land-use areas of stratified-drift aquifers in Connecticut

Smirnov, B.I.; Pelipets, M.V.; Plotnikov, A.A., 1999:
Statistical comparison of microcomponent compositions of soils in Lvov city and suburbs within selected areas

Mackay, A.; Freeman, M.P.; Nitschke, T.A.L.; Tuck, M.J.; Middleton, A.R., 1997:
Statistical comparison of oil and gas with other industries

R.M.C.ark; R.T.ompson, 1984:
Statistical comparison of palaeomagnetic directional records from lake sediments

Belousov, A.F.; Polyakova, Z.G., 1971:
Statistical comparison of rock-forming oxides of alkalic and salic volcanites from various tectonic provinces

Cauller Stephen, J., 1989:
Statistical comparison of temporal and spatial variability in water quality at wells in five land-use areas of Nassau and Suffolk counties, Long Island, New York

Belousov, A.F.; Naletov, B.F.; Polyakova, Z.G., 1971:
Statistical comparison of the chemical composition of acidic volcanic rocks from geosynclinal, orogenic, and platform regions and problems of their petrogenesis

Saxena, S.K.; Benimoff, A.; Pingitore, N., 1975:
Statistical comparison of the chemistry of lunar and terrestrial rocks

Nasidze, G.I.; Akhvlediani, R.A., 1985:
Statistical comparison of the pyroxene of the Adzhara-Trialetian Paleogene volcanogenic complex

Harvey Ralph, 1987:
Statistical comparisons of Antarctic and Modern Falls meteorites

Rutledge, A.T.; German, E.R., 1988:
Statistical comparisons of ground-water quality underlying different land uses in Central Florida

Hansen Katherine, M.; Mount Van, S., 1988:
Statistical computation of stress fields in the Earth's crust

Ayzenberg, Y.M., 1980:
Statistical computational model of seismic effects on construction

Pelet Regis; Jekhowsky Benjamin de, 1972:
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Statistical description of the main geomagnetic field as a random vector field

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Statistical description of the surface roughness of rock joints

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Statistical description of the topography of a planet and its evolution

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Statistical design considerations in selecting the number and location of groundwater samples at contaminated sites

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Statistical design of sampling programs to estimate sediment transport rates

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Statistical determination of geochemical parameters of coal and kerogen macerals from transmission micro-infrared spectroscopy data

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Statistical determination of geophysical well log response functions

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Statistical determination of second order moment of earthquake sequences

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Statistical determination of standard APW paths and the tectonics of the western Cordillera of North America

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Statistical developments in paleolimnology; development and application of quantitative paleoecological tools

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Statistical distribution of joints based on drill core observations

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Statistical distribution of stress drops and faults of seismic regions

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Statistical distribution of surface elevation for the fourth order nonlinear random sea waves

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Statistical distribution of the difference in magnitude between the main shock and its largest aftershock

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Statistical distribution of uranium in surface rock exposed in a granitic massif; example, the Saint-Sylvestre massif, Limousin

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Statistical distributions and correlations of petrophysical parameters in the Arab-D Reservoir, Abqaiq oilfield, eastern Saudi Arabia

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Statistical distributions in geology

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Statistical distributions of stress drops and linear size of faults of seismic regions

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Statistical downscaling of precipitation for a selection of sites in Ireland employing a generalised linear modelling approach

Anonymous, 2007:
Statistical downscaling of precipitation through nonhomogeneous stochastic weather typing

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Statistical dynamics calculations of time-dependent seismicity

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Statistical earthquake risk

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Statistical economic indices of the exploitation of coal from January to November 1980

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Statistical economics; characteristic figures of the extraction of coal for 1980-1981

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Statistical effect of grouping the geophones and the short holes along extended bases

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Statistical elements of mineral waters and reference tables for 1972

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Statistical elements of mineral waters and reference tables from 1980

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Statistical elements of the mineral industry of Portugal

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Statistical elements on the mining industry in Portugal for the year 1993

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Statistical estimate of tomorrow's offshore oil and gas fields

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Statistical estimates of the likelihood of earthquake shaking throughout New Zealand

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Statistical estimation of compression index

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Statistical estimation of density and refractive indices of impacted transformed quartz

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Statistical estimation of geoelectric survey inversion results with the use of smooth multiparameter models

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Statistical estimation of global mineral resources; discussion and reply

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Statistical estimation of maximum regional earthquake magnitude M (sub max)

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Statistical estimation of mineral deposits

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Statistical estimation of representativity of chemical qualitative parameters of raw material exploration by control analysis

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Statistical estimation of systematic errors at intersections of lines of aeromagnetic survey data

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Statistical estimation of the age of chronostratigraphic boundaries

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Statistical estimation of the apex of a sediment distribution system from paleocurrent data

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Statistical estimation of the efficiency of earthquake prediction under uncertain identification of target events

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Statistical estimation of the groundwater table beneath the St. Louis metropolitan area using GIS methods

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Statistical estimation of the maximum magnitude and its uncertainty from a catalogue including magnitude errors

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Statistical estimation of the physical conditions of mineral formation

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Statistical estimation of the physicochemical conditions of mineral formation

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Statistical estimation of the production of cosmic-ray-induced nuclides in meteorites

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Statistical estimation of the rock joint roughness coefficient

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Statistical estimations of average contents by means of combining different representations

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Statistical estimations of the distribution parameters of potassium, sodium, rubidium and lithium in the granitoids of the Baykal folded belt and their importance in applied geology

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Statistical evaluation and optimisation of stormwater quality monitoring programmes

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Statistical evaluation of an automatic magnetic interpretation method for semi-infinite dykes

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Statistical evaluation of anomalous compositions in fluid geochemistry

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Statistical evaluation of anomaly recognition performance

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Statistical evaluation of coal compositional data

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Statistical evaluation of common geotechnical parameters of glacial drift units at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Batavia, Illinois

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Statistical evaluation of compositional differences between upper Eocene impact ejecta layers

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Statistical evaluation of cyclic strength of sand; discussion and closure

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Statistical evaluation of data of granulometric and mineralogical analyses of the moraines of the Pleistocene of southern Lithuania using electronic computers

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Statistical evaluation of data on the chemical composition of argillaceous materials

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Statistical evaluation of deep crustal reflections in germany

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Statistical evaluation of design parameters for gravity based anchor system

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Statistical evaluation of duplicate samples, regional sediment surveys, British Columbia

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Statistical evaluation of dynamic changes of 'Idared' apples colour during storage

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Statistical evaluation of electrical sounding methods; Part II, Applied electromagnetic depth sounding

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Statistical evaluation of field experiments on cross-valley moraines

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Statistical evaluation of floor heave condition and time of failure of roof falls in coal mines

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Statistical evaluation of geotechnical properties of Florence's clay by means of factor analysis

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Statistical evaluation of glacier boreholes as indicators of basal drainage systems

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Statistical evaluation of groundwater components of stream flow

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Statistical evaluation of hydraulic conductivity data for waste disposal sites

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Statistical evaluation of hydraulic fracturing stress measurement parameters

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Statistical evaluation of integral fractions of a foundation massif; Pichi Picun Leufu Intrusion, hydroelectric exploitation of the middle Limay, Neuquen and Rio Negro

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Statistical evaluation of interlaboratory data from the Cooperative Monterey Organic Geochemistry Study

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Statistical evaluation of isotope effects in geochemical processes

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Statistical evaluation of metasomatic effects in meta-igneous rock series

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Statistical evaluation of multispectral scanner images

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Statistical evaluation of oil and gas prospects in the outer continental shelf of the U.S. Gulf Coast

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Statistical evaluation of petrochemical variations of andesites of the great chain of the Kuril Islands

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Statistical evaluation of petrographic data from the State Line serpentinite

Shapira Avi, 1982:
Statistical evaluation of potential earthquake risks in Israel

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Statistical evaluation of relevelings

Schaedlich, M.; Steinberg, J., 1981:
Statistical evaluation of relevellings

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Statistical evaluation of salinity and nitrate content and trends beneath urban and agricultural areas, fresno, california

Rooijen Henk Den, 1990:
Statistical evaluation of shallow S-wave VSP using the autocorrelation function

Imre Emoke, 1995:
Statistical evaluation of simple rheological CPT data

Colmenares, L.B.; Zoback, M.D., 2001:
Statistical evaluation of six rock failure criteria constrained by polyaxial test data

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Statistical evaluation of soil lead and toxicity characteristic leaching procedure extract values

Rizkallah, V.; Maschwitz, G., 1983:
Statistical evaluation of soil properties by using an extended regression analysis

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Statistical evaluation of some analytical methods in the hydrogeochemistry laboratory of General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration

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Statistical evaluation of some of the geochemical exploration data in India

Koide Hitoshi, 1981:
Statistical evaluation of stability of faults on the basis of Griffith inclusion model

Escobar Ricardo, 1973:
Statistical evaluation of stream-sediment geochemistry of the Knox Group

Moupic, Z., 1986:
Statistical evaluation of tectonic levels with a computer

Silva Pedro, L.; Bassiouni Zaki, 1986:
Statistical evaluation of the S-B conductivity model for water-bearing shaly formations

Hamada Kazuo, 1993:
Statistical evaluation of the SES predictions issued in Greece; alarm and success rates

Aceves Richard, L.; Park Stephen, K.; Strauss David, J.; Varotsos, P.; Lazaridou, M., 1996:
Statistical evaluation of the VAN method using the historic earthquake catalog in Greece; discussion and reply

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Statistical evaluation of the VAN predictions issued during the period 1987-1989

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Statistical evaluation of the Waxman and Smits shaly-sand conductivity data

Matysek, D., 1992:
Statistical evaluation of the chemical composition of pyroxenes and amphiboles of the teschenite association

Harper, H.; Hart, G.F., 1976:
Statistical evaluation of the distribution of Miocene-Pliocene siliceous phytoplankton, D.S.D.P. Hole 71, equatorial Pacific

Zaporozec Alexander, 1984:
Statistical evaluation of the effects of precipitation on groundwater levels

Klemm, D.D.; Neumann, N., 1976:
Statistical evaluation of the geological and geochemical parameters of the formation of mercury and antimony deposits in southern Tuscany (Italy)

Kveton Petr, 1969:
Statistical evaluation of the mineral wealth of Czechoslovakia

Kut ina O.G., 1970:
Statistical evaluation of the parameters of a geological section during the interpretation of reflection seismograms

Jakubcova, I.; Pick, M.; Suk, M., 1984:
Statistical evaluation of the relationship between mineralization in the Bohemian Massif and selected geologic phenomena

Smyth, M., 1972:
Statistical evaluation of the seam sequences of some Australian Permian and Triassic coals

Matysek, P.F.; Fletcher, W.K.; Sinclair, A.J., 1983:
Statistical evaluation of the significance of categorial field parameters in the interpretation of regional geochemical sediment data

Mustard Roger; Blenkinsop, T.; McKeagney, C.; Huddleston Holmes, C.; Partington Greg, 2004:
Statistical evaluation of the spatial relationship of intrusions and faults to Fe-Oxide Cu-Au systems, Cloncurry District

Baranya, T., 1985:
Statistical evaluation of the subsoil in Szolnok

Murray Kyle, E.; McCray John, E., 2002 :
Statistical evaluation of uncertainty in small-scale GIS-based soil property databases

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Statistical evaluation of zircon morphology from the Male Karpaty Mts. granitoid rocks (West Carpathians)

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Statistical evaluations of coal quality in the Ardley coal zone

Avi Shapira, 1984:
Statistical evaluations of the potential earthquake hazards in Israel and adjacent areas

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Statistical evaluations of the strength characteristics of Bangkok Clay

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Statistical evidence for long term asymmetric behavior in observed geomagnetic reversal sequences

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Statistical evolution of impact ejecta from the Earth; implications for transfer to other solar system bodies

Anonymous, 2001:
Statistical examination of anomalies for the precursor to earthquakes, and the multi-element prediction formula; hazard rate changes of strong earthquakes (M> or =4) around Beijing area based on the ultra-low frequency ground electrical observation; 1982-1997

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Statistical examination of gravity anomalies over preglaciated terrains

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Statistical examination of noise on phase estimation in spiking deconvolution

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Statistical examination of reservoir-induced seismicity

William Bandy; Mario Pardo, 1994:
Statistical examination of the existence and relative motion of the Jalisco and southern Mexico blocks

Ethington, R.L.; Schumacher, D., 1969:
Statistical examination of the multi-element conodont species Phragmodus undatus

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Statistical exploration of matrix hydrologic properties for Bandelier Tuff, Los Alamos, New Mexico

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Statistical extension of response spectrum superposition

Loertzer, G.J.M., 1989:
Statistical extensions for weighted stacking with result analysis

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Statistical facts concerning potable mineral waters in 1975

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Statistical fault model and seismic spectrum

Kiwamu Nishida; Naoki Kobayashi, 1999:
Statistical features of Earth's continuous free oscillations

Yosihiko Ogata; Tokuji Utsu; Koichi Katsura, 1995:
Statistical features of foreshocks in comparison with other earthquake clusters

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Statistical features of sea-floor topography

H.Xianming, 1995:
Statistical features of strong aftershocks in China and determination of occurrence possibility

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Statistical features of the seismic noise-field

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Statistical interpretation of traveltime fluctuations

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Statistical investigation of antibiotics multiresistance in Escherichia coli strains isolated from bovines from 2002 to 2005

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Statistical investigation of the secondary wave arrival times of Far-Eastern earthquakes

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Statistical investigation on use of application of micro nutrients in rice-wheat cropping system

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Statistical kinetics of the release of energy in the collapse of a heterogeneous hierarchical system

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Statistical metallogenic analysis; location and spatial distribution of ore deposits with regard to geological structure, geophysical and geochemical anomalies

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Statistical method application for estimation of build-up territories of Zabaikalic cryolithozone geoecological stability--Ispol'zovaniye statisticheskogo metoda dlya otsenki geoekologicheskoy ustoychivosti zastraivayemykh territoriy kriolitozony Zabaykal'ya

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Statistical method for the evaluation of changes in microseismic activity in an area in the middle of a section being mined

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Statistical method of approximating significant signals of logging diagrams

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Statistical method of delimitation of stratigraphic sections according to a set of qualitative indicators

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Statistical method of detecting unusual seismic activities

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Statistical method of determining the parameters of mining surveys

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Statistical methods for uncertainty analysis and sensitivity analysis associated with computer models

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Statistical methods in geochemical analysis; an important tool for evaluation and quality control of analytical methods and results

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Statistical methods in physical geography

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Statistical methods in sampling

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Statistical methods in submarine relief investigations

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Statistical Methods in Systematics

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Statistical methods in the exploration and evaluation of pegmatites on the basis of geochemical data

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Statistical methods in the study of earthquake processes

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Statistical methods in water resources; book review

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Statistical methods of aggregate durability evaluation

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Statistical methods of analyzing sand-sized particles

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Statistical methods of characterizing hydrogeological parameters

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Statistical methods of constructing density profiles of known geometry using gravity anomalies under conditions of interference

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Statistical methods of determination and correlation of well profiles

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Statistical methods of determining the parameter H in two-dimensional potential fields

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Statistical methods of evaluating the extent of alteration by meteoric water in rocks of deep origin

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Statistical methods of identification of reflected waves given complete a priori information

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Statistical methods of identifying samples applied in the solution of typical geological problems

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Statistical methods of interpreting data of airborne magnetic surveys in the study of the Earth's crust structure

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Statistical methods of investigation of space relationships between groups of geological objects

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Statistical methods of investigation, prediction and mapping of vertical movement of the Earth's crust; example from the Carpathians and Balkan region of the Eastern Carpathians

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Statistical methods of localizing lithological changes

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Statistical methods of obtaining information in analyzing geophysical data

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Statistical methods of selecting reference elements for the quantitative spectral analysis of rocks and minerals of contrasting chemical composition

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Statistical methods of treatment of seismic data for exploration of complex environment

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Statistical methods of use of analysing sequences of earthquakes

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Statistical methods; a manual

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Statistical methods; detecting environmental impacts

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Statistical methods; fitting frequency curves, regression analyses

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Statistical methods; opportunities as planning tools

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Statistical microanalysis applied to garnet growth zoning and to cordierite fluid content

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Statistical mineral prediction without defining a training area

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Statistical mixing models for heterovalent solid solutions

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Statistical mode of ratio of easily soluble uranium to total uranium from Cer granitic pluton

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Statistical model and formula calculating diamond grain number per gram

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Statistical model as a tool to study river deposits

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Statistical model fitting of remote induction sounding data from underground coal gasification site; Hanna II, Phases 2 and 3

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Statistical model for gravity, topography, and density contrasts in the Earth

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Statistical model for predicting water flow in Estonian oil shale mines and open pits

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Statistical model for random errors in leveling

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Statistical model for source rock maturity and organic richness using well-log data, Bakken Formation, Williston Basin, United States

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Statistical model for stability of slope made of granular materials

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Statistical model for standard seismicity and detection of anomalies by residual analysis

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Statistical model for structure of jointed rock mass

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Statistical model for the stick-slip behaviour of faults

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Statistical model of Earth-Moon coaccretion and macroimpacts

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Statistical model of a flooded random surface and applications to lunar terrain

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Statistical model of a porous medium; its application to the determination of electrical and hydrologic resistivities

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Statistical model of an inhomogeneous geological medium

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Statistical model of anomalous natural phenomena in dynamic climatic systems based on data from remote sensing

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Statistical model of element mobility and its practical applications

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Statistical model of high-voltage electron beam

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Statistical model of moisture-transfer in soil

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Statistical model of river-bed stream; parameters of turbulence, energy characteristics

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Statistical model of silicate analysis and results of investigation of G-1 and W-1 samples