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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 20152

Chapter 20152 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Jin Qiang; Qian Jialin; Huang Xinghan, 1986:
Study on thermal degradation kinetics of source rock kerogen and quantitative estimation of hydrocarbon transformation

Duan Yi; Zhou Shixin, 2001:
Study on thermal simulation of Carboniferous source rocks in Tarim Basin, China; II, Composition and evolution of biomarkers

Villieras Frederic; Tekely Piotr; Barres Odile; Yvon Jacques, 1994:
Study on thermal transformations of talc by infrared spectroscopy and (super 29) Si NMR

X.X.ehan; Pei Jingsian, 1987:
Study on thermoluminescence age and the geological history of formation of the Quaternary system and neotectonic activity in Dykou-Xichang area

Pei Jingxian; Cao Junchen, 1987:
Study on thermoluminescence of some strata-bound Iceland spar deposits in China

Y.L.ansheng; Cao Qinchen, 1988:
Study on tholeiitic basalt of Juan de Fuca Ridge

Zhang Xiaoye; A.Z.isheng; Liu Dongsheng; Chen Tuo; Zhang Guangyu; Arimoto Richard; Zhu Guanghua; Wang Xinfu, 1992:
Study on three dust storms in China; source characterization of atmospheric trace element and transport process of mineral aerosol particles

Zhu Ruigeng; Ding Xiaoliang; X.Y.anyu; Cai Jinxiang, 1987:
Study on time-order-controlled fracture blast in the excavations of large rock caverns

Anonymous, 2007:
Study on tobacco etch virus against maize dwarf mosaic disease

Yan Shaohong; Kang Lijun, 1997:
Study on top coal caving law of comprehensive mechanized caving face in Shuiyu coal mine, Shanxi, China

Liu Baohua; W.J.nlong; Xin Baisen; Peng Chao, 1998:
Study on topographic compensation model of the Okinawa Trough; I, Calculation of theoretical isostatic response function

Xin Baisen; Liu Baohua; Xia Zhifeng, 1998:
Study on topographic compensation model of the Okinawa Trough; II, Geological interpretation of isostatic response function of the Okinawa Trough

Anonymous, 2007:
Study on toxicity effects of terbium on horseradish

Deng Wanming, 1993:
Study on trace element and Sr, Nd isotopic geochemistry of Cenozoic potassic volcanic rocks in northern Xizang, China

Wang, Chia-Ching., 1994:
Study on trace fossil Gyrochorte

Yan Fenglin; Zhu Mingshan, 1985:
Study on traces of re-destruction and re-transformation in gravels

Anonymous, 2007:
Study on transdermal diffusion action of tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) oil liposomes gel

Shi Huosheng; L.H.afu; Shao Yun; Guo Huadong; Liu Hao; Wei Xiuping, 1996:
Study on transfer structure in Jiaodong region by the use of spaceborne SAR image

Zhang Jianmin; Shao Shengjun, 1987:
Study on transient effective shear-strength of saturated sand under cyclic loading

Chen Mingsheng, 1999:
Study on transient electromagenetic (TEM) sounding with electric dipole; I, Basic principles

Chen Mingshen, 1999:
Study on transient electromagenetic (TEM) sounding with electric dipole; II, Solving for the TEM field

Chen Mingsheng; Xie Haijun, 1999:
Study on transient electromagenetic (TEM) sounding with electric dipole; III, The transient electromagnetic field on the Earth's surface

Chen Mingsheng; Yan Shu, 2000:
Study on transient electromagenetic (TEM) sounding with electric dipole; VI, Data inversion

Anonymous, 2007:
Study on transition of dietary pattern in Jiangsu Province

Wang Shaoling; L.Z.ohu; Liu Jisou; Liang Zhixiang, 1990:
Study on tritium contents in surface and ground water in the eastern Qinghai-Xizang Plateau

Chen Xiaoming; Liu Changshi; Zhao Xiaoning; Geng Jianhua; Wang Xuefeng, 2001:
Study on two types of alkali feldspars coexisting in the Tongcheng-Lujiang Complex, China

Dou Guoren; Zhao Shiqing; Huang Yifen, 1989:
Study on two-dimensional total sediment movable-bed mathematical model

Nagao Masashi; Kadoya Mutsumi, 1970:
Study on two-variate gamma distribution and its engineering application; fundamental theory of two-variate exponential distribution

P.X.nchun; Luo Anping; L.Y.anfa; Wang Xilin; Guan Juming; Zhang Jiqing, 1984:
Study on types of carbonates and silicolites, sedimentary facies and facies-controlled factors of main mineral resources in upper Sinian in the Southwest Yangtze area

Tang Juxing; Yang Zengxi; L.C.engde; M.J.lu, 1996:
Study on typomorphic characteristics of minerals in gold deposits from Huangshan-Jinerquan area, Hami, Xinjiang

Anonymous, 2006:
Study on udder and teat shape in cows with the disease of mastitis

Gangadharappa, B.M.; Kumar, A.V.P.; Yagi, 1999:
Study on under-reamed piles on cohesionless soil under tension

Anonymous, 2002:
Study on understanding the situation of sediment disaster by typhoon RUSA using KOMSAT EOC satellite image

Sankaran, R.N.; Srivastava, S.K.; Mohanty, K.B.; Nayeem, M.A.; Krishnamurthy, V.; Manjunath, Y.S., 1994:
Study on uranium-leached residues of sandstone ore, from Domiasiat, Meghalaya, India

Anonymous, 2006:
Study on use of landscape and plants resource to medicine treatment

Y.W.nbing; Zhu Yuanlin; Zhang Jianming; H.P.ng, 2000:
Study on using a preboring pressuremeter test to determine the mechanical properties of frozen soils

Ahn, Y.; Kim, K-Won., 2007:
Study on utilization status of internet and needs assessment for developing nutrition education programs among elementary school children

Anonymous, 2007:
Study on vacuum cooling of Yuxiangrousi

Sun Weiying; Tan Binghe, 1998:
Study on vanadium's K beta emission spectra and valence analysis of vanadium

Saito Tokumi; Abe Mamoru, 1979:
Study on variation of longitudinal wave velocity with saturation in various rock types

Anonymous, 2006:
Study on variations of serum Th1/Th2 type cytokines in fluorescent quantitative PCR toxoplasma DNA positive infecters

Yin Guanghua; Jiang Bai; G.M.ng, 2000:
Study on vertical deformation observations and fault activity characteristics of the Heizier Reservoir in Baicheng, Xinjiang, China

Liu Quanlin; Yang Min, 2001:
Study on vertical soil pressure on positive buried pipelines

Pan Fulan, 1984:
Study on vibration in site selection for a precision instrument factory

Zou Zhengquang, 1988:
Study on vibration spectra and EPR spectra of cassiterites from the Yunlong tin deposit

Kim Kun Duk; Yang Sung Jin, 1980:
Study on vibratory ground motion for a seismic design of nuclear power plant

Xue Lin, 1995:
Study on viscoelastic mechanical model recognition of rock masses and methods of parameter inversion analysis

Anonymous, 2007:
Study on visualization simulation soybean leaf based on growth equation

Shi Buqing; W.Z.iping; Zhou Yaoqi; Zhang Dagang; X.X.ucai, 1998:
Study on volcanic activities of Mesozoic Yixian Cycle, western Liaoning, China

Zeng Guangce; Lai Xulong; Yang Fengqing, 2002:
Study on volcanic rocks in the Longkang and Zhangzha areas, Jiuzhaigou, Sichuan, China

Orense, R.P.; Morimoto, I.; Yamamoto, Y.; Yumiyama, T.; Yamamoto, H.; Sugawara, K., 2003:
Study on wall-type gravel drains as liquefaction countermeasure for underground structures

Muramoto Yoshio; Kawata Yoshiaki; Fujita Yuichiro; Nakamura Yukio, 1975:
Study on wash load in rivers; on the results of observation in Daido River

Fan Zifei, 1995:
Study on water cut variations in horizontal wells after breakthrough in a bottom waterflooded reservoir

Kanai Yutaka; Seiki Yoji; Kamioka Hikari; Kanazawa Yasuo; Tsukimura Katsuhiro; Hamasaki Satoshi; Nakajima Terumasa, 1998:
Study on water quality as a result of water-rock interaction; a case study in Fukushima and Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan

Anonymous, 2007:
Study on water requirement and irrigation management on cotton and pigeonpea under semi arid condition

F.Qimin, 1993:
Study on water resources and problems of environmental geology in Nanchang, China

Han Zhiming; Wang Xiancheng; L.S.engjun, 2000:
Study on waterflooded formation interpretation at the high water-cut stage

Lou Jianwu; Long Yuan; X.Q.anjun, 2001:
Study on wavelet analysis applied to the structural response to blasting vibrations

Saito Tokumi; Abe Mamoru; Kunori Shoichi, 1974:
Study on weathering of igneous rocks

Anonymous, 1993:
Study on weed control in no-tillage summer corn in north China

Anonymous, 2007:
Study on weed flora of major kharif crops in Mandsour and Ratlam Districts of Madhya Pradesh

H.Y.n; Zhang Mingxiang, 2001:
Study on wetland loss and its reasons in China

Bodiwala, K.K.; Chavada, P.M.; Bhatti, M.N.; Malkan, V.G., 1977:
Study on white clay from Jitod of Sabarkantha District of Gujarat

Xing Aiguo; Chen Longzhu; Chen Mingzhong, 2004:
Study on wind tunnel testing of aerodynamic properties of highspeed landslide flying

Anonymous, 2007:
Study on wool follicular characteristic and S/P ratio in Deccani sheep with reference to age

Sakai Shigeru, 1963:
Study on zonal distribution of ore deposits in Kamioka Mine

Abdel Waly, A.A.; Darwish, T.A.; Salama, A.O.man; E.N.ggar M., 1996:
Study optimizes gas lift in Gulf of Suez field

Phillips Neal, W., 2001:
Study overview

Emerson Douglas, G., 1986:
Study plan for heat and water transport in frozen soils, North Dakota

Tulis Dana; Prevost Peggy Flaherty; Kostecki Paul, 1998:
Study points to new trends in use of alternative technologies at LUST sites

Anonymous, 1981:
Study predicts easier sulphur market

Bende Michl, U.; Fink, M.; Fluegel, W.A., 2005:
Study present measurement strategies and the application of the SWAT model for its suitability to the European Water Framework Directive (EU-WFD) within a large-scale catchment in Germany

Csikan, G., 1984:
Study program of the construction in the zone near Balaton

Qian Yaqian; S.W.izhong; Guo Jiebao, 2000:
Study progress on hydrogen and oxygen isotope exchange dynamics

Randy Showstack, 1999:
Study proposes wholesale change in thinking about natural hazards mitigation

W.C.en; Wang Zihui; Zhao Mingxuan, 1991:
Study report on geological prospecting of palaeochannels in the Nangong groundwater reservoir, Hebei, China

Hitzig Robert; Kostecki Paul; Leonard Denise, 1998:
Study reports LUST programs are feeling effects of MTBE releases

Yefremova, Y.V.; Kazakova, V.D., 1994:
Study reservoirs and inhomogeneities of carbonates by geophysical logging; Novo-Uzybashev Field

Figueroa de la Guardia, A.; Gonzalez Fernandez, E., 1989:
Study results of statistical analysis of vibrations produced by explosions

Lizanets, A.V.; Litvin, S.V.; Rogozhin, V.Y., 1990:
Study results of the H-5 horizon cores of Berezov Deposit

Kalachev, V.Y.; Filimonov, S.D.; Trofimov, V.T.; Nazikh Rashid Abud, 1988:
Study results of the deformability of cohesive soils in various compression devices

Mikhaylova, N.P.; Glevasskaya, A.M.; Tsykora, V.N., 1980:
Study results of the magnetization of igneous rocks of the Ukraine in connection with geomagnetic field history and magmatism problems

Svidzinskiy, S.A.; Koval skiy F.I.; Anoshin, L.V.; Muzalevskiy, M.M., 1983:
Study results of the potassium-bearing Volga Monocline

Ryasintseva, N.I.; Savin, P.T.; Sekundyak, L.Y.; Dotsenko, S.A., 1998:
Study results on polluted water and bottom sediments in different Antarctic areas

Anonymous, 1993:
Study reveals California's OCS reserves remain fairly strong

Anderson Sidney Bakken, 1958:
Study reveals Mississippi series possibilities

Anonymous, 1997:
Study shows abysmal performance of Australian black coal

Burn Timothy, 1993:
Study shows bioremedial method works in Michigan's groundwater

Rosenbaum David, B., 1999:
Study shows magnetized fluids could remediate sand and clay

Ibrahim Muhammad, W., 1996:
Study sizes up Iraq's reserves, exploration status, production potential

Anonymous, 2007:
Study some biological aspects and infestation rate of Pachymerus acaciae (Col: Bruchidae) in rangelands of Kohgiouyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province

Gol dberg V.M.; Zabuzov, A.A.; Prosekov, A.M., 1988:
Study stages for ground water pollution

Simmons Greg, 1991:
Study suggests salt traps in deep Gulf

McCaslin John, C., 1989:
Study suggests signs of oil off Washington

Chojnacki, C.; Rossa, W., 1981:
Study system on bottom deposits of Baltic Sea by so-called acoustical hardness method

Anonymous, 2007:
Study the effect of hexavalent chromium on some biochemical, citotoxicological and histopathological aspects of the Orechromis spp. fish

Abbassi, M.; Gharabaghi, A.R.M., 2007:
Study the effect of wave directionality on dynamic nonlinear behavior of jack-up subjected to wave and earthquake loading

L.Y.ng Gang; Aki Keiiti, 1997:
Study the fault segmentation and post-seismic changes of the Landers fault zone using fault-zone trapped waves

Lee Daniel, 1847:
Study the soil

Walter, C., 1989:
Study the spatial variability of soil properties within three cartographic units

Shirley Kathy, 1993:
Study thrusts basin into limelight

Mohlman Duane, 1992:
Study to assess impact of unlined canals on local ground water levels

Claessen, F.A.M., 1989:
Study to forecast and to prevent damage resulting from reclamation of the Markerwaard Polder

Caldwell Robert, H.; Merkel James, L.; Hansen John, 1996:
Study to gauge impact of technology advances

Szenthe Istvan, 1980:
Study tour of Cuba's karst regions

Voros, A., 1982:
Study travel in Sicily

Sarma Sundar, 1996:
Study upgrades Australia's Otway Basin outlook

X.X.eyan; Zhang Peizhu; A.Y.ng, 1997:
Study using a short cone pile to improve frost heaving and thaw settlement of soil

Bangoy, L.M., 1993:
Study using mathematical model of the hydrodynamic behavior of an alluvial aquifer in the presence of a gravel quarry; the case of the Orb alluvial plain

Dotsev, N.T.; Khalturin, V.I., 1987:
Study using seismic code of properties in the environment in the central part of the Balkans

Badia, D.; Nicolas, J., 1975:
Study with the aide of infrared spectroscopy of processes of kaolinization by resilification of the bauxite of certain sectors of the Val Syncline, Var

Neuilly, M.; Naudet, R., 1975:
Study, by isotopic analysis of rare earths, of flux distribution in the natural reactors of Oklo

Lou Fengsheng, 1988:
Study, development, and selecting rocks in the geological disposal of nuclear waste

Martin, V.I.; Mulyukov, E.I.; Kolesnik, G.S.; Ilyukhin, V.A.; Spyashchiy, Y.P.; Chertykov, Y.D., 1983:
Study, projects, constructions and re-inforcement of foundations of works in karstic areas; Ufa example

Campa Vineta, J.A.; Alvarez Perez, A.; Montoriol Pous, J., 1975:
Study, using reflected light, of the twins of metamorphic chalcopyrite from the Saubader Mine, Vall d'Aran, Lerida, Spain

Dincer, T.; Hutton, L.G.; Kupee, B.B.J., 1979:
Study, using stable isotopes, of flow distribution, surface-groundwater relations and evapotranspiration in the Okavango Swamp, Botswana

Hluchy Michele, M.; April Richard, H.; McCay Timothy, S.; Fuller Randall, L., 2006:
Studying Adirondack watersheds for research and education

Yefremova, O.N.; Kravtsova, V.I., 1981:
Studying Danube delta dynamics using space images

Evans Cynthia, A.; Amsbury David, L.; Lulla Kamlesh, 1997:
Studying Earth from space; new focus for astronauts

Beattie, J., 1976:
Studying Earth history in secondary schools

Campbell Patricia, A.; Schiappa Tamra, A.; Stapleton Michael, G.; Smith Langdon; Zieg Michael; Mathieu Robert, J.; Livingston Jack; Hathaway James, T., 2004:
Studying Earth systems using multidisciplinary department field trips

Pariyskiy, N.N., 1964:
Studying Earth tides from the beginning of International Geophysical Year

Matson, D.L., 1984:
Studying Io's volcanic activity from the Earth

Kokorina, L.K.; Litvinenko, I.V.; Lizinskiy, M.D.; Melamud, M.K., 1974:
Studying Precambrian structures of Pechenga-Allarechenskiy nickel ore region by reflected common-depth-point method

Perissoratis, C.; Rossi, S., 1990:
Studying Recent sedimentation in the northeastern Ionian Sea with the help of the 3.5 KHz subbottom profiler

Price Maribeth; Suppe John, 1993:
Studying Venus using a GIS database

Dotsenko, S.B., 1981:
Studying alluvium during 40 years of the twentieth century; in studies dealing with the Soviet Union

Aristov, V.N., 1979:
Studying ammonites from faunal cross sections of the Hauterivian for locating the evolution of boreal Upper Cretaceous ammonites

Giddings, J.W., 1982:
Studying ancient magnetic fields

Akiyanova Farida, 2004:
Studying and mapping exogenous processes at coast and a shelf of Caspian Sea with application of GIS-technologies

Feng Zengzhao; W.S.enghe, 1987:
Studying and mapping lithofacies paleogeography of Qinglong Group of Lower-Middle Triassic in the lower Yangtze Valley

Ruzhentsev, S.V., 1990:
Studying and mapping of nappe-folded structures

Knipper, A.L.; Kurenkov, S.A.; Savel yeva G.N., 1990:
Studying and mapping of ophiolite complexes

Burtman, V.S.; Shcherba, I.G., 1990:
Studying and mapping olistostrome complexes

Rong Jianxiang; Zhao Ming, 1993:
Studying and measuring the plate motions and earthquakes using pulsar observations

Zal tsberg E.A.; Dech, V.N., 1979:
Studying and predicting ground water regimes using multidimensional spectral and component analyses

Novokshchenov, A.M., 1981:
Studying and predicting petroleum and gas zones

Arkhipenko Diana Konstantinovna; Grigor yeva T.N.; Krivoputskaya, L.M.; Gusev, G.M.; Lemina, N.M.; Luk yanova R.G., 1977:
Studying apatite with X-ray and infrared methods

Guptill Stephen, C.; Price Susan, D., 2002:
Studying arboviruses with the tools of geographic information science

Shelobolina, E.S.; Vodyanitskii, Y.N.; Avakyan, Z.A.; Karavaiko, G.I., 1999:
Studying bacterial transformations of iron in a model experiment with kaolin

Kretschmar, E.I.; Gelbrich, J.; Militz, H.; Lamersdorf, N., 2008:
Studying bacterial wood decay under low oxygen conditions - results of microcosm experiments

Scott Robert, W., 1974:
Studying benthic communities

Anonymous, 1968:
Studying changes in cryologic and engineering-geologic conditions as a result of territorial assimilation

Aleksey, I.Sharov, 2005:
Studying changes of ice coasts in the European Arctic

Koerner, R.M.; Fisher, D.A., 1981:
Studying climatic change from Canadian high arctic ice cores

Leibman, M.O. (Leybman, M.O.; Kizyakov, A.I.; Perednya, D.D.; Vanshtein, B.G. (Vanshteyn, B.G., 2006:
Studying coastal dynamics of the Khatanga Bay, Laptev Sea using remote sensing data--Dinamika berega Khatangskogo zaliva morya Laptevykh po rezul'tatam analiza distantsionnykh materialov

Anonymous, 2003:
Studying community structure and dynamics

Grechukhin, V.V.; Klimov, A.A.; Baklanov, V.G., 1989:
Studying concretions in well sections using geophysical methods

Fei Yingwei, 1994:
Studying core materials at high pressures and temperatures

Maksimov, M.M., 1978:
Studying creep activity while compiling forecast maps of central Moldavia

Brauze Kh; Shreder, E.; Burkert, V.; Lange, V.; Novak, V.E.; Rikhter, K.G.; Pomerantseva, I.V.; Polshkov, M.K.; Mozzhenko, A.P.; Khokkeler, V.; Kerner, D.; Oysberg, R.P.; Knote Kh; Neymkhefer Kh; Gyut Kh; Porstendorfer, G.; Katsung, G.; Solin, A., 1978:
Studying crustal and upper mantle structure of East Germany

Kornilov, V.F.; Myaz, N.I., 1973:
Studying decreptometric characteristics of granites using student's and Kolmogorov-Smirnov's criteria

Manev Georgi; Shanov Stefan; Ivanchev Evstati; Stornov Ilya; Troshanova Anka, 1986:
Studying deformation and destruction processes of deep-seated Upper Carboniferous sedimentary rocks of the Dobruja coal basin by acoustical and electrical laboratory methods

Myachkin, V.I.; Voyevoda, O.D., 1980:
Studying deformation and slip processes from fault models

Zysin, A.M., 1990:
Studying dependence of blasting risk of coal seams from geological conditions

Kharin, N.G.; Orlovskiy, N.S.; Esenov, P.E., 1989:
Studying desertification of the semi-arid environment of Mali

Flood Peter, G., 1996:
Studying earth science; open learning initiative at UNE, Armidale

Cadek, O., 1987:
Studying earthquake ground motion in Prague from Wiechert seismograph records

C.P.R.jendran; Kusala Rajendran, 2003:
Studying earthquake recurrence in the Kachchh region, India

Schaff, D.S.; Beroza, G.C., 1997:
Studying earthquake recurrence using micro-earthquakes

Fitzenz, D.D.; Harris, R.A., 2004:
Studying earthquake-rupture scenarios using time-forward, physics-based, fault-interaction models coupled to dynamic-rupture models

Gorshkov, G.P., 1968:
Studying earthquakes

Eiby, G.A., 1977:
Studying earthquakes in New Zealand

Wells Neil, A., 2002:
Studying earthquakes, while also learning about data and visualization

Tedeyev, R.V., 1977:
Studying elastic wave velocities in sedimentary rock models

Krasnikov, N.D., 1977:
Studying elastoplastic properties of soils for microzoning

Gradie Jonathan, C., 1988:
Studying elusive asteroids & comets

Garayeva, N.S.; Diyashev, R.N.; Khamidullin, R.F.; Diyarov, I.N., 2001:
Studying emulsional and rheological properties of petroleum from Irelyakhskoye Field

Kelley Patricia, H., 2000:
Studying evolution and keeping the faith

Khromova, T.Y.; Chernova, L.P., 2003:
Studying factors affecting spatial pattern of glaciers fluctuation in eastern Pamirs, 1972-1990

Shi Yuchun; Yang Qing (Qing Yang), 1995:
Studying fault system from Guangming oil field by radioactivity survey

Yakovlev, Y.K.; Chetvergov, A.P., 1981:
Studying faults from gravimagnetic data

Gillen David; Baker Tim; Hunt Julie, 2004:
Studying fluid types in Fe-oxide-Cu-Au deposits, Wernecke Mountains

Dalingwater, J.E., 1981:
Studying fossil arthropod cuticles with the scanning electron microscope

Po-zen Wong; Jar-shyong Lin, 1988:
Studying fractal geometry on submicron length scales by small-angle scattering

Bagirov, B.A.; Allakhverdiyev, I.M., 1988:
Studying geological and technological factors which influence exploitation

Brian Huntley, 1990:
Studying global change; the contribution of Quaternary palynology

Minin, Y.A., 1989:
Studying global tectonic dislocations from measurements of contemporary crustal movement

I.M.tsunaga; H.K.bayashi; S.S.saki; T.I.hida, 1993:
Studying hydraulic fracturing mechanism by laboratory experiments with acoustic emission monitoring

Hoffmann, M.M.; Darab, J.G.; Fulton, J.L.; Stern, E.A., 1998:
Studying in situ hydrothermal reactions with X-ray absorption spectroscopy

Lin Rui; Ritz, G.P.trick, 1993:
Studying individual macerals using i.r. microspectroscopy, and implications on oil versus gas/ condensate proneness and low-rank generation

Kudryavtsev, Y.I.; Miklyayev, Y.V.; Tikhonov, B.N., 1980:
Studying induction logging with parallel coils

Karpenko, I.V.; Karpenko, S.G.; Mel man A.G.; Il nitskii L.P. (Il nitskiy L.P., 1985:
Studying inelastic properites and specific features of an inhomogeneity of a medium from scattered wave spectra

Kareva, O.V., 1973:
Studying inference resistance of an optical filter

Plyusnin, G.S., 1979:
Studying instrumental mass-discrimination

Skorokhod, A.I.; Tsytsarin, A.G., 1996:
Studying interannual variability of salt composition of northern Caspian waters

Ognianik, N.S.; Paramonova, N.K., 2000:
Studying irrigation impact on the steppe, Crimea groundwater in Ukraine

Vinokurov, V.M.; Bulka, G.R., 1985:
Studying isomorphous impurities in crystals by means of radiospectroscopy

Dublyansky, V.N., 1961:
Studying karst in the mountain Crimea; karststudien in den Gebirgen der Krim

Abidin, H.Z.; Andreas, H.; Gamal, M.; Djaja, R.; Murdohardono, D.; Rajiyowiryono, H.; Hendrasto, M., 2006:
Studying land subsidence of Bandung Basin, (Indonesia) using GPS survey technique

Kemp, A.C.; Gallagher, J.W., 1995:
Studying lithology and fluid indicators on a seismic workstation

Balavadze, B.K.; Abashidze, V.G.; Mumladze, G.V., 1968:
Studying local crustal deformation with a tiltmeter

Osokina, D.N.; Myachkin, V.I.; Igamnazarov, T.I.; Smirnov, L.A., 1980:
Studying local stress fields analogous to focal zones; the results of modeling

Osokina, D.N.; Tsvemkova, N.Y., 1979:
Studying local stress fields and predicting the secondary deformation in adjacent tectonic fractures and at earthquake focal zones by calculating stresses of tertiary significance

Tomashevskaya, I.S.; Volodina, S.I., 1981:
Studying mechanism of preparation of rock sample deformation under high pressure

Borghi Alessandro; Spiess Richard, 2004:
Studying metamorphic microstructures; a brief insight on modern methodological approaches

Anonymous, 2007:
Studying microbial, physiochemical and sensory properties of directly concentrated probiotic yoghurt

Kochev, V.A.; Guslitser, B.I., 1983:
Studying micropaleontologic objects using projectors

Towe, KM., 1985:
Studying mineral particulates of biogenic origin by transmission electron microscopy and electron diffraction; some guidelines and suggestions

Feklichev, V.G., 1971:
Studying minerals with significant rare element content with the aid of composite formulas and graphs

Bayley William Shirley, 1923:
Studying mines with a microscope

Petrikovskaya, M.Y.; Makitra, R.G., 1980:
Studying natural coalification processes, particularly of coal in the D, G, Zh stages

Zubakin, G.K.; Danilov, A.I., 2000:
Studying natural conditions of freezing seas of Russian shelf for potential of oil and gas field development

Minkin, E.L.; Ashirova, K.N., 1982:
Studying nitrate pollution of groundwater by nitrogeneous fertilization of fields

Markwitz, A.; White, G.V.; Trompetter, W.J.; Turner, G.C.; Brown, I.W.M., 1999:
Studying nitridation of silicon dioxide layers by ion beam analysis methods

Kunilov, V.Y.; Valetov, A.V.; Arshinov, V.V., 1990:
Studying norilsk-type copper-nickel sulfide ore deposits at the level of commercial development

Vashchenok, A.V., 1986 :
Studying occurrence of mineral associations of different ages in metamorphic rocks from deformation

Uddstrom, M.J., 1999:
Studying ocean variability from space

Bryan, W.B.; Robinson, P.T.; White, S.M.; Byerly, G.; Swanson, D.A.; Pertsev, N.; Ricou, L.E.; Levi, S.; Miles, G.A.; Siesser, W.G.; Hamano, Y.; Stephen, R.A.; Bollinger, C.; Emmermann, R., 1977:
Studying oceanic layers

Acton Gary, D.; Petronotis Katerina, E., 1994:
Studying oceanic plate motions with magnetic data

Zhou Jianxiong; Johan, Z., 1986:
Studying of fine textures of ferrifayalite and discussing oxidation of fayalite

Permyakov, A.P.; Bochkova, L.B.; Glebova, A.L., 1988:
Studying of geological structure of hydrocarbon formations for evaluating reserves at Zapolyarnyy Field

A.Hakeem Karam, 1987:
Studying of historical earthquakes activity in Syria

Yue Mei; Zhao Fenghua; Deyi Ren, 2006:
Studying of the harmful elements releasing with pyrite weathering in acid coal-mine drainage

Nguyen Trong Yem; L.T.i Nghinh; Dao Thi Mien; Doan Dinh Lam, 1995:
Studying on late Quaternary shear zones of Chi Linh-Dong Trieu by geological, geomorphological and sedimentological methods

Pishchalov, S.; Ivanova, V.; Dobrev, T., 1981:
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