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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 20154

Chapter 20154 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Soucie Gary, 1974:
Subdividing and conquering the desert

Harris DeVerle, P.; Pan Guocheng, 1990:
Subdividing consistent geologic areas by relative exceptionalness of additional information; methods and case study

Feoktistova, A.P., 1982:
Subdividing layers with varying contents of hydrocarbon gas using mud logging data

Sokolov, I.P.; Zelenin, N.A.; Polyakov, G.A.; Ubaykhodzhayev, T.I., 1981:
Subdividing reefogenic massifs of western Uzbekistan

Aaloe Aaza, 1975:
Subdividing the Baltic Basin commercial kukersite bed according to bed structures

Palmer, A.R., 2004:
Subdividing the Cambrian; a work in progress

Pylma, L.; Sarv, L.I.; Khints Linda, 1977:
Subdividing the Ordovician in the Berzini Borehole, southeastern Latvia

Pillans Brad, 2003:
Subdividing the Pleistocene using the Matuyama-Brunhes boundary (MBB); an Australasian perspective

Hofmann, H.J., 1990:
Subdividing the Precambrian; the geon concept

Kalmykova, M.A., 1978:
Subdividing the Upper Carboniferous

Bensh, F.R., 1978:
Subdividing the Upper Carboniferous and the Carboniferous-Permian boundary based on materials from Central Asia

Alekseyeva, I.A., 1978:
Subdividing the Upper Carboniferous based on foraminifera of the Mezen River basin

Lehnert Oliver; Repetski John, E.; Miller James, F.; Ethington Raymond, L.; Dresbach Russell, 2000:
Subdividing the lower Ibexian Rossodus manitouensis conodont zone using Leukorhinion and its successor taxa

L.G.ngshi; Whitten, E.H.T.mothy; Bornhorst Theodore, J.; Hicks Darrell, L., 1988:
Subdivision among samples on the basis of numerous variables

Braytseva, O.A.; Yevteyeva, I.S.; Lupikina, Y.G.; Sulerzhitskiy, L.D., 1973:
Subdivision and absolute geochronology of the Holocene peat bogs of Kamchatka

Gidai, L., 1977:
Subdivision and age determination of lower Eocene formations of northeastern Transdanubia

Okan, Y., 1982:
Subdivision and age of Elmadag Formation, Ankara, Turkey

Kemper Edwin, 1971:
Subdivision and boundaries of the Aptian of north Germany

Shi Liangrun, 1987:
Subdivision and boundaries of the Permo-Carboniferous coal-bearing strata in Huainan and Huaibei

Aliyev, A.A.; Aliyeva, L.I., 1970:
Subdivision and correlation of Akchagylian deposits in western Azerbaidzhan

Luppov, N.P.; Bogdanova, T.N.; Lobacheva, S.V.; Travina, T.F., 1984:
Subdivision and correlation of Berriasian reference sections in the Mangyshlak Peninsula

Yan Guoshun; Wang Deyou; Jiang Yuan; X.Y.nhong, 1987:
Subdivision and correlation of Carboniferous and Early Permian strata of north-china-type in Henan Province

Kim, A.I.; Yerina, M.V.; Yelkin, Y.A.; Gratsianova, R.T.; Bakharev, N.K.; Zheltonogova, V.A., 1984:
Subdivision and correlation of Devonian of Tien Shan and South of West Siberia

Bogush, O.I.; Yuferev, V.O., 1990:
Subdivision and correlation of Devonian-Carboniferous boundary deposits in Siberia and Northeastern USSR based on foraminifers

Nikolov, Z.; Tenchov, J.; Popova, K.; Dimitrova, T.; Popov, A., 1989:
Subdivision and correlation of Gurkovo Formation from the Carboniferous of Dobrudza coal deposit

Il ina V.I., 1981:
Subdivision and correlation of Jurassic deposits in central and eastern Siberia, on the basis of palynological data

Bogayets, A.T.; Boychuk, G.V.; Leshchukh, R.I.; Menkes, M.A.; Portnyagina, L.A.; Skorik, A.N., 1983:
Subdivision and correlation of Lower Cretaceous in northern Crimea

Mei Shilong; Mei Mingxiang; Chen Jianqiang, 1996:
Subdivision and correlation of Middle and Upper Cambrian in North China in light of sequence stratigraphy

Glezer, Z.I.; Stepanova, G.V., 1994:
Subdivision and correlation of Paleogene deposits in the Kara Sea; based on diatoms and silicoflagellates

Jiang Ganqing; Zhang Weijie; Xiao Rongge; Luo Zhaohua; L.S.uqing; Gao Dezheng, 1995:
Subdivision and correlation of Permian strata in the Sonid Zuoqi area, Inner Mongolia, China

Tran Trong Hoa, 2002:
Subdivision and correlation of Permian-Triassic basaltoid associations in the Song Da Structure (NW Vietnam)

Yang Jiawen, 1983:
Subdivision and correlation of Precambrian strata in western Yunnan

Yang Fan, 1981:
Subdivision and correlation of Quaternary strata in eastern Qaidam Basin by using Ostracoda as a palaeoclimatological indicator

Xiong Jiayong; Liu Shirong, 1983:
Subdivision and correlation of Triassic formations in Choushui area, southern Yunnan

Luchinina, V.A., 1990:
Subdivision and correlation of Vendian-Cambrian boundary deposits of Siberian Platform based on calcareous algae

Wang Furun, 1995:
Subdivision and correlation of an early Proterozoic metamorphic system in southern Jilin

Wang Shufang; Wang Yunsheng, 1988:
Subdivision and correlation of borehole-magnetostratigraphy in Yingbin Hotel, Tianjin

Verba, V.V.; Gaskel berg V.G., 1972:
Subdivision and correlation of gneisses of the Proterozoic complex of the eastern part of the Kola Peninsula based on magnetic data

Tomurko, L.L.; Kozak, S.O., 1983:
Subdivision and correlation of granitic rocks from the western Ukrainian Shield

Plumb, K.A., 1985:
Subdivision and correlation of late Precambrian sequences in Australia

Il ina V.I., 1984:
Subdivision and correlation of marine and continental Jurassic of Siberia on the basis of palynological data

Mange Rajetzky Maria, A., 1995:
Subdivision and correlation of monotonous sandstone sequences using high-resolution heavy mineral analysis, a case study; the Triassic of the Central Graben

Petrovskii, A.D. (Petrovskiy, A.D), 1985:
Subdivision and correlation of profiles of separate boreholes (with special reference to terrigenous rocks of the Kolvin Pericraton)

Alekseyev, V.P.; Babayev, G.A.; Safonov, B.K.; Troitskiy, A.V.; Yeremenko, N.V., 1990:
Subdivision and correlation of sections of Jurassic terrigenous formation within the Chardzhou Bench according to well-logging data

Plumb, K.A., 1990:
Subdivision and correlation of the Australian Precambrian

Shantser, A.Ye, 1987:
Subdivision and correlation of the Cenozoic continental volcanogenic formations of Kamchatka

Kim, A.I.; Erina, M.V.; Yolkin, E.A.; Sennikov, N.V., 1988:
Subdivision and correlation of the Devonian of South Fergana (Turkestan-Alai Mountain area, U.S.S.R.)

Davydov, V.I., 1992:
Subdivision and correlation of the Donets Upper Carboniferous and Lower Permian deposits from fusulinid data

Zhao Bie quan; Jiang Quan mei, 1982:
Subdivision and correlation of the Lower Cretaceous of Hunan

Wang Cheng yuan; Ruan Yi pin; M.D.o cheng; Wang Zhi hao; Rong Jia yu; Yin Bao an; Kuang Guo dun; S.Y. bao, 1979:
Subdivision and correlation of the Lower and Middle Devonian series in different facies of Guangxi

Y.S.ida; Yang Tongshi, 1982:
Subdivision and correlation of the Middle Triassic in Yushu District, Qinghai

Obut, A.M.; Sobolevskaya, R.F., 1972:
Subdivision and correlation of the Ordovician deposits in the northeastern part of the USSR based on studies of graptolites

Zeng Qingluan; N.S.izhao; X.G.anghong; Zhou Tianmei; Wang Xiaofeng; L.Z.ilong; Lai Caigen; Xiang Liwen, 1983:
Subdivision and correlation of the Ordovician of Yangtze Gorges, China

Phan, C.T.en; Dickins, J.M., 1995:
Subdivision and correlation of the Permian stratigraphy of Vietnam and adjacent regions in Southeast Asia and eastern Asia

Young Grant, M., 1980:
Subdivision and correlation of the Precambrian in Canada

Kratts, K.O.; Mitrofanov, F.P., 1980:
Subdivision and correlation of the Precambrian in the USSR

Jio Shupei; Chen Guo en, 1983:
Subdivision and correlation of the Precambrian of Qinghai-Xizang Plateau

Sokolov, V.A.; Stenar, M.M., 1980:
Subdivision and correlation of the Precambrian of the southeastern Baltic Shield

Missarzhevskiy, V.V., 1983:
Subdivision and correlation of the Precambrian-Cambrian boundary sequences based on certain ancient groups of skeletal organisms

Yang Xianhe; Qin Xihu; X.X.ngqi, 1986:
Subdivision and correlation of the Presinian in Xide, Szechwan

Itihara Minoru, 1986:
Subdivision and correlation of the Quaternary in Japan

Yang Qinghe; Zhang Youli; Zheng Wenwu; X.X.esi, 1980:
Subdivision and correlation of the Sinian Suberathem in northern Jiangsu and Anhui

Liu Hongyun; Tang Jiafu; F.H.gin, 1987:
Subdivision and correlation of the Sinian System in Jiangxi Province, and special problems involved

Zhao Biequan, 1985:
Subdivision and correlation of the Upper Cretaceous in Hunan

Guo Yinqiang, 1997:
Subdivision and correlation of the downhole Carboniferous in the Bachu Uplift, Tarim Basin

Chang Shaoqunan, 1980:
Subdivision and correlation of the late Precambrian in the southern Liaodong Peninsula

Chin Sung-chiao., 1974:
Subdivision and correlation of the lower Carboniferous of the Beishan region, Kansu

Yelkin, Y.A.; Gratsianova, R.T.; Alekseyeva, R.Y.; Cherkesova, S.V., 1968:
Subdivision and correlation of the lower Devonian in Siberia

Liu Wencan; Song Honglin; M.W.npu, 1999:
Subdivision and correlation of the metamorphic tectono-stratigraphy in northern Huaiyang region, Henan, China

Bulgatov, A.N., 1977:
Subdivision and correlation of the pre-Vendian rock series in Peribaikalia and Transbaikalia

Bulgatov, A.N., 1977:
Subdivision and correlation of the pre-Vendian series of Cisbaikalia and Transbaikalia

Wang Yuelun; L.Z.ngbin; Xing Yusheng; Gao Zhenjia; Lin Weixing; M.G.ogan; Zhang Luyi; L.S.ngnian, 1980:
Subdivision and correlation of the upper Precambrian in China

Salop, L.I., 1977:
Subdivision and correlation of the upper Precambrian on a geohistorical basis

Kamalov Ya; Khikmatullayev, B.S., 1971:
Subdivision and correlation of upper Cretaceous rocks of southern Uzbekistan, based on studies of mineral composition

Yegorov, A.P.; Tolkunov, A.Y.; Yanishevskiy, Y.V., 1971:
Subdivision and correlation of volcanic-sedimentary deposits based on trace elements, with the Kurama zone as an example

Unger Kurt Paul; Rau Dietrich, 1967:
Subdivision and development of recent valley floors in the central Thuringian basin; results of geologic-soil mapping in the Weissensee quadrangle

Polishchuk, A.L., 1967:
Subdivision and distribution of lower Permian deposits in the northwestern Dnieper-Donets basin

Mason, D.R., 1975:
Subdivision and geochemistry of Tertiary intrusive complexes from part of the New Guinea mobile belt

Thurston, P.C.; Jackson, S.L.; Sutcliffe, R.M.; Stott, G.M., 1989:
Subdivision and internal structure of greenstone belts in western Superior Province

Dobretsov, G.L.; Popov, N.V., 1975:
Subdivision and mapping of multiple intrusions

Graupner Armin, 1968:
Subdivision and mineral deposits of the coal-bearing Wealdian in the Hils area

King, A.F., 1975:
Subdivision and origin of late Precambrian rocks of the southern Avalon Peninsula, Newfoundland

Hinsch Winfried, 1990:
Subdivision and palaeogeography of the Gramian and Syltian stages (late Miocene) in Schleswig - Holstein and Wursten (N. W. Germany)

Wang Yicheng, 1987:
Subdivision and paleoecology of the lower Tertiary in the southern Shulu Depression, Hebei, China

King, A.F., 1977:
Subdivision and paleogeography of late Precambrian and early Paleozoic rocks in the Avalon Peninsula, Newfoundland

Requadt, H.; Buhr, R., 1989:
Subdivision and paleogeography of the Tertiary Vallendarer Schotter in the region of the Hintertaunus

Radzinski Karl Heinrich, 1967:
Subdivision and paleogeography of the lower and middle Bunter in the southeastern Harz foreland

Skinner, D.N.B., 1972:
Subdivision and petrology of the Mesozoic rocks of Coromandel (Manaia Hill Group)

Stiefenhofer Johann, 2000:
Subdivision and recognition of kimberlitic crater deposits

Giles, P.S.; Boehner, R.C., 1981:
Subdivision and regional correlation of strata of the upper Windsor Group, Cape Breton Island and central Nova Scotia

Applegate Albert, V.; Winston George, O.; Palacas James, G., 1981:
Subdivision and regional stratigraphy of the pre-Punta Gorda rocks (lowermost Cretaceous-Jurassic?) in south Florida

Applegate Albert, V.; Winston George, O.; Palacas James, G., 1987:
Subdivision and regional stratigraphy of the pre-Punta Gorda rocks, lowermost Cretaceous-Jurassic(?) in Florida

Luetzner, H.; Vass, D., 1983:
Subdivision and stages of development of Variscan and Alpine molasses (on the base of the example of Central European Variscides and West Carpathians)

Vozarova, A.; Vozar, J., 1983:
Subdivision and stages of development of Variscan molasse of the Czechoslovakian West Carpathians

Brunnaker, K. (Brunnacker K), 1981:
Subdivision and stratigraphy of Quaternary terraces of the Lower Rhine

Yie Ying; Shen Zhongyue; Wang Huaizhao; Zhen Libo, 1999:
Subdivision and tectonic setting of the upper Precambrian in northern Zhejiang, China

Grant Taylor, T.L.; T.P.nga M.T.; Suggate, R.P., 1978:
Subdivision based on inferences from stratigraphy and physiography

Webb, P.; Baldwin, J., 1998:
Subdivision consents; places for improvement

Andrusov Dimitrij, 1936:
Subdivision des nappes subtatriques sur le versant nord de la Haute Tatra

Andrusov Dimitri, 1935:
Subdivision et parallelisme des nappes subtatriques des Carpathes occidentales

Dzhavakhishvili, A.N. (Djavakhichvili), 1934:
Subdivision geomorphologique de la Georgie

Rudkevich, M.Ya, 1981:
Subdivision in formations and structures of the West Siberian Platform

Yang Zongren, 1983:
Subdivision of Carboniferous System in Baoshan region, Yunnan

Xia, G.; Ding, Y.; Zhao, S., 1987:
Subdivision of Carboniferous-Permian fusulinid-bearing strata of Henan and their faunas

Saperson, E.I., 1976:
Subdivision of Eocene sediments in northern and western Turkmenia into stages, based on studies on benthonic foraminifera

Adamenko, O.M., 1971:
Subdivision of Eopleistocene deposits of the Altai foothills in view of the question of the Quaternary lower boundary

Nironen Mikko; Lahtinen Raimo; Koistinen Tapio, 2002:
Subdivision of Finnish bedrock; an attempt to harmonize terminology

Birkeland Peter, W., 1982:
Subdivision of Holocene glacial deposits, Ben Ohau Range, New Zealand, using relative-dating methods

Wang Liang, G.; McNaughton Neal, J.; Groves David, I., 1992:
Subdivision of I-type granitic rocks in the Archaean Murchison Province, Western Australia

Zaninetti, L.; Ciarapica, G.; Decrouez, D.; Martini, R., 1987:
Subdivision of Involutinacea, foraminifera

Baybarodskikh, N.I.; Bro, Y.G.; Gudkova, S.A.; Kartseva, G.N.; Nakaryakov, V.D.; Ronkina, Z.Z.; Sapir, M.K.; Sorokov, D.S., 1968:
Subdivision of Jurassic and Cretaceous deposits in profiles of wells drilled in the Ust-Yenisei syncline between 1962 and 1967

Simkevicius Petras; Apanaviciute Jolita, 1998:
Subdivision of Jurassic sequences in western Lithuania by different methods

Xiao Weimin; Wang Hongdi; Dong Wenlan; Zhang Linxin, 1987:
Subdivision of Late Carboniferous-Early Permian strata in southern Guizhou

Korngreen Dorit; Benjamini Chaim, 1998:
Subdivision of Late Triassic carbonate buildup cycles using CL microscopy (Asher Atlit 1 borehole, northern Israel)

Dean Ronald Samuel; Webber, G.R.ger, 1961:
Subdivision of Lorraine and Richmond Groups of Quebec by elemental analyses of calcareous strata

Shan Weiguo, 1996 :
Subdivision of Lower Cambrian Canglangpu Formation, eastern Yunnan, into Hongjingshao Formation and Wulongqing Formation

Anonymous, 1983:
Subdivision of Lower Cambrian of Siberia; fossil atlas; references

Ponomar ova L.D., 1989:
Subdivision of Lower Cretaceous deposits of Ukrainian Carpathians by means of fine foraminifers

Altamura Robert, J., 2003:
Subdivision of Lower to Middle Devonian strata in two structural basins in the Ridge and Valley Province, south-central Pennsylvania (based on geomorphic and tectonic interpretations of side-looking airborne radar (SLAR) imagery)

Zaninetti, L., 1982:
Subdivision of Miliopiporidae (Triassic foraminifera); nomenclature

Stainforth, R.M., 1964:
Subdivision of Miocene

Yefimtsev, N.A.; Zelenina, V.F.; Zelenin, N.A., 1967:
Subdivision of Neogene deposits in the southeast Bukhara-Khiva oil- and gas-bearing region

Bordunov, S.I., 1991:
Subdivision of Neogene deposits of Karaginskiy Island, Kamchatka region, based on foraminifers

Churkin, M.J.; Carter, C.; Johnson, B.R., 1977:
Subdivision of Ordovician and Silurian time scale using accumulation rates of graptolitic shale

Chandra Sanjay, 1993:
Subdivision of Permian coal measures in India by framework minerals; a comparative geological study

Kotsur Kh; Leven, E.Y.; Lozovskiy, V.R.; Pyatakova, M.V., 1980:
Subdivision of Permian-Triassic boundary beds in Transcaucasia on the basis of conodonts

Gushchin, B.M., 1969:
Subdivision of Permo-Carboniferous sediments of southeastern Pamir

Semmel Arno, 1967:
Subdivision of Pleistocene sediments in the Floersheim-Kriftel-Kelsterbach region

Panz, I., 1973:
Subdivision of Pliocene sediments of the Carpathian Foreland in Romania, based on Congeria

L.D.ngrong; Peng Yimin; Liu Chingsi; Xie Zhenzhao; Tong Yiute, 1979:
Subdivision of Pliocene-Pleistocene series in Beijing Plain

Wood Gordon Harry Jr.; Arndt Harold Harry; Soren Julian; Trexter John Peter; Yelenosky Andrew, 1956:
Subdivision of Pottsville Formation in Southern anthracite field, Pennsylvania

Zhao Zongpu, 1988:
Subdivision of Precambrian time and rock-stratigraphic units of Eastern China; inference from Precambrian crustal evolution of eastern Hebei Province

Bridgwater David; Pulvertaft, T.C.R., 1982:
Subdivision of Precambrian time; methods and terminology currently used by Danish geologists

Plumb, K.A.; James, H.L., 1986:
Subdivision of Precambrian time; recommendations and suggestions by the SubCommission on Precambrian Stratigraphy

Vidal Gonzalo; Plumb, K.A.; James, H.L., 1987:
Subdivision of Precambrian time; recommendations and suggestions by the Subcommission on Precambrian Stratigraphy; discussion and reply

James, H.L., 1972:
Subdivision of Precambrian; reply

Griley Horace, L., 1933:
Subdivision of Quartermaster Formation of Oklahoma, and its relationship to known Triassic of Texas Panhandle

Romanov, A.A.; Karmishina, G.I.; Kuznetsova, N.I.; Makarov, S.A.; Sedaykin, V.M., 1989:
Subdivision of Quaternary deposits and major events associated with human activity in lower Volga

Wintsch, R.P.; Webster, J.R.; Bernitz, J.A.; Fout, J.S., 1987:
Subdivision of Rope Ferry Gneiss, Avalon Terrane, and structural implications

Brabb Earl, E., 1964:
Subdivision of San Lorenzo Formation (Eocene-Oligocene), west-central California

Shakhot ko L.I., 1993:
Subdivision of Siberian kimberlites on basis of their petrochemical composition

Ding Qixiu; Zhang Shusen; Liu Guizhi; Chen Yiyuan, 1985:
Subdivision of Sinian and the top-bottom boundary

Semenova, Y.V., 1972:
Subdivision of Triassic and Jurassic deposits and age of the Novorayskoe Formation, based on paleontologic investigations

Lebedev, V.M.; Starosel tsev V.S., 1967:
Subdivision of Triassic strata in the Tunguska syneclise

Dmitrenko, O.B., 1985:
Subdivision of Upper Cretaceous deposits in Aktulagaya, eastern Caspian Basin, according to calcareous nannoplankton

Vladimirov, A.Y.; Mogucheva, N.K.; Nikulov, L.P.; Romanov, A.P., 1990:
Subdivision of Upper Permian and Lower Triassic volcanic deposits in western Taymyr

Vakhramev, V.A.; Dobruskina, I.A.; Zhat kava E.A.; Turtygina, A.S., 1983:
Subdivision of Upper Triassic of Kumskaya oil region

Xin Hengguang, 1996:
Subdivision of Variscan mineralization series in western Tianshan of Xinjiang

Milewicz Jerzy, 1981:
Subdivision of Zechstein in sedimentary cycles in North-Sudetic Synclinorium

Sokolovskiy, K.I.; Zapol skaya G.B.; Lesko, V.G.; Romanenko, S.A., 1976:
Subdivision of a complex gravitational field into components corresponding to masses partitioned by a vertical plane

Wagenknecht, R., 1980:
Subdivision of a granitic pluton by classification of quartz axis and fracture fabrics

Sokolovs kiy K.Y., 1973:
Subdivision of a gravity (or magnetic) field into components corresponding to different guadrants of the lower half-space

Dusmatov, V.D.; Mel nichenko A.K.; Kutenets, V.A.; Breyvinskaya, V.M.; Vol nov B.A.; Akramov, A.N., 1971:
Subdivision of alkalic rocks of the Hissar-Alai region into formations

Listengarten, V.A., 1983:
Subdivision of arid zones and mountainous folded regions using the conditions of formation of ground-water reserves

Kovalenko, D.Y.; Zaykovskiy, N.Y., 1967:
Subdivision of carbonate sections in the Crimea on the basis of geophysical logging data

Anuchkina, N.P.; Bobkova, Z.S.; Yuon, O.I., 1975:
Subdivision of coal-bearing rocks on the northeastern periphery of the Tunguska Syneclise

Vakhrameyev, V.A.; Il ina V.I.; Fokina, N.I., 1982:
Subdivision of continental Jurassic formations of the USSR by vegetal fossils

Moiseyeva, A.I., 1995:
Subdivision of continental Neogene deposits of the Far East; diatom data

Peybernes, B.; Manuppella, G.; Cugny, P., 1993:
Subdivision of depositional sequences, dated by larger benthonic foraminifers, of the carbonate Dogger from southern Portugal, Santiago-do-Cacem and Algarve

Wellman, P., 1993:
Subdivision of eastern Australia into crust with different cratonization history using gravity and magnetic anomalies

Sun Yongfu, 1986:
Subdivision of engineering geology of land subsidence and prediction of land subsidence in Shanghai

Wang Linghong; Ouyang Lian, 1982:
Subdivision of fauna with Ailuropoda-Stegodon for group analysis

Wang Ziguo, 1985:
Subdivision of formational boundaries of the upper Paleozoic at the southern foot of the Yanshan Mountains

Chadwick George Halcott, 1930:
Subdivision of geologic time

Lukin, A.A., 1983:
Subdivision of geomorphology based on direct and inverse causal relations of relief-geospheres interaction; from the XVII Plenary session of the Geomorphological Commission of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR

Dubinchik, E.Y.; Rozental, I.V., 1977:
Subdivision of granitoids based on magnetic properties

Zhu Yuanfeng; Cui Guangzhong, 1991:
Subdivision of karst system and confirming of karstified period in Beishan Mine

Kontorovich, A.E.; Leontovich, V.B.; Fotiadi, E.E.; Anikina, G.A.; Bliznichenko, S.I.; Vatamanyuk, T.V.; Kashtanov, V.A.; Mikulenko, K.I.; Starosel tsev V.S., 1972:
Subdivision of large territories according to the potential for oil and gas occurrence

Ruske Ralf; Wuensche Manfred, 1968:
Subdivision of late Pleistocene loess deposits in the southeastern and eastern foreland of the Harz mountains

Strohbach, B.; Schmidt, R., 1982:
Subdivision of loess localities in the context of middle-scale cartography of agricultural areas in East Germany

Forbes, B.G.; Murrell, B.; Preiss, W.V., 1981:
Subdivision of lower Adelaidean, Willouran Ranges

Antonova, Z.A.; Baydova, L.A.; Kalugina, O.M.; Shmygina, T.A., 1974:
Subdivision of lower Cretaceous sedimentary rocks in the northwestern Caucasus, based on studies of foraminifera

Varsimashvili, E.V., 1972:
Subdivision of lower Cretaceous terrigenous flysch in the Shovi-Pasanauri Subzone of the folded system in the southern Greater Caucasus

Aliyulla Kh; Koshkarly, R.O., 1981:
Subdivision of lower Paleogene formations of the central Kura Depression

Correa, M.A.a Maria; Martens Uwe; Restrepo, A.J.rge Julian; Ordonez Carmona Oswaldo; Pimentel Marcio Martins, 2005:
Subdivision of mafic metamorphic rocks around Medellin, Central Cordillera of Colombia

Rothery, D.A.; Abrams, M.J.; Pontual, A., 1990:
Subdivision of mapped units in the Oman Ophiolite using enhanced Landsat thematic mapper images

Vakhaniya, Y.K., 1972:
Subdivision of middle Jurassic volcanic-terrigenous rocks of Georgia

Khalatyan, E.S., 1969:
Subdivision of mineral waters of the Azatavan-Dvina type, Armenia

Andreyeva Grigorovich, A.S.; Turchinova, S.M., 1983:
Subdivision of nannoplankton of upper Miocene deposits of the northwestern Carpathian Foredeep, Podluby region

Dana, J.; Bouska, J., 1989:
Subdivision of outcrop beds in the western part of the northern Bohemian lignite basin

Samarkin, G.I.; Samarkina, E.Y.; Lyadskiy, P.V., 1985:
Subdivision of pre-batholithic formations in small independent intrusions in granitic zones of the Southern Urals

Zhou Shiquan; Han Shijing; Zhang Yongcai, 1979:
Subdivision of red beds of Liguanqiao Basin, Henan Province

Avramenko, V.I., 1969:
Subdivision of regional gravity anomalies

Krasnov, V.I.; Shcheglov, A.P., 1969:
Subdivision of rock series based on tectonic conditions of their formation, exemplified by ancient series of the Altai-Sayan region

Zaruba, V.M., 1970:
Subdivision of rocks from the Serednyy suite, Krivoy Rog series, from the eastern and western Ingul syncline

Petrova, I.V., 1977:
Subdivision of sedimentary rocks using palynological studies

Moskalenko, A.I., 1970:
Subdivision of sedimentary-volcanic rocks and lithostratigraphic correlation of the magnetite deposits of the Sokolovo-Sarbay area

Valuy, G.A., 1988:
Subdivision of shallow granitic facies

Tashliyev, M.S.; Kuryleva, A.M.; Tovbina, S.Z., 1982:
Subdivision of structures and facies of the Cretaceous of Turkmenistan

Chen Fuwen; L.H.ng; Y.G.ixiang, 1998:
Subdivision of tectonogeochemical provinces in eastern Yangtze Platform

Girard Catherine; Klapper Gilbert; Feist Raimund, 2005:
Subdivision of terminal Frasnian linguiformis conodont zone, revision of the correlative interval of Montagne Noire zone 13, and discussion of stratigraphically significant associated trilobites

Gubaydullin, S.A.; Kuleshov, L.N., 1984:
Subdivision of territories in semi-desert zones using satellite images according to potential dangers of eolian erosion processes and runoff, from the example of Kalmyk

Mawson Douglas; Sprigg Reg, C., 1950 :
Subdivision of the Adelaide system

Ivankin, P.F.; Shcheglov, A.P., 1971:
Subdivision of the Altai-Sayan folded area and principal features of its tectono-magmatic evolution in the Paleozoic

Mezhvilk, A.A., 1988:
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Subdivision of the Bunter in the Triassic marginal facies in the eastern part of the south German crustal block

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Subdivision of the Canadian Shield

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Subdivision of the Carboniferous

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Subdivision of the Churchill Province and extent of the Trans-Hudson Orogen

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Subdivision of the East Baltic Silurian according to terrigenous materials

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Subdivision of the Gambier Limestone

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Subdivision of the Gawler Range Volcanics in the Gawler Ranges

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Subdivision of the Godula Group based on heavy mineral studies

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Subdivision of the Guifeng Group and sedimentary system and characteristics of a facial model for the Upper Cretaceous of Xinjiang, China

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Subdivision of the Gyiza Group in the southern part of Yushu County, Qinghai Province

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Subdivision of the Hida metamorphic complex, central Japan, and its bearing on the geology of the Far East in pre-Sea of Japan time

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Subdivision of the Holocene Elbe gravels using statistical methods of pebble analysis

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Subdivision of the Joachimsthal series between Oberwiesenthal and Tellerhaeuser

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Subdivision of the Karroo system with special reference to the shale and mudstone of the Beaufort series; Karroo system, South Africa

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Subdivision of the Koporskaya Series and its paleontologic characteristics

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Subdivision of the Lower Devonian of Salair using conodonts

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Subdivision of the Lower-Middle Jurassic strata in South Jiangsu

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Subdivision of the Mediterranean Triassic; 2, The conodont chronology of the Mediterranean Triassic

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Subdivision of the Metegersk Suite from the middle Cambrian of the Malaya Botuobuya River Saddle and Angara River-Lena River Depression

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Subdivision of the Mg-suite noritic rocks into Mg-gabbronorites and Mg-norites

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Subdivision of the Middle to Upper Carboniferous strata in the Urumqi area, Xinjiang

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Subdivision of the Minyar-Ukskiy deposits of the Urals according to microphytoliths

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Subdivision of the Otway Group based on a sedimentary study and electric log interpretations

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Subdivision of the Paleocene and Eocene nannoplankton zones of the S-3, S-4, and S-6B drill holes, Joides program, Blake Deep off Florida

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Subdivision of the Paleogene of the USSR

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Subdivision of the Paleozoic into series and stages in China

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Subdivision of the Pannonian of the Transcarpathian region on the basis of the ostracod fauna

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Subdivision of the Pleistocene in the Hamburg area

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Subdivision of the Pliocene molasse in the central and Gyaurs regions of the Kopet-Dag range

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Subdivision of the Pontian deposits

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Subdivision of the Precambrian in mobile zones, and correlation problems

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Subdivision of the Precambrian in mobile zones, and problems of correlation

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Subdivision of the Precambrian of Amazonia; a suggestion

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Subdivision of the Precambrian series in the southwestern Iberian Massif

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Subdivision of the Precambrian; a brief review and a report on recent decisions by the Subcommission on Precambrian Stratigraphy

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Subdivision of the Precambrian; proposals by the Subcommission on Precambrian Stratigraphy and comparison with Phanerozoic chronostratigraphy

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Subdivision of the Proterozoic and Archean eons; recommendations and suggestions by the International Subcommission on Precambrian Stratigraphy

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Subdivision of the Quaternary alluvium east of the Front Range near Denver, Colorado

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Subdivision of the Quaternary in Japan; marine and non-marine deposits

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Subdivision of the Quaternary sections in the Khroma River basin, Yana-Indigirka Lowland, from microphytofossils

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Subdivision of the Red Beds in Chaling Basin, Hunan Province

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Subdivision of the Riss in the western Rhine glacier zone, Baden Wurttemberg

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Subdivision of the Sauk Sequence

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Subdivision of the Silurian of Volhynia-Podolia into stages, based on graptolites

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Subdivision of the Stockbridge Limestone in southwestern Massachusetts and adjacent Connecticut

Anonymous, 1965:
Subdivision of the Tsining metamorphic series and its metamorphic facies

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Subdivision of the Turonian Stage in Israel

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Subdivision of the USSR according to channel formation conditions and channel types

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Subdivision of the USSR on the basis of a relative estimate of the density of possible preserved astroblemes

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Subdivision of the Upper Cretaceous-lower Tertiary of the Tantou, the Lushi and the Lingbao basins in Henan Province

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Subdivision of the Upper Permian sequence of the Bukk Mountains in northern Hungary

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Subdivision of the Visean and Namurian stages in the northwestern part of the Dnieper-Donets basin

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Subdivision of the Weald clay in Sussex

Reeves, J.W., 1968:
Subdivision of the Weald clay in north Sussex, in Surrey and in Kent

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Subdivision of the Yuemengou Group in North China with comments on the boundary between the Carboniferous and Permian systems

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Subdivision of the Zechstein limestone in northeastern Mecklenburg

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Subdivision of the amphibolite hornfels metamorphic facies Geol. Soc. America Bull., v. 69, no. 12, pt. 2

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Subdivision of the central Chernozem region using arable slope structures for the purpose of controlling them

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Subdivision of the clastic Holocene in central and northwestern German Bight (North Sea) with special attention to foraminifers

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Subdivision of the clay-marl rocks overlying the salt horizon in the Starobin potassium deposit

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Subdivision of the continental Jurassic based on plants

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Subdivision of the continental Jurassic deposits in Central Asia based on paleobotanical data

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Subdivision of the dinoflagellate cyst family Suessiaceae and discussion of its evolution

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Subdivision of the early Precambrian in the Ludong-Jiaobei Uplift area (northeastern Shandong) and its geological significance

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Subdivision of the early Tertiary Mammalia fauna in the central-south China

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Subdivision of the early Tertiary into nannoplankton zones

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Subdivision of the flysch deposits along the upper Rachi

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Subdivision of the formation and seismic sequence of the western ZJK Basin and preliminary analysis of combination of source bed, reservoir and covering strata

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Subdivision of the granitic intrusions of the Akchatau complex of central Kazakhstan in connection with their ore content

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Subdivision of the granitic rocks of the Ashuelot Pluton, southwestern New Hampshire

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Subdivision of the last glacial stage in the southern Rocky Mountains

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Subdivision of the late Wisconsin Mississippi panlobes

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Subdivision of the late glacial and postglacial sediments of the Kattegatt sea

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Subdivision of the lower Carboniferous deposits of the southwestern USSR, Odessa area

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Subdivision of the lower Devonian of the Rhenish Schiefergebirge

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Subdivision of the lower Ordovician Epler Formation in New Jersey

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Subdivision of the lower Triassic deposits of southern Primorye

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Subdivision of the lower beds of Myophoria in the middle Keuper of Hellmitzheim Bay, Kitzingen District, lower Franconia

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Subdivision of the lower part of the Wilkawillina Limestone, eastern Flinders Ranges

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Subdivision of the lower portion of the Huron Member of the Ohio Shale, Kanawha and Boone Counties, West Virginia, and applications to gas production

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Subdivision of the marine Cretaceous of Baingoin area in the lakes' region of northern Tibet

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Subdivision of the marine Paleogene of the west Siberian lowland into stages

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Subdivision of the menilite suite in the Transcarpathian downwarp

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Subdivision of the middle and upper Devonian of the western Harz on the basis of conodonts and ostracods

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Subdivision of the oil- and gas-bearing deposits of the lower and middle Jurassic in the eastern part of the Caspian depression

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Subdivision of the oligocene formations of northwestern ust-urt on the basis of logging data

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Subdivision of the ophiolites-bearing suite overlying the Pindos Nappe, central-Crete

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Subdivision of the productive deposits (beds 12-18) in the Uzen field

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Subdivision of the pyrite group, and a chemical and X-ray-diffraction investigation of ullmannite

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Subdivision of the recent Pleistocene and the appearance of the upper Paleolithic in central Europe

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Subdivision of the sedimentary cover of platform troughs

Zhukov, V.V., 1970:
Subdivision of the sedimentary cover of the Byelorussian part of Polesye based on statistical data

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Subdivision of the seismic layers in the Earth's crust of Sakhalin and adjacent bodies of water

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Subdivision of the tectonic units in the North China fault block region and some problems on their boundaries

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Subdivision of the territories of Lithuania using geologic data

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Subdivision of the territory of the Lower Volga region from the point of view of conditions of conducting point stabilization sounding (PSS)

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Subdivision of the upper Cretaceous in the drill hole Peremyshlyany-103 on the Volyn-Podolia platform

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Subdivision of the upper Cretaceous of the west Siberian lowland based on foraminifera, upper Campanian and Maestrichtian

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Subdivision of the upper Cretaceous sedimentary section in the Astrakhanian part of the Volga region and the Kalmyk region, based on foraminifera

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Subdivision of the upper Maestrichtian and Danian of the Trialeti Ridge by nannoplankton, eastern Georgia

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Subdivision of the upper Pliensbachian in northeastern USSR

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Subdivision of the upper Silurian in the Dubovskoye borehole section, Kaliningrad Province

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Subdivision of the upper Toarcian in northeastern Russia into zones

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Subdivision of the upper and middle Pleistocene in the middle Saale valley near Bad Koesen

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Subdivision of the weathering crust on granitoids, based on trace-element analysis

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Subdivision of the world ocean floor from the viewpoint of petroleum geology

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Subdivision of thick sedimentary units into layers for simulation of ground-water flow

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Subdivision of trap rocks based on the character of the magnetic field in the central part of the Tunguska Syneclise

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Subdivision of vitrinitic macerals

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Subdivision of volcanic activity types in paleovolcanic regions, greenstone belt of the central Urals

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Subdivision of zonal metamorphic Precambrian complexes according to clastogenic accessory mineral associations

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Subdivision stratigraphique du houiller en Pologne

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Subdivisions principales du Prebetique et du Subbetique au sud-est de Caravaca (province de Murcie, Espagne)

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Subdrainage with a sand backfill as a positive influence on pavement performance

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Subducting plate margins

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Subduction (old and new) examined

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Subduction (sedimentological control)

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Subduction and Deep Earthquakes

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Subduction and Oil Migration

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Subduction and Orogeny

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Subduction and accretion in the Japan Trench

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