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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 20186

Chapter 20186 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Noble Donald, C., 1968:
Systematic variation of major elements in comendite and pantellerite glasses

Murata Kiguma Jack; Rose Harry Joseph Jr., 1953:
Systematic variation of rare earths in monazite

Murata, K.J.; Rose, H.J.; Carron, M.K.; Glass, J.J., 1957:
Systematic variation of rare-earth elements in cerium-earth minerals

Yamamoto Yuzuru, 2006:
Systematic variation of shear-induced physical properties and fabrics in the Miura-Boso accretionary prism; the earliest processes during off-scraping

Rech Jason; Quade Jay; Betancourt Julio; Kaylin Arroyo Mary, T., 2001:
Systematic variation of stable carbon and oxygen isotopes with elevation in soil carbonate from the Atacama Desert, Chile

Cochran James, R.; Fornari Daniel, J.; Malinverno Alberto; Wang, X.; Goff John, A., 1992:
Systematic variation of summit and flank morphology within a ridge segment; East Pacific Rise, 7 degrees S-9 degrees S

Forbes Warren, C.; Eckelmann, F.D.nald, 1963:
Systematic variation of zircon populations through a comagmatic plutonic rock series

Yoshioka Hideyoshi; Asahara Yoshihiro; Tojo Bunji; Kawakami Shin ichi, 2003:
Systematic variations in C, O, and Sr isotopes and elemental concentrations in Neoproterozoic carbonates in Namibia; implications for a glacial to interglacial transition

Newberry, R., 1979:
Systematic variations in W-Mo-Cu skarn formation in the Sierra Nevada; an overview

Vincent, L.; Dolan, R.; Hayden, B.; Resio, D., 1976:
Systematic variations in barrier-island topography

Cande Steven, C., 1986:
Systematic variations in basement morphology in the South Atlantic

Botneva, T.A.; Nechayeva, O.L.; Glogochevski Ya (Glogochovski, Y.Y.); Tselikovski, A.; Moskal, V.; Stepnevska, E. ), 1982:
Systematic variations in free gases of the Lower Permian sediments of Poland

Beltrame, R.J., 1982:
Systematic variations in hornfels at the base of the Stillwater Complex, Montana

Dolan, R.; Hayden, B.P.; Felder, W., 1977:
Systematic variations in inshore bathymetry

Prewitt, C.T.; Hazen, R.M., 1976:
Systematic variations in metal-oxygen bond distances with temperature and pressure

Resio, D.T.; Dolan, R.; Hayden, B.P.; Vincent, C.L., 1977:
Systematic variations in offshore bathymetry

Koblova, A.Z.; Belokon, T.V.; Merzlyakov, V.M.; Krivonosova, L.A., 1983:
Systematic variations in properties of formation oils and gases of the Kama region

Zhigang Peng; John, E.V.dale; Chris Marone; Allan Rubin, 2005:
Systematic variations in recurrence interval and moment of repeating aftershocks

Mkrtchyan, O.M., 1978:
Systematic variations in selective distribution of tectonic swells in the Volga-Ural oil-gas region

Swindle, T.D.; Burkland, M.K.; Johnson, J.R.; Larson, S.M.; Morris, R.V.; Rizk, B.; Singer, R.B., 1992:
Systematic variations in solar wind fluence with lunar location; implications for abundances of solar-wind-implanted volatiles

Murchie Scott; Mustard John; Bishop Janice; Head James; Pieters Carle; Erard Stephane, 1992:
Systematic variations in spectral properties of bright regions on Mars

Castillo David, A.; Zoback Mark, D., 1994:
Systematic variations in stress state in the southern San Joaquin Valley; inferences based on well-bore data and contemporary seismicity

Tedesco Dario, 1997:
Systematic variations in the (super 3) He/ (super 4) He ratio and carbon of fumarolic fluids from active volcanic areas in Italy; evidence for radiogenic (super 4) He and crustal carbon addition by the subducting African Plate?

Gurari, F.G.; Zapivalov, N.P.; Kontorovich, A.E.; Nesterov, I.I.; Stavitskiy, B.P., 1970:
Systematic variations in the composition of Mesozoic oils of the west Siberian lowland

Tverdova, R.A.; Astashova, A.N.; Aref yev N.V., 1969:
Systematic variations in the composition of oils and bitumens in Devonian sediments of the Volgograd region

McArthur, J.M., 1978:
Systematic variations in the contents of Na, Sr, CO (sub 3) and SO (sub 4) in marine carbonate-fluorapatite and their relation to weathering

Wang Jinhui; Carpenter Scott, J.; McConnaughey, T., 1995:
Systematic variations in the delta (super 18) O and delta (super 13) C values of Acropora palmata and Acropora cervicornis aragonite; implications for coral physiology and biomineralization

Serebryakov, O.I., 1978:
Systematic variations in the geochemical properties of oils in the sub-salt sediments of the Peri-Caspian Depression

Pankina, R.G.; Maksimov, S.P., 1970:
Systematic variations in the isotopic composition of sulfur in connection with cyclicity of the processes of oil formation

Frey Herbert; Semeniuk Ann Marie, 1984:
Systematic variations in the properties of subkilometer cones in Acidalia Planitia

Tarzey, R., 1986:
Systematic variations in the trace element chemistry of Kenyan basic volcanics

Washington Paul, A., 1990:
Systematic variations in thrust displacements and sheet lengths in natural thrust systems

Oliver Douglas, H.; Hansen Vicki, L.; Heizler Matthew, T., 1995:
Systematic variations in white mica (super 40) Ar/ (super 39) Ar cooling ages and calcite e-twin types; implications for subduction zone polarity

Hood Chris, T.S.; McCandless Tom, E., 2004:
Systematic variations in xenocryst mineral composition at the province scale, Buffalo Hills kimberlites, Alberta, Canada

Boger, P.D.; Boger, J.L.; Faure, G., 1980:
Systematic variations of (super 87) Sr/ (super 86) Sr ratios, Sr compositions, selected major-oxide concentrations, and mineral abundances in piston cores from the Red Sea

Ellwood, B.B.; Watkins, N.D., 1975:
Systematic variations of anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility magnitude between the cooling faces of Icelandic lavas and dikes

A.G.Prozorov, 1977:
Systematic variations of mean travel-time residuals in space and time

Sans, J.R., 1978:
Systematic variations of mineral chemistry within an epizonal intrusion of Miocene age, North Cascades, Washington

Hazen, R.M.; Bell, P.M.; Mao, H.K., 1978:
Systematic variations of pyroxene absorption spectra with composition

Phillip, D.B.ger; Gunter Faure, 1976:
Systematic variations of sialic and volcanic detritus in piston cores from the Red Sea

Wilson Dale; Patten Rick; Megahan Walter, F., 1982:
Systematic watershed analysis procedure for Clearwater National Forest

Casinader, R., 1982:
Systematic weak seams in dam foundations

Watney, W.L.nn; Bohling Geoffrey, C.; Doveton John, H., 1994:
Systematic wireline log predictions of sequence stratigraphic units; a case-study from the Upper Pennsylvanian of Kansas

A.Vecsei, 2003:
Systematic yet enigmatic depth distribution of the world's modern warm-water carbonate platforms; the depth window

Kauffman, E.G., 1977:
Systematic, biostratigraphic and biogeographic relationships between Middle Cretaceous Euramerican and North Pacific Inoceramidae

von Daniels, C.H., 1976:
Systematic, biostratigraphy and paleoecology of foraminifera and other microorganisms from the Northwest German Tertiary basin

Young Robert, S.; Means Christopher; Turchy Michael; Fradkin Steven, 2005:
Systematic, inexpensive coastal monitoring in Olympic National Park; meeting resource management goals

Groshong Richard, H.Jr., 1985:
Systematic, map-scale, comparative structural geology

Benito, G.; Bardossy, A.; Bobee, B.; Coeur, D.; Enzel, Y.; Frances, F.; Lang, M.; Llasat, M.C.; O.C.nnor Jim, E., 2000:
Systematic, palaeoflood and historical data for the improvement of flood risk estimation; the SPHERE Project, an European methodological approach

Bernor, RL.; Kovar-Eder, J.; Lipscomb, D.; Rogl, F.; Sen, S.; Tobien, H., 1988:
Systematic, stratigraphic, and paleoenvironmental contexts of first-appearing Hipparion in the Vienna Basin, Austria

Nikolayev, V.A., 1989:
Systematic-formational approach in the classification of the Earth's relief

Porta Jaime de, 1969:
Systematic-stratigraphic catalog of upper Tertiary Pectinidae of northeast Spain, exclusive of Balearic islands

Smirnov, B.I., 1978:
Systematic-structural research in geology

Hillmer Gero, 1968:
Systematic-taxonomic value of gonozooecia of cyclostomate bryozoans illustrated by Diaperoecia? polystoma

Feng Weiheng, 1987:
Systematical analysis of the common judgement factors and its applications to the forecast of endogenic metallizations

Breda Marzia; Marchetti Marco, 2005 :
Systematical and biochronological review of Plio-Pleistocene Alceini (Cervidae, Mammalia) from Eurasia

Grunig, A., 1985:
Systematical description of Eocene benthic Foraminifera of Possagno (northern Italy), Sansoain (northern Spain) and Biarritz (Aquitaine, France)

Yuan Jiazheng; Zhang Feng; Yin Chungu; Shao Hongxiang, 1997:
Systematical study on ore-magma genesis of Meishan iron ore deposits

Hofmann, HJ., 1972:
Systematically branching burrows from the Lower Ordovician (Quebec Group) near Quebec, Canada

D.Avila Vergara Valmor, 1979:
Systematics adopted for research on the Anitapolis phosphate deposit, Santa Catarina

Anderson Philip; Roopnarine Peter, D., 2002:
Systematics and biogeographic history of the venerid genus Securella in the North Pacific

Soule, J.D.; Soule, D.F., 1969:
Systematics and biogeography of burrowing bryozoans

Alisa, J.Winkler, 1992:
Systematics and biogeography of middle Miocene rodents from the Muruyur Beds, Baringo District, Kenya

Runnegar Bruce, 1966:
Systematics and biology of some desmodont bivalves from the Australian Permian

Pedder, A.E.H., 1977:
Systematics and biostratigraphic importance of the Lower Devonian rugose coral genus Exilifrons

Zullo Victor, A., 1988 :
Systematics and biostratigraphy of Eocene barnacles from the Savannah River region and adjacent parts of South Carolina and Georgia

Wagner, R.H.; Lemos de Sousa, M.J., 1982:
Systematics and distribution of Linopteris florini TEIXEIRA and Linopteris gangamopteroides (DE STEFANI) WAGNER

Alberdi Maria Teresa; Cerdeno Esperanza, 2003:
Systematics and distribution of Neogene and Quaternary Perissodactyla

Yen John, T.C., 1958:
Systematics and distributions of Pyrgulifera Meek

Michalik, J., 1977:
Systematics and ecology of Zeilleria Bayle and other brachiopods in the uppermost Triassic of West Carpathians

Beattie Paul, 1994:
Systematics and energetics of trace-element partitioning between olivine and silicate melts; implications for the nature of mineral/ melt partitioning

Lipina, O.A., 1985:
Systematics and evolution of Loeblichiidae and Spinoendothyra

Eldredge Niles, 1972:
Systematics and evolution of Phacops rana (Green, 1832) and Phacops iowensis Delo, 1935 (Trilobita) from the middle Devonian of North America

Schafer, P.; Fois, E., 1987:
Systematics and evolution of Triassic Bryozoa

Ahearn, ME., 1988:
Systematics and evolution of the Antilocapridae

D.S.efano, G.; Petronio, C., 2002 :
Systematics and evolution of the Eurasian Plio-Pleistocene tribe Cervini (Artiodactyla, Mammalia)

Goldman, D.; Mitchell, C.E., 1988:
Systematics and evolution of the Middle Devonian Ambocoeliidae of western New York

Ginsburg, L., 1985:
Systematics and evolution of the Miocene genus Palaeomeryx (Artiodactyla, Giraffoidea) in Europe

Berta, A.; Demere, T.; Gatesy, J., 2003:
Systematics and evolution of the Mysticeti

Bowen, ZP.; Campbell, JD., 1973:
Systematics and evolution of the brachiopod genus Rhizothyris in the Oligocene-Miocene of New Zealand

Prideaux, Gavin, J., 1999:
Systematics and evolution of the extinct kangaroo subfamily, Sthenurinae

Dumitrica, P., 1983:
Systematics and evolution of the genus Suttonium Schaaf (Radiolaria)

Izokh, Y.P.; Kononov, A.N.; Kononov, O.A., 1987:
Systematics and formational analysis of granitoids of Gorny Altai

Simoes Marcello Guimaraes; de Mello Luiz Henrique Cruz, 1996:
Systematics and functional anatomy of Casterella gratiosa Mendes, 1952 (Pelecypoda), Terezina and Corumbatai formations (Upper Permian), Parana Basin, Brazil

Hannibal, J.T.; Feldmann, R.M., 1980:
Systematics and functional morphology of Amynilyspes (Arthropoda; Diplopoda) from the Carboniferous of North America

Parsley, RL., 1975:
Systematics and functional morphology of Columbocystis, a middle Ordovician cystidean (Echinodermata) of uncertain affinities

Pickford Martin; Liu Jian hui; Pan Yue rong, 2004:
Systematics and functional morphology of Molarochoerus yuanmouensis (Suidae, Mammalia) from the late Miocene of Yunnan, China

Sorokin, V.N., 1993:
Systematics and genesis of gold-sulfide deposits

Vol fson F.I.; Arkhangel skaya V.V., 1974:
Systematics and geologic features of telethermal lead-zinc deposits

Shapo Danielle, E., 2003:
Systematics and growth form analysis of stromatoporoids of the Little Cedar Formation, Middle Devonian, eastern Iowa

Luchitskiy, I.V.; Bondarenko, P.M., 1976:
Systematics and mechanism of formation of concentric structures

Glukhova, L.V., 1984:
Systematics and microstructure of the scale-like leaves of the cordaitanthids

Peel, J.S., 1986:
Systematics and mode of life of a new Silurian Clisospira (Mollusca) from North Greenland

Bevzenko, P.Ye, 1970:
Systematics and nomenclature of granitoid rocks of the Far Eastern fold regions

Gorbatchik, T.N. (Gorbachik, T.N.; Kuznetsova, K.I., 1998:
Systematics and nomenclature problems of early plankton; foraminifers

Retrum Julie, B.; Kaesler Roger, L., 2004 :
Systematics and ontogeny of Early Permian Carbonitidae (Ostracoda)

Johnston, PA., 1991:
Systematics and ontogeny of a new bivalve, Umburra cinefacta, from the Silurian of Australia: implications for pteriomorphian evolution

Ahlfeld Friedrich, 1942:
Systematics and ore reserves of the Bolivian tin deposits

Ganuza, D.G.; Zamuner, A.B.; Artabe, A.E.; Spalletti, L.A., 1998:
Systematics and palaeoecology of the Triassic flora from Hilario-Agua de Los Pajaritos, El Alcazar Formation, San Juan Province, Argentina

Williamson Thomas, E.; Lucas Spencer, G., 1989:
Systematics and paleobiogeography of late Paleocene-Early Meniscotherium (Mammalia, Condylarthra) from western North America

Eldredge, N.; Novacek, MJ., 1985:
Systematics and paleobiology

Tompkins Bridget, 1994:
Systematics and paleoecology of Early Silurian stromatoporoids in Delaware County, Iowa

Brett, CE., 1981:
Systematics and paleoecology of Late Silurian (Wenlockian) calceocrinid crinoids from New York and Ontario

Shinpaugh Joshua, E.; Holmes Ann, 2007:
Systematics and paleoecology of Silurian Rockwood Formation brachiopods and corals, Tiftonia, Hamilton County, TN

Black Craig, C., 1984:
Systematics and paleoecology of small vertebrates from the Plio-Pleistocene deposits east of Lake Turkana, Kenya

Estes Richard Dean, 1982:
Systematics and paleogeography of some fossil salamanders and frogs

Finch Robert; Murakami Takashi, 1999:
Systematics and paragenesis of uranium minerals

Wood, R.; Reitner, J.; West, RR., 1989:
Systematics and phylogenetic implications of the haplosclerid stromatoporoid Newellia mira nov. gen

Campbell Matthew, R., 2002:
Systematics and phylogenetics of late Paleozoic Streptacidae (Gastropoda)

Meyyen, S.V.; Shumenko, S.I.; Raskitsin, A.P.; Epshteyn, V.M.; Nevesskaya, L.A., 1988:
Systematics and phylogeny

Ustritskiy, V.I., 1967:
Systematics and phylogeny of Choristites

Bogoslovskiy, B.I., 1979:
Systematics and phylogeny of Clymeniina

Shcherbakov, DYe., 1984:
Systematics and phylogeny of Permian Cicadomorpha; Cimicida and Cicadina

Maidment Susannah, 2006:
Systematics and phylogeny of Stegosauria (Dinosauria, Ornithischia)

Scillato Yane Gustavo, J.; Vizcaino Sergio, F.; Carlini Alfredo, A.; de Iuliis Gerardo, 1993:
Systematics and phylogeny of Tardigrada of the middle Miocene of Patagonia; II, Megatherioidea

Bogoslovskij, BI., 1979:
Systematics and phylogeny of clymenid ammonoids

Strelkov, A.A.; Reshetnyak, V.V., 1975:
Systematics and phylogeny of radiolarians of the order Acantharia

Pignatti Johannes, S.; Mariotti Nino, 1995:
Systematics and phylogeny of the Coleoidea (Cephalopoda); a comment upon recent works and their bearing on the classification of the Aulacocerida

Zullo Victor, A., 1987:
Systematics and phylogeny of the Eocene barnacle Aporolepas Withers; new data based on first record from the Eastern Pacific Basin

Dmitriyeva, Y.L., 1971:
Systematics and phylogeny of the Gazelle subgenus Procapra

Scillato Yane Gustavo, J.; Vizcaino Sergio, F.; Carlini Alfredo, A., 1993:
Systematics and phylogeny of the Tardigrada of the middle Miocene of Patagonia; I, Mylodontoidea

Lambert, O., 2005:
Systematics and phylogeny of the fossil beaked whales Ziphirostrum du Bus, 1868 and Choneziphius Duvernoy, 1851 (Mammalia, Cetacea, Odontoceti), from the Neogene of Antwerp (north of Belgium)

DeVore Melanie, L.; Pigg Kathleen, B.; Wehr Wesley, C., 2005:
Systematics and phytogeography of selected Eocene Okanagan Highlands plants

Pigg, K.B.; Wehr, W.C.; DeVore, M.L., 2003:
Systematics and phytogeography of selected Okanogan Highlands plants

Cox, C.Barry, 1973:
Systematics and plate tectonics in the spread of marsupials

Khat yanov F.I.; Tikhonova, V.A.; Kuryayeva, V.V.; Petrykina, L.B., 1999:
Systematics and seismogeologic prediction of oil-bearing zones and traps controlled by graben-, horst- and arch-like structures

Sharma Mukund; Mathur, V.K.; Srivastava, M.C.; Shukla Manoj, 1994:
Systematics and significance of microbialite (stromatolite) Statifera undata from Mussoorie Syncline, Lesser Himalaya

Keqin Gao.; Lianhai Hou., 1996:
Systematics and taxonomic diversity of squamates from the Upper Cretaceous Djadochta Formation, Bayan Mandahu, Gobi Desert, People's Republic of China

Brochu, Christopher, A., 2007:
Systematics and taxonomy of Eocene tomistomine crocodylians from Britain and northern Europe

Araujo Dina Celeste Fernandes, 1984:
Systematics and taxonomy of pareiasaurs; history and modern perspectives

Gardner, J.D.; Russell, A.P.; Brinkman, D.B., 1995:
Systematics and taxonomy of soft-shelled turtles (Family Trionychidae) from the Judith River Group (mid-Campanian) of North America

Weidlich, M., 1987:
Systematics and taxonomy of the Buprestidae of the middle Eocene of the Geisel Valley, Insecta, Coleoptera

Wilde, GL., 1984:
Systematics and the Carboniferous-Permian boundary

Tappan, H., 1975:
Systematics and the species concept in benthonic foraminiferal taxonomy

Galiy, S.A.; Monakhov, V.S.; Kvasnitsa, V.N., 1996:
Systematics and typomorphism of gold ore minerals in the Ukraine

Eather, R.H.; Mende, S.B., 1972:
Systematics in Auroral Energy Spectra

Bernat, M.; Allegre, C.J., 1973:
Systematics in Ionium chronology of recent sediments

Charig Alan, J., 1982:
Systematics in biology; a fundamental comparison of some major schools of thought

Kerrich, R.; King, R.W.; McLarty, E., 1987:
Systematics in delta (super 13) C distribution of hydrothermal carbonates and fluid inclusion CO (sub 2) from Au vein deposits of the Abitibi Subprovince

Suzuki Masao, 1990:
Systematics in fission track dating

Lancelot, J.; Sarazin, G.; Allegre, C.J., 1969:
Systematics in isotopic studies of sedimentary galena deposits

Greenslate, J.; Fisk, M.; Felix, D., 1979:
Systematics in manganese concretion composition in the northeastern equatorial Pacific

Kieffer Susan Werner, 1982:
Systematics in mineral lattice vibrations

George, T.Neville, 1970:
Systematics in palaeontology

George Thomas Neville, 1971:
Systematics in palaeontology; president's anniversary address 1969

Velchev, A., 1981:
Systematics in study of landscape formation

Steiger Rudolf, H.; Wasserburg, G.J., 1966:
Systematics in the Pb (super 208) -Th (super 232) , Pb (super 207) -U (super 235) , and Pb (super 206) -U (super 238) systems

Wasserburg, G.J.; Steiger, R.H., 1967:
Systematics in the Pb-U-Th systems and multiphase assemblages

McGarvie, D.W.; Grady, M.M.; Pillinger, C.T.; Wright, I.P.; Gibson, E.K.J., 1985:
Systematics in the release and isotopic composition of carbon in six CM2 meteorites between 800 degrees C and 1300 degrees C

Jackson, I.; Faul, U.; Fitz Gerald, J.; Tan, B., 2002:
Systematics in the seismic wave attenuation of partially molten olivine aggregates

Dyar, M.D.rby; Gunter Mickey, E.; Delaney Jeremy, S.; Lanzarotti Antonio; Sutton Stephen, R., 2002:
Systematics in the structure and XANES spectra of pyroxenes, amphiboles, and micas as derived from oriented single crystals

Schroeter Flavian, C.; Clarke Geoffrey, L.; White, R.W.; Pearson, N.J., 2005:
Systematics in two phase REE and Y partitioning coefficients in mafic granulites

Bernat Michel; Allegre Claude, J., 1974:
Systematics in uranium-ionium dating of sediments

Neal Clive, R.; Taylor Lawrence, A., 1988:
Systematics involved in the petrogenetic modeling of very high alumina (VHA) and very high potassium (VHK) basalts from the Apollo 14 site

Lee Chun Sun, 1984 :
Systematics of Assilina formosenis Hanzawa from the Slate Terrain of Taiwan

Pajaud, D.; Smirnova, T.N., 1971:
Systematics of Brachiopods of the suborder Thecideidina

Subbotina, N.N., 1971:
Systematics of Cenozoic planktonic foraminifera

Brace Bobbi Jo; Groves John, R., 2006:
Systematics of Devonian Foramanifera from north-central Iowa

Ivakhnenko, M.F., 1973:
Systematics of Diadectomorpha kotilozavrov

Karogodin, Y.N., 1979:
Systematics of Earth science; principles

Reytlinger, Y.A., 1981:
Systematics of Endothyridae

Haubold, H., 1981:
Systematics of Eocene vertebrates of Geisel Valley

Korchagin, V.I., 1982:
Systematics of Globotruncanidae

Diamond Larryn, W., 2003:
Systematics of H (sub 2) O inclusions

Weishampel, D.B.; Heinrich, R.E., 1992:
Systematics of Hypsilophodontidae and basal Iguanodontia (Dinosauria; Ornithopoda)

Oliveira Edison Vicente, 1999 :
Systematics of Itaboraian (medial Paleocene) age opossum-like marsupials from the Itaborai Basin, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Anonymous, 1974:
Systematics of Jurassic Nodosariidae (resolution of the Seminar on Systematics of Nodosariidae, adviser A. A. Gerke)

Saks, V.N.; Nal nyayeva T.I., 1967:
Systematics of Jurassic and Cretaceous belemnites

Verma, H.C.; Jee Kavi; Tripathi, R.P., 2003:
Systematics of Moessbauer absorption areas in ordinary chondrites and applications to a newly fallen meteorite in Jodhpur, India

Sierro, F.J., 1986:
Systematics of Neogene planktonic foraminifera from Guadalquivir Basin; genus Globorotalia

Ward, J.M.; Breitwieser, I., 1998:
Systematics of New Zealand Inuleae (Compositae)-4; a taxonomic review

Varnedoe, W.W.; Lundquist, C.A., 1960:
Systematics of Newsom Sinks caves, Alabama

Kazantseva, A.A., 1971:
Systematics of Palaeonisciformes

Modzalevskaya, TL., 1979:
Systematics of Paleozoic Athyrididae

Stukalina, G.A., 1982:
Systematics of Paleozoic crinoids of the orders Angulata and Strialata

Gonzalez Delgado, J.A., 1986:
Systematics of Pliocene gastropods from Huelva, southwestern Spain; II, Mesogastropoda; Rissocea, Cerithiacea

Polenova, Y.N., 1982:
Systematics of Primitiopsacea and position of Graviidae in this group; Ostracoda

Allegre, C.J.; Manhes, G.; Richard, P.; Rousseau, D.; Shimizu, N., 1978:
Systematics of Sr, Nd and Pb isotopes in garnet lherzolite nodules in kimberlites

Ohmoto, H., 1972:
Systematics of Sulfur and Carbon Isotopes in Hydrothermal Ore Deposits

Niemeyer, S., 1985:
Systematics of Ti isotopes in carbonaceous chondrite bulk samples

S.Niemeyer, 1985:
Systematics of Ti isotopes in carbonaceous chondrite whole-rock samples

Sigmarsson Olgeir; Carn Simon; Carracedo Juan Carlos, 1998:
Systematics of U-series nuclides in primitive lavas from the 1730-36 eruption on Lanzarote, Canary Islands, and implications for the role of garnet pyroxenites during oceanic basalt formations

Riding, R., 1977:
Systematics of Wetheredella

Dzhalilov, MR., 1972:
Systematics of actaeonellids (Gastropoda)

Kita Noriko, T., 1996:
Systematics of alkali and Pb abundances in meteoritic and lunar samples

Troop, D.G.ant; Spry Paul, G., 1988:
Systematics of an Archean lode gold deposit; the Ross Mine, Abitibi greenstone belt, Ontario, Canada

Ackermann Rolf, V.; Schlische Roy, W.; Withjack Martha, O., 1997:
Systematics of an evolving population of normal faults in scaled physical models

K.L.Von Damm, 1988:
Systematics of and postulated controls on submarine hydrothermal solution chemistry

Geldner, P., 1985:
Systematics of applied rehabilitation technologies in the national and international sphere

Flores Villarejo, J.A., 1987:
Systematics of asterolites in several series of the northwestern Guadalquivir Basin, southwestern Spain and ocean soundings; DSDP boreholes; II

Flores Villarejo, J.A., 1986:
Systematics of asteroliths from some series of the northwestern sector of Guadalquivir Basin, southwestern Spain, and DSDP oceanic boreholes; I

Ohmoto Hiroshi, 1997:
Systematics of banded iron formations

Grimvall, G.; Fernandez Guillermet, A., 1992:
Systematics of bonding properties and vibrational entropy in compounds

Guy Libourel, 1999:
Systematics of calcium partitioning between olivine and silicate melt; implications for melt structure and calcium content of magmatic olivines

Emeis, K.C.; Morse, J.W., 1993:
Systematics of carbon-sulfur-iron conditions in upwelling sediments

Maleyev, Y.A., 1968:
Systematics of carnivorous dinosaurs

Schliestedt, M.; Johannes, W.; Matthews, A., 1986:
Systematics of cation- and acidic isotope-exchange between plagioclase and chloride solutions

Semenenko, N.P., 1992:
Systematics of charnockites of the Ukrainian Shield

Kranidiotis, P.; MacLean, W.H., 1987:
Systematics of chlorite alteration at the Phelps Dodge massive sulfide deposit, Matagami, Quebec

D.R.mmlmair; H.R.schka; L.S.einer, 1987:
Systematics of chromitite occurrences in Central Palawan, Philippines

Bostrom, R.C., 1990:
Systematics of continental motion; north, south hemispheres

Nick Warren; Michael Tiernan, 1981:
Systematics of crack controlled mechanical properties for a suite of Conway granites from the White Mountains, New Hampshire

Mary Ann Glennon; Wang-Ping Chen, 1993:
Systematics of deep-focus earthquakes along the Kuril-Kamchatka arc and their implications on mantle dynamics

Gorn, N.K., 1968:
Systematics of early Cretaceous Belemnopsinae

Smirnova, T.N., 1967:
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Systems partnerships

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